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    Hi! I’m Valerie, from the US. I’ve had a pee fetish for quite a long time and I’ve been a silent regular to the site for almost as long. I figured it was finally time to actually interact with people and the community. I started getting into pee with omorashi and have since added golden showers and naughty peeing to the list. Huge fan of indoor naughty pees/ vandalism. I’ve dabbled in it when I was away at college and I’m always open to suggestions! My favorite experience was probably walking around campus just pissing where I pleased, on a common room couch, in the hallway, my dorm rug... Anyway, looking forward to meeting y’all! 🙂
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    I won't mention their name because I wouldn't like to embarrass them but a highly respected member on here has been a bad influence on me (Joking)! They told me that they like to pee into their sink regularly. Up until now, I was unsure if I could do that because I'm not very tall and can't pee on an upward trajectory. However, today I stood on my toes and my crotch was well above the level of the bathroom sink, so imagining I was this member, I unleashed a yellow stream against the white porcelain. Difficult to explain, but almost as if I was being their understudy in a play or similar. Copying their activity was such a turn on that after I'd finished in the sink and washed my hands, I had to go into the bedroom and frig myself. Yes, I gave myself a climax imagining that I was another member of this site using their sink. Naughty Girl!!
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    The liquid was going through me, so we stopped in a parking garage and I watered a pillar. The cola finally worked through me. Also a photo of the puddle I made. I hope this makes up for the less than impressive performance earlier!
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    This evening, I found this particular spot and used it myself. Unfortunately, despite half a bottle of red wine and two colas, I didn't seem to produce very much. Oh dear. Still, you can see a little bit of a stream that I released into the pee already there (peeing into someone else's pee is always a turn on). This also gives me the opportunity to show you my new leggings. I adapted two pairs of leggings into one to have a split crotch. Rather like the much vaunted but elusive Chickfly. I can now pee directly through the them without having to lower them.
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    I wasn't sure how much I was going to like the headline band at the festival I went to. So I got a place at the side of the crowd, quite close to the front, so I had a good view, but could also get out easily enough if I decided it wasn't for me. It was a young, energetic audience and a loud, fast band who put on a powerful performance. (As it turned out, I did like them!). There was a girl dancing near me, with a girl friend, and I enjoyed watching her too. She was just gorgeous, with a slim, fit body, cute, fresh face, blue eyes, and long, blonde, naturally curly hair. She was probably only about 3-4 metres from me, and the crowd there was thin enough that she had plenty of room to dance. She wore a short, pale blue dress, with yellow sunflowers on it over a white t-shirt. It was a sleeveless dress, with just a couple of straps over her shoulders to hold it up. She took her friend's hand , shouted something in her ear, and then the two of them walked a few paces to the left, right at the edge of the crowd. Her friend stood facing her - she was sideways on to me - and she slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders. She pushed it right down to her knees, dropping to a low squat, and pulling down her thong as she did so. Now, crouched in front of her friend, she began pissing in the grass. I clearly saw the sparkling arc of pee fountain from her to puddle between her heels. I just stared. She didn't care. Her friend was blocking her from the audience in front of her, and she wasn't really bothered about people watching her. Anyway, it was fairly dark - although the stage lights were bright - and most people were watching the band. When she finished, she swapped places with her friend; her shorts and knickers came down and she also squatted to pee in the grass. Her friend was pretty too, but the blonde girl was super-model stunning, so her performance left less of an impression on me. They weren't the only girls I saw peeing during that set. Many didn't want to miss any of the show by going to queue for a portaloo, so the grass at the edge of the crowd became a sort of informal open air, very public ladies' urinal for many desperate girls.
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    Hi everyone, back with the next part of this series. The first part is here, and the second part is here. It contains wetting and naughty indoor peeing, with elements of pee vandalism (though nothing overly malicious). ############################# The students stood in a line, stamping their feet against the cold. Each was wrapped up in coats, ski pants and salopettes, with bulky boots on their feet, and a pair of skis held clumsily in their arms. The queue stretched out ahead of them, winding back and forth into the building from which the chairlift would carry them up the mountain. The cold was not the only issue for the students. They had each drunk a couple of mugs of ski hostel tea and coffee to warm themselves up over breakfast, and for at least some of the students, the liquid had worked its way through them and now wanted to be released. “Why didn’t you just piss in the room before we left?” Helen asked. “That’s what we did.” The hostel that they were staying in was drastically under-equipped with bathrooms, only one per floor, which had led these students to finding some unusual alternatives. “What are you, my mother?” Kelly snapped. “I thought it would be nice to piss in a proper toilet for once this trip.” “Same here,” said Will. “There’ll be some public ones up ahead, I’m sure.” “They’ll be gross, though,” said Chloe. “Public toilets in places like this always are. Peeing on the carpet will feel civilised by comparison.” The queue inched forward, and the students rounded a corner. “There, see?” Will said, pointing at the ‘WC’ sign they could now see over the heads of the crowd. A second later his face fell, seeing the long line of people queueing for the toilets. “What is it with this place and not providing enough loos?” said Kelly. “And they’re charging a euro a head,” Steve pointed out. “Fuck that.” “We can hold your place in this queue if you want to go stand in that queue instead?” Jo offered. Kelly pulled a face. “Nah, I’m good.” “Are you gonna wait until we get to the top of the mountain?” Jo said. “I dunno if there’ll be any up there.” “I’m not gonna wait,” said Kelly, lowering her voice. “I’m just gonna go.” For a second they all looked at her, confused. Then their eyes moved down to Kelly’s crotch, which had suddenly started to glisten. Her salopettes were black, so the wet patch was difficult to notice, but once you knew to look for it it was unmistakable. “Oh, eww,” said Nicole. “You dirty cow.” “Keep your voice down,” said Kelly. “Don’t attract attention.” The wet patch spread quickly down Kelly’s legs. Seconds later there was a dripping sound, so quiet it was difficult to hear, and a puddle started to form on the concrete around her boots. She breathed a deep sigh. “Christ, it’s so good to let it out,” she said. “Well, I’m not gonna do that,” said Nicole. “I’d rather pay a euro than piss myself.” “She’s still going, look,” said Steve, who was watching the wet patch now spread upwards, soaking through Kelly’s underwear and hugging her buttocks. “Yeah, all right,” said Kelly. “Feel free to stare at something else.” She adjusted her trousers, where the wet material was clinging to her. “You all done now?” Nicole asked. “Feeling better?” “Take the mick all you like,” said Kelly. “I don’t need to piss anymore and I saved a euro.” “Well, I’m going to the bog,” said Nicole. “Who else is coming?” She, Will and Steve peeled off from the group, leaving their skis with the others, and joined the line for the toilets. The line moved slowly, and they were waiting for a good five minutes before they reached the turnstile and paid their euro each. Once inside, they each felt a sense of dismay. The line stretched even further ahead, along a sort of corridor past a line of sinks, before reaching the cubicles. From here they could see that there were only four cubicles, all unisex, and at least one seemed to be out of order. The queue of men and women ahead were all in various stages of visible desperation. Most obviously, a French girl a couple of places ahead of them in the queue was holding her crotch and whispering urgently with her friends. On top of this, as Chloe had predicted, the place was disgusting. The tiled floor was covered in half-melted snow and mud from outdoors, and a powerful smell of shit and stale urine hung around the poorly-ventilated air. Despite the steep entry price, it seemed like a long time since the place had been cleaned. “Man, fuck this,” said Steve. “What?” said Nicole. “I paid my euro, I’m not waiting any longer.” “Why, what are you going to do?” asked Will. “What do you think?” said Steve, undoing his flies. “Seriously, here?” asked Nicole. “Why not?” said Steve, turning to face the nearest wall. “If they don’t like it, they should give us better toilets.” Nicole said, “Fuck it, you’re right,” and started fighting with the clips on her salopettes. Will still looked hesitant, but he didn’t want to be outdone by Steve, who was now pissing like a racehorse against the side of the corridor. Will lowered his own flies and stepped up next to Steve, at the same time as Nicole managed to pull her trousers down and sank into a high squat in the middle of the corridor. The people immediately in front of and behind them in the queue had stepped away as soon as they realised what was happening. The entire line of people were watching, some giving them dirty looks, others looking shocked, others laughing. The French girl a few metres away, the one who was holding herself in desperation, whispered something to her friends. They said something back, and she gave an angry reply. Suddenly she started undoing her own belt, pulled her pants down, and made a low squat beside Nicole. The two girls exchanged relieved smiles as their streams splashed off the tiled floor. Further ahead in the queue, two men exchanged looks, shrugged, and stepped up to face two of the sinks. An older man lowered his trousers and started to piss against the door of the out-of-order cubicle. It seemed that all it had taken was one person to break the ice. Around Steve, Will, and Nicole, a puddle the width of the corridor had formed. They surveyed the mess as they finished up, then made their hasty way out to rejoin their friends.
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    This one is on the walkway round the back deck of a cruise ship and not only that, but it is a crew member that is peeing. That is a Royal Caribbean Badge that she is wearing. I wonder if it is in the crew quarters?
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    I was 17 and with the guy who would become my first ex-husband. Sex didn't stop hurting until after I became pregnant, and I don't remember how I talked him into it, but I was the one who initiated the pee play. He was one of those rare males who could piss with a full erection. I was fascinated with holding his cock while he pissed on various household surfaces. At some point, we were sharing our pee with each other, and one of my favorite ways was rubbing his cock head against my clit and labia, while we both peed. He also would remain inside my vagina after fucking me and wait a short while before "flooding the cave". I would pee anywhere he wanted me to. The one way I seemed to lack inhibitions was in my pee life. To this day, I would still take pee anywhere except in my face or mouth. I abhor the taste. But I would pee anytime or anywhere my man would want me to. And I can pee a lot!
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    I love a good naughty pee but I’ve found I’ve been running out of ideas. Some of my fantasies are mall changing rooms, vandalism, clothing, etc. Any suggestions? Female btw 🙂
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    The reason he kept it to himself was because his first wife responded horribly. She told him he was weird and gross and when they divorced she held it over his head and said she was going to tell everyone so they would shame him. He didn’t know how I would respond. Once we talked about it and I told him I was open to everything, he has opened up tremendously. It has been great. I hope more husbands see this and decide to talk to their wives about it. I also hope more wives are open and decide to join.
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    I've pissed with other people over the years lol. My wife and I piss together when on road trips and definitely in the shower One of the best experiences was many years ago. A group of 17 or 18 of us went to the next province to a strip club. I forget how many guys ans girls there was but after the bar closed we all grabbed beer for the drive home so we could continue to drink at another person's place. Well before we left town everyone had to piss, well we all found a fence in a back alley to piss on!. Aftwr we all emptied out there was quite a huge puddle of piss lol
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    Both on a tree (several times) and outside in the city streets (again, several times).
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    So I've been with my partner coming up to 5 years now and it's only recently I decided to open up to him about having a pee fetish. The other night I had a dream that I was peeing on myself and woke up really turned on and wet so I told my boyfriend who grabbed the towels straight away to put down on the bed. I have peed on him before but he's never peed on me so I asked him if he would. In between fucking he'd pull his dick out of me and I'd pee all over it. He also ate me out and asked me to pee in his mouth which neither of us had ever done before but oh my god did it turn me on! He then stood up while I was laying on my back and he finally released and peed all over my pussy. It felt so good and turned me on so much. This experience was too good not to share. What was your first experience of someone peeing on you - or you peeing on them.
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    A few more pics of me
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    Love the fact that you can pee in the sink standing @Eliminature. Although plenty of men do that (myself included), I don't think many ladies do so. I have seen pics of ladies hoisted up on sinks (and a couple where the sinks fall off the wall), but never ladies standing at sinks. Very impressive. For myself, I regularly pee in sinks - it is very convenient, saves walking to the bathroom if the kitchen sink is nearer, is easier to use "no hands" because once in position, no aiming required and of course it uses a lot less water to flush as you can simply use the hand washing water to rinse.
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    Definitely. I've done it twice more already.
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    Girl peeing on the balcony of her cruise ship stateroom (cabin). She absolutely did that for fun because there would have been a toilet in her stateroom. I must admit that I am also guilty of having done this myself several times on different cruise ships.
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    Girl peeing on the deck of what looks to be a passenger ferry. Taken from this video: https://www.xvideos.com/video30492289/japapese_teen_public_pees
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    did i forget that i’m wearing a skirt? or am i just naughty for careing that i am? teehee. 😇☺️ i mean sometimes the one you’re wearing just shows things anyway. 😝 so like either way, it was fun wondering if maybe someone got a peek of an uppie or two. 💕
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    Extase de Paris (An art student gets to have fun observing some artful peeing while traveling abroad) Thoughts of Yvonne were all Ryan's mind had room for. He relaxed into the seat as the plane prepared to leave Paris. The university sponsored trip with his classmates to the infamous city introduced to them new people, culture, sights, food and a surprise experience beyond anyone's prediction. The third and final day of their stay was of overcast skies as they visited an art museum belonging to a wealthy friend of their professor. Converted from one of his mansions and due open to the public the next day, he granted them an exclusive tour. A few minutes after admiring the paintings and sculptures on display, he saw a stunning woman with a glass of wine appear and introduce herself as Yvonne, kissing their professor on the cheek. A well-kept, elegant woman of late forties with a long ponytail, wearing a tight black midi skirt, white blouse and high heels, she was a former model and wife of the owner. Privy to fine details since an early age, Ryan was more fond of her then anything the museum could offer. The curves of her body, no longer abused from the model's diet, were finally allowed to blossom into the feminine shape nature intended. Drawing him in further were her eyes, bright-gray and surrounded by black eye-shadow that radiated a tamed fire that he could feel hiding within her. Yvonne showed the group around a bit, educating them about some of the art before inviting them outside to the patio. She told of her modeling days in the states and encouraged them to share their future aspirations with her over drinks and snacks while they waited for the other six students to arrive. Fifteen minutes later, she excused herself and Ryan wandered off on his own to revisit some of the paintings. “You like this one?” he heard from behind. As he turned around, Yvonne was strolling up to him, having refilled her wine glass. The expression on her face was neutral, leaving him unsure of her feelings. “Ye, yes ma'am I do like it,” he replied. “It's not a famous piece. A friend of ours did it right before he passed two years back. You remind me of him quite a bit, his name was Paul. He liked doing these landscape scenes. What's your name?” “Ryan. I'm sorry to hear that. It is a beautiful painting.” “It is. I love it. Well Ryan, we have some time. Since you admire this one, follow me upstairs, there is more of his work in storage. I think you'd appreciate it. My assistant can give your other classmates their tour.” He complied and followed her, conflicted about how justified he was in feeling that her proposition was odd to some extent. The second floor was unattended and quiet as she led him around a few corners down the spacious hall, giving him time to admire her from behind. The clicking of her heels echoed around them as the sound of rainfall began. They entered a large room containing various art pieces. Yvonne told him she was going to use the restroom across the hall and come right back. Ryan observed the paintings, all of which were of busty women in sexual poses. Yvonne returned, too soon to have done her business. “Merde, I forgot the bathroom on this floor is being remodeled, I'll just go when we head back down,” she said while joining him, sipping her wine as Ryan looked around. She continued, “I think you understand now why I said you remind me of Paul. He liked breasts, same as you.” Rattled by her comment, Ryan asked why she would assume such, to which she replied, “You think I didn't notice you staring at my chest down there?” Having Yvonne confront him about his gaze caused a jolt through his body. He began to stumble through shame to apologize, only for her to chuckle and reassure him that she was used to being looked at. As the rain grew stronger, they walked around looking at the paintings, with Yvonne revealing that each one was a woman from Paul's life. The first one, of a young petite blonde, showed her laying on her stomach, chin resting in palms, on a bed fully nude with morning sunshine highlighting her backside. “This is Mary, his first love. Her family didn't approve of their romance and drove them apart.” The next was of a curvy woman with thick brown hair, seated on the edge of a table with her legs spread, shaved pussy in plain view, with arms raised, ruffling her thick curls and smiling. “This is Danielle, his ex-wife and mother of his two daughters. He did this early in their relationship. She divorced him years ago, 2012 I think. He was never the same after that. He drank himself to death but the heartbreak of losing her is what really killed him.” Following two more paintings of other women from his past in less explicit rendition, they arrived at one with a unique story. It was of a slim woman in high heels shown from behind standing in wide stance and looking to the side, her face covered down to the lips by the shadow of the fancy hat she wore, while fully nude. “And her,” asked Ryan. “This here...is Justine. They dated briefly after his divorce.” “You don't seem fond of her.” “After her and Paul split, my husband Arthur took quite the liking to her. They had eyes on each other the first time they met. When I found out they were sleeping together, I threatened to expose some things about his business that he doesn't want the world knowing about. She was gone after that.” “Whoa. I like how you handled it, stern but graceful.” “Oh it wasn't all graceful, I had a knife to his throat when I threatened him.” “A knife?! Holy shit.” “Haha, anyway, you know what Ryan, I trust you. Here's a little secret about this painting between me and you. After a few drinks one night, Paul told me the original version was identical but with her peeing and that he sometimes held her from behind while she peed and that he tasted it. Oh how he begged me to keep that to myself after he sobered up.” “What?! Did...did you ever see that one?” “No. Why, does that interest you, seeing a woman pee?” “Well no, no I just, was curious since you know, there's so many erotic pieces in here. I just figured it's in here as well.” “Uh huh...Anyway, when he told me that, I said that version would've at least distracted from her bad posture. Her legs aren't straight enough, back not arched in enough. I did that pose countless times. I know when a girl isn't doing it right, not that she was a model but still I can see how much better it can be, how much more power it can have.” “Well, would you be willing to show a young man how a professional does it?” Yvonne laughed and took the final sip of her wine. With her inhibitions lowered just enough to entertain the idea, she handed Ryan the glass and stood a few feet in front of the painting, mimicking Justine's pose. The rain continued to pour down heavy. She looked back at him and lowered her eye brows in a seductive stare. Years of modeling experience honed to an instinct resurfaced like the flip of a switch. “How is this,” she asked. Ryan replied, “Good!” Enjoying the return to her younger self, she stood in a wider stance and pushed her backside further out. She then lifted the left side of her skirt to knee level with one hand and fluffed her hair with the other while still holding eye-contact with him. Ryan admired every inch of her, no longer ashamed, given the change in her behavior. The energy radiating from her made him understand what she meant about the power of doing a pose properly. “Wow. That's perfect. You definitely look better than Justine.” Yvonne's next question took him by surprise, despite how close the situation had already come to crossing a line. “Would I still look better than her if I were peeing?” “I can't judge what I can't see.” As he stood nervous from the growing intensity, she stared at him briefly then pulled her skirt higher, above her waist. The sight of her thighs and ass, with only a white thong wedged within, elevated Ryan to a new level of arousal. Her body seemed age-resistant, each cheek smooth and plump to nearly perfect shape even for a woman half her years. His skin flushed, then a moment later, a yellow trickle began falling through her underwear and pooling between her feet on the wood floor. Her excitement was apparent as she continued to pee with a more forceful stream. The look on Ryan's face was plenty reassurance that she wasn't the only one enjoying it. With one hand, she moved her thong aside. The moment her pussy was free from the fabric, her stream grew with pressure as each second passed. Before long, the sound of hissing became audible over the rainfall. The insides of her thighs soon were wet as the flow of pee continued to spray harder. Yvonne now had a wine-fueled gush of a torrent flooding the floor. Still looking at him, her smile turned to laughter, overcome by the arousal from such intense relief and indulging her hidden exhibitionist urges. With her puddle having spread far enough to touch his shoe, Ryan felt compelled to make a bold move. He approached and pressed into her from behind, putting his hands around her stomach. She embraced his touch and his erection poking her as her messy flow stopped. With his mouth at her ear, he asked, “You think this is how Paul held Justine?” “Mmm, I think it could've been.” “What do you think he said to her while he held her?” “I get the feeling there wasn't much being said at this point, especially after she finished.” “So are you finished?” Yvonne guided his hands to her crotch and pulled up on her labia. She pushed hard, releasing a noisy pressurized gush straight forward that struck the painting of Justine. “Yes, again!” he said to her. She took a breath and pushed, blasting it once more, directly on Justine's face. A large spatter covered the portrait of Paul's beloved at all four corners, trailing down and spilling from the easel. She turned around in his arms and replied, “Now I'm finished.” The kiss that followed was enraged with passion. Ryan made his way down and teased Yvonne by licking the pee from her legs and ankles in a slow and soft manner that drove her mad. He slid her thong off and gave her pussy a level of oral pleasure she forgot existed, good enough that she would've done anything for more. He was addicted to the sweetness of her aroma and taste of pee that remained on her labia, swollen pink with arousal. She struggled to keep her breath under the pleasure. A minute later, an orgasm stronger than she'd felt in years was building right as Ryan stood up and unzipped his pants. He carried her to the desk at the side of the room. She locked her legs around his waist. She twitched and nearly came the moment he penetrated. He slowly pushed deeper, trying to control his own climax. Then he pulled back and thrust in again. Barely two minutes in, Yvonne gasped. Her eyes rolled back, body stiffened as the orgasm took over. Ryan felt her walls tighten around his shaft as she made primitive moans. With a few more thrusts, he joined her in release. Thunder accompanied the heavy rain as they regained composure and prepared to return to the others on the first floor. Ryan picked up Yvonne's underwear and handed it to her. She responded, “Keep it, I hate them anyway.” As hot as he found her refusal to wear them, even more of a turn on was the nonchalant manner in which she stepped in her pee puddle on her way to the door. Before she opened it to leave, he asked her the question that was eating at him since she told him the intimate stories behind Paul's paintings. “Yvonne. Were you and Paul...” A master of ambiguity, she smiled and replied, “Well, aren't you imaginative.” Back on the first floor, she was smooth when inserting herself back into the social scene, interacting with guests like nothing happened. The rest of his classmates were finishing their tour and it was soon time to leave. With goodbyes exchanged, they all left for the airport to board the plane. The other students chatted about the sights they saw as the engines started up. Thoughts of Yvonne were all Ryan's mind had room for.
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    There's something I saw a couple of weeks ago - very tame, but it's kept popping back into my imagination so I'll share it here. During lockdown and the resulting 'new normal' I've gone from being a five-day-a-week office cubicle dweller to working a couple of half days in the office and the rest working from home. I'm finding myself freed from work by mid-afternoon most days and as a consequence when the weather suits, have been trying to get out for a bike ride. One such afternoon a couple of weeks ago I was taking advantage of some nice weather in the afternoon and was out in the fresh air. Where I live I have the advantage of loads of very rural country lanes so lots of choice of routes. I'd been cycling for about 45 minutes and was heading homewards along a 'relatively' busy B road. When I say relatively busy I'm still talking very rural - mostly fields and the odd farm and maybe one car or truck every 15-20 seconds. Definitely not rush hour. As I cycled along I was glancing at the nice houses, farms and the occasional barn conversion. The area is gently hilly, so there's something different to see over each hill or around every corner. I found myself approaching a little cluster of four or five houses on my right side. They were obviously built early last century with their imposing stone facades, sash windows and steps up to each front door. Just before the houses in the direction I approached from was a wide entrance way and a little road to maybe a barn or small industrial building. What I saw as I approached and passed on the opposite side of the road was first of all a girl standing in that driveway. She was probably about 18 and was a ginger redhead, wearing a white jumper emphasising ample breasts with a pleated mid-thigh length grey check miniskirt on beneath it. Definitely an attractive look. And when I say 'standing' in that she was on her two feet, but by no means standing stationary. She definitely couldn't stand still. Just in the few seconds of my cycling towards and past the houses she was bobbing and weaving, alternating between squatting and almost jumping in the air and pacing about. Most of the time her head was swivelling to look up and down the road. I'm not sure if she saw me, but it seemed she was looking for traffic from either direction. Just as my brain was processing what I imagined her predicament was, it was sort of confirmed when I saw a second girl standing on one of the doorsteps, on a mobile phone outside a closed front door. I think she was dark haired, but that was about as much as I could tell you. Constructing a scenario to fill the gaps in what I saw, I'm sort of imagining hearing one side of the conversation "Hi Mum, erm where are you? .... Well are you going to be long? ..... No, I know, but I forget my keys. It happens.... Well the thing is Stacey's with me and she's, well both of us really, really need the toilet ... yes, but we didn't need to go then did we ....." The only logical explanation for the redhead's motion seemed to be that she was absolutely on her limit of bursting to pee. I'm guessing they'd got a college bus or maybe a public bus from town, the best part of an hour's tortuous drive and arrived to a locked front door. Her looking up and down the road looked like she was frantically looking and hoping for someone to arrive home, or equally hoping for enough gap between traffic to be able to release her flood without risk of getting caught. I hope she did in the end make it, hope she had the sense to realise that anyone driving past would only get a fleeting glance of a girl with her face turned away anyway, an anonymous girl overtaken by nature. I'm hoping she realised that a few seconds squatting were far preferable to the pain of holding and the trauma of spending the rest of the afternoon in soaked knickers. I'm hoping she got the most amazing sense of relief and actually realised how enjoyable that release had been.... but who knows.
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    I can imagine that. Me: "Oh the queue inside is horrendous and I can't wait another minute! I hope you gentlemen don't mind..." [Lifts skirt and releases a forceful stream whilst still standing] Alfresco: [peeing on an upward trajectory thanks to the boner in his hand] "Oh no, we don't mind! Do we lads? Feel free!" 🤣😉
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    I couldn’t help it. I had to have a little fun on this overturned watering trough again this morning while doing my chores. https://www.erome.com/i/yaFOHMtn
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    There are some advantages of having no toilet amenties in my apartment such as not needing to visit the bathroom every time to relieve oneself. I was relaxing in just a t-shirt watching telly with a can of cider and my bladder was getting full. Due to the lack of facilities, I simply stayed where I was and proceeded to urinate on the carpet by sitting on the edge of the sofa. *TV volume was muted to reduce background noise* https://www.erome.com/i/RAWs7Ppk
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    This story contains female wetting, masturbation, and sex (including brief anal). Susie was dreaming. In her dream, she was floating on a cloud way up in the sky. She was perfectly relaxed and comfortable, laying on her back and enjoying the softness of the cloud, when she felt the need to pee. Susie smiled and sighed as she let go, soaking the cloud beneath her. She could hear her pee falling to the ground below as raindrops, and she smiled as she knew the people in the small village below must feel blessed by her gift to them. She certainly felt blessed as she could feel her warm pee dribbling into the soft cloud. It felt so real… Susie sat up quickly as she awoke, realizing that she wasn't on a cloud at all but was in her own bed. She gasped as she felt the unmistakable warmth of her pee soaking into her sheets and mattress under her. "Oh shit," she said. She wanted to stop it, but she was in full flow, and at the same time she felt a similar soothing comfort as the one from her dream. Realizing the bed was already soaked, Susie just relaxed and stared open-mouthed as she emptied her bladder into her bed. It hissed out of her and pooled warmly between her legs, soaking quickly into the mattress and creating a spreading puddle on the bed. When she finally finished, Susie could not believe what she had done. She crawled out of bed and stared at the big wet stain. Her bed was soaked, and she wasn't sure how or why this happened. She hadn't had an accident like this in years. She was divorced 45 year old with two grown children, for crying out loud! What also disturbed her was the pleasure she had felt while doing it, the acceptance and the relaxation. But she shrugged it off and figured it was just because she was still half asleep. All she could do now was strip the bed, throw the sheets into the laundry, and try her best to clean up the stain on her mattress. She had to do it quickly, though, because she also had to shower and get ready for work. Forty-five minutes later and she was out the door and off to work. Work was boring. Susie sat at her cubicle, scrolling through reports and answering phone calls. One thing she appreciated about her job was the privacy. Her cubicle was in a far corner office by itself, and unless someone really needed her, most of the time she was unbothered by coworkers, and if her supervisor needed her he would simply call her office phone. Just after lunch, Susie found herself falling asleep at her desk. She was sitting at the edge of her chair, elbows rested on her desk, when her eyelids became heavy and she started to doze off. She was dreaming again. This time she was sitting on the edge of a cliff, looking down at the village below. She smiled as she opened her legs, relaxed, and sent a strong stream off urine down upon the village, showering it with her warm flow. Susie gasped and opened her eyes as she felt her panties fill with warm pee that soaked into the edge of her chair and dripped onto the floor. She watched helpless as she peed full flow through her panties, but she again felt that feeling of wonderful pride and relief, and all she could do was sit there and finish peeing into her panties, letting it drip quietly to the dark carpet. As soon as she finished, she felt a strange mix of arousal and shame, but she quickly looked around to see if anyone had seen her. Susie stood up from her chair and inspected the damage. Luckily, her skirt was still dry, but her panties were soaked, and there was a small stain on the edge of her office chair and some droplets of pee on the carpet, which would probably go unnoticed on this dark carpet. "What the hell is happening?" Susie asked. She grabbed some paper towels from the corner of her desk and did her best to wipe off her chair and her damp thighs inner thighs. She then walked to the bathroom, removed her panties and tried to wring them out and dry them off under the hand dryer. She finally got them dry enough to wrap them in a paper towel and stuff them in her purse. She would have to go commando for the rest of the day. After work, Susie tried taking her mind off of what had happened twice that day, but she couldn't. It didn't help that she had to finish cleaning up her bed and put on new sheets. She kept trying to recall the dreams, but every time she could only remember small details. What she could remember vividly, though, was the brief but deep pleasure she felt from peeing herself. She couldn't understand it, but she also couldn't deny it. While the accidental wetting embarrassed and ashamed her, Susie had to admit that for the first few seconds of it she had really enjoyed the warm feeling of peeing herself. She put it out of her mind, though, and tried to move on with the rest of her day. Later that evening, Susie was reclining on the couch watching reruns of a show when she started to doze off again. Somewhere in the back of her mind she thought about getting to walk to her bed, but the couch was pretty comfortable, so she stayed. After a little while, her eyes closed and she fell asleep. Susie was dreaming again. This time she was laying back in an ornately decorated chaise in a large room, and there were people standing around, all of them staring eagerly at her. She smiled and moaned. "Mmm, here it comes." The people looked very pleased as a heavy flow of pee dribbled out of her and soaked the chaise cushion beneath her. Susie opened her mouth in a gasp of relief and pleasure as her warm pee sprayed out of her, splashing against her legs and the chaise. She woke up gasping, but this time it was the same gasp of arousal she had felt in her dream. Susie looked between her legs and saw her warm pee spraying through her panties and soaking into the couch. It only occurred to her briefly that the couch might be ruined before she lost herself in the warm pleasure of fully wetting herself. "Ohhh, my god," she moaned. "I don't know… what's happening to me… but this… feels so good." Her pee continued to hiss through her panties and into the couch cushion, making a warm dark stain that spread beneath her. As her flow eased to a trickle, Susie could not help but reach down and rub herself. It only took a few strokes before she was screaming as she climaxed. Afterwards, Susie stood up from the couch and looked at the mess she had made. While she realized how bad it was, she did not feel as concerned as expected but instead the sight pleased her. In spite of her little nap, Susie was still very tired, so she decided to go to bed. She started to change into pajamas, but she remembered the events of the day, which started with a bedwetting, so she chose to sleep naked. Susie had decided that if she had another accident and ended up ruining her mattress she would just have to buy another one. She crawled into her bed, smiling and the soft feel of the sheets against her naked body. Susie didn't know if anything would happen tonight or in the morning, and she was surprised to find that part of her wanted something to happen. She snuggled into her bed and was soon asleep. Susie was dreaming again. In her dream she was laying on her back in a king-sized bed, surrounded by pillows and fully naked men. "It's okay," said one of the men. "Just let it go in the bed," said another. "We want you to," another said. Susie sighed and started to pee, feeling it dribble and pool between her legs, soaking her bottom and the bed with delicious warmth. As she continued to pee, a man to her right touched her labia and her slit, and then he grabbed her left leg and turned her towards him. He pulled her close to him and wrapped her leg over his and entered her. Then the man to her left scooted close behind her until he was spooning her, and then he slid his penis into her ass. Susie woke up crying out, but it was the familiar cry of an orgasm. She was surprised (or maybe not) to see that in addition to her bed being soaked, she was laying on her side with one finger plunged into her vagina and another in her asshole. Susie panted and gasped as her climax subsided and she squirted more pee into her bed. Although she still didn't understand what was happening to her or why these vivid dreams were causing such lewd behavior, Susie also knew she didn't want it to stop. She would just have to figure out how to manage them. To be continued...
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    The Longest Road Synopsis, a long drive with a young lady leads to desperation and pissing fun, includes desperation, wetting and eventual humiliation. It was going to be a very long day, for some reason I'd allowed myself to be talked into picking a friends daughter up from down south and taking her back up north, and when I say up north I mean right up north, about as far up north as you could get without being in Scotland. I set off from my house at a little after 3am, I'd done the run down south often enough to know that if I didn't hit a certain point by 7.30 then I could end up sitting in traffic for several hours, the last thing I wanted. The run down was quite steady it was mostly trucks on the road at that time and at 6.45 I pulled off at the first services an the M25 to have a pee, grab a drink and make a phone call, I'd spoken to Susie, (the young lady I was picking up) the night before and told her I'd ring her when I was about an hour and a half away to make sure she was up and ready, from what I'd heard she was a little bit shall we say relaxed about things like timekeeping. I went into the services and used the toilets, grabbed a cold Coke, it keeps me going better than Coffee, and headed back to the car, it was a pleasant morning, dawn had broke about 6am and it was still a little chilly, a slight mist hung in the air, it looked like it was going to be a pleasant enough day, at least up to now it did. I lit a cigarette and stood by the side of my car, placed my can of Coke on the roof and dialled Susie's mobile number, it rang for ages and just when I thought it was going to go to voicemail she answered, she sounded half asleep and then admitted that it was my call that had woken her, despite knowing she had an early start she'd gone out for a few drinks with her friends last night and only got into bed at around 1.30! I told her I'd be with her at about half eight and to be ready, she said she would grab a shower, get dressed and pack the last of her bits and pieces, she should be ready when I arrived, I hoped so. I threw the phone back onto the passenger seat, stubbed out the cigarette and finished the can of Coke before dropping the can into a nearby litter bin, the slight chill in the air had made me feel quite awake again and I listened to the radio as I made my way along the M25, the traffic was picking up now, in another hour or so it would be like a giant car park, I didn't want to be on it when that happened. There's a trick to using the M25, it's all about timing, in a morning it is busy going into London and quiet coming out, late afternoon it changes, busy out and quiet in, the trick is to plan your run, sometimes even hitting a certain point half an hour later can mean sitting in a jam for an hour later down the line. I had an uneventful trip down the motorway and came off at the junction not far from her house, I looked at the clock on the dashboard, it was 8am and I was about 15 minutes away. Arriving at her flat I already had the back seats dropped on the big Volvo estate ready to load up her gear and head back on the road, I wasn't planning on hanging about, it was going to be a 'turn and burn' as we called it. Susie opened the door and I realised that she wasn't nearly ready, she had a mug of coffee in one hand and was still wearing her dressing gown, her hair was all over the place and it was obvious she'd not long got out of the shower, to say I was a little bit annoyed was an understatement and she could sense it. “I'm sorry I'm not ready it'll only take me about 10 minutes, come in and have a drink” she said with a smile, even though she wasn't ready she still looked attractive and as much as I wanted to have a go at her for being late I just couldn't, “I'll start loading the car while you finish off” I said, looking at the pile of boxes on the lounge floor, “ok won't be long” she giggled giving me a flash of thigh as she ran upstairs to get dressed. I'd almost finished loading the car when she came back down, so much for it taking her ten minutes, it was nearer thirty, but when I saw her it was worth it, her long hair was brushed and hanging over her shoulders, a tight white blouse encased a pair of firm attractive looking breasts, I could just see what looked like a white sports bra through the thin white blouse and her long slender legs were encased in a pair f tight blue jeans that seemed to join seamlessly with a pair of black calf length high heeled boots, as I said the end result was well worth the wait! Finally loaded we got into the car and set off, she chatted about all kinds of stuff, how she was glad to be leaving London, how much she was looking forward to moving back up north, how she was looking forward to starting her new job and seeing what the nightlife was like, she'd heard it was good where she was going and she certainly liked to party she told me, she reached down into the carrier bag at her feet and pulled out a can of lager, “oh well, I've a week off before my new job starts so I guess the holiday starts here” she giggled opening the can. She continued to chat as I drove, pausing occasionally to take a long drink from the can, eventually she'd finished it and dropped it back into the bag, she took out a packet of cigarettes, “smoke?” she asked, “please” I replied, she took two from the pack, lit them and handed me one, “I like a smoke with a beer don't you” she asked, I nodded, “yes, maybe I'll have a beer later when we get you to your new flat” I replied, she smiled, “I hope so, I'm going to have another”. She reached into the bag and pulled out another can and opened it, “you want to watch those, we don't want to be stopping at each services for the toilets” I told her, trying to warn her without sounding horrible. “Oh don't worry, I can hold it” she replied, 'I do hope so' I thought to myself. We'd been on the road for just over an hour and a half and she'd drunk four cans of Lager, I was certain that pretty soon she'd start asking for a rest stop and sure enough she did, just after we'd passed the services. “can we stop soon please, I need a wee” she asked, I tried not to show my exasperation at having just passed the services, “ok the next stop is in about 25 miles, that should take us about half an hour”, she smiled, “that's fine” she replied. At the next services I sat in the car and waited while she hurried off to the toilets, I couldn't help noticing her shapely rear wiggling in those tight jeans and wondered if she realised the effect it would have on men as she passed them, I had to admit it, given the chance I wouldn't mind a closer look at what was inside the tight blue denim. “all good now” she said as she sat back in the car, we'd only been driving for about ten minutes and she opened another can, that went down in a few minutes, quickly followed by another, at this rate she'd want to stop again shortly and we were not even halfway up the motorway. The big Volvo purred along it was barely above tickover speed as we made our way towards the M1 at a steady 55 miles an hour, the weather was bright and clear and the traffic moving freely, it was going to be a good day, at this rate we'd be up in the North East by about 8pm, not too bad at all. Suddenly the traffic began to slow to a crawl, I knew it was too good to be true, the radio announced that a lorry had overturned where the two motorways joined and there were delays of up to an hour, Susie squirmed slightly in her seat, “oh dear, that's not good is it” I shook my head then she added, “how far to the next services?” I sighed softly, looked at the clock and did a quick calculation in my head, “well if the delay is about an hour then I reckon about an hour and a half” I replied, “the next services is on the M1and if the delay in getting to the M1 is about an hour then I reckon it's another half hour to the services so about an hour and a half all in”. Susie shivered and crossed her legs, “oh, I see, I don't suppose there's anywhere closer?” I shook my head, “sorry no” she sat quietly, every so often she'd cross and uncross her legs, “I wish this traffic would hurry up, I need a wee” she said, gritting her teeth. To be honest I'd made this run that often and seen this same situation played out that many times it was the main reason I hardly drunk anything when I was doing this run, I'd relax a bit later and have another drink when we were on the M1, I took a couple of cigarettes out of my pack and lit them, “here, it'll take your mind off things” I said, handing one to Susie. She smiled as she took it, “thanks, I hope so, I'm beginning to regret wearing these tight jeans” she replied. Twenty minutes later and we'd moved just over a mile and a half, “ooh how much longer?” she moaned staring at the back of the lorry in front of us as we ground to a halt once more. I was just about to answer her when she pointed to a plastic pop bottle on the hard shoulder, it was a Coke bottle but it was full of a yellow liquid, “what's that?” she asked, forgetting her predicament for a moment. I looked at it and chuckled inside, it may have taken her mind of her present situation but it wouldn't help when I told her what it was. “must have been thrown out of that truck in front” I replied, “oh and what is it, it's not Coke that's for sure” replied Susie. I sighed, this really wasn't going to help her, “well it seems you're not the only one needing a wee” I replied, she looked at me and the penny dropped, “what you mean he's done it in the bottle?” she asked, “yes, it happens regularly with wagon drivers, after all being so high up nobody can see what he's doing” I replied, Susie squirmed and undid the button on her jeans, I could just catch a glimpse of a pair of small white panties as she lowered the zip seemingly forgetting I was sat only feet away. “well I wish I had a coke bottle right now” she replied “it's getting really desperate and I don't think I can hold on for another hour let alone an hour and a half” I don't know why I said it but I did, “an hour and a half, we'll be lucky, it'll be another two hours at this rate”, the traffic began to move and then stopped as suddenly as it had started, we'd moved less that 500 yards! “Anyway, a Coke bottle wouldn't be any good to you, think about it” I replied, “I'm doing nothing but think about it and it isn't helping, I'm beginning to regret drinking all that Lager now” she whimpered, crossing and uncrossing her legs. The traffic began to move and I could sense her relaxing a little, “oh thank god for that” she said, we managed about two miles before stopping again, “oh no, how much further, I really need to wee” she exclaimed.Unfortunately for her there was nothing I or anyone could do at the minute, nothing short of a miracle was going to get us out of this jam and we both knew it! We began to move again but this time only a little further, it must have been torture for her, so near yet so far, it began to dawn on both of us that she was not going to hold out until the services, it was probably the only certainty at this point. Suddenly she let out a little squeal and jammed her hand between her legs, “oh no, it's coming, help me”! I looked down and she moved her hands slowly away from her crotch, there was a small dark patch on the front of her panties about the size of a 50 pence piece, “god that was close” she whimpered, then added, “oh no, all my clothes are buried under the boxes in the back”, it wasn't looking good, not only would a full wetting not do my car any good but she'd be sat in wet jeans for the rest of the journey, I had to help her out. “Susie, I wonder if you'd mind taking off your jeans for me” I asked, she looked at me in amazement, “you want my jeans off?” I nodded, “if you don't mind, I think there may be a solution to your problem, but the jeans will have to go” she began to slowly pull off her boots, it must have been difficult considering she was not only sitting in a car but also had a very full bladder, as she was doing this the traffic began to move slowly forward, “oh it's ok, we're moving again” she said, she had taken off one boot and was in the process of removing the other but she stopped, “I'd carry on if I were you” I replied, seconds later the traffic stopped yet again, she slipped her boot off and began to slowly wriggle out of the tight white jeans, at one point it looked as though her panties would be following them but she managed to keep them on, “oops, nearly” she giggled, looking relaxed for the first time in ages, I laughed, “oops nearly what, you nearly lost your panties or nearly wet yourself?” I asked smiling at her, “both” she replied, “ok, so my jeans are off, what now?” I eased the big Volvo slightly to the right as the traffic slowly inched forward, all I could see for miles was cars and lorries, we were not going anywhere in a hurry, I moved back into my lane again, “put your boots back on, you'll be getting out in a minute” I replied, She picked up her jeans, “but I've just taken these off” she replied sounding desperate again, “just the boots, not the jeans, oh and pull that T-shirt down too”. She slipped her feet back into the boots and with a bit of wriggling managed to lower her T-shirt, it just covered her panties and looked like a very short mini dress. “Great, now here's what we're going to do” I told her, then explained my plan. I'd pull onto the hard shoulder and get out as though I was checking the engine, she could then step out as though she was stretching her legs and relieve herself at the side of the car, unless a wagon happened to be alongside us no-one would be any the wiser. The traffic inched forward slightly and I slipped slowly onto the hard shoulder, the traffic moved on a couple of hundred yards and stopped, wouldn't you know it, right alongside us was a truck, and a left hand drive one at that, looking down the driver had a clear view of everything. I got out of the car and opened the bonnet pretending to check something, Susie stepped out and the truck driver smiled at her and waved, she smiled back and came to join me as I peered at the Volvo's big 6 cylinder engine. “what do I do now if I squat he'll see everything?” she asked, then added, “and it's worse now I've stood up”. I was just about to say I had no idea when I heard a trickling sound, I peered deep into the engine, this was a hell of a time for a hose to burst! Unable to see anything I glanced at the floor, a large puddle was beginning to form at my feet, “oh well, that's that problem solved, it's just what I do about my wet panties now” she sighed, “get back in” I replied, dropping the bonnet, looking up I could see the truck driver still watching Susie, if only he knew. She pulled her T-shirt down over her wet panties and sat gently on the seat, luckily I had a good set of seat covers so no harm done, “ooh my bums all wet, should I take my panties off?” she giggled, “well I wouldn't, not with him watching” I replied, knowing that he could still see down into the car. She settled into her seat and then “urgh, my feet are wet, I think some went into my boots too” she replied, she sat there for a few minutes and then to my amazement reached into the bag and produced another can which she opened, I couldn't believe it, she'd just wet herself and here she was drinking again. She must have read my mind, “well at least my bladder's empty now” she giggled, shame you can't have one too”. I smiled, “it's ok, I'm fine” and I was, then again what red blooded male wouldn't be, sitting in a car with an attractive blonde girl sat beside them? The fact she was only wearing a short T-shirt, undies and boots only added to the pleasure. Eventually the traffic began to move off and this time it kept moving, as we made our way finally onto the M1, there was a line of emergency vehicles on the hard shoulder along with a badly damaged wagon, Blimey, he's done some damage to that” I said as I saw it, Susie glanced at the wagon, “yes and my boots and panties too” she giggled, finishing the last of her can. We approached the services, “want to call in here?” I asked, she shook her head, “no I'm fine and besides I can't walk in there dressed like this can I” she had a point, the top barely covered her panties when she was stood still, if she was walking it would show everything, “ok no problem” I replied accelerating slightly. I'd been driving for about an hour and decided to take a break myself, I came off at the next services, “won't be long” I told her as I got out of the car. I walked into the building, used the toilets and grabbed another Coke, when I got back to the car I was surprised to find Susie having another drink, this time from a bottle of wine! I asked her if she wanted to use the toilets and again she declined, I started the engine and continued up the M1. The wine seemed to affect her a lot more than the Lager had done and by the time she'd drank half the bottle I was beginning to get the impression she was more than a little drunk! She stretched out her long legs and relaxed, her top rode up slightly giving me a clear view of the small triangle of white material that covered her mound, I don't know if it was the fact they were still damp or just my imagination working overtime, but I could have sworn I could see a patch of blonde pubic hair. “I hope it's better up North I really do, I didn't really like London, the blokes were all so full of themselves, you'd think I'd have no trouble getting a bloke, after all I'm not in bad shape am I ?” She asked, taking a long gulp from the bottle, “I mean, don't you think my legs are nice” I nodded in agreement unsure where this was going, “I thought so and yet I haven't had a shag in ages” she replied, tantalisingly stroking the front of her panties with her right hand, I began to feel a stiffening in my jeans and hoped she wouldn't notice! She chatted as we drove, most of the time I just listened, eventually she'd finished the bottle and settled back into the seat, a few minutes later she was fast asleep. I drove along listening to the radio as she slept, occasionally I would glance down at the thin material between her legs and wonder. We'd just driven passed a services and she woke up suddenly, “I need a wee” she said and soon, “we've just past the services, it'll be about another 45 minutes before we hit the next one” I replied, she giggled, “don't worry, just keep your eye's on the road, we don't want any accidents do we”. I glanced across and out of the corner of my eye watched as she removed one of her boots, she slid forward in her seat and without removing her panties began to relieve herself into it, when she'd finished she slipped her foot back into it and sat back in her seat, “there, who needs a coke bottle when you've got boots on” she giggled, “I will just have to empty them at the next services!” She lit two more cigarettes and handed me one, then she opened another bottle of wine and took a long drink, “oh well it's not been a bad day so far” she said, a huge smile on her face.eventually I saw a sign for the next services, “want me to stop here?” I asked, “no it's fine, I've still got one empty boot yet” she giggled, I nodded, “ok your call” and kept driving. We were about three quarters of the way into our journey when she pulled off the other boot, she was quite drunk by now and even less inhibited than she'd been before, “Time for a wee and it's going to be a big one” she giggled as she positioned herself over her boot, the loud hissing confirmed she had a very full bladder indeed. As before she slipped her foot back into the boot but this time she looked down at the wet triangle of her panties, it was almost transparent, she pressed a finger against the soaking material and ran it slowly up her slit, my cock stiffened in my jeans, “I can't believe I haven't had a bloke in months” she complained “I bet you think I'm sexy don't you?” I nodded, “I'm sure you'll find a nice bloke when you get settled down you'll see” I replied, she sighed heavily and began to massage the front of her panties with her right hand, “but I don't want a NICE bloke, I want a bloke who'll use me and satisfy me, I want to be fucked hard and rough, I want filthy hard sex and I want spanking for being a very naughty girl” she insisted, I said nothing, just nodded, to be honest I was unsure what to say, or where this converstaion was going. As we climbed a slight hill we could see a forest on the left a few miles up ahead, just before it was a motorway exit, “quick pull off here” she yelled, I pulled onto the slip road and we came to a roundabout, on the other side was a narrow lane leading into the forest, “up there, straight ahead” she instructed, I drove along the lane until we came to an even narrower track on the right, “turn in” she yelled, I drove up the track and it opened out into a small clearing beneath a canopy of trees, it was deserted and the sun cast patches of light on the grass beneath the trees, she was out of the car in seconds, “follow me” she called as she walked quickly into the woods small spurts of piss spilling from her boots as she went. Just inside the stand of trees was a stump about 3 feet tall, she whipped off her T-shirt and stood in front of it, “well, d'you like what you see then?” she asked, suddenly seeming a lot more sober than she'd been in the car, “yes, yes I do like it” I replied, “in fact I like it a lot”, she smiled turned and faced the tree stump, folded her arms and leaned on it, her head resting on her arms, “well go on then, punish me” she giggled, “surely I deserve a good spanking for earlier, I mean at my age I shouldn't be wetting my panties should I, never mind wee'ing in my sexy black boots” She had a fair point and so did I, it was throbbing inside my jeans. I stepped forward feeling more certain now, after all she was old enough and undoubtedly willing, why not take advantage, she was offering after all. I ran a hand across the rear of her damp panties, they clung to her pert bottom like a second skin, “turn around Susie and stand up straight” I ordered, trying to sound stern, she complied instantly. “Susie, I can't believe what you did this morning, on wetting yourself once was an accident, maybe even twice, but you knew there were no toilets and you carried on drinking” she just nodded in silence. “not only did you wet your panties but you then did it again in your boots, not once, but twice and those boots look quite expensive” she nodded again, “they were” she replied meekly, I looked at her firm breasts in the tight white bra, her nipples looked very swollen, I was even more convinced she was turned on seeing this! “right, take off that bra, place it on the tree stump and come over here” I ordered, sitting down on a large log, She removed the bra immediately and stepped forward, her wet panties only inches from my face, I reached up and fondled her firm tits squeezing her nipples roughly between my finger and thumb, she let out a gasp followed by a soft murmur of satisfaction, “just as I thought, you actually enjoyed it didn't you, in fact I'm beginning to suspect it wasn't an accident at all, any of it, after all, you didn't even attempt to remove your panties!” She looked at me, “well I couldn't take them off could I, not in front of a stranger” she replied, not at all looking convincing, I took hold of her roughly and pulled her down onto my lap, she squirmed slightly, “ooh stop, I need a wee” I ignored her and began to spank her firm little bottom, she squealed and squirmed but I continued, “oooh noooo!” she squealed as she began to wet her panties once again, I continued the spanking relentlessly, when she stopped pissing I stopped spanking and made her stand in front of me. “that was disgusting, totally disgusting” I told her as I began to unfasten my jeans, I lowered them and my underwear and my hard cock sprang into view, “look at this, now I suggest you deal with it and quickly, come here”. She spread her legs, pulled her panties to one side and began to ride me, I held back for as long as I could, then finally I knew I could hold back no longer, it didn't matter, by my reckoning she'd cum at least 3 times, “right, since you like wearing filthy panties then you shall, in fact I think we can make them even dirtier” I growled, “oh yes, make them as dirty as you want, make me wear really filthy panties” she yelled, I let go and fired a massive load deep inside her, she sat still for a few minutes as we got our breath back then stood up, I could see the cum beginning to soak into her once pristine panties, “wait, I haven't finished yet” I ordered, sensing she was about to go into a squat. I stood in front of her, “pull those panties open”| I instructed, she pulled the front out giving me a clear view of her blonde pubic hair, it was matted with our cum. “well that needs cleaning” and before she could reply I began to piss into the front of her panties as she held them open, “enough, let go” I barked, she let them go like they were red hot and they snapped back into place, “now, piss your pants” I commanded, she threw back her head, stuck out her pert tits and closed her eyes, finally a heavy stream burst from the crotch of her panties, at this point I began to piss again, this time into her sexy black boots, filling first one then the other, when I'd finished they were almost overflowing! I picked up her Tshirt and threw it to her, “put this on, this can stay off” I said, stuffing her little white bra into my pocket.I walked slowly behind her as we headed back to the car enjoying the way her dirty little panties clung to her bottom and the piss slopped from her boots, we'd almost reached the car when a dog came running past us shortly afterwards and older man approached, “keep walking Susie” I called out. He stopped as he drew level and smiled, “nice day for it isn't it” he chuckled, obviously knowing what we'd been up to. “it certainly is, I've just been teaching this young lady some discipline, she's wet herself several times today” I informed him, his eyes lit up as he took in every inch of her body, “aye it looks like she's in a bit of a mess” he chuckled, his eyes scanning over her tits, down to her soaking panties and finally settling on her boots, he reached down and gently lifted her left leg before slipping of her boot, “can't have her in wet boots can we” he replied, giving me a knowing look, I nodded, “quite right” he reached out with one hand and pulled the front of her panties outward, then deftly poured the contents of the boot inside, he chuckled as he did so, finally he let the panties snap back int place and replaced the boot on her foot before removing the other one, this time he poured it down the back of her panties, “there we go, that's better” he said, he gave her tits a playful squeeze through the tight T-shirt, said goodby and wandered off into the forest in search of his dog, whistling as he went, no doubt his day somewhat brightened by his experience. We got back to the car and before we got in I made Susie remove her piss soaked panties and put on her jeans, finally I told her to pick up her panties and place them flat on the car bonnet. I took a marker pen from out of the car and told her to write across the seat of the panties, 'if found please return to Susie, or at least write and tell me how you liked them' and her new address before hanging them from a prominent tree branch. We got into the car and after rejoining the motorway headed north, eventually we arrived at her new place, It's been three weeks since that journey and she was telling me how she hadn't heard anything about her panties, not until today that was when she received a letter in the post from a man who lived near the forest, all it said in the letter was to insert the enclosed SD card into a computer, she did and a video began to play, it was a group of men stood in a clearing in a forest one by one they were taking it in turns to wank into something it looked like two small white fabric cups, when they'd finished the camera zoomed out, below the unidentified object was her panties, the writing on them clearly visible, suddenly she realised what the other object was, her sports bra! She hadn't noticed me hanging it on the branch alongside the panties. Finally a mans voice on the video thanked her for her little 'gift' if she wanted them back she'd have to send some others to them. She replied with a pair of her black panties and a tiny black bra, saying she hoped they'd enjoy these as much as the white ones, she can't wait until the white ones come back, she's going to wear them straight away. As for me, well I'm going to enjoy seeing her in them, she's such an incredible slut that she asked me to stay the night rather than drive home that night and I'm still there, she's not complained about not getting a fuck since we got back although sometimes she does walk a little oddly! The end
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    @Alfresco he had mentioned a time or two about me peeing outside when we had been out drinking, but I didn’t think about it. Now that I know, I know why he just casually mentioned it. I feel bad that I didn’t indulge sooner because it made him feel like something was wrong with him. I never want him to feel that way. We all have something that we like that others consider weird, so I wouldn’t make anyone feel that way intentionally. He is more along the lines of catching and seeing women peeing outside where they wouldn’t normally pee. Doesn’t necessarily have to see the act as you said. Since I have been open and enjoying it with him, he enjoys hearing about the times I have peed outside in my days before him and those conversations always end delightfully! 🔥 I have even stopped on the way home from work and FaceTimed him so he could watch. I am fully open to it with him.
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    Hide and go pee 😊 my favorite thing to do for the last few weeks is to find a place to hide and then unleash onto the carpet! In the very back of your closet, behind/under a table, behind a curtain, or the couch. Idk what it is, but it makes my naughty pees that much more thrilling!
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    Following their ordeal the group headed back to the bar area to seize the last few hours of the day. Drinks were flowing and the girls danced away on the makeshift dance floor making small talk with different groups of people oblivious to everything bar the music blaring. Daisy danced beside a lad, well dressed in a dapper suit, who invited the girls over to their table for a round of shots. "Girls, over here" Daisy shouted beckoning the girls to follow. With the prospect of even more alcohol in sight they couldn't refuse and they weaved their way through the crowd of bodies over to a table of five. It was only when Alyx and Robyn reached the table and looked around that they realized that, Dan and Evan, the two lads they had embarrassed themselves in front of earlier were part of the group. "Fancy seeing you girls again" said Evan clearly still beaming off the fact that he witnessed both girls gaping pee holes earlier in the day. "Have you recovered from earlier?" quipped Dan equally enthusiastic at seeing the pair of girls again. The others at the table looked at each other bemused completely lost in the conversation however passed no heed. Blushing and trying not to recall the past events too vividly Alyx replied brashly "I reckon you owe us shots for earlier", Robyn nodding in agreement. "Payback is it?" said Evan, ushering the girls toward the bar "Cmon so". The girls drank with Evan and Dan at the bar for the next hour. They each took turns to slag the lads dodgy haircuts and ankle socks, before sinking shot after shot of tequilla. The lads took the abuse well even slagging themselves at one point to the amusement of the girls. After a while the conversation turned to college and the workload they would have to face tomorrow once the hangover subsided before Dan interrupted with an off topic thought that had clearly been on his mind for a while. "I hope you don't mind me saying it but what happened earlier was the hottest fucking thing I have ever seen" laughing to himself, "Yea like the two of you are obviously so goodlooking and to see whats under them knickers actually turned me on so much" added Evan. Red-faced but also delighted with the goodlooking compliment Alyx giggled "Maybe you'll get to see whats under them again sometime" as she pulled Evan in and began kissing him, her hands gently stroking his crotch. Seeing this Dan and Robyn also embraced, Dan clasping his hands on the bottom of Robyn's thighs and feeling her taut bum under her dress as his mouth locked onto hers. The passionate kissing was only brought to an end a few minutes later when the main lights in the dancefloor area overtook the LEDs and a voice came across the speakers "Thank you all for coming, we hope you enjoyed it and we will see you all next year. If you would kindly begin heading to the buses". "We better go find the girls" Robyn announced as they said their goodbyes to the lads and headed back into the crowd now moving towards the exit. Eventually locating the girls they decided using the loos would be a good option before the homeward journey. They headed outside towards the portaloos but were shocked to find a wall of security blocking their path ushering them outside the track. "Can we just use the toilet first?" Katie asked a steward, "Sorry they're closed we need to get everyone out quickly" she explained pointing to the padlock now drawn across the gate outside them. The girls couldn't believe it, after everything that had happened earlier they swore they wouldn't make the same mistake of holding in their urine. To make matters worse theirs was the first bus parked outside the ground and the driver was anxious to get out before the crowd. "Hurry up girls, we need to go or we'll be blocked in" announced the driver angrily. "No time to pee in a bush so" whispered Daisy to the girls as they quickly made their way up the steps and down to the back. As the bus moved from its dock it was once again Katie who seemed in the greatest predicament. She was sitting on her heel almost physically blocking her pee hole from opening with the pressure of her foot "Girls I wont be able to hold this all the way back I can feel it coming out" she scolded. All the girls felt the same and it was eerily quiet as they began the countdown to home, each with their legs slammed together and a hand massaging their knickers. The three speed bumps the bus went over on the way out only adding to the suffering as they all moaned simultaneously. The journey passed without incident, with the girls concentrating hard on staying dry, until they reached the last section of motorway before the turn off to their University. The bus slowed to a halt and it was obvious from the blue lights flashing outside that there had been an accident on the road. "Awh please no, of all fucking times" screeched Robyn her voice now strained. Katies face went pale, she was really at her limit. The queue of cars backed up was going to add at least ten minutes on to the journey and Katie had made up her mind "Im pissing on the road I don't fucking care" she shouted as she unhitched her romper and made her way up the front of the bus. Between trying to keep her tits from falling out and keeping her hand in between crotch she could barely contain herself. Two other girls near the top of the bus admired her bravery and shimmied in behind her hopping from foot to foot and clearly about to burst. "Open the door and let us out" Katie mumbled to the driver in between heavy breathing, "Can't let you out on the motorway love" he responded. "OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR" she screamed frantically. Just as this happens there is a sharp gasp as the girl at the back loses her battle. She bursts into tears as a massive wet patch shoots across the back of her skirt as she drops down to a squat pouring piss all over the aisle of the bus through her drenched panties. "You fucking bitch what the fuck are you doing" demanded the driver as he quickly pressed the button to release the door and avoid more piss in the middle of his bus. It shoots open as Katie vaults down the steps the other girl closely following. They barely even take a step as Katie rips down her red romper, with so much pressure she struggles to release her pee. Her urethra is stinging as streaks of piss bombard the ground like arrows before she settles in to a thick flow that is flooding the tarmac. Behind her the other girl has pulled her kickers aside and is leaning against the wheel of the bus pissing like a racehorse, this is clearly her first time peeing outside and a messy rivulet of wee is running all down her legs and onto her high heels. She doesn't care as her squirty piss joins Katies building puddle on the tarmac. Inside the bus and cars stopped everyone gets a glimpse of Katie, boobs in her hand, emptying her tortured bladder. "Last time I ever wear a fucking romper" she thinks realizing that she has shown her naked body for the third time today. The driver angrily honks the horn of the bus as the traffic begins to move, "Phew" sighs the other girl looking flushed as they rejoin their friends avoiding ferocious angry glares from the driver as they get on. As they begin to move through through the traffic they are only 5 minutes from home "Nearly there girls hang tight" utters Alyx trying to be supportive through clenched teeth. This seems to have the opposite affect on Daisy who is now panicking "Girls fuck fuck Im weeing help". Frantic she starts to move around her seat anxiously, "Look around the floor and see if theres a bottle" she cries. She is beside herself with desperation as she notices something "there quick gimme that fuckin bag" she says to Robyn pointing to a plastic tesco bag under the seat. "QUICKKKKKK" she gasps as she kneels up on the seat pulling down her knickers. A massive dribble of piss escapes wetting the seat as Robyn hands her the bag, as she opens her legs a stream starts and she clamps the bag against her pussy, her tightly cut pubes still visible through the plastic. "Ahhhhhhhhh" she moans orgasmically as yellow liquid fills the bag. Her stream goes on and on before dying off just as they pull onto the road to campus. She wipes her glistening vagina against her knickers causing a wet spot and ties the bag leaving it under the seat. In the back two seats Alyx and Robyn have their hands inside their knickers not caring at this point who could see. They sprint as quickly as they can off the bus once it stops using the side door and hurry into the campus building bashing on the buttons of the lift. The delay of the lift is torture as they leap from foot to foot. The tequila in their bladders wants to make a puddle on the floor. Both girls have a hand clasped right around their vagina willing it closed. The lift arrives and opens as they hit floor five. The lift delays again before taking off. "I cant fucking make it" wails Alyx, piss begins to cascade through her hands and onto the floor of the lift. She pulls her thong to the side as an arching beam of hot piss shoots into the corner.The floor is now drenched as a deluge of pee fires from her aching stretched pee hole. The lift doors open and Robyn jumps out and sprints down the hall towards her room. She tries to get her key out of her purse but can't. Its too late a blast of piss escapes her tired pussy. In a swift movement she pulls her knickers to the floor and steps out of them. A trail of wee follows her as she hurries over to the vending machine and the bin beside it jumping on top. A fountain of pee shoots into the metal bin, the hiss echoing around the hall. It continues for a whole minute, gushing and gushing. By the end she has peed nearly a litre. When her stream dies to a trickle she stays sitting on the bin legs wide open, vagina on show to the empty hall. Alyx walks around the corner wet thong and high heels in hand having left an ocean of pee on the lift floor. "Neither of us stayed dry but we made it" observing Robyns wet knickers on the ground and the piss all over the hall. "Barely" sighs Robyn jumping off the bin, "Just as well Evan and Dan weren't here this time" she says laughing.
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    ye olde pee pee patch. 🤣☺️
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    During the summer months of lockdown before pubs had re-opened, there were sightings aplenty in my local parks in London, especially when evenings where any musicians were having a jam. Most sightings were concealed by bushes, though managed to sneak a couple by pretending I needed to go too. Now that pubs are on 10pm curfew I'd imagine that many towns especially university towns, or with busy taxi ranks would be ideal, almost like back in the days when they had to shut at 11.
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    By accident huh well i don’t know wheteher this counts or not but for me its gotta be last year around summer holiday season i was coming home from visiting my grandmom and as one would expect i got stuck in the holiday traffic and it wasn’t moving at all so this car that was in the next lane rolled down a window and a young maybe 20 year old girl puts her ass out the window and just starts peeing straight down the side of the car and i had a superb view gotta say wasn’t even annoyed by the traffic anymore when she was done she wiped with a tissue and threw it out the same window before rolling the window up
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    hello, i'm Ellen , a 55 year old horny female from the netherlands i like al kinds of pee, and peeing games so i think I will enjoy myself here 🤤 hope you like my pic's
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    Reminds me of a picnic with friends a few years back. The park that was chosen as the venue had bathrooms but they were locked so everyone just used the grass/trees until it started raining, then we moved under the shelter of a gazebo and when people had to go they just walked out and peed right there on the ground. It was a great day.
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    I peed on my living room carpet, something I was so itching to do, it felt so good and got me very aroused so masterbated at the end. Good job for the carpet cleaner! File is too big for here, see my video link below Me pissing on my lounge carpet
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    Hauling myself out of the pool, I was uncomfortably aware of how tightly my swim trunks were suctioned against my body. To make matters worse, during class I'd noticed Paige sitting at the side of the pool with a slow dribble of liquid running over the edge from between her legs and down into the water. Despite this becoming a fairly regular occurrence, seeing the pool staff relieving themselves at their convenience never got old. Fortunately, no kids or parents were near me as I stood up on the pool deck. The only person around was the on-duty lifeguard, sitting on a plastic chair a few feet in front of me. To my embarrassment, this lifeguard was taking full advantage of the front row seat, her eyes locked on my revealing bulge. Jessica twirled one finger in her hair as she mindlessly nibbled at her curls, all attention focused on the show. "Come on Jessica, eyes on the pool!" I called out, snapping her out of her reverie. She blushed and looked away, but I could see a slight smile on her lips. Walking past her I stepped into the break room, noticing that her head turned to follow me as I strode by. Alone in the break room, I filled out notes on my last class. But not long into it, I heard a scraping of plastic on tile outside the door. It was so soft I could only just make it out over the din of the pool, but I listened as it repeated every few seconds. Putting my binder down, I walked back to the break room entrance and peeked out the doorway. Looking to the side, I spotted the source of the sound. Jessica slowly rocked back and forth on her chair, her movements so slight as to be unnoticeable from a distance, but enough to cause the legs of the chair to slide a tiny bit on the wet floor. She'd brought one leg up, her knee bent to position her foot right under where she sat. Watching through the openings in the back of the chair, I could see her grinding into her heel, her dark red swimsuit pulled tight between her legs every time she shifted forward. She looked up at me as I moved to stand beside her, jerking her legs closed and sitting up straight. I laughed, "Did you like what you saw that much?" At Jessica's shy nod I could feel myself once again stiffening. "You can finish, I'll stand here and watch the pool with you. Might block you from view of the parents too." I saw Jessica relax immediately, letting herself sink back into her chair as she began slowly humping her foot again. I was already regretting my promise to watch the pool though, only being able to sneak the occasional glance down at the woman stealthily pleasuring herself at my side. But she had no such inhibition, as I noticed that she was staring at the tent in my trunks as she gradually increased the intensity of her masturbation. Turning my attention back to the pool, I was soon shocked to feel cool hands on my thigh. I stumbled slightly as Jessica tugged me closer, wrapping her arms around my leg and hanging on for support as she started to lose control to primal need. Glancing around, I was glad to see that I was positioned such that pool spectators couldn't see Jessica, and most kids in the pool were too focused on their lesson to look up at us. But I did see an instructor, Paige, watching from the other side of the pool. Looking down at Jessica again I met her glassy gaze, her mouth hanging open a bit as faint whimpers of pleasure escaped her lips. Suddenly her arms tightened around me as she shook violently, her chair creaking as she ground herself hard into her heel. For a brief second I could see a flash of lucidity in her eyes, before her face contorted in rapture as she submitted to orgasm. In a brief moment of silence, Jessica's body stiff, her breath caught in her throat, I heard a pattering of falling liquid. Darkening the fabric between her legs, piss ran over Jessica's foot, streams of urine spreading over her heel while others hugged her delicate arch to run between her toes. Unable to be contained on the seat, numerous trickles of her pee cascaded over the front, sides, and back to pool below her. Soon I felt the warmth on my own foot, her puddle steadily growing as she slumped back in post-orgasm bliss. Jessica's arms dropped from me as she slowly regained control of herself. She moved her leg out from under her, scooting back on the chair to cause a small tsunami of piss to be pushed off the back, splashing loudly upon the floor. Running her fingers up past her shoulders, she went back to absentmindedly sucking at the tips of her hair. I chuckled at the sheer normalcy of it all, somehow no one had noticed what she was doing, at least no one who would cause trouble. "Alright Jessica, looks like you can handle things from here," I said, returning to the break room. Fortunately it was still empty; I pulled down my trunks and thought back to what I'd just witnessed.
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    I'm not usually into watersports, but there's someone on the forum that takes up tons of real-estate in my mind. Sometimes I imagine we're out and about and the other day I imagined we were peeing in a movie theater, and he pees a little bit on me. I guess when you're with the right person you'll be open to anything, really lol.
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    This has always been one of my favourites - you can't see the source but you can certainly see the stream and I love the casual approach: For @ChrisS and anyone else who is interested in peeing from kayaks: I go kayaking and have been with many girls. However, most of the trips that we do involve landing at various points on the trip, so most girls go whilst on the land. However, this can be difficult depending on clothing that they are wearing. Some girls (and men for that matter) actually pee in their kayak - if wearing a wetsuit you can't pee normally without fully disrobing, so it is quite common to pee in the wetsuit in your kayak. The wetsuit keeps the pee inside and you get a nice warm feeling as it sits around your bottom. When you get out of the kayak, it is a good idea to step into the water as once you stand up, the pee flows out down the legs. If you get out onto a landing stage you leave a puddle at your feet. If you are in warmer climates and you wear a swimsuit or shorts, then ladies can just pee int the boat either by moving the suit to the side or peeing through it. The pee sits in the bottom of the boat until you land and you can rinse it out. The other option if you are out at sea or not having a chance to land, then you can raft two kayaks together to stabilise them and then you can either pee over the back deck or between the boats. The links below gives some information on how ladies can pee from a kayak. I like the quote: "Tara Mulvaney prefers to pee over the side of her kayak. For balance, she must come alongside another kayak to half stand from the cockpit. If it is calm, she pees in the ocean. If not, over the deck. https://medium.com/@author_martin/life-is-an-adventure-learn-to-pee-in-your-kayak-8c3b559f9dd7 Here is a lady who talks about peeing in her kayak - but it is actually a sit on top rather than a true kayak, so she pees into the water that sloshes around the bottom anyway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2W5C9N48yg
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    I find that an important part of trying on a new skirt in a fitting room is to pee in it. Just a dribble usually, but sometimes a bit more if there is carpet.
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    Don't you just love how every woman is different?
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    This one always gets me. So vintage, but you can imagine her begging her husband to find a place to let her piss, and this appreciative relief washes over her when she gets to release her floodgate!
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    Totally! I certainly wouldn’t mind and I am sure no other male would mind either. They didn’t mind the girls squatting so they would definitely not mind you joining in with the standing.
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    There's a video linked in one of the threads on this site where a lady's sitting with her friends outside of a McDonalds (somewhere in Europe, I believe - they speak German and Russian in the video) and she pees through the slats of her chair. It's unscripted and seems completely random, and it's awesome. This is an example of a video that doesn't have the vandalism or inconvenience part (the chair is metal, and the ground outside is concrete) but it's still pretty hot. There is a part where she switches out her wet chair for a dry one, though, which is good. There's a dressing room video on Pornhub where a girl takes a huge piss under a chair - it was a big piss, big puddle, and there's no preamble or anything, it just happened. That video is amazing. Also - this isn't something you generally find in videos - but I think it's awesome when a woman gets to the point where she starts planning these things. Not out of a sense of "man, I'm gonna fuck something up today" but more like "Hmm, I was going to walk to the next bar, but if I get an Uber I can take a piss in the back without getting my shoes wet" or "I don't have much time, I gotta fly to the bank, and then buy a new blouse for the meeting tomorrow, I can just piss in the fitting room" or something like that. Maximizing time and convenience for herself.
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    When Kindness Is Repaid With Betrayal Synopsis A kind hearted boss helps a desperate young lady who repays his kindness by stealing. Contains desperation, humiliation and degredation. I had been running my small firm quite successfully on my own for a number of years now, I supplied specialist components to a few manufacturers in the security industry and had built up a reputation for reliability and the ability to supply bespoke items at fairly short notice. I ran the business from a small unit on an industrial estate just out of town, it was one of those places that had sprung up following the demise of a larger company, where once a large building was the site of one large company, in this case a well known trucking company, now it housed a number of much smaller firms, some dealing in small scale engineering, others in office work such as accountants and others like mine in small scale manufacturing. Most of us knew each other and where possible we used the services of each others companies, being on the same site it made for a more personal service. I had been working alone for a couple of years and the business was growing nicely, I had designed a component for use in security systems that made them much simpler to operate and cut down on the number of false alarms. I had done a deal with two of the smaller installation companies and by only selling the product to them instead of licencing it to the big boys it ensured two things, one, it gave these particular companies an edge over the bigger players and two, it assured me of a regular income, in short a win for all involved, or at least it was! I was sitting in my office one day when there was a knock at the door, I opened it to find a very attractive young lady stood there looking somewhat nervous. She introduced herself and said her name was Amanda, she was 21 years old and was looking for work, she explained that she could type, use a computer and interestingly enough had studied electronics at college. Unfortunately she'd been unable to find a job due to the current financial crisis and was in danger of losing her flat, she had been walking around knocking on doors all day but so far her best efforts had produced nothing, she was so desperate that she'd even consider a job as an office cleaner. I invited her in for a coffee and we chatted for a little over an hour, it was pleasant having someone in the office and to be honest I had been thinking for a few months about taking someone on on a part time basis, just having someone to answer the phone and deal with the paperwork would free up my time to carry on with developing new products. I excused myself and popped to the toilet, I was right in the middle of taking a pee when the phone rang, 'damn, you sat there for ages and nothing, the minute I went for a pee and the bloody thing rang'. I returned to the office, “ a Mr Harris from Triple S his number is on the pad” she informed me, then added, “ I told him you'd call him back in about ten minutes”, I was pretty impressed that she'd answered the phone considering she was only a visitor. Cutting a long story very short I offered her a job as a sort of 'Girl Friday', basically helping me around the place with anything that needed doing, she seemed very happy and thanked me profusely,she'd start the following Monday. Initially it proved to be a great thing hiring her, I found myself less stressed, got home earlier and things got done a lot quicker, having someone to answer the phone and deal with letters and e-mails meant I had more time to deal with the actual product manufacturing, she even seemed to have a fairly good grasp of the technical side of things, this was handy in dealing with technical queries from customers. As I said, in the beginning things went well however a few months later I began to hear rumours of a product very similar to mine being sold on an internet selling website, a short time spent searching the site revealed that such a product was indeed being sold, not only that but it looked suspiciously like it was one of my products! Through the help of a close friend I was able to get one of the items without the seller actually knowing who the purchaser was, if it was one of mine I didn't want to alert them to the fact that I was on to them, opening it up I was able to confirm it was indeed one of mine, but how were they getting hold of the goods? Over the weekend I went into my unit alone and did a stock check,as far as I could ascertain about 20 units appeared to be missing! I installed a very small covert camera and waited to see who it was that was stealing from me, deep down I knew it had to be Amanda, but I hoped against hope that it wouldn't be, logic said it had to be, there were only two of us in the building, but the fact that it seemed my kindness in giving her a job had been repaid with stealing from me made me hope it wasn't her. As I waited for the camera to catch her in the act I began to wonder how if it was her she was getting them out, she never wore a coat and always wore jeans or leggings, now the item in question was no larger than a matchbox, but even so it would soon stand out in the pocket of a pair of tight jeans. About a week later I was playing back some footage and saw something that both shocked and disappointed me, it was indeed Amanda stealing from me, and how she was doing it was unbelievable. I watched on the screen as she went over to the rack and removed half a dozen of the units, the time on the clock told me she'd done it while I was out getting our lunch. She picked up the units and then slipped three of them down the shaft of her calf length suede boot, then she slipped the other three into the other boot, she straightened her boots and calmly left the room, now I knew it was her and how she was doing it all I had to do was catch her. The following weekend I went back into work and altered the camera, the new one would send a message to my phone when someone entered the room, if it did it when I was out then it had to be her, a quick count of the stock revealed that 10 of the units were missing, I had to act quickly to catch her. It was on the Wednesday of the following week when whilst meeting a client my phone pinged, I logged onto the camera and watched as once again she slipped several of the units into her boots, I was shocked and showed the footage to a friend of mine, he worked in security for a large supermarket chain, “oh yeah, seen it before, checkout girls used to hide money in their boots when stealing from the tills, that's why they ain't allowed to wear stuff like that anymore” he replied, seemingly unsurprised, then he added, “the only problem is proving it, you need to catch her with the gear on her and you can't just insist she takes her boots off” Nothing happened over the next couple of weeks and I was beginning to hope she'd stopped taking them, however three weeks later it happened again, another 4 units found their way into her boots, I decided to take action! Sitting behind my desk pretending to be working on something I began to chat to her, slowly I brought the subject around to relationships, she said she didn't have a boyfriend and hardly ever went out, it was going to plan. I then asked her if she'd come out with me that evening for a meal and some drinks as a kind of thank you for all the hard work she'd done over the last few months. I asked where she'd like to go and to my surprise she said she'd be just as happy having a bottle of wine and a pizza in the office after work, it would not only save money, but it would also save on the cost of Taxi's since we could both get the bus home, if that was what she wanted then it was ok by me. Later that day, just after 5.30 pm I went online and ordered some pizza's and then popped down to the local supermarket to pick up some wine and stuff. On my return I took the drinks into the back room and waited for the pizza's to arrive, sometimes when I was on my own I'd work late into the evening and more than once had stayed overnight, I had a comfy couch and a small tv in there as well as a fridge and a small table to eat lunch at, I put some music on the radio and we sat down ate the pizza's, drank wine and beer and chatted. As she sat on the couch, quite relaxed after the alcohol I suggested she might be more comfortable if she removed her boots, she'd been wearing them all day, surely she'd like to take them off and rest her feet? Oddly enough she said she was fine with them on and asked if I didn't think they suited her, I replied that they looked fine, I just thought she might want to give her feet a rest, getting her boots off wasn't going to be as easy as I had thought,I needed to go at this from another angle! As we chatted she had another drink and then unbelievably she swung her legs up onto the couch, now since I was sitting next to her it meant her legs were across my knees, suddenly I saw my chance and went for it! “you know Amanda, I can't believe that an attractive young lady like you hasn't got a boyfriend” I told her, in truth I really meant it, it wasn't just a ploy by me to prove she was stealing from me. She smiled and took another drink from the glass of wine, “do you think I'm attractive then, even with my boots on?” she giggled. “oh I do, in fact I think the boots just add a little something” I replied, stroking her thigh gently, she giggled once more, “I'm glad you like them” she replied, then added “and I like what you're doing now”. Instead of sliding my hand upwards as she expected I slid it slowly downwards, past her knee and onto her lower leg, “oh yes, I think these boots look so sexy, in fact I love the feeling of suede” I said, and at this point rubbed my hand slowly down her boot, “hello whas this?” I said, feeling the small rectangular object concealed in her boot, before she could react I pulled the boot off, two of my units fell from the boot into my lap, I turned to see her reaction, she looked shocked, without warning I then removed the other boot and as expected two more units fell out, just as I'd expected! “well well well, I wonder how these got in here?” I asked, a look of horror appeared on her pretty face, the game was up, and she knew it! “before you say anything I want you to be completely honest with me, how many have you taken, what have you done with them, and more importantly, why, did you take them, and please don't lie to me” I told her, she may have been relaxed after the drink, I'd only been drinking low alcohol beer and still had my wits about me. She confessed to stealing 30 of the units and selling them to an unscrupulous installer for half the price my company sold them, he'd told her to advertise them online in an attempt to avoid detection, in reality it had had the reverse effect, she'd done it she said to repay a debt to someone who she thought was trying to help her out of a tight spot, in actual fact he'd turned very nasty when she'd been unable to repay the debt, it was him who'd put her in touch with the installer. She asked if I was going to inform the police, I said I needed time to think about it, and perhaps it would be a good idea if she stayed the night at the workshop while I decided how I was going to handle the situation, it wasn't just the cost of the products stolen ( a little over £1500) but it was also the breach of trust. She curled up on the couch and fell into a deep sleep. I woke up the following morning just after 7am, Amanda was still asleep, I shook her gently to wake her up, “right lets have some breakfast and then we will sort out our little problem shall we?” she nodded, “ok just let me pop to the loo” she replied, I handed her her boots, “put these on then pop up to the sandwich shop and get a couple of bacon sandwiches first please” I replied, “ooh but I so need a wee” she told me, clearly in some discomfort. I stood firm, “no sandwich first, toilet later, you want me in a good mood when I decide how to deal with you, don't you?” I asked, she nodded, stood up and with some difficulty headed off to the sandwich shop, I knew it would be busy with builders even though it was a Saturday, I also knew that they'd all be looking at her in her tight jeans, if anything did happed they'd be bound to notice. On her return I noticed a distinct dark spot on the crotch of her pale blue jeans, she was barely managing to hold on, she placed the bag containing the sandwiches on the table, “can I go to the toilet now please?” she asked, I shook my head, “not yet, I want to ask you something”. She squirmed and looked distinctly uncomfortable, she jammed her hands between her legs “please, I REALLY need to go” she pleaded, I shook my head, “sorry, not yet, and stand up straight” I took my mobile phone from my pocket, switched on the video camera and began to film her, “right, I want you to state your name and tell the camera what you've been doing while working for me” I instructed, she stated her name and began to tell the story of how I'd taken her on when she was out of work and how she'd been stealing from my company, her hands strayed towards her crotch and her thighs clenched tightly together, “move your hands please, oh and part your legs a little” I told her, she carried on with the story and within seconds she gasped and bit her lip as a slight trickle of warm liquid began to escape from her crotch, it quickly became a torrent and poured down her thighs leaving two dark patches all the way down to her boots, Amanda was pissing herself! When she'd finished her confession we sat down and ate the sandwiches, once again she asked to use the bathroom and once again I refused to allow her to do so, I didn't want to drag this pretty girl through the courts but I wanted to teach her a lesson she'd never forget and I felt sure that sat as she was at this moment in wet jeans and her boots full of piss, she was hardly likely to forget this experience in a hurry! We finished our sandwiches and I asked her if she wanted me to call in the police and let them deal with her, or if she wanted me to deal with the incident myself, she said that whatever I decided as a punishment was fine by her, I got her to repeat this on video and then put my plan into action. I gave her another large coffee and then told her to follow me out to my car, after placing a plastic sheet on the passenger seat I told her to get in, once in the car we drove out of town to a busy retail park, I pulled up outside a ladies clothing store and told her to go inside and buy some new jeans, I handed her some money and off she went, it was still obvious she'd wet herself and I enjoyed knowing that people would be looking at her as she made her way around the store. About 20 minutes later she emerged carrying a bag with a new pair of jeans in it, she got back into the car and asked if we could find a public toilet she needed another wee. I drove around the retail park knowing she was getting more and more desperate, then I pulled up outside a shoeshop, she looked at me, “I thought you were taking me to a toilet?” she whimpered, I shook my head and handed her £20, not yet, go in there and buy another pair of boots” she got out of the car and turned to walk toward the entrance, I called her back, “Amanda, just one more thing”, she looked at me waiting to see what I wanted, “piss your jeans before you go in, there's a good girl”.She nodded in silence and I watched her walk towards the entrance, two dark streams running down her thighs! About 10 minutes later she emerged from the shop carrying what looked like a pair of black patent knee high boots with a 3 inch heel and pointy toes, a group of young men walked past as she emerged and stared at her, one shouted something to her, it was obvious to them that she had pissed in her jeans. She quickly got into the car, “these were the only boots I could get for twenty quid” she told me, “apparently they were not selling, people thought they were too slutty, the assistant said she thought they'd be perfect for me, snotty cow!” she exclaimed. I nodded, “well you have to admit it can't be every day someone walks in who's obviously pissed herself, now shall we carry on, or would you rather we nip over to the police station?” she sighed, “ok carry on, what's next?” I started the engine and drove to a quiet side road on the other side of town and parked up, “right, take off your boots and put on the new ones, lets see how they look” I told her, she swapped her boots and placed her piss soaked suede ones in a carrier bag, I didn't want them wetting the carpet. I looked down at her legs, the jeans had begun to dry, “mmm yes, they do make you look slutty, but I think it needs a little extra” I looked at her tight white T-shirt, even with her bra her nipples were quite noticeable, “ok, take off the bra please” she unhooked the fastening and removed it without taking off the T-shirt, her nipples now poked clearly through the thin white cotton giving her a really slutty look, perfect! I drove a little way on, by now it was midday and the pubs were open, I pulled up outside a rough looking pub and told her to get out of the car, I got out, locked it and walked into the pub, there were quite a few comments and whistles as Amanda walked in behind me, we headed to the bar and I ordered a pint of lager for her and a Coke for me, I wanted something that would go through her fairly quickly. She had no idea that I knew this pub quite well, the landlord was a mate of mine from years ago and I popped in fairly frequently. I pointed Amanda to a table in the corner of the room, it was one of 3 that were on a raised area, it was actually used as a stage on karaoke nights but otherwise it was just extra seating, it meant you could see all over the pub clearly, it also meant that the rest of the pub could see you, perfect for what I had in mind. I went over and spoke to the landlord, I told him what I had in mind, he smiled and nodded, sure not a problem he told me, besides there was nothing on the big screen anyway, well not for another hour.I handed him my mobile and he plugged it in to a lead connected to the 72 inch tv, he opened up the video file and hit play, within a few seconds all eyes were watching the screen as Amanda confessed to stealing from me,several people looked over at her and made comments that were not nice to say the least, they may not have been rich people but they had morals and stealing from someone who'd helped you was a big no-no in their book. When it came to the point where she said she'd accept my punishment rather than calling the police several of them called out for her to be given a whipping, that would teach her. I had, unknown to her also filmed the bits while we were out shopping, her walking into the clothes shop with her jeans clearly wet, her pissing herself before going into the shoeshop and finally the bit in the car where she told me about the assistant saying the boots were slutty and would suit her, they cheered and laughed when they heard this! Three pints later and Amanda was really squirming, time for the final part of her humiliation, she was made to stand up on the 'stage' all eyes were on her as the landlord approached with a glass of Iced water, before Amanda knew what was happening he'd poured it all over her T-shirt, her nipples immediately reacted to the cold and stuck out like coat pegs through the now transparent material, much to the amusement of the regulars, mostly young men who had enjoyed looking at her in the tight jeans, T-shirt and slutty boots, now seeing her in a wet T-shirt, nipples poking through, well it was almost as good as watching the football. “ere, she's pissed herself” yelled one of the men, pointing to a fresh dark spot on the crotch of her jeans, much to the amusement of the others, a man appeared on stage carrying what looked like a blackboard frame, he took Amanda's hand and led her to it, he raised her left arm above her head and she noticed what looke like a handcuff dangling from the frame, before she could react her left wrist was clipped into it, quickly followed by her right wrist into an identical cuff on the other side, finally two straps secured her feet about eighteen inches apart, she could hardly move except squirm and given the three pints of lager inside her, squirming was something she was doing plenty of! On the large tv was an image of the front of Amanda, obviously there was a camera somewhere, on stage the audience had a clear view of her pert bottom and long legs encased in tight jeans and slutty boots, on the screen was a front view, including her taught wet T-shirt, her protruding nipples and a dark spot on her crotch that looked suspiciously larger than it did five minutes earlier! Unable to see what was going on behind her Amanda was totally unprepared as the first stroke if the riding crop bit into her shapely rear, the crowed cheered as she let out a yelp and to their delight the dark patch on her crotch grew a little larger. Another five strokes bit into her firm buttocks, as the fifth one hit she lost control of her bladder and flooded her tight jeans and soaked her slutty boots into the bargain. The crowd cheered at this and then she was released and handed a large Brandy, she gulped it down as the crowd stared at her wet jeans, some even took photo's, one chap commented that after the whipping her nipples seemed to protrude even further, did she secretly enjoy it I wondered? I had a cold beer myself and then got ready to leave, but not before Amanda had been made to remove her top and flash her pert tits for the benefit of the drinkers in the pub, it was an act that they greatly enjoyed and once again more pictures were taken, finally she was allowed to replace her top and I led her back to the car. I drove her back to the office and allowed her to change back into her clean dry jeans and her suede boots, I then told her that she could keep her job if she wished and that I considered she'd been sufficiently punished and the matter was now closed. She thanked me for not reporting her and said she considered the punishment fair, not only that but she would be happy to return to work in Monday and promised never to steal from me again, she did however have one more thing to confess, despite being in a busy pub she'd actually found the earlier incident arousing. Could she, she wondered, wear the slutty boots to work occasionally and if I was unhappy with her work at any time I was welcome to whip her bottom, in fact, she'd even provide a riding crop. THE END
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    The length of the queues only highlighted how many students were at the race day and it took the girls over 20 minutes to show their IDs and be patted down before entering the racecourse. There were congregations of people everywhere and eventually Alyx and Robyn met up with the group of girls from the bus they had become separated from. "Where did you go, we couldn't find you anywhere?" the group of girls exclaimed, puzzled. Alyx and Robyn looked at each other, simultaneously deciding whether or not to divulge the embarrassment of their water show in front of the two lads earlier, "Just got talking to a few boys from our course" said Robyn hurriedly in order to change the subject. "Lets get a good spot in the grandstand before it all fills up" announced Alyx also clear to avoid further questioning. They found an excellent spot in the grandstand, right beside the bar and betting booths and the next hour and a half followed a similar pattern. The girls bought round after round of drinks for each other all paid for by the winnings of random horses they knew nothing about. Spirits were high as the latest horse aptly named "Regret" passed the winning post. The girls jumped with excitement once they realized that Katie, the girl in the red romper, had backed it. This jump seemed to trigger a realization among the girls that they had neglected the bathroom for the last while, this was coupled with immediate regret. "Lets collect the winnings and go to the toilet I could really do with a piss" declared Katie. The girls all agreed and made their way over to the booth. This was a peak time during the day and it was obvious that everyone had a similar idea with massive lines for each of the booths. As Katie queued the others talked among themselves and it was obvious from the foot tapping and bent knees that all the girls were beginning to become desperate again, "I hope the bathroom queues are shorter than this" one of the girls joked. The 15 minute delay to collect her winnings had also taken a toll on Katie who quickly rounded up the girls and made a beeline for the large clump of portaloos outside the grandstand in the middle of the main section of the racecourse. When they reached the loos they found a segregated section with two security men directing proceedings. On the left male loos with lots of urinals and three measly toilets and a sink towards the back with a small partition. The queue here was most efficient with the lads taking no time at all to relieve themselves. The same could not be said for the mass of girls lined up. It didn't seem to be moving at all and there was visible distress on many of the girls faces at the top of the lines. The bouncer was issuing instruction that he could only let girls in in groups of ten as there was a sewage problem with many of portaloos which had been taped off. "Awh fuck come on how can this be happening, im dying for a piss again" exclaimed Katie as the other girls nodded in agreement. The next 15 minutes was torturous as the girl joined a chorus of other by wedging their hands deep in between their legs anxiously moving their knees. "This is going nowhere im literally going to piss myself right here" said Alyx for the first time verbalizing how bad her need was getting. "We'll have to go somewhere else I cant wait im getting frantic im at my limit" squealed Robyn. Squatting by the side of the portaloos was out of the question this time as it was right out in the open and everyone would see their bares arses and pussies. Just as they were contemplating where to go a fight broke out between two lads to the right of the toilets, the security running to break it up quickly. Noticing this Katie quickly shouted at the girls "lets go into the lads toilets" as they hobbled quickly past the barrier hands still in crotches. With relief in sight the girls moved from a hobble and quickly ran towards the three toilets at the back. Daisy, one of the group from the bus, sprinted past Katie and with her short black dress now up around her hips shot in to the only free one, not even locking the door. The girls could hear the moaning outside as the hiss of fresh urine cascaded into the metal toilet bowl. This was too much for Katie outside, "I cant wait" she cried, tears welling up. She tried to pull the part of the romper covering her crotch to the side but it was too tight. Shoots of piss were firing down her leg by the time the girls unhitched the back for her. She backed into the corner, nearly horizontal as she blasted the ground with a three inch wide waterfall of pee. It was going everywhere, splashing on the girls high heels as the power of the stream continued no end in sight. Daisy opens the portaloo to the view of Katie's massive boobs bouncing and a power washer like stream causing a torrential puddle on the ground, her red romper now darkened in the spots where she begun pissing herself. Only the partition stopped the lads from the jackpot view right up Katie's arse and vagina. Once her stream died Katie collapsed to her knees, examining the damage to her crotch before pulling back up her dress. She was exhausted from the struggle to contain her pee. The last two minutes had left everyone bar Alyx and Robyn relieved. Bursting now and with two hands buried deep inside their pussies they went to enter the one portaloo together but as the door swung open a hand clasped the elbow of each of the girls. The shock caused a dribble of piss to escape dampening their knickers. "Get the fuck out of here its males only" bellowed a security guard in a bright yellow vest. "Noooooo, please im wetting myself" wept Robyn as another spurt of steaming piss fell on the ground beneath her. "I need to fucking piss you prick" Alyx roared back, as she quickly shook his hand off her and ran to the nearest urinal. In one movement she ripped her thong down and literally fell onto the urinal, she had begun pissing before she even reached the urinal and a thick stream of yellow piss shot from her down the front of the plastic urinal. She moaned as the pressure continued to escape her not caring that she once again had her shaven vagina on show to the world. The security guard was in such shock he let go of Robyn. Bursting at the seams she lept up from on the sink beside the toilets and let her cascading stream of urine escape, not even bothering to take off her knickers just pulling them aside. The messy stream bounced off the sink, some going down the plug, some splashing back on her. She let out a deep sigh as she just made it before a full blown accident. The girls were visibly shaken as their streams eventually subsided having almost wet themselves twice in one day. The security guard didn't take a sympathetic view grabbing the girls by the arm before they could fully get their panties back in position. With force he pushed them out towards the entrance to the male toilets "If i catch you back in here ill have you kicked out of this racecourse". "Fuck you" they said in chorus, heading back to the grandstand with damp underwear now clinging to their pussies and a friend with streaks around the crotch of her red romper.

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