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  1. Alright, you twisted my arm. I'll work on continuing this as soon as I get some of my writing energy back. Thanks for reading and thanks for the encouragement.
  2. https://peefans.com/topic/5133-roommates-3-day-out/
  3. Dear Wet Carpet, I wrote to you a little while ago about a trip I took to a private beach resort and how my friend Karen convinced me to enjoy myself by peeing whenever and wherever I felt the need, including in my bed. Well, as you could imagine this experience changed my life. I knew when I returned home I would be bringing my new pissing habits with me. This story is kind of long because I have a lot to share. You also might be hearing from me again. It actually started on the long trip home from the resort. I was on the road when the need to pee struck, and I had not seen any signs for rest stops, although I had passed up a few small towns because I had not yet felt the need. Now, though, I knew the nagging in my bladder would need to be answered soon. I started to pay closer attention to any signs that would indicate upcoming places to stop, rest areas, restaurants, gas stations, anything. I finally came to an exit that had a small gas station. By this point I was feeling desperate and did not want to wet my car seat (I wasn't quite ready for that… yet). I needed gas anyway, so I pulled up to one of the gas pumps. I kind of felt like I wanted to hold it until I finished filling my car up with gas, so I stepped out of my car, closed the door behind me, and walked up to the gas pump. I inserted my card, pressed my PIN, and then removed the nozzle, opened my gas cap, and inserted the nozzle. It’s weird, but the sound of the gas flowing into my fuel tank sent an urgent signal to my bladder, and I was starting to wonder if I could make it. I looked around and noticed that there was no one else at the gas pumps, but there were a few vehicles parked in front of the convenience store, and I estimated about five people inside the store. But no one was even looking in my direction. I was wearing my light blue knee-length skirt and no panties (another habit my friend Karen inspired), so I had an idea. I could probably get away with just wetting down my legs while I pumped my gas, and no one would know. I would have no reason to go inside the store since I was paying with a card, and there was no one else at the gas pumps. As if on cue, another wave of pressure answered for me as I felt a light spurt of pee warm my naked crotch. Realizing I no longer had a choice, I leaned back against my car and hiked up the back of my skirt enough that I hoped the splash would not soak the back of it. I pretended to watch the numbers on the gas pump and just relaxed. Right away, I felt the warm spray against my inner thighs as I started to pee. It made a soft hissing sound, and warm droplets of pee flowed down my legs and to my sandaled feet. I sighed and let go completely. Just then, a car pulled into the pump on the other side of mine. I tried to stop peeing, but by now I was so deep into the warm flow that it was useless. A man stepped out of the car and even made eye contact with me and nodded. I tried to smile, but my heart was racing as the warm flow of my pee continued down my legs, creating a puddle on the pavement at my feet. I was also feeling very excited by the naughtiness of wetting myself in front of a complete stranger, and he had no clue. Part of me wanted him to discover my "accident," but mostly my heart was pounding and I had to resist the urge to moan with excitement. The nozzle on the gas pump clicked off to indicate that my tank was full, and I was finally able to cut off my flow. I quickly replaced the nozzle, closed my gas cap, and managed a smile and a wink to the man before getting back into my car. Once in my car, I could feel how wet I was, and not just from the stray dribbles of pee that had splashed on my skirt. I needed release and soon or I would have trouble focusing on the road. I kept picturing the man at the gas pump and wondering what he would do to me if he had discovered what I had done. I drove around and parked on the far side of the convenience store where there were no cars. As soon as I was sure it was clear, I relaxed a bit in my seat, pulling my skirt up just enough to slide a finger between my legs and caress my clit. I was already wet with pleasure. Out of the corner of my eye, I could just barely see the man walking from his car to the convenience store. He didn't even look my way, but just his close presence sent me over the edge and I bit my lip to keep from screaming as I had a very strong orgasm. I felt my fingers get wet and my bottom get warm, but I didn't care as I climaxed with a very satisfying wave of pleasure and relief. Back on the road, I still had a few hours of a drive left, and at one point I felt the need to pee again. I could still feel some dampness in my seat from my orgasm earlier, so I thought What the hell, and I just relaxed and warmed my car seat with a steady flow of pee again. Part of me was hoping because I had been drinking mostly water on the trip home that my car wouldn't stink of pee, but as the last dribbles of my pee soaked into the seat under me my face reddened with sheer pleasure. I did this several more times, not bothering to stop at any restrooms and just dampening my seat, relishing the soothing warmth under my bottom. When I got home, I could feel the need to pee again creeping up. I unlocked the door to my house, and honestly I probably could have made it to the bathroom. Instead, though, I shut the door behind me, leaned against it, and just peed down my legs and to the floor in front of my doorway. I sighed and looked down to watch the clear tendril of warm pee dribble down my legs to make a puddle on the linoleum floor. I pushed and licked my lips at the soft hissing sound as my pee sprayed against my inner thighs and dribbled to the floor. As soon as I finished, I grabbed my phone from my purse and dialed Karen's number. She answered after just a few rings. "You broke me," I said, laughing, and then I told her everything. "I am so proud of you," Karen said and giggled. "I guess I need to catch up then," she said. "What do you mean?" I asked. Then I heard Karen sigh and I laughed as I could tell she was peeing. "You are such a bad influence," I said. "Ahhh, yeah, but… mmm… how many of your friends are bold enough to… ohh… just stand in her living room and piss herself?" I could hear the faint sound of splashing on the other end of the line. "Not to mention encouraging me to do it, too," I said. "Like I said, a bad influence." Karen giggled again, and I couldn't hear anymore sounds of her pee, so she must have finished. "Oh, but you love it," she said. "I do," I agreed. I stayed on the phone with Karen a little longer, chatting about having to go back to work and about our kids. In the midst of our conversation I heard her sigh again and the faint sound of hissing and splashing. "So," Karen said, "you pissed on the furniture at the resort, you pissed in public, in your car, and on your floor. How do you feel about pissing on your own furniture?" she asked. "Umm… I don't know," I said. My couch was an upholstered sleeper sofa, and we also had a matching recliner. "I have really nice furniture." "I've been to your house," Karen said, "so I know what your furniture looks like. I also know it's dark, sooo…" "Sooo?" I said. "Oh come on," Karen said. "You were on the phone with me when I pissed on my couch. And guess what? I flipped the cushion over, and nobody said a word about it. And you're blessed to live alone." "Thanks for that reminder," I said. "I'm sorry," Karen said. "I didn't mean it like that. It's just that you have the freedom to enjoy yourself at home just like you did at the resort. Sure, you might have to clean up a mess, but if you're smart about it you might not have to." As she talked, I was beginning to feel the pressure in my bladder again. I had been drinking a bottled water while we talked, and it was catching up to me. "I'm thinking about it," I said. "It did feel really good at the resort." "And it can feel really good for you right now, too," Karen said. I felt another small wave of pressure, not serious but noticeable. "Okay, fine," I said. "Yaaaaay!" Karen cheered. I walked up to my couch and stood looking at it. She was right, it was a darker color, almost black but a little bit of an ashy tone to it. The cushions were also reversible, so maybe she had a point. Maybe I could do this without anyone ever noticing. "What should I do?" I asked. "Well, what are you wearing?" Karen asked. "Same thing I was wearing earlier, my blue skirt and no panties." "That's perfect," Karen said. "Just sit wherever you want to go, relax, and let it flow." I turned and sat my bare bottom on the couch cushion, and as I did another wave of pressure came. I don't know if it was my time wetting the sofa at the resort, but my body seemed to recognize this, and I knew that this was going to happen. I leaned back, relaxed more, spread my legs just enough, and sighed. Within seconds I could feel light dribbles warming my bottom, and I gasped at the feeling. "Oh, wow," I said. Karen giggled. "Yeah, you're just getting started," Karen said. She was right again, of course, and I relaxed and let go completely and felt my warm pee soak into the cushion under me. I no longer cared if my sofa got drenched or if I would be able to hide the stain. All that mattered was the wonderful feeling and relief as I peed fully into my sofa cushion, relishing in the amazing warmth beneath me. "Ohhh, my god, Karen," I said. "I'm soaking my sofa, and it feels so good." "Mmm, yes it does." Karen moaned, and it occurred to me that she was likely wetting herself again somewhere in her house, but I was too caught up in my own pleasure to pay much attention. "Mmm, I'm pissing at my dining table right now," Karen said. "Ohh, it's spraying all over the chair and dripping to the floor. Ohhhhhh." "I need to touch myself," I said. I was still peeing, but I cut off my flow and took a second to enjoy the soothing warm wetness against my pussy and butt. I reached under my skirt and started to caress my slit, still feeling soft dribbles of pee warm my fingertips and splash the sofa cushion. "Oh god, yes," Karen said. We both started panting as I felt my orgasm build and build. I lifted my wet bottom and dug my fingers into my vagina. "Oh!" I cried. "Oh god, Karen. I'm going to… AAAAAaaaah!" With that cry, I climaxed and squirted a strong stream of warm pee all over the front of the sofa cushion and to the floor. It splashed loudly to the carpet and only lasted about five seconds, but I sunk back into the sofa in total bliss. "Oh shit, oh, oh, OH," I heard Karen saying on the other end, and I knew she was also masturbating. "Ohhhhh god, yes, that feels so fucking good, OOHHhhhh!" I could hear splashing and squishing noises as she obviously climaxed and then her moans became soft sighs. We giggled together, and then I thanked her for corrupting me. "You're welcome," she said. After our experience together, I knew there really was no turning back. I relaxed on the couch to watch a movie, and about an hour into it I had to pee. I was reclining on my right side, and I just stretched my left leg out and let my pee dribble I to the sofa cushion again. At bedtime, I decided to sleep naked. I crawled into my bed and laughed as I was reminded of the mattress cover we had purchased a few years ago when our elderly cat had started vomiting in random places and once threw up on our bed. It was a washable fabric cover and perfect for my new habits. I turned off the bedside lamp and snuggled into my bed. A few hours later I awoke with a slight urge to pee. Remembering the mattress cover and the wonderful feeling of wetting the bed at the resort, I sighed and just let it go in my bed. I could hear it hissing and dribbling, and I licked my lips at the wonderful warmth as it flowed between my legs and soaked my naked bottom. It was over in less than thirty seconds, though, and I drifted back to sleep. In the morning, I woke up and felt the wetness under me, and I smiled. I sat up and pulled the covers back to admire the wet spot. Then I lifted my knees and breathed out as I released my morning pee right there into my bed, smiling as I watched it arc up and spray messily to the sheets between my legs. So much more has happened, but I think that's enough for now. I'll write again soon. Cheri
  4. Belinda sounds hot. I'd sure like to see more of her.
  5. Interesting, @Gotah. I'm curious to see where this goes.
  6. I wouldn't worry much about the specifics of it because focus isn't going to be on skiing. But you could get creative with thinks like pissing in ski suits and how sometimes it doesn't show and how it feels with all the layers of clothes on underneath. And of course peeing directly into the snow. Just have fun with it.
  7. I know I can't go back after reading this hot story. I hope you do revisit this. Thank you.
  8. Another awesome chapter @Alfresco. I look forward to seeing how the pros do it. 😁
  9. Just read this again @Kev99, and it gets me off every time! Hope part two is coming soon! 😁
  10. The Rugby Girls have a lot of fans @Alfresco. 😁
  11. I can tell this is going to be an excellent new series @Vassal. Your stories are always both unique and very hot!
  12. Very hot. That second girl doesn't give a fuck. Just squat and go.
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