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  1. Interesting to read your story… we can clearly imagine the evolution of your fetish by the years. I am always fascinated by how the human brain has the ability to mold childhood experiences into the kinkiest fetishes. Which will never cease to invade us daily for the rest of our lives. This continual quest of « that » very first time... Love this Community. 🙏🥃
  2. The one-night-stands things sounds like a thing a need to try 🤤 Probably very exciting and satisfying
  3. The foreskin shaking satisfaction. Just after a good pee 😏💄
  4. Shaking my long and wet foreskin until the last drop of piss. It feel so good to flap my uncut pink and overhanging skin The sloppy sound of my wet foreskin flapping right and left is a very big turn on for me
  5. Fucking nice cock bro… love the hanging foreskin on the first one
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