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  1. If you pee in the same spot too often and kill the grass, you can blame it on the dogs.
  2. Not many men can pee a strong stream for so long. It must be way over a liter.
  3. I have sympathy for the homeless who have few choices about where they can pee, and that they run afoul of the law when it's in a public place.
  4. Of course there should be more public rest rooms publicly supported. Considering the millions of tax dollars that are spent on things that are not necessities, keeping rest rooms clean and supplied would not be that costly. This is especially critical for women's facilities, since men's needs can be more basic, and it's also necessary to have facilities wherever there is a concentration of the homeless. Until there are more toilets available, some public urination is going to happen. If it damages property perhaps there must be some penalty, but most often people pee in alleys or o
  5. When young adults are out visiting bars and partying, women are more likely to note where the toilets are and to use them when they have the chance. Men in the 18 to 25 range often don't plan as well, and they're more likely to hold it until they really have to pee and then look for a toilet (or other alternative). And beer isn't easy to hold for any length of time. So in a college town you'll see more men than women peeing outdoors.
  6. The sink requires less water than a toilet to rinse out after pissing, so it's the "green" choice. It's also the best place to piss quietly, so if you're on the phone you can do it without being heard. For most of us it's at just the right height.
  7. I suspect that your male friends know they have to pee at an earlier time and don't verbalize it, and they hold it until it gets too urgent to ignore.
  8. We have many videos here of men pissing in a variety of places. Some, of course, are purposely "naughty" places, but some guys have been caught short and don't want to spend the next couple of hours with pissed pants. I theorize that this happens more with men than with women. Why, you ask? Men feel that they have more options, and they do, but only up to a point. (They forget that being seen with dick out in public can get you charged with a sex crime, and that can follow you for the rest of your life.) Men don't always plan as carefully women. They drink more fluids and don't t
  9. I think anyone who uses a urinal (especially without "modesty panels") should expect that someone might peek and should not be offended. If peeking annoys you, use a stall.
  10. I think that holding at work is surprisingly common, though for several different reasons. But you carried it to an extreme, even holding during a shower! (I wouldn't be able to do that.) A good report.
  11. Being an old guy myself, I know some of the problems old guys have in holding their pee. Prostate issues are the most common problem, so they don't entirely empty their bladders and have to go again soon. An enlarged prostate also sends false "got to pee" signals. When they have to pee it can get urgent very quickly. Yeah, I know all about old guys and peeing. :-)
  12. Peeing in the shower is more or less automatic with me, so I understand when you say your bladder "just let go.". You might have held longer if you had showered later.
  13. The cleanup can involve a lot of rubbing with a towel.....
  14. A great description! I've put myself into situations where I have to pee really bad but avoid using the toilet. I hold it in and keep clamping off the urges to pee until the muscle gets tired (or I get too full) and I can't clamp it off and start to spurt.
  15. Being an old coot, I'm poor at holding my bladder. Years ago I could piss a quart, but now I can rarely hold in a pint. When I have to go, I have to GO! No more putting it off.
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