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    Hi all new here recently divorced looking to explore an enjoy more pee fun

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    Golden showers wetting peeing outside
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    Peeing in front of my next-door neighbour

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  1. Hi yeah i did enjoy so i guess i would be open to doing something like this xxx
  2. Squat for me is favourite but do occasionally stand
  3. Thank you all for being so nice I'll be honest im new here and was a bit nervous to share at first. If anything else happens then i will share asap also open to suggestions on what i could do for him next
  4. My second encounter with my neighbour was much more on purpose from my part for a number of weeks i had fantasised about pissing in front of him again and seeing what he would do. It was bin collection day an i decided that today would be the day to go for it. I hadn't been for a pee all morning and had plenty to drink so i had a full bladder and was quite desperate to go so iwaited for him to take his bin out so i could take mine out at same time. We got to collection point at same time I was wearing a skirt with no panties. I smiled at him an just squtted an started to piss right in front of
  5. A few months back during first lockdown i was outside sunbathing an was bursting to go i like to hold it has long as possible, so i decided to go in back garden i pulled up my skirt and noticed that my neighbour who is in his 60s was out but i had to go so i just let it go an he turned to look at me and watched has i was peeing so i spread my lips for him to get a full view. He smiled an watched it all while his wife was inside. I've since had another encounter with him if anyone would like to hear it.
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