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  1. Lol! Much more fun than what happened when K and I found ourselves in a similar situation the other day. She moved forward on the seat so there was a gap at the back, then I aimed at the gap. My aim was pretty good, but I did catch her bum cheeks and a little pee flowed between them into the toilet. She wasn't bothered, which surprised me as she isn't much into receiving showers.
  2. It is very tempting to swap temporarily. But I fear if I had a nice pair of boobs it would be really difficult to stop playing with them all day. And that's a bit obvious!
  3. I would hope it wouldn't be a disappointment. But if I were you, I'd keep open the option of going back from M to F, just in case you discover that the female orgasm blows the male orgasm away 😉
  4. Maybe @Paulypeeps will be able to find it
  5. I don't know if it's this @Paulypeeps masterpiece that @Bacardi is referring to, but even if it isn't, I think you might enjoy it anyway 🙂
  6. Lots of people here would be happy to help I'm sure! From the reverse perspective (F on M) I can confirm it's tremendous fun!
  7. I've only ever had one Ford - a new Fiesta XR2 in the late 1980s / early 1990s. I loved it. But I was a pretty inexperienced driver then so I can't really give you much of an answer. I chose a SEAT Altea over a Ford C-Max many years ago when I needed a decent sized family car because the Altea felt more comfortable, looked nicer and was less plasticky inside.
  8. The MX-5 seems to have been the go-to affordable rear-wheel-drive, fun two-seater for a very long time, and it's very tempting, unless you want more power.
  9. In this day and age, you could make use of skimpy underwear and skirts as a man. And there are some Scotsmen on this site. There is probably a thread somewhere about peeing in traditional Highland dress.
  10. Lots of potential 🙂. Can't really help you on the development of the scenarios - I think every writer's voice emerges naturally and differently. But most writers read a lot, so perhaps spend a little while reading back some of the stories you've liked on this site, with a critical eye, and note how the best stories develop. Good luck, and all power to your keyboard!
  11. Another tremendous illustrated account of your adventures @puddyls. Thanks!
  12. Good points Mia. It's not possible to conceal your pampers from a partner, which makes your situation in the kink different from many of us. So many variants in this question. A really good one.
  13. That's really interesting @Bacardi. Thanks for this. It's quite a different situation from mine. Aren't people endlessly fascinating?!
  14. Vauxhall/Opel Vectra Estate. No doubt about it.
  15. That's all they seem to want to make these days 😞
  16. Just following on from your posts @willinglywet. My RCZ is a lovely car and handles really well, but it's only the small engine (1600cc, 156bhp). They did make a 200bhp version with stiffer suspension, but it was quite a bit more money even when I bought mine second-hand 3 and a bit years ago. If I were looking to change (I am not, at the moment) and thought I could get the idea past K (my wife, who is an excellent driver and who enjoys driving, but who considers a car to be purely functional) I thought I might see if I could stretch to an old Porsche Cayman or Audi TT Quattro, or failing that, a Toyota GT86. So those are the 'nearly realistic dream cars' for me right now. After that, I guess I would be quite keen to try out a Jaguar F-Type. I will never own one, but it would be fun to test-drive I think. I have two friends who are in the fortunate position to have made enough money in their careers to indulge their petrol-head nature: one has a Bentley Continental GT, and the other a Ferrari Portofino. Am I jealous? Just a little! Pics show my RCZ and the three potential replacements - you'll see a type emerging: pretty coupés!
  17. Never mind! Our replies probably show how much we also want your fantasies to become reality 🙂
  18. Wow. Yes, we don't really understand this thing do we, but it's clearly nasty.

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