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  1. I can't get to sleep with a full bladder, but in the past I have drunk a couple of glasses of water just before bedtime. I'm a fairly sound sleeper and fortunately not a bed wetter, so I will wake during the night with a very urgent need to pee. I'll get up, drink more water and enjoy the urgency, usually browsing online until I'm squeezing my dick to keep from peeing myself. Then I'll use the toilet, and the release is such a relief! At that point I can go back to bed and fall asleep.
  2. A substantial piss! Were you holding it for this occasion or do you just like to hold it?
  3. There are a very few videos that accurately document a man pissing a full stream for 2 minutes. There are some who claim more, but they don't have good video proof. Not that they didn't piss longer, but they can't prove it.
  4. Among the characteristics of young men: (1) the fact they drink far too much; (2) they don't think about where they're going to piss it out; and (3) they optimistically think they can hold it in as long as necessary.
  5. As a kid, I've stepped up to the toilet, extracted my dick, and then decided I didn't have to go that bad and played with it instead.
  6. E5. I wish everyone aimed for maximum volume when i'm within earshot.
  7. When I was a kid we would call this a sword fight. Whoever ran out of piss first was the loser.
  8. The experts in treating incontinence will tell you that if you frequently take precautionary pees you are training your bladder to hold less. Sometimes it's necessary out of convenience, but you shouldn't make it a daily habit.
  9. While many guys may pee more often or less, I think more men CHOOSE to hold their pee more often than women for a long, satisfying piss.
  10. I'm sure you've seen the videos on another site of the fellow who frequently posts 1 to 1.5 minute pees with a steady, strong stream. I've seen a couple of videos of a strong stream for 2 minutes, and though there are many claims of longer pees they have not been documented. I've witnessed 40 seconds a number of times but rarely much more than that.
  11. Women take more frequent, shorter pees whenever a toilet is available. Men don't worry about availability as much,so they hold it longer. But various studies show that there isn't much difference in capacity.
  12. It varies from state to state and from community to community. In some rural towns I know of, if your public peeing is alongside a rural road or discretely in the shrubbery, no one will care. But in other places an exposed penis in public will be considered a sex crime with long-term consequences. So be careful!
  13. I have a friend who often leaves the bathroom door open and aims into the toilet for maximum splash effect. If it is a really long piss he comes out with a proud grin.
  14. It's easy to get so engrossed in a task that you don't sense your need to pee until your bladder starts to contract. Holding it in until you reach a toilet can be a challenge! I'm more inclined to enjoy the got-to-pee feeling when I'm working and put off peeing until it gets pretty urgent. Most often I get to the toilet in time.
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