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    We sat down on the sofa and talked a lot more about this mutual interest. We talked about places we wanna pee together and when we plan on doing this.... we also talked about fooling around a little bit. So we decided to go to my room to watch a dvd and my roomie was still drinking. We weren’t even fifteen minutes into the movie when she had to piss. I told her to just go off the side of my bed like I usually do. She pulled her pants down, sat off the edge of my bed and spread her legs. I looked between her legs and watched her stream come pouring out. She made a mess of my carpet but I enjoyed every second of it.... A half hour goes by and she says she has to go again. She says she wants to piss in the corner of the room. She gets up and removes her pants completely and goes to the corner and faces me and squats down and starts pissing. She pisses for about twenty seconds and then finishes up and leaves her pants off and sits next to me in bed. I ask her if she’d be interested in watching some pee porn with me.... she says yes. We put the laptop on my bedside table and sit next to each other. She spreads her legs a bit and I look at her pussy. I tell her I need to go pee and she tells me to stand up and spray my door. So I do as she says. I leave my bottoms off when I get back into bed though. I sat next to her with my legs parted. She was rather tipsy at this point and asked me if she could touch my pussy. I told her to go for it. She sat there playing with me for awhile, and I ended up touching her too.... after about ten minutes she needed to go piss. I asked her if I could spread her lips for her as she pissed off the side of the bed. She said yeah. So I did exactly that. She soaked my carpet again. We ended up fooling around some more, then finished the night by squatting in the hall together. It felt so naughty. I told her to feel free to come piss in my room in the morning and she said she may 🙂
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    Hello all! I came across this forum a lot of times when having private time (if you know what I mean...), which almost always was perfect. So I decided to start contributing a little bit as well. I want to do that by telling about all the times that I saw my girlfriend peeing (ofcourse focusing on the hot pees!), which is actually very often. I won't post them all in this opening post, as that would be way too much and I want to keep it as detailed as possible for you guys! I will just start from the first time and gradually continue till today. Little disclaimer before I start, if you can even call it a disclaimer at all. I just find it very very sexy to watch girls peeing outside of a toilet (although I don't mind watching one on a toilet either😁 but it does a lot less for me). I however am not at all into pee play between the sheets, I also wouldn't want to be soiling my or anyone else's belongings and I also am not into girls who make peeing a sexy thing. By that I mean, I love it when a girl needs to pee, finds a place, pulls down her pants and squats. I am not so much into situations where a girl pulls out her tits while peeing, licking her fingers etc. The more natural the peeing, the more arousing it is for me! Also, I am not into desperation or wetting. So if you are looking for stories about peeing during sex, peeing all over a hotel room or some place like that, taking off al clothes before peeing or desperation/wetting, this topic is not for you I'm afraid.. Anyway, enough talks, let's walk the walk! My girlfriend and I are together for quite a long time now, so the first story is already quite some years old. It is coming from our very first date. We met on an online dating app (not Tinder though! 😁) and we already had been talking for quite some while. It really clicked on almost every front while talking through this app and later WhatsApp. I had the feeling I could tell her anything and she had that feeling too. I was (and still am sometimes) quite ashamed of finding peeing girls so damn sexy (and no-one knows it), so even though we discussed very personal things (including sex), this fetish was the only thing she didn't know about me. We quickly decided to go for a date, to see if we would click as good in real life as we did on WhatsApp. We decided to meet up in a town about halfway both our homes. We both came by car, met up on the outskirts of that town and from there went to the city center by one car as there was paid parking at the place we were planning to go. The time we met was halfway through the afternoon, for some drinks. The plan was to have some drinks in a Pub, then have some dinner, right after dinner watch a television show we both love and then go home. Everything went according to plan. The drinks were lovely and the dinner was lovely as well. After dinner, we had a find a place to watch that television show. The plan was to park the car somewhere quite and watch it on one of our phones. We found a spot at an outdoor shopping mall (which obviously was already closed, as it was weekend and after 8pm). The show finished at 10pm, but as expected we clicked very well in real life as well, so instead of going home, we stayed in the car and kept talking and talking and talking... All of a sudden, it was 1:45am and we both realised we needed to pee. As mentioned before, I ofcourse didn't mention to her that I like girls peeing, that would be very creepy.... I however did talk subtly about pee during our chats (for instance by mentioning a camping holiday which I did once but didn't find very comfortable, as there wasn't any toilet available). Because of that, I already knew that she didn't have a lot of inhibitions about peeing in public, as she told me she had had that kind of holiday as well but didn't mind peeing in a bush. I therefore had high hopes at this point, but unfortunately there was a McDonald's located on this shopping mall. This McDonald's was opened till 2AM, so we went there and went to the toilet. As we had spend the entire evening in the car talking, we both took the chance to grab a drink as well. After this, we were like "ok, it's very late already, let's go back home". We drove back to the parking lot on the outskirts where the other car was parked. However, instead of immediately leaving, we got talking again. And we talked and talked and talked (and kissed, but that is another story 😁 ) and then suddenly it was 6AM..... We at that point decided to finally go home then, but then the magic words came out of her mouth: "Ummmm, I actually have to pee quite badly... But I cannot just drop my pants her on a first date can I??". I tried to stay as calm and uninterested as I could, even though I was quite aroused because of her words (and because of the kissing we had done ofcourse, as I hadn't touched a woman for almost three years at that point.....). I replied that I didn't mind if she did, and was actually hoping she would do it as I would have a good excuse to have a pee myself as well, as I needed to go as well and felt the same as her: can't pee in public on a first date! Reluctantly she said "ok, let's do it then, but don't peak!!" and asked if I had a tissue. I did, so I gave it to her while promising I wouldn't peak at her. As I already really saw a future with her at that point, having had a date for such a long time (2PM till 6AM) and telling her all my personal stuff, so I kept my promise. I can however describe enough other details 😁 The parking lot we were at had a hedge on some grass on the side. Our cars were parked with the hood against the hedge so to speak. Her car was parked left to mine. I went to the passenger side of my car and peed in the hedge/the grass in front of the hedge. I expected her to squat against the hedge as well, so she would pee in the grass and avoid the splatter, but to me surprise she walked to the drivers side of her car (so there were two cars in between us) and dropped her pants there. As said, I kept my promise by not peaking, but because I noticed she was going to pee on the tarmac of the parking lot rather then on the grass (which made me very happy!), I kept my ears wide open! I was already done when she started, so the only sound I heard was her fourcefull stream splattering on the tarmac. After I zipped up, it stayed on the passenger side of my car to not spook her, but I still heard the stream splattering a lot and even saw the stream coming from underneath her car to the other side. She lasted for about 40 seconds, wiped and pulled her pants back up. I saw her head popping up above her car again and decided to walk around my car at this point. The excuse I had was to give her a last kiss, but ofcourse I wanted to see the puddle she created as well! We had our last kiss, we both stepped into our car and I texted some friend about the date I had. This meant she left before me, which gave me the chance to have a quick look in the puddle she made. It was a large puddle, which had also streamed over 6 parking places at this time and was still streaming further. She despises littering however, so she had thrown the tissue in a nearby bin. I quickly drove home and you don't have to guess what I did there.... 😁 Three dates (without peeing) later we were a couple and a half year later we went on our first holiday: a long roadtrip. Till next post!
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    She won’t let me take pics of her for privacy reasons, but I did snap one of me peeing out the window. So she had to go pee and I suggested she go out the attic window. She told me she wanted me to go first. I am not shy about this kind of thing and did it. She watched the entire time. Then when I was finished she ran to the window, pulled her pants down and sat off the edge and began pissing. I could hear her hissing sound pattering against the side of the house. She kept peeing for about thirty seconds and then when she was finished we realized a neighbor was outside smoking a cig watching her!!! I am hoping to pee with her some more tonight or soon!
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    I had a good friend over, a female who knows about my fetish and my peeing activities. We had a few drinks and were talking about weird places we have peed. I told her I pee all over my bedroom. She didn’t really believe me as it doesn’t smell like piss. I told her I sometimes pee in my closet on the wood and let it soak in. She really didn’t buy this. I was feeling pretty daring and naughty. I told her I could demonstrate, hahaha. She told me she was curious to see that. So I got up from my chair and walked over to the closet, I pulled my jeans down and my panties. I got in a nice low squat while facing her. I started slowly peeing, I was kind of shy, and it dribbled out slowly. Then it picked up and started spraying out. I pissed for a good twenty seconds until it started dribbling again. I shook my bum and pussy off and pulled up my pants and got up and walked back to the chair. After about fifteen minutes she said she had to go pee. I offered her the closet. She said she was weirded out by peeing there, but I reassured her no one would ever know and that I do it ALL the time. She decided to go for it. She had a dress on and apparently no panties. She had a very nicely shaven pussy with a landing strip. She faced me and got into a low squat. She let go and her pee came out fast and it was a thick stream. She pissed for about twenty five seconds. She reaaally needed to go by the looks of it. I could hear the pitter patter of the pee dripping down the crack in the floorboards. It is soft wood as well and soaks the pee up pretty nicely. We both made a large puddle. She told me it was kind of thrilling to pee there and said she understood why I did it. So, we agreed to just piss there every time we needed to go. I had to go again about an hour later and got up, pulled my jeans down, squatted back down, and let my pee flow out of my pussy. She was watching intently this time. I looked down at my stream and it was flowing out of me. It felt so fucking naughty having my friend watch me and join me. This time the pee really soaked down between the floorboards. I could hear it dripping down. There was an even larger puddle than before. I asked her to grab me a tissue and hand it to me. I dabbed my pussy off and threw the tissue in the puddle. About ten minutes later she got up without even announcing it and went to the closet and relieved herself. She was squatting down and this time I watched her intently. She looked up at me and smiled. She did not seem to mind giving me a show. Her stream slowed down and she asked me for a tissue. She dried herself off and then sat back down. We both pissed in the closet three or four times each throughout the night. It was flooded by the time we were done.
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    My roommate was drinking and was very open tonight. I brought up the peeing we’ve been doing and asked her if she enjoys it as much as I do. She confessed to me that she really likes doing it. We had a long talk about all the places I’ve been peeing and she confessed to me some naughty places she goes. She told me she goes in the basement almost every day. Over the drain. She told me she wants to pee in my room more as her bf thinks it’s weird and won’t let her do it in her room. We were sitting in the attic having this conversation, and she told me she had to go soon. I told her to hold it as long as she can. She still hasn’t pissed for me yet tonight but I am waiting. I am hoping to get her to pee out the window facing the street. That would be soooo hot. We have been talking about some places we can pee together in the future. She told me her ultimate fantasy is the both of us going in an elevator. Or under a table in a restaurant. She has very similar taste to mine apparently and I’m loving this convo. I will keep you all updated on the rest of our convo and where we end up peeing!!!
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    As part of my job role I sometimes have to attend local authority properties to photograph and report on work that's been carried out. Today I went to a large block of flats, somewhat run down, near the centre of town. I'd arrived early and was waiting in my car for the team who carried out the work to arrive. I could feel my need to pee increasing but knowing there was nowhere to go, I held it. I looked around the car park for somewhere to go but it was far too exposed. I even considered getting into the back seat, hiking up my skirt and sitting and weeing into the upholstery but I dismissed that as with current circumstances there's no way I'll be able to get the car valeted and I don't really want to have to spend £60 due to having a wee anyhow 😂 In the end I remembered an almost empty water bottle in my handbag. I drank the last of the contents and went into the building into a cupboard used by cleaners to store their equipment near the lifts. Fortunately it's a door I was able to lock behind myself. I pulled my skirt up and my knickers to one side and held the bottle opening to where I thought it would catch my stream. I totally misjudged the correct location and pee cascaded all over the bottle and my hand. I quickly realised this was going to make a massive mess so I cut my losses, squatted and pissed straight onto the concrete floor. In an attempt to cover my tracks I tipped a mop bucket onto its side beside the puddle, left and locked the door behind me. I binned the empty bottle on my way out and hopefully nobody will ever be any the wiser about my desperate wee in the cleaners store.
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    skirt weather is so much fun. teehee. 💕😇
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    Hi folks, here with another Kaymala story. This isn't really a series you need to read from the start, but if you want to, you can find the first episode here, or the first introductions of Layla in part 7 and Freya in part 8. This story contains nonchalent peeing and peeing in naughty places, as well as sex and nudity. ################# The tram pulled up to its platform, and its passengers unloaded into the misty morning air. Across the road was the Kusti shopping mall, the largest in the country. Its glass front made a promise of the light and warmth inside. Most of the passengers hurried inside. Layla held back, watching with interest a couple of men who had disembarked just before her. She supposed they had been crossing their legs inside the tram, not wanting the inconvenience of peeing in the crowded space. Now, as soon as they were in the open air, they turned, unzipped, and relieved themselves against the side of the tram. Apart from Layla, the disembarking crowd barely glanced at them, even as they walked through the wisps of steam rising from each man’s piss-stream. With a pneumatic hiss, the tram doors closed and it pulled away. One of the men was still pissing -- he took a sharp step backwards as the vehicle began moving, not quite avoiding being splashed. His friend chuckled. Layla made her way into the shopping mall, catching up with her friends just inside the doors. Almost as soon as she was inside she started sweating, and realised why nobody else was dressed for the winter weather. Kaymalan people liked to keep their buildings hot, and inside the mall it was as hot as summer. “You can leave your coat here,” said her friend Simon, guiding Layla over to a cloakroom by the doors. She gladly handed her coat to the person behind the counter, paying a couple of kroner. Now that she was inside, Layla looked around the mall. The whole building was circular. A gallery encircled each level, and looking out over the railing, Layla saw one floor below them and at least three floors above. Escalators carried shoppers between floors. And despite the weather outside, everybody here was dressed for summer. Layla saw crop tops, shorts, miniskirts, and -- since it was Kaymala -- a few people of all genders casually walking around topless, and one or two who were completely naked. After months of winter in London, where everybody was bundled up in thick coats, it was a liberating feeling to see so many people dressed (or indeed undressed) so freely. Layla’s friends too were dressed for the heat. Olivia wore a green dress that just barely covered the key areas. She had worn leggings for the journey, but slipped them into her bag as they entered the mall. Freya wore jeans and a hoodie, but now that they were inside she let the hoodie hang open, showing her boobs to the world. Simon wore shorts and a t-shirt. Layla was starting to feel over-dressed. “Wait for me a second, would you?” asked Simon. He stepped up to the waist-high glass barrier that overlooked the floor below, undoing his flies as he did so. Looking around, Layla saw he was far from the only person to make use of the conveniently-placed half-wall. She could see at least a dozen people peeing against it. She was intrigued to watch the people on the far side of the gallery, who were facing towards her, their piss running down the glass between them. And it was not just guys, but several women had also lifted skirts or dropped trousers to standing-pee against the glass, while many more were squatting beside it. Layla noticed now that there was a drain running around the edge of the gallery, collecting Simon’s piss and that of everyone else relieving themselves against the barrier. It seemed to be the way Kaymalan public spaces worked -- not many bathrooms, but lots of drains in the places people were most likely to pee. A loud moan from somewhere above cut through the hubbub. Layla looked up, and saw, up on the top floor of the mall, a woman bent over against the railing, while a man entered her from behind. She moaned again as he thrust against her. Simon, who was just fastening his flies, looked up and chuckled. “Every time I come here there’s a couple screwing up there,” he said. “People just can’t resist it.” The four of them rode the escalator up to the next floor. Layla stood behind her friend Olivia, and watched with interest as the girl lifted her skirt above her waist, showing her tanned behind, and pissed straight down. Her piss splattered on the steel steps of the escalator, before trickling away through the gaps between the steps and into the mechanism of the escalator. With practised timing, Olivia finished up just as they reached the top of the escalator. At the next floor they split up. Olivia and Simon had some errands to run for the hostel, while Freya said she would take Layla around some of the clothes shops. Layla was trying not to stare at Freya’s cleavage, which was visible through her open hoodie -- and the hoodie swayed as she walked, occasionally slipping so that one tit was completely on display. Freya didn’t seem to mind when this happened, pulling the hoodie back into place with a casual shrug. She led Layla to a store that she said was one of her favourite chains, and a smiling clerk welcomed them inside. Layla was surprised to see two women in the very first aisle of clothes, right by the window. One was stripping off her clothes, while her friend leant against the nearby shelves and chatted to her. Once she was down to just her underwear, the girl took a dress from a rack nearby and slipped it on, admiring the look in a nearby mirror. Looking around the store, Layla could see other people in similar states of undress trying on the clothes on display. Mirrors, tables and benches seemed to have been placed around the store for such a purpose. “Do people not use changing rooms here?” she wondered. “What’s that?” said Freya, who had walked on ahead. Layla hurried to catch up with her. Walking further into the store, she also noticed several patches of walls left deliberately empty. The walls there were tiled, and had drains underneath. Layla had an idea what these were for, an idea that was proved right as she watched a man who was getting trying on clothes nearby. He had stripped off both his trousers and his underwear in order to try on a pair of swimming trunks, but before he could put them on his phone rang. As he chatted with the phone held to his ear, he took a couple of steps over towards one of those tiled patches of wall and pissed, hands free, spraying both the wall and the floor beside it. A shopping attendant who walked past paid him no mind, except for eyeing his bare backside. Looking further along Layla saw two girls squatting by another of these patches of wall, happily chattering away with their jeans around their ankles, while two trickles of piss ran along the sloping floor to the drain. Freya noticed what Layla was looking at and laughed. “You know, I worked in a clothes store when I was a teenager,” she said. “I grew up in a small town place, quite different to here. The manager was a stingy guy, he didn’t want to pay to put all this drainage in place. So he just put up signs all over the store, you know, ‘We are unable to provide drainage and politely ask customers to step outside the store to relieve themselves.’” “What happened?” asked Layla. “Oh, everyone ignored the signs. Some people just pissed on the floor like usual and maybe didn’t notice there were no drains. Other people pissed in all the hidden corners of the store, behind clothes racks, you know, sometimes even on the clothes. What else were they gonna do, step out into the cold winter air and pull their pants down? After a couple of months the manager had to give in and pay a plumber to put drains in, plus hire in an army of cleaners to get rid of the smell.” “Did you have to tell people off for peeing in the wrong places?” Freya laughed. “We were supposed to, but we didn’t care, did we? We were annoyed by the lack of toilets as well. We had great fun finding places we could piss without the manager noticing. We used to take turns to say, ‘I’m just going to tidy the shelves for a bit,’ which was our code to say we needed to piss. My favourite was to get my cock out and then pretend to be straightening out a clothes rack or something while I secretly pissed underneath it. Another girl found a place where there were two display tables with a few centimetres gap between them. She’d sit up on the table over the gap -- she always wore a skirt -- and she’d act like she was folding the clothes on the display table while she pissed away down the gap.” “Your childhood was very different to mine,” said Layla. “If I’d done that sort of thing, the trouble I’d have been in … my mum wouldn’t let me get a job even, in case there were boys working there.” “She should have been more worried about the girls,” said Freya. “I lost my virginity to that girl with the skirt, in the staff break room. The manager walked in on us, and yelled at us for taking too long on our break.” “Did you know you were trans?” “I knew, but it was early days, right? I was still working out what it meant to me. Well, maybe I still am working that out, who knows. Oh, hey, let me take a look down here.” She wandered down the underwear aisle. There was one other person here: a topless woman pulling bras off the shelf one by one and holding them to her chest. Freya pulled out something lacy and held it up for Layla to see. “What do you think?” she said. “Is the bare boobs under the hoodie a good look, or would it be sexier with the bra on?” Layla blushed. “I don’t know. The bra’s nice, but … I guess I like the look you have already. It’s very casual.” “Just casual, or casual yet sexy?” said Freya. “The second one.” Layla was blushing even harder, and Freya laughed. “Casual yet sexy is the look I strive for,” she said. “All right, no bra. Come on, let’s find something for you.” A shopping attendant smiled at them as she passed, and Layla couldn’t help staring. The woman was wearing an ankle-length skirt. The skirt had a split that went all the way up to the waistband, allowing it to hang open and reveal -- well, everything that was inside. As the woman walked, the skirt opened and closed, giving them flashes of the shaved pussy beneath. Layla was taken. It gave the appearance of modesty, while hiding nothing. Freya noticed where Layla was looking. “They probably sell that here, if you’re interested?” she said. As they walked over to the skirt section of the store, it occurred to Layla that the shop had no men’s and women’s section, unlike every London store she’d been in. Bras, knickers, boxers and y-fronts were all in the same aisle; jeans of every cut were beside each other on the shelf; and none of the clothes she looked at had explicit men’s or women’s labels on them. They found the skirt, looked up a conversion table between British and Kaymalan clothes sizes, and then Freya suggested Layla try the skirt on. Layla hesitated. “Are there any fitting rooms?” she asked. “Oh yes,” said Freya. “Sorry, it didn’t occur to me.” She led Layla to the back of the store, where there were just two fitting cubicles, with curtains over the doors and a divider that went from ankle-height to just above head height. “Not many people around here bother,” said Freya, “but some people prefer the privacy.” As they approached, a middle-aged man gave them a friendly nod as he disappeared into the cubicle on the right. Layla went into the left cubicle, and to her surprise -- though not displeasure -- Freya followed her. Layla started to say something, but Freya gestured for her to be quiet and pointed at the neighbouring cubicle. For a few seconds all was quiet, then they heard the unmistakable sound of a stream of liquid hitting a hollow wall and running down to the floor. Looking down, Layla saw rivulets of the man’s pee dripping down the gap between the dividing wall and the floor. His puddle spread out slightly into their cubicle, before following the slope of the floor towards the closest drain. Layla waited for him to finish. After the stream petered out, they heard him cough once, then the zip of his flies, and then the curtain being undrawn as he went back out onto the shop floor. Layla leaned over to Freya. “Why did he do that here?” she asked. “If he wasn’t trying anything on, why not pee out there like everybody else does?” Freya shrugged. “Some people are shy about peeing in public,” she said. “And some people just like peeing in a cubicle. Like how, you know, some people prefer to pee outside in the open air, some people like to piss against a wall, some people like pissing in bed and some hate it, that sort of thing. Well, some people like to find somewhere enclosed, a changing room or an elevator or whatever. It’s hard to say why people like what they like, but here we try to cater for everybody’s tastes. Do people not pee in changing rooms in your country?” “Some people do, I suppose,” said Layla. “But it’s illegal.” Layla started to pull her jeans down, being careful not to stand in the wet patch that had spread into their cubicle. The fitting room had plenty of space for both Layla and Freya, but Layla still felt nervous getting naked in front of the other girl. It didn’t make sense -- only the day before Freya had had her tongue inside Layla, and Layla had peed in her face -- but Layla felt the butterflies regardless. Especially, as she pulled her knickers down, Layla felt conscious of how thick her bush was down there, compared to all the Kaymalans who seemed to trim or even shave completely. “If I’m going to wear this, maybe I should start shaving,” Layla said. “What, this?” Freya reached out and stroked the triangle of hair between her legs. “I love this,” she said. “Wear it with pride.” Layla stepped into the skirt and pulled it up to her waist, admiring the look in the mirror. She tried standing with her legs together, with them wide, stepping one foot forwards and then the other, seeing what she could do to make the skirt fall open and what would leave it closed. It occurred to her what her mother would say if she saw her now, and Layla giggled. “You like it?” said Freya. “It looks good. Are you going to wear it out of the store? You can just take the tag off and show it to them at the counter.” “I like it,” said Layla. It would take some courage to wear it out in public, but hey, it was no worse than what dozens of other people in the store were wearing. “Listen,” she said, as she stuffed her old clothes into a bag. “Do you mind if I take a leak here?” “Well, if you do, I will as well,” said Freya, turning to face the corner of the cubicle as she spoke. Layla sank into a squat in the middle of the cubicle, lifting her skirt up off the floor. Her eyes fell on Freya’s cock, and she watched as the other girl started to piss up the wall. The cubicle was soon full of the stereo sounds of two pee streams. “Can I tell you a secret?” Layla said. “Always,” said Freya. “I have actually peed in a fitting room before.” Freya turned to look at Layla, her piss stream arcing over the wall. “Really? In London?” Layla nodded. “A few times, actually. I knew this girl -- a housemate at uni. She was from a Muslim family, like me, only she wasn’t as strict, she didn’t wear a hijab. She had this really rebellious streak. She was the one who first got me to start drinking, and tried to get me to hook up with boys on nights out, although I was never very good at it.” Layla stood up, wiping herself on the edge of her new skirt. Freya was just finishing up. “We’d only known each other a few weeks and she asked me to go shopping with her,” Layla went on. “And we’d been looking around for a couple of hours. We wandered into this expensive shop, and she said to me, ‘Listen, I really need the loo, will you wait for me?’ She’d been there before so I assumed she meant that this store had a toilet. But no, she grabbed something off a shelf and disappeared towards the changing rooms. And a couple of minutes later came back looking relieved.” Freya shook herself off and fastened her jeans. “That would be a crime in your country, then?” Layla nodded. “I asked her about it afterwards. She just said it seemed more convenient than finding a loo. But the way she said it made me think that wasn’t really the reason. “A few weeks later we were shopping together again. We’d just tried some things on, and then she said, ‘Could you wait for me outside, I’m just gonna go to the loo while I’m here.’ And she was, like, already undoing her jeans there in the changing room, it was obvious she wasn’t talking about finding a toilet. I stepped outside, and I could hear her peeing on the carpet. I already needed to go, anyway, and the sound was too much. So when she’d finished, I asked if she’d wait for me as well, and I went back in and did my business.” “And how did that make you feel?” asked Freya, with a coy smile. “Well, I felt a bit guilty about the mess,” said Layla. “But I figured that my friend had already messed it up, so I wasn’t really making anything worse. And it did make me -- you know.” “Turned on?” Freya was grinning. “My friend didn’t say anything about it, but she smiled at me once I’d done,” said Layla. “We went shopping together quite a few times. Every time she would say something about needing the loo and go to the changing rooms. Sometimes I did the same, not every time. One time we went into that expensive shop again and we just both grabbed something off the shelves and went into neighbouring stalls without saying anything. I peed and I could hear her peeing next to me. Then we both gave the stuff we’d grabbed to the attendant and said it didn’t fit, and we left. I never dared go back to that shop after that, in case they recognised me.” Freya’s phone buzzed, and she glanced at it. “Simon and Olivia are grabbing coffee,” she said. “Why don’t we pay for this skirt of yours and go join them?” She held the curtain open for Layla to step out of the cubicle and into the store. A passing attendant smiled at them, then laughed as she saw the puddle Layla had left in the changing room floor. At the cash desks, the cashier scanned the tag that Layla had pulled off her skirt, his eyes drifting to Layla’s crotch as he did so. Layla, surprising herself, adjusted her stance so that the skirt hung open. “Nice vagina,” said the cashier as he handed her her receipt. “I love the way you have your bush. Where do you come from?” “From England,” said Layla. He eyed her pussy again through the gap in her skirt. “Well, it looks like you’ll fit in well here.” Layla smiled. She was starting to feel that she would do.
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    As you probably know, my roommate is pretty cool about us pissing naughty places. I have caught her and she's caught me. We've also peed together. I heard the shower running which i'm pretty sure was her boyfriend getting ready for work. I needed to take my morning piss. I got up, walked to the middle of the room, and happened to be facing the door in a low squat. I was mid stream when my roomie knocked on the door, she didn't wait for a reply before opening my door. I was pissing hard all over the carpet. She seemed a little surprised, but didn't seem upset or anything. She asked me why I was peeing on the carpet so early in the morning, she said she thought i'd still be asleep. I told her I woke up really needing to go and could hear someone in the bathroom. She replied with "oh okay, no problem". She stood there watching me and asked me to move my car when I was done so her bf could get out of the driveway. She waited for me to reply, but I was enjoying my piss so much it took me a second to reply. I told her yeah, i'd be happy to move my car. I kept pissing for another few seconds while she watched. I then finished and shook myself off, and she walked out of the room. I was a little embarrassed as she saw my full pussy mid stream and kept watching me. Especially because we were both sober, lol. Usually we are not when this happens. But it was kind of a huge turn on to know she stood there and watched me make a large puddle on the carpet.
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    So about half a year into our relationship, we went on our first holiday together. Obviously, we had had sex loads of time at this point, were naked around each other lots of times and also peed in front of each other already. I was still ashamed to talk about my fetish to her, so she was unaware of my interests at this point, so it wasn't anything sexual related. She was just raised very open and loves to talk etc. So whenever she would come over to my place in the weekends (which is about an hours drive), she would tell me about her week and those kind of things. As the drive was long though, she would usually also need to pee at this point. So she went to the toilet to pee and would always leave the door open to keep talking to me. No other meanings, just out of convenience and because she was raised to not be bothered about these kind of things. At this time, she had also already peed in the shower a couple of times. The first time, we were in the shower together and fooling around a little bit. After 10 minutes or so she said "I forgot to go to the toilet before showering, because at home I never do as I just pee during my shower there, but I can't do that here can I??". I replied that I didn't mind as I pee in the shower every morning as well, so she said (not reluctantly anymore, as opposed to that first date! 😁) "ok, perfect!" and immediately started peeing. She didn't squat, but just kept standing up with her legs slightly parted and pissed into the drain. I had a very hard time not to get hard (as she still didn't know about my kink), but the water was still running so I couldn't see her stream so I succeeded. Ever since this moment, she pissed during each shower we had. Again, out of convenience. Anyway, that is not the story I came to tell this time! As said, after a little more than half a year into our relationship, we went on our first holiday together. We chose to do a road trip to a Middle European country, about 1400 kilometers away. Beforehand, I was hoping to get some peeing in public action (my favorite!) as she already told me a lot of places she had peed. Not even because I tried to get that info out of her, but she just mentioned it on the side when we were talking about road tripping, hiking, etc. So I knew she had no inhibitions about peeing in public and has used a lot of parking lots and bushes in the past. I however also was thinking that we would probably be stopping at large rest stops with gas stations, supermarkets, restaurants and those kind of things to make our trip as comfortable as possible. We left home and I started driving the first leg. We decided to take it relaxed and stop about every 2-2,5 hours, not rushing things and not drive too long parts. So after about 2,5 hours of driving, I pulled over to our first rest stop. It was breakfast time at this point, so I pulled in to a large stop with restaurant to grab ourselves a nice meal. We also went to the toilet there. When we came out, my girlfriend said "ewwww, these things were gross! Even in such a large restaurant, I don't want to know how the smaller gas stations handle their toilets....". I didn't really reply to it, except for confirming that the male toilets were not particularly clean either. My girlfriend took the wheel and drove the next leg. We were driving through Germany at this point and people who are familiar with Germany might know that sometimes there is 200km between rest stops with gas stations. In between, there are quite some rest stops without facilities though. So when the 2,5 hours driving time of my girlfriend had passed, she was looking out for a rest stop again. At that time, we passed a sign that said "next gas station - 179km". She said she wasn't going to drive for another 1,5 hours, so she pulled into the next available rest stop. It was a no facility one. It was just a large parking lot with a big hill on one side, with a stone path leading up that hill, towards a fence. Why there was a path leading to an unpassable fence on the top of a hill, I still don't know, but oh well..... What I also remember is that there was a small toilet block on the parking lot as well. However, they didn't seem to be well maintained. We parked our car in the first available parking space, which was actually quite near the toilet block (about 50 meters away). We stepped out of the car and even at that distance, we immediately smelled the toilet block. My girlfriend immediately said "you don't expect me to go have a pee in there, do you?! Oh well, I don't really have to go anyway". We just stretched our legs there, had two cups of tea that we brought along and ate some fruit. After about 20 minutes or so we walked back to our car. There, my girlfriend said "I actually do have to pee now, but no way I'm going in there. I'll just pee next to the car". I was excited now as she also asked me for some cover (the parking lot wasn't busy at all, but it was daylight already and not dark anymore). We opened both of the car doors, but at the point she wanted to drop her pants, another car entered the parking lot so I told her to wait for a bit to see where he would park. Unfortunately, that was right next to us, so she didn't proceed with the peeing. She however told me she has to go at this point and didn't want to wait for another 2,5 hours till our next rest stop. I suggested we walked the path leading up the hill, so we did. The top of the hill wasn't visable from the parking lot, so we were out of sight there. It had rained the previous night, so the surroundings of the path were still very soggy. She wanted to go behind a bush or something, but she said "this mud is all soggy, I don't want to walk on it and make my shoes wet and dirty...". I told her she could pee right on the path then, as that wouldn't be soiling her shoes as it was made of stone tiles. She said "you're right, I'll go here" and dropped her jeans right next to me. I was watching if no-one was coming, but only with half an eye and 1,5 eye on her 😁 She squatted in a mid-high squat and started peeing. I saw the stream as well, which (despite the fact she had peed in that first rest stop as well) was quite strong. It created a small, but frothy puddle beneath her. After about 15 seconds she finished peeing, wiped and pulled up her pants. She asked if I needed to pee as well, which I did. I turned my back towards her and peed against the fence while she watched me (but didn't see anything. Unlike her, I can be quite peeshy..). I zipped up, we walked back to the car and she (as I said, she is strongly against littering) discarded the tissue in a dust bin along with our carton tea cups and left-overs of the fruit we ate. That was the only pee on our first driving day, on which we covered about 900 of the 1400 we had to drive to our destination. Will post about the second driving day later!
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    I had to go piss while in my room, so I ran to the middle of the floor in front of the box I often piss in and squatted down and went pee. It came out in a heavy stream and I soaked the carpet.
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    Some of you may remember a while back I used to write little fictional stories for you all to enjoy, wwell I haven't done any for ages but here's one I did over the last 2 days in between work. I may add further parts to it if people like it. enjoy Sitting at a table in the club that night my eye was drawn to the attractive young lady dressed all in black, a black silk blouse, a short black leather skirt and those long black patent leather boots. I'd always had a thing about that style of boot, ever since I'd seen Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman all those years ago. The big thing with thigh boots for me was just how much of a variable they were, on a really tall 'leggy' girl I'd seen them come up to just past the knee, on a shorter girl I'd seen the same boots come almost up to her crotch! In this case they came up past her skirt and I wondered just how far up they went, with a bit of luck I'd soon find out. She smiled at me and walked past, further into the club, returning a few minutes later, “hi, mind if I sit down?” she asked, I smiled back and nodded, “help yourself” I replied, patting the seat next to mine. She sat down and introduced herself, her name was Ellie and she worked in an office as a personal assistant, I told her my name and a little about what I did for a living and then asked if she'd like a drink. She accepted my offer of a drink and I went to the bar and ordered a couple of glasses of wine, I don't normally drink wine, but I thought I'd have a change tonight. We sat and drank and listened to the music, it was 80's pop, just my era, I was in my teens and early 20's in the 80's I looked back on those times with great fondness. We chatted about all sorts, our work, our interests outside work, our desires, we discussed everything and anything, it was an excellent night. At some point she asked me if I'd like to dance, it was a relatively slow smoochy number and I was more than a little interested that it was this type of song that she chose to dance to, as I held her I could feel her slender body through the black silk blouse, I allowed my hands to slide slowly down to her waist and for a while fought the urge to rest my hands on her shapely rear, when the urge overtook me and I finally did, she raised no objections. The skirt, as I soon found out was one of those very soft leather ones, shiny, but like a kid leather, it moved easily and once my hands were caressing her pert rear I naturally wanted to try and slip my hands under it, but not just yet. The song eventually finished and we returned to our table, we had a couple more drinks and continued to chat, it was soon after that she told me something that would change the way the night was going, and all for the better. She told me that the chap she worked for was a bit of a pervert and his idea of a personal assistant was a little too personal for her, she had actually come to the club straight from the office, what I'd taken as being a very nice going out outfit was actually part of her everyday workwear. “It's not that I'm not broad minded or anything, it's just that I don't fancy him, I'm quite open to a lot of his idea's, just not with him” she explained.She looked around to make sure nobody was in earshot, “it's like today, I went into work dressed like this , it was his idea, he likes stuff like this” she went on, “well yes, so do I” I interjected, she smiled, “yes, but then he started to ask me things, things I wasn't happy with” she said, “oh I see, may I ask what?” I replied, curious as to know what he'd been asking. “well, I was sat on my chair doing some work on the computer and he kept looking at me, then he asked what my panties were like, so I told him, black ones, then he suggested I should slide my skirt up so he could see them” she continued, her hands went down to her skirt and to my amazement she slid it up giving me a view of her black panties, full cut and silky. I glanced down at them, “very nice, so did you show him them then?” I asked, she gave me a little grin, “of course, I was sat like this, but that wasn't enough, he came over and gave my crotch a stroke, then a short while later after we'd had our coffee, he asked me if it wasn't time for me to relieve myself, as it was I was just about to nip to the loo when he mentioned it” I nodded and smiled, wondering where this conversation was going, “oh I see, and then what?” I asked, intrigued to hear the next part of the story. “well, then he suggested that I might like to go in my panties, and let him watch” she went on, I could feel my cock starting to stiffen, “oh I see, and did you?” I replied, trying not to sound as aroused as I felt. “well I didn't really have a choice, I need my job, so I did what he wanted” she said, she glanced down at her crotch, the silky black panties stretched tightly across her pussy, suddenly a trickle of liquid began to escape the taught black silk, it dripped noiselessly onto the grubby carpet and began to soak in. By now my cock was straining to get out of my jeans and I was sure she'd notice, I got up saying I needed the loo and I'd grab a couple more drinks on the way back. On my return she was still sitting as I'd left her, skirt up exposing her now damp black silk panties. “Like I said, it's not that I'm not broad minded, I just don't fancy the bloke, I mean if you'd asked me to do it I wouldn't have thought twice, I think you could ask me anything and I'd obey” she told me, a dirty little smile on her face. I laid my hand on her damp panties and rubbed gently, “now, there's a question, would you just do anything because I asked you, or would you actually enjoy doing it? “well, why don't you try me and see” she replied. I slipped a finger inside her panties and when she didn't object I went further, slipping it inside her, she was soaking,and it wasn't just the piss. “another dance, or shall we grab another drink perhaps?” I said, downing the contents of my wine glass, once again that look appeared, “well it's up to you, I'd love another drink, but perhaps we'd better dance first, I'll need another wee soon and you wouldn't want me wetting myself on the dance floor, or would you? She replied, I began to wonder if she really was kinky, or just teasing, I decided to find out, “drink, then dance I think” I replied with a grin. We got up and went to the bar, this time she said she wanted a cold beer, I happily obliged with a pint, if that didn't make her wet her pants, nothing would. We'd drunk half of our beers when I thought I saw her squirm slightly, “right, lets dance” I said as I stood up. The club was quite dark and not too busy so we had lots of room, I placed my hands around her slim waist and we began to sway in time to the music, I allowed my hand to slip beneath her skirt and gave her bottom a playful pinch, “ouch” she giggled, “that was naughty, you nearly made me wet myself then”. I pinched it again, “only nearly, well that's a shame, maybe I need to do it again and see what happens” I answered, and gave her a sly grin, “do you want me to then?” she replied, “want you to what?” , I knew what she meant of course, I was just making her work for an answer, “you know, wet my panties, is that what you want, here on the dancefloor?” she whispered into my ear. “well, perhaps not on the dancefloor, people might notice, but I don't suppose anyone would notice you doing it in your boots, would they” I replied, “well we'll have to sit down then I can take them off” she giggled, I slid my hand around off her bottom and began to rub the front of her damp panties, “no not like that, I was thinking more of seeing you doing it in your panties, letting it run slowly down your legs and into those sexy black boots” I whispered, she didn't reply but a few momehts later I felt a warm wetness beneath my fingers and moved my hand, in the dim light I could just make out two glistening streams running one down each thigh, she was pissing into her boots! After what seemed like an age she looked at me, “like that you mean?” I nodded, “yes, just like that, but aren't you worried about ruining your boots?” she shook her head, “no, besides I didn't buy them, they're part of my work uniform remember, work bought them, or should I say my randy sod of a boss. We sat down again and began to chat, I reached out and after cupping her right breast in my hand I reached up and unfastened the top button on her blouse, “ how'd you like to show me those nice little tits of yours then” it was a suggestion rather than a question, she slowly undid the next 4 buttons on her blouse and opened it, inside encased in a black half cup silk bra were a pair of what looked suspiciously like 34B's, I slowly reached out and gently gripped a nipple between my thumb and forefinger, it hardened almost instantly, “mmm, nice bra, give it to me” I said with a dirty grin, she reached behind her and unhooked it, she slid it down over one shoulder, then the other, finally she handed it to me, I put it in my pocket and smiled, “best fasten your blouse, you can have the bra back later if you want to pop to my house for it” I laughed, she placed her hands beneath the table and a few seconds later held out her hand, “best have these too then” she giggled, dropping her damp panties into my hand. WOW, she was really something this one! A little while later I decided it was time to have a piss and got up to go to the toilets but she followed me and partway across the dimly lit dancefloor she grabbed my hands and placed them on her arse, “lets dance” she said seductively, I told her I needed to piss and she just smiled, “you can do that in a bit can't you” I nodded and began to rub her now pantiless bottom under the soft black leather, before I knew it she had moved in really close and was undoing the zip on my jeans, I looked around to see if anyone was watching, they weren't. I felt something soft and supple touching one side of my cock, on the other side I felt the warmth of skin. “go on then, you wanted to piss, fill my boot” she whispered, I didn't need asking twice and let flow into the top of her right boot, “ooh that's nice and such a lot, you really did need to go didn't you” she giggled as she felt my warm liquid pouring into the sexy black boot, “I think I'll have one too when you've finished “ she whispered and a few minutes later I watched as once more 2 little streams ran down her slender thighs into her boots, when she'd finished we headed off to the bar for more drinks, I could hear a slight squelching noise but apparently they were not leaking, they must have been almost full to the top by now. A while later after a couple more drinks it was time to leave, I decided I would call in at the takeaway down the road for a late night snack and asked her if she wanted to come with me, or did she want to head home and I'd meet up with her again during the week. She laughed and said she'd be seeing me later anyway so she might as well acompany me to the takeaway and then we'd go to my house together, “I have to come and collect my undies, remember” she replied, I'd forgotten about those, clearly she hadn't and I hoped it wasn't just that she wanted them back, hopefully there'd be more fun and games later. The takeaway was empty when we entered and after ordering our food we had a short wait for it to be prepared, as we stood there I noticed her swaying a little and crossing her feet, “I need a wee” she whispred, giggling like a schoolgirl, “well you should have gone before we left” I replied, “well I'm going to go now, I just hope there's room in my boots” she said, I looked down and once again I saw those two now familiar little glistening streams trickling down the inside of her thighs, then a short while later I noticed two larger streams running down the front of her long black boots, they were overflowing! I whispered to her to tell her and she glanced down at the rapidly growing puddle she was standing in, “oops, good job there's nobody else in here” she giggled and she was right, what anyone else would have made of an attractive girl stood wetting herself in a takeaway god only knows, luckily our order arrived and we were able to leave before we were discovered. We made the short walk back to my house and once inside she asked if she could use the bathroom, “surely you don't need another wee?” I asked, she shook her head, “no I want to empty my boots, we don't want them leaking onto the carpet, or do we?” she giggled, “no we don't, onto the bed maybe, but not the carpet” I replied, then instantly wondered if i'd pushed it too far, I needn't have worried though. “oh well, I'm going to eat my food first and if you'd like to get me a drink I'm sure I'll need another wee later” she replied, grinning from ear to ear. I led her up to the bathroom and watched as she slipped off her long black boots before tipping them into the shower tray, there must have easily been a couple of pints in each of them, she slipped them back on and walked towards the door, “normally I'd leave them off after getting in, but since you like them so much” I nodded, “oh you've no idea how much I like them” I replied, then taking her undies out of my pocket I handed them back to her, “here, but you don't need to put them back on just yet”. TO BE CONTINUED maybe!
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    Have you ever been disappointed by your own pee? So, I was told to do some holding today, which I did 😇 I drank 3 glasses of water, then 2 more, one larger glass of juice and one more of water. Enough to fill me up quickly. I held for a couple of hours, studying to distract myself from the ache in my bladder. As I don't live alone, I don't have too much opportunities for a naughty pee, so, I decided to pee in the tub when the moment comes. I held some more and finally got to relieve my bladder which was painfully full for about some time now. I stripped my bottoms and panties, and sat over the edge of my tub. Just a second before I was about to release a torrent of pee, I got a video call. I had to take it, I was jumpy the entire time. I could feel my bladder pulsing. 5 painful minutes later I was positioned over the bathtub again. I let out a small trickle of pee when I heard a knock on the bathroom. I quickly jumped up, said that the bathroom was occupied and locked the door. When I finally leaned over the edge once again I completely relaxed and pee started to smoothly flow out of me. BUT IT ONLY LASTED A LITTLE OVER 30 SECONDS. I was quite disappointed. I expected my bladder to burst out all the liquid I've been holding. I did enjoy peeing in a tub like that, but I wanted to let out more pee. And I still felt that my bladder wasn't completely empty. So, I jumped in the bathtub to take a shower and soon enough, an urge striked again. This time I was just standing in the tub letting the pee pool inside my hand while I touched myself. The warm sensation of my pee in hand and against my pussy really turned me on. I had to turn off my shower as my pee was as clear as water and I wanted to properly feel it against me and leaking down my legs. I peed for good 20 seconds. I was still disappointed I didn't pee more. I guess I'd have to drink more next time.
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    As you all know by now, I don’t hesitate to pee on my carpet. It was late at night and I needed to go. I already wasn’t wearing pants, or panties. So I got up from bed and walked to the center of the room, spread my legs and just started pissing. It was so naughty and relieving. I left a nice puddle on the floor.
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    This was quite a pleasant surprise. Someone was in the shower and I heard a knock at my door and told them to come in. It was my female roomie. She was doing the pee dance and told me she really had to go and someone was in the shower (her bf). She said it was far too cold to go outside and if she peed in her room her bf would ask questions and be weirded out. She asked me if I had a problem with her pissing somewhere in my room. She knows I do this so she thought it seemed like a good idea. I told her she could go anywhere she wanted in my room but did she mind if I went too? I also had to piss quite badly. She said go ahead, but that she couldn’t wait any longer. She pulled her pants down and got in a squat in the middle of my room. Suddenly I could hear the loud hiss I’ve grown to love. I got up and got next to her and squatted down and began pissing. She looked over at me and smiled. I looked down between her legs. She had quite the torrent of pee coming out. I was also gushing. She finished up, pulled her pants up and said thank you. I told her she could do that anytime she needed or wanted to.
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    Three of my closest friends and I went to a nude beach. We got there and stripped down naked. There were two females and one male. We all had a few drinks, and were sitting pretty far away from most other people. I happened to notice there didn’t seem to be a restroom close to us. There was one about a mile down the beach though. I was the first one who needed to go pee. I asked the group what I should do. One of my female friends suggested I dig a hole in the sand and sit over it and go like that. So I did exactly that. I moved off my towel, a little ways away from the group, dig a medium sized hole with my hands, and sat on top of it, with my legs parted with my knees up. I began pissing, and you could hear it hissing into the hole. I couldn’t stop peeing. When I finished I covered the hole up and went back to sitting on the towel. A short time later my male friend Luke announced he needed to take a piss. He didn’t even ask where he should go. He got on his knees and got to the edge of his towel, and held his cock in his hand and began pissing into the sand. His stream was very thick and golden. He made a large puddle in the sand. I watched the whole time he was pissing. Then our friend Shana had to go pee. She said she was just going to squat and go. So she walked a little ways away from us, and got into a low squat and was facing us. Her pee came out slowly at first, like she was shy. I was staring at her pussy and so was Luke. Her pee came out a little faster, and began making a puddle between her legs. She pissed for about fifteen seconds before bouncing her bum up and down. Our friend Missy needed to go pee. She must’ve been feeling lazy because she just moved to the edge of her towel, and spread her knees and began pissing right there. I could hear it hitting the sand. It gushed out of her. She finished up and sat back on her towel. Later on I needed to go again. I was feeling a bit naughty, I got up from the towel, and walked just a few short feet away as to not get anyone wet, and squatted down. Just as I began pissing a woman was walking towards us. She was about 500ft from me as I was in mid stream. She was staring right at me. She got closer as I was finishing up. She stopped and said “oh, don’t mind me, and don’t worry, we’ve all been pissing on the beach today!”. Shana and Luke had to go around the same time. Both of them stood up away from the towels but facing the group, and Shana spread her legs and just stood there and let go. Her pee hitting the sand and making a puddle between her feet. Then luke grabbed his dick and aimed it towards the ground and began pissing in the sand. He made a larger puddle than Shana. They both finished and sat back down. to be continued....
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    two 4 one! 😊🤫😇 lol. even though i flashed the ones in my pants for the pic, the ones i was wearing on my face were out for all to see.
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    We pissed in the corner of the attic after each other. She went first. She took off her bottoms and squatted down and faced me and pissed a lot. Then as she finished I took off my bottoms and we switched positions, I got in a squat and began pissing on the carpet. She stared between my legs and seemed to really enjoy herself!
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    I needed to go for a pee and decided it would be fun to go in a new cardboard box. I got one out, took my pants off, stood over top of it and let go. My pee fell out beautifully into the box making a nice mess. It felt so relieving and made a nice noise as it hit the cardboard. I am hoping my roomie could hear the noise from the room next door.
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    I love peeing in cardboard boxes lately. It feels like a natural toilet. I woke up in the middle of the night, turned the light on and didn’t feel like leaving my room. So I grabbed a box I used for moving and emptied it out. I took my shorts off, and stood over it and let my piss go. It felt so naughty. You could hear it hitting the cardboard. My roommates bedroom is right next to mine, so it’s possible she heard the hiss and stream hitting the box. I went for about fifteen seconds before I shook my pussy dry.
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    Hi...👋 So... I understand where you are coming from. As a girl in pampers among people who do not like that at all, a lot of times I feel like I don't belong here either. All I can say from my experience is I am not into what most people here are into, and most people here probably think my way of life is pathetic.. but I have made a small group of friends from the chat, ( love you all!! You know who you are 😘 ) and even tho the vast majority of the members here probably feel I should take my posts elsewhere, my group of friends makes this site great for me! That's my long, boring way of saying, start or keep chatting with people and you will find a group that share the same interests as you. Hope this helps. Stay wet, Mia 🤗😘💓💕
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    I'm sure you can imagine for a moment the situation when a few years ago I walked 190 miles of the famous Coast to Coast walk across England with two volunteer ladies from my charity walking group! Virtually every day involved walking through open countryside with no possibility of finding a toilet from breakfast time to dinner! The first toilet break of the walk was necessary within an hour of our lunch stop at a pub, ( I could easily anticipate the moment given the amount we drank) which we handled with due privacy. I'm not sure how but on day 3 one of the girls suspected my fascination with girls peeing and I shyly admitted it to her. From that moment onwards we found we were more and more able to pee quite openly with each other, I would even hold the hand of one girl while she was squatted down relieving herself! The one girl in particular, became very comfortable with it and admitted she was discovering her own pleasures with outdoor peeing with me! It was a beautiful experience looking back on it all, and seemed quite natural, while admitting that it gave me a rather special pleasure on each and every occasion! The two of us met on occasions afterwards to perpetuate the pleasures we had found, always great and exciting meetings!
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    Was up late last night watching TV on the couch when I found myself aching to pee. Not terribly desperate but definitely full. Feeling full and badly in need of a pee always gets me excited so I decided to have some fun with it. I got up and got a thick pad for my parties and then comfortably positioned myself on the couch for some fun. Logged on here and read some posts, looked and some pictures and videos... all while slowly releasing my pee into my panties. I could feel myself getting more excited the more pee I released and the more posts I read. I started rubbing my pussy over my pants while still slowly releasing more pee. I slipped my hand inside my panties and gave myself a good rub and could feel more pee as it left my pussy. At this point I am sopping wet with a mixture of fluids. I continue rubbing and fingering my pussy while simultaneously releasing pee. The feeling was incredible. I kept this up and quickly came. I still had to finish peeing as I’d been only slowly letting it out. I continued to pee in my pad. Slow bursts. Gently rubbing myself. Until my need to pee sufficiently waned.
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    lol. going pee in the right bathroom. mostly doing all of it properly. 😇😊
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    Ive gone to the bar and ordered a drink and while facing the bar waiting for the bartender to serve me I've pulled my Dick out and pissed on the front of the bar. Infact, I've done this several times at bars, nightclub and concerts through out the years. No one ever notices because most people are focused on the servers and marking sure they don't miss the next open spot at the bar. No one is ever looking at the front of the bar or the floor. If they do happen to see a puddle on the floor then they assume it's a spilled drink and if they see you reaching down they assume that your digging in your pockets for money. I can say that for men, this is a tried, tested and true method.
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    Hands down the carpet in a friends bedroom at a party. There was a line for the bathroom, and I’ve done this before at another friends house at a party, so I’m kind of used to doing this hahaha. So no one was in the room or this particular hallway. I snuck into the room, got next to the bed and squatted down and went pee. Another favorite is under the table at a restaurant. I was very desperate to go and had a dress on and no panties. It was pretty dimly lit in there and it had carpet flooring. So I spread my legs and just went pee. I tried to pee slowly so it wouldn’t make too much of a noise. It made a nice puddle between my legs.
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    Things were getting out of hand. Looking around the tightly packed kitchen, Kayla realized she could no longer see a single person she actually knew. Instead, as she stood in the corner clutching her tepid beer, she was greeted with the sight of an already-overcrowded and rowdy party continuing to slide further and further into chaos. From somewhere across the room, the sound of glass breaking was followed by peals of laughter and shuffling feet. Looking glumly at her phone, Kayla wondered where on earth her friends had gone. It had been their idea to even come to this thing in the first place, after all, but at some point she’d lost track of them. Now, here she was – packed like a sardine into the corner of a ratty-looking kitchen at the back of a ratty-looking house deep in the bowels of the perpetually ratty-looking student ghetto, without so much as a recognizable face in sight. Blinking in the harsh fluorescent glare of the kitchen lights, Kayla felt a twinge in her abdomen and glanced toward the house’s singular bathroom, just down the hall from the kitchen. At some point, it had been declared “out of order,” and from the looks of everything else unfolding around her Kayla would not have been surprised had the toilet itself been destroyed somehow. In the hour or so since the announcement of the bathroom situation, people appeared for the most part to have been taking matters into their own hands as needed, going out to the similarly crowded backyard to water the grass or pop a not-so-discreet squat next to the rickety porch. As she surveyed the room, however, Kayla noticed that not everyone seemed keen on this option, taking particular note of a throng of girls who just moments earlier had been doing shots by the sink. Almost all of them looked to be bouncing up and down a bit where they stood, and Kayla could see hands darting periodically down to clenched thighs and bulging crotches as members of the group looked questioningly toward the bathroom. Suddenly, one of the girls – a pretty blonde – doubled over and started laughing, prompting some looks and giggles from her friends. Bending down and whispering a few words to the now-hysterically laughing blonde, another girl in the group began shrieking even louder in amusement. Kayla’s eyes widened as she abruptly realized what was happening. Before anyone else in the group could react, the blonde hiked up her skirt and fell back into a crab-legged squat over the white linoleum floor, unceremoniously yanking her black lace panties to one side. Kayla barely had time to take in the unexpected sight of the girl’s red, bulging pussy – hairier than she would have expected - before it let go completely and unleashed a fat jet of piss straight down onto the floor, spraying a hot yellow puddle across the linoleum. Suddenly aware of what was happening, the girl’s friends whooped and shrieked with laughter, scrambling to avoid the steaming puddle of pee gushing out across the floor in all directions. Amazingly, the general state of chaos engulfing the noisy kitchen was such that, with her group of friends clustered around her, the furiously pissing girl on the floor continued essentially unnoticed, grunting with relief as the thick yellow jet hissed out of her groaning bladder onto the tile. Between her feet, a rapidly expanding puddle of urine sloshed thickly across the once-white kitchen floor, and as the girl’s friends looked on Kayla realized most of them had stopped giggling and now stared transfixed at their uncontrollably peeing friend and the frothy yellow flood she was still releasing. Rather than looking embarrassed or mortified, however, the majority of the girls appeared almost to have expressions more akin to longing on their faces; while none seemed too keen to simply follow the brazen blonde’s lead and relieve themselves right there on the floor, it was clear she had nevertheless brought them to a moment of reckoning. Looking on from the corner, Kayla had to admit that, shocked as she was at what was happening, even she couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy as she watched the girl empty her apparently massive bladder all over her corner of the kitchen, heaving a sigh as the seemingly endless torrent of urine hissed noisily out from between her legs. Nearing the end at last, her piss slowing to a trickle, the blonde sighed and pushed out a final generous squirt into the foamy yellow puddle now submerging their end of the kitchen before standing abruptly, wobbling as she found her footing. Still, miraculously, nobody else but Kayla appeared to have noticed what had happened. Whispering with stifled giggles to their now-thoroughly relieved friend, who nodded in bemused agreement, the girls glanced anxiously around the room once more before looking with particular interest down the hallway toward the rest of the house. After a few more hushed whispers and knowing nods, they seemed to have reached a consensus. Kayla knew in that moment exactly what was on the collective mind of the group, and as they set off down the hall toward the open door of a darkened bedroom at the far end she found herself inexplicably following them, unnoticed at the tail end of the throng. She too, it seemed, had reached her wit’s end, and knew as she trailed behind the girls toward the darkened bedroom that relief would be coming one way or another. What harm could one more bladder’s worth of piss really do next to the liters undoubtedly about to be deposited by the group? For all she knew, they wouldn’t even notice in their desperation that she’d joined them. Arriving at the bedroom door, the girl at the front of the group pushed it cautiously open and peered into the darkness within. Apparently satisfied the room was vacant, she flipped on the light and scurried inside, Kayla and the others hot on her tail. Giggling as the door closed behind them, the group dispersed to various corners of the thickly carpeted bedroom, crossing their legs and bouncing in anticipation as they looked questioningly at one another. Who would be the first to go? As if in response, the most desperate-looking member of the group – a pretty brunette near the door – gasped and doubled over, stifling peals of surprised laughter. As she dropped into a squat over the tan carpet and yanked up her dress, Kayla could see that she had already begun to piss – hard – into the glistening crotch of her thong. Groaning, her back against the bedroom door, it was all the brunette could do to yank the sodden fabric frantically to the side before losing control completely, unleashing a thundering yellow torrent of hot urine noisily against the carpet. Gasping with nearly palpable relief, she rocked back on her heels as the fat jet of piss roared down against the floor, pushing her quivering twat open as it frothed and soaked wetly into the thick fabric under her feet. Whoops of laughter echoed around the room at the sight as Kayla, crouched in her corner, looked on in stunned amazement. Still pissing hard, the brunette giggled shyly before closing her eyes and letting out a long sigh, lost in what must have been intense relief. Kayla stifled a giggle of her own as she saw that a wide patch of piss-soaked carpet between the girl’s feet had now become completely saturated, causing a small lake of warm urine to pool on top as the jet still hissing out of her swollen cunt sprayed hard against it with a wet rumbling sound. After noisily relieving herself for a full 30 seconds, the girl shuddered, heaved out a few last hot spurts of yellow pee into the huge puddle on the carpet, and was empty. No sooner had the last gush of piss squirted from between the pretty brunette’s quivering legs than a second girl, standing beside the bed, squealed and slammed her thighs together beneath her skirt, evidently unable to hold it any longer. Peering frantically over her shoulder at the queen-sized bed, and clearly seeing no better alternative, she scooted back and hovered over the thick white comforter piled on top of it, yanking up her skirt and pulling her panties down over her shapely ass cheeks to her knees. From where she crouched next to the bed, Kayla could see the girl’s exhausted pussy bulge open for a split second before the thickest torrent of yellow piss she’d ever seen pushed it open even further, dousing the doomed comforter in a steaming waterfall of urine that splattered and washed over the fabric, soaking it completely. Clambering to her feet, the brunette who’d pissed first screamed and pointed at her friend, shaking with breathless laughter at the hot, foamy pool of pee that had quickly accumulated on top of the comforter beneath the girl’s bare ass and now began to pour noisily off the edge of the bed onto the floor. “Rebecca! That’s someone’s bed!” Still pissing full-force onto the comforter, Rebecca, too, began shaking with laughter, causing her bulging twat to spray hot urine wildly across the bed in rhythmic squirts as she did so. “You did it first, bitch!” Kayla found herself mesmerized by the sight of the girl’s distended cunt as it opened and closed in time with her laughter, pushing out its fat jet of piss even harder against the bed as steaming rivers of pee gushed into every nook and cranny of the comforter. “I had to fucking GO!” The deluge of urine pouring over the edge of the mattress between her legs had by now grown into a glistening flood, splashing noisily onto the carpet at her feet where it pooled outward into an expanding yellow puddle on the floor. Squatting lower, Rebecca grunted and pushed her pussy open as the jet of piss thundering out of her onto the bed thickened even more. The hissing of hot urine against fabric, and the splattering roar of yellow pee raining down against the carpet, were unmistakable above the din, causing Kayla’s own bulging bladder to heave in protest. All bets were now off as, one by one, the rest of the girls gave in to the inevitable. Before Rebecca had even finished, a dirty blond in a tight black cocktail dress had already begun to back in against the far wall of the bedroom, yanking her dress up over her distended bladder to reveal a naked, bulging pussy on the brink of release. Pointing her bare ass backwards and arching her back, she barely had time to spread her cheeks and heaving cunt apart before releasing a thick jet of piss against the wall behind her, gasping with relief as a yellow river of urine poured down the wall to the floor. A generous puddle of pee began washing out over the carpet in a glistening semi-circle beneath her, pooling around her high heels as it sloshed wetly toward the centre of the room, and before anyone could so much as squeak in protest it had joined with the piss puddle deposited by the first girl to form a single, massive yellow lake on the floor. Undeterred, the blonde groaned with relief as she continued to empty her bladder all over the wall, making no attempt to avoid the river of urine soaking into the carpet around her feet. Reaching the end, she grabbed a handful of the front of her dress and wiped it against the engorged, piss-slicked lips of her pussy, pulling the sodden fabric back down to her knees as she slumped against the wall in relief. Mesmerized, Kayla was jolted suddenly back to reality by a spasm of renewed protest from her own aching bladder. Feeling a release coming, she squeaked and clenched her pussy furiously shut, just barely managing to hold back the deluge. Any second now, she realized, she’d lose the battle and release her own salty flood whether she wanted to or not. Even as she sat there on the precipice, however, a buxom redhead had begun scurrying toward the bed, moving with an obvious purpose. As she maneuvered past Rebecca and clambered onto the bed, perfect teardrop tits bouncing beneath her thin white t-shirt, the look of agonized desperation on her face told Kayla all she needed to know. On the bed again? Really?? To be fair, even Kayla had to admit that there weren’t many dry spots left. Positioning herself over the plush pillows at the head of the bed, the redhead gasped suddenly, squatting and tearing down her panties in one frantic movement. No sooner had her bare ass hit the pillow than a pressurized jet of urine hissed out of her hairy twat against the pristine white fabric, washing across it in a glistening yellow tidal wave. Moaning with relief, the redhead stared down helplessly at the mess below, emptying her distended bladder into the bed and pillow harder than ever as hot puddles of piss pooled around her feet on the mattress. For Kayla, this proved to be the last straw. She had finally been pushed too far, and as her exhausted bladder began to give way she knew she was no longer in a position to hold back what was coming. Wriggling as she clawed her leggings and panties to her knees, she fell into a squat and exploded into the carpet, hosing down the cream-coloured fabric in a hot yellow jet of urine that sloshed immediately outward across the floor in front of her. No longer caring who saw her, Kayla grunted and pulled her ass cheeks apart, pissing harder as the torrent roaring against the carpet thickened and the pool of pee on the floor – already massive after just a few seconds – continued to grow. Looking down at the puddle of urine pooling around her shoes, she groaned with relief, allowing the hissing sound of her piss jet hitting the floor to echo throughout the room. On any other occasion she’d have been mortified beyond belief to find herself peeing full-force against someone’s bedroom carpet, but these were unprecedented circumstances. Imagining for a moment that she was simply sitting on the toilet at home, she relaxed her cunt and bladder completely, taking in the sight of her hot yellow piss as it sloshed wetly against the submerged carpet. Still nowhere close to finished, she felt a lump catch in her throat as she pictured the room’s owner returning to find her relieving herself all over the floor. At least she’d be in good company. Only a few feet away, the redhead on the bed was still emptying her bladder as furiously as ever atop her improvised throne, and as Kayla’s puddle reached the carpet at the edge of the bed it was joined by a hot yellow waterfall as the girl’s pee began pouring in thick sheets over the edge of the covers. Kayla’s eyes caught the redhead’s for a brief moment before the two burst out laughing, spraying harder in spite of themselves as their combined piss puddle washed outward across the floor. Realizing that she couldn’t stop even if she wanted to, Kayla closed her eyes and leaned into it, heaving a sigh as her asshole bulged outward and her yellow piss thundered and foamed against the sodden floor. The wave of urine soaking across the carpet had by now gone so far that it began sloshing around the shoes of the girl nearest the door, who shrieked in disbelieving laughter. Still pissing hard, Kayla jumped as the bedroom door flew open and a tall blonde burst across the threshold. Everyone froze, and as Kayla’s eyes met the blonde’s she became acutely aware of the now-deafening hissing sound still emanating from between her legs as hot urine gushed onto the saturated carpet beneath her. Realizing that she was now the only one in the room still relieving herself, she felt her cheeks redden as she imagined how the scene must have looked. Here she was, in front of a gaggle of her friends, just squatting and taking a massive piss on the floor of someone’s bedroom as though she couldn’t be bothered to find a toilet. A lump caught in her throat as another thought suddenly popped into her head: what if this was the room’s owner? To Kayla’s immense relief, the blonde began shaking with laughter, clenching her thighs shut as she stumbled drunkenly into the room and shut the door behind her. “Oh my god! Are you seriously pissing on the floor? I’ve gotta go but there’s no fucking bathroom!” Even as she asked the question, the blonde had begun unzipping her jeans, giggling excitedly. “Some chick apparently just popped a squat and pissed all over the kitchen floor earlier, so I guess you do what you’ve gotta do.” Kayla could tell the girl was at least as drunk as the rest of them, and as she yanked down her jeans and thong, dropping into the same crab-legged position that the blonde in the kitchen had used, it became clear that all inhibition was gone. “All right bitches – pissing contest, let’s go!” At this, the rest of the group erupted with laughter, shaking their heads and looking knowingly at each other before peering sheepishly at the steaming puddles of urine soaking into the bed and carpet. Her own piss finally complete, Kayla wriggled back against the wall, giggling in spite of herself as she surveyed their collective handiwork. Realizing what had happened, the newcomer’s eyes widened. “Seriously? You ALL fucking peed in here?” Pulling her pants to her ankles, she brought her feet together and dropped her knees to the side, causing her glistening pussy to bulge outward and splay open. “Who pissed the furthest then? I’m coming for your title bitch!” Pointing her now-trickling pussy toward the bed, the girl gasped before bearing down hard. As the group watched in amazement, the glistening pink tunnel be\tween her legs heaved open, erupting in a massive yellow fountain of pee that covered the entire length of the room before splattering heavily onto the covers at the foot of the bed. The girl smiled triumphantly as cheers and laughter echoed around the room, her face flushing as she pushed the fat, glistening yellow jet out of her cunt even harder. What had been a muffled splattering now became a hammering sound as the thick arc of piss began spraying against the wall on the far side of the bed, gushing down in a frothy river and out of sight behind it. “I win!” Gasping and heaving with laughter, the girl was somehow able to sustain her thundering piss jet for a full ten seconds before it began losing power, gushing in a turbulent yellow flood across the bed once more before spraying hard against the carpet. Grinning devilishly as the rest of the girls cheered and cackled in disbelieve, she rocked back on her heels and pushed, peering down at the yellow jet hissing out of her bulging cunt and washing across the carpet in front of her. By the time the new girl had finally finished relieving herself, her last few squirts of piss frothing into the enormous, steaming puddle on the carpet, any hope of denying what had just happened was gone. Six desperate girls had now copiously emptied their bladders in the tiny bedroom, and it showed; urine pooled on every surface, soaking into the bed and carpet and glistening wetly in the dim light, and as group looked around at one another they could still hear the gentle pattering of pee trickling off the side of the bed into the massive communal puddle on the floor. The musky smell of hot piss was unmistakable in the cramped space, and as Kayla surveyed the full extent of the mess she could even have sworn the room felt more humid than it had when they’d arrived. Seeming to suddenly realize what they’d done, the girls began eyeing one another with concern, glancing periodically toward the door. It was time they left, and fast. No sooner had the first of the girls started to move toward the door, however, than it flew open, bathing the startled group in the harsh light of the hallway. Her heart in her throat, Kayla felt her blood turn to ice as the silhouetted figure in the doorway asked the question they were all dreading. “What the fuck are you doing in my room!?
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    [contains female desperation and toilet peeing, and both male and female naughty peeing] Wilma's house party Laura drained her glass of punch. Perhaps it was even too good, this would probably get her wasted very easily if she wasn't careful. She then got up from her seat in the living room, making her way towards the kitchen and realising that the drink was already effecting her steps. Wilma, whose apartment this was, was standing in the hallway next to the kitchen chatting with a short brunette unknown to Laura. "Hey Wilma, what's in that punch?" interrupted Laura. "Not telling, just secret ingredients" laughed Wilma and introduced the brunette as Natalie. They exchanged a few words of small talk, until Laura excused herself to continue towards the kitchen. It was quite crowded, but she was able to make her way to the fridge and grab a cider. This was a refreshing change to the punch she'd been drinking. Most of the people in the kitchen were more or less unknown to her, and she zigzagged her way back into the living room. A freezing breeze cooled the room as some girls opened the balcony door to go for a smoke. "Hey, would you mind not using the balcony much? It's fucking cold in here now!", somebody yelled over the music. A small group had gathered close together on the balcony, and judging by how fast their cigarettes were burning, they weren't very comfortable out in the cold. The coldness reminded Laura about her bladder beginning to fill, and she sipped on her cider while joining the bathroom line. There were four girls in front of Laura. First in line was Natalie, with whom she'd chatted a little earlier. Natalie didn't look visibly desperate, but the two girls behind her did. Laura couldn't recall either's name, but she'd seen them at university so they probably knew Wilma from the same circles as she did. Both were constantly squirming around, babbling on about how they had to pee, how the line was too slow and how much fun the party was. Last in the line was Emily, who was a good friend of Laura. The two of them quickly engaged in a conversation about what might be in the punch. The topic then went on to what fruit juices are best, what varieties of oranges they liked, where they could order food from, and if or not pineapple is an acceptable pizza topping. While they chatted, the line had moved on and Natalie was now in with the two desperate girls. Soon enough, the door opened and the three of them came out, just as Laura drank the last of her cider. Her bladder was quite full already, and she was happy to get relief. "You want the toilet?" asked Emily as they stepped in. Laura was closer to the seat and accepted, pulling down her jeans and panties while Emily locked the door. Laura sat down and soon began releasing a calm tinkle as they continued discussing pizza toppings. Emily walked to the bath tub, lowered her pants and sat on the edge of the tub, with a strong hiss to be heard as soon as she was in place. Laura was somewhat surprised by her friend peeing like this, but surely she wasn't the first to do so, and knowing Emily this was actually nothing to be surprised of. Laura felt very relieved, considering the fact that she hadn't exactly been desperate. Her stream died down, she wiped and got up. Emily clearly had a lot more in her, her heavy pee stream was still hammering the side of the tub with no signs of stopping. "Hand me some toilet paper, would you?" she asked Laura, who had flushed and was washing her hands. Laura tore off a few squares and walked over to Emily, commenting on how much pee she must've been holding. "What can I say? What goes in must come out?" laughed Emily. She also finished peeing, carefully wiped herself and got up, pausing with a puzzled look eyeing the used toilet paper she was holding. She then realised there was a wastebasket in plain sight, and threw the paper away before washing her hands and leaving the bathroom with Laura. Nobody was in line now, and the two headed for the living room. Laura and Emily grabbed full glasses of punch and sat down on the couch. Almost all the attendants of the party were girls, but some guys had been invited too. Laura knew the guy she sat next to. He was Daniel and attended the same university as Laura, Wilma and most of the people present. Laura tried to remember what he studied, but couldn't recall and didn't feel like interrupting their talking. Instead she sipped her drink, and listened to Daniel discuss Yugoslavian synthpop with a guy sitting next to him and a girl leaning on the back of the couch. They went on to British synthpop of the same era, until the other guy got up and Daniel turned to Laura. "Hi Laura!", he exclaimed and introduced the girl leaning to the couch as Chloe. Chloe was a stunningly beautiful blonde wearing a red sweater and white jeans, and Laura couldn't help admiring her long flowing hair. Chloe went on to tell that she studied music, aimed to be a high school music teacher, and knew Wilma through a dance class. The conversation turned to studies, and Laura was reminded without asking that Daniel was studying engineering. Her punch glass was soon empty, but as soon as she noticed Wilma had passed by and refilled it. Emily had gotten distracted by someone and left the couch, and Laura was now talking about past and present career visions with Daniel and Chloe. Chloe had always been into music and her plans had always evolved around that area, whereas Daniel had first wanted to be a pilot, then a mechanic, and was now aiming for a career in engineering aircraft and avionics. Laura felt a little pressure building up in her bladder again, but nothing to worry about yet. A small line had formed at the bathroom door again, but it seemed to be moving fast. Emily sat back on the couch next to Laura, now visibly more drunk than before. "Pineapple does NOT go on pizza!" she announced loudly, causing Chloe to giggle. Daniel added his opinion of pineapple being fine on pizza, but peaches and bananas absolutely not. "Speaking of which, should somebody order something like pizza? Chips and snacks seem to be running out in the kitchen", said Natalie who was passing by. She got some encouraging remarks from people around her, and proceeded to make an order on her phone. "WE NEED SOME FUCKING PINEAPPLE ON THEM THEN!" somebody yelled over the music, causing more giggles and jokingly disgusted comments from Emily. Chloe excused herself to the bathroom, while Emily staggered off to the kitchen. Laura and Daniel went on discussing music, until Laura too felt like she should join the bathroom line. As she got up and headed for the hallway where the bathroom was located, the guy from earlier came back and the guys quickly resumed their chat on synthpop. Laura reached the line and stood at its end. Wilma was first in line, clearly quite drunk already. Behind her was a girl she didn't know, then Maria with whom Laura had done some group projects at uni, and in front of Laura was a girl she vaguely knew was Jessie from their university. There were four people in front of Laura now, and her desperation was quickly increasing. All seemed concentrated on holding their pee more than socializing, although Maria and the girl in front of her were briefly talking every now and then. A girl came out of the bathroom and Wilma went in, her pee purling into the toilet water loudly. Listening to her sweet relief noticeably increased Laura's desperation. Wilma came out looking indeed very relieved, and Maria went in with the girl in front of her. They took their sweet time, and Laura was beginning to fidget. She was thinking about knocking at the door, but then she heard a flush and they came out. Jessie wobbled in, not asking Laura to join her. Not that Laura would necessarily have wanted her to. She was quite shy and had no problem waiting outside for an extra minute or two, rather than sharing a bathroom with somebody she hardly knew. Laura heard Jessie sitting down, hissingly peeing with a soft fart, and then silence. A minute, two minutes, five minutes. Laura banged on the door but got no answer. What the fuck was taking so long? Kate joined Laura in the line for the bathroom, while Laura was getting very desperate. "This girl's been in there for like ten minutes already", she told Kate. Kate wasn't exactly a close friend of hers. They'd known each other for some years, but never had any contact outside of studies. So now they began chatting about life and actually getting to know each other. Laura's bladder was still taking her attention from the conversation, and she told that to Kate. "Do you know who's in there?" asked Kate. "I think her name is Jessie", answered Laura, to which Kate cracked up. "Fucking Jessie", she exclaimed while still laughing. "You know she has a thing about falling asleep while drunk at a ten seconds' notice?" Laura's upset face didn't help Kate at stopping her laughter. "Looks like you can't even use a knife or anything to open the lock. Well, I don't need to go bad anyway", Kate went on while still giggling. "So it's normal for her?" asked Laura. "Don't worry, she's done it before", Kate commented as a faint snoring began echoing from the toilet. "She'll wake up as soon as she gets hungry or something, which is surely very soon." Laura nervously laughed as Kate walked off, leaving her alone in the line. Laura examined the lock, but had to also come to the conclusion that it couldn't be opened from outside. "I gotta pee!" she yelled to nobody in particular while bouncing up and down. "Just go outside", said Daniel as he walked past, obviously having heard at least part of Laura's talk with Kate. Without further word, he followed his own advice and disappeared into the stairwell. Laura considered this for a while, and concluded that she had no other proper options. While holding herself with one hand, she put on her coat and began her way down. As she began descending the stairs, she felt each step to be more painful on her bladder than the previous, and turned around to take the elevator instead. Of course it was on the ground floor, and took ages to come up. Finally the door opened and Laura staggered in, now holding herself with both hands. The ride down seemed to last for ages too, and Laura was beginning to panic. Then the elevator jolted to a stop. Laura was barely able to hold back a leak, and rushed out to the outside door as soon as the elevator doors opened. Right as Laura opened the door, she was hit by a gust of freezing wind carrying a considerable amount of snow. "What shitty weather to pee outside", she thought as she walked out and saw Daniel standing a few meters away. He was facing the wall and spraying the concrete with a heavy jet of piss, which splattered where it hit and streamed down to the ground in foamy streaks. The snow had already turned slushy and faintly yellow at the base of the wall, and the puddle of melting snow quickly expanded. As Daniel turned his head towards her, Laura understood how obviously she was staring at his peeing dick. Daniel chuckled as she apologised and turned away. She was panicing at this point, trying to figure out where to go and what to do. She could probably just squat here in the middle of the courtyard, but that would mean freezing her butt and a high risk of being seen. She took a few running steps left towards a clump of leafless bushes on the far side of the yard. Then she paused and took off in the opposite direction, towards a group of dumpsters next to the wall. Perhaps the dumpsters would be better to block this wind, although it was still freezing. She reached them as Daniel finished peeing and went back inside, leaving a steaming wet patch on the wall with a puddle of melting snow. Laura felt a few drops of pee squeeze past her sphincter as she moved one dumpster to the side, creating a relatively hidden and wind-free opening between two dumpsters. She hiked up the hem of her coat and began to unbutton her jeans, her fingers already beginning to feel numb from the chilly wind. "Shit, shit, shit", she said aloud while jumping on the spot and fumbling with the buttons. After some tries, Laura got her jeans unbuttoned and yanked them down with her panties. She immediately felt the frost biting her butt as she lowered herself into a low squat between the two dumpsters. A split second after she'd squatted, a hissing jet of pee dug into the snow. Laura sighed in relied as steam began rising from the rapidly expanding puddle of melted snow between her boots. "Fuuuuck, this feels goooood" she whispered to herself. The loud hiss of her peeing would actually have covered her whisper, had anybody been listening. The puddle of yellowish slush had flowed out from between the dumpsters, and was now visible from all the windows facing the courtyard. "Oh well, it's only pee and there'll surely be more of it by the end of the night" thought Laura, and started digging into her coat pocket for a tissue. Her stream was still forcefully jetwashing the ground, which by now was completely unfrozen where she was squatting. Laura sighed, squeezed out some last spurts and swiftly wiped herself. As she pulled up her pants, she considered a dumpster might have been a better place for the tissue, which was now rapidly getting saturated in her steaming puddle. Feeling happy and relieved but also very cold, she buttoned her pants while briskly walking towards the warmth of the stairwell. To be continued
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    This is not my story. Just one I found a few years ago. I’ll post the link and the story. The original website it was on had quite a few good stories in the comments as well. Hope you guys enjoy. https://medium.com/@jordinjames/the-single-most-embarrassing-thing-ive-done-in-my-entire-adult-life-aa7082f3bf25 Last week I did something that will haunt me for years to come. It’s one of those things I reeeeally hope my future kids never find out about, because they’ll never let me live it down. This embarrassing incident left me asking two questions: Am I even an adult right now? And.. How do you clean the inside of leather boots? If you’ve ever asked yourself one or both of these questions, this post is for you. If you just enjoy reading other people’s embarrassing moments as a means to feel better about your own embarrassing moments, this post is also for you. Enjoy. The most embarrassing thing I’ve done in my entire adult life Last week, I took my first step toward getting out in the real world and networking with other real life writers by attending a “Shut up and Write” meet-up after work. As I was leaving my office to head to the meet-up, I told one of my co-workers where I was going and that just myself and the meeting organizer will be there so it might get awkward. She jokingly said that sounds like a great start to my next blog post. Now I know just how right she was… The Meet-Up The writing meet-up actually went great. It was just myself and the meet-up organizer but I still had a great time. There was only one problem — the coffee shop we met in didn’t have a public bathroom. But for some reason, that didn’t stop me from chugging a massive 20oz tea within the first 30 minutes. I still had an hour left of this meeting and another 45 minute drive home, but was I worried? Naahhh… Because I’m an adult. It’s not like I’m going to pee my pants or something. Worst case I’ll just have to go to the bathroom really badly by the time I get home. Only I had to go to the bathroom really badly before the writing meet-up ended. I considered asking the meet-up organizer if I could follow her to her house to use her restroom but then I thought, “Wait, no. That’s a weird thing to ask.” So I hopped in my car and hoped for the best. On the way to the freeway, I passed several fast food restaurants I could have stopped at, but something about sitting in my car was making it even easier to hold my bladder so I figured I’d be able to make it home without peeing myself just like all the other nights I’ve made it home without peeing myself (which is every night, by the way — just making that clear). Twenty Minutes from Home Halfway down the freeway, I started wiggling around to keep my mind off my bladder. Soon my wiggling turned into dancing, which eventually transformed into violent gyrating as my panic grew along with the pressure in my bladder. Curse that chamomile tea! I had to go pee so bad I had to turn off my audiobook and focus all my attention on keeping my bladder sealed shut. By the time I took my exit, I had to pee so bad my body was literally sweating trying to keep it in. Fifteen Minutes from Home I tried singing a song to get my mind off my loaded bladder but I could never get very far without having to stop and re-assert my focus back to clenching every single muscle in my body. It was getting so dire that I considered pulling over on the side of the road and popping a squat, but I felt I was more dignified than that. After all, I’m an adult. It’s not like I was going to pee my pants. Three Minutes from Home As I pulled into my small town, I considered stopping at the KFC to relieve myself but I decided against it since: There are rarely any available parking spots and I was worried I was going to pee my pants trying to find one. And; Even if I did find a spot quickly, I would have had to sprint through the parking lot, bust in the door to the KFC during peak dinnertime hour, and then mow down everyone between me and the bathroom if I was going to have any luck keeping my pants dry. If I could just make it three more minutes, I could save myself the embarrassment… As soon as I passed up the KFC and turned off the main highway, I immediately regretted my decision. I pulled right behind a stupid minivan GOING 20 MILES PER HOUR. Five miles below the speed limit. As I wiggled around and used my finger to literally plug my pee hole (hey, desperate times, man), I was shouting, “GO LADY! FREAKING GOOOOO!” They in fact did the opposite. They put their blinker on and stopped extra long in the roadway before turning just to spite me for tailing. (Side note — this experience has given me more grace for people tailing me). Once the van was out of the way, I put the pedal to the metal in my little RAV4 in “eco mode” until I was stopped by another car going the speed limit. The audacity of these people. 30 Seconds from Home My bladder was about to burst. For real this time. And I knew it. Just before turning into my neighborhood, two blocks away from my house, I whipped across traffic at the last second into a city park. I didn’t even bother finding a parking spot, I just pulled up to the closest bush I could find, opened my car door, and ran as fast as I could to position myself behind it. Am I Even an Adult Right Now? Unfortunately, my bladder was done doing me favors and as soon as I left the seat of my car, I started peeing uncontrollably. In my work clothes. In the middle of the parking lot. In my mid-twenties. By the time I got behind the super tall bush, I had already peed so much that I figured there was no use in pulling my pants down now, because I was going to be done peeing soon. Only I just kept peeing. I just peed and peed in my nice work clothes, staring existentially into the dark, vacant children’s park, listening to the cars passing just on the other side of the bush I was hiding behind. Also, my skinny jeans were funneling all of my pee into my nice leather riding boots. My boots were filling up with my own urine and soaking my socks. And I still just kept peeing. By the time I was done, I kid you not, the pockets were the only dry part left on my pants. My entire lower half was literally steaming with warmth in the crisp fall air. (This gives new meaning to the cover photo, eh?). At this point I laughed out loud. I had to. It was so absurd. I’m 25 and I peed my freaking pants. Enter question number one: “Am I even an adult right now?” How do you clean the inside of leather boots? After the shock of what just happened wore off, I made my way back to my car, feet sloshing around in all the urine in my boots. I sat right down on my car’s leather seats and made the thirty second drive home in silence. Once I pulled in the garage, I turned off the car and just sat there for a second, wondering if I can recover from this. When I opened the door my dog came to greet me, thoroughly enjoying Mommy’s new smell. I waddled to the back deck and took off my boots and dumped all the urine out. Enter question number two: “How do you clean the inside of leather boots?” I took off all my clothes there in my backyard under the moonlight, my legs still steaming in the cold air. After starting the “heavy duty” cycle of my washer, cleaning the urine off my driver’s seat, and taking a thorough shower, I texted my coworker, “You have no idea how much of a blog post tonight actually was.”
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    As we were driving along these back roads, we held our rest stops in similar layby's the rest of the day. After me having driven for about 2,5 hours, we pulled into a slightly bigger one. This time it was a slightly bigger one. There was no cliff, but a line of trees was there instead. Also, this one was made of tarmac and there also was a bench with dust bin. I had to pee this time, so I announced that to my girlfriend. She said "sure, go ahead!" and I went up against the trees to avoid splattering because of the tarmac. Yes, also as a guy I don't like that! Even though I like peeing on tarmac way better then peeing against a tree/on grass as you can see the puddle, but my girlfriend being completely unaware of my interest I myself should act as "normal" as possible I thought. So I peed in the grass to keep my legs clean. After a bit of food, my girlfriend said she had to go as well. We had been drinking quite a lot as it was hot, so even though she had peed in that first layby, she had to go again. She told me that she liked the privacy of the car doors, so she would go in between them again. I asked her if she didn't care about the splatter, but she replied that she indeed didn't care as she could clean it with a tissue. Privacy was more important to her. So again she opened both doors on the passenger side and squatted down between them. Again, I had the same position, so again I saw her stream hitting the tarmac. She didn't have to go that bad, so it formed a small puddle, from which I didn't need to step away this time! She wiped herself and her shoes, threw the tissue in the dust bin and we continued our drive. The trip through the back roads took about 9 hours, so she pissed 2 more times like this, making a grand total of 4 layby's she peed on. Even though the puddles were small every time as she didn't have to go that bad (she was just taking the opportunity to go when possible, to not get the urge to go while driving without the need for a rest), I was delighted to start out holiday like this. Things however would become much better, as I will explain in a next post!
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    Everyone who knows me here knows I'm inco and I live in pampers. Off my bedroom is a small hallway and then a half bathroom. In that hallway I keep my pamper pail ( wet pampers only stay in it for a day at most before I empty it ) and I have a laundry basket. I love wearing a wet pamper so I find I put off and put off and put off changing until I absolutely need to, so leaks happen pretty often and my wet with tinkle clothes go in that basket. ( that basket of clothes is also washed every other day ) I leak at night sometimes too and my bedding will get a lil wet and unless my bed got soaked I won't strip my bed and wash everything outside of it's normal washing schedule for a small tinkle spot. I don't want you all to think I live in squalor, my house is very clean, and I am super primpy about my hygiene. So my sister who is constantly borrowing stuff from me ( half the time I never get it back ) comes over Monday morning to borrow a belt ( Atleast she was nice enough to bring me a coffee ) so I tell her "my belts are upstairs in my bedroom closet"... she comes downstairs with my belt she wants to borrow and while saying Thank you, and giving me a hug and a kiss she says.. "Mia, your bedroom reeks of pee!!" I think I should have been insulted, or angry or embarrassed or one of those types of emotions.. but in reality I was very proud!!! I did my best to hide my feelings of pride in what she said and I had all I could do to not say ... "Aww, thank you sooo much!!" See what my tinkling "fetish" has done to me? I'm taking insulting comments as prideful compliments. Uggh!! Stay wet, Mia 🤗😘💓💕
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    So after that first day of driving, we did an overnight in a hotel about 900km into our 1400km total trip. The next day, we had decided to visit some sights along the way to our destination. So after waking up early, we drove to the first sight we wanted to visit. Obviously, we showered together that morning and had a pee in there like always (even though she still wasn't aware of my interest in it!). The first part was a drive of about an hour to the first sight we wanted to check out, which was Lake Bled. That first hour, we drove over the highway and as we also needed fuel, we stopped at a large rest stop. Everything was very clean, so this time we peed in an actual toilet. After that we quickly arrived at Lake Bled, which was a very beautiful sight. We enjoyed ourselves there for quite a lot of time, but we still had 400km or so to drive. Because we found the surroundings very beautiful and were on a holiday without any time pressure anyway, we decided to drive the remaining 400km's on back roads instead of boring highways. It would take a lot more time than the highway, but if you're on a holiday, who cares about that! So we left Lake Bled and started driving on the back roads towards our final destination. As we expected, the surroundings were very beautiful. There was one thing that wasn't pleasant though: those backroads only had one lane in either direction. We were driving along at about 80km/h which was also the speed limit on these roads. I usually drive a bit too fast and back home I would have driven 95, but I wasn't sure how strict the Slovenian police would enforce the speed limits. Apperently, not that much, because soon we had a car tailgating us very closely. My girlfriend mentioned to me that tailgaters always make her feel uncomfortable, so she asked me to let him pass. A couple of meters ahead was a layby, so I pulled into it to let the guy pass. After he had passed, I immediately wanted to pull out again and drive on. However, my girlfriend said: "just wait a minute, I don't think there is any rest stops along these back roads right?". I replied "no, don't think so, but we don't need fuel anyway". Then she said "I know, but I have to take a piss. Can you stand guard please?". She immediately got out of the car, so I was like "ok, sure!". The layby was very small and a second car wouldn't really fit. It consisted of gravel rather then tarmac and it was located on the top of a cliff. About 10 meters past the layby was a kind of driveway down the cliff, it looked like it was leading to someone's house. As you can imagine, the cliff was on the passenger side of the car. The layby was as I said a bit of gravel, with a small strip of grass before the cliff started. My girlfriend got out, looked at the situation and told me she didn't dare to go in the grass as it was too close to the cliff. She would take the splatter that the gravel would cause for granted. She opened both doors on the passenger side of the car and squatted in between them, facing towards the cliff (and towards me for a matter of fact!). I was standing between the doors facing the car (and her ofcourse). I was watching her pee a strong stream of pee onto the gravel, which immediately streamed towards me (and the cliff). I actually had to take a step back and to the side to not get my shoes doused in my girlfriend's piss. The puddle also was really frothy and the gravel caused a bit of splatter onto her shoes and legs. She was done after about 30 seconds of peeing and she grabbed tissues to wipe herself and also to clean her shoes and legs. She then asked me "what should I do with the tissues? I hate littering, but I don't want to take these pissy tissues along with us..". She then saw that she wasn't the first one who peed there, as the strip of grass had a lot of tissues in it. She said "I am going to despise myself for doing this, but there are so many tissues laying around her, for this time I don't think it's a big shame to add mine to it". She threw the tissues between the pile of tissues that were already there, carefully stepped around her puddle and got back in the car. Fun fact: just after she got in the car, a van pulled into the layby and two girls got out. The looked like they were considering the place to pee there as well, but I guess they found it too open. They got back in the car and drove off again. I was grabbing drinks and food for us from the trunk when this happened. When I got back in the car, my girlfriend jonkingly said "Ha! Serves them for having a car with a sliding door instead of a real one, at least I was able to hide!".
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    The story contains female desperation and peeing. It was Thursday, the third day of her week off. Jessie got out of bed, early as usual to seize as much of the day as she could. 'What's on schedule today?', she thought to herself. The answer came quickly: Nothing. Her friends were busy working and she completed all of her duties on Monday and Tuesday. The past two days were busy, now Jessie had all the time of the world to do whatever the hell she wanted ... But what could she do? Jessie did some thinking and planning, coming up with a bunch of half hearted ideas, but nothing that motivated her enough to actually make them happen. "Maybe I should just take it easy today." She liked this thought, however, the woman wasn't sure yet if she actually wanted to spend an entire day doing nothing. The more Jessie thought about it though the more appealing this whole "plan" became. "I've been a busy bee the past weeks. I think I deserve a bit of rest!", she convinced herself and just like that, as soon as Jessie finished breakfast, she went inside the living room and gently placed her lovely butt, which was still enveloped inside her peach coloured pajamas, gently on the sofa. Already relaxed she let out a sigh of comfort thinking to herself: "Fuck yeah! Life is good." Her whole weight was evenly distributed all over the sofa and Jessie was staring at the ceiling, waist deep in thoughts letting the minutes of the day pass. "I should masturbate", she then whispered out of nowhere. This idea however, as exciting as it may have sounded, quickly vanished out of her mind: "Nah, too much effort. I should go and brush my teeth though!" And she did. The woman got up and went to the bathroom, cleaned herself and then got dressed. It was her lazy day so not much energy was put into her choice of clothing. Good old yoga pants and a black top, no socks, no underwear, just enough to not feel cold ... and Jesse loved it. She hasn't felt this comfortable in quite some time. "I should get dress like this more often", the woman whispered. She was walking down the hallway but her light clothes made her feel as if she was floating. Jesse walked by the house door on which she hung a big mirror to examine herself (sometimes longer then necessary) before going out of the house. She caught a glimpse of herself in it and stopped. She looked at her hoboesque appearence and rather frustrated she thought to herself: "Damn it! Why do I always look best when I'm not going anywhere?!" Her black curly hair was curlier than usual, her green eyes seemed to be brighter, cheeks puffier, teeth straighter and not wearing a bra really made her whole body ooze sexiness, at least that's how Jessie saw the whole situation. For a moment she even thought about going out for a quick walk just for everyone to admire her beauty ... but that meant she had to properly get dressed after all. It was also a cold winter day so she had to wear a coat which would've hidden her voloptuous body anyway, plus her nose would've been covered in snot due to the temperatures and all of this was once again just not worth the effort. It was better to look gorgeous indoors than ugly outside. So she stayed inside her warm apartment and let the day dance around her. After lunch though boredom slowly started to creep up on her. She got tired of constantly staring at her phone and watching TV was pointless during this time of day since every channel seemed to broadcast shows that would only appeal to, let's say, an elderly pensionate audience and since Jessie was only 27 she couldn't really immerse herself into those overly cheesy tv romances. However, it got Jessie thinking about her future, to when she'll be old and wrinkly but she aborted the internal display of those images immediately, because as long as her tits were still pointing upwards she didn't want to spend time thinking about her old days. So she moved her thoughts to the other direction and casted her mind back to the past. When she went to school and the world was far from being miserable. She thought about the old days, how she first made friends, how she was afraid of teenagers, how she refused to use the toilets at school and then walking back home needing to pee like crazy, making her mother angry everytime she entered the house with hands between her legs. "That's disgusting!" she heard her mother's voice screaming "learn to use those damned toilets before you end up wetting yourself in public! That's just embarassing, Jessica!" This made the now all grown up Jessie laugh. Times have changed, toilets and teenagers are not that scary anymore and even her mother calmed herself down over the years. However, there was this one thought that kept buzzing around the young woman's head: I haven't been desperate to pee in over 15 years ... and just like that she knew how she was going to spend the rest of her afternoon. "Let's get desperate to pee ... for nostalgia's sake!" With a surprising amount of motivation she got once again up from the sofa and floated into the kitchen. In one of the cupboards there was a big bottle of lemonade that she bought months before in case guests would come visit one day. The bottle hasn't been opened yet, which was quite depressing, Jessie thought but nontheless there was more for her and she chugged that lemonade down like a champion. Exhausted she threw the bottle away and now all she had to do was wait, wait for the need to pee to finally kick in. She has never done this on purpose thus making her unaware on how the whole situation was going to unfold. Half an hour passed and she was still feeling nothing. Jessie probably thought it was all going to happen much quicker because she started to become a bit impatient but she was excited nontheless. She began to fantasize about her walking up and down the house with a full bladder, needing the toilet, begging for relief. She was definetly underestimating the whole upcoming situation, appartently 15 years of nothing much made Jessie forget how it felt like to be in need for relief. She was definetly romanticizing the whole idea of being desperate and reality was already patiently waiting behind the corner. It was almost 3pm now and Jessie's bladder began to send some signals. The woman was excited to say the least. "It's finally happening!", she whispered. To make the upcoming minutes more interesting she decided to challenge herself and not pee before 4:30pm. "Be strong, Jessie", she said. This was more of a jokey message to her inner self but unbeknownst to her this joke was going to become more serious as the afternoon progressed. The need wasn't particularly intense yet so she kept walking around the house, stopping by the mirror from time to time, looking at herself still wondering why she can't look this good when she's around people. Meanwhile the urge slowly started to become critical for Jessie. Her legs began to shake but she tried to ignore the need for as long as she could. Her bladder was growing and the woman was pretty amazed by that, she didn't expect that she would be able to actually see this from "outside". What was also quite unexpected was the pain that slowly spread all over her groin. "Ah yes, just like the old days!" Now she slowly began to remember how a full bladder used to feel like back in the day and the flashbacks became more and more vivid. The urge had taken control of Jessie's body. In the kitchen she sat on a chair with crossed legs and was moving back and forth trying to hold everything back in place. Bended over she forced herself to remain calm with breathing excercises she learned years ago during that one yoga lesson she attended. Jessie looked at the time and it was not even 3:45 pm yet. Another 45 minutes until she could relief herself. "I can do it!", she kept saying to herself ... but her bladder was getting bigger by the minute. The woman eventually got tired sitting around. She got up and all the weight of her bladder fell back on her groin. Jessie flinched and kept her legs crossed. Her butt was wiggling around and that was the only body part she was able to move in that moment. Feeling the pressure between her legs made her question the goal she had set herself earlier: "Can I hold it for that long?" The toilet wasn't that far away but she didn't want to use it. Jessie was getting into it now. Her competitive spirit began to show and she was determined to hold on until 4:30. To add even more spice to the already intense situation she took the decision to not pee into the toilet. Instead she wanted to do it differently. "A bowl! I'm gonna go pee into a bowl!" Just the mere thought of it filled Jessie with arousal. She loved that idea and was excitingly waiting to make this happen. In the meantime though she still had 35 minutes left on the clock and the desire to let go became more and more intense. "Be strong, Jessie!" As she imagined earlier she began to walk up and down the house with both of her hands grabbing her crotch like a wet tennisball. She started moaning in pain, groan of exaustion but time was passing slowly. Jessie bounced from one leg to the other whenever she stopped walking. Standing still wasn't an option anymore, it would've made the need even stronger. The woman was looking for distraction and she found it by watching television. Jessie didn't bother to switch through channels, she watched the first programme that appeared on the screen and she was trying her best to immerse herself into that documentary about alaskan wildife. Sitting on the sofa was a no go, she had no intention to stand up once again with a pressing bladder. She just stood there, bended over, hands glued to the crotch, still jumping from one foot to the other, watching grizzly bears catching salmon. The sound of running water from the images she saw wasn't helping at all and even though she managed to let a good bunch of minutes pass by quickly she wasn't able to watch tv any longer. Without turning it off, because it would've been to much of an effort, she left the room and began to walk up and down the hallway over and over again. Jessie got stuck in a loop but it helped and time continued to pass. As she threw another glimpse at the clock on the kitchen wall she notice that a bit less than 20 mimutes remained until the much desired relief. She was happy, however, Jessie knew it was still a long way to go especially now were the pain became unbearable but she was brave and continued her fight against her own body. "Arg, I gotta pee so bad!", she whispered from time to time. It helped her letting some steam out. Not wearing panties definetly helped her hold the urine back a bit better. It sounds odd but grabbing her crotch like this made her feel like a child again, all what was missing were her mother's complains but that was the last thing she wanted to hear in that moment. Meanwhile, she continued her back and forth walk in the hallway. The more she did it the more she began to once again look at herself in the mirror. Her narcissistic tendencies slowly came to the surface, maybe a byproduct of everything that she was going through at the moment. At some point when she passed by that piece of magic glass for what she felt was the 500th time, the woman stopped and looked at herself. She saw the reflection of a woman who needed to used the toilet as soon as possible. Pain and exhaustion were written all over her face. She noticed how the reflection's legs were crossed, she saw the placement of her hands and the nervous tippytaps of her bare feet. "You desperately need a piss aswell, don't you?" Jessie wasn't going to lie, she liked what she saw. Watching herself in this condition was surely a turn on. "I feel like I'm about to die, but damn I look hot!" She was not ashamed admitting that to herself but she knew she was going to keep these thoughts hidden from the outside world. After she spend maybe two minutes looking at her tortured self she noticed that her belly had expanded over the course of the last hour. She lifted her top and observed her massive bladder bulge. It was quite intimidating at first but the fascination towards it soon prevailed. She looked down at it, examined it, tried to figure out the bulge's size by looking at it in the mirror from different points of view. It almost looked like she was posing like a pregnant woman for a photo shoot. Then, as she was still unable to keep her eyes off her reflection, a dark patch was forming around her crotch. One of her hands was still tightly pressed between her crossed legs and it was slowly but surely getting moistened by something warm. As soon as the first gush of urine splashed onto the floor the woman finally realized what was going on. Shocked she gasped for air and squeezed her pussy together as tight as possible. Stopping the stream in agonizing pain. "Not yet! Not yet! Hold it, Jessie! HOLD IT! .... Aaaaaaaaarg!" Blinded by her own self she forgot about her need to pee and relaxed for a moment, now she had a wet patch of urine in her croch that was hidden behind her hands. "I can't! I can't! I can't!" She felt her bladder slowly giving up. Jessie ran back into the kitchen desperately trying to hold everything under control. She opened a cupboard and in chaotic manner she pulled out the biggest glass bowl she could find, losing some other drops of urine while doing so. "Oh God, I have to pee so fucking bad!" In a hurry she placed the bowl onto the kitchen floor only to lift it back up immediately after. "Not here!", she thought "I don't want to pee here!" With her last strenght she started running towards the house door. Jessie let the bowl fall in front of the mirror. She desperately pulled her pants down, squatted over the bowl, looked at the reflection of her bare pussy and watched the strongest, most powerful stream of piss shoot out of her. Oh, sweet relief! Jessie was almost screaming as she felt the pressure diminish with each second. She was breathing heavily and loved the sight of herself peeing in the mirror. The urine splashed loudly all around the glassy surface of the bowl and it was slowly filling up to the brim. Jessie's face of relief couldn't have been more beautiful. A fantastic feeling she never expected to experience. The woman let out one moan after the other grasping for air simultaneously. "I have to do this again!", she whispered exhausted. At some point there was no urine left in her bladder anymore. Jessie however was still squatting over the bowl and looked down to it. She saw the reflection of her and her pussy in the urine. She then looked up to the mirror, winked at herself and finally stood back up. The woman carefully lifted the bowl and pured its content into the toilet were it actually belonged. After a deep breath she stood up straight (for the first time after almost 1:30 hours) and moved her heavy legs into the living room thinking to herself: "NOW I'm gonna go masturbate!"
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    I was waiting for a friend who was in the store and I was in the car, and I needed to go piss. I decided I would just go right there. I pulled my pants down, swung my leg over to the passenger side so I could spread my legs nice and wide. I got to the edge of the seat and began peeing. It was a messy pee and got on my leg, but it mostly went on the seat and the floor. It felt so good and so naughty.
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    Just echoing what the others have said, really. ☺ I'm not into drinking pee, wearing diapers, desperation or wetting. I'm not even really into naughty peeing - though I'm not against exploring that. A lot of the time, people on this website (all males as far as I can tell) have tried to engage me in chat about their favourite aspects or requested me to do things that they like. I daresay that I came across as a bit unfriendly to some when I refused their advances - as it were. I actually had to state that I don't give private chats to anyone except the admins, now. What I am into is peeing standing as a woman (surprisingly niche), peeing outside, peeing in sinks baths inside, watching others (male and female), being watched by others and peeing with others. When I was suddenly confronted with requests to hold, wet or talk about golden showers, I admit that I was a bit scared. I almost didn't stay. However, I'm so glad I did. The voyeur in me loves seeing and reading about others peeing and the exhibitionist in me loves sharing images of me. It's perfectly fine and acceptable for you to side step anything that doesn't appeal to you. As Alfresco says, there isn't enough time to read every last message on the site, anyway. Using Gldnwetgoose's analogy, imagine this website like a pre-lockdown pub. Don't bother with the drinks that don't appeal to you. If you prefer a nice Scotch on the rocks instead of a pint of ale, go for it. If you'd rather play snooker instead of darts, that's fine. The live music might be your thing, but if not, don't worry a wide range of bands get booked. I love pubs, can you tell? 😆 If you enjoy watching ladies peeing, this sounds like just the site for you. ☺ Don't be put off by other things that appeal to others.
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    I have a female friend that enjoys going to hang out at one of the hotels in the area that has a very nice outdoor pool area. This hotel charges you a few bucks and they will let you just the pool and spa area for the day. It's a great place to hang out on a hot summer day. We usually bring some drinks in a cooler and lounge by the pool. It didn't take long for me to realise that she was pissing in the pool regularly and of course I was too. She doesn't have a piss fetish nor does she know I do. She is just a very open and honest person who thinks it's normal and acceptable to pee in swimming pools and she does so her self out of convenience. We would generally be there for the majority of the day and usually have several beers or coolers each. Neither of us ever went to uses the bathroom and I knew how many times I had been pissing in the pool so it was safe to assume the same. Also, when we are drinking anywhere else she makes very regular trips to the bathroom once she "breaks the seal" so I know there was no way that she was holding it all day. One day I said to her "you must be really good at holding because I never see you go to the bathroom". She said " you as well". I said very honestly "no I'm not actually, I just piss in the pool when we go in". She laughed as said " so do I". After that "ice breaker" we have both been very open about our peeing habits at the pool. Neither of us even try to find the fact that we piss in that pool anymore and often either of us will say to the other, "I'm going in for a piss" or "pee break" or "I'm going to go warm the pool". We normally laugh and joke now about pissing in the pool. Sometimes as she's standing there pissing into the water I've said something like " don't forget to wipe" or "I feel the temperature rising over here" or "your going to overflow the pool". She doesn't get embarrassing easy and will usually laugh at my corny jokes. She will usually fire some jokes back at me too like "don't forget to shake it" or "is the pool heater on?". When I've headed to the pool to pee she's often said something like " are you going to warm it up for me so it's not cold when I need to go?" Or "going to put the pool heat on?" I cant think word for word of what exactly we say to eachother but there's usually some wisecracks going back and forth. There's always something said thought and it's really pretty funny. Its actually become so normal and accepted between us to piss in the pool that we will go in at the same time to piss. Theres been times where I've told her in going into the pool for a pee and she's said " hold on, I need to go too. I"ll come with you" or "Ive had to piss for so long and I though you would never ask". There's even times where she's asked " ready of a piss yet?" Or "is it pee time?" Or "want to go for a pee?". I will usually agree when she asks a question like this because even if I don't need to go my self, I always will take the opportunity to be near a pretty girl as she releases herself into the pool water beside me. She certainly has no clue how much I enjoy having intimate knowledge about her naughty pisses in the pool water. sometime we will actually discuss where in the pool we want to go to pee because there is some different areas or levels, depending on how many people are there, we may not decide to go into the most convenient spot. For example ive said " ready for a piss?" And she's said "oh ya" but can we go over to that little upper pool where we can sit and chill?" Or "let's go in the deep end, there's less people there". Generally I don't argue because I'm just happy to get to enjoy her naughty piss in to the water. Once in the water, it's common for one of us to whisper to the other and ask "have you started yet?" "are you still going?" "have you peed already?" Or "Are you done?". We have also discussed if we " use" the pool or the hot tub. I've suggested that I was going to go in for a quick piss and she's said "I need to go too but can we go in the hot tub instead?". One time we were in the sauna and its people kept coming in and out and it wasn't heating up. Finally all the people left and we had an opportunity where it was just nicely getting heated up. I was just starting to enjoy it when She asked me if I was ready to go to the pool yet? I said no. A few minutes later she asked again and said she really needed to pee. I asked her if she could wait for a bit because otherwise we were going to loose all the heat. She agreed to wait but before long she commented again on bad she had to go but also that she didn't want to open the door and cause the temperature to drop again either. By this time I had to piss too as we had been drinking all afternoon. I told her I had to piss too but if we wanted to enjoy the sauna little longer that we would either have to hold it or figure something else out. She goes " what's there to figure out? I'm about to piss my self". I said "well you are in a sauna that's designed to be wet in a bathing suit that you've pissed in a thousand times, just piss in the corner". All she said was " watch the door please". She went and stood in the corner and pissed a massive piss right through her bikini bottoms and left a huge puddle on the cedar floor. She laughed the whole time saying "oh my God, I can't believe I'm pissing my self right in front of you like this". When she was done I too pissed my self in the same corner. Not we always joke that anyone coming out of the sauna probably smells like our piss.
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    Ally awoke to her phone alarm blaring. 4 AM had come too soon. She had been up drinking and Skyping with her friend, and hopeful boyfriend, Sasha. He lived four and half hours away in Las Vegas. Ally had recently moved to Long Beach, CA looking for a new beginning after a very horrible break up with her ex, Emily. Things had spiraled into something Ally didn’t like. And although her boss was an amazing person at work, the relationship soon turned into something she hated. Emily was very controlling of her and had even become belligerent towards her one night. Emily controlled everything she did, including when she ate, drank, and even when she was allowed to go to the bathroom. At first, Ally had enjoyed it. It was fun and thrilling compared to her past relationships. But soon she contracted a UTI from holding her pee back so much. Emily quickly blamed her for not taking care of herself and things had begun to go downhill after that. Once Ally recovered, Emily insisted she return to the previous way of her being in charge. Ally disagreed and that’s when the fights began. It hadn’t even been a month after before Ally couldn’t take it and called the police. The next day, she quietly and quickly packed as much as she could into her car and headed west. She didn’t know what she was going to do or how she would live but she was following her dream lifestyle at the expense of her dream job. Ally found a nice studio apartment in Long Beach that was a month to month rent agreement. Not ideal but it would help her get on her feet again. Soon after, she found a job as a Pharmacist in a local pharmacy just a few minutes walk away. Everything was falling into place again. It had been months since she even remotely held her pee for fun. She loved it so much but was still recovering from what happened with her ex. She wasn’t sure if it would bring her pleasure or pain. But she wanted to try again. And she had met a boy who seemed genuine. He was visiting from Las Vegas when they met at the beach one hot, summer day. She didn’t think much of it at first until they met again at a bar several hours later and a few miles away. She decided she was going to at least talk to him a bit first. Ally decided she was going to go visit him after they had been talking for a few weeks. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen but she had also decided to get a hotel a few miles away so when she left him for the day, she wouldn’t have to make the trip again until the next morning. And it also gave her a chance to experiment with no distractions. The drive to Las Vegas was very uneventful. She stopped halfway for a bathroom break and lunch. But otherwise, a pretty boring ride. She met up with Sasha around noon. The day spent the day hanging out at a local park. They had dinner not too far away at a cafe across from the park. The day had went magically. Better than expected. She had noticed towards the end of the day that neither had left for a bathroom break. “An odd thing to notice.” she thought to herself. They had made there way back to her car. Sasha had seemed kind of distracted in the last 20 minutes or so. “Everything fine Sasha?” Asked Ally. “Yeah, I just really have to pee but I don’t wanna miss a minute with you. Especially since you have to leave so soon and live so far away.” Said Sasha. “Awww, that’s so sweet. But really, you can go to bathroom. I’ll wait for you I promise.” Said Ally. “Uhm. Okay I’ll be right back!” exclaimed Sasha as he quickly sprinted away to the public bathrooms by the parking lot. He returned a few minutes later looking very relieved. “Feel better?” “You have no idea haha.” But she did. She knew the feeling all too well. The two said their goodbyes and left. Ally was heading to the hotel an hour away. She was so happy that the date went well. She was also feeling intrigued to do a hold at the hotel afterwards. That wasn’t planned but after seeing Sasha needing to go quite bad, she needed to know if she still enjoyed it. If she could even let herself get desperate or if she was too scarred from Emily to let herself. Ally checked into the hotel around 9pm. She could’ve made it home no problem as she was only a few hours away. But she decided against that and to enjoy her night. She had rented the Queens suite which included a jacuzzi, king sized bed, a stocked mini bar, and a massage chair. This was her night and she was going to treat herself. By the time she had made it to the room, she could tell she really had to pee. She hadn’t been since lunch time, and although she hadn’t consumed many liquids after, her bladder was nearly full. She debated with holding it longer or just go. But considering it was probably more than her body flushing water out, she decided to pee. Her bladder must’ve started to shrink because when she peed, it was around 30 seconds give or take a few she guessed. Her body was healing still and it made her second guess the hold. She didn’t want to hurt herself. “I’ll just go when I’m at a 7 or so. That way I’ll feel the sensations but won’t push it too far.” she thought to herself. Ally took off her all clothes and dawned a silk robe and her favorite pair of panties. She made her way to the kitchen to start drinking some water and begin the process of filling. She returned to her seat and turned on the TV. A good TV show will help pass the time. About 10 minutes later, she had finished her first glass of water and returned to get another. She decided to chug it all at once. She refilled the glass for the third time and returned to her seat again. The air in the room was kind of chilly, a mere 65F degrees. No wonder she was shivering. She quickly changed it to 70F and went to find her some yoga pants and a cozy sweater. About 20 minutes had passed and her bladder was filing up. She was nervous. This was a milestone for her and she hoped it would aid in her recovery from Emily. She was still very cold but her shivering had subsided. She was thinking the water had caused the shivering and was warming to her body temperature now. Her urge couldn’t be more than a 3/10 at this point. She was impatient but ready. She had finished glass number 3 and went to get her final one now when her phone rang. It was Sasha. She quickly answered and the butterflies consumed her. She was so happy to be taking to him that she forgot how much water she drank and even that she had to pee. About 30 minutes had passed when an overwhelming urge to pee hit her like a brick. She wanted to keep talking but didn’t want to go too far with it. She wanted very much to keep talking but was scared to push it. She decided she would talk for five more minutes before hanging up and going. Those five minutes were agonizing. She couldn’t hold still. The crossing and un-crossing of her legs, pushing her thoughts together, and sitting straight as an arrow. It wasn’t helping much. She knew the only thing that would help would be to relieve herself. As much as she hated to do, she had to get off the phone and go pee or else she was going to explode all over the floor. “Look, I hate, HATE, to do this but I’ve gotta go. I really need to use the bathroom or I’m gonna have an accident if I wait much longer. I’m sorry!” exclaimed Ally. At this point, she had shoved one hand into crotch and was rocking back forth fo help hold the imminent flood. “No, no, no it’s fine Ally! I promise! But first, I’ve gotta ask, was this an accident or do you do this stuff for fun?” asked Sasha. “What do you mean?” “The bathroom. Did you wait to go on purpose or do enjoy holding it? Cause I’ve heard of girls who like and I’m just wanting to get to you know you better.” “Uhhh, it’s complicated but yes I like it. But I’ve seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY, have to go. I’ll call you back soon I promise!” stated Ally as she hung up the phone. She quickly dashed to the bathroom. She went to rip her pants off and stopped. “What if I wet myself?” She whispered to herself. Her bladder was screaming and she couldn’t hold still. Ally stated directly at the toilet and then at the shower. She had both hands shoved between her legs trying to contain herself. She was well past her limit of 7/10 by now. She was dancing around, hopping from foot to foot. This level of desperation had been unknown to her for many months and she had missed it. She was starting to feel a slight pain in her bladder and she knew she had to end this NOW. But how? Her bladder was screaming at her. “Screw it!” Said Ally. She ripped her pants and underwear down and jumped in the shower. She didn’t even have to try and let go, it just happened. A torrent of pee gushed down the drain as it forced its way out of her bladder. An orgasmic-like moaning accompanied the splashing sound of the pee running down the drain. A few minutes had passed and the stream had stopped. She was trembling. Her muscles ached and her adrenaline still racing but she was hooked again. Not once did she think about Emily during the hold or release.The pee had splashed all over her legs and feet. A hot shower sounded heavenly after that. And it would be good for her muscles’ recovery too. She slowly removed her sweater and shirt and turned on the shower. A few minutes later, she stepped out of the shower. She hadn’t felt this relaxed in months. Not since everything had happened. Ally put on a robe and crawled into bed. She couldn’t wait to talk to Sasha again, especially after the last question he asked. She finally felt happy with herself again. End
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    My parents were very open about peeing. My dad has drunkenly pissed on his bedroom floor and out his bedroom window. I didn’t see that, but him and my mom would regularly encourage me to pee in the yard when swimming or having family parties. I have went fourwheeling with my dad and we would often pee along the trails together. If we were in a road trip we would piss along the roads, or in wooded areas. My dad told my brother he could pee in our barn when working out there. They had a special corner for this. I have walked in on them both doing this. My mom would let me pee in the basement over the drain if we were down there doing laundry together. Then I had a female cousin related by marriage who peed a lot of places with me. The park, our yard, and even in my closet as teenagers. One time my mom walked in on her squatting in my closet and she didn’t say a single word. We would go camping and just all pee near the campsite, sometimes going in pairs late at night.
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    was out doing some last minute christmas shopping. i think the bathrooms at the last store i went to were open but even being kinda desperate, i didn’t even bother checking. just tried discreetly holding, and maybe letting a few drips go. but, eventually found myself trying to sneak a pp dance now and again. i really could have probably gotten to a bathroom, but decided that peeing in my panties between stores would be more fun. 😇😳💕 so, kinda waited til no one was nearby, and let my bladder go. i totally got caught mid pee by another lady walking by. lol. her eyes scanned from the puddle between my legs and up my stream then up to my eyes. all i could do was roll my eyes trying to convey that i couldn’t help it. idk if that worked (i mean she did totally see me taking a pic 😬), but she just walked by without saying anything. i did try to stop my stream, but it didn’t want to until after she was several steps past me. oh wells. teehee. totally walking away with the feeling of shame of being caught wetting, but also feeling so naughty for doing it in public like that. 😇🥰 and knowing i was going to be in another store hiding that secret under my dress. by the time i was heading home, my panties had dried, but they didn’t hide that they had an exciting day.
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    As requested. PART TWO A short while later Ellie and I were sitting on the couch watching a movie and having a cold beer, she got up and said she wouldn't be a moment and I heard her heading into the bathroom. I was feeling a little disappointed realising she'd gone to the loo, the evening had started off with so much promise. I needn't have worried as soon after I heard her call out from the bathroom, could I come upstairs, I went upstairs and she was squatting in the shower with her blouse open. “come here” she purred seductively, “just a minute, I need a wee” I replied, “oh I'm sure you can hold on for a little while” she replied. I went over to her and she unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock, it started to stiffen instantly, before I knew it she had it in her mouth and was sucking at it like an expert, in a matter of minutes I felt the urge to cum, but I also wanted a piss. She kept working away and the feeling was incredible, but I still needed to piss, suddenly without warning I felt my load spurt into her mouth, she swallowed it all and continued sucking for all she was worth, I felt piss begin to leak out of my cock and into her pretty mouth, she swallowed once more then let it slip from between her luscious red lips, taking it in her hand she pointed it at her pert tits and smiled, “go on, piss on me, splash my tits” she urged. I began to let loose and as I did so she played the powerfull stream across her chest, paying particular attention to her nipples which looked like two pink rosebuds after a rainstorm, she smiled at me, “like that did you?” I nodded, “sure did, it was great” I replied. I heard a soft hissing sound and a small trickle of liquid ran off the hem of her skirt, “oops, I've wet my panties, again” she giggled as she stood up. She lifted up her little leather skirt to reveal she was once more wearing the black silk panties beneath. “my perv of a boss keeps saying he wants to see me wet my panties, and when I do he's going to spank me for wetting them” she giggled. I sat down on the toilet and looked at her, “oh well, perhaps he's right, you shouldn't be wetting yourself at your age, come her” I told her, she stepped across the room her heels clicking on the tiled floor, I pointed to my knee, “ok bend over” , she bent over my knee and I pulled up her little leather skirt, her wet panties clung to her pert bottom. I had one hand over her back keeping her on my knee, her left tit in my hand, my finger and thumb gently rubbing the nipple, using my free hand I traced a line with my finger down her lower back, between her buttocks and on to her crotch, my finger fell naturally into the little groove between the moist lips of her vagina, she purred and squirmed slightly. I removed my hand and playfully slapped her left buttock, “hmm, lets see, I think six strokes should be enough punishment for a naughty young lady who can't control her bladder” I told her, she giggled and squirmed slightly, “ooh I think I need another wee” she replied.I said nothing and began to gently spank her bottom, one on her left buttock, one on her right, and so on, I'd just administered the fifth one when she let out a loud squeal, “oooh nooo, its coming” she giggled, seconds later a jet of piss shot out of her panties and onto my jeans. I finished the spanking and hoisted her to her feet, she was still pissing and as I stood her upright she directed the remainder into her left boot, “naughty aren't I” she giggled as the stream turned to a trickle and then finally stopped. I looked at her and grinned, “yes you certainly are, and I bet I know what your boss would do next, or at least like to” I led her into my bedroom and pushed her gently down onto the bed, dropped my jeans and undies and slipped my erect cock inside her, after a few minutes of deep thrusting she orgasmed with a contented sigh and lay limp on the bed. I laid alongside her and smiled, she was certainly my kind of lady. We fell asleep and I remember being woken up several hours later to find her riding my cock, I glanced at her and smiled, then looked over at the alarm clock, 7am. “mmm, someone's an early riser I see” she giggled as she gyrated her hips and slowly rode up and down on my cock, I wasn't going to last much longer. “hey why are you up so early?” I asked, “well I work a half day on Saturdays, just me and the boss, overtime, it's basically just an excuse to make suggestive comments and try and touch me up” she went on. I shot my load deep into her, or rather most of it went into her, I was just about to shoot a second time, “oh shit, he'll have a fit” she yelled leaping off me, it was at this precise moment that I shot my second load, it hit the front of her little black skirt and spattered all over it. “what, why, who'll have a fit?” I asked, “my boss, he told me to make sure I wore this outfit today, and look at it” she squealed, “I'll lose my job, I know it”then she added, “unless of course I do something to please him, urrgh” I thought for a minute or two, “hold on, he wants you to wear this gear for work and there's just the two of you in there alone” I replied, “yes, that's right, he bought me the outfit a couple of weeks ago and told me I had to wear it on Saturdays” she answered, “like I said he's a right perv, always making suggestions or saying what he'd like to do to me”. “ok, get your blouse on and do your hair and makeup” I told her, she looked at me and as she got up off the bed she picked up her bra, “leave that, just the blouse” I said, she put her blouse on and straightened her clothes, then went into the bathroom and after washing her face she did her hair and began to apply her makeup, I stood behind her and began to slowly stroke my cock back into life, I kept stroking and eventually began to feel the familiar twitch, I pointed it at the back of her skirt and let the first shot hit the middle of the soft black leather, the second shot hit the back of one boot and the final one hit the back of the other, I smiled as I watched the sticky white fluid begin to trickle down the backs of the boots, the one on her skirt began to dribble too, I reached out and using a finger began to spread it across the soft black leather. She finished her makeup and turned around, her soft wavy hair framed her pretty face, she almost looked the picture of beauty and innocence, but the red lipstick and the cum stains all over her leather skirt and boots created a look that was more harlot than starlet. I smiled at her, “almost perfect, almost” I said and slowly reached out and pulled at her crumpled black blouse, she gasped softly as the first three buttons pinged off onto the floor exposing more than a little of her pert breasts, “now thats perfect” I smiled. She looked at herself in the mirror, then at me, “perfect, I look like a tart” she exclaimed, I smiled and nodded, “that's the idea, now grab a coffee or a fruit juice and I'll drop you at work” she tucked her blouse into her skirt and headed down to the kitchen where she poured herself a glass of fresh orange juice, “so exactly why do you want me to go to work looking like a tart then?” she asked, “well, you said he bought you the outfit and kept making comments and imagining what you'd look like after a heavy session in it, well now he can see what you look like, it's just it wasn't him that got you in that mess, and besides, I'll drop you off and pick you up later” I replied, trying to reassure her, “ok then” she giggled, “besides it might be rather fun”. It was a little after 12 when she rang me and asked me to pick her up, got in the car and drove down to her, she came out of the building and sat slowly down in the passenger seat, “everything ok love?” I asked her as I pulled away from the kerb, “my panties are soaking, and my boots too” she finally told me, then burst out laughing, “hey hang on, what happened?” I asked, “well, he looked at me and asked me what had happened to me, so I told him” she went on, “what everything!” I exclaimed, “yes, everything, the club, the takeaway, your house, the lot, he just sat openmouthed and listened, mind you I'm sure at one point he had his zip open too behind his desk” she giggled. “Oh, I see, so how did your panties and boots get wet then?” I asked, “well, he said he didn't believe I could do it and asked me to show him, so I did” she went on, then she burst out laughing, “And then he shot out of the office and when he came back he gave me these” she said pulling a pair of identical boots but in red out of her bag, “and this too, he wants me to go out again but this time wearing these, and then next Saturday he wants to know all the details, I told you he was a perv” she giggled. I glanced over at the long red boots and the soft red rubber catsuit, I could imagine the whole outfit having a seamless look about it once she had it on, “mmm, nice, he's got taste in the kinky stuff, I'll give him that, pity he's not going to get to sample the good though eh” I replied.Suddenly she burst out laughing, “oh I wouldn't say that, you don't know where I refilled his coffee machine from earlier” she laughed, “you didn't piss in it did you, tell me you didn't?” I replied, trying to stifle a fit of giggles, “no, of course not, I used some of last nights out of my boots” she replied, “he even commented on how the coffee tasted better than usual” she went on. We drove home both of us in fits of giggles at the thought of what she'd done and wondering what we could do for next Saturday, one thing was sure I intended to make sure she practised a lot beforehand, and somehow I had a feeling she wouldn't object to me helping her come up with some kinky idea's, I was having some already.
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    A PF member asked me whether I had even peed into a washing machine. I hadn't. But I have now! I'm on my knees here, and the angle I am at makes my cock look tiny 😞 It isn't quite that small, honest! The washing went on straight after. Much fun aiming through the open door. I should make it more of a challenge another time by shuffling back another foot or so. Video here: https://www.erome.com/a/BwtJC2rG and photo below.
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    I was out and about yesterday and I had to stop at the post office to get a stamp to post a letter. Because of the current pandemic there is a restriction on how many people are allowed in at any one time, only two people at once and everyone else has to wait outside. It was because of this queue I was able to catch a lovely little desperation sighting. Stood in front of me was a young, slim woman. Average height, blonde hair wearing a coat and some black leggings. I immediately knew she needed a wee from how she was standing, legs slightly crossed and squeezed together, unable to stand still, frequently swapping feet and only standing "normally" for a few seconds. All the classic signs of a lady needing to pee. It was while watching her that I noticed something else, the woman in front of her was also jiggly! I'm guessing mid 30's, she was wearing a coat and jeans, her brunette hair in a ponytail. She was actually moving about more than the blonde, almost squirming! I couldn't believe my luck, two for one! I'm sure the cold wasn't helping either of them. I continued watching over the next few minutes and the brunette turned to the woman in front of me and struck up a conversation "I wish they would hurry up, I'm dying for a wee" "<laugh> Me too." "Are they sending a christmas card to the whole country or something?" I was happy to keep waiting and watching! Unfortunately about a minute later someone left the shop and the brunette darted in. We all shuffled forward a space and I got to enjoy the blonde jiggling about some more, there was no doubt in my mind she really needed a wee. Someone else left and she went inside so I was at the front of the queue. Peering inside I could see her stood at the counter with her legs squeezed together tight, completely unable to stand still. The brunette left and the blonde had finished just as I got to the counter. I'm not sure if either of them made it to the toilet because they were gone when I came out, but one can imagine!
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