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  1. Okay, I have no idea how this happened. The app I wrote the text in does not even have this font. I did it exactly the same way with my other stories that look fine. As soon as I am able to use a PC I will try to fix it. On the phone I do not see how 😞
  2. This story is Part 04 of my Liberation series. It contains public peeing and wetting in a group of friends in the park. You can read about what happened until now here: Part 01: https://peefans.com/topic/19607-liberation-01-heidis-first-wetting Part 02: https://peefans.com/topic/19664-liberation-02-heidi-is-caught-wetting Part 03: https://peefans.com/topic/19772-liberation-03-the-friends-piss-in-the-park _______________________________________________ Heidi, Chris, Anna, Frieda and Max were still at the park, enjoying a nice summer day with a picnic and lots of drinks.
  3. I think I mostly do not say it directly but more around the topic. Indoors I would say “going to the bathroom“ and during a hike I would tell the others to walk on while I stay behind a bit. With my family or boyfriend I am more direct and would say that I need to pee. I am German so the words are different. I dont know whether this is the right thread for this but here is a short list of german words for this and how they are used in my bubble: Pinkeln - normal word for peeing, hear it all the time Pissen - harsher than pinkeln, like the english pissing Nase pudern -
  4. https://www.buzzfeed.com/shelbyheinrich/peeing-shower-tiktok So this article was suggested to me. Basically, people with vaginas should not pee in the shower because: 1. It builds the habit to always pee when you hear water running. 2. Peeing standing up is not something that is natural/healthy for the pelvic muscles. Do you think about things like that? Are you scared about the effects or do they motivate you? It will not stop me from pissing everytime I shower or take a bath for sure.
  5. I piss outside all the time. I live in quite a rural area and have a big yard. Also I go hiking and generally spend time outside a lot. So I mostly just go where I am. But I look out that there are no people nearby. Typically I squat down quickly.
  6. I have peed into the sand a lot at the beach and there has never been any smell. First of all the wind disperses it really well and if it is not windy, there are stronger smelling things like the water, rotting algae, sunscreen, cocktails,... 😄 I normally do not pee directly on the towel but next to it. But I have done that steadily leaking thing for a few hours while reading and did not notice a smell. The thing for peeing onto the towel is though: when you pack up to go home and lift the towel up, there will be a very obvious wet patch in the sand. The towel prevent the sun and wind fro
  7. When I am peeing into a toilet I almost always wipe. Mostly because of the smell that builds up after a few times. When I am peeing outside or somewhere where there is no toilet paper available, I do not bother. When I am hiking or outside for another reason, the smell does not bother me at all. I hate seeing all the white tissues rotting in the nature. It is ugly and some have plastic in them so it is really harmful for the environment. Since I like being outoors and love hiking in wild areas I do not want to see the traces of humans all the time, too.
  8. Do you have any funny stuff to share? Let me start with a toast an uncle of mine once said. I try to translate it from German to English as best as I can. Original: English: A boy stands at the barn door and pees through the gap, Inside, a scythe falls over and cuts off his tip. Cheers! English text: in order not to stain the toilet, men are also allowed to sit with us [Please pee sitting down] (I am sure there has been a thread like this bevore but it does not seem active so I think it´s ok to start a new one?)
  9. Oh no! Woke up in the middle of the night with a full bladder again. Let me just go to the bathroom, ahh there it is. Finally I can sit back and relax. And the spray all over the carpet is always really nice when I lean back against the wall. I should drink more tomorrow.
  10. You could basically do any drinking game. But everytime you would normally drink, you now have to pee your pants a little bit. There are enough out there you can do on your own, too.
  11. Part 01: https://peefans.com/topic/19607-liberation-01-heidis-first-wetting Part 02: https://peefans.com/topic/19664-liberation-02-heidi-is-caught-wetting ____________ Heidi and her friends Chris, Anna, Frieda and Max were enjoying a warm summer saturday in the park. While Anna, Frieda and Max were still playing with the frisbee, Heidi had just told all her secrets about constantly wetting her pants those last few days to her friend Chris. After quietly processing Heidi´s story for a minute, Chris started telling theirs: "You know when in tenth grade I really struggled with my ge
  12. Yes, I think Heidi is a lot like me. She is not the same person but I think for my first story ever it might be easier to write from a point of view that is not completely foreign to me. well... Max is barefoot and they all are a bit alternative I think. I will see. I do not really have the whole story mapped out and would like to see where it carries me as I write. We shall see if that is not a really bad idea 😄 I am on it, it will be a few days tough. I do not really have the privacy to write this right now
  13. Hey @MaxWasTaken! Thank you for the feedback! 🙂 you are probably right about the introduction of the characters. They will be more important in the future, i first thought they would have bigger roles in the second chapter and then they did´t and i did not shorten the description. I will definitly keep that in mind for the future, though. I think Heidi is not embarassed about wearing dresses, she is simply not the most feminine woman. And the not wearing panties ... I don´t know 😄 when it is warm I mostly do not bother wearing them. It is not necessary a naughty/sexy thing but m
  14. When I am sitting down there are no strays. When squatting and peeing on a hard surface there could be splashback but also no stray streams. Standing or half-squats are completely different. I have not perfected the technique yet and always have to wear open shoes. Doesnt stop me though...
  15. Doormats are always reliable to hold some liquid and not show stains too much. The one by the front door should always be a little dirty and wet from rain or other 😉 I love to stop while entering the house and just let a little spurt out from underneath my skirt.
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