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  1. My wife doesn't share my pee fetish, but yesterday something incredible happened. My wife has bad allergies, so lately there has been a lot of sneezing and coughing. She goes into coughing fits, and they have been bad enough that she has had a few small accidents, just enough to either send her rushing to the bathroom or needing to change her panties. Yesterday evening, she decided to wear a pad to keep from having to run to the bathroom every time she goes into a coughing fit. We were sitting together, and then she started coughing. When she stopped, she said, "I just peed myself, b
  2. That was really sexy! I am looking forward to the next chapter, and hopefully many more to come (pun intended).
  3. I have. Since COVID, many of our employees work remotely, so the office is often mostly empty except for maybe 20 people, and as it gets closer to clock out time there is even less. I've been lucky enough to use the sink a few times. I've also had to piss on the way out of the office and decided to check if anyone was coming and when I knew it was clear I pissed on the dark rug near the exit. One of my colleagues, a woman, once said she had to piss so bad she was about to use her trashcan. She held it until break time, though, but I was surprised by how easily she said it, like she meant
  4. Dear Wet Carpet, Anna here again. As promised, I will tell you about my wild and wet evening with Shannon and Lora. I was pleased to learn that Shannon lived in a townhouse just outside of town. If you're not familiar with townhouses, they are similar to large apartments, but instead of rent the resident owns the townhouse and pays a mortgage, as well as property taxes. Shannon's home was on the far left of the building and was an adorable two-story unit with blue exterior walls and white trim in the window sills and door frame. I noticed there were only a few cars parked in front of
  5. You're welcome. Perhaps we'll see Madison again in future stories?
  6. Mmm... plump curvy country girls are my favorite. Well done for your first story. My only criticism is the shift in past/present tense. Using words like "approaches" with the -es and then "walked" with the -ed gets kind confusing. Choose one or the other. Just decide: are you writing this as if it happened in the past (-ed) or as if it's currently happening (-es).
  7. Dear Wet Carpet, I am usually an anxious and shy person, especially when it comes to something private like peeing or sex. However, a curiosity inspired by something I witnessed at work, which I'll mention in a moment, led me to this site and these letters. After reading through a few, I knew I needed to share some things that have happened recently. First, a bit about myself (without revealing too much). I am a 37 year old brunette, definitely pudgy, but I still turn a few heads, mostly because of my DD breasts and round bottom. I work for an answering service on the sixth floor an
  8. Dear Wet Carpet, First of all, big thank you to those of you who have followed my story since the beginning. I have received a few private messages from long-term readers who have asked, "But what about your mother?" So I thought I would use this post to give you an update. But of course I didn't learn this stuff until after some of the things that happened with me, Shannon, and Lora (which I will return to, I promise). When I finally spoke to Mom on the phone again, she sounded out of breath. She was hesitant to give me details but finally said, "Let's just say it's been a really go
  9. Oh my god that was 🥵 I eagerly await the next chapter!
  10. That was so friggin hot @gldenwetgoose! When she just let it go in the seat! 🥵😳😍🤤
  11. Very hot chapter! Will there be a part 3? I sure hope so!
  12. I am so glad you have decided to continue this series. Each chapter is hot in its own way.
  13. Dear Sue, Bless you for sharing more with us. I hope you will be happy to share the rest of the weekend's fun with us, as well. I know our readers will agree that your story is one of the hottest to ever be told here.
  14. Dear Sue, As a long-time reader and contributor, I would love to hear more. It is very erotic to think about the private lives of our attractive teachers, and to now know that many of them also enjoy peeing just makes it even more of a turn on. I hope you will share more, and I hope the weekend's erotic escapades will not be your last.
  15. Dear Wet Carpet, In my last letter to you, I told about how Shannon and I (well, mostly Shannon) managed to convince a cute plus-size waitress at the steakhouse to go out with us, and then we seduced her and convinced her to wet with us, which ended in a very erotic experience at the movie theater. Shannon suggested we catch the bus to the train station and then to her place. Shannon told us her car was parked in one of the parking garages at the other end of the plaza, and she would be willing to drive. “You girls are welcome to stay overnight if that’s okay with you or you can cat
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