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  1. Sarah did you ever actually have a pee accident?
  2. My Ex used to hop from foot to foot and tap her feet. You could always tell when she needed to pee. Most of the time when she got to that point she ended up peeing her panties some.
  3. Has anyone ever been with someone that had an accident and tried to hide it but you noticed it? what did you do or did you say anything to them? Did they eventually admit it and tell you to not say anything?
  4. I can remember back in like fourth grade I went to a catholic school and we were sitting in class doing our assignments and all of a sudden I heard this splashing on the floor and this girl Ann who was sitting in front of me totally pissed her pants. The teacher came over to her and asked why she didn’t ask to go to the bathroom and she didn’t say anything she just started crying. The teacher sent her to the nurses office and they called her mother and her mother brought pants to change her and about 2 hours later she was back in class. I think all of us really felt bad because we never said a
  5. Sophie Have you ever peed in your pants in front of your husband? If so did you ever let him change your pants for you?
  6. When I was younger and my mom was in her early forties I know I have seen my mom pee her pants a couple times by accident. The one time she as in the kitchen starting to make dinner and I just got home. She told me dinner would be ready in an hour and I remember she was getting things ready and she asked if I could had her the one pan and I remember her really squirming and hoping from foot to foot and I didn’t really think anything of it so I went upstairs to my room. It was about 15 minutes later I hard her come hurrying up the stairs and going right into the bathroom and I heard her saying
  7. This was about 12 years ago I was living with my girlfriend at the time and she had a 20 year old daughter who lived there yet. There was only one bathroom in the house and there wasn’t even a lock on the door. My girlfriend would often come in and use the toilet while I was showering and a couple times while I was shaving. Then her daughter started coming in while I was in the shower. She would knock on the door and say I really need to use the bathroom and I would say ok but I would always stay in the shower until she was finished. The one time she came in hurrying and didn’t knock but just
  8. Did anyone notice that you wet your pants a little?
  9. Hi Sophie have you ever been busy working around the house and had to pee but wanted to finish what you were doing and were really squirming trying to hold it and ended up not making it to the bathroom and accidentally peed your pants? were you ever busy working around the house and had to pee and didn’t want to take the time to go to the bathroom and just went in your pants on purpose.
  10. Hi Sophie, I really love all your content you post. I have a couple more questions. 1 have you had anymore total accidents lately? 2 have you ever peed your pants and had a guy change your pants for you? 3 have you ever let someone wipe you while on the toilet after you peed?
  11. Oh ok yes there is a story! We were out at a party and we were all dressed up and when we left my girlfriend said halfway home I should have went to the bathroom before we left I really need to go. We were on the highway and I asked if I should pull off the exit and find a place and she said no I should be able to wait until we get home. When we got home she rushed into the bathroom and I went into the bedroom to get ready for bed. She came out of the bathroom and said she didn’t quite make it in time I peed my panties and I laughed and said let me take a picture of this and she said ok just d
  12. I remember when I was young my mom came home from grocery shopping and she came in carrying 2 bags and she was really squirming and I ask if she was ok and she said she really needed the bathroom and she set the bags down on the kitchen table and said there were more out there if I could help and get the rest and she said I will be right down. She was really squirming and immediately went to go upstairs in a hurry and as she was going up the stairs she was saying in a disgusted voice oh look at me I am peeing in my pants. I went out and got the rest of the groceries and the eventually came bac
  13. I used to go boating with one of my best friends and we would always take a trip up the canal and dock at this one bar and have lunch and many drinks. On this one occasion there were me and my 2 friends and my Buddy invited this girl he worked with and she brought 3 of her friends. We were all drinking all day and on the way back from the bar we were at one of the girls who seemed to be a little on the wild and crazy side had to pee and she just sat on the side of the boat and pulled her bikini bottom to the side and peed off the boat. I was sitting in the back of the boat with one of her frie
  14. Sophia do you pee in the pool or at the beach? Were you ever at the beach and peed in your swimsuit without going into the water?
  15. I do have the video for this but for some reason I couldn’t get it to upload so I had to just post the pictures. If I can eventually figure it out I will definitely post it.
  16. This is the aftermath of my girlfriend not being able to hold it while her daughter was in the bathroom.
  17. The other day I was with my fairly new girlfriend and she is 42 and divorced but has a teenage daughter. We were out for drinks one night and when we left to come home we had about a 20 minute ride. Halfway home my girlfriend was really squirming and I ask what was wrong she said that she really needed the bathroom really bad and she said it came on all of a sudden. I said we were almost to her house are you going to be alright she just said I sure hope so. We did get home and in her house but her daughter was in the bathroom and we waited in the bedroom and she kept saying I hope she hurries
  18. Hi Rosita, Did you ever pee in your pants totally by accident as an adult? If so how old were you? Were you a little embarrassed about it?
  19. Hi Maggie, Thanks so much for sharing all this. I actually think it’s very exciting to know and even see women peeing in the pool. I have one story of this while on vacation in Vegas. We were at the hotel pool drinking plenty of alcohol and we met these ladies at the pool. We were all drinking and joking around and having a great time. I was chatting with the one lady in the water by the ledge and it was just her and I. She was laughing and joking around and suddenly she said to pee oh I really need to pee bad I have been holding it for awhile now and I was avoiding getting out of the water an
  20. Did you ever pee in your pants totally by accident as an adult? If so how did it happen? Were you a little embarrassed about it?
  21. Did you ever pee in your pants totally by accident as an adult? If so how old were you? Did anyone see it happen?
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