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  1. Out of nowhere in late 2021, this content creator just vanished and all of her videos were not available in my country.
  2. All her stuff just up and vanished months ago, so what happened.
  3. Better yet have all of them pee standing up in like a garden and tree.
  4. Hello, Thanks for all the replies on my last post I was wondering if anybody has any story's or videos or pictures of women peeing like a dude, without using their hands. Sincerely Canada.
  5. This is kind of a niche topic, but have any of you had experiences or have heard on any experiences, where your sitting on the toilet and the pee arcs over the seat or sprays it. Pictures and videos are optional, but appreciated. Sorry, I just like story's alot so this is why I'm asking. Sincerely Canada.
  6. Hi, I hope everyone's doing OK. I was wondering if anyone has stories or videos of people sitting to pee, but it going forward and over shooting the toilet. Thank you, and have a great day!
  7. I have a certain liking to standing pee and forward facing pees in females. I am wondering if there are any people who have similar interests to this, and what parts of the site to find them. I hope everybody's day is going ok.
  8. Hi everybody! I hope your day has gone OK. Who are some people here I should meet.
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