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  1. Today was a sunny day, so I decided to eat my lunch outside. There is a small park near where I work that is usually only crowded in the summer. There were a few people there today, but I saw that the picnic area was empty, so I walked there and sat down at a picnic table to eat my lunch. As I was eating, I had the urge to piss but I held it and finished my sandwich. I watched a couple walking the nearby walking path. The woman waved at me, and I waved back. I took the last few bites of my sandwich, and as soon as I knew the couple was far enough away, I unzipped my fly and took my dick o
  2. This letter contains f and m peeing, wetting, consensual unprotected sex, and bedwetting. Dear Wet Carpet, I recently spent the night with a woman after we both spent some time together at a local restaurant and had a few too many drinks. Luckily she said she lived a little more than a mile walk from the restaurant, and as soon as I suggested I would just get an Uber home and come get my car in the morning, she gave me a naughty smile and asked, "Why?" I got the hint and we started the walk to her place. Along the way to her place, it became obvious that she was walking
  3. "How much... further? I really... need to pee." "Just about... two miles. We need to keep pace or we won't... get out PR." "I don't even care anymore. I need to pee so badly." "Well you can't just squat and pee right here. Someone will see you. Let's keep running and hopefully you'll make it." "Okay, I'll try." "We're getting closer." "I can't... I can't hold it. Ahhhhh. Ohhhh." "Oh my god, you're just pissing in your shorts and you're still running." "Mmm hmm, and it feels... so much better. You should do it, too." "I guess I could. Ohhhhh. Ohhh, w
  4. I like Holly. Hoping maybe we see more of her (and perhaps her friends). 🙃
  5. You're really lucky that your mom is so chill about you peeing somewhere you're not supposed to. I'd love to hear about any other times your mom has also peed in naughty places.
  6. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Some of these girls actually appear in other series I have written, so I don't know if I'll ever continue this one. Maybe they'll all take a reunion trip to the beach house.
  7. Always great to see you back @lesley.
  8. Lots of easy to clean carpet, stain resistant sofas and chairs, and either protected mattresses on the beds or plenty of extras to replace the ones I'd inevitably ruin with plenty of bedwetting, drains on the floor in the bathroom, kitchen, and dining room, drains in the garage and basement. Oh and a party room in the basement with plenty of furniture that I wouldn't mind letting my party guests pee on whenever they want.
  9. You can pee anywhere you want anytime you want as far as I'm concerned.
  10. I love it when girls do that, just pull their pants down part way and pee, making a mess in them. Thank you for sharing this with us.
  11. That's so hot. Does your aunt know about your fetish? Does she wet in naughty places, as well?
  12. Dear Wet Carpet, I knew it would happen eventually. They warned us, but we didn't listen. I'll explain, but first a little background. My name is Susan, and I am a brunette, plus-sized 41 year old divorced mother of two, one son and one daughter. They are both adults now, and their father and I recently split up after I finally revealed that I had been aware of his multiple affairs but had held on until our kids were out of the house. Not the best choice for my mental health, but fortunately there was little to no fighting, and our kids were barely aware anything was wrong because
  13. This story just keeps getting hotter and hotter.
  14. That is so hot. I hope you have more stories for us about future Uber trips. I wonder if any of the drivers would let you pee in the seat? I bet that would feel great.

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