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    I love farming, fishing, blacksmithing, hiking, camping, movies, video games, reading. AND of course all things pee! Roleplaying as well, pee related scenarios.

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    Having a girl wet over top of me or sitting on me. Leggings are my favorite and then jeans and then just panties :)
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    Will get back to you on this. Lots to type at the moment

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  1. Long hold, edging, leaking. And then eventually wetting in jeans
  2. I'd rather fight one horse sized duck. I feel like that would be more challenging and I bigger feat to accomplish. I would also have trouble fighting something as cute as duck sized horses
  3. This is completely unoriginal.. but I want people to get to know me better on here! Sooo, I want everyone and anyone to ask me any question they want! Doesn't matter what it is:)
  4. Hey! So my roommate is going to be gone again tonight, and I am looking for fun and sexy suggestions on how to use my time. Open to any pee related suggestions/games/photos and or photo requests. Help me have a fun night everyone!!! I would love to chat also:)
  5. Have to pee soooo bad, been drinking lots of beer. Leaking as you can see!
  6. Has anyone tried the pee dating site, wetheavens? It's weird to me that there doesn't seem to be an actual good pee dating site. There are enough of us in the world, there should be!
  7. Hey! I know it's easier said than done. But try not to be so nervous. It sounds like you and this girl already have lots in common. It also sounds to me like she either already knows of your fetish somehow , or you are right and she has a pee fetish. But yes, just be very honest! Maybe say something like, " ya know I really liked watching you pee those few times before" and then just keep edging your way towards it and reading her reactions. Also, like peelover said above. Ask her if she has any fetishes. A good question I have used is, " are you into anything some might consider weird" obviou
  8. Usually keep towels in my car for if the mood strikes me. Which is like every other day lol. I will hold all day and time it so I won't make it home. Turns me on a lot!!
  9. What is your biggest pee fantasy? Realistic or otherwise.
  10. My fellow wetters! I was wondering, what is your favorite fabric, color, and kind of clothing to wet? And.. what do you like to see others wet?
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