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  1. JohnnyS

    Hi all

    Welcome, And glad that you finally found us! I’m quite looking forward to some stories of your sightings!
  2. Hi Renegade Chipshop! welcome to our Site! You will find a lot of friendly and open minded people here. And I bet lots of us can relate to being cautios with our real life contacts about this lovely fetish. Though I can tell you from experience often the fear is bigger than it needs to, since most of the people I told about my fetish did not judge in any kind. Some even said they are interested, would want to get to know more about it and so on. Some may say it's nothing for them but you can do you and I guess thats fine.
  3. Thats quite interesting, that you say that. I tend to go on hiking vacation in the summer and I remember a time where I did not have to go for a pee all day long while on the go. I don't know, whether it was due to a massive amount of sweatting or because I was for quite some time not comfortable at all with people around me noticing I'm going for a pee
  4. Yeah obviously the bigger the boat, the bigger the plumbing 😉 I was thinking about smaller vessels being used by half a dozen people maybe. I don't see a reason to pee over the side, only because you can't pee on the toilet standing. I figure most men and of course women tend to sit down in such situations as well as on bus rides or someting? Peeing over the side is more of a lazyness I figure. I wonder how many women do this
  5. So inspired by a previous post about peeing in horse stables I did some research and thinking. I actually found out, that it's not too uncommon for men and women too pee in the horse stables. Lots of them apparnetly don't even have a toilet available on site, but even with those who do, a lot of people prefer the stables. Either due to lazyness or to avoid the often not too clean toilets. This got me thinking about other activities where you are in a area, without a toilet in reach. First coming to mind is a golf course. Sure they usually have toilets at the cloub house, b
  6. woha those are two great pics! I hope seeing some fun content of you 😉 And of course a warm welcome
  7. OKay so here's the thing: I do regularly erotic dreams which involve me getting quite intimate with one of my sisters. In the dream I always feel like touching her and her touching me and engaging in various pee related stuff. But whenever I am awake, I do not find her erotic in any kind. And when meeting her, I do not get any naughty thoughts regarding her. Its so weird since I get really hot about her dreaming, But awake i do not at all and thinking of my dreams sometimes disugsts me.
  8. Wow sounds like a great experience! I sure hope, there will be some experiences like that coming up soon! Though i found, it can be difficult, to find the right people and courage for that
  9. Yeah well, if someone sees it, a wet carpet and pee on the tiles might also be considered a mess 😉 I can totally relate with the peeing where you're not supposed to as a kid. I did always enjoy it to pee around my parents garden, which I know, they wouldn't really have wanted... there were quite some palces around the house and when I was outside, I enjoyd taking a piss just for the fun of it. So basically you get quite aroused when peeing naughty 😉 I like it 😄 Is it really that suprinsing? Now that I started thinking of it, I can start to recall so many occasions
  10. Woha thats so hot. So you basically pissed full force agaist the door post? Weren't you worried about the mess? And how did you even get the idea of naughty pissing? Since you didn't consider it as a fetish before? You also write about pee cum - how do I have to imagine this?
  11. No need to feel insecure about the looks of your pussy. I would gladly lick up that beautiful trickling stream of yours 😉 Quite naughty, that your brother now has to live in a room with your piss carpet 😄 Maybe you want to tell about some times where you peed on that carpet in the past? I just got a different idea though: since you haven't peed in your new room yet - why don't you continue to try and piss on the old carpet in your brothers room again as much as you can? I guess that would be quite naughty... Of course you would need occasions where he is away
  12. I did have some female friends which had lend me a hand. One of them did it once or twice in the shower while we were showering together and also outside. I don't recall, if she enjoyed it, or got anything out of it. I figure, she did it basically for my enjoyment, which I defenitely had. A while later, a different friend of mine held my penis whilst i was peeing in a potted plant in my living room. It was quite the interesting experience, since at first, she didn't know how to hold it properly - in terms of grip strength and positioning of the hand around it. I don't know, bu
  13. Welcome to the Forum! I bet lots uf us know the struggle of feeling being alone so hopefully youl find lots of people to share your experiences with. May I ask, where the name Mavis comes from?
  14. Woha I absoluetly love it when someone lets completely loose during rubbing and cumming
  15. Why did you only take a short pee over the sofa? 😉 Maybe next time empty all of your bladder 😁
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