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  1. No not really. If I'm already really turned on it may add to the pleasure slightly but just every day wiping after I pee doesn't give me sexual pleasure.
  2. Thats the bathmat that goes into our bathroom with the tub yes, however I washed them on Monday and didn't realized I forgot to move them until last night when I cooked dinner for the first time all week. So I took it out of the washing machine, peed on it, stuck it back in, and washed it again lol.
  3. For the past two days @Curepunts and I have been having an unspoken piss war, if you could call it that lol. Always trying to one up each other with where/how we pee. Today I peed on my bathmat while my husband was in the shower.
  4. I liked 3 a lot more than 4 too. Mostly because in the base game there was loads more to do in 3 than 4. I liked they way they did the story progression better in that game. I loved kicking the kids I didn't want out of the generational home and still seeing the family tree grow on its own. In TS4 it seems like they have to call you up and ask first. But I've still been playing Sims 2 the most. It came with every expansion pack and that's far more than what I had when I was 12 years old and playing it for the first time!
  5. @RabofreeKl Take your spamming ass somewhere else cause the only other language i speak is Italian 😒
  6. In case anyone is on here thinking "wow, Bacardi seems like a nice, mature, responsible grown adult woman. I'd love to get to know her more." I saw this at 6 am this morning and it's after 12 now and I'm still laughing so hard I cry. Better rethink that message 😭
  7. I am a bit lighter than these beautiful renders are, but I think bottom middle, center, and top right look a lot more like me than what I previously posted!
  8. I dont think it'll let us make one with a giant cock lol. https://www.bing.com/images/create Here try it yourself. It's free.
  9. @MidoriLemonade85 here i used Bing image creator to make my dream man. Couldn't for the life of me get it to render me as a black mermaid with light skin like how I actually look, but these are my favorites and then this pisstake when I accidentally typed "bears" instead of "beard" I was SO confused. But just about died laughing 💀 look at how horrific the fingers loom. AI sucks at making hands.
  10. How do mermaid have sex with each other anyway? Please let me know so I can envision this properly lol.
  11. Girl.........Yes PLEASE 🥵🥵🥵 I make mine last a long time. Lots of teasing with my tongue 😜
  12. Come to think of it kupar, it can't be a coincidence that these two characters look exactly like us. DID you get it commissioned 😏 And of course bestie. You are the mermaid expert. You have to teach me the ropes!
  13. I started peeing around my childhood home at around 6/7/8. Somewhere in there. I'd pee on the concrete in the basement and on our dogs pee pads.
  14. For Christmas my amazing husband got me a Steamdeck 🥹 I've always preferred handhelds because my kids and husband like to hog the consoles, so this has been such a blessing! I've been playing the Sims 4 mostly because I love the sims but it sucks on console and I don't have a PC (well I do, but it's my husband's and I have to bypass a bunch of bells and whistles to play on it so I don't bother lol). Not only this but I've been playing the crap out of emulators. My heart is so full. I love my SD 😫
  15. Was recording a pee video for a friend and didn't realize I still had a little blood left. I took my cup out last night cause I thought my period was over 😅
  16. I've had Mille by Fedez et Al on repeat all day today. Just such a fun song and an even more fun video. I love all the color.
  17. Sorry. I meant there was a lot of cum lol. More than what I consider normal for myself. If I'm cumming and not watching piss porn there's not as much, but last night there was a lot 😁 I peed in the shower with him. I couldn't pee right after we were done cause after I cum it takes a while for me to pee if I need to go before the orgasm. I have been doing well with drinking lots of water recently so my pee is very dilute. I don't think husband noticed that I peed in the shower with him lmao. Or maybe he did cause I didn't go when we were done. Who knows.
  18. If I had to guess I'd say it was this! My bladder wasn't even overly full. Just full enough for me to feel. But being denied the time to pee turns me on a whooooole lot lol.
  19. Who knows. Maybe the forum has just finally broken me out of my shell and I'll finally tell him. I honestly haven't decided yet 😅
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