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  1. That sounds lovely. I've fantasized about women doing this and have even included wetting dressing room cushions in a few of my stories.
  2. I've pissed several times in various parking lots and parking garages, both out in the open (turned away from the crowd of people, but still public) and hidden behind my car door.
  3. There is something really sweet AND sexy about that sentiment. Erotic moments are not always about sex or orgasms but about exactly that: enjoying each other's bodies.
  4. 31 for me, unless you count multiple offenses for some of these. I'll let your imagination guess which ones.
  5. Have you ever wet your bed on purpose? Or maybe a chair/couch/car seat? If you're worried about damaging any of these, try putting a thick blanket or comforter on the floor and laying or sitting on it and wetting it. You can try it nude or clothed, whichever you prefer.
  6. My favorite? The floor, like if I'm sitting and don't feel like getting up to use the bathroom, then I'll just go on the floor. But more often I use the sink because the floor requires clean up afterwards, whereas I can just run water down the sink.
  7. This was a regular thing when I lived with my parents. The bathroom was down the hall, and if I didn't feel like walking all the way there, I would open my window and just piss out of it. Sometimes I wouldn't even bother to remove the screen. I did this more often in the spring and summer when there were a lot of rainy days.
  8. Thank you. A compliment from you is always a high honor. Perhaps our protagonist meets an "auntie" who inspires her even more in her furniture wetting explorations. Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  9. I once had no choice but to piss in a fitting room at a thrift store. There were no restrooms, and I genuinely intended to hold it. But I also needed to try on some shirts. The pressure really hit me as I was buttoning up a nice shirt. I looked around, but the only option that came to mind was the corner. I walked over to it, took out my dick, stood as close as I could to hopefully cut down on the splashing, and pissed down the corner of the wall. Fortunately it didn't seem to be staining the wall at all, and it mostly absorbed into the carpet in the corner. I relaxed and let it all go, feelin
  10. Car seat pees and bed wettings are my favorite. Please do this more often (and let us know about it, of course).
  11. Great to have another story from you @gldenwetgoose.
  12. This is the next chapter in my Furniture Wetter series. It contains female desperation, furniture wetting, and female masturbation. Also, I have never worked for a law firm, so any inaccuracies in that area can be blamed on my own ignorance. If you were hoping my story would get even more interesting after my experience on the 6th floor, well you will not be disappointed. I did not have to wait long for another opportunity to indulge in my new fetish. Our supervisors announced an unexpected virtual conference with the senior partners and needed everyone to attend. On our offic
  13. I once stood at the sink to give my sample rather than the toilet. But your story is much hotter!
  14. Very sexy story @understimulated. I am so glad you chose to write a story for us. I hope you will write another chapter soon!
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