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    One of our members is really under the weather and not doing well. @HammerheadPilot. Been really sick the past week. Can we send him some prayers, good vibes or what ever it is u do. I’m sure he will appreciate it and hope he gets back on his feet soon so we can see those awesome outdoor pee adventure of his. ❤️❤️❤️
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    When I was in my 20s I dated a woman who AFAIK wasn't into piss, and I was far too shy to ask about such things. However, one day I went over to her house, and almost as soon as the front door had closed she was on her knees in front of me on the living room floor and taking my cock down her throat as I fucked her mouth. She was skillful (being somewhat older than me and well experienced), and I was enthusiastic about her, so it didn't take long for me to cum. She swallowed it down but I was enjoying myself so much I kept holding her head and fucking her mouth... and not long after I was cumming down her throat again. Somehow I was still ready to go, so I kept using her mouth... until I had what felt like a third orgasm... except this one was much more intense and longer than the first two. After that, I was done. I then realized I didn't have to pee anymore, as I had when I walked in the door. I must have emptied my bladder right down her throat. She never said anything about it or complained. Best orgasm of my life.😀
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    If it's any consolation @Ms. Tito (and possibly it isn't) - I've long since given up caring about genders and preferences. I'll freely admit to not knowing the subtlety of any of the abbreviations that follow the LGBT... - apologies for that, but at the same time it's not predujice against any. It's quite the opposite, an acceptance of any and all - assuming they'll accept me. I personally am a straight guy, but if any living breathing person - whatever they choose to identify as - finds peeing with me to be exciting in some way, then they're welcome to do so. I can't promise that their exposure or release will do it for me - it may, or it may not but certainly no offence would be taken. Enough rambling on - suffice to say, no barriers here...
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    When I was in college, I used to always try to find empty public bathrooms to use. I found one in a campus building that I never saw another person in. One day I was absolutely bursting and decided I'd take my chances and have a naughty pee. I pulled my pants and panties down to my knees, and instead of sitting on the seat like normal to pee, I sat with my pussy hanging over the edge of the toilet bowl. I let out my extremely full bladder all over the floor, a big yellow puddle flooding the tiles. I wiped, fixed my clothes, and left. Never got caught. I'm not in school anymore, but I'd love to find some naughty public bathrooms to mess up again!
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    Some of you may be familiar with my stories from over at peesearch. Ive decided to start sharing them here. This is the first one, written about 5 years ago Look over there, a rest area!" julie exclaimed!! "Thank god," replied Grace "30 more seconds and I would have pissed my pants" The two girls were on their way home after spending the day at a Bridal shower in a large city about 4 hours from where they lived. It had been a fun filled day seeing old friends, having a bit of light hearted dirty fun, and of course enjoying refreshments, which included soft drinks, tea, and of course champhagne. Both girls had been too busy having fun to consider the effects on their bladders during the long ride home. As they sped home along the highway, it was maybe an hour and half before the two girls were forced to admitt to each other that they were both bursting for a piss. Problem was, they were on a country road... not many rest stops... and the girls didn't want to simply stop on the highway and risk exposing themselves to passers by. By the time they spot the small rest stop 30 minutes later, both were desperate beyond all measure, dancing in their car seats trying to hold it in... They pulled into the rest stop, not a large one, just a parking lot, some picnic tables and a small brick bathroom building. However to two girls so desperate to piss, it looked like the magical land of OZ. Both girls jumped out of the car and began to hobble towards the bathroom. Julie couldn't remember a time she had to piss so bad in her life, as she took small baby steps towards the ladies room, her hands pressed to her crotch to keep control. Grace meanwhile was hobbling slightly bent over, her one hand her stomach to give support to her aching bladder. All she could think of was getting to a toliet to unleash the ocean of piss inside her. The girls reached the ladies room, but to they're horror, were met with a bar and padlock. A large sign read, OUT OF ORDER-SORRY FOR THE INCONVINENCE. "they'll be inconvinenced when I piss all over that sign" Grace yelled in frustration "come on, lets try the men's" said Julie, "if its closed too, im going to lose it" The next ten feet around the corner to the mens room felt like 10 miles to the girls, desperate for relief. Fortunately it was open. The small bathroom contained only a sink, a single urinal and one stall-a big OUT OF ORDER sign on the door. "F*** sake, aren't there any working toliets!!!" screamed a desperate Grace Julie meanwhile, didn't hesist. Strolling over to the urinal, she lifted her short jean skirt and pulled her panties to the side. She immediately began to release a massive jet of piss into the urinal, which grew stronger and stronger with each second. The sound echo'd through out the bathroom, as Julie moaned with relief. "God, I thought I might not make it, such a relief!!!" "Just hurry up and finish" screamed Grace, now in agony at hearing her friend recieve such relief only feet away. She now had her hands rammed into her crotch, pressed against her pee hole to steam the tide till it was her turn. Looking around the bathroom, she pondered other solutions to her problem. No garbage can to pee in, and the sink was too high for her to reach. Grace looked back at Julie, who'd been pissing like a fire hose for the past 30 seconds, and show'd no sign of slowing down. As she watched her friend, she felt an area of fabric near her crotch grow wet, as her bladder muscles began to fail her. "Shit!!!" she yelled, "Julie finish up, you've had plenty of time and I'm starting piss myself" she said frantically. Julie said nothing, only stood with her head back in pure bliss as piss continued to flow out of her and into the urinal. Knowing she was seconds for pissing herself, grace took drastic action. Pulling down her tights and panties, she ran towards the urinal. "move over!!" she yelled, as she hipchecked julie out of the way, and began to blast the urinal with her own massive torrent of piss. Julie was taken aback by Grace throwing off her aim. Her stream of piss jeted across the wall, and created a small puddle where her stream came to rest. Turning her stream back towards the urinal, she smiled to herself and said "i guess we can share" Both girls stood side by side and peed for what seemed like ages as their bladders empty. The addition of Grace's stream was almost to much for the urinal to keep up with, as it began to fill up with clear hot piss. Both girls looked at each other with worried expressions, knowing neither of them could pinch off, and worried they may overflow. Fortunately Julie's stream began to wane after almost 3 minutes, avoiding such a problem. Grace's stream continued to blast the urinal for another minute, before it to slowed to a trickle and then stopped. Both girls stood next to each for a moment, basking in the relief of empty bladders. Finally they looked at each other, and began to laugh at their perdicament, and the state they found themselves in. Wiping and washing both girls left the bathroom, a wet streak across the wall where julie had pissed, and the urinal, still slowly draining away the massive amount of piss they had unleashed. As they climbed back in the care, Grace chimed up "let be a bit more proactive in planning our pee breaks from now on" to which Julie readily agreed.
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    If the room has full length curtains, the wall behind the curtains can be a fun spot. Corner of the closet floor if it has dark carpet. One of the best, get a room that has a bed and a fold out sofa bed. You can wet all over the unfolded sofa bed mattress, then just fold it in put the sofa cushions back like it was never unfolded.
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    I had just been stood talking to the bouncers outside one of the bars and was walking away with the intention of going over to the "spot" to see if I could get any good sightings. As I was slowly wandering down the street a taxi pulled up on the main road and four girls got out. My attention was drawn to them as they were all looking gorgeous and were all dressed very sexy. By this point I had reached the main road and was about to cross over when one of the girls really caught my attention. She had gotten out of the far side of the taxi and when she walked round to where her friends were and the taxi drove off she immediately started squirming and jiggling on the spot. She told her friends that she really needed a wee and asked if anyone was coming with her. One of the girls said she would and the other two went into the shop. The girl immediately turned round and dashed over the road and turned to walk down the road. For a moment I was disappointed that she hadn't turned to go up the "spot" but then I hoped she was heading down to the steps just round the corner. I crossed over and went up the main steps and walked around to the main area people use. As I came round the corner the two girls came up the steps at the bottom and came rushing towards the corner. I slowly walked past them giving them a smile as I did and then kept on slowly moving forward. From their point of view it looked like I was walking through and when I glanced round they were stood by the wall and the blonde girl who had said she needed to pee was stood bobbing and jiggling obviously trying not to make it look too obvious that she was desperate. It may have looked like I was walking through but instead I went and sat on one of the steps leading up to one of the church doors and pulled out my phone. I expected the girl to either make a comment, just pee or dash off to find somewhere else to go. However I was not expecting her to ask me if she could pee. Her politeness took me by surprise. If she had just peed right there without a care for me being there that would have been normal. However she walked over and said "hey, erm, excuse me". I looked up and responded to her to which she smiled and continued "sorry to bother you, I just....erm....." she blushed as she started talking and I prompted her to continue. She looked to her friend and then back at me and said "this might be a weird thing to ask but I really need a wee and was going to go in the corner over there, do you mind?". I was shocked at her having asked and obviously I would have loved to have told her how much I would love for her to pee right there but I casually told her it was fine and that it didn't bother me. She thanked me and went back over to the corner. She lifted her pink dress and revealed a matching pink thong which she quickly pulled down and squatted into position. She started peeing and the sound made me look over. The sight of her beautiful pussy spraying a hard stream was wonderful. That coupled with the sigh of relief she was making was super hot. When she had finished she pulled her knickers back into place and smoothed down her dress. She walked back over to her friend and then came over towards me and said "thank you so much, I am sorry about that". I was about to tell her it was fine but before I could she continued "that's the problem with pre drinking before you come out, its supposed to be the taxi home where you end up needing to pee and nearly wetting yourself, not the taxi into town, can you imagine how bad that would have been, turning up for a night out having pissed myself". She directed this question at her friend who made a comment about it being hilarious. She gave me a smile and told me to enjoy my evening which I responded in kind before they walked off to join their other friends outside the shop.
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    Lastly, the ultimate goddess herself, Miss Marilyn...
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    Some excellent selections from sargam - thanks! Thought I'd add few myself. Hope you agree and enjoy.
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    Hey it’s all in the fun of trying
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    Thought I'd give tribute to this thread by re-posting the very first picture. This is as they say "priceless." She's a dynamite gal with a beautiful stream here. I LOVE IT! Pee happy y'all.
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    Because it’s somewhere in the house I shouldn’t be peeing
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    I have the obvious spots, bathroom sink, bathtub, basement sink which is a very frequently used spot out of pure convince for me and others, it's sometimes referred to as the "downstairs toilet". I also enjoy using the drain in my garage, and off the back of my garage is a small room that is used for storage for yard equipment and it has a concrete floor but with no drain. No one really goes in there aside from myself so I will frequently pee right on the floor(maybe splashing on a few things depending on her daring I'm feeling). Hell this week I've peed in that room at least once every day.
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    I probably would have had to cum on your puddle from watching you make it and seeing a lake underneath you as a way to say thank you 😜 that’s sooo hot thanks for sharing bet it’s smelt good down there after too
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    No reason to fear the family, moms are more observant and tolerant than you might think. If you're peeing repeatedly in the same places I'm sure she of all people is aware of it. Dads aren't always as observant as moms thought. I'd advise against your idea of letting them "accidentally catch you" as walking in on someone tends to embarrass them and bring on immediate criticism even if you've done nothing wrong and "being caught" implies you're doing something wrong. Better to wait until they are downstairs busy with something and just casually relieve yourself as if it's the most normal thing to do. If they would criticize you, you can then act surprised yourself, saying "what's the problem, how's this any different than any other place."
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    I get what you are saying - there is a danger that it gets repetitive, but by involving other characters in different situations and developing the connection between the characters that Dana has affected, you could get some interesting twists. Anyway, entirely up to you as it is your story, but I'm sure you'll get a good following with it, whichever way you go.
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    What I would really like - and see comparatively little of - is girls pissing in naughty indoor locations just for fun, with big grins or smiles of pleasure as they are doing it. I love that kind of thing.
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    Since most of the pants I wear don't have a fly, I go over the top. Although some of my pajama pants have flies so I unbutton those and pull my dick through.
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    Love that sweets. Recalling all the good times is great for the current libido. I love to hear women talk about the love they have for making men feel good, hand jobs , cocksucking, straight hard and deep fucking. Now I'll have to recall a few other women and describe the action. You too now :P
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    Same here. Everytime when we meet and have a nice conversation at some point I can't help but start thinking about her peeing in relief in front of me. This has already led to some awkward moment where she was talking to me and I wasn't listening 'cause I got distracted by my fantasies.
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    “You want me to do what? In that?”
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    It certainly got my attention.... 😉 Fiction is a bit of a funny place, not sure how many people read compared to the 'real experiences' and 'pee chat / questions'. Always worth posting though.
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    That's nice. We should learn from them tbh.
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    Despite my many deviant fantasies it turns out I was seriously deluding myself when I thought I had time for writing fiction, so will stick to real experiences for now. This is a bit rough as I just banged it out from memory but you get the general idea. It won't be to everyone's taste so proceed at your own risk... __________________________________________ When I was 18 I found myself at a large house in the country for a boring function. There were several dozen others there and the host was a real creep. Even at that age I was used to people perving at my tits but I didn't mind - as long as they were discrete about it I had no problem with them getting enjoyment from looking and fantasizing about me later in private. But this guy was a total sleaze and the fact that it was his house made it difficult to escape his leering and blatant smutty innuendos. Despite several attempts to talk with some of the more interesting visitors instead, he kept ignoring my lack of interest and hovering around me anyway. There was a big table with food and drinks so I kept drinking water and juice to pass the time; I was getting quite full and the pressure of the pee inside me felt nice. To try and zone out of the pest's droning on about some tedious topic as a flimsy pretext to oggle my breasts, I began to observe the other guests. Noticing that two men were eyeing me up in a much more subtle way, I wondered if they needed to use the bathroom too. I started to imagine them walking over before ordering me to take off my dress and panties. "Get down on all fours and open your mouth," the older one told me. As I did what he instructed, the second man went around behind me. I couldn't see him but soon felt a hot blast of pee on my slit move back and forth between my clit and asshole, showering my cheeks with its warmth. The man in front of me unzipped his fly, flopped his dick out, and began to urinate into my mouth. I couldn't swallow fast enough and the overflow spilt salty liquid down onto my bra, soaking through it to my flesh. He just kept pissing on my face and hair for ages while the one I couldn't see pounded me so hard from behind, I peed myself on his balls as he fucked me. I started thinking about the other people in the room who needed to relieve themselves coming over and using me to pee on but something snapped my attention back to reality and I remembered where I was. There was a break in the homeowner's monologue and I realised that I really needed to go for a wee before I wet my pants in front of everyone. Recalling being told when I first arrived that the toilets were upstairs, I made my excuses and headed for the door... I went up the large flight of stairs and walked down a wide hallway with very plush carpet. Just as I started to wonder where the bathroom was, I saw a man going in the same direction as me up ahead turn into one of the many rooms. Thinking he might be there for the same reason as me I went along and looked through the doorway. It was a big bedroom and in the time it had taken me to get there the average looking man had already undone his fly and got out his massive purple cock. Ducking back to peek around the door frame, I could tell he hadn't heard me and although I was quite close by facing his side, he was slightly turned away and concentrating on what he was doing. Adjusting himself so his hairy balls were also sticking out of his trousers, the man started to stroke his dick and I thought I was going to see him masturbate. But to my surprise the visitor started urinating onto the bed. For a few seconds he made a pool in the middle of the expensive quilt then aimed his arc onto the pillows. Moving his stream back and forth, the bedside tables also got a good dousing. Then he took a couple of steps so his back was facing me but I could see from the yellow piss splattering all over the white paint that he was blasting the wall like a urinal. The sound of his strong stream destroying the furnishings was making me aware of my own urgent need to go but he showed no sign of stopping. Still pissing like a hose he aimed high up the heavy curtains, soaking them in his smelly scent before pointing his prick at the floor. Spraying wide, he covered a big area of carpet in his pee before finally slowing. He pushed out the last few squirts then the man faced the bed again. Using the whole room as his toilet had made him even harder and he only wanked for a minute or two before grunting and spunking onto the ruined bed. My heart was racing but I casually walked further down the hall until he had gone downstairs then went back and looked into the bedroom - by now I was very turned on from holding for so long and watching what the seemingly normal man had done. The fancy bedroom was drenched in his urine and the strong musky smell made my bladder almost ache. If I had tried to find the real bathroom I knew I would start wetting my pants as I walked and leave a long trail of wee along the hallway. There was a large upholstered chair in the one corner he hadn't sprayed so I quickly went over and got up on it. Squatting above the soft surface I faced out towards the centre of the room and only just pulled my panties to the side in time to use the chair as a toilet. Pee poured out of me and rapidly saturated the seat cushion below. I had only just started to relieve myself and, seeing the carpet in front of the chair was still dry, I shifted position and squeezed hard. My little pink pussy squirted long golden jets of piss all over the floor as well for what seemed like forever. The hot fluid teased my clit as it rushed over it and I almost climaxed only from the touch of my own stream. It was making me so horny but after making a big dark stain on the carpet my bladder was empty and I finally finished peeing. In one way I was relieved but now I was desperate to make myself cum; worried that someone might have heard the noisy hissing as we pissed, I controlled myself, went down to the ground floor again, and left the property. Once I got home I had one of the best orgasms ever and to this day it remains one of my favourite memories. I only hope that whoever found our mess took a long leak there too.........
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    I've always said that it's probably a good thing I was born a female, because if I had been a man I'm certain I'd be in a lot of trouble. I'm so very envious of men's ability to pee literally anywhere without consequence. Even as a woman I've always been quite sexually aggressive, as a man I'm sure I'd be in jail by now.
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    Thought some of you might enjoy this. Heather xxxx
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    Does anyone have any experiences wearing nappies/diapers? Ever since I was a little girl I've been desperate (pun intended) to wear them. Just the idea of being able to pee wherever you are, whatever you're doing and assuming no leaks or hanging, having nobody even notice it. Of course i was never a bedwetter but I did experiment a little with towels in my underwear. I've been stressed lately so I bought on a whim a 12 pack of absorbant pants designed for "heavy bladder weakness". I have one on right now (they're surprisingly comfy to wear) and I'm in bed trying to sleep. The idea behind it was to use the nappy/diaper to pee in when I usually wake up in the small hours of the morning. Instead of getting out of bed I can just pee and go straight back to sleep. Only problem is I already need a pee and not sure I can sleep with the pressure. I might just pee now and keep it on the rest of the night. If anyone is interested to hear the outcome or has any experiences with this, please do say and I'll respond in kind :)
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    Welcome to the peefans sounds like your going to fit in nicely around here.
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    Oh he saw everything he needed to lol. He was hard before he finished which caused him a problem.
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    Fortunately in all the places where I have to go there is always a toilet available ... I piss around and everywhere just for my pleasure... and I like doing it safely! However above a parked car it is always a great temptation... 😜
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    We have a completely private back yard / garden, massive hedge along the back fence, house next door has a 2.5 meter fence and my garage makes up the last side. It's too cold to pee outside in the morning, the lawn looks like a sheet of ice, but in the evenings I have. Over summer, we all do, and even our hot milfy neighbor tinkled on our lawn during a bbq.
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    The Aurora Borealis, or "northern lights".....
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    My friend and I stayed late after school hoping to finish our work and not have to take our books home. Standing at the bus stop I realized a little too late that my bladder was full. Resigning myself to the fact that I'll have to hold it until I get home, I cross my legs and hope for the best. Getting on the bus with my friend, we walk all the was to the hidden seats noticing that we were the only ones on the bus. Sitting by the window I cant help but feel very uncomfortable due to my very full bladder, but still I gotta wait as the bus ride is an hour! Shifting my body so that I am sitting on one leg, my foot pressed up against my pussy, my friend takes notice of my discomfort. Looking over at me he asks what is wrong. I don't bother to hide anything and tell him how badly I had to piss, but I would try to wait until we get home. Just as I said that the bus pulls over to a stop and the driver informs us that they will be breaking for 15 to 30 minutes and walks off the bus across the street to the small Plaza. The streets are empty as well as the bus and the bus stopped in a pretty secluded area. Turning to my friend I see he is still watching me, looking at him in desperation I press my hands to the crotch of my dark gray uniform pants and start rocking back and forth on my foot the was still up against my pussy. Not knowing how to help me he just watched semi concerned. With out meaning to I let out a small gasp of pleasure as a jolt goes through my body due to my foot hitting my clit. Continuing it I realize that my painful bladder is actual less noticeable now. Looking back over at my friend, he is now looking at me curiously, looking down at his pants they seem a little bit tighter than usual. Now I'm not stupid, nor a virgin, so deciding to spice things up a little I replace my rocking foot with my hands rubbing my crotch and hitting my clit over and over again. My friend now watching my hand, bites his lips as his pants grow even tighter. Deciding to move things even further I unzip my pants and stick my hand into them putting my hand against my pussy and began to rub through my panties. Finally realizing what I was doing he reaches over and removes my hand before he reaches into my pants and picks up from where I left off. Getting annoyed with the amount of fabric between his hand and my aching pussy, I remove his hand and with a quick look around remove my pants and panties before grabbing his hand again and placing it back on my pussy. Smirking at me he continues his assault on my clit before sticking in a finger and then another and fucking my pussy with his long fingers. Before long I feel my release fast approaching and grip his hand in warning before I cum so damn hard, but that just opened the floor gates. My piss fast approaching and not being able to stop it I quickly grab my panties and shove them in my pussy in hopes that it will slow down the stream, but it didn't. Staring in wonder as my piss started to flow out and through the panties, he reached out and pulled out the panties instead placing his hand on the stream and watching it flow out onto the bus seat. Throwing my head back at how amazing not only the piss feels but his hands, I hope it never stops. All of a sudden he looks at me and tells me to stop, with such authority that I will myself, no matter how hard and stop, my bladder no where near empty. Removing his hands he pats his lap and motions for me to get on. Moving to straddle his lap I know exactly what he wants me to do. Placing my pussy directly on his hard on, I rock back and forth first watching all the wetness make its way onto his pants before I once again let go of my stream all over his pants. Once again he lifts places a hand by the stream this time rubbing my clit. Oh the pleasure! Finally I can feel my stream ending, but he is no where done with me and nor I with him. Getting off him I look at the front of his pants that are soaked before he too stands up and removes not only them but his boxers before he pushes me down onto the wet seat and slams his dick home! Minutes later reaching our peaks, me first, he pulls out and cums all over my pussy. Looking at me he smiles and says "sorry let me clean that up for you" before he let's out a huge stream of piss aiming right at my pussy, every now and then hitting my clit with his strong stream or getting it right in my pussy opening. The feeling was so fucking good! When his stream finally ended we both looked at each other and said nothing but both knew that this is something that wouldn't be forgotten. Pulling on our clothes, or pulling on my pants and putting my soaked underwear into my bag and my friend pulling out a pair of gym shorts he was bringing home to wash, pulled them on and stuck everything in his bag. We took our bags and moved over a couple of seats and a few minutes later the bus driver walked into the bus and started it up. Looking up at my friend I just said one thing to him " I no longer have to go" and at that we both started laughing and relaxed enjoying the rest of the bus ride home.
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