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  1. Your welcome.xx. Yeah sat on toilet normally at first then saw them so shuffled forward so could per on floor. Yeah quite a puddle. Quite like it to be honest lol. Yes hopefully we beat Grimsby this Saturday
  2. I always have a cheeky look when I pass the urinals so I thought yeah I'm in your domain lol have a good look I think they all enjoyed the view anyway. I'll post the other two occasions later X no didn't put me off at all quite liked it to be honest lol
  3. Your welcome yeah I was fine with everything thank you. I'll post the other two times later
  4. So Wembly happened an has far has the football went didn't get the result that I wanted Wrexham lost 1.0. Had to go a few times whilst down there turns out that I had good reason to end up going into the gents has there wasn't many women's toilets there so all were really busy. The first time I went, I walked into the gents a few guys looked at me funny like what are you doing in here but I was desperate to pee so just walked in. Slightly nervous I thought sod it I'll leave door open I sat down an started to let it go I soon had an cpl of guys pop there head in this time I shuffled forwa
  5. Thanks Hun some cracking ideas I'm sure I'll be doing at least one of them x
  6. with an offer like that I might take a trip to Kingfield anyway even if we do go up
  7. the concourse is a good idea thanks I shall see what I can do. I might go gents and just leave the door ope. We will see what I can get away with. Hmm yeah wasn't very happy with that result especially has Stockport list as well maybe if we play you next season (hopefully nit an we win play offs) I get a ticket in the home end
  8. Thanks for the suggestions from you both @Kupar @gldenwetgoose I'll think about that one and see if any others come up with anything xxx
  9. So I'm off to Wembley this Sunday to watch Wrexham in the FA trophy final. I'm guessing that none of the toilet doors will be broken in the gents. Out of interest do any of you have any suggestions for me when I go for a pee in the ground?
  10. Yeah just had a need to pee then by the time I realized door was open I just thought sod it have a proper look. Yeah I was happy that he admitted to me. Thanks for taking the time to read an reply xxx
  11. Usually sleep naked so mostly no underwear.an usually on my back with legs straight.
  12. Might consider making it a regular visit when I go to the matches lol. Yeah it is that Wrexham thanks it was a really good match today xx
  13. At a recent match at my local football team Wrexham FC I usually don't pee at the game as toilets are alway busy but I had a few drinks before the kickoff and at about 20 minutes in I couldn't hold it so got up went to the women's toilet an all cubicles were in use, so I went to the gents to use the cubicle in there. I rushed in an thankfully one was empty so I went it found the lock was broke but had to go so left the door open a pulled my jeans down an sat on toilet and let it go. I looked up an saw a few men were stood watching me so I sat back an kept pissing an let them have a good view.
  14. Your welcome xx and no thank you for your posts
  15. Hi yeah i did enjoy so i guess i would be open to doing something like this xxx
  16. Squat for me is favourite but do occasionally stand
  17. Thank you all for being so nice I'll be honest im new here and was a bit nervous to share at first. If anything else happens then i will share asap also open to suggestions on what i could do for him next
  18. My second encounter with my neighbour was much more on purpose from my part for a number of weeks i had fantasised about pissing in front of him again and seeing what he would do. It was bin collection day an i decided that today would be the day to go for it. I hadn't been for a pee all morning and had plenty to drink so i had a full bladder and was quite desperate to go so iwaited for him to take his bin out so i could take mine out at same time. We got to collection point at same time I was wearing a skirt with no panties. I smiled at him an just squtted an started to piss right in front of
  19. A few months back during first lockdown i was outside sunbathing an was bursting to go i like to hold it has long as possible, so i decided to go in back garden i pulled up my skirt and noticed that my neighbour who is in his 60s was out but i had to go so i just let it go an he turned to look at me and watched has i was peeing so i spread my lips for him to get a full view. He smiled an watched it all while his wife was inside. I've since had another encounter with him if anyone would like to hear it.
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