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  1. It healed great! I didn't experience any serious problems with it, but I went to great lengths to care for it properly as I'd been instructed. I still have and love it, although it can get in the way when I'm jerking off, so I sometimes take it out for that.
  2. I don't know when I first got turned on by it, tbh. I've always been kind of intrigued. I never did it growing up because I was so terrified of getting in trouble for anything, but once I was out on my own, I started to experiment with it more. During my last year of college, my suitemates had a really awful habit of locking the bathroom between our rooms. Thankfully, the sinks were in our individual rooms, so rather than go bother them to open the door, if I needed to pee, I'd just go in my sink. I know for sure I was turned on by that because after a while, I started mostly just using
  3. I apologize for inadvertently causing the topic to veer off course, for the record. It absolutely wasn't my intent, but I tend to be very outspoken about trans rights regardless of the situation. I personally feel it's especially important in adult spaces because there's such a wild mixture of stigmatization and fetishization. Really though, I just wanted to agree with someone who made a point that I found to be valid. I'm happy to let that discussion die here. I'll also add, while I'm not a lady, I do get a bit of a thrill out of using urinals in single-user restrooms sometimes, if only
  4. I don't see how I've spread hate by posting a video that I think hits the nail on the head. I'm not even the one who wrote the tweet. I'm a transgender man, and if someone's opinion is "I don't think you should get to exist/be your true self," that's not a "differing opinion." But since you decided to come at me for it, I don't care if this gets me suspended or banned: trans rights, fuck TERFs/GCers.
  5. As a trans man, I strongly prefer gender neutral bathrooms for this reason. The separation is so ridiculous. This guy explains it brilliantly: Admittedly though, I'd rather piss on the floor anyway, but that's just me. 🙂 P.S. Thank you for being an ally! ❤️
  6. I've done this before and it was amazing. There was a while where I would go to the mall just to fill up my bladder and piss in fitting rooms, or have some fun in the single-user restroom. My biggest fantasy is to go on vacation with a group of friends who are also into the fetish, then make a vow not to use the toilet to piss at all during the entirety of the trip. Anywhere goes in the hotel room otherwise, and outside of that, trying to find ways to piss discretely in public without using the bathroom. There would also be a rule about ensuring bladders are full as often as possible, so
  7. I feel like this qualifies - the last few times I've gone back to my parents' place to visit, I've pissed in my childhood bedroom. Most of these times were on the wall next to my bed, but there was at least one time where I found an old plush that I pissed directly into. The last time I was there, I got myself significantly full, then pissed on the carpet and masturbated in it. It felt so fucking good, especially with just how naughty it was knowing that my parents could have known something was up. They haven't confronted me on it, so I'm guessing they never found out.
  8. So I got very brave the other day and decided to treat myself to a piercing I've wanted for a long time. I'm a trans man nearing my 40s, so I guess my mid-life crisis is getting a bunch of new holes punched in my body. The one I got is a vertical clitoral hood, and I'm honestly shocked at how not sore it is after the fact. Initially it hurt like crazy, but that pain died down surprisingly quick. Does anyone else here have experience with getting this piercing? How was the healing process for you?
  9. That would certainly save me a trip to prison! And I appreciate the latter offer, but pissing inside me is something I'd really only want from the girlfriend if we managed to make that happen - we're both trans, so it's possible, but there's other logistical issues I won't go into. Still though, very much appreciated and very tempting. Maybe I'll have to let you know if I end up on a solo trip to the midwest sometime. 😉 Maybe like... if I go to casually sit in someone's lap and end up getting plugged? Although that would still require some degree of deliberateness and wouldn't b
  10. I would kill to have a friend who just wanted to casually piss everywhere with me. Sex wouldn't even need to be involved (although a mutual masturbation buddy would be pretty great). My girlfriend's into the kink, but more the BDSM side of it, while I'm more into the casual/naughtiness of it. We do share a love of marking, but she's more into marking each other while I'm also into marking objects. I'd love to have a friend go out for drives with me where we just piss anytime it's necessary, or stay overnight somewhere just to piss wherever and whenever we want.
  11. I've pretty much always associated a full bladder with feeling horny for whatever reason. It feels especially good to rub one out while I have to pee. Unfortunately it gets kind of inconvenient at times, especially because the act of peeing also turns me on, but... well, at least I work from home. 😉
  12. I'm so sorry to hear you went through that. What an awful situation, but I'm glad you were able to get the help you needed. 💖
  13. I know it's a bit late at this point, but I always recommend pissing in fitting rooms. Usually it's possible to be pretty discrete about it. I second the suggestion of using a bathroom floor; I especially love finding single-user gender neutral/family restrooms (as a trans person, I feel more comfortable in them anyway), because I can really play around with far less fear of being caught.
  14. This is pretty much the only reason I'd be cool with someone penetrating me (aside from my current partners). I would absolutely love to feel someone piss directly inside of my cunt. I've had people piss on my cock but no one I've been with has even tried it internally, much to my dismay. This is also just one of many reasons I wish I'd been born with the correct equipment. 😩
  15. I prefer masturbating with a full bladder than an empty one, and I especially love pissing while doing it. I actually took a drive late last night on one of the empty roads nearby, stripped down, shoved a toy inside of me and rubbed my prick hard and fast. Doing that just about always makes me piss, and I was full to the brim. Needless to say, I was very wet by the time I got home.
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