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  1. I am too young to have experienced the 80s but I think music has become less of an identity characteristic over the time. But it is still there. I feel like the music genres have become more and they are not as distinct. I will list a few stereotypes that I have come across (They are only my observation in the town I live in so please dont hate me if you feel misrepresented): Metalheads: I listen to a lot of metal so I also know a lot of metalheads. And metal has a lot of subgenres but I would say that the typical metalhead looks tough but is a really nice person. They are often ve
  2. So I have to be a bit careful about my naughty peeing because I don´t want my boyfriend (who I live with) to find out about it. But today I found a new way to have naughty pees in our apartment. You see, our livingroom has south-facing windows. Today the sky was nice and clear but it was too cold to go to the park and read my book there. But I still wanted to enjoy the sun, so i scooted the couch to the window so that I could sit in the sun. The couch has a dark blue fabric and I was feeling quite hot soon (From the sun but also from the steamy scenes in the book I was reading 😉
  3. I watered my houseplants today and there is a little spillage next to the pots on the floor. 😉 Does that count, too?
  4. @MaxWasTaken you are welcome 😄 Not living alone it is one of the very few places I can do naughty pees with minimal danger of being discovered! Yes, me too. But then you are limited to the times when you have had a shower.
  5. @peeteller I have some ideas: First of all: a bathmat. Do you have one? You should get one! They are designed to soak up a lot of liquid and you can throw them in the washing mashine from time to time. The one I have is wildly patterned so wetness does barely show. I love standing on that thing and letting spurts of pee fall down into the fluffy rug. Also you can take the bathmat out of the bathroom and use it somewhere else 😄 Second: Stand in the doorframe and just piss into the room. You could to a whole bladderfull or spurts from time to time. I imagine being productive a
  6. I love this series and hope there will be a lot more parts! The pictures really help bring the message across. And while I cannot say that I have learned a lot, I certainly enjoyed the read. This feels like a very well researched WikiHow 😄
  7. This story is Part five of my Liberation series. It contains public peeing and wetting of a male and a female. Here are the links to the first four parts: [1] [2] [3] [4] Please feel free to write your suggestions how the story should continue below. _________________________________________________________________ Ten days had passed since Paul had met Lili´s friends for the first time. It had been a nice mild evening in the park and he had really liked them, but something had been strange, too. Paul and Lily both caught different people from their group peeing or wetting
  8. For all the gamers out there. I callenge you to come up with games for each mode!
  9. Do you have a dog? Or maybe you can borrow one to take for a walk when it is raining. Put on several layers of long johns and then waterproof rain pants. Now everytime the dog pees you let out a good spurt, too. I have also done that with a skirt on and no panties. But above the wetting version for you 🙂
  10. So I just remembered this TV show we were watching as teenagers. It was called H2O: Just Add Water and was about girls who turned into mermaids when they would get in contact with water. Anyway, they also had superpowers that all had to do with controlling water. They were: 1. Being able to lower the temperature of water, including freezing. 2. Being able to raise the temperature of water up to a boiling point. 3. Being able to increase or decrease the amount of water and also changing the flow and direction up to a telekinetic kind of control (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0tsLY
  11. Yes, exactly. That is what I want to try first: sit in the rim of a big flower pot in the mall and pee into the dirt. Also squatting between cars or in the park or maybe even in the bookstore sounds very doable and fun! I have tried peeing while standing before. But I do not want to have wet shoes. It is way too cold for open shoes and since I dont have a tigh gap I have to spread my legs really far so that my pee can go straight down. That is not really a casual and insuspicious look... i would rather sit, squat or kneel Ohh I would love to pee in the cinema but I am really
  12. As it gets quite cold here at this time of the year and I lost some weight so the warm clothes of last winter do not fit well anymore I had to go and buy some new warm stuff. While browsing the shops I was thinking of all the people doing naughty pees in stores. Unfortunately I did not have to pee then and I was not ready to be so bold anyway. But it is a huge fantasy of mine to do stuff like that some time. That is why I bought some stuff, that would hopefully make it easier to pee in public without getting caught. Namely I bought a black woolen skirt that reaches my knees, two pairs of
  13. I have found a joke and translated it for you here: A stranger talks to another man in a bar: "I bet you 100 bucks I can bite myself into my left eye" "Thats not possible, I`m in" The man takes out his glass eye and bites into it. "I bet you another 100 bucks that I can also bite my right eye." "Two glass eyes, that´s nonsense, I´m in." The man takes out his artificial teeth and bites into his right eye. "I bet you another 100 bucks that I can pee into your pants pockets without them getting wet." "Thats bullshit, I´m in" The man gets out his penis and stuffs it into the
  14. I can add one naughty pee from earlier today! I was reading and studying in my room a lot today. I took a big teapot with me and drank 1.5 litres of tea while reading. I sat on my deskchair wich has fabric cushioning but I have (as always) put two folded towels on top. As I was reading, from time to time I had to stop and think about the text/paragraph. Whenever I would look up from the text I would sit up straight, lift my bottom a bit to reduce the pressure on my private parts and let out a tiny spurt of pee into my black bikini style panties and my old black leggins. After a few s
  15. Haha okay! What did you clean with it?
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