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another website gone: (Girlspee / Vids / Pissrip status)

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For me, there is always some DDOS protection page saying that I get redirected within the next 5 seconds but this never happens. Either get a gateway timeout error or a page saying smth like "administrator has deleted account".

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Does anyone knows something about the background? About why they are having those problems?


Btw during the last days, the site is sometimes working for me and sometimes not. Has gotten a bit better at least!

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The site is working now, but there are still failures. Sometimes an error message may come out, sometimes it can take a long time to load and eventually loads, sometimes it loads quickly. I now observe this: it loads normally, quickly, and after a couple of minutes I reload the page, it either loads for a long time or reports an error. Then, after a couple of minutes, I try again and everything works again. In general, what has been happening to the site lately is not clear at all, but the good thing is that the site, although malfunctioning, is working

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On the odd occasion since January that I've been able to get onto the site, they've sometimes posted a message explaining that they are under DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack and are doing their level best to solve the issue.  It's obs a huge problem for them as it's still very much hit-and-miss as to whether you can get onto the site or not.

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Yes, this site does not work for me either, it also reports a DDoS attack. They have some kind of constant, eternal and incessant DDoS attack, it feels like someone is constantly attacking them on purpose, but for what? 🤔 I think I'm getting used to the fact that this site is constantly crashing 😁

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Hello, guys and girls. I have been asked to make a statement on behalf of my comrades of VidsRip. Take care and be well!

Hello everybody,

Our platform (Vids/PissRIP) has been brought up a few times in this thread, so we decided to weigh in with the help of our friend here. First of all, we are not "gone" - we are always available at Vids.rip for your fresh piss voyeur fix.

Our message to you is in 2024 it's high time to come to terms with reality and accept the fact our community is small and that "other guy" who would pay for your ability to indulge in your kink does not exist. This persisting mindset when a site is invisible to you unless it's free is problematic, not to mention harmful to everyone in this business. There is a lot of costs involved into creating this content for you, let alone the risks inherent to any voyeur operation. Producers want to make sure this is worth their time, and when it's not they inevitably go out of business. This is Economics 101, not a revelation. And the same holds true for distributing sites such as our own - between the servers, coding work, staff wages, domains, software licenses, the list goes on... So guys, you don't get to lament that "pee porn will go obsolete" while simultaneously being dismissive of PO because it "has updates but you have to pay for them". Pick one.

As for Girlspee, we understand they've been rampantly uploading content from other sites with little regard for other parties' business interests. Such things usually have consequences, and evidently Girlspee was not prepared for them. Indeed, its very nature (that of a free site) is what makes it ill-equipped to face issues - any DMCA or, in this case, DDoS attack - and the site is no more, which is what we're seeing right now. And speaking of Girlspee, we have recently created a new site for our lower-demand content, featuring a more affordable "$10 to access everything" subscription model, just like we had back in the day at PissRIP. We called it Girlspee.video as a nod to the free site that inspired the idea and which is apparently not long for this world. Hopefully your moderators will find this little announcement appropriate, given what the discussion is all about.

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Anyone else find it weird that girlspee.net has to close due to DDoS attacks, at the exact same time that the Pissrip team have re launched (again) using the website girlspee.video


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update, I just signed up and it was automatic also they have suddenly excepting paypal credit cards again and for low prices a month but I will not pay for anything unless they bring back peeingoutdoors ,the galician and jav collections, how long has this website been up,, also videos are 30 seconds but if you sign up and it is free than you can watch the whole video

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Yes, it's great that girlspee.video has appeared, but girlspee.net it's working again, and now the search function has returned, which hasn't been there for a while. By the way, I forgot to add that lately, periodically a window appears on girlspee requiring age confirmation, that's just now I'm faced with it again.

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