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  1. I understand that. I write on my phone a lot or on a tablet, and it can be annoying using such a small keyboard. But I rarely get privacy when I'm at the computer.
  2. That was an excellent story @paatujo.
  3. I try to give variety to my stories, so I'm glad you noticed. Will we be seeing more from you soon, as well? Thank you. Perhaps Elaine can return for more tales from the library.
  4. Dear Wet Carpet, I work in a library at a prestigious university, and I have a few tales for you. Our library is quite old, being one of the original buildings erected not long after the university was founded. We have more than five million books in our library, with three floors and several tiers lined with shelves, as well as private nooks and rooms for studying and a few conference spaces and even a small auditorium. There are also several offices, an audio visual room, five fully equipped computer labs, three learning centers for holding classes, and of course our main lobby which houses our front desk. There is also a full basement where the archives are located. In my 25 years working at this library, I have seen some things that are perfect for your publication. Other than the restrooms, the archives, and a few of the offices, the library is carpeted throughout. Not long after I first started working there I found a wet stain beneath the desk of one of the study nooks. I told my supervisor, thinking it might be a spill or a leak. She just rolled her eyes. "Sounds like somebody peed again." I was taken aback by her response, especially that she had said "again," indicating that this has happened before. In fact, she shrugged and said, "It happens," as if reading my mind. When I asked what I should do, she just shrugged again. "Nothing. Not your problem. We've tried to stop it, but we can't watch every single person who comes into this building. Custodial staff cleans those rooms and shampoos the carpets once a week, so just leave it." After that, I could not get the idea out of my mind that students apparently just pee on the carpet in our library. It was on my mind so often that any time I passed the study nooks I couldn't help but peek inside or check the desks for more wet stains. Some time went by before I caught sight of a young lady in a skirt sitting in one of the study nooks, reading a textbook. She was sitting up close to the edge of her chair. I paused and glanced in just in time to see a stream of urine falling from her skirt to the carpet under her. I wonder if I should confront her, but I was also amazed by her discretion and by the ease with which she seemed to just go as if it were perfectly normal to wet the carpet. Her stream finished, and she scooted back in her seat and continued reading. I blinked, still amazed by what I had witnessed, and still uncertain how to respond. I finally just walked away, but I couldn't get the image out of my mind. She had just scooted up and just peed like it was no big deal. Like it was something she did all the time. I wondered if she was the culprit of the stain I had found before. Regardless, I also could not deny that I was excited by the idea of someone, especially such a studious and I assumed otherwise conscientious young lady just brazenly peeing on the carpet so nonchalantly. Another time, I found a stain down the wall in one of the hallways between two stacks. It looked like either a young man or a young lady with a strong stream had About a month or so later, I was re-shelving some books when I heard whispering voices. This, of course, is nothing out of the ordinary in a library. But I could actually make out their words. It was a young man and a young woman perhaps hiding together in one of the corners. From my position, I was able to peek through the stacks without being seen. It didn't take long for me to figure out what was happening. They were both standing, the young lady with her back against the wall. She was wearing a skirt, which was lifted, and her legs were spread with the young man between them. He was moving his hips and as I watched them, I couldn't help but feel my face get flushed. Again, part of me felt I should stop them and kick them out, but I was both embarrassed and turned on by the sight. The young man started moving a little more quickly, and the young lady moaned softly but loud enough that I could hear her. Then he buried his face in her neck, and I heard him grunt and soon his thrusting stopped. They moved apart, the young man zipping his pants and the young lady tried to smooth her skirt. As if copulating in the stacks wasn't shocking enough, what happened next just cemented in my mind what I had been thinking for some time. The young lady whispered to the young man, "Make sure nobody's coming, I've got to pee." The young man laughed, but he turned away from me to look out the doorway out of the stacks. They were still clueless to my presence. He gave her a thumbs up, and the young lady lifted her skirt again and squatted right where she was. She pulled her panties aside and sprayed a strong stream of pee onto the carpet. It didn't last long, and as soon as it was over, she stood up, took his hand, and they were gone. I couldn't help it. Once I was sure they were gone and I was alone, I walked over to where they had stood and just stared at the stain the girl had left behind. As if my own body was taking over, I felt wetness between my legs and felt my head swimming from what I had just witnessed. I also felt like I had to pee, as well. I finally decided to abandon my self-restraint and give in to the desire that had been on my mind for a while. It seemed many students had the temerity to empty their bladders in various places of the library. So I decided I could not deny my curiosity any longer. I looked around to make sure no one else was in the stacks, but honestly I was not certain if I would have cared. Before I could change my mind I pulled my panties down and squatted right over the wet spot the young lady had created. It took a little while, but I breathed out and a warm stream of pee sprayed out of me and splashed to the carpet. I could not help but watch it as it dribbled onto the dark brown carpet and added to the damp puddle before slowly absorbing into the fabric. This felt so naughty that I thought I would pass out with pleasure. "Oh my," I said, sighing as the last of my pee flowed out of me. Once my pee stopped, I knew what else I needed, so I started rubbing myself. Within thirty seconds, I was gasping, and I actually had to lean back against the wall to keep from falling over and bite down hard on my lip to keep from screaming as I orgasmed right there in the stacks. After that day, for years I actively looked for other students who were secretly trying or actually peeing in our library. It didn't happen often, but there were moments that stand out. I caught a girl standing in a corner in one of the back hallways, with her pants and panties pulled down, spraying a stream backwards into the corner. I saw a young man seated in one of the study nooks take out his penis and spray towards the wall under the desk. While shelving books I saw a girl, seated on the floor reading a book, who looked to see if anyone was around. When she felt it was clear, she returned to her book, but I heard her sigh and could just barely hear a hissing sound as she sat there and peed herself. I even caught one of my coworkers who was searching for something in archives and, like the others, had no idea I was around. She looked around to make sure it was clear and just spread her legs and let her pee fall from under her dress to the carpet between her feet. And of course I took every opportunity to pee on the carpet, as well, often repeating my first experience, either squatting or standing over someone else's wet spot, emptying my bladder and enjoying the sight of it as it soaked the carpet even more, and almost always getting myself off afterwards. All these years, and no one has ever gotten into trouble or been dismissed from the library for these brazen acts. Perhaps some of you should come visit some day. Elaine
  5. Thank you. I've had a lot of time to think up ideas. Hopefully more stories to come soon.
  6. This story contains both m and f peeing, sex, and pee vandalism. Dear Wet Carpet After reading a few letters that told stories about people peeing in carpark stairways, I finally decided to share something that happened a few years ago with me and my husband. We were on our way home from a road trip out in the country, and it was getting late. We were still several hours from home, so my husband decided we should get a hotel for the night because we were both feeling too tired to drive. It took a while, but he finally found a small hotel that only had two floors but still looked nicer than anything else we had passed. I had been feeling the need to pee for a little while, but I figured I was able to hold it until we got checked into our hotel room. My husband went inside to check us in, and after quite some time he came out, looking grumpy. As soon as he entered the car, he said, "Hateful ass lady. I had to ring the bell three times before anyone even came to the desk. And then she was rude as hell." He grumbled in frustration, and we drove around to a parking space. Our room was on the second floor, and since it was only two floors we decided to take the stairs. At the top of the first landing, there was a very obvious wet spot that looked like someone had either squirted a water bottle or had peed right there on the landing. "Guess somebody couldn't hold it," my husband said. I laughed, but it was a nervous laugh because I was starting to feel desperate, as well. We opened the door to the second floor and walked to our room. My husband swiped the key card, but there was a buzzing sound, and the light turned red. He swiped it again, same result. Third time, same result. He let me try, same result. We looked at the number on the card, and it did match the number on the door. He tried it again. By now, I was getting really nervous because I could feel pressure in my bladder. I finally knew I had to say something to him. "Babe, I really have to pee," I said. "We gotta figure something out." He tried the card again. "It's obviously not working." "Dammit," he said. "I really don't want to go back down to deal with that bitch." "Well, we have to get into our room!" I said. "I know," he said. "I gotta piss, too, so I know, trust me. I'll be back." He rushed down the hall and then down the steps. I watched him exit the outside stairwell door and sprint to the main office. Time passed, and several times I felt a wave of pressure in my bladder that I was just barely able to hold off. Finally, I saw him come out of the office and run back to the bottom stairwell door. I waited very impatiently as he came out of the door and down the hall. "Oh thank God," I said. He swiped the card key. It buzzed again, and the light turned red. "What the fuck?" my husband said. He tried it again. Buzz. Red light. "Fuck this!" He backed away from the door. "What are you doing?" I asked. "I gotta go!" he yelled as he walked to the stairwell. "Come on," he said. I hesitated, but then a wave of pressure hit again, so I followed him down the hall. Without saying anything else, my husband walked down to the first landing, whipped out his dick, and sprayed a stream all over the wall. I gasped. "Hey, obviously somebody else had the same idea, and I'm sorry, but I had to fucking go." "Screw it," I said, as another strong wave hit my bladder. I stood at the top of the steps, yanked my leggings and panties down, and squatted right there. Literally seconds later a strong gush of pee just sprayed out of me and splashed down the stairs. My husband stared wide-eyed as his own stream was coming to an end. I sighed with pleasure at the relief as I emptied my bladder and watched it splash and flow on the concrete steps. My husband shook his dick, but he did not put it away when he turned to watch me. He had a very obvious erection. "That is so hot, babe," he said. I giggled. He had seen me pee many times before, but the naughtiness of this must have been turning him on. I realized it was getting to me, as well. My flow stopped, and I stood up. I was about to pull my panties and leggings up, but my husband stopped me. "Not yet," he said. He came up the steps to me and firmly but not hurtfully pushed me back against the stairway door. He pressed his body against me, and I felt the tip of his penis right at my pussy. He kissed me hard, and I wrestled away from him just enough to turn myself around until I was facing the door. I placed my hands on the door and stuck my ass out for him. He grabbed my ass and then he was inside of me, thrusting and groaning. He reached one of his hands around and fingered me at the same time. In less than 30 seconds we both screamed as he came inside of me. We stayed there for a few more seconds and then quickly gathered ourselves. "I guess I should go down there again and tell that bitch to either give me a key that works or give me a refund." He kissed me and then went back downstairs. When he returned, they had assigned us to a different room. The card key worked on the first try, and we were finally able to get in. We both collapsed on the bed, exhausted. There is a bonus ending to our story. Sometime in the middle of the night I woke up and realized my husband wasn't in the bed. I looked around in the near darkness and finally saw him standing close to the wall of the hotel room. "What the hell are you doing?" I asked. It only took me a few seconds to realize he was peeing on the hotel room wall. "I'm sorry, babe, but that bitch downstairs pissed me off so much. Fuck her and this place." "Yeah, but somebody else has to clean that up," I said. "No, I saw in the information downstairs that this place charges a cleaning fee because it's owner operated. And the bitch downstairs is the owner." "But," I said, "they have our information. What if they charge us for the damage?" "I didn't have to give them our information," he said. I could hear the hissing of his pee start to fade. "I paid cash." I have to be honest, as he said this and as I laid there listening to him pee on the wall, I felt a tingle in my pussy. "Now I have to pee," I said. I debated going to the bathroom, but the naughty thought of going somewhere in the hotel room really excited me, like it tapped into some fantasy I didn't even know I had. "Go for it," my husband said. I got out of bed and walked across the room to the soft chair that was in the corner of the room. "Fuck yeah," my husband said. He walked over to the edge of the bed and sat watching me. I took my leggings and panties all the way off and sat in the chair, feeling the soft cushion on my bare ass. I closed my eyes and seconds later I could feel my warm pee dribbling out of me and soaking into the seat cushion. "Oh my god, this feels good," I said. "That's so fucking hot," my husband said. "Ohhh, it's so warm under my ass and around my crotch. Mmm." My flow didn't last much longer, but I sat there for a moment and enjoyed the warmth under me. "Come here," my husband said. He had also removed his trousers and boxers, so we were both naked from the waist down. I walked over to him and then straddled him with one leg on each side of him. He slipped his penis into me and grabbed my ass as I rode him. He removed my shirt and bra, and I removed his shirt. I moved up and down on him, slid my hips back and forth, and soon we were panting and gasping again as we both orgasmed and he came inside me again. We flopped back onto the bed, crawled up to our placed in the bed, snuggled up still fully naked, and soon fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, my husband greeted me with a smile and a kiss. "I gotta take a piss," he said. He stood up and walked over to the soft chair. I watched as he drenched it even more with a heavy flow of his morning pee. It added to the dark stain that I had created the night before. As I watched him, I felt my own morning need calling to me, and so I tossed the covers off of me, spread my legs and just relaxed. Seconds later my bladder emptied itself with a messy spray all over my thighs and the sheets between my legs. My husband turned around and watched, looking wide-eyed again. Before my flow even stopped, he climbed onto me and slid his penis along my slit. "Oh! Oh my god!" I cried, still peeing, making a mess in the bed and all over his cock. He entered me, and it only took a few thrusts before I was screaming my orgasm and he came inside me again. When we left that day, we agreed to make plans for another cheap, pay cash, hotel wetting. Sandy
  7. I agree. A lot of my stories match that kind of scenario, and it would be hot to see it played out in a video.
  8. This story is a continuation of my Roommates series. It contains female and male peeing, furniture and bed wetting, and a good bit of m/f and f/f sex (including anal) Even though Denise hesitated, she already knew her choice. She pointed to the black haired guy, feeling her cheeks turn red as he smiled at her. "Him," she said. "Excellent choice," Jenna said. "That's Connor. He loves to eat pussy, and he likes it really wet, so you two should get along nicely." Connor walked closer to them, still grinning at Denise. "Let's get you two a room," Jenna said. She started to lead them down the hall, but Denise paused. "Can Starla come?" she asked. Starla giggled and was obviously excited by the invitation. "Of course," Jenna said. "Starla can even bring a friend if she wants." Starla squealed with delight and grabbed the arm of the blonde guy who had brought them drinks earlier. "That's Matt," Jenna said. "Another great choice. Matt has a very impressive cock, as you can see, and he knows how to use it." She laughed as she led the four of them down the hall. They came upon a couple having sex in the hallway, the woman riding the man slowly and sensously. Denise's eyes widened as she realized the man had entered her anally and the woman's expression showed a mix of pleasure and pain. The woman gasped and a flow of warm pee sprayed out of her and all over the man's abdomen. He groaned and the woman cried out just as the five of them passed them. "Have you ever had anal sex before?" Jenna asked. "I have," Starla said. "Denise?" Jenna asked. "Yes, but only a few times," Denise said. "Most of the guys I've been with weren't interested. Basically, if they didn't ask for it neither did I." "That's a shame," Jenna said. "Do you enjoy it?" "I don't… not like it," Denise said. "The first time it really hurt because I don't think we did it right. He was too eager and was a bit forceful. So the second time I was hesitant, but he was gentler so I was more relaxed and I enjoyed it. I've only done it one other time, and it was nice." "Hmm," Jenna said, smiling. She stopped and opened a door. They were greeted with the sight of two couples in the midst of a foursome. The two women were knelt on all fours facing each other and kissing while the two men fucked them doggy style. "Well, not this room," Jenna said. She closed the door and led them further down the hall to another door. Jenna opened the door to a dimly lit room with a king sized bed that took up most of the room, a few cushioned chairs, a bedside table with a lamp, and a wide window overlooking the deck outside. "Perfect," Jenna said. She led the four of them into the room, gesturing with her arm. "It's all yours," she said. "Enjoy." "You're not staying?" Denise asked. She pouted, feeling genuinely disappointed. Denise stepped closer to Jenna until their breasts touched. She caressed Jenna's arm with her fingertips. "Please, stay with us." Jenna smiled. "I suppose it would be nice," Jenna said. Starla squealed again, and even Connor and Matt smiled to show their delight. "But this is for you, my dear," Jenna said to Denise. Jenna leaned forward and kissed Denise directly on the mouth and pressed her body closer. "Enjoy every feeling, obey every temptation. Don't resist. Relax and let us pleasure you." Denise felt something touch her back and quickly realized it was Starla pressing her body against her. She could feel Starla's breasts against the small of her back. Then she felt Starla's fingers trace their way down to Denise's tummy and then lower to the top of her slit. Denise sighed and leaned back as Starla kissed the side of her neck and Jenna began kissing her left breast. Denise closed her eyes, and just then she felt another set of lips begin to kiss her right breast. She opened her eyes to see Matt eagerly sucking on her nipple, and she felt his teeth as he nibbled at the tip. "Oh my god, you all are killing me," Denise said. Jenna giggled. "We're just getting started," she said. They all three stopped and turned her around. Connor was waiting for her at the bed, smiling and staring at her lustfully. Higher erection was very impressive, and Denise could not keep from looking at it. He reached his arm out, and she took it as he led her to the bed. Starla and Matt walked around to the other side of the bed. Jenna walked over to one of the cushioned chairs and sat down. She immediately opened her legs and the room filled with a hissing sound as she sprayed her warm pee into the seat cushion. When her flow stopped, she started to touch herself. Connor laid Denise down on her back on the bed with her legs hanging over the side. She looked at him as he continued to smile, but there was hunger and lust in his eyes, as well. "Do what you want," she said. Denise could hear Starla and Matt getting up to something next to them, but she was mostly focused on Connor. He stepped closer to her, and at first she thought he was going to enter her right then. Instead, he sighed and she felt his warm urine spray all over her lower tummy and her slit. She couldn't help but reach down and touch herself, ignoring the messy splashes of pee on her hands. "Oh fuck that feels good," she said. His flow stopped, and then she felt him take her hand away from her crotch and seconds later he replaced it with his tongue. "Oh! Ohhh shit!" "Mmm, I told you," Jenna said, her gasping voice making it clear she was enjoying the show, "Connor likes to eat pussy, and he likes it wet." Denise moaned again as Connor flicked his tongue expertly around her slit, playing with her clit just right. She cried out as she felt her orgasm building. "Oh god, ohhh my god, I'm gonna… OHHHHhhhhh!" As she screamed and bucked her hips, Connor moved away as Denise sprayed a strong squirt of urine that splashed all over the edge of the bed and the carpeted floor and some of it splashed Connor's feet. "Oh my god, I've never cum so hard," Denise said. "Mmm, oh sweetie," Jenna said, "he's not finished yet." Connor stepped back to Denise and swung her legs up onto the bed. She finally noticed Starla on the bed next to her laying on her stomach with her legs spread and Matt between them, rubbing her slit gently with his fingers. Denise rolled over to her side and watched as Starla sighed and let her pee go, soaking the bed between her legs and Matt's hands. He did not stop rubbing, though, until her flow stopped. Then he moved forward and let his penis enter her easily and slowly. "Oh god, yes," Starla said. Matt leaned forward more, going deeper into her. "Mmm, yes." "That looks so hot," Jenna said. She gasped again, and they heard another hiss as she dampened the seat cushion once more. Denise felt Connor behind her as he placed small kisses on her neck and shoulder. She continued to watch Darla, enjoying the look of pleasure on her face and the sight of Matt thrusting his cock deep into her. Connor reached around caressed Denise's right breast, kneading it with his hand and then squeezing her nipple between his fingers. She moaned, and she could feel his penis twitching just beneath her buttocks. Denise lifted her right leg to open herself for him, and Connor moved just enough to slip easily into her. She moaned and relaxed as he moved slowly in and out of her while still caressing her breast. Starla looked right at her, and they both smiled. Then Starla's breath became gasps as Matt's thrusts became more vigorous. Connor also started moving more rapidly, and Denise felt another orgasm building. They could hear Jenna's breath becoming more rapid, as well. Starla cried out, and Denise joined her as they both orgasmed again. Jenna screamed, and they heard a loud spraying sound as she clearly squirted her warm pee all over the carpet. Matt pulled out of Starla as she rolled over on her side to face Denise. She leaned in and kissed Denise, and the kiss became so deep and passionate that they barely noticed that both Connor and Matt had left them alone on the bed. They held and caressed each other as they kissed, and soon their hands were all over each other, Denise's hand exploring Starla's large breasts and Starla's fingers probing Denise's wet slit. "Mmm, gentlemen," Jenna said, "why don't we let these ladies enjoy each other while you two have your way with me." Connor and Matt did not need to be persuaded as they both approached Jenna. Denise and Starla stopped their kissing and caressing long enough to see Connor sit in the cushioned chair, obviously not minding that it was soaked with Jenna's pee. Jenna turned her back to him, and Denise and Starla watched as he spit on his fingertips and then probed his finger around Jenna's anus. Jenna moaned, and a few droplets of pee fell from between her legs. But she scooted back as Connor grabbed his very erect cock in his hands as Jenna sat down slowly and allowed his cock to ease bit by bit into her ass. "Ohhhh, yes, that's it," Jenna said. "Mmm." Denise felt Starla's fingers rubbing her slit again. Then Starla draped a leg over Denise and started to turn her body in the bed. Denise knew what she wanted, and even though she had never done it before, she had seen it and had even fantasized about it. Denise spread her legs and scooted closer to Starla as Starla slid closer, as well, until Denise could feel the heat and wetness of Starla's vagina against her own. "Oh fuck yes," she said, surprising herself but not regretting it. Denise sat up a little and scooted closer, feeling her own wet lips rubbing firmly against Starla's. She also glanced over at Jenna, who now had Matt in front of her, kissing her as she continued to ride Connor's cock. Starla was also watching them, but the two of them did not stop rubbing their snatches together. "Are you ready?" they heard Matt ask. "Oh god yes," Jenna said. Matt knelt down in front of her, and they watched as he slid his cock into her vagina. "Oh my god!" Jenna cried out. "Oh! Oh! Oh shit this feels so good. Ohhhhhhhh." Meanwhile Denise and Starla increased their movements, both enjoying the show but also enjoying the feeling of their smooth legs draped over one another and their wet slits rubbing together. Denise heard Starla moan and right away felt a warm burst of wetness between her legs. This sent Denise over the edge as she gasped and tried to pull Starla even closer, feeling Starla's warm spray hit her clit is and soak her slit and the bed under them. They both started to moan and scream as they climaxed. Denise was surprised as she squirted again, spraying herself and Starla with a warm gush of urine. They lay there, exhausted, but they watched as Matt and Connor continued to double penetrate Jenna, who was now moaning and whining, her eyes rolling back in sheer pleasure. Both men also looked like they were close to orgasm. Sure enough, as Jenna's cries grew louder their thrusts became more vigorous. "Mmm, ohh god, I want you both to cum inside me. Ohhh, do it, yes!" Almost in unison, both Connor and Matt groaned and cried out as they obviously ejaculated inside of her. Then all three of them relaxed into the cushioned seat. Eventually, Matt stood up and helped Jenna up off of Connor. Both men looked over at Denise and Starla and smiled. "Thank you ladies," Connor said, and then they left. Jenna sat back down into the cushioned chair, looking exhausted. "My god, that was amazing," Jenna said. "I don't think I can move." Denise could not help but notice the trail of semen between Jenna's legs. As Denise looked, Jenna, not seeming to care about the mess, peed again, spraying a messy stream that mixed with the jizz and splashed all over her crotch and the cushion. When she finished, Jenna sat up. "But unfortunately I have other party guests to entertain. Thank you, ladies, for this. You are welcome to stay the night right here together in this room if you'd like." Denise sat up and looked at Starla, who smiled. Then Denise relaxed and let a small dribble of pee warm their crotches and the bed under them again. "We'd like," they both said.
  9. I would love to see these girls again!
  10. Short but sexy story @CalmBirdSong. I'd like to see more of Cassie (especially since she's a bedwetter, which is my favorite).
  11. Very hot and sneaky. I bet you secretly hoped one of them saw you. 😉
  12. You most definitely are not the only person. Thank you.
  13. Hot story @gldenwetgoose! I especially like the part when Karen just let it go at her desk. I hope there is more to come.
  14. That... is awesome. And it kind of makes you wonder what really is going on during Zoom calls that we can't see.

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