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  1. It sounds like you have come to terms with your kink and the situation you find yourself in, and that sounds good. As others have said there is a supportive and fun community here with a huge range of personal circumstances. Welcome - and enjoy looking around, reading and enjoying the enormous amount of content, and interacting as you choose.
  2. Last evening K and I had a little fun. I had asked her if we could both stand in the bath, hold each other close and pee, and she was happy to do it. The plan was that she would then shower; she’s never been one for showering together – she likes her space! It had been a chilly day and the bathroom wasn’t as warm as it could have been so she chose to go bottomless but to keep a cardigan and fluffy crimson socks on, but I’m a tough northerner and was naked lol. We climbed in and I positioned my stiffening cock between us while we interlocked our legs and first K and then I released our pee
  3. Welcome to PeeFans! And good luck in facing your challenges. You'll find a supportive community here. Have fun looking around, and I look forward to seeing any contributions you choose to add 🙂
  4. Ideally this would happen every time, to save us all from upgrading to soon-to-be-obsolete *stuff* 🙂
  5. Discovering that the delightful young goth lady with lots of metal in her face who cut my hair today has a grandad who farms in a village near Beverley, and having a lovely conversation with her about Hull and the Yorkshire Wolds. Not at all expected. Most people near where I live now would struggle to point to Hull on a map.
  6. Oh wow! This is amazing @Bacardi! I really hope he enjoyed it all as much as you did, and that as well as being wonderful last night, it's the start of something for the future 🙂 Thanks for telling us about it xxxx
  7. I think there are a few topics already covering similar ground, such as these: https://peefans.com/topic/20738-how-did-you-start-pissing-with-your-partner/ https://peefans.com/topic/25123-having-your-non-pee-partner-indulge-you/ https://peefans.com/topic/29063-life-with-a-partner-who-does-not-share-the-kink/ I was very lucky in that my wife proved surprisingly non-judgmental when I introduced my kink to her. But I know that everyone is different. Good luck.
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