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    Dear Wet Carpet, I work in a library at a prestigious university, and I have a few tales for you. Our library is quite old, being one of the original buildings erected not long after the university was founded. We have more than five million books in our library, with three floors and several tiers lined with shelves, as well as private nooks and rooms for studying and a few conference spaces and even a small auditorium. There are also several offices, an audio visual room, five fully equipped computer labs, three learning centers for holding classes, and of course our main lobby which houses our front desk. There is also a full basement where the archives are located. In my 25 years working at this library, I have seen some things that are perfect for your publication. Other than the restrooms, the archives, and a few of the offices, the library is carpeted throughout. Not long after I first started working there I found a wet stain beneath the desk of one of the study nooks. I told my supervisor, thinking it might be a spill or a leak. She just rolled her eyes. "Sounds like somebody peed again." I was taken aback by her response, especially that she had said "again," indicating that this has happened before. In fact, she shrugged and said, "It happens," as if reading my mind. When I asked what I should do, she just shrugged again. "Nothing. Not your problem. We've tried to stop it, but we can't watch every single person who comes into this building. Custodial staff cleans those rooms and shampoos the carpets once a week, so just leave it." After that, I could not get the idea out of my mind that students apparently just pee on the carpet in our library. It was on my mind so often that any time I passed the study nooks I couldn't help but peek inside or check the desks for more wet stains. Some time went by before I caught sight of a young lady in a skirt sitting in one of the study nooks, reading a textbook. She was sitting up close to the edge of her chair. I paused and glanced in just in time to see a stream of urine falling from her skirt to the carpet under her. I wonder if I should confront her, but I was also amazed by her discretion and by the ease with which she seemed to just go as if it were perfectly normal to wet the carpet. Her stream finished, and she scooted back in her seat and continued reading. I blinked, still amazed by what I had witnessed, and still uncertain how to respond. I finally just walked away, but I couldn't get the image out of my mind. She had just scooted up and just peed like it was no big deal. Like it was something she did all the time. I wondered if she was the culprit of the stain I had found before. Regardless, I also could not deny that I was excited by the idea of someone, especially such a studious and I assumed otherwise conscientious young lady just brazenly peeing on the carpet so nonchalantly. Another time, I found a stain down the wall in one of the hallways between two stacks. It looked like either a young man or a young lady with a strong stream had About a month or so later, I was re-shelving some books when I heard whispering voices. This, of course, is nothing out of the ordinary in a library. But I could actually make out their words. It was a young man and a young woman perhaps hiding together in one of the corners. From my position, I was able to peek through the stacks without being seen. It didn't take long for me to figure out what was happening. They were both standing, the young lady with her back against the wall. She was wearing a skirt, which was lifted, and her legs were spread with the young man between them. He was moving his hips and as I watched them, I couldn't help but feel my face get flushed. Again, part of me felt I should stop them and kick them out, but I was both embarrassed and turned on by the sight. The young man started moving a little more quickly, and the young lady moaned softly but loud enough that I could hear her. Then he buried his face in her neck, and I heard him grunt and soon his thrusting stopped. They moved apart, the young man zipping his pants and the young lady tried to smooth her skirt. As if copulating in the stacks wasn't shocking enough, what happened next just cemented in my mind what I had been thinking for some time. The young lady whispered to the young man, "Make sure nobody's coming, I've got to pee." The young man laughed, but he turned away from me to look out the doorway out of the stacks. They were still clueless to my presence. He gave her a thumbs up, and the young lady lifted her skirt again and squatted right where she was. She pulled her panties aside and sprayed a strong stream of pee onto the carpet. It didn't last long, and as soon as it was over, she stood up, took his hand, and they were gone. I couldn't help it. Once I was sure they were gone and I was alone, I walked over to where they had stood and just stared at the stain the girl had left behind. As if my own body was taking over, I felt wetness between my legs and felt my head swimming from what I had just witnessed. I also felt like I had to pee, as well. I finally decided to abandon my self-restraint and give in to the desire that had been on my mind for a while. It seemed many students had the temerity to empty their bladders in various places of the library. So I decided I could not deny my curiosity any longer. I looked around to make sure no one else was in the stacks, but honestly I was not certain if I would have cared. Before I could change my mind I pulled my panties down and squatted right over the wet spot the young lady had created. It took a little while, but I breathed out and a warm stream of pee sprayed out of me and splashed to the carpet. I could not help but watch it as it dribbled onto the dark brown carpet and added to the damp puddle before slowly absorbing into the fabric. This felt so naughty that I thought I would pass out with pleasure. "Oh my," I said, sighing as the last of my pee flowed out of me. Once my pee stopped, I knew what else I needed, so I started rubbing myself. Within thirty seconds, I was gasping, and I actually had to lean back against the wall to keep from falling over and bite down hard on my lip to keep from screaming as I orgasmed right there in the stacks. After that day, for years I actively looked for other students who were secretly trying or actually peeing in our library. It didn't happen often, but there were moments that stand out. I caught a girl standing in a corner in one of the back hallways, with her pants and panties pulled down, spraying a stream backwards into the corner. I saw a young man seated in one of the study nooks take out his penis and spray towards the wall under the desk. While shelving books I saw a girl, seated on the floor reading a book, who looked to see if anyone was around. When she felt it was clear, she returned to her book, but I heard her sigh and could just barely hear a hissing sound as she sat there and peed herself. I even caught one of my coworkers who was searching for something in archives and, like the others, had no idea I was around. She looked around to make sure it was clear and just spread her legs and let her pee fall from under her dress to the carpet between her feet. And of course I took every opportunity to pee on the carpet, as well, often repeating my first experience, either squatting or standing over someone else's wet spot, emptying my bladder and enjoying the sight of it as it soaked the carpet even more, and almost always getting myself off afterwards. All these years, and no one has ever gotten into trouble or been dismissed from the library for these brazen acts. Perhaps some of you should come visit some day. Elaine
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    It’s been almost one year since my first and last naughty piss (I’m very shy.) I posted about it here on another account, and I’ve been wanting to be a bit more of an exhibitionist. Yesterday was the day that I completely let loose and had the most fun I’ve ever had while pissing. With corona in season, it hasn’t been very crowded at a nearby park in my city. I’ve always fantasized about the public bathrooms at this park because they're outdoor (nobody has to clean my mess) and theres no doors, not on the entrance or any of the stalls. When I got to the entrance of the bathroom I surveyed the area and noticed a family picnicking nearby that could see the door to the bathroom but I decided I could probably get away with it. I stood right in the middle of the room and pulled my shorts aside to expose my pussy. I’d been holding it so long that when I finally let go my piss sprayed out of me so hard. I covered the walls, the inside of each stall, and all over each toilet seat. I stood as close to the exit of the bathroom as possible and sprayed my piss straight out of the doorway and watched it splashing all over the concrete outside in front of the men’s room. I knew that anyone outside of the bathroom could easily see my stream coming from inside the doorway. Finally, I stood in front of the sink and gushed all over it and the mirror. My stream didn’t stop for over a minute and I felt so proud to have covered every wall and piece of plumbing in that bathroom with my juices. When I left, the family was still nearby and I wondered (and hoped) they saw my piss spraying out of the bathroom. I will probably return today with lots of water and make a whole day of marking that bathroom over and over again.
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    ..I had my mistress pee while sucking me and finishing her bladder in the chair afterwards..
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    This story contains both m and f peeing, sex, and pee vandalism. Dear Wet Carpet After reading a few letters that told stories about people peeing in carpark stairways, I finally decided to share something that happened a few years ago with me and my husband. We were on our way home from a road trip out in the country, and it was getting late. We were still several hours from home, so my husband decided we should get a hotel for the night because we were both feeling too tired to drive. It took a while, but he finally found a small hotel that only had two floors but still looked nicer than anything else we had passed. I had been feeling the need to pee for a little while, but I figured I was able to hold it until we got checked into our hotel room. My husband went inside to check us in, and after quite some time he came out, looking grumpy. As soon as he entered the car, he said, "Hateful ass lady. I had to ring the bell three times before anyone even came to the desk. And then she was rude as hell." He grumbled in frustration, and we drove around to a parking space. Our room was on the second floor, and since it was only two floors we decided to take the stairs. At the top of the first landing, there was a very obvious wet spot that looked like someone had either squirted a water bottle or had peed right there on the landing. "Guess somebody couldn't hold it," my husband said. I laughed, but it was a nervous laugh because I was starting to feel desperate, as well. We opened the door to the second floor and walked to our room. My husband swiped the key card, but there was a buzzing sound, and the light turned red. He swiped it again, same result. Third time, same result. He let me try, same result. We looked at the number on the card, and it did match the number on the door. He tried it again. By now, I was getting really nervous because I could feel pressure in my bladder. I finally knew I had to say something to him. "Babe, I really have to pee," I said. "We gotta figure something out." He tried the card again. "It's obviously not working." "Dammit," he said. "I really don't want to go back down to deal with that bitch." "Well, we have to get into our room!" I said. "I know," he said. "I gotta piss, too, so I know, trust me. I'll be back." He rushed down the hall and then down the steps. I watched him exit the outside stairwell door and sprint to the main office. Time passed, and several times I felt a wave of pressure in my bladder that I was just barely able to hold off. Finally, I saw him come out of the office and run back to the bottom stairwell door. I waited very impatiently as he came out of the door and down the hall. "Oh thank God," I said. He swiped the card key. It buzzed again, and the light turned red. "What the fuck?" my husband said. He tried it again. Buzz. Red light. "Fuck this!" He backed away from the door. "What are you doing?" I asked. "I gotta go!" he yelled as he walked to the stairwell. "Come on," he said. I hesitated, but then a wave of pressure hit again, so I followed him down the hall. Without saying anything else, my husband walked down to the first landing, whipped out his dick, and sprayed a stream all over the wall. I gasped. "Hey, obviously somebody else had the same idea, and I'm sorry, but I had to fucking go." "Screw it," I said, as another strong wave hit my bladder. I stood at the top of the steps, yanked my leggings and panties down, and squatted right there. Literally seconds later a strong gush of pee just sprayed out of me and splashed down the stairs. My husband stared wide-eyed as his own stream was coming to an end. I sighed with pleasure at the relief as I emptied my bladder and watched it splash and flow on the concrete steps. My husband shook his dick, but he did not put it away when he turned to watch me. He had a very obvious erection. "That is so hot, babe," he said. I giggled. He had seen me pee many times before, but the naughtiness of this must have been turning him on. I realized it was getting to me, as well. My flow stopped, and I stood up. I was about to pull my panties and leggings up, but my husband stopped me. "Not yet," he said. He came up the steps to me and firmly but not hurtfully pushed me back against the stairway door. He pressed his body against me, and I felt the tip of his penis right at my pussy. He kissed me hard, and I wrestled away from him just enough to turn myself around until I was facing the door. I placed my hands on the door and stuck my ass out for him. He grabbed my ass and then he was inside of me, thrusting and groaning. He reached one of his hands around and fingered me at the same time. In less than 30 seconds we both screamed as he came inside of me. We stayed there for a few more seconds and then quickly gathered ourselves. "I guess I should go down there again and tell that bitch to either give me a key that works or give me a refund." He kissed me and then went back downstairs. When he returned, they had assigned us to a different room. The card key worked on the first try, and we were finally able to get in. We both collapsed on the bed, exhausted. There is a bonus ending to our story. Sometime in the middle of the night I woke up and realized my husband wasn't in the bed. I looked around in the near darkness and finally saw him standing close to the wall of the hotel room. "What the hell are you doing?" I asked. It only took me a few seconds to realize he was peeing on the hotel room wall. "I'm sorry, babe, but that bitch downstairs pissed me off so much. Fuck her and this place." "Yeah, but somebody else has to clean that up," I said. "No, I saw in the information downstairs that this place charges a cleaning fee because it's owner operated. And the bitch downstairs is the owner." "But," I said, "they have our information. What if they charge us for the damage?" "I didn't have to give them our information," he said. I could hear the hissing of his pee start to fade. "I paid cash." I have to be honest, as he said this and as I laid there listening to him pee on the wall, I felt a tingle in my pussy. "Now I have to pee," I said. I debated going to the bathroom, but the naughty thought of going somewhere in the hotel room really excited me, like it tapped into some fantasy I didn't even know I had. "Go for it," my husband said. I got out of bed and walked across the room to the soft chair that was in the corner of the room. "Fuck yeah," my husband said. He walked over to the edge of the bed and sat watching me. I took my leggings and panties all the way off and sat in the chair, feeling the soft cushion on my bare ass. I closed my eyes and seconds later I could feel my warm pee dribbling out of me and soaking into the seat cushion. "Oh my god, this feels good," I said. "That's so fucking hot," my husband said. "Ohhh, it's so warm under my ass and around my crotch. Mmm." My flow didn't last much longer, but I sat there for a moment and enjoyed the warmth under me. "Come here," my husband said. He had also removed his trousers and boxers, so we were both naked from the waist down. I walked over to him and then straddled him with one leg on each side of him. He slipped his penis into me and grabbed my ass as I rode him. He removed my shirt and bra, and I removed his shirt. I moved up and down on him, slid my hips back and forth, and soon we were panting and gasping again as we both orgasmed and he came inside me again. We flopped back onto the bed, crawled up to our placed in the bed, snuggled up still fully naked, and soon fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, my husband greeted me with a smile and a kiss. "I gotta take a piss," he said. He stood up and walked over to the soft chair. I watched as he drenched it even more with a heavy flow of his morning pee. It added to the dark stain that I had created the night before. As I watched him, I felt my own morning need calling to me, and so I tossed the covers off of me, spread my legs and just relaxed. Seconds later my bladder emptied itself with a messy spray all over my thighs and the sheets between my legs. My husband turned around and watched, looking wide-eyed again. Before my flow even stopped, he climbed onto me and slid his penis along my slit. "Oh! Oh my god!" I cried, still peeing, making a mess in the bed and all over his cock. He entered me, and it only took a few thrusts before I was screaming my orgasm and he came inside me again. When we left that day, we agreed to make plans for another cheap, pay cash, hotel wetting. Sandy
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    Hi I’ve recently joined this group and I’ve loved reading the posts. mum a mature lady and I’ve had a Pee fetish for as long as I can remember. money of my memories was walking home from school in the rain and desperate for a pee. I was soaked through so I just let my pee go and it felt lovely. ive had sneaky pees in many places including the cinema, on a bus and on balconies. I always try and pee a little while I’m wanking. my hubby will play as well but his main turn on is rubber and medical. I love watching men peeing especially in places they shouldn’t like hotel rooms. I look forward to hearing more from people.
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    I'm new in here adn I just want to show some pics of me that my BF have taken!
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    After I spend what I now consider the greatest evening of my life with Maya, the relationship between the two of us started to change ... in a good way. On that same evening before I left I just asked her one question which was Why? Why did she do all of these pee things with me. The answer was simple: She never met anyone with whom she could act out her kinks. Not a single boyfriend she had in the past was ready to indulge in this fetish of hers, even her now husband Thomas never wanted to have anything to do with it. Maya told me he gets disgusted by it and early on in their relationship she had to accept his way of thinking and to not try to convince him to pee with her, on her, inside her, or whatever, anymore. Their sex life was incredibly boring, Maya told me. She loves Thomas, don't get me wrong, she just wishes that she could live out her passions with him which unfortunately never happened ... until I came along and for some reason she knew right away that I was into it. "I've been living with this fetish for my whole life, Alex. I can recognize a fellow pee friend almost imediately", she told me that night. She knew that I was into it as soon as she saw me peeing behind that tree. I didn't even bother to ask why, I was just excited that all of this was happening. Maya told me she couldn't resist. When she found out all she wanted was to "have me" and "play with me" since apparently this was something she always dreamed of doing and what can I say, I was more than happy to make her dreams (and let's be honest, also mine) come true. I had to promise her not tell anyone about it, not even Thomas ... Especially not Thomas. I of course gave Maya my word and now for the past few weeks we've been the best (and probably only) "pee buddies" in the world. To be honest, in the beginning I felt like Maya was cheating on her husband which made me feel quite uncomfortable ... but then I thought: we don't kiss, we don't have sex, we're not in love, we just occasionally get together to pee ... as friends, sounds weird but that's how it is. We did see eachother naked though, not fully naked, just our genitals which is certanly more that enough ... even though I'm dying to see her beautiful breasts one day. I wonder if she'll ever have the courage to show them to me. Anyway, like I said I felt uncomfortable at first but after these thoughts passed through my head I started to feel better. After that evening, Maya and I got together everytime we had the chance to. We drank a lot, got desperate until we exploded and just peed everywhere, either outside in eachothers gardens (when my mom wasn't around obviously), in the forest, along hiking paths or at home, hers or mine, on the floor creating some of the biggest pee puddles we'd ever seen. It was a whole lot of fun for both of us and this quickly brought us closer together as friends. However, after almost two weeks of this "partnership" we started to get bored doing the same stuff over and over again so we began to get creative. Recently for instance I was in my room minding my own business as I got a text from Maya saying: "Take your binoculars and look out of your washroom window. And please hurry up!" I rushed down into the living room to take the binoculars which I couldn't find right away. After maybe two minutes of intense searching I found them in a drawer beneath some books. I ran back into the washing room and looked out of the window ... FYI, that's the only window in my house out of which I have a clear view of the neighbours house. I saw Maya standing in front of her housedoor looking around in thoughts. I took a closer look through my binoculars and noticed that she was desperate for a piss. Crossed legs, hand on her crotch, uncomfortable face expression, the usual signs of a woman in need. It didn't take long for her to finally notice me behind the glass. I waved at her and Maya waved back. She then hastily distanced herself from the porch and ran into the grassy field that surrounded the house. Maya looked around and then squatted while pulling her shorts down. I could clearly see her pussy through my binoculars and immediately after a strong stream of pee gushed out of her. Maybe it was just my imagination but I felt like I could hear it ... Psssssssh. Like a stalker I observed my gorgeous neighbour pissing outside just for me. Relief was written all over Mayas face and I remember wondering for how long she must've held it in. Maya looked at me delighted as all of a sudden she started to flinch and in a moment of chaos and confusion I lost sight of her through my binoculars. I put them down and there she was again, standing and with her shorts back up she seemed distracted. I had no Idea what just happened but I could see her mouth moving in the distance, apparently she was talking with someone. I opened the window a little and much to my surprise I heard my mothers voice. Then I panicked, did my mom see her pee?? She was outside in our garden behind the house, out of my sight. I listened to both of them talking but I couldn't hear anything suspicious. Maya later told me she noticed mom right before she saw her and thus manged to stop and hide everything in time. Speaking of Maya, while she was there making a long distance conversation with mom I could clearly see that she was still desperate. Her legs were crossed and she kept bouncing up and down. I took my binoculars again and stared at Mayas crotch up close. I saw her squeezing her thighs together, which was quite hot if I may say so. Then I noticed how her bare legs were shining a little, I guess she wasn't able to abort the stream immediately and peed herself a little. I moved my binoculars further down and saw the last remains of her pee puddle sparkling a little because of the sunlight. "Ok, Bye!", I heard Maya say all of a sudden. "What?!", I thought. I looked up to her and she was running back inside the house. "Nono stay! You still have to pee!", I whispered, but she was already gone. A bit disappointed I walked back into the living room to put those stupid binoculars back. On my way there I heard my phone ringing in my bedroom. I sprinted up the stairs and YES! It was Maya! "Hey Maya!", I answered quite casual. "Oh God, Alex", she seemed nervous: "I had no idea your mother was out there. I had to stop peeing mid-stream and it was so hard!", she giggled nervously. I was about to say something but Maya continued: "I still have to pee so fucking bad, Alex!" I'd never heard her swear before which was quite odd but I guess she REALLY needed to go in that moment. "Are you inside now?", I asked quite aroused. "Yes! I'm in the kitchen waiting for your mom to disappear ... Oh god, I can't hold it!" "How long have you been holding it?!" "The whole morning!" ... It was almost midday btw. Maya continued: "I've been working in my office with a full bladder for hours and I ... Argh! ... I had this idea to wait until I finish a project and then pee outside in the grass with you watching me from your window!" While she was talking I couldn't help but imagine her bended over in pain, talking to me with crossed legs and staring at my mom in the garden outside her big kitchen window. "Is my mom gone?", I asked. "No!", she moaned: "She's still in your garden sitting on the couch!" "Oh ...", I added since I couldn't really talk because of the excitement. "I think I have to pee in the sink, Alex! I can't hold it anymore. I can't even run to the bathroom 'cause I know as soon as I move I'll piss myself!" "You really can't hold it in anymore, Maya?" "No! I have my hand pressed between my legs and every few seconds I can feel small bursts of pee coming out. My pants are wet, Alex!" "Oh, well then pee into the sink!" "Alex, tell me you need to pee aswell!" That came unexpected but all I could say was NO. "Ooooh", she moaned desperately. "Alex, I want to have you with me!" She sounded like she was about to die. "Maya, I'm here don't worry!", I tried to comfort her. "Nono, I want you to come over!" "What?!" "Yes, please! I want you to watch me pee in the sink and then join me! Remember, we said we need to get creative! This is our chance now and I want you to share this moment with me!" "Alright, alright! I'll be right there!" "Please hurry, Alex. I really can't hold it much longer!" I hung up the phone and as fast as I could I ran out of the house. Without my mom noticing I quickly made my way over to Maya's house. I was soooo incredibly excited. I could already picture me getting into her kitchen with her dancing around like crazy! I reached the door and got into the house. "I'm here!", I yelled out loud. "Hurry!", I heard out of the kitchen. As I got in there I saw Maya, as desperate as probably never before. I couldn't help but stop and look at her. She stood there in the middle of the room unable to move just as I imagined her earlier. On the floor I noticed some little yellow puddles. She really couldn't hold it in anymore! "Alex, please come to me!" I walked over quickly and she ordered me to unzip her pants for her. "If I take my hands off my crotch I'll wet myself!", she said with a desperate, dying voice. My hands were shaking as I pulled her zipper down. I could feel her warm breath on my skin. "Oh, Alex, please hurry up!" I was trying my best to push her pants down but it wasn't easy since her legs were crossed tight! I told her and she moaned! "I can't hold it, Alex!", she whispered. Maya pushed me away and pulled her shorts down herself, in the middle of the kitchen! She had to move her hands away from her crotch and uncross her legs in order to make that happen. The moment she did that her bladder gave up. Piss was shooting out of her like crazy and her shorts weren't even down yet. Maya panicked. She undressed herself as fast as she could and very clumsily ran towards the water tap while trying to stop the stream for at least a few seconds. Quick as lightning she jumped up and landed on the sink. I could hear her urine smashing against the alluminum surface. The noise it made was loud and sexy, Maya just sat there and moaned in relief like she just had the worlds biggest orgasm. I got closer and stared at the stream coming out of her pussy. She was filling up the sink since its drain was sealed with a plug. As I stared with an open mouth at what just happened in front of me, I could feel Maya's hands on my shorts. She was trying to unbotton them. I looked at her and with her usual cheeky smile she opened my pants and took my penis out. "Come closer", she whispered while gently pulling my friend over to her. "You sure you don't need to pee?", her soft voice was stroking my ear. I said nothing and just let go. She held my penis and giggled playfully as I was peeing. Our streams crossed and thanks to my generous contribution the sink filled up even more. "Doesn't it feel good, Alex?" I nodded. Maya let out another big sigh of relief as her stream finally stopped. I had already finished my business earlier but Maya kept holding my penis until she was done aswell. She stood up from the sink and took her wet shorts and panties off. "Look", she said. In one hand her pink panties in the other her dark green shorts. "Both wet ... And look at the mess I made on the floor!" My eyes fell down on the floor and there was indeed a giant mess! All I could see were lots of puddles in various shapes and sizes of yellow urine and it was very nice to look at! "Man, you really couldn't hold it any longer!", I joked. Maya burst out laughing while she was searching for some rags to clean it all up. "I'm pretty sure I've never had to pee this bad in my entire life ... and oh my goodness, I've never felt lighter!" Maya was smiling the whole time and I really like to think that it was because of me. Finding someone she could share her passion with made Maya a very happy person. "This was fun!", I said and Maya immediately agreed: "Yes! It was sooo good! ... We definetly need more ideas like this one!" "I'll let you know when I come up with something", I told her. "Me too", she whispered. Maya was cleaning up the floor, half naked with her butt right in front of me. "You need help cleaning up?", I asked. "No, thank you! ... Actually, it's better for you to leave 'cause Thomas will be home soon!" "Oh shit! ... You're right!" "Thanks for coming over, Alex!", she joked! "Well, thanks for making me haha!" Maya smiled and I was about to leave as I asked her one more thing: "Shouldn't you put some dry clothes on before Thomas arrives?" "Nope!" Maya said with a playful smile on her face: "I'll welcome him like this and surprise him 'cause I really want to have sex right now ... and in all the excitement I forgot to cook lunch so I'll probably have to compensate for that aswell!" That made me laugh. I said goodbye to Maya and she winked at me. On my way back my mind went nuts! I had one awesome idea after another about what Maya and I could do for our upcoming pee adventures. I was bursting with excitement and I couldn't wait to finally make her wet again! To be continued!
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    Not much,but it certainly caught my attention.Yesterday morning on my local radio station,the two presenters(male and female,both in different locations because of Coronavirus),were talking about finding women's underwear hanging on trees when out walking.They deduced between the 2 of them,that it was probably women 'caught short' on their walk.They talked about it in length and seemed to be quite accepting of the fact that women were peeing outdoors.They even had listeners getting in touch with the show and sharing similar experiences of finding knickers discarded in various places. It did make me wonder if they'd discussed this before the show,or was it just something random that had popped into their heads.
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    I rather enjoy peeing down my own legs, I really love feeling the warmth running down to my feet. I guess that I would be quite happy to feel the warmth of someone else peeing down my legs too. Now to the question. Guys like to pee on to something when they pee, perhaps a wall or a tree because it reduces exposure. Girls don't have this problem - we can just pee under our skirts. Now if you were out in the open somewhere with nothing to pee up against, would you allow your boy to pee on your leg so he has something to pee on rather than hold it?
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    I have had an original model Shewee for a while, if you're unfamiliar with it, it's a female urination device. I recently found out they came out with an updated model so I ordered one. The original model was hard plastic, and I often found it was uncomfortable or it leaked due to improper placement. I would use it for pee fun around home, but didn't trust it to not make a mess in public. The new model is slightly bigger, and more flexible. It feels comfortable pressed up against my pussy, and I used it this morning for a desperate pee standing at the toilet like a man, and it didn't leak a drop. I'm excited for some pee adventures... where would you like me to piss with my new toy?
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    This story is a continuation of my Roommates series. It contains female and male peeing, furniture and bed wetting, and a good bit of m/f and f/f sex (including anal) Even though Denise hesitated, she already knew her choice. She pointed to the black haired guy, feeling her cheeks turn red as he smiled at her. "Him," she said. "Excellent choice," Jenna said. "That's Connor. He loves to eat pussy, and he likes it really wet, so you two should get along nicely." Connor walked closer to them, still grinning at Denise. "Let's get you two a room," Jenna said. She started to lead them down the hall, but Denise paused. "Can Starla come?" she asked. Starla giggled and was obviously excited by the invitation. "Of course," Jenna said. "Starla can even bring a friend if she wants." Starla squealed with delight and grabbed the arm of the blonde guy who had brought them drinks earlier. "That's Matt," Jenna said. "Another great choice. Matt has a very impressive cock, as you can see, and he knows how to use it." She laughed as she led the four of them down the hall. They came upon a couple having sex in the hallway, the woman riding the man slowly and sensously. Denise's eyes widened as she realized the man had entered her anally and the woman's expression showed a mix of pleasure and pain. The woman gasped and a flow of warm pee sprayed out of her and all over the man's abdomen. He groaned and the woman cried out just as the five of them passed them. "Have you ever had anal sex before?" Jenna asked. "I have," Starla said. "Denise?" Jenna asked. "Yes, but only a few times," Denise said. "Most of the guys I've been with weren't interested. Basically, if they didn't ask for it neither did I." "That's a shame," Jenna said. "Do you enjoy it?" "I don't… not like it," Denise said. "The first time it really hurt because I don't think we did it right. He was too eager and was a bit forceful. So the second time I was hesitant, but he was gentler so I was more relaxed and I enjoyed it. I've only done it one other time, and it was nice." "Hmm," Jenna said, smiling. She stopped and opened a door. They were greeted with the sight of two couples in the midst of a foursome. The two women were knelt on all fours facing each other and kissing while the two men fucked them doggy style. "Well, not this room," Jenna said. She closed the door and led them further down the hall to another door. Jenna opened the door to a dimly lit room with a king sized bed that took up most of the room, a few cushioned chairs, a bedside table with a lamp, and a wide window overlooking the deck outside. "Perfect," Jenna said. She led the four of them into the room, gesturing with her arm. "It's all yours," she said. "Enjoy." "You're not staying?" Denise asked. She pouted, feeling genuinely disappointed. Denise stepped closer to Jenna until their breasts touched. She caressed Jenna's arm with her fingertips. "Please, stay with us." Jenna smiled. "I suppose it would be nice," Jenna said. Starla squealed again, and even Connor and Matt smiled to show their delight. "But this is for you, my dear," Jenna said to Denise. Jenna leaned forward and kissed Denise directly on the mouth and pressed her body closer. "Enjoy every feeling, obey every temptation. Don't resist. Relax and let us pleasure you." Denise felt something touch her back and quickly realized it was Starla pressing her body against her. She could feel Starla's breasts against the small of her back. Then she felt Starla's fingers trace their way down to Denise's tummy and then lower to the top of her slit. Denise sighed and leaned back as Starla kissed the side of her neck and Jenna began kissing her left breast. Denise closed her eyes, and just then she felt another set of lips begin to kiss her right breast. She opened her eyes to see Matt eagerly sucking on her nipple, and she felt his teeth as he nibbled at the tip. "Oh my god, you all are killing me," Denise said. Jenna giggled. "We're just getting started," she said. They all three stopped and turned her around. Connor was waiting for her at the bed, smiling and staring at her lustfully. Higher erection was very impressive, and Denise could not keep from looking at it. He reached his arm out, and she took it as he led her to the bed. Starla and Matt walked around to the other side of the bed. Jenna walked over to one of the cushioned chairs and sat down. She immediately opened her legs and the room filled with a hissing sound as she sprayed her warm pee into the seat cushion. When her flow stopped, she started to touch herself. Connor laid Denise down on her back on the bed with her legs hanging over the side. She looked at him as he continued to smile, but there was hunger and lust in his eyes, as well. "Do what you want," she said. Denise could hear Starla and Matt getting up to something next to them, but she was mostly focused on Connor. He stepped closer to her, and at first she thought he was going to enter her right then. Instead, he sighed and she felt his warm urine spray all over her lower tummy and her slit. She couldn't help but reach down and touch herself, ignoring the messy splashes of pee on her hands. "Oh fuck that feels good," she said. His flow stopped, and then she felt him take her hand away from her crotch and seconds later he replaced it with his tongue. "Oh! Ohhh shit!" "Mmm, I told you," Jenna said, her gasping voice making it clear she was enjoying the show, "Connor likes to eat pussy, and he likes it wet." Denise moaned again as Connor flicked his tongue expertly around her slit, playing with her clit just right. She cried out as she felt her orgasm building. "Oh god, ohhh my god, I'm gonna… OHHHHhhhhh!" As she screamed and bucked her hips, Connor moved away as Denise sprayed a strong squirt of urine that splashed all over the edge of the bed and the carpeted floor and some of it splashed Connor's feet. "Oh my god, I've never cum so hard," Denise said. "Mmm, oh sweetie," Jenna said, "he's not finished yet." Connor stepped back to Denise and swung her legs up onto the bed. She finally noticed Starla on the bed next to her laying on her stomach with her legs spread and Matt between them, rubbing her slit gently with his fingers. Denise rolled over to her side and watched as Starla sighed and let her pee go, soaking the bed between her legs and Matt's hands. He did not stop rubbing, though, until her flow stopped. Then he moved forward and let his penis enter her easily and slowly. "Oh god, yes," Starla said. Matt leaned forward more, going deeper into her. "Mmm, yes." "That looks so hot," Jenna said. She gasped again, and they heard another hiss as she dampened the seat cushion once more. Denise felt Connor behind her as he placed small kisses on her neck and shoulder. She continued to watch Darla, enjoying the look of pleasure on her face and the sight of Matt thrusting his cock deep into her. Connor reached around caressed Denise's right breast, kneading it with his hand and then squeezing her nipple between his fingers. She moaned, and she could feel his penis twitching just beneath her buttocks. Denise lifted her right leg to open herself for him, and Connor moved just enough to slip easily into her. She moaned and relaxed as he moved slowly in and out of her while still caressing her breast. Starla looked right at her, and they both smiled. Then Starla's breath became gasps as Matt's thrusts became more vigorous. Connor also started moving more rapidly, and Denise felt another orgasm building. They could hear Jenna's breath becoming more rapid, as well. Starla cried out, and Denise joined her as they both orgasmed again. Jenna screamed, and they heard a loud spraying sound as she clearly squirted her warm pee all over the carpet. Matt pulled out of Starla as she rolled over on her side to face Denise. She leaned in and kissed Denise, and the kiss became so deep and passionate that they barely noticed that both Connor and Matt had left them alone on the bed. They held and caressed each other as they kissed, and soon their hands were all over each other, Denise's hand exploring Starla's large breasts and Starla's fingers probing Denise's wet slit. "Mmm, gentlemen," Jenna said, "why don't we let these ladies enjoy each other while you two have your way with me." Connor and Matt did not need to be persuaded as they both approached Jenna. Denise and Starla stopped their kissing and caressing long enough to see Connor sit in the cushioned chair, obviously not minding that it was soaked with Jenna's pee. Jenna turned her back to him, and Denise and Starla watched as he spit on his fingertips and then probed his finger around Jenna's anus. Jenna moaned, and a few droplets of pee fell from between her legs. But she scooted back as Connor grabbed his very erect cock in his hands as Jenna sat down slowly and allowed his cock to ease bit by bit into her ass. "Ohhhh, yes, that's it," Jenna said. "Mmm." Denise felt Starla's fingers rubbing her slit again. Then Starla draped a leg over Denise and started to turn her body in the bed. Denise knew what she wanted, and even though she had never done it before, she had seen it and had even fantasized about it. Denise spread her legs and scooted closer to Starla as Starla slid closer, as well, until Denise could feel the heat and wetness of Starla's vagina against her own. "Oh fuck yes," she said, surprising herself but not regretting it. Denise sat up a little and scooted closer, feeling her own wet lips rubbing firmly against Starla's. She also glanced over at Jenna, who now had Matt in front of her, kissing her as she continued to ride Connor's cock. Starla was also watching them, but the two of them did not stop rubbing their snatches together. "Are you ready?" they heard Matt ask. "Oh god yes," Jenna said. Matt knelt down in front of her, and they watched as he slid his cock into her vagina. "Oh my god!" Jenna cried out. "Oh! Oh! Oh shit this feels so good. Ohhhhhhhh." Meanwhile Denise and Starla increased their movements, both enjoying the show but also enjoying the feeling of their smooth legs draped over one another and their wet slits rubbing together. Denise heard Starla moan and right away felt a warm burst of wetness between her legs. This sent Denise over the edge as she gasped and tried to pull Starla even closer, feeling Starla's warm spray hit her clit is and soak her slit and the bed under them. They both started to moan and scream as they climaxed. Denise was surprised as she squirted again, spraying herself and Starla with a warm gush of urine. They lay there, exhausted, but they watched as Matt and Connor continued to double penetrate Jenna, who was now moaning and whining, her eyes rolling back in sheer pleasure. Both men also looked like they were close to orgasm. Sure enough, as Jenna's cries grew louder their thrusts became more vigorous. "Mmm, ohh god, I want you both to cum inside me. Ohhh, do it, yes!" Almost in unison, both Connor and Matt groaned and cried out as they obviously ejaculated inside of her. Then all three of them relaxed into the cushioned seat. Eventually, Matt stood up and helped Jenna up off of Connor. Both men looked over at Denise and Starla and smiled. "Thank you ladies," Connor said, and then they left. Jenna sat back down into the cushioned chair, looking exhausted. "My god, that was amazing," Jenna said. "I don't think I can move." Denise could not help but notice the trail of semen between Jenna's legs. As Denise looked, Jenna, not seeming to care about the mess, peed again, spraying a messy stream that mixed with the jizz and splashed all over her crotch and the cushion. When she finished, Jenna sat up. "But unfortunately I have other party guests to entertain. Thank you, ladies, for this. You are welcome to stay the night right here together in this room if you'd like." Denise sat up and looked at Starla, who smiled. Then Denise relaxed and let a small dribble of pee warm their crotches and the bed under them again. "We'd like," they both said.
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    having really used this outside potty in a while at least not for my morning release. so, yeah. 🤫☺️
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    Megan's Story (Naughty pee action at work) I've been the director of administration at my company's office for two years now and have a unique friendship with Lisa, our Human Resources supervisor and a hot one to say the least. We're both early thirties. Weirdly enough, we became acquainted hearing each other pee at work during her first week. One great thing about being bisexual and having a pee fetish is that I've enjoyed hearing women peeing in restrooms next to me since I was fifteen. When I pee, it's pretty loud and forceful but Lisa is one of the loudest I've heard. The first time we peed together in the restroom, we both stood at the sinks trying not to laugh at the insane streams we'd just produced. It was a bit awkward but then we both laughed and have been friendly ever since. Whenever we see each other heading to the restroom, we smile understanding there's about to be some serious noise made! She can go longer than me too, often still flooding while I'm coming out of the stall, even if she started before me. We've joked about the struggle of being able to pee more than most women. She's married but I do often wonder, does she have some curiosity? It seems as though she might at least enjoy her peeing abilities but she's reserved and careful to stay professional. I've certainly had steamy thoughts about her, especially when she wears short skirts and shows off those incredible legs! Recently, things went to a whole new level between us and even I can't believe this actually happened. The board decided to eliminate a few roles at various sites due to automation and budget reasons. The result was that I had to lay off our benefits coordinator since our health insurance and pensions were changing. He'd been there for twenty years, way longer than me but honestly I never really liked him and didn't mind letting him go. The day I was going to call him into my office to break the news that he was no longer needed, I got pulled into a meeting and while I was there, he'd gone out to lunch and was involved in a traffic accident. By the time I was informed, it was after he'd been rushed to the hospital in critical condition. I called the company Vice President for how to proceed and she insisted that he was still to be terminated as planned. So I had Lisa draft up the termination letter and mail it to his house while he was in the hospital. Then there was just his office belongings to deal with, which we were going to have delivered to his house by a coworker. So the following afternoon, I started packing up his things and of course was interrupted by another meeting with company executives. It was a few minutes past five o'clock when it finally ended and I was able to finish packing his stuff. Everyone was gone for the day. I was sitting in his chair emptying the desk drawers and found myself carelessly tossing his things into the cardboard box, not too concerned if something might break. When all was packed, there was just his jacket still hanging on the door hook. I laid it in the box, ready to close it up and head home for the weekend, when an idea came to mind. For some reason at that moment, I remembered seeing a movie years ago where a woman peed in someone's suitcase. I can't recall the name of it but it was so hot, with the camera panning down her legs over the case while a yellow stream trickled onto the clothes. All of the sudden, here was my chance to do my own version of that scene but could I actually go through with it? I closed the door and stood conflicted and staring at the jacket for a while as my heart thumped. Soon enough, the lure got the best of me and I lifted my skirt, then opened the jacket so the interior was facing up. I pulled my undies to the side and stood hunched over the box. It took a while for anything to happen, but eventually a little hissing squirt spilled onto the jacket. My nervousness made me tense up and nothing else came out. With a few deep breaths, I relaxed enough to restart my stream and it was a slow trickle, pretty much identical to the woman in the movie. Even though it wasn't flooding out of me like normal, my bladder was fairly full and I saw no reason not to fully empty myself. So for what had to be maybe two full minutes, I stood there and just let it flow all over the jacket and it was the most thrilling risky thing I'd ever done. All was going according to plan until of course, the damn door opened while I was mid-stream and there was Lisa, gasping in shock seeing my bare ass. I felt sick to my stomach being caught and knew I'd just gotten myself fired at the very least. For whatever reason, she was still in the building and came over to see if any progress had been made clearing the office and there was me, taking a piss in it...Her mouth was dropped as I threw my skirt down and almost tripped, piss trailing down my leg and crippled with panic. I started stuttering through some incoherent words, when she told me to shut up and closed the door behind her. She looked down at the jacket, still processing what I'd done. After a tense moment of silence, I wanted to cry, then Lisa said, “My turn.” It didn't register in my scrambled brain until she smiled and started pulling her short tan skirt up right there in front of me. I couldn't believe it. The sight of her long, shapely legs being exposed was surreal. She wasn't wearing underwear and her pussy was so beautiful. I'd fantasized about what it looked like for two years and there it was, shaved bare, nice full pink labia that looked picture perfect. She took the jacket from the box and laid it on the floor, then stood on the sleeves with her high heels and lowered into a squat. As if this all wasn't hot enough, now I could see down her shirt. Her bra was barely covering her breasts and a nipple slip was just one wrong move away! Unlike me, she had no hesitation to overcome and her piss immediately raged all over the jacket hard enough to splash the side of the desk nearby and the surrounding carpet. I even felt a few sprinkles on my feet. Her labia split out to the sides and fluttered like wings, giving her stream this beautiful spiral effect as it whipped around when she pushed full force. It was pretty messy and sprayed her inner thighs and shoes. The most impressive thing though, was how huge her stream was. I knew from how much noise she usually made that it had to be big but seeing it was still hard to believe. It seriously looked like something that only a faucet should be able to produce. I stood in awe at her capacity. She swayed her hips around to cover more of the jacket. We laughed, trying our best to keep our voices down. By the time Lisa finished, the jacket was beyond soaked, more like transformed into a piss sponge. I told her to check the inside breast pocket for something to wipe with and sure enough, there was a handkerchief. She wiped her thighs and rubbed it all over her pussy several times, then put in back in the pocket. As we continued laughing, she stood upright, pulled her skirt back down, told me to have a nice weekend and hurried out. After a few minutes piecing myself back together from disbelief...and painful arousal, I picked the jacket up and let the pool of piss spill out so it would have a chance of drying over the weekend. I left it open and facing up so the smell wouldn't get too strong, then on the following Monday morning, put it in the box with the other items for a coworker to drop it off. It still smelled like piss a little but oh well. Later that morning, I ran into Lisa in the restroom and we both smiled at each other in passing. We haven't mentioned that day since it happened, but she's been flirty ever since. I'm really hoping that things are just beginning between us!
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    I watched the tv program a couple of years ago called “would I lie to you” Sarah Milligan was a guest and explained that one night after a gig she was driving home and there was a huge traffic jam. she was desperate for a pee and shuffled over to the passenger seat and let it all go. Next day she took the car to be valeted and blamed her dog (she didn’t have one at the time) it was a true story as well
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    i had to pee. not badly, but decided to use my pants again.
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    i don’t know what was more embarassing; that you could tell i had previously peed my panties, or that i was doing it again. 😇😂🥺
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    I was going to post this in another thread (best places peed at a house party), but as I was typing I thought it was too amazing (to me at least) to not be shared to as many as possible and the places aren't too extreme. My best, although the places weren't too exciting, is one of, if not my best pee experience to date. I had gone to a house party with 2 female friends (M and S) that I am very close with. A couple of hours into the night, we found ourselves all in the queue for the loos, one after the other. When M got to the front she turned to S and me, and said we could go in with her so that we could all pee quickly then get another drink at the same time. Neither of them knew about my desire for piss, but I struggled to hide the smile. As she said that, the girl behind that we all knew but weren't too close to jokingly said, "well I'll come in aswell, might as well have a party in there". S and M, both being female and used to all going in the bathroom at the same time said "come on then" and dragged her in. The door was locked and M went first. At this stage we were all desperate, but I was more than happy to wait, and I think M noticed me staring at her beautiful long labia as she pulled down her jeans and black thong, but we were all tipsy and we were good friends so she just smiled and said nothing. Before M even started spraying, S got impatient, and hoisted up her dress and sat on the sink, and the friend that came in with us undid her body suit and hung herself over the edge of the bath, almost as if it was the normal thing for her to do. I was standing there, with three women, 2 of which are close friends, peeing at the same time in 3 different places in the bathroom thinking this is by far, the best possible thing that could happen. I couldn't help but look at the other 2 women before I decided to join in. The person who was dragged in and joined us, seemed to bend over and hang over the edge of the bath so quick i didn't get to see, but the sound of her stream hitting the tub must have been loud enough to have been heard over the music outside. S on the other hand, had her legs wide apart so that she could balance and not fully sit in the sink, bum touching the bottom. She also had large lips, but hers were spread wide apart, almost as if she had spread them herself. I remember noticing her large clit, before I got distracted by a slow dribble of pee flowing down, almost sitting in her vagina before flowing down and dripping of her ass cheeks and asshole. At this point I thought i need to join in before it's too late. I wasn't going to miss the opportunity, and as the sink was at a perfect height for me to pee in, I didn't think twice (even tho S was sat on the sink peeing). I walked up to the sink, getting my cock out as quick as possible and flopped it over the edge of the sink, making sure I "stumbled" forwards so that I brushed S's pussy as it pissed on me . Everyone was laughing, which was amazing as I thought at least one would have found it a tad gross or strange. I started to let my piss flow, but the sound of piss spraying the bath, M watching and laughing as she sat on the loo, and S spraying me with pee as her flow grew stronger with laughter was making me harder and harder by the second, and soon I found myself spraying S's labia with my semi erect cock, while she sprayed back. Luckily everyone was so drunk they just laughed, and S even admitted that it was like when she uses the shower head in the shower. By this point everyone else had started to slow or finished, but my cock, growing harder every second, had nestled it's way up and in-between S's lips, and I was pissing stronger than ever directly onto her pussy and clit but she just didn't seem to care. My flow slowely came to a stop, and I stepped back from S (even though I wanted to rub my cock against her, but thought I'd already had all my luck) and did up my jeans making sure I pushed my erection to one side making it as un-noticable as possible. S wiped, chucked her tissue in the bin, got up, put her pants back on and let the dress drop down. We all washed our hands, and left the bathroom as if we had all gone as normal. After that, I spent the whole night trying to time my bladder so that I bumped back into them in the queue, but never seemed to get lucky enough to, although luckily we all went back to M's house after the party, and luckily had some more fun (even wet fun) but that's another story to recite another time. Hope you enjoy hearing it as much as I enjoy telling it!
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    Yes! This is my plan, I have a couple of large skirts. I'm not gonna wear panties this time and just enjoy the go! I have a spot in my yard I would like to use. I'll of course report back to you<3
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    omg. that felt really good to make. but, i feel like more came out of me than i had put in. haha.
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    I'm going to jump in with an answer, but I'm dying to know what the other ladies on the forum think, so I hope 'm not going to kill the conversation. Obviously every single guy here has slightly different interests so I can only speak for myself. Firstly I'm going to say that I'm not one of those that get's my kicks from domination, those photos and videos of guys half drowning women on their knees aren't really my thing. I could see myself under some circumstances peeing on a partner, although it would be a very intimate thing and in the right circumstances - upon request in the shower for example, probably on legs, maybe breasts but probably no more. The more I think about your question though, the more the idea appeals - I can see a scenario, perhaps an outdoor concert in a crowd. In a skirt you could easily pee down your legs drawing zero attention. For me as a guy though absolutely bursting, apart from wetting my clothes, pretty much any other option is going to draw attention. So the idea of cuddling up behind and peeing under the skirt onto your legs could be an absolute life saver. I'm not sure it would give rise to a moment of intimacy there and then, not for the guy anyway, but I think the fact you'd invited me to do it would certainly provoke some intimacy later. I do think I'd have to have a very strong bond with the lady to overcome that taboo of peeing on them (even for a fetishist like me) and I'd certainly imagine you'd be choosy about whose pee was trickling down your legs. As I say, would love to know what everyone else thinks...
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    Hello everyone<3 I thought I'd let everyone know what I did last! So I decided to piss in my panties, which was very exciting. I did it in my bathtub to mot make a mess. I waited until I really had to go and then as I was taking off my pants a little bit squirted out, I got into the tub and just let loose, letting the warm piss run along my legs and pool in front of my pussy. It was really nice I might try something else tonight. I think I will try to go outside when I think I can get away with it.
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    [Includes female desperation and naughty peeing] English isn't my first language, and this is my first attempt since English lessons in school at writing fiction in English, so please excuse any grammatical errors. It is loosely inspired by events that apparently really happened, but I had no details so it is mostly fiction. Enjoy! Jennie goes shopping Jennie walked through the shop aisles looking around, not really searching for anything in particular. She had come to town to run a number of errands, but seeing that a local clothing store had a sale, she had decided to first pop in and see what they had to offer. In her arms Jennie was carrying a pair shirts she thought were okay looking and worth trying on, but possibly not worth buying. Rounding another corner and walking back down the next aisle while looking around, she began to feel an increasing pressure in her bladder. Perhaps she would have to find a bathroom before continuing to other shops. As Jennie continued slowly walking along and looking around, she spotted a beautiful flowery dress being offered at a good discount, something she just had to buy. As she rushed to find her size to try on, Jennie was soon disappointed; although there being maybe a dozen or more of this dress in the rack, none of them were even near her size. Jennie checked each one of them in hope of finding an European size 36, but found nothing smaller than a 42. She sighed, slightly wishing to be a bit bigger. Being petite had its advantages, but finding great clothes was sometimes not one of them. While resuming her strolling, Jennie was again reminded of the water bottle she had emptied soon after getting in her hot car, and the coffee she had drunk while driving to town. She silently cursed at having so carelessly consumed them without thinking ahead, but carried on walking and looking around. Her need was then highlighted by her phone vibrating in her pocket. Irritated, Jennie pulled out her phone, only to find a message from her mom asking when she would be returning home. Jennie shortly replied that she didn't know but wouldn't be too many hours, and went on browsing the aisles. Jennie soon became more and more constantly distracted by the aching in her bladder, and briefly considered leaving to find a toilet without buying anything. Then she set eyes on a tunic that completely took her whole attention. She began eagerly going through the stack of them, annoyed by the amount of large sizes she came across, and started to worry that these either would not be available in her size. Her need to pee was also very strongly coming back into focus, and for a second she was ready to give up and leave, the smallest size found so far being 40. Then she grabbed the last tunic, and quietly yelped in enjoyment as she saw it was a 36. If it fit as well as it should, she could not leave without this. She walked on, now at a faster pace and not able to concentrate on looking around so much, if at all. Her strong need to pee was now constantly the first thing on Jennie's mind. As she reached the end of the aisle and turned to the fitting rooms, Jennie glanced towards the checkout and was frustrated to see a long line there. Jennie hurried into a fitting cubicle, closed the door behind herself and immediately began pee dancing on the spot. Seeing the line at the checkout had increased her desperation to the point that she could not really think of anything else. Leaving her shopping and making a beeline for the nearest toilet came to mind, but wasn't really a proper option. The last tunic in her size was such a find, and leaving for the toilet would most probably mean someone else getting it. Surely she could hold on for still some time and buy her stuff, Jennie thought, but then remembered the line at the checkout. No, that wasn't an option anymore either. Shoplifting had never been her thing, but for the first time in her life, Jennie found herself considering it. She very quickly abandoned the idea, as taking off running from a fitting room with a very full handbag would surely look just as suspicious as one would imagine. This left Jennie with very few options, and still frantically pee dancing, she began unbuttoning her skinny jeans. She was so desperate at this point that even unbuttoning them seemed to take forever, but finally Jennie was able to quickly slide them down with her black lacy knickers. Jennie squatted low on the fitting room carpet and waited. Her painfully aching bladder simply would not release at first. Then a small trickle of pee flowed out of her, but ended almost as soon as it had begun. Jennie still tried to relax, but only managed to release another small trickle accompanied by a brief and quiet hiss. After many more long and painful seconds of trying to relax, a hissy stream of pee shot out, gaining force and pattering quite loudly onto the carpet. Startled by the noise she was making, Jennie cut stream again, but was soon able to continue peeing less forcefully. A constant quiet hiss and pattering of pee on carpet were to be heard, and in her bliss of relief Jennie hoped the hum of the air conditioning would cover any peeing noises. Although actually it felt too good to really care, as her stream and its hissing intensified and she sighed in pleasure. After what felt like a minute but may have been less or more, Jennie's stream slowed to a trickle and soon ended. She was now squatting on a completely soaked carpet, and beginning to fully realize what she had done, Jennie blushed bright red. She searched her handbag for a tissue and wiped, almost threw the moist paper onto the wet carpet, but decided not to make any more mess and folded it into the pocket of her jeans. Rather embarassed by her actions, Jennie pulled up her pants and began trying on the clothes she had brought. At least they fit like a glove, so after a while Jennie was able to walk straight to the checkout with her shopping, luckily with a shorter line now, and leave the store before anyone found the soaking wet carpet in one of the fitting rooms.
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    Hi all, I shared my first story about my house party experience with 3 women, 2 of which were good friends (M and S) and everyone seemed to enjoy and request the story of when we back to M's house so here it is. Hope you all enjoy as much as I did. After the house party, M offered for S and I to stay round hers for the night as her house was closest and we could all get a taxi. There was a taxi depot in the center of the town, and we all decided it was easiest to walk into town to get a taxi. Suprisingly none of us were really drunk, but luckily for me M was drinking beer that night, so consumed a lot of drink. This came extremely apparent to her just 5 minuites after leaving the house party, and just 5 minuites after that she was bursting. By this stage we were in town, and a lot of people were out that night so M decided she would wait till she was home to pee, as she didn't want to "make a fool of herself" and go while waiting for a taxi. The taxi soon came and we were on our way back to M's house. You could see the desperation in her face. We were near home, and by this stage S and I also needed a wee, but were no were near the level of M, who was looking like a little bit came out every bump. We pulled up at the house, and M jumped out to unlock the door. I payed the taxi driver (as quick as possible as I couldn't wait to hear her stream and see the desperation) and by the time I got to the door, M and S had only just got into the house. The loo was to the right just down the corridor as you went through the door. She had already peed Infront of me that night so didn't care about pulling down her jeans as she was running into the loo. The door was wide open, and she was in that much of a rush she didn't even care about pulling down her pants, or even pulling them to the side. She sat down and let go, and the relief on her face was like nothing I have seen before. The sound of her pee collecting in her pants and pouring into the loo was astonishing. It was like someone was running a bath. Me and S stared, in disbelief as she didn't even care she was still wearing her pants. We were laughing, but kind of suprised (and I was unbelievably turned on at this point). After a while, she stood up and jokingly said "sorry about that". She then took of her pants as if I wasn't even there. Her and S were close and had seen eachother naked before but it was as if I wasn't there. She wasn't bothered at all. She then ran upstairs, as did we all, leaving her wet pants on the floor in the bathroom. Me and S were going to sleep on the floor in her room with a mattress put down as the spare bed was broken and going to the tip a few days later. We all got into bed and asked M if she normally does that (joking about). She laughed and said she doesn't care, and that it actually felt really nice and warm. At this point I couldn't help but say that I enjoyed it as much as her. This is when the best came. S needed a wee (I had a wee before I got into bed). She made a big thing about not wanting to get up, so M dared her to do what she did, and go in her pants, but in the bed. M said it doesn't matter as the mattress was going to the tip aswell, and you could see S was seriously thinking about it, but didn't want to ruin the mattress as she would have had to sleep in it. She got up and tried to race to the bathroom before anyone could stop her but M grabbed her and pulled S onto her. They both laughed and S made a feeble attempt to get up and go, before saying to M "if you really want me to go I can go". At this point I assumed M was joking when she dared and messed about, but M said go on then and laughed expecting S not to do it. S went silent, and before anyone could stop her, was peeing herself in Ms bed. The flow was pouring down the bed to M, while M tried to push her off the bed while laughing in shock. S stopped peeing and asked M again if she could use the loo, and this time M allowed her to, but S noticed that I was staring and that I was almost in my own little bubble. She jokingly said "looking like that you might as well be wanking". I giggled quietly, as I didn't want them to know that by this stage I was solid. S said come here, as she pulled off the covers to come and sit on me expecting me to shy away from her wet pants, but instead came across the erection in my boxers. She looked shocked at first but then proceeded to sit on me anyway and ask M if this was the best place to use the loo. I laughed and hastily answered before M could talk, saying "I'm not gonna stop you". She released the rest of her flow into me. It was so amazingly warm and the sound of her piss spraying into her pants was like music to my ears. My cock was tensing with excitement as the puddle formed around me. She finished, took of her pants, chucked them on the side and joked "that's better". I never knew that my friends were so casual about all this, but that night was an unbelievably pleasant suprise. Unfortunately that was the end of the wet fun for the night, but that was the best sex I ever had after. Both of them were crazy and up for everything, and S even ended up eating M's still glistening pussy while S bounced on me. Hope it's not too long, hope to share more experiences soon. Still have 2 more occasions involving pee with these 2 friends but neither are as extreme. Enjoy!
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    oops. oh no! 🥺😂😇
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    and left them on still while i finished my coffee then went tidying up in the kitchen.
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    We have no connection to peesearch or their owners. They're two separate sites just based on the same theme. The main forums of PeeFans will always be free for as long as we can continue to run. We have added additional 'paid' features. These are not forced at all, but they just provide many extra benefits for those willing to help the site. In an ideal world everything would be free, but as sites grow so do their running costs. It has to be funded somehow.
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    contains naughty peeing, including carpets. Dear Wet Carpet Magazine, Well, I didn't know whether to write in about this incident, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it so here goes. I am 25, curvy, 5'4" with blond hair - usually in a pony tail and I often hang around with Lucy who is a bit taller at 5'8" has red hair over her shoulders and is somewhat slimmer than me. This goes back to what now seems like a distant recollection before the Covid19 lock downs when you could actually enjoy meeting up with friends and going into town. It was a Saturday and we met up at a pub in town for lunch, which naturally included a couple of beers each. Lucy was wearing a knee length navy skirt and a white blouse. I had on a short light blue skirt and a tight T-shirt that emphasised my curvy boobs. After lunch, we walked out from the pub and into town. We were passing through the car park when Lucy declared that she needed a wee and I agreed that I would need one soon as well. Now we've known each other for a long time and we are no strangers to peeing in front of each other and we are both happy to pee in a car park behind a car, in a stairwell, down an alley or whatever, when we've had a few drinks - doesn't have to be alcohol fuelled, but we are a bit more brazen when alcohol has been involved. Anytime we need to pee, we pee, but we are more discrete during the day than when we go out at night. Today, we were just debating a pee behind the bottle banks in a car park when I spotted that there was a row of shops next to the car park which was blocked off with hoardings and had signs up that they were going to be demolished. There was a small gap in the hoardings so I suggested it would be more hidden if we slipped through the gap and went behind the hoardings. Lucy agreed and we squeezed through the gap. Once inside, I spotted that the door to one of the shops was hanging off its hinges and that was too good an opportunity to miss. We went inside and found that it was an abandoned estate agents shop. It had been cleared of anything valuable but there was still some furniture in there - a handful of desks, chairs on wheels and some comfy chairs that probably used to be a waiting area. We looked at each other and we knew that we couldn't pass up the opportunity. Without any knickers to worry about, I hitched up my skirt and hovered over one of the comfy chairs with my curvy backside fully exposed. It took a few seconds to overcome the thoughts of what I was doing, but hey, this stuff was all abandoned and going to be demolished, so what the heck? I started a stream which initially fell onto the fabric of the chair, then started splashing back at my legs. I jumped a bit and cut the flow. I moved along to the next chair and sat my bare arse onto the chair near the front. I spread my legs and peed off the front of the chair onto the carpet, arcing down and impacting the floor about a foot in front of the chair. The puddle grew and grew on the surface of the fibres and then started to sink in so it stopped spreading. I kept going until I was done, then slid backwards to wipe my pussy on the fabric of the seat. Lucy had been watching of course and complimented me on the size of the puddle. "Your turn now" I said. Lucy slid down her pink knickers and kicked them off, then she got up onto a desk, pulled up her skirt and squatted low down on the edge of the desk, with her bum pretty much between her feet (still clad in her slip on shoes). I had a clear view right between her legs to her neatly trimmed pubic area as she opened her flood gates and poured forth her golden rain on the carpet below. She twisted around and pattered the floor in an ever widening splatter which left spots and small puddles over a significant area. Eventually she came to a stop with the stream waning down nearer the desk and the last trickle landing onto the desk itself. She climbed down from the desk - still with her skirt hitched up and then looked around for something to use to wipe. On the back of one of the desk chairs hung a black cardigan which some previous employee must have forgotten or discarded. Lucy took hold of the sleeve that was draped down one side and carefully wiped up the inside of her legs and gave special attention to her pussy. She then let go of the now damp garment so the sleeve hung back where it was. She recovered her knickers and put them on over her shoes. "That's better" she said. "Now we can shop in comfort and we know where to come in future times of need". I agreed with her as we departed the shop and headed back through the gap to hit the shops - oh and of course the coffee shop..... Chloe. x
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    https://sndup.net/6s44 Next lockdown loo I found. Whilst jogging I went through a housing estate and down an alleyway with filled bins packed into it. It leads to an open car park so during broad daylight I walked down and in the middle squatted between two bins for a sneaky wee. Lucky nobody walked past as they would've seen the puddle even if they hadn't seen me make it. I was weeing quite hard in this one as you can hear in the audio, trying to relieve myself before anyone turns up.
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    Well it wasn’t a really accident unfortunately because I made it all the way through till morning. I did really have to go though as you can see and it felt amazing. It was more difficult to just let go just laying in bed than I thought but well worth it.
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    This statement is very true of course, but when you are lucky enough to have established that bond with a lovely lady, Wow! the experience is the best ever! Lying on the bed, waterproof sheet below, just back from a few beers at the pub, cuddling and loving and letting go on each other, still cuddling, just as you want and just as you need, well there are no words to describe that immense and ultimate pleasure. I have known that pleasure so I do speak with total conviction.
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    Maybe a year or so ago now I was listening to UK BBC Radio 2 in my car driving to work, and the presented Zoe Ball was discussing objects to be found in car boots... Various people phoning in talking about wellies, picnic blankets and the like. Then live on air, Ms Ball announced to the whole of the UK about having a 'pee bowl' in her boot, and when the co presenter questioned her she explained that her and her daughter had been caught short whilst broken down, and had both taken it in turns to pee in a carrier bag. Maybe she thought that would be more socially acceptable to a middle aged, middle class key audience demographic. Either way, we now have the enjoyable thought that Zoe Ball has peed by her car in the great outdoors and is prepared to do it again. (For the non-UK readers, BBC Radio 2 is part of the national broadcasting service and probably has the highest listener figures of any UK radio station, particularly during that breakfast show).
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    I guess the decision of 'mature' depends where you start from... If it's compared to own age then I guess I've got a smaller pool to choose from than some. Here's a couple to suit all ages...
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    when you pee makes a 💛! 🤣 i guess its just my panties’ way of saying thanks for all the love 💕 😙

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