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  1. Does this mean there's a part two? Hope so, because this was hot!
  2. I loved it @Riley! Thanks for sharing it with us.
  3. I remember these from another story board (has it really been since 2001? We've been around some of the same pee boards for a while, haven't we @Paulypeeps?). I love this series then, and I love it now!
  4. Yessss @gldenwetgoose! A very hot "ending" to a great series. I really hope we see these girls again soon.
  5. Ohhhh, wow, that was hot! I await the next chapter.
  6. A very original and clever idea for a story.
  7. I've said it before, and I will say it again @lesley. I am really glad you're here.
  8. Very hot @gldenwetgoose. I know the next part will be ahhhhhhmazing.
  9. Sarah, 38, brunette, a regular to this nude beach, and is a bit of a voyeur. She knows all the secrets of the nude beach, including the best places and ways to have sex or masturbate without being too obvious, and how to discretely pee in the sand. Sarah stretches out on her towel to relax in the sun when movement nearby catches her attention: a new girl with short, sandy blonde hair has just arrived and is looking around. She doesn't see Sarah in her secret spot behind some palm trees, but Sarah can see her. The girl slips off her jean shorts and then looks around again, seeming concerned. What is she doing? She looks like she has to pee.
  10. I am really, really glad you are here. That was so !
  11. Excellent build up! Now we know there's more to come!
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