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  1. Here we go! I was at work all day yesterday and when I was driving home I was really wanting to relieve the desperation I had but there wasn't any toilets for miles and when I did eventually get to service station I forgot to pull over and use the toilets because I was thinking of maybe having some naughty fun in them and pissing everywhere like I did a couple of days ago, long behold I was still 15 minutes from home and I knew I wasn't going to make and I had nowhere else to pull over take a piss as it was all main roads so I came up with the idea why don't piss in the empty can I have i
  2. Who wants to hear the story of my car desperation with at the end has little twist.
  3. Soaking a car in piss also sounds amazing, I have done a bit but only pulled ny cock out and pissed on my t-shirt while I was driving but never just sprayed it everywhere.
  4. Hi all, I'm just wanting to chat to some like minded females about there pissing experiences and what sort of fantasies you have or wanting to try I am a male with some fun stories to tell and also alot of fantasies I have yet had the chance to try, I'm not looking to exchange pictures or videos.
  5. Beer also makes me pee alot, I have quite a big bladder in general so I can pee a very healthy amount which if you put the power stream and the capacity together it's quite impressive
  6. I find that caffeine makes my piss stream so powerful, when I use a urinal it's like having a golden shower due to the spray
  7. I am currently holding my piss and want to have fun with any ladies what to message me with ideas and help me hold
  8. My personal record is 1327ml I want to try and hold more but I always give up to easy.
  9. I am looking for a female to talk to and exchange different experiences we have had and also help me hold my piss.
  10. https://pornez.net/videol1h3l4h/wetandpissy-23-02-07-candice-demellza/ This girl really enjoys her pissing pussy
  11. Hi all I'm looking for suggestions when it comes to pissing I'm going to have the house to myself soon and I want to have fun pissing and masturbating, I can't unfortunately piss on furniture or carpets because of living arrangements but I love holding ans soaking things in piss and also public pissing.
  12. I'd been busy all day doing DIY and holding my piss. I decided to have a hot bath once finished with the work I had to do and whilst the bath was running I was struggling to hold my piss once in the bath was a quarter full I got in and piss all over myself soaking my chest hair. But I wasn't done so I finished by just aim my cock and pissing across the bath and all over my legs.
  13. So update i held it for as long as possible then went into the toilets that have a showers in them took all my clothes of and just power pissed all over the place. The stream went so high and far.
  14. I am at the gym and I am really desperate to piss and I'm not sure what to do. Please help a me with suggestions.
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