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    Finally peed my panties! It felt soooo good.
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    So, this got delayed because I was so horny I came and passed out after. But I’m here for sharing now 😘 sorry the quality kind of sucks in gif form
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    As youngsters both I and my brother were encouraged to pee in pools by our parents. We'd be guided away from toilets if we needed to pee before getting in, for instance, then being told "Just do it into the water" once we were in. When I did I'd be praised, "Good girl!" and told "In the pool is the right place." Well at first anyway, as we soon realised it was actually naughty and didn't need any encouragement! 🙂 In turn I also encouraged my own kids to pee in pools while they were young, and I'll never forget the looks of delight on their faces when they'd also realised it was naughty! Hey Ho, some folk might be critical, both of my parents and me, but I truly believe it did no harm. It has certainly worked out in my case as I still get a buzz from deliberately using a public, hotel or community pool as my toilet. As I stand there, hip deep, I can feel the warmth at my crotch as I begin to pee. At first my pee hits the lining, spreading warmth inside my swimsuit, and as I pee more strongly the lovely warmth spreads right down between my legs to let me know for sure that I'm polluting the pool water, at least as much as I can, for other swimmers. Sorry but that's my take on it. OK it might not sound nice to some of you, but I have a feeling that the majority of people here consider peeing in swimming pools to be harmless and uninteresting. We shall see... 😉
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    I just moved into a new neighborhood and had to go pee late at night. I was sitting on the porch and decided to go pee. So I walked around the side of the house and pulled my pants down and went pee in the driveway. I squatted down low and pissed between the cars and my puddle dripped out onto the front sidewalk.
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    We were having a bonfire and drinking some beers. My guy friend got out of his chair and walked behind this small shed. I was sitting far enough back that I could see him from the side of the shed and he whipped out his cock under his khaki shorts (unzipped and unbuttoned), then started peeing all over the shed and grass. He had a strong stream gushing out from his waist. Then he shook his penis dry and tucked it back in his boxers and shorts and went on his way.
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    After drinking water all day at work I got home and realized how full my bladder was . Holding it on the drive home put me in the mood for a naughty pee. It’s not often I’ll wet myself but when I got home I let some out and just didn’t want to stop. So finally I changed but continued to drink water. so shortly after I was so full again . I seen where I put my wet shorts and I went to them again and peed over them . Getting carried away my carpet got a little shower. After two naughty pees I may back in bed and watch other and read stories . I can again feel my bladder filling so quickly . It wasn’t long before I had to go again. this time I went into my closet which is big but also cluttered . I have a little bench in there I sat on . I sat back and began to pee. It started spraying down my wall making a puddle on my carpet . I had sooooo much pee this time and I couldn’t stop regardless the mess. Felt sooo good to just release a full stream of piss alll over my wall. I don’t want to stop ! where should I pee next ??
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    I ended up making a mess 😂 I ran to the bathroom and I realized I wouldn’t make it to the toilet so I just grabbed a cup and squatted with my romper pulled to the side but I mostly missed the cup and it was wayyyy more pee than I realized would be. i loved it
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    I really get off on people watching me and tell me what to do.. if you wanna be nasty with me, hit me up.
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    I,ve seen many super hot stories in here and was wondering what are all of your best/favorite experiences and sightings? My best sighting by far was a little over a year ago when i was working, there i was just a normal day like any other and summer was almost here so i was making sure all the forest and other paths were useable and that winter hadn’t damaged any bridges etc. So there i was trimming the sides of the paths when this smoking hot blonde girl comes walking past with her dog, she was wearing a short tight white summer dress (obviously see thru from the top) it was really hot seeing her big breasts bouncing around as she walked it was already hot but then she suddenly comes to a stop and i look over and see her just standing there then i looked over and saw her dog doing a #2 and then she goes into a squat so i just thought that she’s gonna pick it up but then i noticed when she went into the squat and her skirt rose up that she wasn’t wearing any underwear and i could clearly see her bare very nicely shaped bum and as if that didn’t get me super horny already just like its nothing she started peeing right where she was squating i could clearly see the stream hitting the ground and making a puddle she didn’t even look around her like she didn’t care at all if someone saw her and there she was peeing for quite a long time and after she was done she just shook her ass a little and then got up and walked away like nothing happened it was sooo hot i went to the woods nearby to wank immediatly then i had to return to take a picture so i’d never forget (pic is gonna be at the end) As for the hottest experience its nothing too special but i took my nefhews swimming they knew how to swim and i was just more or less there to drive them so i there i was just sitting in a corner keeping an eyeout for potential peers and then it happend this cute innocent looking 20 something old girl comes to the corner where i am as it was the only place that wasn’t completely packed with ppl and in a really soft cute voice she asks me ”umm umm excuse but do you mind if i pee here i really have to go and everywhere else is packed with ppl” and then me trying to hide my very obvious excitment just asnwered ”absolutely just go ahead” and she said ”whew thanks i really need to pee” and she immediately just started peeing i could see the stream/haze as the water wasn’t that deep and i could deffinately feel the warmth of her fresh pee and that was really hot I couldn’t believe it there was a really cute young girl peeing right next to me in the pool and i could see AND feel it it was absoulutely the best feeling ever and when she was done she just looked at me with this cute smile and said ”thanks”. well those are mine and im really looking forward to hearing all yours ^^
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    Hi everyone. I’m a 20 something female from the USA, and I’m excited to be here! I’ve been into pee for a long time, and I love reading all of the stories on here. Unfortunately I’ve never had anyone to enjoy this fetish with, but I’ve had plenty of fun on my own. I’m excited to share some of own experiences and hear more of yours.
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    Wish granted @Lutab. This is the next letter from Elaine. It contains desperation, peeing, wetting, pee vandalism, and sex. Dear Wet Carpet, I had hoped to have more stories to share with you, and of course I do. First I want to share that I replied to that party invitation, and Sharon and I will be guests at this woman's party next Friday (unless I chicken out; it's an overnight kind of thing, and I'm having butterflies about spending the night in a strange house with people I don't know). Sharon, however, has already informed her husband and sons that she will be away that weekend. So if I don't back out, I am certain that will be a story for another letter. The first thing to share with you is what happened with Sharon. The other morning my phone rang, waking me up. It was my day off, as well as Sharon's, so I had not set an alarm. And of course it was Sharon, who was always up early to see her husband off to work. You have to understand that other than her wet adventures with me and our few very intimate moments together, Sharon is an excellent wife and mother. It's not an act how she feels about her family, but at times she has to let loose and privately express herself in more naughty ways or those temptations might burst forth amongst her husband and sons, and she was certain that would be the end. She loved her husband, but he was not adventurous and would not approve. "Hey there," I say when I answer the phone. "So I'm sitting in my bed alone," she said. Her husband and one of her sons had left for work, and the other son was out with friends. "And I'm seriously considering something… and I don't know if I want you to talk me out of it or into it," she said. "Okay?" I said, confused. "I really have to pee," Sharon said, "and I don't feel like getting up, and I can't stop thinking about how great it felt to just relax and pee in your bed, but if I piss the bed I might ruin it because I don't have a mattress protector or anything on it." I paused for a moment, thinking and imagining Sharon in her bed, snuggled comfortably beneath her covers, waiting and holding her morning pee. I felt my own need, as well, and thought about just letting it go, but I held on. "You could go get some towels and put them under you," I said, "or something that could absorb your pee." "That's just it," Sharon said. "I don't want to get up. If I get up," Sharon said, "I'll lose my nerve and end up peeing somewhere else anyway. Dammit." She hissed, and I knew that sound. She was getting desperate. "I really want to just let it go in the bed," Sharon said, "but I'll have to clean it up when I'm done, and what if it stains the mattress. Shit." She hissed again. "Well," I said, "what do you want most right now? To worry about a mess or to just relax and enjoy yourself?" "I really just," she said, then gasped, "ooh… want to enjoy myself." "Then do it," I said. "Wet your bed." She gasped again. "Will you do it with me?" she asked. "Absolutely," I adjusted my body so that I was a little more relaxed on my back. I kept my legs together, though, and still held my pee in until Sharon was ready. "Oh god, I can't hold it anymore," Sharon said. "I can't believe I'm about to piss my bed. Oh, here it comes. Ohhhhh." I could just barely hear a hissing sound and knew she was peeing, so I relaxed and let go, as well. My warm pee sprayed out of me, splashing all over my crotch and inner thighs. I moaned, and Sharon gasped. "Ohhhh my god this feels so good," she said. "Ohh, it's soaking through the sheets, but I don't care. It's so worth it. Ohhhh my god." I felt my own flow of pee absorbing into the sheets and mattress below me, warming my bottom with delicious wetness. "Mmm, I have to touch myself," Sharon said. I smiled as I also started rubbing my slit while still dribbling pee. I gasped and Sharon started to pant. "Fuck! Oh my god, I'm still peeing and rubbing myself. Ohhh, it's making a mess, but I don't care. Oh! I'm gonna cum! Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhhhh!" As she screamed I climaxed, as well, bucking my hips and echoing her cries. When we finished, Sharon giggled. "That felt so good," she said. "Well, guess I'll get off here and clean this up before it sets in. Thank you." "You're welcome," I said. "Call me later." She promised she would, and we hung up. Sharon did call me later, about an hour or so, and told me she managed to strip the sheets and blankets from her bed and then clean the wet spot with vinegar and baking soda and some damp cloths. She said if her husband noticed anything she would say she spilled her drink. "Luckily it was all on my side," she said. "And guess what," she said. Then she told me how she had needed to pee again later while doing laundry and had tossed a load of clothes, including the soiled sheets, into the washer. Sharon said she turned her back to the washer and was able to hoist herself up until her bottom was sticking out and over the opening at the top of her washer. Without even bothering to remove her nightgown she said she just relaxed and peed right through it and into the washing machine, hearing it hiss as it sprayed out of her and enjoying the warmth of it as it soaked through her gown and dripped onto the clothes below. I told her she had one on me now because I had never even considered pissing into my washer, but now I would have to try sometime. The next story is from a few days later while we were both working. We had some free time and decided to walk up to the fourth floor. It's more like we were drawn to it, like there was no hesitation as soon as we had the option to go anywhere in the building; we both knew it would be the fourth floor. We weren't expecting to see anything even close to what we witnessed before, but we now acknowledged that this floor was special for both of us. It also obviously provided the most privacy of all the areas of the library except maybe the secret lounge. We walked along the back end of the fourth floor, not passing or seeing anyone else. Sharon giggled as we approached the rows of shelves. "Let's go look," Sharon said, and we both walked over to the back corner where we had watched two couples have very hot sex and even one girl get dp-ed. The two girls had also pissed on the carpet and Sharon and I had both soaked the floor in our hiding spot nearby. Sharon led me right to the corner, and I could see it perfectly in my head as if it was happening right now. We looked down and could see a faint stain on the carpet where both girls had pees. Sharon stepped around to the other aisle, and I thought at first that she was going to pee in the same spot where the girls had peed, but instead she walked down the aisle of books. I followed her. She smiled at me, and her grin was wicked. "What are you thinking?" I asked. She answered me by lifting the front of her skirt, exposing her bare pussy, and walking closer to the shelf of books to the right. "I've wanted to do this since we started pissing in this place." I watched, smiling as she sighed and a messy stream off pee squirted out of her and sprayed the books on the next shelf up from the bottom and dripped down onto the bottom shelf. "Oh, this is so naughty," Sharon said. I knew what she meant. We were both book lovers, and even though most of these books were useless and outdated this still seemed wrong… which is also why it was hot. I turned around until I was facing the other shelf of books to the left, lifted my skirt, and well, until soon a thin stream of pee shot out of me and splashed against the books in front of me. I laughed as I wriggled my hips from side to side, spraying even more of the books, watching it splash and drip down over the books on the two bottom shelves and to the floor. Next to me, Sharon sank into a squat and cut off her pee stream. She reached on the shelf and slid one of the books titled COMPUTERS AND YOU with pictures of old IBM computers on the cover. I looked on wide-eyed even as I continued to soak the books on the shelves in front of me. Sharon held the book open with her left hand and then scooted forward until her pussy was hovered next to the book. "I can't believe I'm about to do this," she said. Seconds later, her pee started again and sprayed all over the book. She flipped pages, letting her warm pee saturate page after page. Some of her pee also dribbled to the carpet, but the book was getting a good soaking. She finally stopped peeing, and I turned back to my own mess. The two shelves right in front of me were soaked and dripping with pee, and there were spots on the carpet, as well, where my pee had splashed and dripped. "That was fucking great," I said. Sharon agreed and laughed her naughty laugh. On our lunch break later, we decided to take our lunches to the "secret" lounge. Sharon, of course, sat on the sofa, and I sat on the cushioned chair across the table from her. As we ate, Sharon asked a pretty major question. "So why are you single?" She looked at me, and from anyone else the question might have offended me. "It's a choice," I said. "My last relationship ended really badly. He was manipulative and abusive, and I really lost myself in all of that. I'm scared that if I jump into another relationship I will continue to lose control of who I am. I'm still not sure who that is, and before I settle down with anyone else I want to find out." "That's fair," Sharon said. "Besides," I said, "what are my chances of finding someone who will let me do this?" I sat up in the cushioned chair, moved my skirt out of the way, and sighed as I emptied my bladder. "Ahhh, yeah, that's nice." Sharon laughed. "That's what best friends are for. Mmmm." Sharon didn't move, but I heard the hiss of her pee as she just sat there and peed through her black skirt into the couch cushion. "Ohhh, fuck, that never gets old. Mmm." Both of our pees were over quickly, though, but we made no effort to get up from our wet seats. "So what about sex?" Sharon asked. "What about it?" I asked. "I mean… have you had sex since your last relationship ship?" Sharon asked. "Yes," I said. "Three times, actually?" "Really?" Sharon asked. "With the same guy?" "No," I said. "That would feel too much like being in a relationship." "So three guys?" Sharon asked. "Two," I said. I could not keep from blushing. "But you said," Sharon said, and then her eyes widened. "Oh, of course." She laughed like she should have guessed. "So two guys and one woman." I nodded. "Will you tell me about them?" Sharon asked. I bit my lip. I wasn't sure if I wanted to, but Sharon and I had already shared so much. "I guess," I said. "The first guy I met at a bar I was at when I was visiting my sister back home. We'd actually known each other before when I lived there, the guy I mean. He sat with us, and he kept looking at me and smiling. He was charming, he bought me a few drinks, and soon we were sitting at the bar alone, talking. My sister and her date were about to leave, but I didn't want to go yet. The guy said he could escort me to get an Uber or a cab, and I convinced my sister that I would be okay. Well, I ended up dragging this guy into the Uber with me, and we rode it to the nearby park." I heard another hissing sound and knew Sharon was peeing into the couch again. "The driver agreed to wait, and I led the guy up to my favorite place that overlooks the lake, and there is a shelter. None of this scared me because I felt in control. I was leading him, and he was following and not trying to control or manipulate. And then I sat down on a picnic table, pulled him to me, and I let him fuck me." "Wow," Sharon said. "When we finished, we came to an understanding that it was wonderful but that I wasn't interested in a relationship. He knew about my abusive ex, so he was respectful. He even paid for my part of the Uber ride after it dropped me off." I needed to pee again, so I parted my legs and let it dribble through my skirt into the seat cushion. "What about the woman?" Sharon asked. I hesitated because I wasn't sure if I wanted to tell this one, but Sharon's genuine expression moved me. "That one was complicated. She was a friend, as well, and she had just broken up with her long term boyfriend. She called me in tears, and I invited her over for ice cream. So cliche, I know. She came over, and we ate ice cream, she cried, I listened and comforted her, and then she asked if she could stay the night. I said yes, made her a comfortable spot on the futon in my back room. Sometime later she came into my room, crying again, wanting to know if she could sleep with me, that she hadn't slept alone in over a year. I should have listened to my instinct and either politely decline or maybe just agree to stay up with her and keep her company until she fell asleep or something." I paused and let a little more pee dribble out and soak through my skirt again. "But I was half asleep, and she looked so cute in her nightgown. So I let her into my bed, and a few minutes later she started kissing the back of my neck. I didn't protest even after she reached around and cupped one of my breasts and started rubbing. I rolled over and faced her, and we both leaned in and started kissing. Everything else happened really fast. Soon her panties were off, then mine, and then our bodies were close together, our legs and pussies rubbing against each other." I paused again, but it was because I was hesitating, still feel uncomfortable with this story. "That doesn't sound so complicated," Sharon said. "Well," I continued, "there's more. We kept rubbing until she started to orgasm, and then the feel and sound of her climax made me start to cum and… I squirted…." "Oh," Sharon said. "Like… a lot," I continued. "I could feel it, so I knew she could, too. She moved away from me and had this look on her face. I knew that look, like a mix of surprise and disgust. And then she looked hurt, got out of my bed, and then I heard the front door close and her car start and drive away. I sat there alone, feeling guilty and confused. I tried texting her several times the next day, but no reply. By the end of the day I gave up, and we haven't talked since." "What a bitch," Sharon said. She sat up and opened her legs. I could see her naked pussy beneath her skirt and watched as a shiny dribble of pee trickled out and soaked through her skirt again. Sharon caught me looking and just grinned. "So what about the other guy?" she asked. "Not much to tell there, other than maybe he's one of my few regrets. I met him at a party, we danced, I took him to a secluded area of the house where the party was, and we fucked standing up in a hallway." "Mmm, I love having sex standing up," Sharon said. I smiled. "Thanks for telling me all this," she said. I nodded. Sharon stood up, walked to me, and kissed me on the top of my head. I smiled. "Time to get back to work," she said. Before standing up, though, I parted my legs and emptied my bladder into the seat cushion once more, sighing to show my relief. Sharon giggled. When I finished, I stood up, feeling drops of pee between my thighs as we walked out of the lounge. That's all to share for now. I hope to have much to tell after the party. Elaine
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    here is me trying to piss up a haybale lol.
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    Anyone ever done this to someone or had it done? Just curious what it’s like? I’ve tasted my own, But Ive always wished I had a partner to piss in my mouth or in other holes lol.
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    There's a thread in the website section about Tumblr's decision to cull all those pages we love so much. Looking back at my hard drive, here's some of the gems I've harvested in the past. Copyright to the various owners where stated. Please feel free to add - Tumblr finds only.
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    Anybody like to get ur cock hard and stroke it till u piss? Or let me do it 4 u.
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    Today again all I want to do is pee, I don’t feel like a big clean up so I’ve just been peeing little bits around the room . Some in the dresser , in a decorative basket , on the end of my bed , under my sink , finished spraying infront of the mirror in a glass cup I had. Drinking more water so I can go again
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    teehee. don’t mind if i do. and not only for you, but many others too. 😳😊😇💕
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    It's summer, in the north anyway, best keep the garden watered.... (Please add - don't let there be a drought)
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    Definitely no qualms with peeing in the pool from me. My wife and I do it whenever we are in a swimming pool, hot tub, leisure pool, etc. I particularly enjoy peeing in a hot tub when other people are in there and I enjoy watching ladies to see if I can detect them peeing in the pool. I've posted more detailed accounts elsewhere on the forums, but I've seen a lifeguard get down from her ladder chair, sit on the side and pee in the pool, I've seen competitive swimmers pee on the starting blocks at a race, I've seen other competitive swimmers pee during training where one person peed whilst sat on the blocks and it flowed down the block and fell as a waterfall into the pool. Another one sat on the side and peed so it ran over the edge into the pool. I've also seen a woman come out of the changing room dry, sit on the side of a pool with her legs hanging into the water, then a puddle spread from under her on the side. Then sometimes on cruise ships I've seen ladies sunbathing all day and drinking then once in a while they get up, go in the hot tub for about two minutes and get out again. I can only think of one reason for that 😀. Also at a couple of leisure theme parks where ladies who were sunbathing got up and sat down by the water for a couple of minutes before going back to their sunbathing and reading.
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    Here's one of my wife down the side of our old van, love seeing her bum 😍
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    Sorry I slacked and forgot to upload this
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    Oh yes, as Spectacle says, we've all heard the joke about not peeing from the diving board! 🙂 I certainly like his more subtle ideas for spicing up pool peeing though, and I regularly employ these. It feels good to walk right past toilet facilities, even though you urgently need to pee, and hold until you are in the pool. While in the pool it feels good to stand close to other people as you release urine into the water. It can also feel satisfying, as Spectacle mentions, to enter a pool for the sole purpose of using it as a toilet. 1. Climb into the pool 2. Enjoy a long and satisfying pee into the water 3. Climb right out again!
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    Definitely outside beside her car out of desperation from traffic or not being able to find anywhere to go. Between the car doors after leaving a bar etc. I’ll piss anywhere when I have to go, I drive a truck and thanks to this virus parking lots and side streets have been where I go.
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    As an extension to my last post - I think that most ladies that pee in pools or similar aren't that worried about being detected, but they try to be casual and assume that (1) nobody is on the look out for people peeing (2) lots of other people are doing it, so as long as they are not being blatantly obvious, then nobody is going to notice or care. Most people probably don't even twig what they are doing, but for people like me, my pee detection radar (Peedar) is active all the time, so I can often detect a peeing situation and sometimes I probably even imagine someone is peeing when they are not. If I see a lady move from a chair/lounger to sitting on the pool edge, then I'm instantly alerted and I watch for a while to see if I can see any streams or puddles or even just note that they only sit there for a minute before getting back up again. If I see a woman swimming and she moves to the edge or a corner and stops, I keep an eye out for signs of disturbance in the water - a faint yellowing or just a movement of water. Often the lady gives the game away by looking down to check she is not turning the water yellow. Same if someone is swimming and moves to the ladders to get out and pauses for a minute before getting out or gets into the pool and stays still before they start swimming. Those times are often more difficult to detect, but sometimes it is obvious if you are looking.
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    Well, as someone with a history around Maggie and a weirdly similar username to Specter, I feel qualified to say that peeing in pools is pretty normal around here! It feels kind of arbitrary to say like, "When most people do it without caring, that's fine, but if someone really deeply enjoys doing it, that's wrong." Swimmers pee! Why not get something out of the fact? I never got any encouragement to pee in the pool besides what I've seen on the internet. But the internet includes fun kinky places like this one. So there you go! Oh, what I'd give to be able to just stand next to a public swimming pool and let my stream flow without so much as getting my feet wet ... ah, but people would see that. Better to do the same as all the folks who pee in the water without caring.
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    "Looting of the ruins must wait. I have a more urgent business here."
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    I love watching guys stroke and piss at the same time and then cumming
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    Face - fully naked - pussy
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    Bursting in a traffic jam - made it to the curbs literally last second!
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    Shower time ! ❤️
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    Roses are red, kittens have ears The swimming pool’s yellow, ‘cos @Maggie_555 was here
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    I do agree it does no harm -- but uninteresting it most certainly isn't! To me, peeing in pools, whether the situation involves doing it myself or hearing about/watching girls do it, invariably gets me at least semi-hard, lol.
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    I was with my male friend who had too many drinks and we were sitting in his bedroom. His room has a low window which faces another house. He stood up, opened the window and screen and pulled out his cock out of his jeans and started pissing. I could hear his stream hitting the ground down below. His neighbors window faces his so if they were looking out they’d get a good view.
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    had to take a leak on the way to the store so i made a pit stop at a mcdonald’s
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    https://www.erome.com/i/DrCrspQ0 This might be one of the best quality videos I’ve done. I slid my shorts and underwear down to get naked and set my penis free and then started spraying the wall.
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    I’d love someone to watch !
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    Why women live longer than men
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    I realllly would love a partner that was into it too and loved to degrade me with his piss. I would swallow it for him anytime and even would love to feel it fill my pussy and ass and watch it spray out. And that he would be willing to do it in public and other places.
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    hovered and peed in this planter while walking around the mall before dinner with my parents. wasn’t much, but i had to go kinda, and kinda had an opportunity to sneak it when no one was too nearby. heehee. 😇🤫 also, didn’t expect it to hit the back of my leg as i hovered a bit; but its warm enough so hopefully it’ll dry before i find my folks. 😳

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