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  1. That was awesome @BeneathMyWillow. I can only imagine how great the rest of the ski trip is going to be.
  2. This story contains female wetting, masturbation, and sex (including brief anal). Susie was dreaming. In her dream, she was floating on a cloud way up in the sky. She was perfectly relaxed and comfortable, laying on her back and enjoying the softness of the cloud, when she felt the need to pee. Susie smiled and sighed as she let go, soaking the cloud beneath her. She could hear her pee falling to the ground below as raindrops, and she smiled as she knew the people in the small village below must feel blessed by her gift to them. She certainly felt blessed as she could feel her warm pee dribbling into the soft cloud. It felt so real… Susie sat up quickly as she awoke, realizing that she wasn't on a cloud at all but was in her own bed. She gasped as she felt the unmistakable warmth of her pee soaking into her sheets and mattress under her. "Oh shit," she said. She wanted to stop it, but she was in full flow, and at the same time she felt a similar soothing comfort as the one from her dream. Realizing the bed was already soaked, Susie just relaxed and stared open-mouthed as she emptied her bladder into her bed. It hissed out of her and pooled warmly between her legs, soaking quickly into the mattress and creating a spreading puddle on the bed. When she finally finished, Susie could not believe what she had done. She crawled out of bed and stared at the big wet stain. Her bed was soaked, and she wasn't sure how or why this happened. She hadn't had an accident like this in years. She was divorced 45 year old with two grown children, for crying out loud! What also disturbed her was the pleasure she had felt while doing it, the acceptance and the relaxation. But she shrugged it off and figured it was just because she was still half asleep. All she could do now was strip the bed, throw the sheets into the laundry, and try her best to clean up the stain on her mattress. She had to do it quickly, though, because she also had to shower and get ready for work. Forty-five minutes later and she was out the door and off to work. Work was boring. Susie sat at her cubicle, scrolling through reports and answering phone calls. One thing she appreciated about her job was the privacy. Her cubicle was in a far corner office by itself, and unless someone really needed her, most of the time she was unbothered by coworkers, and if her supervisor needed her he would simply call her office phone. Just after lunch, Susie found herself falling asleep at her desk. She was sitting at the edge of her chair, elbows rested on her desk, when her eyelids became heavy and she started to doze off. She was dreaming again. This time she was sitting on the edge of a cliff, looking down at the village below. She smiled as she opened her legs, relaxed, and sent a strong stream off urine down upon the village, showering it with her warm flow. Susie gasped and opened her eyes as she felt her panties fill with warm pee that soaked into the edge of her chair and dripped onto the floor. She watched helpless as she peed full flow through her panties, but she again felt that feeling of wonderful pride and relief, and all she could do was sit there and finish peeing into her panties, letting it drip quietly to the dark carpet. As soon as she finished, she felt a strange mix of arousal and shame, but she quickly looked around to see if anyone had seen her. Susie stood up from her chair and inspected the damage. Luckily, her skirt was still dry, but her panties were soaked, and there was a small stain on the edge of her office chair and some droplets of pee on the carpet, which would probably go unnoticed on this dark carpet. "What the hell is happening?" Susie asked. She grabbed some paper towels from the corner of her desk and did her best to wipe off her chair and her damp thighs inner thighs. She then walked to the bathroom, removed her panties and tried to wring them out and dry them off under the hand dryer. She finally got them dry enough to wrap them in a paper towel and stuff them in her purse. She would have to go commando for the rest of the day. After work, Susie tried taking her mind off of what had happened twice that day, but she couldn't. It didn't help that she had to finish cleaning up her bed and put on new sheets. She kept trying to recall the dreams, but every time she could only remember small details. What she could remember vividly, though, was the brief but deep pleasure she felt from peeing herself. She couldn't understand it, but she also couldn't deny it. While the accidental wetting embarrassed and ashamed her, Susie had to admit that for the first few seconds of it she had really enjoyed the warm feeling of peeing herself. She put it out of her mind, though, and tried to move on with the rest of her day. Later that evening, Susie was reclining on the couch watching reruns of a show when she started to doze off again. Somewhere in the back of her mind she thought about getting to walk to her bed, but the couch was pretty comfortable, so she stayed. After a little while, her eyes closed and she fell asleep. Susie was dreaming again. This time she was laying back in an ornately decorated chaise in a large room, and there were people standing around, all of them staring eagerly at her. She smiled and moaned. "Mmm, here it comes." The people looked very pleased as a heavy flow of pee dribbled out of her and soaked the chaise cushion beneath her. Susie opened her mouth in a gasp of relief and pleasure as her warm pee sprayed out of her, splashing against her legs and the chaise. She woke up gasping, but this time it was the same gasp of arousal she had felt in her dream. Susie looked between her legs and saw her warm pee spraying through her panties and soaking into the couch. It only occurred to her briefly that the couch might be ruined before she lost herself in the warm pleasure of fully wetting herself. "Ohhh, my god," she moaned. "I don't know… what's happening to me… but this… feels so good." Her pee continued to hiss through her panties and into the couch cushion, making a warm dark stain that spread beneath her. As her flow eased to a trickle, Susie could not help but reach down and rub herself. It only took a few strokes before she was screaming as she climaxed. Afterwards, Susie stood up from the couch and looked at the mess she had made. While she realized how bad it was, she did not feel as concerned as expected but instead the sight pleased her. In spite of her little nap, Susie was still very tired, so she decided to go to bed. She started to change into pajamas, but she remembered the events of the day, which started with a bedwetting, so she chose to sleep naked. Susie had decided that if she had another accident and ended up ruining her mattress she would just have to buy another one. She crawled into her bed, smiling and the soft feel of the sheets against her naked body. Susie didn't know if anything would happen tonight or in the morning, and she was surprised to find that part of her wanted something to happen. She snuggled into her bed and was soon asleep. Susie was dreaming again. In her dream she was laying on her back in a king-sized bed, surrounded by pillows and fully naked men. "It's okay," said one of the men. "Just let it go in the bed," said another. "We want you to," another said. Susie sighed and started to pee, feeling it dribble and pool between her legs, soaking her bottom and the bed with delicious warmth. As she continued to pee, a man to her right touched her labia and her slit, and then he grabbed her left leg and turned her towards him. He pulled her close to him and wrapped her leg over his and entered her. Then the man to her left scooted close behind her until he was spooning her, and then he slid his penis into her ass. Susie woke up crying out, but it was the familiar cry of an orgasm. She was surprised (or maybe not) to see that in addition to her bed being soaked, she was laying on her side with one finger plunged into her vagina and another in her asshole. Susie panted and gasped as her climax subsided and she squirted more pee into her bed. Although she still didn't understand what was happening to her or why these vivid dreams were causing such lewd behavior, Susie also knew she didn't want it to stop. She would just have to figure out how to manage them. To be continued...
  3. Well done @Gotah! This was one of the hottest series ever posted on this site. I'm sad to see it go, but I understand. Maybe you can move away from writing about Maya and Alex and write a series about the mom's new experiences now that she loves getting desperate and peeing. Regardless, you did an excellent job, and I hope we see more stories from you.
  4. Yeah, this guy is livin' the dream.
  5. I hope you will write more soon @peelover856.
  6. I love these stories @BeneathMyWillow. I hope there are many, many more chapters to come.
  7. Dear Wet Carpet, Several of you have messaged me and asked for more info about my life after my husband discovered my wetting habits. Well, it's been amazing, as you can imagine. I didn't have to hide the pleasure I get from pissing myself or of peeing in naughty places, as long as I kept it discreet from our kids. He even joined me on a few rare occasions like when he caught me squatting in the corner of our dining room after having moved one of our dining chairs back to pee all over the linoleum floor under our dining table. I just gave him a naughty smile, and he grinned, unzipped his fly, took out his dick, and peed right there on our dining room floor. Our kids were at school, so soon after we finished peeing he approached me, and we had mind-blowing sex right there in our dining room. Mostly, though, I enjoyed my pleasures alone because he was gone so much for work. I know some of you question me trusting him to be gone all the time after he had an affair, but what else could I do? Make him quit his career? Besides, he indulged me in other ways, as well, paying to have the carpets cleaned about once a month or the upholstery cleaned on our sofas and chairs. There was one morning that he called me, waking me up, to let me know that his plane had landed safely. "Are you still in bed?" he asked. I had already sent the kids to school and had gone back to bed for a little while. "I am," I said. "You woke me up early. My alarm doesn't go off for another half hour." He apologized. "It's okay," I said. "I need to pee anyway." I stretched and yawned. "Ugh, but I don't want to get up." He chuckled. "Well, what are you going to do, just piss in the bed?" he asked. "I just might," I said. I was just teasing him, although I was very excited by the thought of just laying there and letting all of my piss go in the bed. "You do, and we'll need a new mattress… again," he said. He didn't sound bothered or upset by the idea. "Hmm, well," I said, "it might be worth it. I just don't feel like getting up yet. And I really have to pee." "Just go, then," he said. "I know you really want to." I was surprised by this, but I also felt my pussy quiver as soon as he said it. "Wait, are you serious?" I asked. "Yes," he said, "if you really want to piss the bed, then go for it. But I want to listen to you enjoy it." I smiled as I rolled over onto my back. "Oh, you do, huh?" I said. "Yes, I do." "Mmm, good, because I can't hold it anymore," I said. I was still laying on my back under the covers, so I spread my legs just a little. I was wearing my nightgown and a pair of lacy panties. The nightgown was long enough that I could still feel it under me and knew it would be getting wet as well, but I didn't care. While holding the phone receiver to my ear, I did my best to relax. "Okay, here it comes," I said. Seconds later my panties filled with warm pee as I sighed and pissed my panties, soaking them and my nightgown and the bed. I could feel the sheets getting warm under me as I peed more and more, and I knew it was soaking through into the mattress. "Oh. Oh my god, this feels so good. Mmmm." "You're really enjoying that, aren't you," my husband said. "Mmm, oh god yes," I said. "Mmm, shit, it's so warm and relaxing, but it feels naughty, too. Ohhh, the mattress is getting soaked." "It's okay," he said, "let go. Enjoy yourself." As soon as he said this, I relaxed and emptied my bladder fully, feeling my warm pee saturate my panties and soak into the bed. "Mmm, that feels so good, I think I need to touch myself," I said. "God, I wish I was there with you," he said. I heard something on the other end of the phone line that sounded like a zipper. "Where are you?" I asked, as my pee was easing to a dribble but still warming my panties and the bed. "My hotel room," he said, "and I want to jerk off while you touch yourself," he said. "Mmm, okay," I said. With my panties still on, I rubbed my wet crotch, feeling the rub of the wet fabric against my clit. I gasped and moaned, and I could hear my husband stroking himself. "Ohhh, it's not gonna… be long," I said. "Mmm. Oh. Oh! Oh god, I'm gonna come! OHHHHhhhh!" As I cried out I could hear my husband grunting as he also came. As my climax ended, I felt my panties get wet again as I squirted into them, soaking the bed even more. "That was so hot," my husband said. "Thank you." "No, thank you," I said. "That will not be the last time I piss in our bed." He chuckled. "So I should hold off on getting that new mattress." "Probably," I said. It was the right call because bedwetting became a regular thing for me after that, especially on lazy mornings like that or when I woke up in the middle of the night needing to pee, and I would just relax and piss in the bed. I loved the wet and warm feeling under me as it slowly soaked through the sheets and into the mattress. Of course I didn't masturbate every time, but it happened a lot. There were even a few times that I peed so hard into my panties and the bed that I didn't have to touch myself to come. When my husband returned home, he didn't wet the bed with me at first, but he would watch me do it and then would make love to me right on my wet spot. Finally, one morning he sat up to go to the bathroom, and I grabbed his arm and pulled him back down. "Fine then," he said, "I'll just piss right here because I really have to go." He took his dick out of his boxers and started spraying a warm stream of pee that splashed against my tummy and dripped to the bed. I moaned to show my delight. He peed more, and seeing his flow made me have to go, as well. While my husband's pee stream continued to splash against my belly, I relaxed and sprayed my own pee all over my inner thighs and the bed. When we finished, he moved close to me and we made love, not caring how soaking wet everything was. And of course I continued peeing in random places in our house, as long as I was able to hide it from our kids. This went on for years until the summer before my daughter left for college. But more on that in my next letter. Karen
  8. Hot stuff @Bill Thane! I hope there are many, many more parts to cum!
  9. I love stories about couples discovering their mutual love of peeing together. Hope it grows to something more.
  10. What a unique way to tell such a hot story. I enjoyed it.
  11. Yes, it would have. 🔥 Thank you for sharing these with us.
  12. Very hot letter @MrSonata! I am always pleased to read anything you write.
  13. Dear Wet Carpet, In my last letter, I hinted that my discreet wetting came to an end when my husband caught me. It happened so quickly that I wouldn't have even had time to explain myself. I had just put my son down for a nap. I was relaxing in the front room of our house, which is not far from the nursery. I dozed off for maybe fifteen minutes, and then I woke up needing to pee. I stood up, honestly about to make the long walk to the bathroom, but then I looked around the room and had a thought. The floor in the front room was carpeted with a very smooth lightly colored beige carpet, and I worried that any damage or stain to that would be difficult to clean and might be noticeable forever. However, we had placed a washable throw rug directly in front of the couch between the couch and the coffee table just in case anyone spilled a drink. It was a darker color than the carpet. I smiled as I pictured the naughty thing I was about to do. I was wearing blue denim pants and a t-shirt with no bra. As I felt the pressure building, I unsnapped my pants and then slid them and my panties down to my ankles. Then I scooted to the edge of the couch and relaxed. Right away a warm spray of pee squirted out of me and splashed to the throw rug. I giggled at the sound of it as it puddled on the rug. Just then, the front door opened. I gasped and nearly fell as I tried to stand up, and I managed to pull up my panties and pants. What I didn't manage to do, however, was stop peeing. I had been so startled that my pee came out full flow, soaking my panties and pants. I clearly could not hide the spreading wet stain in my crotch, and in spite of the fear of being caught, there was a small feeling of relief as pleasure. It was short-lived, though, as my husband, home unexpectedly early stood in the entrance to our front room and stared me down. He was first confused and then furious. I don't want to share all that was said because much of it was very hurtful and demeaning. He humiliated me and berated me until I ran off to the bathroom in tears. I took a shower and changed into clean panties and a pair of gray leggings. After my shower was over my son woke up, so I sat in the nursery with him while my husband relaxed alone in his den. I cried some more, and after a little while I heard the front door slam shut, followed soon by the sound of his car starting and then pulling off. I walked into the front room, and for the first time I saw the damage to the throw rug. There was a puddle on it and some small droplets from my spray. But other than that, it didn't look too bad. I set my son down in his playpen and then carried the wet rug to the laundry room. When I returned to the front room, I heard a faint vibrating sound coming from one of the end tables. It was my husband's cell phone. I normally don't snoop, but I was also still pretty upset about how he had treated me. I flipped the phone open and saw that he had a text from someone. I selected it and read this: "Hope you're on your way. I miss you. ❤️ ;-*" Uhh… who the fuck? was immediately my first thought. Just then the door opened, and there was my husband again. "Oh, yeah, I forgot my phone," he said, and he walked up to me, reaching for it. I held onto it and glared at him. Then I flipped the phone open, selected the message again, and then held it up for him to see. "She misses you," I said. Then I threw the phone at him. He became defensive and tried to stammer out some excuse, and then there was some screaming from both of us as he tried to put the blame on me and the kids and stress at work. "I want a divorce," I said. This changed his tone very quickly, and he became apologetic and even started to beg and plead. "Who is she?" I asked. "And don't lie to me." He hesitated but finally confessed that it was one of the paralegals at his firm. Now I understood why he didn't want the divorce, because he feared I would reveal the affair and ruin both his and the girl's careers. I could very easily do just that. But as I sat there looking at him, I knew I couldn't. I hated him in that moment, but I still loved him, too. "Fine," I said, "no divorce. But we are finished as a couple. I'll live in this house with you, we'll raise our son together, but we are done." He bowed his head, but he nodded. "And what you saw me doing earlier," I said, "that thing you humiliated me about and made me feel like shit? I enjoy it. I've been doing it for a while, and it turns me on more than you ever have, and I'm going to keep doing it, and unless you want our marriage to be over and for everyone to know about your tart girlfriend, you won't stop me." He stared at me, but he knew that I really could ruin him and that I would get everything in the wake of it. Our son started whining from his playpen. "You can spend some time with our son. I'm going to MY room, and I suggest you figure out how to get cozy in your den because you are not welcome in MY bed." He nodded and then walked over to our son and picked him up. I stomped off to what used to be our room, flipped onto the bed, and wept. I lay there for a while, sobbing and crying, feeling hurt and exhausted. After a while, I needed to pee. I was honestly about to walk to the bathroom, but I hesitated. This was MY room now, and MY bed. I could enjoy my new pleasure, and my husband wouldn't stop me. So I just lay there and sighed as I emptied my bladder into my bed, feeling the warm wetness beneath me as it soaked into the covers. I gasped as my pee hissed and dribbled, filling my panties and leggings and warming my bottom and crotch. "Oh my god," I said. In spite of how upset I had been, I could not help but reach down and rub my crotch. Soon I was feeling my orgasm build while my pee still seeped through the crotch of my leggings and into my bed. I had to bite down on the blanket to stifle my scream as I came. I knew in that moment that I would be pissing myself more often and that I would be getting as much sexual pleasure from it as I could. About an hour later, I came out of my room, still wearing my soaked leggings and panties. My husband was walking down the hall. He said he had put our son in the playpen because he wanted to talk. "I don't have anything to say to you," I said. Then as I stood there, I felt a need to pee. I just relaxed and felt the familiar warmth in my crotch as I stood right there in front of him and pissed myself again, sighing to show my pleasure. "Are you pissing yourself again?" he asked. "I am," I said. "Ohhh… and you'd better… mmm… get used to it." I let it all go into my pants, feeling it fill my crotch with warmth and dribble down my legs. "Because I don't give a fuck what you think," I said. "What if I thought it was hot," he said. This made me look at him. It was then that I noticed the bulge in his pants. He took a step towards me. "Please," he said, "I'm sorry. I don't want to lose you. I promise I'll never do that to you again. And if this is something you enjoy, I'm not going to take it away from you. And seeing you like that…." He didn't finish his sentence because I leaned in and kissed him. I know, I'm an idiot for believing him, for taking him back, for giving in. But as I stood there, my crotch warm and wet and his cock poking up in his pants, I couldn't help myself. While still kissing passionately, I unzipped his fly as he tugged my wet leggings and panties down. I stroked his cock, feeling its hardness in my hands. Then I let go of it, unbuttoned his pants, and let them drop to his feet. We both kicked off our pants and underwear, and soon our shirts were off, as well, and my bra. My husband pressed me against the hallway wall, and the familiar feeling of our naked bodies together made me moan. I started rubbing his cock again, and he rubbed my slit. "Wait," I said, taking his hand away, "I have to pee some more." I sighed and just let it dribble down my legs and puddle at my feet. He watched me, his eyes wide with delight. Then he was against me again, and soon I could feel his cock against my slit. I moved my hips just enough to let him enter me. He moved in and out of my slowly and sensuously until I started to gasp as my orgasm started to build. He kissed me and his thrusts became more vigorous as I started to cum and then he grunted and I felt him ejaculate inside of me. Then as I climaxed, he pulled out of me and I felt a squirt of pee spray against his crotch and dribble to the floor. "Holy fuck, that felt amazing," I said. "I've never done that before." "My god, that was sexy," he said. "Mmm," was all I could say in agreement. Then the moment hit me, and I looked at him. "That was incredible, and I'm not saying that will never happen again. But it also doesn't get you off the hook. You're still my husband, I'm still your wife, and I still love you, but I'm not ready to welcome you back into my bed. Not until I can trust that I'm the only one for you." He bowed his head again. "I understand," he said. I picked up my wet clothes and walked down the hall to the bathroom. I felt like crying again, but I was also still coming down from that amazing orgasm. I wasn't sure if it was my husband that had turned me on so much or the peeing or both. Eventually I forgave him, and he remained faithful. We bought a mattress protector for the bed and enjoyed some wet sex together. And so that was the beginning of my freedom to piss myself around the house as I pleased, including the bed, although I was still discreet enough to keep it hidden from my kids for years. Once they were grown and had went off to college, though, my husband and I were no longer concerned about being discreet. We pissed on the furniture, the carpets, our bed, and even the walls. If it got too bad, my husband would pay cleaners to come in and clean up the mess. And that it why I am the type of friend who sends their best friend to a resort and encourages them to enjoy some wetting. Maybe we can be friends? Karen
  14. 🔥 Pleeeeeeaaaase tell me there's more! That bed needs even more soaking.

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