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    I'm a closet crossdresser who loves pee play.i love watching people pee and I'm lucky enough to have a girlfriend who's into it just as much as I am.

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    Golden shower, outdoor, drinking,taste everything
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    Girlfriend peeing in my sissy ass

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  1. Hi there,hope you have a lovely wet time sweety.
  2. All the time.i only just half hour ago stood in the shower and pissed all over myself,on my face,in my hair and mouth and all over.lovely way to start the day.although I'll be pissing my pants later for my sweetheart which I've go to vid for her.ill be posting pics.
  3. So I woke up dying for a pee.i got out of bed and started to roll a smoke to take to the toilet with me.as I was sat rolling I was trying my utmost hardest to keep it in but I could feel it was just about to come out.so as I stood up it started just bribbling out slowly cos I was still trying my hardest not to piss all over the place,but as I was walking I could feel it coming out and running down my leg and I could hear my droplets hitting the carpet.i loved it.feeling my warm golden juices running down my leg was amazing.ive also been ordered to piss my pants for my girlfriend today which I
  4. I love that story,so very hot indeed,I think I'd like to do that myself.😛
  5. I would definitely receive your gift with an open mouth Mia, wouldn't waste a single drop of your beautiful precious tinkle.🥰🥰🥰
  6. Wow I like your intro,very nice.love a woman in Pampers,I like using them too sometimes.just laying in bed feeling the warmth of your pee filling up the diaper.love it.have fun Mia.x
  7. I always play after a little naughty pee play and my girlfriend always does too.she loves holding it in until she's really desperate then rubs her clit until she cums and just let's go.its such a beautiful sight.i hope you can try it yourself sweety.
  8. Hi everyone,sorry it took a week to post the pics but here are some screenshots I took for you all.it was so hot peeing all over myself I can't wait to do it again.my other half loved it and later that night I received a vid of her laid in the bath peeing all over herself.it was such a beautiful sight to see her laying in bed own piss rubbing it all over her body and in her hair.
  9. I've been ordered to pee all over myself later for my girlfriend.we send each other all our pee vids and pics everyday.last night while on vid call she surprised me by sticking her ass in the air and pissed all over herself,she doesn't do this very often but she loves it when she does.so I'm going to record it for her and I'll take some screenshots so I can show all you lovely people too.
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