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  1. Just had a fun one totally in the spirit of encounter and enjoying hiking- hiking a famous mountain in NH, came across a trio of girls probably 20s- pretty and friendly. I was taking a drink break and they were too a few yards up but they had dog that saw me and had to say hello. So we sat and small talked for a bit and just eluded light heartedly that my water capacity was at its limit and laughed " don't worry ill turn away" so one of them joked "shut up I need to pee too" we all laughed one of them just said " both go and make it a race" so.....she was understably like hell no and I laughed
  2. Well ok Bacardi but gotta pay well and pee fun is ok too!
  3. Bacardi is your company hiring? Hahaah you seem like fun!
  4. Sounds like fun- being a guy just do what I do standing -planning for wind direction of course- what do you do?
  5. Went for hike in white mountains today (NH) where I live and decided to pick up conversation with girl who was walking her dog. She was very pretty- 20's but even more personable and nice. We discussed covid, life, work etc in a light friendly way and she said you may as well walk with her and the dog. I happily accepted. Later up the trail, she was hitting the water hard- then dog squatted while we sat for a break. Next thing I hear is " damn dog- you should be so lucky." RADAR UP!!!I just said "yeah must be nice but with all the water you are drinking, gonna be you soon". "Yes too soon but t
  6. That is cool..as far as details, I hate to be boring but I wasn't really in perv mode...so nah didn't see a lot..more of a mutual need..she sat so yeah saw her side to..but apologized for turning around early..she was lol embarrassed but said don't worry
  7. Got another now...on a tow needed fuel at really busy gas stop...had outdoor portapotties plus a bathroom inside inside that's for one with a toilet and a urinal...well I'm buying a drink and decide ill use bathroom while I have a chance but there's most beautiful girl I've seen in quite some time ahead of me..and the person in there is taking forever...I cracked a joke to her that there's nobody in there and staff is laughing at us...all of a sudden she says " if that's the case we got problems....I'm past point I'd try to walk outside...not far from peeing myself" ...I laughed and said don't
  8. I am a tow driver, and while fairly rare, things happen. Had two this weekend. Coming through my area saw car pulled over, so I had to check on them to be nice lol...so lets saw I found 20s blonde who laughed and thanked me for checking in her. Wow get a sighting and get thanked for it! 2nd was girl with flat tire who simply was desperate when I arrived. Was a wooded area and she said she had been waiting. So I laughed and told her there was plenty of places. She was afraid if I showed up, I'd be offended so she waited...she works in local store so when she saw it was me she said " omg I wish
  9. Riley, as a beautiful red head that likes pee stuff..Is be apt to not let you be single for long!
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