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    Uncovered series of excellent comic porn scans from South American artist Ferocius. Here are two. If you like these there are many more of general sexual activity. I've picked out about 20 that have specific pee in their content. Here's the first two. Click the pics to biggify. Ferocius Born: Country: Chile Chilean by birth, but resident in Costa Rica, Ferocius is the absolute master of the erotic serial. His comics, which have consistently appeared in Kiss Comix since the magazine began, handle sex in a highly realistic and sensual way. His colorful Latin American stories are full of grand passions and disappointments - plus, of course, a lot of screwing - which are tempered with humorous irony. Ferocius is a name synonymous with the most personal eroticism. Some full scans of his comics available below. http://i-ecc.com/open-comix/ferocius/ferocius.html
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    i did leak a bit from being desperate, but i didn’t want to wet myself doing yardwork cuz i had some errands left to run. so pulled everything down and squatted to make a puddle in the backyard.
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    My heart goes out to the victims, and their loved ones, of the mass shooting at the mosques. The world has become a scary place. And, unlike a traditional church, a mosque has no pews to hide under. It's just one large room and they all pray on the floor. Talk about vulnerable. So very sad and frightening. I wish this would stop, but I don't think it will, sadly.
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    I am desperate for a pee, and it is ridiculous. No sooner had we got in the water than my boyfriend holds me close to him and whispers in my ear, “I have to pee”. We don’t really need to whisper, we don’t have lots of people around, but I lean to his ear and say softly, “You’re in the water, just do it baby. Just go here”. He surprises me by rummaging in his shorts to pull his cock out, and pisses under the water, right by my navel. I can feel the sudden warmth from his cloud of pee, then cold again as the sea takes it away. And I need to go. And I can’t. Not with him holding me, not with all these people around, not standing in the water. My body just won’t. We swim out together, my bladder feeling like a tensed muscle, the feeling of fullness feeling increasingly urgent. “I really have to go wee”, I say, “and I CAN’T!” “Do you want to find a toilet?”, he says, with the voice of someone patiently humouring a lunatic. “Let me try going shallower” I say, and swim away from him again, towards the beach. On the left, a couple; on the right, a family. I pick the middle spot, furthest from both, and get within my depth. I squat, relax myself deliberately. I take several deep breaths. “You can’t”, says some inner voice, “You dirty girl, you can’t wee here, all those people will see” I ignore the voice. I relax my legs and float a little. I relax my bladder, and my groin feels a little warmer, then warmer still. My piss pours out of me, finally my bladder relaxes. I look around me, half expecting the water around me to be bright yellow, but it’s not. Anyone else on this beach who swims right here will swim through my wee, but they won’t know. I’m grinning as I swim back out to my boyfriend. “I did it! I did it! I did a wee in the water and it felt amazing!” He kisses me again. His lips taste of the sea, and the thought of his cock tasting of cum and seasalt warms me in the water of the cold ocean.
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    i started to pee. and then it just kept coming and coming. lol.
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    The earliest I remember is when I was about 3. My mom used to babysit a girl that was about a year older than me, and she'd stay overnight occasionally. We were too young to care much, so we'd usually go into the bathroom together, or if we were playing outside and one of us had to go, we just did. My parents caught us one time and put us under much closer supervision. When I was about 4 or 5, I was in the school cafeteria and heard water splashing. The girl across the table from me wet her pants. Another occasion about that same time is some school or program I was in. There was some kind of playground with a toy house. It was generally used as a bathroom and strongly smelled like it. A friend and I would go in there to take a leak. One time a girl was playing with us and we mentioned we were going in the house to take a leak. She said she had to go too, and went in with us. About 6, I was playing outside with the little sister of a girl in my class. I think the girl was about 4. She started talking about needing to go to the bathroom. I suggested she just go outside so we could play longer. It was getting late, I was having fun, and I was afraid if she went home she wasn't coming back. We went into the woods and she squatted down. I laid down on the ground to watch. It was a loooooooong time ago, but it seemed like she really had to go as I remember it. That was about it until the Internet came along, but the desire to watch girls relieve themselves was firmly imprinted into my mind. Most of my attempts to see a girl pissing ended in disaster between that point and the Internet.
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    I really like her shoes too!
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    I have always been a legs man. Not that I'm an expert, but so many guys will say a woman has great legs and I'm like, "What?!" There is a certain shape that they must have. The shin bones must be a little bowed and the knees must have a certain shape as well. So, yeah...I guess I am an expert! LOL! I hope you enjoy these pics. Wish I had more to share.
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    they don’t look like much i guess, but eew. haha. after wearing these tights and undies all day, and having 3 wees in them, over that 14 hour period, finally got them off and up to dry.
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    I also love listening to males peeing right into the toilet bowl.When they have to go bad and they take a long loud pee it is music to my ears.The sound is so hot!!!!!!!,I eavesdrop on a lot of guys.
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    http://shentai.org/ Good place for a pee search. Entire Ferocios series, most with 65 panels in high rez available.
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    Growing up in India it was common sight to see ladies pee with little or no discretion. Most were experts at squatting and hiding their bits with their voluminous dresses. As a kid it was common to see girls of my age pee in the open depending on their status in society and condition of living. I was yet to realize my pee fetish but at twelve I had been exposed to female nudity via print media so my curiosity was to witness a naked grown lady by chance which was quite difficult considering 70s was the age of prudes there. However I got a break going to a picnic one sunny winter day with my family. This spot was a old Archaeological site with some excavations around and the picnic spot was huge ground covered with trimmed grass. The ground had few shrubs in the middle that were dry and leaf less as it was winter season. The toilets at this venue were located far away at the parking lot so there was no other way but to make the long trek to the toilets. As the day progressed it was a lazy sunny cool day, very typical of winters up north. After lunch my family had dozed off and others as well so I decided to take a stroll around when I noticed a group of people on the other side of the shrubs, it was a typical family gathering with young ladies of the family in a group among themselves. They were playing some games similar to tag and nothing extraordinary till I noticed a young lady among them dressed in bright red attire indicating her newly married status. She was around nineteen and what got my attention was her vivacious looks. She had a nice curvaceous body on her with her big tits bouncing around as she played with her mates. All this got my eyes glued on her and after a while they all sat down. I decided to continue with stroll and on my way back from a distance I notice the young lady I was checking out earlier leave her group. At first I thought she was heading towards the toilets but her direction indicated otherwise as she was heading towards the shrubs and that was a surprise as I had no idea what she intended to do. As she neared the shrubs I noticed her take a quick look back towards her group and finally she slowly made her way into the shrubs. At this point I decided to investigate further as I walked towards the shrub from the other side. The shrubs were a bit down the hill from my side and everyone was still lying down. By this time the young lady was in center of the shrubs as she had positioned herself and then I noticed her hands reaching for her dress. Suddenly it dawned on me that the young woman was going to pee there. At that juncture so many thoughts were going through my mind from the amazement to the prospect of watching a grown pretty young woman pee in the open to the fear of getting caught either by others or the lady herself. At that age with the lack of maturity hormones and foolishness prevailed finally as I slowly walked up a bit closer to the shrubs as I observed the young lady was tugging at the drawstrings of her lowers while her upper portion of her dress was being held under her chin. She had a look of urgency on her face and at that stage she didn't seem to notice my presence up close. Finally the moment I had been anticipating just happened right in a flash. I had no idea what I was expecting at that moment, the young woman tugged down her lowers with both her hands and I got a flash of a massive hairy triangle between her legs as she squatted down, she lifted her lowers from the ground as she spread her legs to position herself. For the first time in my life I was facing a full grown pretty adult woman's privates apart from the ones I had seen in print media. It was all vivid in the flesh with her parted vulva showing between the tufts of hair. Slowly a trickle of pee began to emerge from her slit and soon it turned into a torrent that came out in a huge arc in front of her that landed few feet from her wetting the dry ground ahead. It was then I had a realization that apart from the nudity of the woman that I enjoyed, I found her act of peeing to be more fascinating. I was also surprised at the openness of it all but I have discussed about female pee attitudes in India during that period in my previous posts. I saw some other folks passing by the area but to my surprise the woman continued with her pee, she just covered her eyes and lowered her head. The people passed her without any notice or attention. I was thinking how her ass must have looked from the back all exposed. I noticed her pee begin to taper off after almost 40 seconds and the huge puddle she had made below her. I decided to make my move then before the woman got up taking one final look at her fully drenched genitals. This sighting just whetted my appetite for more but unfortunately no other ladies followed. However all that changed later as everyone was readying to back home. From the distance I noticed the young lady walking towards the shrubs, this got me excited big time as now I knew what her purpose would be. However this time I noticed few other young ladies from the group accompanying her. This was a surprise bonanza for me if all these ladies had to pee. All in all there were four of them and one by one they went inside the shrubs and peed giving me a wonderful show of variety of female genitals and their display of pee. What was amazing was their total lack of inhibitions during that time as they laughed and chatted while they peed. On the trip back I overheard my mom complain to my dad about the young girls peeing so unashamedly when they could use the facilities there. My dad replied that it was too far and probably they were desperate. That ended the conversation and for me began an era that continues till this day.
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    just got home like an hour ago, and i was holding, but it wasn’t that bad. made some tea and while sitting in my front steps i needed to wee. so i hiked my skirt back, and just went in my panties.
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    Nudist married guy here from the windy Isle of Anglesey in North Wales. Age 52 at the time of writing, but a really long term fan of pee fun. My first recollection concerning anything sexual relates to pee, and I was about seven at the time. I don't know where the idea came from, but I remember lying in my bed, letting a little pee run into my navel. It made lovely splashes as I tapped the puddle with my finger. Of course I tasted it, and while it was a little salty, it was quite palatable. The fascination has never left, and when the nudist idea struck at about age 12, I remember sneaking out into the back garden after dark when the folks were in bed. It was naughty enough to be stood in the middle of the lawn naked, but of course, it wasn't long before I took a pee out there in the open too. It was particularly nice to point Percy straight up and pee directly into my mouth. Fast forward to age 26 and I married a woman who, while not a lover of watersports per se, was perfectly happy to indulge me in my pervy activities. It took a while to work up to asking her, but I'll never forget the joy of lying in the bath that day as she stood over me and let it go for the first time. She caught on quick, and quickly diverted her spray up my body, ending up peeing directly into my face. She laughed and lost her aim a bit when I opened my mouth for her and took a mouthful, but she regained her concentration. She's a bit of a squirter when she cums, so I was already used to taking mouthfuls of her juices, and she'll purposely squeeze out some dribbles for me when we're engaged in mutual masturbation and she wants me to cum quick. So that's me - a long time fan and really lucky I think to be married to someone who will indulge me. Glad to have found this site and hope maybe to chat with some folks hereabouts and exchange stories, fantasies and experiences.
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    Found this GIF by accident. I went to her site and...wow! It's not a porno site, but a very erotic site just the same. You should check it out. She's married and has a child. But, likes being sexy. It's paysite, but there's plenty to enjoy for free.
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    “Cheers Girls, I still can’t believe how much trouble you went to for me today.” said Lucy. “It was our pleasure” winked Jenny, and the twins giggled. The four girls, Lucy, Jenny and twins Katy and Abby had spent the evening in the pub at Lucy’s request. She had insisted on treating them all to drinks as a thank you for their day’s efforts. Lucy really did feel like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. The incident with Steve on their day out had really disturbed Lucy, but Jenny had dealt with the situation perfectly. “Here’s a toast” said Lucy, raising her large glass of Chardonnay, “To the best, most devious, naughty friends a girl could wish for. I really can’t believe you thought up such a plan Jenny, you’re a genius. And as for you two, the way you teased and snared Steve in was just perfect. How can I ever thank you enough.” To be fair, Lucy had already thanked them quite a lot. The pub table they were sitting around was getting fairly full with their empty glasses. The two stable girl twins Katy and Abby had been drinking bottled cider whilst the slightly older Lucy and Jenny were on large glasses of white wine. Even Lucy who didn’t normally choose to drink was pushing the boat out, she was after all the one doing the celebrating. They were all definitely on the wrong side of a bit merry. “I still can’t quite understand why he was so turned on” said Abby, “I mean, wanting to watch us pee? Isn’t that just weird? What’s so hot about that?” Jenny and Lucy turned and smiled knowingly at each other. “Is it just me?” asked Abby, “But what’s so amazing about having a piss?” “The thing is,” explained Jenny, “Boys get so easily confused - they imagine that if we’ve got our pants down we’re going to be fiddling with ourselves, only because that’s what they’d do if they had tits and a pussy.” “And they can’t imagine that we could go pee anywhere except on a toilet” added Katy. “It blows their minds if a girl were to pee somewhere naughty!” “If he only knew some of the places I’ve left my mark.” said Jenny, “Parks, alleyways, beaches, mountains, a derelict warehouse, the floor of a cinema… You name it, I’ve probably flooded it!” With that the girls all giggled. Then Jenny got up and slightly unsteadily made her way across to the bar. After a few minutes she weaved her way back to their table with four shot glasses and a bottle of Sambuca. “So, whilst we’re all comparing notes on naughty peeing, who’s up for a game of True or False?” asked Jenny. “We each take it in turns to tell a personal confession about peeing - it could be something naughty, a guilty secret, or it could be something embarrassing. The rest of us have to agree on whether we think it’s true or made up. If we get it right you have to down a shot, but if we’re wrong we drink up.” The four girls by now were all very much relaxed and maybe just a touch boisterous from their evening’s drinking and this seemed a great idea. Jenny poured four generous measures and placed a glass in-front of each of the girls. “Ok” said Jenny, who was enjoying being in charge of this game. “Let’s see, age order - that’ll be you first Abby. You’re the youngest!” “Erm, ok” giggled the petite blonde, “So, I have to tell a story and you all have to guess whether I’m fibbing or telling the truth - is that it? Ok, my naughty peeing secret…. erm, I sometimes have a wee in the shower and let it all trickle down my legs.” “What!!!” exclaimed all the girls, and Lucy burst out “Oh come on! Who doesn’t pee in the shower, I mean everybody does that, right? You must be able to do better than that.” “Sometimes I really do wonder if we’re actually related” teased her twin Katy. “That was a practise run. Try again, you can do better than that.” “Ok, here goes” said Abby, “A couple of years ago I had an accident in the yard. One of the mares kicked out and caught me pretty hard on the back of my hip. I was thrown across the yard and had to be carted off to hospital on a spinal board. The pain was incredible and they were really concerned I might have damaged my back or pelvis. Anyway, I arrived at hospital, they’d given me gas and air in the ambulance and I was pretty out of it. Like an out of body experience, I sort of knew what was happening but didn’t at the same time. I was lying on a trolley in A&E with all these people around me doing stuff. All I knew was I had this incredible pain in my right side, getting worse and worse as time went on. They cut my jodhpurs off with scissors and my pants and sort of just covered my in a sheet. Then this really cute young doctor came and started asking questions, asking where it hurt and pressing in places to see where the pain was. He sort of pressed where my bladder was and suddenly I was just pissing full force, sort of like a racehorse. I was just lying on my back with my legs straight and it was hissing really loudly and jetting out, making a huge yellow puddle between my legs, it was all over me almost down to my knees. It went on for ages and I just sort of flooded the bed right in front of everyone. There you have it. My most embarrassing hour.” Abby stopped to gauge the girls reactions and there was silence for a moment before they all roared with laughter. “No way” they said. “What happened.” “Well as soon as all my pee was out, the pain just completely went away. It turns out it was all down to bladder pressure. It turned out my only injury was bruising, I was a bit stiff for a few days mind.” “And what about the doctor?” asked Lucy. “He seemed quite stiff too” giggled Abby, “He was so sweet though, gave me his number too.” This made the girls all roar with laughter even more. “So Girls” said Jenny, “What do we think? Do we believe Abby, pulling a young doctor by pissing for him?” “I can’t believe you did that. You’d have told me at the time.” Katy said, “Surely they’d have put a tube into you or something.” added Lucy. The girls muttered between themselves for a few moments then reached their decision and all looked at Abby. “No, we think you’re leading us a lie.” “Well you’re all wrong” said Abby defiantly. “Hardly my finest moment, but there you go! A pee is always better out than in. Pick up your glasses losers - down in one!” With that Jenny, Lucy and Katy all admitted defeat and emptied their shot glasses. “Right, then - I’ll go next” volunteered the now very tipsy Katy. “Mine’s definitely on the naughty side. Last summer I was at this music festival down on the south coast somewhere. It was awesome, loads of great bands playing and I sort of hooked up with this guy. I ended up really drunk, I’d been drinking all day and then all evening. He’d been smoking dope, but I didn’t do any of that shit. Anyway, somehow I ended up sleeping with him - there I was in his tent, completely naked, the two of us in his single sleeping bag. It wasn’t like we shagged or anything, he was way too stoned. He was just like crashed out and I guess I did too, sort of lay on top of him. So suddenly I started to feel really hot and everything was spinning. I realised I was going to be sick and suddenly realised I was bursting for a piss too. I couldn't unzip the sleeping bag ‘cos he was flat out with the zip under him. I sort of had to crawl over him to get out and get fresh air. So there I was, one knee either side of his chest, tit’s in his face, trying to get out of his sleeping bag.” Lucy started to giggle and the others looked on in drunken anticipation. “Then, all of a sudden I started to heave - I really thought I was going to vomit” said Katy. “As I was concentrating on not barfing, my pee just started to escape. I had my legs open and it just sprayed out all over his belly and chest. I just got out of there as quickly as I could, but I couldn’t stop peeing, so I ended up giving him a full on golden shower - chest, neck and face. It was soaking his hipster beard and everything.” At this the girls were all laughing raucously. “Don’t. you’ll make me wet myself” exclaimed Abby. “So did you get away with it?” “Yes” replied Katy “He was that stoned he never woke up. I grabbed my clothes and got out of there as quickly as I could. I did leave him a couple of presents though - I never did find my knickers, so I guess he still has them. That and a big pool of sick right at the entrance to his tent. Then I staggered off to find my own tent, still naked, holding my clothes and pee still running down my legs. Am I a naughty bitch or what?” Katy grinned at the laughing girls around her. Again the remaining three girls agreed their verdict. Abby was the spokesperson. “I remember you coming home at the end of that weekend and you were a complete mess. So, yes we’ll give you that one. I can just imagine you flooding some guy’s sleeping bag.” “Sorry to disappoint girls.” Katy answered. “Most of it’s true, I did throw up just outside his tent and I did have to walk back naked. It’s true I was bursting, but I popped a squat on the grass behind my tent. As far as I know he didn’t have a pee shower - unless he did it himself of course. So girls, I win, I fooled you” With that the girls downed another shot of Sambuca. “Ok ladies” said Lucy, “Two down, two to go. By the way, no excuses for pee breaks until we’re all done. We’re big girls right? no sneaking off to the ladies. Mine’s a confession I think. When I was eighteen or so and at college, I used to have this Saturday job where the loo was really disgusting, so I used to hold be pee all day and rush home really bursting for a wee at the end of my shift.” “Hang on” interrupted Jenny, “I think I already know this one. That makes it null and void. It has to be a story none of us could know is true.” “That’s where you’re wrong Miss Know-it-all.” beamed Jenny, “This is one you don’t know about. One day I was just coming to the end of my shift and the manager decided she wanted to give me some sort of appraisal. So there I was stuck in her office, whilst she rabbited on about sales Customer service and stuff like that. All the time I was wishing she’d just let me go home. I’d not been for a wee since breakfast and it was like four o’clock. I could feel my back teeth floating and could almost taste pee. Finally she let me go and I sort of squirmed my way home. I sooooo needed to pee that it hurt really badly. Every step was worse and sort of jolted my bladder. I finally got to the end of my road, I could literally see my front door when I saw the old woman who lived across the road walking her mutt of a dog towards me. I couldn’t believe it, she’s the sort who can talk for England. Anyway she started and just talked and talked, she went on and on and on. I was standing there squirming and pressing my legs together as tightly as I could. Then I felt this little tiny dribble… An innocent little trickle of pee into my panties, then a slightly bigger one. I was desperately trying to hold it in but I could feel all my muscles shaking like mad and even though it was a cold day I was sweating. Anyway, the dribbles turned into a stream. The cold didn’t help either, but at least I had thick black tights on under my work dress. So I ended up with wee running right down the backs of my legs, filling my shoes and making a puddle around my feet.” “How did you get away with that?” asked Katy. “Well, eventually she stopped talking just long enough to look what her dog was up to - the mangy creature looked up at her as it stood in a puddle of my pee, but she thought it was her dog that had pissed all over my feet. She scuttled off like she’d been struck by lightning or something- it was hilarious.” The three girls around the table certainly thought Lucy’s story was hilarious, Abby and Katy shrieked with laughter, but Jenny put her hand up and they fell silent. “There’s only one flaw to your story, Pinnochio.” she said to Lucy. “I know that you’ve never wet your pants in your life, at least not until this summer. If you’d told me it was last week I might have believed you, but not back then. You were still a nun then” Lucy blushed. ”Ok, you’ve got me - but it could have happened… Ok, I’ll accept my punishment. God, this stuff’s making me pissed, it’s a good job there’s only your turn left Jenny.” “Mine’s very straightforward” said Jenny. “Naughty confession time. I was sitting in a pub, on a bench seat leaning on a table. I had a short but loose skirt on and no knickers. I’d been drinking all night and needed a wee pretty badly, so I just opened my legs a little bit, relaxed and let it all flow out. It soaked into the cushion under my bum and some ran off the front of the seat onto the carpet. The brilliant thing was, nobody noticed a thing.” There was silence for a moment after Jenny stopped speaking. “And….. what then?” asked Lucy. “What do you mean, what then?” replied Jenny. “That was it, nothing more, nothing less. Just taking a leak, on a seat in a busy pub right next to my friends.” The other three girls looked at each other. Katy and Abby didn’t see Jenny wink at Lucy though. “That’s ridiculous” said Abby, “They’d notice, you’d never get away with it.” “Is that your final verdict?” asked Jenny, “So you all think I must have made it up?” “Erm yes, I think so” replied Katy. “Anyway, when are you supposed to have done this?” “Oh, it was like, erm, just sort of like, well pretty much, anytime right now.” said Jenny, closing her eyes, throwing her head back and breathing out deeply. Katy and Abby burst into fits of giggles, more through shock than anything. Lucy just laughed at the whole situation. Her best friend peeing under the pub table right next to her and the two younger twins shocked reactions. Then Jenny began to giggle too, all four girls bent almost double in their drunken giggling states. Suddenly Abby squealed “Shit, so am I, shit, I’m pissing myself!” With that all four girls fell into more fits of giggles. When they eventually calmed a little Lucy looked around the pub and finally notice the commotion they were causing. “Time we should all be leaving” said Lucy. The four girls all downed one final shot of the Sambuca, then all four unsteadily got up from their seats. Abby had a big wet patch on the crotch and backside of her jeans which were fortunately quite dark. Katy was very discretely pressing her hand deep into her jeans pockets and squirming, but decided that getting out of the pub was more of a priority than going to the ladies. Jenny carefully arranged her skirt back over her bare bum as she stood up and then grabbed the nearly empty Sambuca bottle before staggering towards the door to catch up with the others. As the night air hit them outside the pub they said their goodnights. Katy muttered about needing a piss and quickly dragged Abby off with her into the darkness of the car park. Jenny and Lucy set off to walk in the opposite direction back to Lucy’s house. Jenny linked arms with Lucy and the two of them staggered off, lurching and zig-zagging along the pavement. “That was an absolutely awesome night” Jenny said, “God we’re pissed. Are you sure it’s still Ok if I crash at yours?” “Of course it is, I wouldn’t have offered otherwise. And you can’t exactly drive home can you, you’d get arrested. Plus my brother’s away so there’s plenty of space.” “You’re awesome!” said Jenny, “Come here and let me kiss you.”
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    A few lovely black slits too.
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