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  1. Love this story @Paulypeeps. It's one I keep coming back to.
  2. I would have mentioned that, but everyone here knows how much I love bedwetting.
  3. I am glad that you are continuing this story @MrSonata! Will you be telling about the mother's night together, as well? That would be so hot to see Jenny and Sara's mothers getting the other moms to wet, as well!
  4. A hot and creative story! Will there be more chapters?
  5. Excellent start @Gotah. I'm intrigued.
  6. Dear Wet Carpet, It was a real pleasure to hear from Hailey that someone else enjoys the convenience of using strategic places in their university library for a bathroom. It reminded me that I haven't submitted to your publication in a while, so I am happy to return to tell you more stories. As you could expect, a lot changed for me and for Sharon. It was becoming a very regular thing for me to wake up and just relax and let my morning pee go in my bed. After spending a fortune on a nice, new mattress set, I bought an absorbent mattress protector, so my warm pee just dribbles out of
  7. Such a hot story @Bobby Acacia! I hope we see these girls again soon!
  8. This is the next letter from Anna. It contains desperation, wetting, peeing in public, peeing on furniture, and masturbation. Dear Wet Carpet, It's Anna again. As promised, I wanted to tell you about our movie theater experience. We knew it would be kind of a long walk to the other end of the plaza, so we both bought a bottle of water from a vending cart. As we were drinking our waters, Mom spotted a sign that said "Bus loading here," and we both saw people getting off a nearby bus. We ran up to the bus, and Mom asked the driver, "Does this bus go past the movie theater?" The d
  9. "Huh? What time is it? It's not time to get up yet. Raina, what are you doing? What's that sound?" "Ummm..." "Are you peeing on the floor?" "Uhhh, yes, I'm sorry, but I really had to pee. Are you upset?" "I'm upset that you didn't just pee in the bed. Like this. Ahhhh. Oh god that feels nice."
  10. "Mom, I really need to pee." "Well, I'm not finished shopping yet, so you can hold it." "I don't think I can." "Then you're just going to have to pee yourself like I taught you." "Okay, because I can't hold it anymore. Oh, here it comes. Ahhh, it's running down my legs." "Well done. I think I'll join you. I'm not desperate, but it just feels too good not to. Mmm, that's nice." "We've made a big puddle." "It's okay. I know the store manager. She's peed in the store before, so she gets it. She's even peed behind the counter while talking to customers." "Th
  11. This trip always takes so long, and there are no places to stop for a bathroom break. I don't even care anymore. I really need to pee, and I can't hold it. I'm just gonna go in my seat. Ahhh. Ohhh, that's so much better. And it's so nice and warm on my bottom. I know I've ruined my seat, but I don't care. This feels too good.
  12. I love your stories so much @pop-a-squat and I am really grateful to you for sharing them with us. I get excited every time you show up on the forums, because I know you're going to have a hot story to share with us.
  13. Wonderful story @Naughts. I definitely want to learn more about Heidi, and I am excited about what will happen next since she has discovered how great wetting feels.
  14. I used to work in an office building in which a dance studio was also located. Near the end of my shift, I went to the men's room and walked to the urinal. A few seconds later, I could hear voices outside and a lot of chatter coming from the women's restroom next door. Then I heard someone say, "Anybody in there?" coming from the doorway of the men's. I just said, "Uhhh, yeah," and I could see a woman in black leggings and a snug pink tank top standing at the doorway. At my answer she covered her eyes and started to walk in. "I'm not looking, but the girl's bathroom is full, and I really have
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