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  1. I pee in my backyard regularly. I have a neighbor that often watches through the fence. Doesn't bother me at all
  2. Such a wonderful sight! Did you cum while riding the fire hydrant, and did anyone see you?
  3. I almost always do, often without thinking about it
  4. What about on a public beach?
  5. Love the boldness puddlys! How often do you get seen on these walks?
  6. Thank you all for the wonderful comments! Next time I have a fun piss I'll be sure to post it
  7. On occasion, but I'm not very tall so it's not super convenient for me
  8. I was just reading this thread and thought I'd contribute. My parents always encouraged my sister and I to pee in pools from the time I can remember. I only realized that not everyone does that when a friend of mine told me she had to pee and I said I do too. The only difference is she got out and ran to the restrooms, while I stayed where I was.
  9. I know that I would gladly participate @Maggie_555
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