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  1. What was the capacity of the cup?
  2. As we get older, lingering too long can happen more easily. Just this morning, after my own breakfast coffee I visited a neighbor and had more coffee there. By the time I drove into my driveway I had to pee, but there were some things I wanted to put in the garage before it started to rain, so I just clamped my sphincter and set to it. That involved rearranging stuff, and just as I was finishing the task I got a stronger urge. Now, at a younger age I could keep clamping my urinary sphincter for quite a while, but this time I suddenly felt wetness. A prolonged pinch of my dick seemed to st
  3. ...and with a pretty full bladder, too.
  4. Drinking half a liter and holding it for half an hour may seem easy, but a lot depends on other factors like how well hydrated you are already. Sometimes the intention to arrive home desperate takes an unexpected turn! Been there, done that.
  5. This one could be posted on the male thread.
  6. We'll go for a walk. Let me hold your......!
  7. Some guys can't pee when they're really hard, but you clearly have no problem doing it! And if holding it and then peeing it out is exciting, you proceeded to the logical conclusion!
  8. In the sun, pissed shorts/swimwear are usually a very temporary problem.
  9. Men who spend a lot of time in their garage have a place to piss, whether it's inside in a sink or container or outside in a spot not visible to the public. On a cement floor it could create a cleanup problem.
  10. You can see a lot at places where there's a lot of beer and limited facilities. Re the guy with the semi, there are more men who find holding and pissing to be arousing than would admit to it. I once corresponded with a fellow who said he didn't like the taste of beer but he drank it because it filled his bladder and he enjoyed holding it.
  11. At most construction sites the other workers won't mind if you piss next to your equipment!
  12. The house where I grew up was in a closely-developed neighborhood. We had a front porch with a bushy wisteria vine that covered the corner, and many times I peed off the porch with that vine as cover.
  13. In time past, I can remember peeing far more than the level of urgency indicated. Apparently your bladder felt you needed the sleep and had turned off the "full" signals.
  14. What I like to hear is one loud, strong piss that thunders for up to a minute. It makes me wonder why he was holding so much as well as how it felt to need to go that bad.
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