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  1. ‘What are you doing?’ The woman’s voice was almost inquisitive rather than angry. It was however, a rhetorical question that needed no obvious answer. Annabel’s heart turned to stone as she stared in horror at the unexpected return of the stunning Asian woman she had passed in the corridor. Between her legs, the hot streaming flow of body warmed piss she had been spraying over the hotel chair vanished yet there was no hiding the obviousness of her actions. Unable to move she continued to squat with her buttocks poised over the cushioned seat that moments ago she had just been pissing over with
  2. I actually penned this several years back when I thought I would use the material to write an entire book in the hope of becoming the next JK Rowling! Maybe I should reconsider?
  3. Now you have gone and spoilt it for everyone, giving away what comes next... Is there any point releasing the next instalement? Only joking, LOL! - part 2 in a week, or next year perhaps (one and the same). Wet wishes.
  4. 505 was a number that would stay lodged in Annabel’s mind for a long time to come for that was the number of the hotel room where she first learnt the joy of pissing in new and naughty places, an act that see her liberated from an otherwise mundane sexual existence. It was the smell of expensive perfume that caught her attention as the woman walked past. Annabel had been too engrossed in pushing her cleaning trolley along the plush corridor carpet that had seen her eyes averted from the hotel guest. With an impulsive reflex action she turned her head to spy the identity of the wo
  5. Author’s note: This is most likely a repost – all characters are over 18. There is no relation between this story or its characters, to any other published works, especially those involving massively grossing fan bases LARRY TROTTER – just another chapter Hedge was sitting in a class being taken by the Headmaster of Logfarts; a grumpy old geezer called ‘GrumbleSnore’. She wasn’t paying any attention to his lecture which was very unusual for Hedge who was normally a model student. The reason for this fact was her recent acceptance of a dare from her friend (a
  6. Author’s note: This is most likely a repost – all characters are over 18. There is no relation between this story or its characters, to any other published works, especially those involving massively grossing fan bases. Chapter 1: Larry Trotter was a wizard. In fact he was quite an unusual wizard. First of all was the fact that he wore glasses; a thick black pair with heavy lenses. This was somewhat strange as being a wizard one would have expected that he would have simply cast a spell to cure his short sightedness. Even more unusual was Larry’s rise to legendary fame and
  7. A long time ago, I wrote a couple of short stories based on peeing witches and wizards but they were rejected because the Harry Potter cast was too young! Did I say they were Harry Potter? No - maybe I will try a repost here and see what happens so many thanks for sharing your own exciting tale. Best wishes - Leaky_One (aka Lesley).
  8. As she approached the nightclub the bouncers pulled away to let her through for there was little question as to her identity, the powerful roar of the departing limousine merit enough to her obvious financial standing. The baseline thud escaping the entrance doors gave way to an assault of sound as she pushed on in, entering into the resulting throng. People parted, admiring glances following in her wake. Most lingered on her backside, her obvious lack of panties creating a wonderful evocative premise of open temptation for any brave enough to approach. Few would for she carried herself with a
  9. Paula was about to have her first wee in the attic having already decided that she would use one of the old computers for her toilet. Having stripped form her lower garments Paula clambered into position down the sort aisle created by the attic stairwell wall and the storage shelves. She had already opened up the case of one old machine, its dusty insides all ready to except her hot piss. She was trembling with excitement as she lowered herself into position, hovering with her wide bare bum cheeks only inches away from the open metal case, her legs parted with feet either side, the tight trian
  10. Michelle was most fortunate in that she was tall enough to stand up to the family bathroom sink and have her pussy clear the rim. This meant that she could easily have a standing wee into the basin rather than squat with her bare bum hanging over the plug. She had long since mastered the art of peeing without squatting and loved nothing more than to watch her golden piss flowing over the ceramic as she stood up to the rim and peed over it. Most times, she would leave the plug out and turn the tap on to help wash away her piss after she had peed into the basin. Other times, normally if her pare
  11. Daniela had just finished a nice, satisfyingly long wee over her apartment carpet, where a large damp stain lay testament to the hot piss she had just showered over it. Droplets of pee still covered her trim mass of dark curly pubes. With a sigh of pleasure, she stood up and wandered over to the sofa where she grabbed a cushion and held it up to her muff. A moment later and she was having another wee, this time just a trickle issuing from her lower lips as she peed over the fabric. The resulting warm dampness spread from the impact point of her pee, hot against her skin. Daniela’s pee h
  12. Pulling her grey pants down her creamy legs along with the white thong of her panties, Claire turned around and hoisted herself up over the sink. Lowering her peach like bum cheeks into the bowl she slowly parted her legs and gazed down at the sight of her triangular mass of dark curly pussy hairs nestled between her thighs. Slowly she let the feeling in her bladder trace its way down her body until it reach her closed pussy lips. Barely a moment later and Claire’s pussy lips parted and a thin trickle of golden pee began to issue forth. As her pee squirted from her slit Claire watched as her y
  13. Author’s note: I started writing these short instalments as accompaniment to imagined video captures of my very naughty work friends, before returning to a more traditional style. In this instalment, Colette decides to stop behind after work for a satisfyingly long wee over the company photocopier. Watch as she strips down to her bra and underwear before clambering up onto the machine, then pulling her panties to one side to expose her lovely shaven muff. See as she starts to pee, the hot clear stream squirting from her love flaps sprays the plastic top with a shower of ho
  14. Two of the Spice Girls admitted to peeing on towels when in Japan because they could not find a toilet.
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