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    I'm into female desperation in public settings. My favourite fantasy concept is to make a girl go on a night out while holding, and make her walk in a pub, ask for the bathroom, lock herself in a stall and listen to other girls pee in the other stalls while she holds, then have her walk out and thank the bartender as if she had peed.

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    Female desperation, public holding/desperation challenges

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  1. Naomi from LoveWetting, and my absolute favourite is Jayne. Gorgeous, very classy redhead with such an erotic personality
  2. MrHold

    M26 here

    thanks everyone !! 😄
  3. MrHold

    M26 here

    Hello 🙂 I'm a 26 year old straight male living in Ireland. I'm essentially into female desperation and public peeing 🙂
  4. I got lucky on omegle a few times... ended up often talking with girls who have a pee fetish, and on more than one occasion got to make them play a game. The rules are simple: she gets desperate then I make her go on a walk around her neighborhood. she goes in a pub, plays rock paper scissors with the waiter pretending she lost a bet. if she loses, she buys a drink. if she wins, she asks for the toilet, but once in there, she sits on the bowl, panties down and has to hold while she listens to other girls pee in other stalls, then gets up and flushes, heads out, says thank you to the wait
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