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  1. Hi Dante! I love doing that! The two most convenient ways i have found to just pee whenever is 1. in the car while sitting on a towel (see my last experience ;)) 2. while walking the dog. its just slow walking and whenever i feel the need i let a spurt go into my skirt or pants. in both cases i do not wear panties and choose clothes with a light synthetic fabric with wild colorful patterns so noone can see wet patches on them. (these knee-long swimming shorts are also great) I would love more input from you all
  2. In my last post about my trip to the lake i wrote that i planned something naughty. I did but the trip got postponed to yesterday πŸ™‚ So basically i had to drive a car through half of germany. On a saturday. That means a lot of traffic so i reconed that i would be on the road for about 8-10 hours. The thing is, i hate drinving by my own. It is just exausting and biring as hell. So i thought of things to do while driving. I downloaded a los of music and podcasts to listen to but also bought some food to snack on. But most important of all I packed a few litres of water and prepared my carseat. Onto the seat i put a big plastic bag as a waterproof barrier. On top of that came two big folded towels. Before starting to drive i already drank some water to make my pee diluted as i do not really like the smell of strong pee. I was wearing light flowy pants with a pretty wild and colorful pattern. Because of the many colors and random pattern you cannot see when the fabric gets wet. Of cause without panties πŸ™‚ So i started driving, seated atop of the towels and my water bottle always in use. The plan was to let some pee out whenever i felt like it. The first few times i had to push quite a lot because of the fabric pressing against me and because i had not drank as much. So i mainly peed while waiting at traffic lights on my way to the highway/autobahn. After a few little spurts it got easier and happend just as natural es i imagened it before. Pretty quickly i was sitting on a warm and wet pillow. Thank god it was quite warm so it was really comfortable. After about two hours i decided that i could need a little break from driving to stretch my legs out and get a coffee. So at the next gas station i stopped, got a coffee and sat on a bench to drink it. It was a metal bench on a patch of grass. There were a few but not too many people around me. My bladder was quite used to let go of little spurts all the time and started to do exactly that. As i noticed at first i was shocked and stopped the flow immediately. But as i thought about it there was basically no better position fo an unnoticed public pee. I let it out. Just one spurt at a time so there would not be a real stream but rather drops that fell to the ground unseen by anyone. That way i emptied my whole bladder. I was really wet and not just from pee! So when i got in my car the first thing i did was rubbing my clit and after a few seconds i had a really good orgasm! All that in public, i could not believe how bold i was! I drove for some more time but of cause got caught in a traffic jam. It could not destroy my mood and i kept singing along to the music, drank water and ate some sweets. Soon i noticed that i really had to pee. Letting my small spurts out did not really help that much anymore. I drank too much water too fast. At first i thought about just letting it all go bus the car didnt belong to me and i was pretty sure the towels couldnt hold it all. I took the first rest stop there was and i was very desperate by then. There where a lot of people everywhere and no benches that seemed okay to me. There was a little house with toilets in there. They are free to use and basically look like train toilets. I did not really feel like using that toilet so i just got into the room, pushed my pants down and peed on the grount in one powerful and longlasting stream. I do not know for how long i peed but it felt like ages for sure. The puddle on the floor must have been about three squaremetres big and i really do regret that i did not take any pictures! After that stop the traffic got flowing again and i continued to pee into the towels from time to time so they would always be nice and warm. They were soaking wet by now! Just about 50km before my destination the traffic stopped again and this time there was no moving at all! I started to play with myself out of boredom and reached a very strong orgasm just from fingering myself through my wet pants. I guess all the people in their cars around me who could theoretically see what i was doing turned me on even more! When i finally reached home i just squat next to the car and pissed through my pants onto the driveway before unloading the car. Looking back i would say that i do not hate driving alone as much a i used to πŸ˜‰
  3. Thanks to all of you for the nice responses! I plan on doing something next weekend and will post about it then ;)
  4. Here is my first real contribution to this forum: I am Naughts, a 24 year old girl from southern Germany. So last week it has been really hot here in Germany. Since it was our day off my two sisters and I decided to drive to the lake and spend the day swimming and reading in the shadows. There is a really big grass field to lay on so we put down our towels under a big tree and startedreading our books. After some time we went swimming but it was really cold since the water is coming straight from the mountains and still consists of melting snow. As I was slowly wading into the water I peed just as slow. I like to think that it really warms up the water but it still was really cold and I soon went back to my book. Knowing that it would be very hot today I packed two litres of water which I sipped while reading. After some time I really needed to pee but didnt want to go to the water. I am into naughty peeing but basically never do anything about it(mainly because I am still living with my family and am scared of them finding out). Maybe it was the heat or I dont know what but I had been pretty horny all day. So I became bold. With my two sisters just one metre away from me, one on each side, it was not easy to pee without them noticing. I went to my backpack, knelt next to it just off the towel and acted like I was searching for something. With my butt resting on the grass between my feet I slowly started peeing. Actually I was surprised how fast the first drops were coming out bu after the first seconds the pee wanted to come out faster but I did my best to keep it slow so there would be no hissing sound. And I managed to do it! I dont think they suspected anything. The pee went straight into the grass and soil and my black bikini panties did not show anything! After that I felt really euphoric and wanted to repeat the action. I did not even pee when I went into the lake later on. πŸ˜„ Until we went home in the evening I repeated my discreet pee two times. My bikini did dry pretty fast in the heat but in the evening when the sun wasnt as strong anymore it didnt. So when we drove back I left a little wet pee patch on the drivers seat of my car. That was not planned but somehow I found that really great πŸ˜„ What amazes me, is that my sisters really do not seem to suspect anything. They went to the public toilets but I never did. I hope you liked my little adventure! I am sure it will not have been the last one this summer. πŸ˜‰ Let me know whether you want to read about what I will do about this little fetish πŸ™‚
  5. This is what JK Rowling just tweeted. My first thought was something like β€œi want thatβ€œ. What do you think? Did they wet their clothes while doing what they were doing or did they undress and do it openly? There have been a few stories out there about peeing cultures in schools but the magic aspect is really cool here! Also I would love if someone wrote a fanfiction of sorts about that time. I would do it myself if i was any good at english πŸ˜„
  6. Hello! What I like to do is to go on a walk with a dog. And every time the dog pees I let out a spurt of pee myself. I live in a village so there are not many people to see and i wear mostly skirts or pants with bright patterns so nothing can really be seen. But it is still great fun!
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