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  1. I used to work in an office building in which a dance studio was also located. Near the end of my shift, I went to the men's room and walked to the urinal. A few seconds later, I could hear voices outside and a lot of chatter coming from the women's restroom next door. Then I heard someone say, "Anybody in there?" coming from the doorway of the men's. I just said, "Uhhh, yeah," and I could see a woman in black leggings and a snug pink tank top standing at the doorway. At my answer she covered her eyes and started to walk in. "I'm not looking, but the girl's bathroom is full, and I really have
  2. This is the next letter from Anna. It contains desperation, peeing, wetting, furniture and seat wetting. It also contains some peeing on public transport and public property. Dear Wet Carpet, Anna again. I sometimes feel like I'm blowing up your letter section with all these stories, but I keep receiving really kind requests from readers to tell more. So I guess it's a good thing that I have plenty more to tell. Anyway, to pick up where I last left off. The train car we were on remained empty for the rest of our trip to our stop. In that time, we drank more water and had to pee
  3. Welcome back @MrSonata. I am a big fan of this series, so I am happy to see another chapter.
  4. So glad you decided to return to this series @Alfresco. Very hot chapter. I especially love how she just let it go in her sleeping bag. I hope there are more hot chapters to come.
  5. Bumping this one up because it's @Alfresco's masterpiece. 🔥
  6. This is Anna's next letter about her pee experiences with her mother. It contains desperation, wetting, peeing on public transport, and masturbation. Dear Wet Carpet, When I last wrote to you, I told you that my mom and I were planning a night out. Well, we decided to make an entire day of it and take the train into town. It would be about an hour's journey by train and then a short walk to the plaza where there were shops and restaurants and a theater. I knew we were in for an incredible day while we were getting dressed when my mother said, "I think I'm going to skip the panties t
  7. Hot story @pop-a-squat. Your openly peeing experiences with your mom are part inspiration for my recent series in Wet Carpet Magazine.
  8. I look forward to all of your post @pop-a-squat. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.
  9. Ooooh @lesley I have always loved your naughty office pissing stories. Thank you for sharing these with us.
  10. Another hot chapter! Very well done @Kupar and sexy as hell. I know part 3 is going to be steamy! Can't wait!
  11. "We have the cinema all to ourselves! You know what that means. We can watch the movie in peace." "Okay." *sighs* "What are you doing? Are you pissing? You're getting your skirt and the seat soaked!" "I thought you said, 'We can watch the movie and pee!'" "No, I said, 'in peace!' But since you've already done it... I guess I should, too. Ahhhhh."
  12. I love this series even more now because I miss cruising and traveling so much.
  13. This is the next letter from Anna. It includes furniture wetting, bedwetting, naughty peeing, desperation, and masturbation. Dear Wet Carpet, Hello everyone. It's Anna again. So I blame my mother for this (although I guess to be fair, I did it first). I have fallen in love with pissing in my car. Now, every morning on my way to work, if I need to pee, I've been waiting for a stoplight, adjusting my skirt or sliding my leggings and panties down, and just letting it go in my car seat. The feeling of my warm pee soaking into the seat under me and warming my bottom is such an incredibl
  14. I love having the hotel gym to myself. It means I don't have to run to the bathroom for a pee break. I can just walk over to this corner here like this, pull my shorts and panties to the side, and... ahhhh, yes. Ooh, I love how the puddle just soaks into the material of this dark rug. No one will even know.
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