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  1. I was on my way home from a trip up north and I stopped at a fast food restaurant (not gonna say which one for reasons) and I was wearing thin shorts and no underwear. When I got my food I went to a booth far back and I sat on the inside for more privacy. The booth was made out of plastic and angled up. When I let out some pee I could feel it go under my butt and behind me. It felt good but i didn’t let out to much because there were a couple people there. When I got up and left I looked back and there wasn’t much mess because it all absorbed into my pants.
  2. I need ideas on where I can pee in public with some risk but not crazy. Where can I pee or wet in a public area or building that doesn’t have cameras or lots of foot traffic. Thought of some things like under a booth but most restaurants have a lot of people or a lot of cameras.
  3. About a week ago I was on a 5 hour trip. I stopped at just about every rest area I saw to get another drink and to have a little fun. I’d park a little ways away from the rest rooms so when I’d walk back I could piss a little bit in my shorts without being obvious, about halfway through I stopped at a fast food restaurant and went inside. They weren't to busy so I ordered just a soda and went and sat at a booth not to far from the register. I pulled my shorts to the side and let out a little bit at a time and I had a puddle on the seat. I got up and there was no workers up front so I just cas
  4. When I was younger I was at the movie theater with my mom. I wore shorts that were above the knee and I purposely didn’t wear any panties. I drank a bunch of water before going to I could force my self to let it go somewhere. During the movie my mom fell asleep so I knew this was the right time to do it. It was a reclining chair so I was kinda laying on my side away from my mom. When it got to a loud part a leaned to the side and peed the bottom of my shorts luckily it went down the crack of the leather chair because it would have puddled under me. There were a lot of people at the movie theat
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