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    As with many here I am aroused by pee, peeing, being peed on and havea sneeky wee when I shouldn't really be doing so.

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    That naughty feeling when it's not in the toilet
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    Growing up discovering the fetish with the girl next door

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  1. I would quite liked to have been neon tube glass blower. Had a childhood facination with discharge tubes, and while they are largely out of fashion now and replaced with LEDs, there remains a niche there. Still, it isn't going to happen.
  2. Wasn't just me then with the knicker pages in my mum's catalogue, for me it was the Trafford catalogue and shower adverts had some sneaky sexy legs as well.
  3. I'm 60 but I have no chldren. If I did have children, I would not try to give them any advice, they would need to find their own way as I did, mine. The challenges I faced growing up were different to those of my parents, and that of my hypertehical kids, would be different to those of mine. As for me, would I do anything different, if I were able to travel back in time and advise myself, Maybe not allow myself to be bullied so much, to ignore people, but other than that, just take life as it comes and grasp opportunities as they arrise, as I have pretty much done already.
  4. Every now and them when all by myself, not a care in the world, full bladder inside, I will enjoy a good relaxing and erotic bed wetting session https://thisvid.com/videos/more-fun-with-a-full-bladder-on-the-bed/
  5. That is so hot. Just peeing there and then without a care in the world is such an erotic feeling.
  6. My girlfriend is quite accepting of my fetish, she will sometimes pee on me in the shower and on occasion I will sneak out the PVC sheet and the towel we use for this express purpose then lay them out on the bed. She will come in the room, roll her eyes, grin, and let the wet time begin. Today was not like that. Sunday morning, drank a large mug of coffee, watched an episode of Columbo as we do on a Sunday morning while playing with each other so by the time he’s said ‘and one more thing’, and the protagonist is finally busted, we are well horned up. Love making began as normal. A
  7. I have peed on my carpet on a couple of occasions and it is truly a good feeling, as the previous poster said it sounds nice but the best part is the naughtiness, such a massive turnon. Sadly I don't live alone and mindful that I may want to sell the flat one day and the smell of stale piss will not go down as might the aroma of freshly baked bread for most buyers, I have to restrain my urges. My home office is a different matter though, no carpet but a vinyl floor. Quite often if sat at my desk and I feel the urge to pee, I may just slip out my penis and let it spray under the desk prod
  8. I for a long time had this fantasy that I would just wake up in the morning, rather than get up for a pee just roll over and go over the side. A while back I had the opportunity. Me peeing off the side of the bed It was so nice
  9. I could have used the toilet but the wall was much more fun and so tempting https://thisvid.com/videos/peeing-up-against-the-bathroom-wall/
  10. I've been peeing the bath for as long as I can remember. Ok, as an adult it's mostly showers now. I would never waste a good pee in the toilet when I can enjoy a relaxing sexy piss right where I am.
  11. While on holiday, whether in the pool or the cool water of the sea, I'll pick my girfriend up by the bottom with her legs warpped around my waste, and we'll pee together, feeling the warmth rise between our carressed bodies.
  12. If anyone's ever watched the BBC comedy series, Him & Her, the couple spend quite a bit of time on the loo, the toilet is quite a key part of the set.
  13. With my previous girlfriend it wasn't difficult, she was into bdsm so one extra kink from me didn't seem that much of a step. Anyway, after she first met she used to sit on the toilet with the bathroom door open while I sat oon the landing and chatted. With my current girlfriend it was a bit trickier. She had her likes as well so I coaxed it as a deal, "I'll let you scratch my back (literally) if you will piss on me in the bath". It was a bargain she couldn't refused, even thoiugh she had never heard of peeing as a sexual thing before that point.
  14. My girlfriend has occasionally held mine while standing at the loo. Trouble is, I get an erection and suddenly it becomes harder to go 😕
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