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  1. I did this a number of times back when I lived closer to the mall. I would go there under the guise of buying new outfits, making sure my bladder was full to the brim beforehand. I pissed on the carpet in most, but there was one fitting room where they had some sort of plush cushions. I pissed and rubbed on one for a while, but apparently the workers noticed how long I'd been there and came to ask if I was doing all right, so I quickly finished up and got the fuck out. I sort of got cold feet about doing it again after that point, but I still remember that time very fondly.
  2. I would love to stay in a hotel room with you for a night, hot damn.
  3. Oh gosh I'm sorry I missed your post. Unfortunately no, my husband doesn't share my kink so I'm reluctant to really talk to him about it. He found a puddle in the garage at one point and got worried about it thinking maybe there was a leak somewhere, and I came clean to him then. He was very understanding at least. Even if he's not into it, he at least isn't bothered.
  4. Definitely have while under the influence. I'm a stoner and have taken quite a few pisses in my office while baked out of my mind. Feels amazing to sit at my computer and just let it go all over the floor.
  5. Thank you both so so much. I wasn't sure if this had been brought up before, which is why I said something now. I've generally just been a lurker and only recently have started to gain the courage to post much. The fact that this was even acknowledged and I wasn't just torn apart (as I halfway expected) really means a great deal to me. That alone goes a long way toward making me feel more welcome within this community, and if there's any way that I can help, I will be more than happy to do so. No more derailing from me, time to go through this thread so I can admire all these beautiful la
  6. I don't mean to cause problems, but as someone who is transgender myself, I have to voice my discomfort: these are not pictures/videos of men. These are women. Just because they have penises, they're getting lumped in with men peeing? I have a vagina, but I don't want to be categorized as a woman if I'm posting pictures of myself. If this is out of line for me to post, then a mod can feel free to delete it. The categorization of this thread just doesn't sit right with me. (And rest assured, I don't have a problem with the images or videos themselves, and I'm not even gonna go into the lan
  7. I showed my girlfriend, she told me she's "The Big Night Out." No complaints here! 😁
  8. Now that I'm feeling a bit less shy about posting here: 1. Peeing on a partner = 10 2. Being peed on by a partner = 10 3. Peeing in your partner's face = 8 4. Having your own face peed on = 2 5. Having your partner drink your pee from the source = 9 6. Drinking your partner's pee from the source = 5 7. Watching your partner piss all over the carpet = 10 8. Yourself pissing all over the carpet in front of your partner = 10 9. Wetting yourself while your partner watches = 0 10. Watching your partner wet him/her self = 0 11. Having your partn
  9. These office stories are some of my absolute favorites. I'd love to hear about more places in the office proper where the women are pissing.
  10. If I knew anyone who was interested in naughty peeing, then I would love to have an audience. Exhibition is another big kink for me. Unfortunately, I also have a serious guilt/shame complex, so finding anyone who would be into doing that with me is near impossible. One of my partners shares many aspects of my kink, but I don’t think they’re into the naughty pissing part.
  11. Literally anywhere. Wherever I'm sitting would probably be preferable, I love the feeling of it pooling under my ass. I don't think I'd ever bother to wear pants and underwear in the house if I could get away with pissing wherever though.
  12. I'm a queer trans man, and honestly, I hate public restrooms unless I can manage to get into one that's entirely empty. It's really not all that exciting to me seeing guys pissing in urinals, it just kind of makes me jealous that I can't do that due to my lack of proper equipment.
  13. My husband found out that I sometimes pee in the garage, mainly because he found a puddle and was concerned about a leak, and I'm too honest. He has no idea that I sometimes use my office, the spare bedroom, or sinks, as far as I'm aware..
  14. I have a very distinct early memory from when I was around 5 or so. One of the girls in my neighborhood was playing with me in a little wooded area, and we both had the urge to pee. She told me just to pee on the ground, so I started to take down my underwear, and my dad happened to notice. He was furious, I got in huge trouble and I'm pretty sure he spanked me for it. I have no idea why that's stuck with me the way it has, but it probably has some connection to my naughty pissing fetish. I was too afraid of punishment to ever try again though, at least until well into adulthood.
  15. I've recently started going on what I've taken to calling "wet rides," inspired by a trip I took recently. During my weekends, I'll drink a lot of water so that late at night (around 1 to 2 am), I can go out for a drive with a full bladder. I've had some experiences with the smell lingering a bit too long afterwards, so I've been covering my seat with a trash bag and towels just to be safe. I go for a completely bottomless drive and rub my cock until it makes me start squirting, completely emptying my bladder. Usually I can manage a couple of rounds of that before driving back home, and it fee
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