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  1. Karneval in Cologne, Germany Never seen so much public peeing
  2. I do remember a scene from a series or movie: A girl is sitting on the toilet, peeing. Another girl cones in and sits on her lap, facing her and also starts peeing. Could be The L-Word but I don't know.
  3. even if it was socially acceptable there is still the safety and cost aspect. For example I live in a House mostly made of wood and if I peed on the floors a lot it would soak in and mold would form. I dont want to live in a moldy house. That´s not healthy and expensive to repair. So I would for sure use the floor way more than now, but only in the summer when it dries faster. And never a whole bladder full because that takes even longer to dry. It would be great though to have washable rugs in every room that can be used. They contain the piss so it doesnt soak into the f
  4. I stumbled across this Instagram account @scenicpisses It shows streams with great views and it is awesome! I really recommend checking it out! Do you think the person operating it is one of us or do they just enjoy pissing with a view?
  5. I always pee on my bathtowels right before they go in the washing It is just the most convenient way to do a naughty pee, without the cleanup and minimal risk of getting caught. Most of the time I lay it on a chair or the couch and then pee sitting while doing something else like eating or working on my laptop.
  6. Maybe you want to do it in a reststop toilet, that is dirty anyway? They clean them with pressure washers. I feel a lot worse trashing a more private bathroom, that someone has to clean by hand. If you want the security of a cubicle you could sit on the toilet but lean back, and spray everything in front of you.
  7. My most public piss was on a glacier. When you hike a mountain with a glacier you often have to walk in a row, connected by a rope. The distance to the next person is about 8-12 metres. And when someone has to pee, the whole team stops. You have no choice to just squat down where you are, with no protection anywhere. So this summer I was mountaineering for about a week, so there where quite a few glacier pees for mee (and many sightings as well). The most public one must have been at the upper most end of the glacier, before the last ascend on loose rocks started. T
  8. I am a fan of letting the pee dribble out as soon as I get the slightest urge to pee. Because of that it is very hard to limit myself to two rooms. Carpet would be awesome because I dont have that at home. As I imagine that it is a big house with more rooms than a normal house I think I would choose the one with games, like billiard. Would love to just let go while playing. Also while watching TV with other people and just slowly peeing into a cushion would be very nice 🙂
  9. I highly recommend a bathroom rug on tile floor. They often are highly absorbant and no one would look at it twice, when it is placed next to your bed. You can just pee on it without getting out of bed and throw it in the washing maschine from time to time. I also have one in front of my desk. It is a high desk that I work at standing up. Since I am mostly barefoot at home, it feels nicer than the cold tile floor. The absorbency is another advantage 😉
  10. A few years ago I sometimes had to go on car trips on my own, that would be around 600 km, so about two 7 hr drives. Sometimes on those trips (at least on the way home) I would put a plastic bag on the seat and two big folded towels on top. I put on black leggins that hid the wetness a little and drink a lot of coke and water. Then I would play little games with myself to keep the drive interesting like peeing a little spurt at every highway exit or everytime a red car passed me. I would only pee little amounts, so that I was constantly wet but not soaking into the seat. Whe
  11. I only had one stuffed animal, a dolphin and it was peed on sometimes. I then rubbed it against my vulva. Sadly I do not have it anymore because a few years ago I didn´t let it dry properly and it became moldy. Maybe I should get a new stuffed toy...
  12. This story is Part 06 of my Liberation series. It contains public peeing and wetting of all genders, as well as sex in view of friends. Here are the links to the first parts: Part [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] _______________________________________________ It was a hot summer day when Heidi was walking towards the neighborhood´s allotment with her dog Blondie. One of her best friends, Lili, and her boyfriend Paul (who was also Heidi´s workmate) had invited the group of friends to barbecue and party. While walking through a quiet residential street, she felt a light pressure on her
  13. The tent I have has a little area in the front where there is no ground cover and is not enclosed by the inner tent. It is meant to leave your shoes and equipment there, but I have often used it to pee into the grass at night and in the morning after waking up. During the day I will use the campground´s toilets, because I don´t want to get in trouble.
  14. @keri Stinging nettles are actually a nitrophily. It means that they mostly grow in areas with a high concentration in nitrate. So when you are at popular parking spaces or hiking trails or something like that and there is a corner with a lot of stinging nettles, it is very likely that a lot of people pee there.
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