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    As with many here I am aroused by pee, peeing, being peed on and havea sneeky wee when I shouldn't really be doing so.

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    That naughty feeling when it's not in the toilet
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    Growing up discovering the fetish with the girl next door

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  1. I could have used the toilet but the wall was much more fun and so tempting https://thisvid.com/videos/peeing-up-against-the-bathroom-wall/
  2. I've been peeing the bath for as long as I can remember. Ok, as an adult it's mostly showers now. I would never waste a good pee in the toilet when I can enjoy a relaxing sexy piss right where I am.
  3. While on holiday, whether in the pool or the cool water of the sea, I'll pick my girfriend up by the bottom with her legs warpped around my waste, and we'll pee together, feeling the warmth rise between our carressed bodies.
  4. In my last job, the women used to complain of someome that periodically messed up the ladies toilet. Never worked out who it was, someone with a fetish or just a women that had a grudge against the fourth floor?!
  5. If anyone's ever watched the BBC comedy series, Him & Her, the couple spend quite a bit of time on the loo, the toilet is quite a key part of the set.
  6. With my previous girlfriend it wasn't difficult, she was into bdsm so one extra kink from me didn't seem that much of a step. Anyway, after she first met she used to sit on the toilet with the bathroom door open while I sat oon the landing and chatted. With my current girlfriend it was a bit trickier. She had her likes as well so I coaxed it as a deal, "I'll let you scratch my back (literally) if you will piss on me in the bath". It was a bargain she couldn't refused, even thoiugh she had never heard of peeing as a sexual thing before that point.
  7. My girlfriend has occasionally held mine while standing at the loo. Trouble is, I get an erection and suddenly it becomes harder to go 😕
  8. Thanks @Newtopeeing2. I'll look out for one. As long as it is unobtrusive and otherwise comfortable. Sounds like a plan.
  9. I have many times, with a mattress sheet, it is fun but a little contrived. I would love to pee at night when I feel like it but the thought of having to buy a new matress puts me off, so 'free peeing' is restricted to a little squirts at a time.
  10. I must have missed that episode of Doctor Who
  11. In infants I have vivid memories of a girl, Elizabeth, peeing on the piano stool and making a big puddle. That stuck in my mind. Later in life, when I was around 11 I guess, I would go with a girl my own age at my sister's flats, we should hide behind a wall and watch each other 'wee wee'. Think that must have been one of my first sexual experiences, but I was dead scared my mum and dad would find out. I often wonder if that girl is out there somewhere with a pee fetish too.
  12. Hi @amack, yes good to see we arte represented well!
  13. Yes, I do that too. It seems such a waste to let it go down the toilet. If it were not for the cost if replacing the mattress (and explaining the mess to my girlfriend) I would happily just just pee in the bed when I wake up. Maybe one day I will pee out of the bed on to the carpet, and hope the Vax clears it up. Doing this with a real morning pee will be so hot the thought is making me aroused.
  14. Thank's Adyguy, yes it does get a wee chilly here! (which makes for a very chilly wee)
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