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  1. I was in a similar situation a few years ago. A bad storm caused several accidents that backed up traffic for hours. My wife ended up having to open our passenger door, hang her legs out and spray her pee out the door. We saw a few people, men and women, get out of their cars and squat or stand nearby too pee and even some doors open with obvious legs hanging out like my wife's with splashes and puddles appearing shortly after. I eventually had to go and just opened my door, got out, and stood next to the door to piss on the pavement.
  2. This is one of my favorite stories of yours, and I am glad some new members have discovered it. I hope they go on to read your other amazing stories, and I eagerly await whatever you have planned next.
  3. I wouldn't say I had a "favorite" place, but the back end of our building was a common spot. There was a wall that shielded you from any onlookers, either from the dorms or from the road. But in my time at school, I also saw quite a few wettings at parties, and one evening after a party I was relaxing in a lounge at another dorm when a girl said she had to pee. We were all still rather drunk, and there were only three of us in the lounge, myself, the girl, and her friend. The girl asked her friend if anyone was coming, and her friend said no, so the girl scooted to sit over the gap between the
  4. Sorry you're feeling down. I can relate.. But @Alfresco is right. It's an intriguing premise, and all the peeing scenes are hot. I hope you do keep it going.
  5. Anyone who has read my stories knows how I feel about librarians. 😍 I know this is going to be so good.
  6. So hot! Will there be more?
  7. That was hot! I am eager for more!
  8. Hot start! I look forward to the next chapter.
  9. Dear Wet Carpet, It's Anna again. I've been asked by several of your readers to keep sharing stories of myself and my mother with you, and I am happy to do so as long as there are stories to tell. I'm sure it comes as no surprise to you that a lot has changed for my mother and me since our wetting adventures started and certainly since our experience with the club (see my previous letter). My mother has become much bolder and more open about both her peeing and her sexual desires. A few nights after the club, we were relaxing and reading in the living room when I heard my mother si
  10. Love this series @Paulypeeps. I hope they visit the cinema in a future chapter! I look forward to reading about that!
  11. The first I can recall is when I was a pre-teen I inadvertently saw my really attractive aunt (she was my stepdad's sister in law, so no blood relation) take a squat in the woods when we were all at a family cookout. I could only see her from behind, but her ass was already something I had been admiring, and now there it was, bare and right in front of me. I couldn't get it out of my mind. And then later when we were all swimming in the river, her daughter said she had to pee, and my aunt just said, "Just pee in the water. That's what I did." Later, both of these images would become a fantasy
  12. Yeah, my birthday is not actually on the 1st, but I appreciate the birthday wishes regardless!
  13. Hot story! Some naughty peeing from this girl!
  14. Not sure how I missed this one! Simone and Karla sound like hot ladies!
  15. Thank you. That is a very high compliment. I am loving your stories, as well!
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