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  1. Hello All, I was curious if there was currently a database or if it would be admissible to make a database of popular pee spots for people to know of/about starting with the US. Sometimes it's difficult to catch encounters in the wild and obviously something things will influence the influx of public peeing more than others (like events/festivals, weather, etc). However, it people could share general locations to be on the lookout for in this thread I and hopefully others would find it useful. Is this something that has already been done by chance?
  2. I've tried thisvid. I had an account with loads of videos (like 40) that was randomly deleted.... then when I tried to make another it took forever but now I can't upload videos... everytime I try they're never approved. Not sure what's going on...
  3. Hey All, the site can't seem to handle the size of my videos and I'm slow to upload them so I apologize for the lull in footage but last weekend was pretty good with some prime moments so I'll do what I can to upload them as they happen (I'm pretty busy so excuse the slow replies and uploads) Feel free to upload your own stories or bits of content as well. https://imgur.com/a/4uYv7EU
  4. Hey All, less than a year ago I posted a small vid. The park has changed but I'm back now that it's warmer and I'll be trying to get new footage.
  5. If my ThisVid account is gome how do I get it back? I had multiple videos and it won't send me an email to make a new account.
  6. Hey all, I don't check this sit often but I've been going back to this spot up until recently (some cops have started to survey the park) I was able to get a very quick and mild recording but I wanted to just ensure the community knew this was the real deal. Here is a gif of the video (video was too large to link directly). I'll continue to survey different spots to see what comes up. https://imgur.com/a/NFJQJSX
  7. I'm Located in the USA in a large city and typically lots of night happenings. I think COVID has caused a perfect storm of people wanting to get out and while they're out they "let it all out" because it seems consistent with every weekend that people meet up, drink, have a chat over some music, and pee in bushes. It could be because of the summer as well but I'm not going to complain either way. I tested something recently as to move a trashbin near a spot where peeing happens a lot and put something in there then pretended to pee to see if I could see what I put in t
  8. I didn't know where to post this so I felt like here was a good call. Recently a few of my friends from out of the country came to visit me and we've been making lots of trips to parks and other outdoor occasions in the city I live in due to COVID. I guess it would make perfect sense (though I had no idea as I've been too busy) but every Saturday night, one of the parks I frequent turns into practically a music festival as people find a way to let loose during the weekend. One night, as I'm walking my friend back to her BnB, I notice that the party people are out and about, and as
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