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  1. There is nothing hotter than mutual pee holding, desperation and even some wetting. This being unplanned must have made it more arousing. I bet having an erection helped you hold on a bit longer. I definitely would have been very aroused and know it would have helped me.
  2. I am 72 male and I definitely enjoy senior woman into holding their pee and wetting themselves. We all know wetting yourself or leaking truly by accident happens . It has happened to me and I think people are more understanding of older people. Looking at pix and stories of women young enough to be my daughter or even granddaughter seems wrong somehow. However I see very little from people of our generation. Great to see you here. I also enjoy holding my pee and wetting my pants, mostly imagining an appreciative woman watching.
  3. I enjoyed your story of you peeing in front of people undetected. A skirt can make it easier for a female to pee in front of people and not get caught. I was in a situation painfully over fill and wanted to sneak pee under a picnic table I was seated at. But I couldn't whip it out, so I just held it. Ouch. I didn't lose a drop but kind of wish I did.
  4. I love the sensation you describe slowly letting your pee out. Were you exposed or did you pee through whatever clothes you were wearing?
  5. Although like our sex drive in general declines, so does our need for pee play, I don't think it ever goes away completely. I am a 72 YO male . I still love it and I have some online female pee friends here and another site. They still love watching me desperately struggle to hold in my pee and either wet my pants or pee naked because I can't hold it anymore. I think you are correct though, there are very few senior females posting on the internet. I am an older male that would enjoy seeing that though. But in the meantime I enjoy it if woman of any age want to watch me.
  6. I enjoy being really desperate to pee. Even if I have no intention of wetting my pants, it feels great to see how long I can hold it . I love the sensation that my pee is trying to come out, as I struggle to hold it in. I am actually doing it right now. I have had to stop and hold myself and squeeze my legs together several times, including just a minute ago. Of course I enjoy wetting my pants too, usually an unplanned hold , and pushing it to the limit for too long. I really thought I was going to leak just now. I always imagine an appreciative female is watching. I love seeing her do t
  7. Many songs have been written about how pleasurable it was to get caught in the rain, romantic even. I never got the attraction. However, one rainy day I had unintentionally been holding my pee as I did things around the house. As I finished My tasks I realized I had been holding it a long time, and my bladder was really full. I was also feeling horney and a bit adventurous . I wondered if I could hold it a bit longer while I walk down to the mail box. It was raining quite hard at the time, and I had to pee desperately. The rain started getting my jeans wet quickly. Still I struggled t
  8. It is almost midnight eastern time USA. I am having trouble getting the different forms l(ike pee questions and real wetting) to load. The site and main board loads without any issue It is fairly common that they load very slow or not at all on my phone. My laptop is better. It is not mobile network though. Both are operating on the same my own wi-fi network. Could be the Mobil version of the site is slow.
  9. I have been unable to play ( still shouldn't) due to a prostate procedure. I had not planned this. Just an hours ago, I was seated at the table naked ,online drinking 3 big mugs of tea . I noticed my bladder was rapidly filling . Ahh I didn't feel like getting up, so I started holding my pee, without any plan in mind. Eventually the pressure became intense, not only in my full bladder, but at the tip of my penis. Still engrossed in what I was doing, I tried ignoring it, but soon found myself squirming because the sharp sting and pressure at my hole indicated my urine was going to c
  10. From a few years ago, I held my pee until I was very desperate , then recorded the last 8+ minutes. I struggle by leg crossing and lots of dick holding, even after I can't stop the leaks and the wet spot in my jeans grows. Eventually, the leaks become spurts, and a steady stream try as I might I am unable to stop. I let go go soaking my jeans. Here is the link. Desperate Pee Holding Until I Wet My Jeans
  11. Another desperate video I hold my morning pee. Not dressed yet. At first I squeeze my pee filled dick, even shook it to keep my pee inside. but then decided to let my sphincter do the holding. . My penis moves slightly whenever I tighten my sphincter when my pee feels like it was about to come out. Despite this I eventually leak a little bit. I just couldnt hold it. https://www.erome.com/a/e70w2Z3u Later before. bed feeling naughty Although I was not desperate,I decided to pee out the window. It was dark outside .wish you could see better https://www.erome.co
  12. I love hearing about female desperation as it gets more difficult to hold. How did this end. Were you completely dry or soaked?
  13. WARNING : CONTAINS MALE NUDEITY https://www.erome.com/a/m3h91KGq I held my pee from mid afternoon keeping hydrated. Here I struggle to hold it in wearing briefs. I leak a bit then stand to walk to bathroom tub. I can't help dribbling on the floor. I reach my destination and I can't hold it anymore. I first pee through my briefs, then pull them down and pee nude into tub. Close up on penis. Although I have been peeing and posting for many years this is my first attempt at using my phone editor and linking to outside site
  14. I have arrived home extremely desperate, barely holding on. As always opening the door to my house made things worse, and I started peeing in my pants. I did not want to get wet that day and I struggled mightily to stop the spurts, but could not. I was in the kitchen and i spotted the trash bin. I just whipped out my peeing dick and peed into it.
  15. Let me start with I would LOVE to experience this with like minded people . I don't have words to describe how much I wish this could happen. To date I have only had one person that even indulge my fetish, my ex-wife. However I have noticed these real world issues . I don't want to be a killjoy a downer, I really wish this could happen , but for a pee party to actually occur these things must be considered. From time to time this topic has come up on this and other pee sites over the decades. But to my knowledge ,it never progressed beyond vague general, but hopeful talk. Real
  16. I never even thought of asking my parents about my potty training. Talking about body functions like that was strictly taboo. I don't remember my own potty training . However, I am the oldest of three ; my younger siblings are three and four years younger than me so I remember some bit and pieces. My parents as well as the nuns in Catholic school were very strict . Basic potty training aside, I clearly remember that we were expected to be able to control ourselves. Any sign of desperation or much worse an accident was strictly forbidden, leading to punishment. We were told we were weak
  17. Listening to females pee is not just for kids. I fondly recall listening to girls pee in my youngest childhood memories. I especially recall hearing prolonged forceful , and a special treat a hissy piss. Through the years, I have heard good female friends who never seemed to have to go, peeing. I even heard a female dr. Urinating while I sat in the waiting room. I am just weeks away from my 72nd birthday and I still enjoy the sound of a woman peeing. I have been on the phone with a female friend who just this week said she really had to pee. I asked her to bring the phone in the bath
  18. I prefer moderate yellow in color to clearly indicate it is pee not water. I also enjoy the smell of fresh urine.
  19. I have held my pee until I couldn't, got naked and layed down in thhe tub. I have laid there until my pee starts coming out on its own. I then let go, and take advantage of having a penis to create a pee fountain . I aim it around in all directions to pee on as much of my body as possible. I start aiming upward towards my head. If I have a good strong stream I briefly hit my face. I aim down towards my feet as well. Next , the bulk of my pee gets my legs, chest and belly . I do that later when high pressure isn't as important.
  20. This was my first experience I can recall . I was interested in girls needing to pee from about 5-6 years old. My first memory was playing in the sandbox with the girl around my age and she became very desperate. She was squirming and holding herself. I became keenly interested and was enjoying watching her struggle, but at the time I didn't know why I felt excited, I knew nothing about sex. Feeling like she couldn't hold it any longer she said she had to go in the house, but I didn't want the fun to end. It was just 15 minutes until lunch, so I tried to convince her to wait, and she reluctan
  21. I love planned desperation and wetting because you can't hold it any more.
  22. Sometimes when I hold my pee until I can't and I wet my pants I step into the tub , as hot pee is running down my legs ,and let go. I enjoy all the fun of holding my pee until I can't stop it from coming out ,uncontrollably, without having to mop up a big puddle on the floor.
  23. I can't put a video here but I did find still pix. This first one is of me peeing into the gas tank. tank . Obvious warning shows some male nudity in that one. The second one you just see my pee flowing onto the seat. For some reason overlap a bit, but nothing is really covered. I am unable to fix it
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