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    As with many here I am aroused by pee, peeing, being peed on and havea sneeky wee when I shouldn't really be doing so.

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    That naughty feeling when it's not in the toilet
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    Growing up discovering the fetish with the girl next door

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  1. I was desparate for a p[ee, alone, adn seemed a shame to waste it in the toilet so a naughty pee in the washing was the way forward : ) https://thisvid.com/videos/piss-in-the-washing-basket/ https://thisvid.com/videos/piss-in-washing-basket-close-up-wet-clothes/
  2. @gldenwetgoose ... Thank you for the explanation, that is all clear now. Pt
  3. My other hobby is hill walking, you get to do a lot of outdoor peeing there but it isn't quite the same. Would be good to catch someone else doing it, but in 20 years I have yet to do so. I do fancy peeing in a park though, get a good head in the bladder, sit down a bench and just let it go. With these dark nights I could walk home and noone will be the wiser that my trousers are soaking wet.
  4. Hi @gldenwetgoose . Ah ok, I was trying to add video directly whithin my personal area, I assumed I could add some pictures etc to my profile, I didn't expect it to appear in the video gallery area which I know is something as a Gold Member I can view but which admin manage. I take it then that entering things in as you say, the mens pee forum, they will then also appear as an attachment in my profile?
  5. I use the same keyboard and mouse for the two computers, you have to be extra careful you are typing into the right place!
  6. Hi, when tryinbg to add a gallery image attachment, the dropdown /video gallery/gold member preview/ is greyed out and won't allow you to select an item. Are the attachments restricted?
  7. I work from home, even before Covid I was a home worker, with my little bedroom turned office, my computer and with one screen for my job and the other which has often pornography and now, this forum. Unless I have a Zoom meeting I regularly sit naked at my desk. I mean, why not. If I need to pee, and I am feeling horny, I enjoy just going where I sit while I work and let the warm pee run down my leg and puddle on the floor. Feels so good and just hope the postman doesn't call!
  8. Thank you, Gldenwetgoose : ) ... And yes, Edinburgh's a lovely city, not that I have seen much of if in the past 8 months!
  9. I have never peed on a hotel carpet but I did once, on a busines trip alone, with beer cans in hand, decide to have some pee fun on the bed. A hotel maid tried to enter with some pillows, luckily I had the door latch on. On the other hand, she may have joined in! At the end of this solo venture, of which I enjoyed a lot and got very wet, I discovered that the shower curtian I had used to cover the matress was not waterproof. Still, fun it was. The idea of peeing on the carpet is a real turn on and I love reading about it, but I can't see me doing it, not when the hotel has my credit card on file!
  10. Thanks Speedy, appreciated. This must be the 1st pee forum I have come across that is so active. Great to be part of it.
  11. I peed on my living room carpet, something I was so itching to do, it felt so good and got me very aroused so masterbated at the end. Good job for the carpet cleaner! File is too big for here, see my video link below Me pissing on my lounge carpet
  12. Hi, my name is Peter. So pleased to meet you all, I have had this fetish since a young boy and after growing up, realising I not a bit wierd, and not alone in sexual gratification from peeing and being peed on. I have a girfriend, she is lovely and knows of my pee interest. She lets me pee on her sometimes while having sex and will pee on me in the bath, but it isn't really her thing. I welcome finding a lively forum with others that is their 'thing'. Peter x

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