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  1. If I have been holding for long and know that I am about to have a long af piss, then I prefer to aim a long arc into the urinal by standing a bit away from it and pause a couple times in between. Towards the end of it when I just have a couple spurts left, I let my cock hang and piss handsfree. But usually I prefer pissing handsfree
  2. Glad you like it as well ! Non chalant and hands free is my favourite too, specially in saunas
  3. When my gfs not around, I solo pee almost everywhere - under tables when eating out, lobbies, pavements. My favourite is solo pissing on carpets under tables. I pull up cock out, just a bit and aim under the table and piss until I have emptied the entire bladder. I've done it in restaurants, in waiting areas, picnic tables, cinemas and it feels so good to piss without having to move
  4. Not just in school, my mates and I would piss on the stall wall too or the sinks. We would also take breaks to piss by the edge of sports field during practice, which btw were visible to anyone passing through.
  5. In trains, if there arent that many people around then I unzip and aim on the seat infront since the cushion not only absorbs all the pee but also reduces the sound
  6. I like it when women is doing a full squat with thwir knees apart and is pissing in strong streams for a long time and it ends up forming a massive puddle underneath them. It kind of makes you wonder how long they were holding for and how much more they can hold. When I pee I prefer to pee in spurts because that way I can pee for longer and my stream is also much stronger
  7. I have left the door open quite a lot of times, because I simply forgot about it lmaoo. This mainly happens when I get up to pee mid sleep and got caught several times too
  8. Late at night when I was on my home yesterday, I saw these 2 women giggling and grabbing their crotch quite openly and looking around as if to check if anyone's watching. They couldnt have seen me since I was on the other side of the road and kind of in the shadows. It was obvious that they were searching for a spot to pee. One of the girls pulled her jeans all the way down to her ankles and she almost toppled over in doing so. Then she pulled her panties down and did a high squat and pissed a long hissy stream against the concrete while still giggling with her friend. She must have held
  9. This reminds me of this one guy I saw at an urinal at a mall. He probably would have pissed himself had he been even a second late because he started pissing when he barely got his cock out and aim properly.
  10. These days, I feel so lazy to walk over to the toilet mid sleep at night that lately I just sit at the edge of the bed and release a full bladder onto the carpet. Sometimes I sit with my eyes still closed and let my dick hang while spraying over the carpet and idk what is it about it but that makes me even sleepier ! I have pissed around the house before but never in the bedroom
  11. Last weekend gf and I were grocery shopping and both of us were carrying the bags home but I was carrying the bulk of it. I had to pee but I was trying my best not to and also I didnt want to keep the stuff I was holding on the pavement. This was the first time I asked her if she could take my dick out and aim it at the tree. Man I have never seen her that excited about anything lmaooo. She was drawing all sorts of stuff with my pee stream and after I was done she was like "Cant you keep going for another 2 mins please?" TWO MINUTES????? Lmaoooo
  12. Hey in my defense I was really really drunk lmaoo. I was pissing for ages and I blame the beers for it, so after the desperation subsided, I may have not cared about the spurts.. who knows
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