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    Hi everyone, long time without writing for me. I thought I would follow up on the characters I wrote about in my Holiday series (first chapter of that is here in case anybody want to read that first). I'll still try to write some Kaymala stuff too because I still have some ideas for that, but there's a few things I'm excited to do with these characters. Just a heads up, this chapter has a somewhat incest-y scene towards the end. If that's not your thing, you might want to check out after the line, 'We hugged, and Maddie and Adam set off, leaving me and David alone in the room.' ********************* It was a cloudy Saturday at the start of October. Below where we sat, the university plaza was thronging with students, talking loudly, handing out leaflets, hugging friends they hadn't seen over summer, or walking around with their parents in tow, their expressions a mixture of excitement and nerves. Up here on the balcony of the campus bar was much quieter. The cooler autumn weather had driven most of the customers -- families having one last meal before the parents head home without their children -- indoors. On the balcony was just a couple of smokers and us. Me, my brother David, and our friends Maddie and Adam. “So, how's your new room, Sarah?” Maddie asked, looking at me. “Not bad,” I said with a small shrug. “It's bigger than I expected. Take me a bit to tidy it up though, put all my stuff away.” “And she has plenty of stuff,” David said. “A whole crate of video games and books, you should see it. Took us ages to carry it all in from the car.” “Fuck off, mate,” I protested. “I helped you move in last year, remember? I've got less than you had.” It was my first day on campus. David had helped me move my several suitcases of stuff into my room, and then we'd met up for a drink with the others. All the work carrying bags had made me thirsty, and the big coke I'd ordered was disappearing quickly. A pressure was already starting to build in my bladder. “You're over on North Campus, right?” said Adam. “The rooms over there are big. It's the price you pay for being miles away from everything else, that's all.” “Pfff,” said Maddie. “Twenty minute's walk at most. It seems like miles when you're a first year and everyone else lives on main campus, but when you move off campus in second year you realise what a commute is really like.” “That's fair. Took our bus forty-five minutes to get in this morning,” Adam said to me and David, “the roads were so snarled up with all the new students. Worth it, though. I love the start of term.” “Hush, creepy boy,” said Maddie. “I know what you're thinking.” “What, you feel it too,” said Adam. “All the hot people. Don't you think?” he added to me and David. “When you spend all summer out in the sticks, surrounded by old folks, then suddenly you're here surrounded by attractive people your own age. Like her, see? In the short skirt. You don't see many like that in our little Cornish village.” “She's got nice legs, I guess,” I said, following his gesture. She also had a good figure, a rather tight-fitting top, golden blonde hair and a pretty face. “Cute boyfriend,” said Maddie, which the blonde woman also had. “I'd do him if he was up for it.” David cleared his throat. “I never asked, how was the rest of your summer?” he said. It had been over a month since the beach holiday where we had met Maddie and Adam, when we had got to know each other surprisingly well. Adam shrugged. “More of the same. Went to the beach when it was sunny, hung around the house when it wasn't. Lots of fucking in both cases.” “Only each other, though,” Maddie said. “I'm looking forward to trying some new dick again. How about yours? Your summer, I mean?” “Uneventful,” I said. “Less fucking than yours.” “Not none, I hope?” Adam said. David and I met each others' eyes, then quickly looked away. Adam caught the look and smirked. “No judgement here,” he said. A chilly wind was picking up, making pimples stand up on my bare legs. At the other end of the balcony, the two people smoking both stubbed out their cigarettes, finished their beers and left. I saw Maddie smile to herself and start fidgeting in her seat, fiddling with her skirt. She caught my eye and winked. I realised what she was thinking, and started discreetly manoeuvring my own skirt out of the way as well. “It is getting a bit cold, isn't it?” Adam was saying. “If you still want that tour, maybe we should be finishing up and heading --” He broke off at the pattering sound that had started. Both Maddie and I had started to piss where we sat, having pulled our skirts out of the way. The chair seats were a kind of plastic weave, meaning the liquid ran through the holes and onto the floor. The noise was quiet compared to the sound of the crowd below, but still audible. I could feel droplets from my stream bouncing up onto my legs, and I could see droplets from Maddie's landing on the glass divider that ran along the edge of the balcony. I hadn't bothered to pull my panties aside, but the material was thin enough that my stream just passed straight through. Maddie was giggling, and once she'd started I couldn't help laughing as well. David was watching the puddles spread, wide-eyed. “I wish you'd give us some warning for something like that,” Adam said, looking star struck. “Wasn't I just saying how horny I was? Oh my god, you two are the best.” Our two puddles didn't spread very far. There were gaps between the wooden boards of the floor, and there must have been a drain down there. Still, the wet patches that we left were quite distinctive. “Shall we go?” said Maddie, once she'd finished up what she was doing and recovered from her giggles. “I don't really want to get caught sitting on a big piss puddle.” We finished the last of our drinks, gathered our things and left, me and Maddie still smiling, Adam still looking dazed. Maddie and Adam's tour of campus, having started with an hour in the bar, went quickly through the other major sites of campus. They showed me the rest of the students' union building, which included the campus club room, and then led me around the library, the sports centre, and the philosophy department where I would be having lectures from next week. Then I said I would show them my room up on North Campus, so we walked back past the sports centre, past the seemingly endless football, rugby and cricket pitches, through a small wood, and up to North Halls. The complex was in a rather nice bit of campus, it had to be said. Half a dozen blocks backed onto one bank of a small lake -- the other bank looked out over ploughed fields, with the city just visible as a collection of tower blocks in the distance. I was in block C, room 19, a ground floor room near the end of the corridor. Each building had its own common room and a kitchen on each floor. A separate building housed the laundry -- shared by everyone in North Halls -- and a small café. “So, did you splash out the cash for an ensuite room?” Adam asked as I swiped my card to enter the building. “No, no ensuite,” I said. “Just a sink in the room.” “Oh, well with a sink why would you need an ensuite?” Adam said. “A sink is by definition a urinal as well. Trust me, half the people in this building are gonna be peeing in the sink. The halls I was in in first year, there were two toilets per floor between twenty people. Never once had to queue to use one.” I giggled as I led them down the corridor towards my room. Just as we reached it, the door to the next room along opened, and a blonde woman in pink shorts and a fluffy pink jumper came out. She smiled at us as she squeezed past in the narrow corridor. I hadn't properly spoken to her yet -- nor to any of my new neighbours for that matter. I knew that I should do, and I was a bit worried that they'd all be making friends without me, but I'd wanted to see Maddie and Adam again first. “Nice room,” said Maddie, looking around as she entered. “Pretty spacious.” “Still pretty messy,” I said, gesturing to my various suitcases and crates of stuff from home. “I'll put it away later.” “Speaking of sinks,” Adam said, “do you mind if I have a quick slash in yours?” “Course,” I said. “Wait for me though, I need to piss as well.” “Again?” Adam asked. “You went at the bar.” “Coke goes through me quickly,” I said. I pulled my skirt up and squared up to the sink, wondering how to tackle it. It was waist height, which was something of a problem. I tried standing on tiptoes, but that didn't give me much extra height. I tried lifting one leg up onto the edge of the sink, hoping I'd be able to manoeuvre my vag into the right position that way, but I still couldn't quite get high enough. “Do you want a leg up?” Adam asked with a snicker. Some things, I decided, weren't worth the effort. Rather than keep struggling, I decided just to relax. I let the piss flow where I was, still with one leg up on the sink. The stream spurted forwards and down. Some of it struck the edge of the sink and ran down the porcelain, some shot straight under the sink and sprayed against the wall behind. All of it ran down onto the carpet one way or another. I watched as it sat on top of the fibres before slowly soaking in, leaving a spreading wet patch. “Oh, is that what we're doing then?” Adam said. “Yeah,” I said. “Fuck the sink. Piss wherever you like, just don't get my stuff wet.” “I like the way you think, girl,” said Maddie, giggling. “You and me both,” said Adam, undoing his flies as he spoke. Without further ado he turned to face the wall beside the door and let loose. He clearly had been holding it for a while, the amount of force he had. I could see the spray coming off as more piss gushed out of him, pouring down the wall like a waterfall and spreading across the carpet. I wondered vaguely if the people in the rooms next door would hear the sound, before deciding I didn't really care. “I needed that,” Adam said, tucking himself away and doing his flies back up. “Is this going to be a full-time arrangement in your room?” “Why not?” I said. “If it starts to smell I can buy some carpet shampoo or something.” Maddie glanced at her watch. “We should probably be going, Adam,” she said. To me, she added, “We said we'd pick up some shopping before dinner. It's really good to see you both again, though. Honestly, we both missed you.” We hugged, and Maddie and Adam set off, leaving me and David alone in the room. “Should, er, should I head off as well?” David asked. “Leave you to get to know your flatmates a bit?” “You can if you like,” I said, sinking onto the bed. “If you don't want to do something else.” David hesitated. “What else?” I leaned back on the pillows, casually slipping one hand down the front of my skirt. “I was going to try the new bed out a bit,” I said. “You're welcome to join me if you like.” To my surprise, David still looked uncertain. “Do you not want to?” I asked. “If not, that's fine.” “No, it's not that,” said David. “I'm down for it. I just … well, I want to make sure you are.” “I suggested it, didn't I? And we've done it plenty of times before. Why would I not want it this time?” “Well …” David gestured vaguely in the direction of the door. “Before, it was always at home, when mum and dad were out. Or when Maddie and Adam were around, but you knew they were cool with it. I thought you might be worried what your new flatmates would think, if they found us out …” I gave a half shrug. “I don't think I really care what they might think of me,” I said. “I like spending time with you, and that includes this stuff we do alone together. Besides, it's not like we're properly fucking, right? We're just, you know, helping each other get off.” “All right,” David said. “If you're sure. I'm just going to run to the loo first, okay?” I laughed. “David, are you really going to walk all the way to the toilet when you've just seen Adam and me pissing on the floor?” David paused, then shrugged. “Right you are,” he said. He unzipped his jeans and directed his cock towards the side of the (still empty) wardrobe. David never has a powerful stream, but he saves up a lot of fluid and pisses for a long time. I watched as his puddle spread across the floor, surrounding his shoes, intermingling with the wet patch that Adam had by the wall behind him. My hand was down my skirt still, my arousal mounting as I thought of all the day's events so far. Once he was done, David crossed the room to me, kicking off his shoes and stripping down his jeans as he did so, and climbed into the bed beside me. It was only a single bed, so there wasn't a lot of space, but we did our best. As he snuggled down under the covers, I reached around to find his cock. It was already pretty hard, I noted smugly. He, for his part, found the bottom of my skirt and slid his hand up inside, pulling aside my still-damp panties to find the dampness of a different kind that was underneath. There was some writhing and wriggling, made awkward by the small space. Both of us were pretty horny to start off with, and we came quickly -- him first, spraying the inside of the freshly-cleaned bedsheets, and me just a few seconds later. For a few minutes we lay there, enjoying the post-climax bliss. David met my eyes. He was still panting slightly. “Welcome to uni, Sarah,” he said. I smiled. If the next three years were like today, I thought I would like this place.
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    I took my gf to the beach yesterday to soak up some sun and have a few ciders. Because this beach is pretty secluded, we were able to drink to our hearts content with out getting into trouble. Well to my delight, after about 3 or 4 ciders down, my gf declared that she needed a wee and was going to just go where she was sitting. I came up with the idea of having my gf piss down a hole in the sand, so I made her wait desperately while I dug a decent hole in the sand. By the time I was done, she had a hand clamped between her legs and was dancing about I said to her, 'you need a pee? go do it'. My gf proceeded to squat down on the edge of the hole, lean her hips back and pull her bikini bottoms aside revealing her beautiful shaved slit. It took a few seconds before she started to wee. I watched as her slit pulsed, her lips parted slightly and a thin silvery stream of wee shot out. She leaned back a bit further and sighed deeply before her stream changed from a neat beam to a thick twisty sheet of wee spraying over the bank and into the hole I had dug. Her wee made a sharp hissing sound and began to froth as it hit the sand, still gushing out from her beautiful tight slit. After about 30/40 seconds of solid weeing, my gf's stream began to wane and eventually come to a slow trickle. She managed to squirt one last pee stream out for another couple of seconds before her wee was nothing more than a drip from her pussy lips. I grabbed a napkin from my bag and passed it to her to wipe. She made sure to dab at her vagina nice and slowly and giggled at my obviously hard cock. That was our lovely pee adventures, hope you enjoyed reading!
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    To all of my friends on here, hope you have been able to have a good holiday!
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    haha. i was looking for a desperation place. i was incredibly in need yesterday morning. i could hardly get my front door open because the pressure to dance and hold was too much. even had several involuntary leaks before getting outside, where i tried my best to keep as much of my pee in as possible.
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    "Lisa:" "Going" on the Way to the Theater by Dr. P "Lisa" (not her real name, of course) and I were together for several years in the late 1970's and early 1980's. We both enjoyed my fascination with her peeing styles and habits, which she freely shared with me, once she understood how much they turned me on. This is my recollection of one event which actually happened. We often went out and spent entire evenings drinking and dancing, during which Lisa never used a ladies' room. She said they were filthy and she hated them, so we actually made a pact that she wouldn't use them when we were together. Instead, we tried to find a private spot in the parking lot or garage, where she would raise her skirt, spread her legs, and pee standing straight up. If we failed to find a location with sufficient privacy, we would return to the car, which we had parked in a carefully chosen location. She would then sit on the running board with the door open and pee a powerful stream onto the pavement, or into the dirt. I would always place myself in front of her, outside the car, on the passenger side, where I had the best view. In this position, I also protected her by blocking the view of anyone else, who might happen along while she was peeing. The hissing and splashing of her stream were extremely arousing to me, especially when she was wearing real stockings and a garter belt. One of the more spectacular scenes I remember with her, using this peeing style, was on a short road trip, one evening. We had tickets to a play at a theater that was about a 40-minute drive from where we lived. So we met beforehand for drinks and snacks in our local area. We were both dressed well, and she was wearing a garter belt and real stockings, under a very pretty dress. We wanted to keep our pact, and I certainly wanted to see her pee in this outfit, so she didn't do it in the bar, before we left. We agreed that we would find a place on the way to the theater. Traffic was heavier than expected, and I had a hard time finding an exit from the freeway where there would be some chance for privacy. She was fidgeting and getting more and more desperate, as I drove. She finally lifted her dress, pulled it out from under her bum and thighs, and gathered it around her waist, exposing her bare thighs above her stockings. I realized that in case she squirted or dribbled, her legs and panties might get wet, but her dress would stay dry. So she must have been more desperate than I had ever seen her before, planning damage control, in case her other efforts failed. She pressed her hands against her pussy, over her panties, which thankfully still looked dry, and crossed her legs, for added pressure to stop leaks. I sneaked a peek at her legs, and must have revealed my obvious admiration and excitement. Finally, she told me that I absolutely MUST take the next exit, no matter what, because she couldn't hold her pee, any longer. I could see that she was very serious, and really was more desperate than I had ever seen her. I did take the next exit, and we were extremely lucky. The exit took us into a quiet, poorly lit residential neighborhood, with older houses, set back from the street, and quite a few trees. I stopped under a tree, where there was still some light from one of the street lights, so I would be able to see her pee. She had her door open, her dress around her waist, and was sitting on the running board with her legs spread wide, before I could even get out of the car. When I got around to her side, she was already pissing a wild, wickedly gushing stream, onto the pavement. It was beautiful, hissing and spraying, splattering on the street, pretty much out of her control. There were a few sprinkles on her thighs, but her dress, stockings and shoes stayed dry. This went on for about a minute, until her stream slowed to a stop. I was there with the box of tissue to wipe her thighs and pussy. I would much rather have licked her, but there was no time for that. Besides, we didn't know anything about the neighborhood we were in, or whether we had been seen. She looked at the huge puddle on the pavement, and said she couldn't believe that all of that had come out of her. We closed the car doors and got back on the freeway. We continued to marvel at how much she had peed, and how spectacular it looked, as it hissed and gushed out of her. She went into great detail, marveling at the size and power of her stream, and how forcefully it sprayed, telling me how desperate she had been, and how she would have wet herself and her beautiful dress really badly, if we hadn't stopped when we did. We remembered this incident, reminisced, and chuckled about it, for months afterward. Dr.P
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    My heart was hammering in my chest as I was led away from the Kitty Litter to a place unknown. I did my utmost to keep track of my progress as we left behind the warmth of the morning sun and into the coolness of the University interior. I could hear the sound of other people nearby as I was led along, the fact that nobody commented on my condition (with a bag over my head) implied the belief that my ‘initiation’ was something that came to everyone. Certainly, Wendy (aka Mrs Murdoch) had made no attempt to intervene. Possibly, I mused, she had been instrumental in the affair, having led me to the Kitty Litter not so much as to relieve her hot clear pee over the ground, but rather to place me in a position to be kidnapped. I recalled the sight of her flowing pussy fountain as she had urinated across the way from me. Regardless of what was to occur in the very near future, I had already decided that having the chance to watch Wendy take a piss in front of me, was to be more than worth it. Eventually, we came to a stop and I was made to lie down face upwards on a padded surface that was most comfortable. Gentle hands then started to undress me whilst a soft voice lined with an undertone of merriment whispered into my ear. ‘You’ve been very good so far, Lesley. If you continue to play along then you might, just might be able to join our exclusive little club. We’ve not yet given it a name but the last group have just used the letter ‘O’ so I guess that we will have to be the ‘P’ group.’ This comment resulted in a lot of sniggering from those around me, possibly three of four of them judging by the positions of their voices. ‘Now Lesly, during your initiation you must only speak when asked a question and you must tell the truth. If we suspect that you are lying then there will be a forfeit. Do you understand?’ ‘Yes’, I gasped. Rather than being frightened I was horny as hell, my nipples hard on my exposed tits. My nudity was on full display and I hoped that my captors would be impressed by my body. ‘One last thing Lesley, we need a safe word or phrase from you so if at any time, you want to stop, you can just let us know and you will be free to go. You just won’t get to be part of our club and trust me, Lesley,’ the voice became especially husky as a soft hand caressed my bare left boob, fingers tracing around my hardened nipple. ‘You really, really want to be part of our club!’ ‘Think of your safe phrase,’ instructed another soft female voice in my other ear. A second hand gently fondled my right tit before lifting away. My mind raced, and I said the first thing that popped into my head. ‘Knotted knickers!’ A new burst of giggles burst out around me. ‘Very well, even though you are not wearing any,’ purred a third voice from slightly further away than those who had just caressed my breasts. ‘Time for your first question,’ said a fourth voice whose accent was most pronounced. I would have no problem recongising this girl again! ‘Are you a virgin?’ I paused, wondering if I should lie. ‘No’, I answered, the sound of my voice muffled by the material around my head. ‘How many boys have you fucked?’ ‘Two,’ I answered. ‘And how many girls?’ There was a long pause. I really wanted to lie and impress my captors but I knew that my lack of experience in such matters would not stand up to scrutiny. ‘None,’ I said. There was a shared, sharp hiss of disapproval from those around me. ‘Then technically you are still a virgin,’ stated the one girl. ‘Would you like to fuck a girl?’ another asked. Oh yes, I would, starting with Sandra, my room buddy, and then everyone in this room because I bet you are all fucking gorgeous! I had yet to see an unattractive girl during my brief time at my new university home and plus, I was dying for somebody to touch my bare breasts again. It had been such a thrill! ‘Yes,’ I managed to whisper hoarsely. Would one of them take the challenge? A set of warm fingers moved to the edge of the cover that had been placed around my head. Slowly it was drawn up, but only as far as my nose. A moment passed whilst the beating thud of my racing heart seemed to fill the room. I could still see nothing but I could sense those around me. I was completely naked and utterly at their mercy as they administrated tender pleasures or harsh reprisals if my need for a safe word was anything to go by. It was then that a soft set of lips found my own, pushing down with gentle yet firm pressure. I swooned in response, giving an answer to that most erotic of actions. My first lesbian kiss lasted a lifetime in my mind (and in my memory forever afterwards) but in reality barely a second or so slipped by before my mysterious kisser moved away. My raging hormones called out to her, desperately wanting a repeat of that most glorious act but I had no reason to be concerned. A new set of lips found mine, fuller and impossibly more luscious than the first. I focused every facet of my being into trying to capture the essence of that moment and to store it forevermore as a most treasured memory. A new round of giggling occurred as my second kisser drew away. I sensed a new presence moving up closer. I was so wet between my legs it was a wonder that nobody had commented on the fact, or was this the reason for their merriment? A third kiss. God, I was so fucking horny, right now! Whoever this third girl was, she was obviously far more experience than her companions. Her lips were full and delicious, her tongue seeking out my mine. I replied in kind desperately wishing that my hands were not bound. I wanted to touch her body, to feel the roundness of her bosom, the heat of her skin against mine. I wanted, no rather that I needed, to lick her pussy and to slide my tongue along the groove of her wet desire! ‘Not bad at all, Lesley,’ whispered kisser number three as she withdrew. I wanted to call her back but at the same time wanted to sample the delights of the next girl. I did not have long to wait. Strands of hair fell against my bare tits as my latest provocateur moved closer to place her lips against mine. She did not share her tongue but instead playfully teased my lower lips with her teeth as she withdrew. Moments passed. I could hear my capturers moving together and talking in hushed tones that I could not understand. It was at this stage that I realized that I had not fully emptied my bladder at the Kitty Litter and the stirrings of my toilet urge were beginning to make itself known. I had no idea how these four lesbians would react if I was to ask to visit the loo in the middle of them having their wicked way with me. I gave thought to sneaking out a little piss why they were presumably huddled in their group, no doubt discussing what was next on their agenda of initiation. Should I risk having a quick wee? There was no way of telling where I was or how much evidence would be left behind should I open my pee hole and let loose my hot release. Would they enjoy the show, watching my playing piss fountain as it squirted from my love lips, or would they be disgusted and punish me accordingly? There was but one way to find out…
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    I was thinking back at the sayings girlfriends have used before they relieved themselves somewhere, and how much them using those phrases turned me on. Back in 1997 a high school girlfriend and I went to an auto auction to try and find her a car. All the cars were in a warehouse and you could check them out before the auction. Most of the cars were pretty crappy. I remember her saying she had to go potty, followed by, “I should go in one of these crappy cars.” She didn’t though, she ended up pissing next to my car behind a high school. She got interrupted so she cut off her stream, shot a squirt of piss on my front seat as she hopped back in the car real fast, and finished down the street in a bowling alley parking lot. Another girlfriend mentioned she had to use the bathroom as we were pulling into a parking garage one summer afternoon. As we got into the staircase she said, “I’m gonna pee right here”. She squatted inside the staircase door, at the top of the stairs, lifted her long skirt, moved her thong to one side and began urinating on and down the stairs. She was sprinkling my shoe but I didn’t mind. Another girlfriend I had taken to lunch and she had a drink. On the way home I had to make a stop where I left her in the car. When I got back she had a look on her face and she said to me, “I have to use the bathroom”. She was ready to pee on herself. We made it back to the house and she pissed on me while I laid on the bedroom carpet. Another girl, we had just gotten back to her apartment from dinner where she had a drink. As we were getting out the car she said, “My bladder is talking to me”, followed by, “Do you mind if I piss here?” She hopped out and pissed on the ground between my car and her car, a hard, steady piss. She let out a sigh of relief and as we walked to her apartment she said, “I pulled my panties up too quick”. I guessed she pisse some more or didn’t shake enough. The same girl, when we went out to eat, she’d drink and hold it. We got back in the car one night after dinner and she said, “You have 5 minutes to find a place for me to pee”. We had gone to a house party one summer night. She had been drinking, we went for a late night walk. We get back to the car which was parked outside her brothers house which was across from the party. She said to me, “Open the doors so I can use the bathroom”. She was going to take a piss in the grass between the front and rear passenger side doors. She didn’t, she saw her brother who gave us the key to get in the house. Another girl, after following her back to her moms house to drop her brother off whose birthday celebration we were leaving, gets in my car and says to me, “I have to pee, sooo bad. I’ll just go in my backyard”: We get to her house which she didn’t have her keys to, and pisses in the wet grass with stilletto heels on. That same girl, recently who I met with for lunch to piss in my backseat gets in the car and immediately starts to unfasten her clothes. She says, “I have to PEE! I’ve been holding it all morning”. We were outside of her job so I asked if I need to drive somewhere. She said, “No, you know I don’t care. I have no trouble using the bathroom in public”. About a month later we meet up for her to use my backseat again. I get to her job, this time she has me move. She says to me, “I have to PEE! PEE”, like it was really urgent. Another girl, in 2016, knowing she pees constantly when she drinks, took her to eat where she had a large drink. Then we had a short ride to the city where we were going to ride the street car. I pulled into the parking garage and as I am looking for an approved parking space, she says, “I have to use the bathroom”. I backed into the stall on the end by the wall with a car on her side and the wall on mine. She hopped out as soon as the car stopped, went behind the car, dropped her tight, suede type pants and pissed behind the car. The same girl and I took a road trip, at our destination, we parked in a parking garage. I told her we had a little walk to the hotel so if she needs to use the bathroom then go here. She said, “I was about to, then I saw him coming”. A guy was walking by. After he passed she walked passed my drive door, I opened the door to block her and she relieved herself between my front left fender, the open door, the concrete wall, and the minivan beside us. She left a medium puddle and her used napkin. That same girl and I were walking on the belt line one night after a meal where she had a drink. It was a nice night so there were a lot of people out walking. A girl in the group behind us said she had to pee. My girlfriend said to me immediately after, “I need to pee too”. We walked on looking for a spot. She said, “I’m about to squat and piss on the side of the belt line”. A little more walking and I saw a small, path in the weeds that lead to a dark area. We walked down there and she squatted, dropped her jeans and pissed. When she was done she said, “That was perfect”. That’s just a few stories of women using phrases referring to taking a piss that turned me on.
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    I had to get my bf at the time to pull over I needed to go so bad. I was too shy to get out on a busy motorway, so I opened the door and sat as far on the edge of the seat as I could and sprayed my wee out onto the side of the road.
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    In appreciation of the beauty of the female body,this for any pictures of women in the nude.Really,its meant not for pics of "glamour models",but any where ordinary,or "the girl next door" has posed naked at anytime.No peeing here please,theres PLENTY of that around!All women are beautiful,lets enjoy that beauty... Of course,if any of our own lovely ladies,we love you ALL,would care to be appreciated,please feel free to take part.
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    A special thinks to @spywareonya for being an awesome contributor, sexy as fuck, highly intelligent and interesting, and a personal friend whom I love dearly and who has definitely had a big influence upon my thinking re spiritual matters. And a thank you to @Admin for being such a great and active admin, friendly and involved and also a good contributor. We have him to thank for the very existence of this forum. Thank you to my fellow mod @Scot_Lover for being a great mod and also a genuinely nice person with a heart of gold. A thank you also to @Sophie for also being a great mod as well as an awesomely sexy lady into peeing all over the place, erotic inspiration for a number of stories. And for being so wise in your moderation. Thank you to @Sephora for not only being an awesome female member but for bringing another here. Lady members are like gold dust so thank you very much for that. A special thank you to @lesley for being my primary inspiration and by far and away my favourite writer of naughty peeing fiction. Thank you so much for bringing that to this forum. Thank you to @F.W. We have not often seen eye to eye on matters of politics but you are a prolific contributor and one of our longest standing members. Place wouldn't be the same without you. There are many more, but will stop there for now.
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    after my super hold yesterday morning. i litterally couldn’t anymore. as i ran out my back door my bladder stopped me in my tracks and emptied itself. also, since i love you all, bonus pix. i left my soaked panties on. technically, what didn’t flood the steps ended up here. after about 10 minutes the wetness finally stopped spreading.
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    Great concept... and indeed something of a favourite of mine too. I know you've mentioned videos, but as this is the photos section here's some from the hard drive - I like to think all of these were emergency, last minute - couldn't hold it a second longer. Hope you like them!
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    Spraying it around...!
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    @Sophie On the pee forum - peefans - in a thread the sexy mod Sophie was running asking for suggestions of naughty places to pee, I had a great idea. At least I thought it was a great idea. I posted a screenshot of the outrageously naughty Tamtam South, sitting back in a chair in a hotel room with her legs pulled up, and pissing against the curtains. I suggested that Sophie do something like that, pointing out that she could always wash the curtains afterwards. She said she wasn't sure but would think about it and might do it. Though clearly she wasn't certain if she could do this in her own home, and fucking up anyone else's property without their consent was out of the question for her. Anyway several months passed until she and her husband were taking an autumn break for a weekend in a seaside resort that was only an hour's drive from me. I remembered with intense erotic fondness her small handful of other visits when fate brought her close to my part of the country - visits during the course of which she'd peed on my living room carpet, on my kitchen floor, and even on my bed. And she enjoyed such "visits" as much as I did. The opportunity to pee anywhere with permission was a golden opportunity for her, with the emphasis very much on the "golden". When her pee shyness was overcome, she had a lot of fun doing it, and I had just as much fun watching it. Well, needless to say I extended another invitation, not for a single second mentioning pee, but she was as aware as I was that this was all part of the invite. Unspoken but understood between us. Quite aside from peeing all over the place at mine in the past, she often regaled the forum with tales of her own naughty pissings at home, like on her own kitchen floor, on the table, even on her own clothes in a bedroom drawer, often at the suggestion of peefans members - including of course me. So she was definitely well into doing such things. And so she fairly eagerly accepted my invitation. On the day, I subsequently learned, she'd visited a café for an hour before calling on me, drinking endless coffees or teas, I can't remember which. So when she arrived at mine she was already, and quite deliberately, in need of a pee. When she knocked and I opened the door, she greeted me with a smile and hurried in, doing a brief pee dance in my hallway. She was wearing a blouse and knee length skirt. Nice touch. She knows I like ladies in dresses or skirts. She grinned at me, saying, "I really need to pee". She'd only been inside my door for a minute, but was grinning at me in an almost erotic way, apparently eager to have fun if still a little bit shy, so awaiting my response. I think a part of her still on some level struggled to take it for granted that it was ok to pee anywhere in some other guy's flat. I gave her carte blanche and said she could pee anywhere, but she asked me for my suggestions as she did another brief pee dance. At this point I remembered my forum suggestion that she pee on the curtains, and mine were due to be taken down for a wash anyway. So I suggested she do just that, and offered to get her a chair so she could sit back in it with her legs pulled up just like Tamtam South in the screenshot. But she was not entirely comfortable with such a position, regarding it as rather un-ladylike, preferring to squat. Now this was one of the dichotomies I love about her. Here she was happy to piss all over the place in front of me, yet worried about being unladylike, lol. Superb! So I had an idea. I'd take the curtains down and throw them in a heap on the carpeted floor in the middle of the living room. Then she could squat and pee on them right there like a real lady, lol. She was actually up for that and badly in need of a pee. So soon my curtains were strewn upon the floor and she was standing upon them, having already stepped out of her sexy thong which she'd kicked to one side. Then she lowered herself into a squat, hoisting the back of her dress to reveal her gorgeously sexy bum cheeks. She handed me her mobile, instructing me to take a couple of pics for the later viewing pleasure of her husband. Then she let loose-or tried to, because pee shyness made things difficult at first. But she was very desperate so managed a few small spurts which then prised open the floodgates. And in moments with a loud hissing and muffled splashing sound, a golden torrent of pee was spraying down onto the curtains, Sophie grinning with both relief and delight. The splashing grew louder and less muffled as the curtains grew saturated, her pee soaking through and surely wetting the carpet underneath. And I took a couple of pics as instructed. She peed for ages too, soaking the fabric of the curtains but also making a large puddle on the carpet beneath. When she was done she picked up a still dry corner of one of the curtains to wipe herself with. Nice touch. Then she grabbed her thong and pulled it back into place as she stood up, stepping away from the soiled curtains, looking at the mess with a big grin, then looking at me and chuckling in an almost demure way. Like she was slightly embarrassed but hugely turned on too. I picked up the pissy curtains - revealing the large puddle on the carpet which Sophie grinned at, knowing I didn't mind - and carried them into the kitchen, piss dripping onto the floor as I went. Then I put them into the washing machine before making us both a coffee. We had a long chat after that about various random things, and then it was time for Sophie to leave. But with a naughty grin she said she needed another pee first. So I pointed to the still visible puddle on the carpet and suggested she might as well do it there. She did. I took more pics for her hubby to enjoy of her squatting there, skirt hoisted to expose bum cheeks, and gleefully peeing right there on the carpet with a big naughty smile. A large patch in the middle of the room was totally saturated by the time she was done, a mini lake of pee resting upon the carpet and slowly soaking in. She went into the bathroom to wipe herself with some tissue, then said her farewells. She thanked me with a smile when I told her she was welcome to visit anytime. I was sorry to see her leave but was oh so glad she'd came. Will have to get in touch with her some time to ask if she'd let me have copies of those pics, lol.
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    I've done this a few times, mainly out of curiosity in a lot of the single room restrooms in my area, they have a toilet and a urinal (btw I don't really understand why there would be a need for both so if someone knows why please tell me) and sometimes I'll have fun with the urinal I usually have more success with the bum in strategy but I haven't been completely unsuccessful with the front in strategy. A few of the urinals I have found that are really nice to pee into are ones that come a little further out of the wall and usually with those they are very easy to pee into relative to some of the very close to the wall ones. I'll attach a picture of one. I hope this helped! If you have any questions I'd love to answer them
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    I thought I would say a recent experience that happened to me I had been drinking a lot, it wasn't a hot day but I had a headache so I tried to drink a lot of water knowing it wouldn't be that far until I was home. I was wearing jean shorts and a long sleeves shirt. Suddenly traffic drastically built up and I was a little frustrated but knew that things happened and it would probably clear up soon. I put on some music and waited, not moving at all. I started to feel a small twinge in my bladder and started to get a little worried but thought it would be ok. The cars occasionally crept along and I felt my bladder getting fuller and fuller. I began to worry but was still hopeful. My bladder started to feel very full and a very intense pressure against the inside of my slit trying to force pee out of me. I clenched my legs together and tried to ignore it as I slowly crept forward. Then, I felt a tiny dribble leak out. I managed to stop it very quickly but it was still enough to dampen my panties and leave me very concerned, hoping that we would just be faster and move along. My bladder seemed to fill faster and faster and soon I felt like my bladder would burst if I didn't pee. Another leak spurred out and I felt the warn wet fabric cradling my slit trying to caress it into release my pee. I had my legs clenched together as hard as I could and was taking a hand off the steering wheel occasionally to help hold myself. I kept feeling leaks escaping and felt my panties slowly getting damper and damper. Soon I felt an overwhelming wave of desperation and an almost numb feeling before my pee started to jet out of me. I did everything I could to stop it and trench to clench my muscles as hard as I could but felt no response. My crotch and bottom get very warm and very wet with the pee hissing out of me. Soon however, my stream slowed, and then stopped revealing the damage that had been done. Luckily my pee was basically warm water because I had drank a lot but i still wet myself Also I kind of really needed to pee while writing this so I'm sorry if there are grammatical mistakes or writing issues. Sorry!
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    Hiya Peefans Hope you are all ok I've been so busy over the past couple of months I have not been on here too much I did still however find a little bit of time to do another "pee porn" drawing in pencil It is from a photo of one of my favorite pee sets knocking about on the internet. I think the girl in those photo sets is well hot. Thanks for viewing Hope you all enjoy my artwork
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    It's quite an unspectacular story but I kinda want to share it with you anyway, maybe some of you will like it. A few days ago I was at home relaxing a little bit as I got a video chat call on my phone from my 14 year old cousin. I answered the call and her face popped up on my screen and we started to have a fun little chat about silly stuff, as you do with someone her age. We talked and talked until after maybe 45 minutes I felt the need to pee. I ignored it 'cause I didn't want to interrupt the conversation (I think we've all been there). Anyway, at some point the urge got stronger and I caught myself multiple times pressing my hand against my crotch. I really started to get desperate but was admittedly a bit embarassed to tell her that I needed to pee so I said nothing and kept crossing my legs and bounce around a bit, while trying to keep my need secret from her. As my desperation started to get painful my cousin told me that she needed to pee, I said "really?" and she went "yeah, see you later!". She hung up and went to the toilet ... and so did I. I ran into the bathroom and enjoyed, as always, the beautiful feeling of relief that came over me. After that she called me back and continued our talks about the most ridiculous things. As I said, nothing special but I hope you enjoed it anyway.
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    Here is a link to @YellowKitten's pornhub photo album. not alot of pee photo there (though there are afew) But lots of nudes and other modeling like photos i though those of you who enjoy her videos may appreciate. https://www.pornhub.com/album/37897382
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    Dear Wet Carpet, Something happened to me yesterday that I think you would want to know about. I went out for the morning but my housemate, Christina, was home, so I didn't bother taking a key. I had been into town, had a coffee whilst I was there and was drinking a bottle of water as I walked home late morning. By the time I got back just before lunch, I was really ready to use the toilet and was looking forward to dashing up the stairs and letting loose in the toilet. However, when I tried the front door, it was locked. I rang the bell, but no answer. You know what it is like when your bladder is ready for release and you have a toilet in your sight - well my desperation had risen and was not helped at all by the locked door. I sent Christina a text to find out what was going on. No reply for a couple of minutes, whilst I continued to stand on the doorstep jiggling about. Then my phone pinged, which made me jump and a little spurt left my urethra and wet the front of my knickers. I jammed one hand into my crotch as I pulled my phone back out with the other hand. "Sorry, just had to pop to the shop - back in 45 mins xx". That was 45 mins too long for my aching bladder. I had to do something and fast. There was nowhere easy to pop a squat without being seen and it was the middle of the day which made it much worse. I had to think quickly. I could go in the back garden, but that was overlooked by other houses and didn't offer sufficient privacy. I went back there anyway as it was going to be better than peeing out the front. As I walked down the little path between our house and our neighbours, it dawned on me that the neighbours had just gone away for two weeks on holiday, they had a 6 foot high fence on all sides so I could possibly get more privacy by going on their patio and hiding right up by the house to pee in their drain. I snuck in through their side gate and then I saw it. Of course! They had a summer house in the garden which was never locked and the tinted windows would provide perfect privacy! Decision made - I walked across the neighbours patio and slid open the door of the summer house, sliding it closed again behind me. The summer house had a bench seat around the outside and but nothing much else in there. I looked around for a pot or something to use, but there was nothing. Another spurt into my knickers was enough to tell me that I didn't have time to worry about how I was going to do this, so I simply pulled down my jeans and knickers to my knees and squatted low to the carpetted floor. Within seconds, a thick fan of a stream was issuing forth and forming a frothy puddle on the carpet. It pooled and spread as I looked down at it. The feeling was ectasy as the pressure in my bladder subsided. I was getting a few splashes on my shoes, but I really didn't care anymore. The puddle continued to spread also started soaking in rather than continuing to sit on top of the fibres. I didn't move, but just kept on going until I was totally empty. Finally the blast subsided to a more gentle stream and then came to a halt. I felt drained of energy and just stayed there squatted whilst the last few drops fell to the puddle. My inner thighs were wet from splashes and my neat pubic hair was glistening with moisture. After another 20 seconds, I stood up and fished in my pocket for a tissue, but found that I didn't have any. I looked around and my eyes fell on the pink scatter cushions that adorned the bench. I grabbed the nearest one and ran it up and down the inside of my legs and gave it a good rub against my pussy. This picked up the last of the splashes and wetness. I returned the cushion to its place on the bench - a bit damp across the middle, but never mind. I pulled my jeans back up and surveyed the damage to the carpet. Thankfully it was a dark grey carpet and although the puddle covered a fair sized area, it was soaking in nicely, so probably wouldn't show much of a stain and I'm sure it would mostly dry before the neighbours returned from their holiday. I slipped out of the summer house and was just exiting their side gate when Christina walked up our drive. "What are you up to?" she asked. I didn't know whether to come clean but I couldn't think of any good excuse why I would be in the neighbours garden so I said "Yeah, sorry, I was bursting for a pee and I thought there was a bit more privacy in their garden than ours". Christina laughed, but I'm not sure what she would have thought if I had told her exactly where I had chosen to release my aching bladder. Fiona.
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    Ah well, there in lies a question in itself. Whether a lady has tissue available will depend on the circumstances. A lot of the videos of festivals and things show the area where girls are pissing are littered with tissues - the girls go to these events knowing that they are going to pee outside and take packets of tissues or even rolls of toilet paper with them in their bags. This shows that a lot of girls will much prefer to wipe where possible. However, if girls are not expecting to pee outside, but get caught short - e.g. maybe they were queuing for a night club but just couldn't wait and they were desperate plus drunk and they hadn't come prepared to pee outside then they would pee without wiping. On more than one occasion I've found a girl peeing outside and I've apologised for "walking in" on her and I've offered her a tissue which she has accepted and then used. That shows that she would have been prepared to pee without wiping, but given the choice she would wipe. Interestingly, a lot of girls who wouldn't drop litter generally don't think twice about dropping their tissues as they won't carry a wet tissue away with them. So, in my experience, I would say that a small percentage wouldn't wipe anyway and certainly wouldn't plan to take tissues. A larger percentage aren't planning to pee outside so don't take tissues but are prepared to drip dry if that is there only option, a reasonable percentage would either have tissues in their bag anyway (possibly more intended for blowing noses and general clean ups rather than specifically for peeing) and a small percentage pee outside regularly so they take tissues for that reason. At festivals, the number in the last category is significantly increased. Pic below is just one extracted from a video of a public event where girls are peeing behind a parked lorry. Tissues everywhere:
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    Dear Wet Carpet. I'm a 30 year old lady called Sara, and I think I look pretty good. I work as a model and do ok anyway. This is me... I have a thing about peeing. I just get off on the idea of not actually using the toilet, but deliberately peeing somewhere unconventional. I do it in my own house often. When using the bathroom I'll walk right past the toilet and squat in the shower cubicle as a matter of course. If I'm feeling naughtier and can handle cleaning up afterwards, I might just piss on the floor. I love the sight and sound of it all splashing down. Another frequent thing I do is pee in the kitchen sink, lol. Sometimes all over the dirty dishes. They have to be washed anyway, right? So why not? Occasionally, when I feel exceptionally horny, I might pee in some truly naughty places. Like on the bedroom carpet beside the bed. Mom would be so proud, lol. But hell, at least I'm not taking a shit on the carpet, hahaha. Well just before writing this, I had one of my horny exceptionally naughty moments. And decided to pee on the big glass dining room table, hahaha. Was a lot of fun. I stripped out of my clothes. I often like to be naked when I pee somewhere outrageous. Adds to the eroticism. Then I climbed up onto the glass table and popped a squat in the middle of it. And let loose. With that erotic hissing sound we girls make when we need to go, my pee was soon splashing down onto the glass. And the sound of pee splashing onto glass is rather distinctive and sexy as fuck. An ever growing lake was forming as my golden pee splashed down, meandering ever closer to the table's sides. Pee was also splashing up from the point of impact to spatter onto my ankles. My feet were already wet as the large and ever growing puddle on the glass surface surrounded them. This was so incredibly erotic - the hissing, the sound of pee splashing down forcefully onto glass, the splashback, the growing yellow-tinged mini-lake atop the surface, me squatting in the middle of it and still pissing. I was still peeing strongly when the pee lake reached two opposite sides of the table and began flowing over the edge onto the carpet below. Another erotic sound filled the room, that of pee falling several feet onto carpet. On opposite sides of the table two growing puddles were forming upon that carpet. It was brilliant. Of course, nothing can last forever. Eventually my pee dwindled and came to a halt. But the sound of it flowing off the table's edges onto the floor below still filled the room and continued to do so for another minute or two. I climbed off the table, my wet feet landing on the carpet, and stood there savouring the sight of my piss covering much of the glass surface, and flowing off the sides onto the carpet below. And as I stood there watching this I began to frantically rub my clit, bringing myself to orgasm. It was utterly superbly erotic. One of my horniest pissings. I have quite a mess to clean up when I can be bothered, but it sure was a LOT of fun. Sara
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    Here's a couple to get you going...
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    @Sophie Postscript. A couple of days later Sophie and her husband were driving home, detouring through my home town on the way. Turned out Sophie needed another pee and thought another fleeting visit would be fun. First I knew was the knock on the door. Upon opening it I was surprised to see Sophie, this time clad in casual jeans and a sweater, saying she was on her way home, couldn't really stop because her hubby was in the car but badly needed a pee. Did I mind? I was actually fucking delighted. I let her in and closed the door behind her as she jigged about in my hallway, if anything even more desperate than last time. "Where to?" she asked with a knowing smirk even as her face creased with discomfort. I just pointed at the floor and suggested she do it right there. She wasted no time, handing me her phone to take pics, unfastening her belt and jeans, then lowering them and her thong to her knees as she simultaneously dropped down into a squat right there in my hallway, only feet from the front door. A few spurts and then the floodgates opened with a loud hissing sound as her golden pee splashed forcefully down onto the tiled floor. She looked down with an aroused smirk at the sight of her ever growing puddle, spreading to encompass a large area as her long pee continued. The sight of her golden waterfall, the hissing, the sound of it loudly splashing down into the ever growing lake beneath her was all just so erotic and I surely had an obvious bulge in my jeans. Thankfully for hubby outside I still remembered to take a couple pics, lol. By the time she was done, the hallway floor was flooded, lol. Being a true gent I fetched her some loo roll with which she wiped herself, then - outrageously naughty even for her - with a smirk she just dropped it onto the floor. Then she stood, pulling up her jeans, stepped around the large flood on the floor and headed for the door. "Sorry, I gotta go. But thanks." And with that she was gone.
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    Hopefully these are good enough @F.W
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    I'm staying in a nice airbnb for a few nights at the moment. My girlfriend asked me if she should piss in a naughty place. I'm still not sure what to say because it's so wrong and naughty... but it would turn me on so bad
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    haha. from a few days ago when i woke up super desperate and ended up literally losing control. after peeing through my panties they were this wet!
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    Someone sent me this, lol.
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    A video still, just let loose - right before the stream hit the camera milliseconds after this shot. Had to pee pretty bad...
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    Just found this article. Looks like someone had a sense of humour in the Crossfit marketing department that did not go down well:- http://www.dailylife.com.au/health-and-fitness/dl-fitness/watch-these-women-work-out-until-they-wet-themselves-20130626-2owtl.html
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    My last orgasm was last night while reading on here about the fictional stories of naughty woman peeing on the carpet.
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    It depends on your position and how strong your stream is. If u have weak pelvic floor muscle like I do, i had 2 kids and 3 surgeries down there. If i don't squat down with my legs spread wide open i tend to dribble. Certain positions i cant get a good stream. U also have to make sure the lips are open. If u pull up right above your clit it will open it up and I can usually direct where the stream goes. But it takes practice.
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    Here's another example - this is behind a row of portaloos. Tissues strewn all along the line. The girl in the pic has a tissue in her hand ready for use: Same place but zoomed out view - yet more tissues: And here is another one - tissues everywhere at what is obviously a popular pee spot:
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    I like to use my fingers as well. I like the feeling of skin to skin touch too. I will sometime insert my favorite toy, my glass cock while i rub my clit. Once i cum then fuck myself. I alway squirt when using my glass toy. I have another toy but don't use it often. I gave a 8 in rubber one. But i have to be really excited and wet to use it.
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    Dear Wet Carpet. My husband and I - both in our 30s - have just received a £300 bill from the hotel in Bournemouth where we spent the weekend. Was a rather wet weekend even though the weather was sunny, if you catch my drift. We spent much of it going out to local pubs, then heading back to our room with more booze, frequently having sex, and also pissing on each other in the shower cubicle. We have always had a thing about watersports. Anyway on our last evening after a few too many we decided it would be fun and a laugh just to pee on the floor, can't even remember who came up with the idea first. So there was hubby standing naked by the end of the bed, pissing there on the carpet as I drunkenly laughed at the sight. Then I popped a squat beside the bed and began pissing there on the carpet. Was funny but also wildly erotic. Made quite a mess and I loved every second of it. We had more to drink and then hubby decided it would be fun to piss in the wardrobe, lol. I decided to squat and piss on the carpet again, but this time on HIS side of the bed, hahaha. Later, after sex and laying in bed about to crash out, we both realised we needed another piss. And decided it would be great fun to piss the bed together. So we did! Was a good job we'd been seriously drinking or we'd never have managed to sleep in that wet pissy bed, lol. When we awoke - sober and hungover in that now cold wet bed, remembering all we had done - we decided that prudence was preferable to valour and did an early morning runner. But of course they already had our credit card details, didn't they, so were able to trace us and bill us easily enough. I guess we better pay that £300 or we might end up facing legal action. And we could do without our wet weekend antics being plastered all over the local press. But though it has proven expensive, it was a lot of fun. Since then I have taken to occasionally peeing on the carpet beside our bed at home. Hubby doesn't mind. He loves watching me do it, and has taken pics for our private collection. Maybe I'll share some with you someday.
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    So my husband and I went out walking this evening. As we were walking back to the car he suddenly had to pee and let me snap this beautiful pic of him lol
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    DO NOT STAY IN BED LONGER THAN YOU USUALLY GET UP AT.Get up and seize the day.Go for a walk,get on a train,go to a different town. Take up fishing or any country activity that gets you out.But i find if im off and i stay in my pyjamas as it were too long,thats the day gone.
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