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    I travel very frequently and I actually used an airplane as the setting for one of my over-the-top fictional stories that I shared on this forum. However, last week I was able to catch a glimpse of some real-world airplane naughtiness. I really couldn't believe it -- I honestly haven't ever caught a stranger in the act, even in areas more suited for the purpose such as alleyways. I was really surprised and couldn't believe my luck. I was flying Economy class in one of the planes that has a 3-4-3 configuration, meaning that there are three seats, an aisle, 4 seats, an aisle, and three more seats. Some airplanes have started to adopt this configuration for Economy class because it allows them to seat more passengers, but as you can imagine, it makes things more cramped. Since the novelty of flying has worn off for me, I usually opt for an aisle seat in one of the three-seat clusters rather than a window one because I appreciate the extra breathing room and general ease if I have to get out of my seat. At the window seat to my left was a slim, beautiful blonde who must have been in her early-twenties. She was friendly, but fairly reserved. This changed when her friend, a dirty-blonde haired girl with a bit of a rounder face came to sit in the middle seat. The two excitedly talked and giggled to each other the entire flight -- it turned out that they had recently graduated college and were on their way to Madrid as a graduation present. Now, the flight we were on was a trans-atlantic flight with about an 8.5 hour duration -- you know, the sort where they just kind of hand you a flimsy pillow and a square of fabric to use as a blanket and wish you "good luck". From the get-go, both girls weren't exactly reticent in their choices when the drink cart would come around. Naturally they ordered alcoholic beverages (don't worry, they never once were unruly or noisy) but I specifically remember the slim blonde by the window asking the flight attendant for two glasses of water. I remember because the attendant laughed and lightheartedly said something along the lines such as "Woah, two? Alrighty, but you aren't allowed drive tonight, okay?" Now, in all honesty, I wasn't thinking about pee or anything, but eventually the cabin lights were turned off for the overnight portion of the flight and I had to get up to use the lavatory for the second time that flight. As I found my way through the darkness and re-seated myself, I realized something strange -- I was always prepared for it since I was by the aisle, but it occurred to me that neither girl had asked me once during the flight to move so they could get out to use the lavatory. There was really no other way to leave their seats except to ask me to move. At this point, I was somewhat curious. I have a sizeable bladder capacity, and it is possible that both girls' somehow put mine to shame, but they had also been drinking non-stop whereas I had been ordering the usual amount provided by the drink service. Still, it was the middle of the "night" and I was in that weird half-asleep fugue where one can't fully fall asleep during a flight so I didn't give it much more thought. For that reason, it was sheer dumb luck when I happened to see what happened maybe 20 minutes later in the flight. I don't know what cued me in on it -- I didn't hear anything given the volume of the turbines -- but something made me turn to look towards the window and happened to notice what was taking place. The slim blonde was seated in a way that kind of had her curled up into a ball -- her knees were drawn up and her feet were on her seat's cushion. It couldn't be called a squat since there was no room, and the way her head was resting on her knees (as she faced the window) didn't make her stance look out of place in the slightest. It was a little difficult to see (presumably intentionally) as she had bunched up her little blanket to lie across her lap, but from the way her skin was showing, it appeared that she had slid her leggings down (along with her underwear probably) enough to expose her genitals, and had them held to the side with a free hand. Keep in mind, it was dark in the cabin so I couldn't see all of this in great detail and I actually couldn't even make out her pussy (she was a pro!) from the way she was angled in her seat, but when I looked down, I could easily see what was transpiring -- in fact, when I had happened to look towards her, she had already started. Although nothing could be heard, I could see little droplets falling onto the carpet below her, as well as a bit on the plane's cabin wall. There wasn't an overt stream or anything, but it was clear that the blonde was peeing, and had taken great lengths to do so undetected. She went for quite a while too, as I suspect that she was opting to leisurely "sprinkle" so as to avoid a noisy stream, and I have to say, I quite enjoyed watching the little droplets of her pee glisten in the air as they fell onto the floor. By the time she was done (and this went on quite a while!) I couldn't easily see any telltale signs of her deed in the dark, but I could just make out glints of her piss still running down the white cabin wall in some places below the window. I was honestly stunned as I watched her sigh in relief and pull her leggings back up. Was it really that much of a hassle to get up to go to the lavatory? We weren't even seated far from it! Or perhaps she simply didn't care -- it was more convenient for her to nonchalantly pull her bottoms to the side and piss over the airplane's floor whenever the urge struck. In fact, in retrospect, I am certain that she did this multiple times during the flight because I could swear that I could smell a hint of drying alcohol-laden pee. The technique she used was honestly pretty clever. She obviously didn't have room to squat down in front of her chair (not to mention that it would be completely obvious) but she couldn't slouch forward in her chair either. Given the cramped Economy class space, her knees would have prevented her from sliding forward and she would have ended up with a soggy seat cushion. It made me wonder if she did this often. By the end of the flight, as it turned out, the girl in the middle seat did not get up once either. As she was seated next to me, I doubt she could have pulled off what the other girl had done without me noticing, but you never know. At the very least, I could not see any signs of sneaky peeing, as even her seat appeared to be dry when she finally got up. Perhaps she was going to make a mad dash to the airport toilets after deplaning, or, at the urging of her naughty friend, pee in a secluded corner and be on her way. Alas, I never had the chance to find out, as we were bound for different destinations. As the girls disembarked to no-doubt make the most of their graduation present, I had to catch a connecting flight to Geneva. Still, I have to say, my trip was made far more enjoyable because of the impromptu naughtiness I witnessed that night.
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    So, if you know me, I love to pee on concrete, carpet, grass, or wood.... the way it puddles up and eventually soaks in. My basement is unfinished and has a concrete floor. I regularly piss all over that floor. It even has a drain. It's often damp anyways from the rain. So I figure a little pee can't hurt it. Anyways, I got home from work and I was desperate to pee. I ran down to the basement, pulled down my leggings, pulled up my dress, and got into a low squat. Of course I took out my camera as well Then I let it all out.... it came out in multiple streams, soaking my pussy and soaking the ground underneath me. I made a nice little puddle.
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    I woke up in the middle of the night bursting to pee. I didn’t feel like going to the bathroom but I needed to come up with somewhere quick to use to relieve myself. That’s when I saw a blanket, one I don’t use to sleep with. I figured this would make a good make shift bathroom. I folded it up and set it on the floor. I sat down, spread my legs with my knees up, parted the lips of my pussy with my fingers and let go... my pee came out slowly at first, then gradually faster, eventually I paused and got into a low squat and continued my business just like that with my pussy slightly in the air on display in front of my bedroom window..... it’s dark out so hopefully no one saw anything.
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    It’s bluebell season and the dandelions are full. The woods near Hanbury Hall are dense with the last wild garlic. Tulips in the garden are blousy and drunken, and nature is everywhere. I’ve long identified as someone who casually spurned nature, agreeing it was too green and badly lit, but this year something appears to have shifted. Now I spend evenings coaxing cocks to grow and weekends at garden centres the size of new towns, flashing knowingly at strangers over their hopeful magnolias. A stroll on Sunday through the woods is mirrored by a scroll through social media, where blossom and the greenness of plant life is as ubiquitous as a fancy latte, and signifies similar – moments treasured, a spiritual glee, a display of healthful joy. In a recent piece about influencers, they explain that the Fetlife aesthetic of pink labia and artful dick pics has quietly gone out of fashion, to be replaced by more “authentic” needs – private moments, stories about Sissy men. It makes sense that green spaces (as opposed to staged sets) are accruing doggers as spring births summer and bluebell woods stand strong under trampling perverts Green spaces, of course, are proven to boost mental health. “Having access to green spaces can reduce health inequalities,” says the World Health Organisation, “improve wellbeing, and aid in treatment of mental illness.” Add a bit of sexual pleasure to the mix, and it’s an intoxicating melange. And yet access is often restricted: Doggers in the most deprived areas of Britain are nine times less likely to have green areas to play in. This season’s pictures of trees in the wild, it could be argued, are as accurate a visual representation of privilege today as an influencer’s winter tan. Like cunt juices and no-makeup selfies, they have become status symbols for women keen to show their depth. Unlike an expensive handbag, which anybody can save up for, the dogging selfie requires things beyond cash, too – time and travel, a sly superior spirituality. In Luke Turner’s memo ‘Out of the Woods’ about sex and solace in Epping Forest, he distinguishes his interest in nature from the sentimental version displayed so vividly and seductively online, “Where photographs of forests exist as memes complete with trite and inspirational slogans.” I listened to the audiobook while on my morning run through the hayfeverish mist of the first hot morning, I paused for a pee beneath a handsome wisteria vine. It stuck with me, as I watched my golden stream about the meme-ification of nature, a thing that’s been cleanly repackaged as valuable, a wellness product to sit alongside love eggs or Bluetooth Dildos. I’d already started to notice the number of people who seem to approach the outdoors, whether wild swimming or flashing their privates with a “pics or it didn’t happen” mentality. Alongside the portraits of men in flower meadows sits an account called ‘A Call of Nature’, documenting the fountains that these penises are doing to the plants and the soil and the piss-water pools they’ve colonised. To holiday in the country is to witness the psychological disconnect in those presenting nature as magical and divine on social media, while at the same time clambering over warning signs to piss on poppy fields. But, of course, new to outdoor pleasures myself, a person who has grown up mistrustful of natural light and remains extremely keen on central heating, I understand their impulse. Like the call of nature itself, a bladder programmed simply to survive and process, people are drawn to record these actions in part because of a similar internal throb. By displaying the act of urination as symbols of our relief, our status and our spiritual reverence, are we not inviting potential mates to judge and join us in our pissing quest – to survive and process? Imagine Ramblers campaigning for a new bill to improve people’s toilet access to the countryside. Since the practice of installing netting on trees and hedgerows to prevent birds nesting has risen, environmentalists have been campaigning to get it banned, some broadcasting themselves ritually ripping it down. The question of who owns nature rumbles on in spikes of class and violence. It is a reminder that, despite its dodgy side-effects, pissing in public is not for us. It exists in spite of us. It persists greenly, finding new ways to grow around our awfulness. It is not all glory and magic, all bucolic rhapsody and inspiration. Another reason, surely, why the new piss lovers attempt, in increasingly irritating ways, to capture it on their phone, to frame it neatly, to cage it as therapy. But, as sure as trainers follow heels, urolagnia as a Fetlife trend will soon be out of fashion, to be replaced by something new, Social Media has seasons too. Piss-holes in the snow anyone?
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    I took a nap today and woke up twice with a story like this on my mind. Got off to it twice and thought I had to share. It was a hot, hot July day and I had just met up with my friend Ariel. Being quite young (and broke) neither of us owned a car and had to make do with walking to the local movie theater from her house. I had walked from my home to hers with my handy pink water bottle, which I was going to need walking in this 90 degree heat. When I got to her house I refilled it with even more iced water and we set out. It was a Friday afternoon and neither of us had classes at college we were enrolled at, so we took the opprotunity to have some bonding time over the newest movie craze that was out. We had only been walking for about 20 minutes when my body had gently decided to remind me that my bladder was filling, and the more I drank from my water bottle the faster it filled. I was never really good at holding my pee, but on the other hand I also wasn't used to holding it for this long. Regardless, I felt like I could at least hold it till we got to the movie theater in another half an hour, at least then I'd be able to empty most of what I carried before the movie. Instead Ariel and I continued to walk down the street, making small talk here and there about school and whatever else we could think of. "Hey, Steph," Ariel stopped me momentarily ten minutes later. "Let's cut through that motel. At least they'd probably have AC and we can cool down for a minute." Ari suggested. I looked over to the motel she was talking about, and I almost immediately said no. It was one of those seedy motels, the ones that aren't well maintained and probably accept clients by the hour. The parking lot had cracks in it and from them sprouted tall green weeds, some of the windows were busted out and replaced by wooden planks. In the front a red and white sign was mounted declaring the name of the motel was "The Golden Carpet Inn," and it would seem some of the bulbs in the letters were burnt out leaving only a handful of words illuminated. "I don't know, Ari. It looks kind of messy in there." I stated as we got closer. "Oh, come on." She giggled. "It won't be that bad. And I'm dying to get out of this heat." Both of our eyes were trained on the side door we were approaching. It was relatively quiet and there were no cars around, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea. All we had to do was get from one end of the motel to the other. Ariel was right, it would be the best idea. I took another swing of my drink and my bladder ached before I could reply, the action only added yet another reason to stop in. "Maybe we can see if they have a bathroom I can stop in and use." I declared, to with Ari only nodded her head. We veered off to the left and headed toward the door, not looking back as we made our way in. It smelled of cigarette smoke and marijuana, and there was very little light coming from the ceiling. It gave me the chills, and I stepped closer to Ariel thinking she could keep me safe. "See, much better." She said while fanning herself, but I could tell she was just as nervous as I was. "Let's just find a restroom." I moaned, taking yet another swing of water. The entire motel was only one floor that contained three hallways to our left and the main lobby to a hallway to the left. First we checked each of the hallways, one of which was almost completely dark with two long bulbs out above us, and when we didn't find one we hurried to the front desk. By now my abdomen was aching and I felt like I couldn't hold it for much longer. Ari was the one who stepped up to the uninterested looking man behind the counter. "Excuse me, we need a restroom. Do you have a public one?" She asked him, but he only shook his head and looked back down to his smart phone. Ari turned back to me and shrugged her shoulders, the denial only hurt my bladder even more. I knew I couldn't hold it for much longer, I would need to find a restroom and fast. "Sorry, Steph." Ariel said to me as we turned to go back to where we were going before. "Why don't you go out behind the motel?" "Behind the motel? In this heat where there very well may be a dead body waiting for me there? No way." I said just as we turned to the right and headed for the way out. "If I weren't terrified I'd knock on the door and ask if I could use one of their bathrooms. But this isn't going to work." I muttered, crossing my knees as a wave of pain soared throughout my lower half. "I'm gonna wet myself, this isn't going to work." I looked over to my left at Ariel who looked panicked, and right behind her was the darkened hallway. At the very end I could make out what seemed to be a potted plant in the corner. "What are you going to do?" Ariel asked me, but my bladder had finally found its relief there at the end of the hall. "I'll go right down there." I said, dashing past her. My eyes were set on the wall behind the plant. I had already started leaking into my underwear and was desperate enough to pee anywhere at this point. "In the plant?" She asked, and I laughed at her. "No, in the corner behind the plant. I need you to make sure no one is coming." I said. Once I reached the very end I backed into the dark corner, grabbed the thigh of my shorts and bunched it up. "Steph, no!" Ari shouted just as I had cleared my pussy of my underwear. I didn't think I'd have the time to pull everything down, this would just have to do. My friend looked on in horror at me as I dropped to an immediate squat with my pussy on display, and in no time had begun pissing all over the dirty, dusty, stained carpet. I couldn't see Ari very well from behind the plant, but what I could see was the dark spot growing in between my legs. The carpet was thin and not very absorbent, so almost as soon as my piss pattered loudly and forcefully into the carpet it pooled between my feet. "Shit." I exclaimed as it grew toward my sandals, I had to think of something new. Now that my I had found at least some relief it wasn't as painful to move my body, so I ended up having to angle my lower half so that I was peeing out into the hallway. My piss arced across the hall, almost touching the door that was across from me. I was more amused than anything, laughing about peeing somewhere I shouldn't until Ariel spoke up once again. "Man, you really had to go didn't you?" She asked, but I could barely hear her over the sound of my pee hitting the carpet. I only mumbled yes as I observed how far I peed. Even I was impressed, I didn't think I could pee that far. I heard Ariel giggle as she stepped around the plant and got a front row seat to the show I was putting on. Her cheeks turned red and she turned away. "You could at least have peed in the corner." She said, crossing her arms and looking away. "Oh well. Too late now." I said as soon as my piss started to turn to a trickle. Almost as soon as it started it came to and end, a few dribbles landing in the puddle I had tried to avoid. I let out a huge sigh of relief before placing my clothing back in place and standing to my feet. Carefully I stepped over my handiwork and over to Ari with a huge smile on my face. "Do you need to go too?" I asked her, and she playfully slapped my arm. "No, stupid. I can hold it till I get to a toilet." She said, then a two of us scurried out of the hallway and to the other door we were trying to get to. I took a swing of my water and proudly thought about the mess I had made in that nasty hotel, making a mental note to try it again sometime.
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    I had been out with some school mums for lunch . We had a meal, a few glasses of wine and a long chat about nothing in particular. On my walk home (about 1 mile) I became increasingly desperate for the toilet. Usually I would have found a place to squat but my usual hiding place was in sight of some workmen so I speeded up in an attempt to get home. To my dismay (as you can see) I had leaked by the time I got home.
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    Today was a rough day, and during my shower I felt like I needed to do something to excite me a bit. Or, I guess I should say after my shower. Because once the water shut off and I was wringing out my hair I found I had forgotten to pee and had to go. No biggie, really. Since the water wasn't running I squatted down and took a few seconds to pee near the drain and had to kick my pale yellow piss down to the drain since there was no shower water to wash it down. It was fantastic, lots of fun and kinda naughty! So, with a huge smile on my face, I stepped out of the shower and picked up my phone. A friend of mine had messaged me and I got to messaging her back before toweling off (thank god for stupid fucking expensive water resistant smart phones). I was still feeling kinda horny from my last pee, and suddenly I found that I still had some left. Like I said, rough day at the office so I decided I wanted to be adventurous. The bathmat I was standing on needed to be washed anyway, so I decided to make that my toilet for the night like I had done one or two times in the past. I continued to text my buddy while I dropped to another squat and started my piss again. And man, for having peed no more than sixty seconds before I sure peed a lot. The dribbling sound, the splashing on my feet, and the freedom I had of peeing next to the toilet instead of inside of it was amazing, and when I was done I simply shook off what was left, grabbed my towel, and dried off while admiring my baseball shaped puddle. Needless to say, the bathmat is in the washer right now :P
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    Hey all, I'm Phoenix, and I actually found this site through an ad on another pee-related site, omorashi.org, which I visit regularly. Not much left to say about me, except that I love music. And I'm always looking for new stuff, so feel free to give me recommendations! As a general rule, I like pop punk, but that's very general. My spotify playlists are... truly something
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    On Wednesday night I had six sightings in Brighton. Well actually 2 sightings, but six girls peeing. It was a quiet night, being midweek didn't help I guess. I got there at 10:40 and went straight to the area wherre I have previously seen girls pee wehn they get off buses, but there was some kind of event going on and they had taken over that whole area with temporary bars and seating. They also had toilets, so that was not going to be productive. I walked down to the beach and it was quiet there as well no beach parties or even people just sat on the beach -probably too late for that. The two nightclubs on the beach didn’t have queues so that didn’t look promising either. I walked around town and eventually at 12:15 I saw down a side street that a guy was stood near a van peeing against the wall and just behind him I could see a girl squatting. The van was revesed up to the pavement and the girl was between the back of the van and the wall. I walked up the street and had a good side view of her bare backside. I also then saw that there was another girl squatted beside her. I had a partially obstructed view of her side. The two girls saw me walking up the road and the one further away from me was close to the van, but moved backwards against the wall to get more cover behind her friends. I walked on past the van and looked back to see a much better view of girl 2. I headed into the corner and started peeing on the wall which put them at ease. I looked towards them and saw the second girls stand up and pulll up red knickers before pulling her black skirt back down into place. At 12:45 I was walking along the promendade when I saw a bloke with four girls (lucky guy), The girls left him and went down the steps to the beach. He stood and waited on the promenade. I could only think of one good reason for that so I went down the steps - I thought he might try to stop me, but he thankfully didnt. I saw the top of a head behind a low wall made of wooden sleepers. I rounded the corner and saw four girls in a row squatting. The first one was just standing back up. The second one was in a low squat pissing heavily and I could hear the pee impacting the pebbles of the beach as well as a hiss. The third girl was in a high squat with her pee falling to the stones and the fourth girl was in a low squat at the end. I couldn’t see the streams as it was too dark, but I heard plenty hissing and splashing. When they saw me, they burst into giggles. I walked past on the path not more than a metre in front of them and just said evening ladies. They giggled some more. I looked back to see them stand up and adjust their clothes. I only saw one pull knickers up. The others either didnt have them or must have pulled them to the side. They all had very short skirts. Two black, One red and one leopard skin.
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    oh no, one of the perils of being drunk and bursting; i didn’t bother to hike my skirt up when i had to pee. good thing inwas already home so the only people who know are you and me.
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    So as I said in a previous post I just finished exams and well I have a story from one of them that was quite interesting So one of my tests was in a large hall with probably 200 people in it. They would let us use the restroom but only one student could go at a time no matter what and they made a queue basically. I knew the bathroom situation would be interesting so intentionally much water that morning and asked to use the bathroom early in the exam to ensure I was very empty down there. A lot of other people however didn't plan ahead very well and had issues. I was sitting next to a girl wearing light blue jeans and a white T-shirt. She had medium length ombre blonde hair as well. When we sat down I saw her with a grande Starbucks drink and saw her realize she had to drink it and I saw her chug the drink and then swiftly get up and throw the drink away. We started the test and I didn't really notice anything until I noticed her kind of fidgeting a little bit after I went to the bathroom. There was a fairly long queue when I went and knowing that even if she put her name down right now it would be a long time kind of made me feel bad for her. When she raised her hand and put her name down I could see her need to go slowly rising. I went back to the test but then started to see her get more desperate. She had crossed her legs and was now fidgeting greater looking around the room perhaps maybe checking to see how many people were in front of her. As time passes I could tell she was starting to get desperate. She rested her hand in her lap trying to act causal but by the look in her eyes you could tell she was trying to hold in her pee. This got worse and worse and eventually she was grabbing herself with her legs still crossed trying to hold it in when they finally let her go. When she stood up and walked in front of me I saw a tiny wet spot in her crotch. She stopped for second trying to act casual but I saw the wet spot grow a tiny bit and she briskly power walked over to the bathroom. When she returned a few minutes later she had this look of immense relief on her face as she went back to her seat. She saw me looking over and gave me kind of a sheepish wave and I smiled and waved back trying to seem like I wasn't a creep. Sorry I know this was a short and not very interesting story but it was well a sighting I had so I thought I would post about it Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Sincerely, Raven
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    @Lilipee Just reached her birthday!!!! This girl had been around since the down of History and everytime she posts something, it's sincere, stark and intimate, so real and erotic… and also romantic… Let's cheer up for her!!! And since no birthday is complete unless the baker MISPELLS the name on the cake, Happy birthday Leeleepee!!!! Happy birthday…
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    A question for members As you are probably aware I'm a natural girl downstairs however do you prefer ladies to be shaven, trimmed or natural? Also is it the same answers when you are watching a woman pee? I have heard a few men say they like ladies to be shaven however prefer to see a pee stream through a bush.
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    The sun's shining, the skies are blue... Is there anywhere better to 'go' than the beach? Just a few of my favourites. Hope you like them.
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    Hi I’m a newbie but long time piss fan - any requests? https://www.erome.com/a/bhCEY8ZN
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    I feel bad for being gone and I'm really sorry about that. The first thing is that I've been dealing with testing. I'm currently a college student and just finished taking my finals. I'm sorry I'm not going to disclose what college I attend because I don't really want to give away my location. I've also been going through cycles of depression and just self hate. I've always been kind of emotionally unstable towards myself. I've always been quick to blame myself for everything and that mixed with anxiety can get really out of hand sometimes. Recently some issues in real life caused me to go down that spiral and just made me start hating myself more and more as I felt like I was failing at everything, not good enough. Being completely honest that's part of the start of the reason I left at first. If you noticed I started posting a lot more content right before I left and at first it was because I really enjoyed it but it became almost a chore by the end as I tried to not seem like I was slacking and eventually I just pushed it aside because it wasn't fun for me. I think I'll always feel that pressure here on the forum because in reality there are a lot of members here that post way better content than me that I can't compete with and sometimes it hurts. Like recently a lot of members here have been posting more and more revealing pics and I can't bring myself to take those pictures and it makes me feel like my posts aren't worth anything, like I'm just clogging the forum. Ever since I joined peefans I've tried to be loved and tried to be there for people and tried to be as nice as I could but also tried to share my stories and experiences because it was fun and exciting but now I feel like they aren't new anymore. I feel like a lot of my stories are very tame in comparison to others and just aren't worth me posting. I just didn't want to ever get a negative response from a post and was worried that if I posted content that people didn't enjoy then people would judge me extensively for it. This has also caused a great deal of damage to the friendships I've made here because I'm almost scared to talk to people in fear of hurting them accidentally or making some mistake. After I took a break from peefans things started to get worse in my.personal life too and I felt myself starting to lose it. I lost support from people here when I stopped logging on and stopped getting support from people in real life and that lack of communication and contact made me feel alone. Then some other things happened and I kind of lost it. I hid in my bed crying for longer than I care to admit and almost killed myself. That was too days ago. I'm feeling s little better now as things have resolved a little and that's what prompted me to make this post. To kind of say I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry I can't post pictures of myself in the way that others do, I'm sorry I can't write very well and suck at story writing, I'm sorry that I'm a mess of a human being that is trying to just fit in, and I'm sorry that I let everyone here down by leaving. Thank you for reading this unedited mess of a story. Sincerely, Raven (my real name)
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    I'm sorry for the late response but like I don't even know what to say right now. Thank you so much for all the kind words people have said and just being there for me. It really means a lot to me and I wish I could express that more but I don't know how. Just thank you so much. As I was reading through people's responses it just gave me that happy feeling inside that idk, I think I was missing and nothing I say can express my gratitude for that. Everyone on this forum is just so nice and supportive and caring. It's really a unique place here and I'm so glad I logged in again. Thank you so so much Love, Raven
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    This is not a "pee" related pic (hope its ok with admin to post here) but thought I'd post it for you Nancy x
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    just pissed all over the basement floor again!
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    I'd love to visit (I will anyway sooner or later) to some places in Africa and India Above all I will visit (Witch duty at least once in Life) the Charnel Ground of Mumbai, where the Aghoris (cannibal monks, masters of Witchcraft) prays to Shiva 24/7 among funeral pyres Obviously I would piss there but as part of the most intimate ritualistical attainment I would strip naked, and pray all day myself, pissing around like those "mad" monks myself Anyway, the adjective "mad" must be inferred as a way of respect I would also visit all great museums of the world… and piss on the floor EVEYWHERE ahahahahahahah I would also like to piss in public somewhere mighty, like in the European Parliament before the Whole world to see!!!
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    One of these is a pee sighting and the other is non pee but sexy sight from work, but I'll just post them both here. So for the pee sighting: I randomly decided I wanted some McDonald's at 11 o'clock last night, so since I don't normally go out at that time and it was Saturday, I said what the hell and got in my car. Nice peaceful late night cruise, warm weather, window down enjoying the breeze and ten minutes later I was in the drive through. When I was ordering I could hear a car's sound system booming close by and when I pulled around to the second window to pay, there was a black BMW 328i, I'm not sure what year but recent, very nice. The windows were down and there were two young brunette women rocking around inside while some song by Drake (a Canadian rapper) was blasting. Maybe drunk, but either way, being young and wild on a Saturday night. The car was bouncing around a good bit from all their motion. It was an amusing sight. Here's the craziest part though. The music stopped suddenly and I could see the one in the passenger seat making some weird movements. Then she poured a drink cup out of her window and kept moving around. The car in front of them got their order and left, but the the girls weren't pulling up right away. I was considering honking my horn but something told me just wait, since I was intrigued. So after about 20 seconds of watching them, the girl in the passenger looked to be leaning her torso up and backward into the seat. The driver opened the door and left a styrofoam cup on a ledge against the side of the building and then pulled forward to the next window. I moved up to where they were and leaned my head out of the window right next to the cup and sure enough I smelled piss, barely but it was unmistakable. It was quite dark gold colored with foamy bubbles settling. I could tell it was a 16 ounce cup because I buy them sometimes and she pretty much filled the whole damn thing! So when she was leaning into the seat, she was in fact pulling her pants up.The girl in the driver seat could see me in her mirror looking down and laughing and I saw them both laughing in the car. The pee girl turned her head back and waved at me and then slouched in the seat and put her feet up on the dash. They got their food, turned the music back up and pulled off onto the highway. Now for the work story that is not pee related: I went into work this morning for a few hours. Sometimes other people are there on Saturday but rarely on Sunday. We don't always know who is coming on weekends and it can lead to us startling each other since the building is eerily dark and quiet on weekends, although there are skylights in certain parts that allow sunlight in to a degree. The air system is odd and when it kicks on and off it makes some creepy banging noises. So I walked in and headed to our department and heard a few noises thinking it was the air conditioning, otherwise I would've said hello to not scare anyone. I walked through the department toward my office and when I turned past the cubicles, there was our director replacing paper in the copier, barefoot and bent over in a squat with ass pointed at me in semi transparent leggings and short white t shirt. She's a 35 yr old blonde, nice beefy figure. No overhead lights were on but that particular copier happens to be right under a skylight. I could see a visible dark colored thong and the white tag on the inside of the leggings! She stood from the squat and closed her legs together but still fully bent over from the waist, fumbling with the paper, just her legs and ass right in front of me. This was all inside 2 or 3 seconds so pretty fast but very memorable. I said hi and she jumped and screamed pretty loud which was unpleasant to my ears but a fair trade for what I just saw. We both laughed. This woman is usually dressed professionally, pant suits, and business skirts, jeans on Friday, never anything revealing really. She had it all hanging out for the most part today, figuring she was alone. I know she wears thongs because she never has panty lines but this was the first time I've actually seen it. I went to my office, logged into my computer and then came back out to get some files and she had just finished with the copier. Her ass was shaking around in the leggings as she walked back to her office. They were really tight and just locked way into her crack. Unbelievable sexy sight from her in particular. She didn't seem to mind at all being seen so far out of her usual attire which, made it even hotter. It's been a good weekend!
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    wet them once then, about 2 hours later, after watching some big bang reruns and news, i did it again and they were almost dry again too.
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    made a delectable treat after dinner. needed to pee, and walked right past the bathrooms on my way out. i kinda wanted to wet, but wasn’t keen on getting into the car to drive home in soaked leggings. ended up propping myself against the side of the restaurant, and hovered with them pulled down, as i let my desperation dissipate onto the ground below me, and hoped not to be caught in the process. and since it had kinda been a rainy day, my special puddle could be mistaken for just another water puddle. but you and i know better.
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    The puddle left by the first of the two girls behind the van: And the second girl, you can see how she started peeing in one place, then moved back to continue peeing when she saw me. And the location where the four girls were peeing. I couldn't take pics of the puddles as it was on pebbles so not much to see. You can see the curved sleeper wall. They were lined up just this side of the wall, two each side of the gap. You can also see the wooden path way (a sort of board walk) The steps are at the right of the pic coming down from the promenade. There is a gap in the wall than runs from the foreground of the picture just at the end of the board walk, so the girls came down the steps, along the concrete, through the gap in the wall and squatted. I followed the same route and as you can see, the proximity of the board walk pathway meant I was literally right in front of them. The pebbled area between boardwalk and sleeper wall is no more than a 1 metre strip. This closer view might give a better idea:
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    You are a ray of light among petals in spring... Here is a friend saying hi!!! Darling, we all love you!!! You are an asset to this forum!!! (and to my feelings...)
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    @Lilipee A marvellous birthday, Darling...
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    “I’m coming!!!” Shouted Nancy toward her friend, then, to herself, “As soon as this damn bladder gets empty, ahahahah!!!” She looked between her legs, and almost lost balance when curling her head too much, laughing drunkly. A terrific stream was exploding from between her tighs, pattering violently on the flowers in a pot she was hovering upon on, next to a door. She didn’t meant to do harm, but she wanted to avoid splashes on her shoes, and could look a bit selfish in her focused attitude, sometimes… When finally relief arrived, she stopped pushing and sighed, that sincere, automatical sigh of when you stop holding breath in order to strain with your muscles… Eventually, she shook her ass up and down a bit, then ran to Gwen. Her tall and curvy friend was very busy chatting with a mixed group of people, and when the red haired one reached them, she made all the due presentations “Darling, this is my Old Party, we’ve grow up together since I can remember…” pointing all around in a circle, first to a blonde girl in black clothes, tights liquid leggins and a white shirt with curls on the bra-zone, and a black thin jacket, indeed quite elegant. She had a ponytail, her blonde straight hair were carefully held by a lovely red ribbon. “She’s… ehm…” the two laughed, and Nancy smiled herself, preparing for some lovely joke: “She’s Bonnie”. Raising an eyebrow, the red haired girl cannot prevent from showing her playful confusion, and the blondie answered, while all others laughed: “My true name is Boudibiua”. Out of instinct fueled by alcohol, the girl from abroad tried to shape her lips in order to pronounce it, and the subsequent explosion of laughter from everybody around here was a testament to how ridiculous she must have looked. “It means “She who is victorious”, my parents chose it willingly, but everybody calls me Bonnie, you can too”. Nancy smiled, and they all pointed to another girl, this time really tall and with beautiful features and natural, incredibly long curly brown hair. She had been startled by her beauty since the beginning, and was waiting for her to introduce herself. She was wearing a long skirt decorated with flowers, and a shirt with no jacket, beige and with embroidments all over, likely handcrafted. Gwen spoke for her: “She is Kaily”; “It’s a bit easier this time” she laughed, unvoluntarily interrupting Nancy’s first friend, and her voice was a bit deep, but melodious. The foreign felt a powerful, sudden hormonal rush down there. “Her name means “Social Celebration”, in the past these things were of absolute importance”. Gwen explained, again interrupted by a short but very muscular boy, his hair were straight but short, jet black, and hie eyes were smart and curious, but also playful: “Hey, what do you mean? Parties are STILL of absolute importance ahahahahahah!!!” They all laughed, and she concluded “You can call me Kay, they all do that”. Again the voice like a song, again warmth where it’s embarassing. “I’m Bryok Coeinnach Medleigh” he offered his hand to a puzzled Nancy, which shook it shyly, and he suddenly exploded in a huge laughter, “I’m joshing ahahahah” at which she raised her eyebrow even more and remained silent, “I’m Scot!!! Just Scot, no other names ahahahahah!!!” Nancy smiled, and he kept going “And this is my brother Arthur, but we all call him Art”. The guy he was now hugging was very slender, much taller and with less muscles, yet athlethic, quite different for bodily shape indeed, and yet they shared the same facial features, very similar brown eyes and black hair. Gewn took word once again: “Now all the due presentations are made, and it’s time to DRINK!!!” “Why?” jokes Scot, “Have we been doing anything else until now?” new laughter, until Art pinched his brother on the free portion of the chest, as they were both wearing black leather clothes, boots and trousers and bikers gilet. Scot looked at him, and he was pointing at two girls, wearing sandals and microscopicule skirts, both speaking german and laughing cheerfully among themselves, that went their way and surpassed them, with a glass of beer each, and then reached a dark corner of the town square near where the small group had been chatting, and casually popped a squat while still confabulating among themselves of something Nancy did not understand, as deutsch language was not among her curriculum. But she spied Kay’s reactions to that happening, both puzzled and admiring at the same time, and they all for some reasons remained silent as the two girls both put panties to one side and started to produce a visible sprinkler that formed a puddle on the pavement just a foot away from their pussies. The streams were powerful and thick, but also well defined, and they were gushing out from the secret regions of those stunning bodies, landing on the ground. Too bad that the absurd noise of the party covered the hiss and the pattering… In the dark it wasn’t possible to distinguish if they were natural or shaved, nor the colour of their undies, but the streams catched light from alla round and were almost silvery in the night. One of them kept drinking while she was urinating, and at that sight Art murmured “I must marry her”, making his brother to explode in laughter again: “Then go, what are you waiting for? Offer her a napkin ahahah!!!” He did as told. Under the staring eyes of his friends. A chorus of “Oh no he’s doing for real, he’s going he’s going” rose up from the little party while the tall raven haired boy walked nonchalantly toward them, ending up in the immediate nearby, and started to fluently converse with them in their native language. Scot was radiant and with an evil grin, they were all close friends but nobody knew they had been secretely studying deutsch, in sight of a potential expansion of their employement as websites builders. Nobody spoke, all were stunned, and when he really offered them a tissue, the party held its breath. Before their unblinking eyes, they two blondies considered the offer almost with a serious attitude, and then shook their head, just asking him something and offering him both their tankards. He took them and held them in his hands as they bounced up and down to shake their asses, then put their undies back and retrieved the big glasses of beer, taking another sip, and inviting him to join them. The group remained breathless as Art indicated them and said something to the girls, who smiled and laughed and approved. A few instant later, he was back, explaining they were all invited to stay together. “Don’t we wait for Lars?” asked Bonnie, at whose mention Gwen’s look became shadowy for an instant, but Kay exclaimed: “Lars is perfectly able to make us all wait here until down, you know him. He’s our friend, but he’s never in time”. Scot unvoluntarily showed his muscles like straining them, and replied: “Friend is a big word. I will never forget how rude he was to Gwen”. Both the curvy friend of Nancy, and Kay, lowered their eyes, and while the first one remained silent, the other one whispered “Cheating can happen… unless you are really in love… sex is too tempting” At those words, the red haired one felt she was completely melting in her privates. She felt her head veeeery light, and started breathing a bit heavy. She was brought back to normality by the angry reply of Scot himself, speaking like Gwen wasn’t there at all: “I was there, Kay. They were a serious couple and you don’t say, if caught red-handed, how did he said? “What? Do you think I could ever be satisfied with you alone? Get lost and let me finish”. Here, that’s what he said. He’s lucky he is rich, unless I would have kicked his ass there and then. And I would have fucked that girl too, sorry Gwen, ih ih”. Gwen smiled at him with good heart: “She was beautiful, and I’m sure you would have made her enjoy it much more”. Nancy remained silent, she remembered her friend’s confession about Lars being very mild among bedpans. “Ouch, why nobody ever told me this?” commented the same Kay, now a bit angered, “Nobody talks that way to my Ginny” and she hugged Gwyneth and kissed her on a cheek, “Screw Lars, let’s go with those two devils!!! But first…” Without other words, Kaw started to grip the back of her long skirt in order to raise it enough to free her bum, which exploded in full sight of Nancy’s stunned eyes, round and tight, before being lowered to the ground, producing a splashing sound and a little river of piss on the ground on her direction, all foamy, which gave her shivers. The tall girl was pissing with intensitiy, and all others were just smiling and looking distractedly all around, except for Art who was looking at the two girls to ensure they weren’t leaving, bored with waiting. It was when they shouted something at him with happy and frivolous voices, that he explained that his friend just needed a “break”, at which they both laughed. Nancy was hypnotized by that scene, and when Kay farted loudly, starting to laugh immediately after, she felt the moist of her tighs, and made her best to remain calm. She moved in order not to have her shoes in the river of piss crawling on the ground, but was amazed at discovering that her new friend had no panties under the long, flowery skirt, and was completely shaved. She shook her ass a bit, giving her a full view of that spectacle, and the let the long dress fall down again in place, before a foreign girl devoid of speech. “Aahhhh… are we going?” she smiled, and all other complied. “Nancy… come on!” Gwen called her, but she almost couldn’t move… it took all the villpower in her to step ahead and reply… “Yes… yes… I come…”
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    I think it's whatever feels best and most natural for the woman. I keep myself fully waxed. I love going to the salon and having my girl take care of it all. But if someone else loves a full bush, that's sexy too.
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    Riley (Raven, such a pretty name) as the other people have said, don't worry about what you post, we are all here on a common purpose, to be on this site, to interact with like minded people. There is another reason we are all here, and that's to help each other, and we are here to help you in anyway you need. I've not posted a lot of pics either, Maigh definately not, I can't have a camera in the same room as her (this is due to a rather frightful stalker situation that happened quite awhile ago), and while it doesn't stop us from having fun, it just means that she is not posting pics online. Don't worry about not posting pics, just be here, just be you.
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    Riley, You are being much harder on yourself than anyone else here would be or should be. Please try to be kinder to yourself - you don’t deserve the maltreatment that the critic inside your head is giving you. Really, you don’t.
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    So this spring has been hell on equipment for our farm. We have one tractor getting an engine overhaul and this one had transmission problems. The torque limiter needed replacing. We fixed this one ourselves. It's back running now
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    Ahahahahah you would have a good time with mine then HAHAHAHAHAHA
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    Shaved especially when licking
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    Not much explanation required. I was at the park with the kids. On the way home I had a little accident and had to wrap my coat around my waist to hide the evidence. Felt so pathetic at the time. Quickly changed when I got in, did the laundry and cleaned up to hide any evidence. Little did I know at the time it was caught on camera.
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    That's the look that says 'You might think you've got the upper hand now... but you're going to pay later.' Bring on the punishment...
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    meh. the few drops of pee i let go went from being hardly noticeable in my leggings to pretty obvious even though i didn’t let more go. totally didn’t expect it show at all, thought i’d just feel a bit damp down there til my panties dried.
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    Had to go for a pee while sitting at work, instead I did it in a plastic cup next to my desk
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    Riley, I can understand how you feel. I‘ve been in a similiar situation aswell. But don‘t be so strict to yourself. You are a very beautiful and exciting person. This community is not a competition and every contribution is a win for us all. If you feel to share your feelings or personal stories with us, then do it without any doubts. This board is more than just a porn site. It‘s a meeting place for beautiful people how share the same passion. No one expects high resolution pictures from you or spectecular stories or whatever. Just be yourself and enjoy your time here. All the different personalities are the reason why this community is more than just a simple place for porn.
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    Sounds intriguing.... Oooh, did I just volunteer? How did that happen?
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    If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go? If there were no negative consequences, what would you pee on if you could?
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    13:00 Sunday afternoon. Good duck hunting spot
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    There is a serious point trapped in this humour. Witches are traditionally portrayed as grotesquely evil as a hangover from Christianity. The church wanted us all through the centuries to see them as evil because they were seen as a challenge to bullshit church dogma, and indeed as representatives of a belief system much older than the church itself, which the church had tried to supplant. Once upon a time minor differences of opinion between Christians was enough to get you killed. Witchcraft was seen as the devil's work and witches as enemies of God. True witches are complicated, and can choose to be either good or bad, but to be a witch is not intrinsically evil at all.
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    We are aware of what the problem is and further changes have been made to try and resolve the errors. Please could you confirm if the connection timeout occurs again (starting from now).
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