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  1. My personal record is 1327ml I want to try and hold more but I always give up to easy.
  2. I am looking for a female to talk to and exchange different experiences we have had and also help me hold my piss.
  3. https://pornez.net/videol1h3l4h/wetandpissy-23-02-07-candice-demellza/ This girl really enjoys her pissing pussy
  4. Hi all I'm looking for suggestions when it comes to pissing I'm going to have the house to myself soon and I want to have fun pissing and masturbating, I can't unfortunately piss on furniture or carpets because of living arrangements but I love holding ans soaking things in piss and also public pissing.
  5. I'd been busy all day doing DIY and holding my piss. I decided to have a hot bath once finished with the work I had to do and whilst the bath was running I was struggling to hold my piss once in the bath was a quarter full I got in and piss all over myself soaking my chest hair. But I wasn't done so I finished by just aim my cock and pissing across the bath and all over my legs.
  6. So update i held it for as long as possible then went into the toilets that have a showers in them took all my clothes of and just power pissed all over the place. The stream went so high and far.
  7. I am at the gym and I am really desperate to piss and I'm not sure what to do. Please help a me with suggestions.
  8. I'm going to add to this again, this time I went into the same public toilets with the intention off pissing everywhere again I decided this time I was going to walk in and just handsfree piss on what ever I could. I walked in and checked if the coast was clear when I saw it was I went back to main door and pulled my cock out stood there for a second for the piss to start flowing it didn't take long for it to start spraying out and then I just started walking around whilst my cock was pissing and just letting it go all over the floor and walls once I was finished I just put my cock
  9. So I did it again returned to this same public toilet I think this is my new favourite place because its always empty, I went into the end cubicle closed the door pulled me cock out and just power pissed everywhere I was amazed at how high I managed to spray my stream I was only a couple of inches from hitting the ceiling I haven't pissed like that in a long time I was holding it for hours. The spray was so thick and I just kept pissing by the time I was finished the walls were soaked and there was a huge puddle on the floor.
  10. I was really horny all day and I had been holding me bladder for hours I was so desperate for a piss at one point I thought I was going to piss myself and have to make my way home soaked in piss, but I stopped at a car park but there was to many people around and I was to nervous to risk getting caught like that because when I'm out and needing a piss I like to maximise the mess I can make and really enjoy the naughtiness of it all so I went into a public toilet it was later at night so nobody was in there and I thought when shall I piss, I was thinking do I just stand in the middle of the who
  11. My naughtiest piss was probably when my mum went away for a weekend and I was home alone so I got me bladder almost bursting I walked into her room naked with a stiff cock and just sprayed me piss everywhere, on the carpet the walls all over the bay window then finished my piss by sitting at the top of the stairs and just letting the last of my piss cover the stairs.
  12. I would have to say if its amatuer then ash le, but main stream i would jennifer mendez.
  13. Ladies tell us about you pissing shenanigans whilst dog walking the more detail the better, I have done this a few times I will wait until I am desperate take the dog for a walk in a forest somewhere and just spray power stream whilst walking along the path it does lead to me walking with a hard on sometimes.
  14. I have seen a lot of wetandpissy pissy videos and I am always wondering to myself how do they piss so much in each scene, has anyone else wondered how they piss so much?
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