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  1. I actively avoid public toilets cause I think they're gross so I don't believe I do the average once a week thing. I'm sure most women tho squat and don't mind leaving a few drops on the seat and floor tho. Wouldn't be surprised. It doesn't really turn me on tho.
  2. I was telling my mom how much of a breeze it was with my kids and didn't get why some people had a hard time. Everyone suggested I just let them tell me when they were ready after offering undies and the potty (ours looks like a mini toilet lol). That's exactly what I did and it was smooth sailing for my kiddos. My mom told me I was 2 when she started and took to it very well. Minimal accidents and she never used pull-ups on me because she was worried they would feel too much like diapers. She told me it took me 2.5 weeks to be accident free and so was so happy to not have to buy diapers anymo
  3. I'll join too if you want 🤣 I don't like the beach but if this is how friendly people are when caught peeing I'll start going regularly!
  4. This is really hot and adorable at the same time lol. I'd love for someone to catch me and say the same thing!
  5. Olive man I just busted my gut laughing at this. I'm gonna get this exact phrase spray painted on my car. Tho it'll say "This girl fucks Italians" 😫😫😫
  6. PLEASE tell me there's other people watching the Fallout series on Prime?? I'm a huge fallout fan and I am so shook and I'm only on the 2nd episode lol. I'm only giving my husband 3 days to catch up with me before I unload on him so if anyone has any comments I wanna hear them lol.
  7. practiced peeing with pants on and pulled down for my future parking garage pee 😄
  8. It's me. The laughing cow that laughs at everything 💀💀💀
  9. Got it. Now all you have to do is come pee with me behind the containers lol.
  10. That's weird that yours says 2019 cause mine says 2024. Regardless I moved to the area in 2021 and there definitely was not shipping containers blocking it off any time recently except for the weekend lol. I'll definitely give it another try in 2 weeks when I hopefully do not have a fever anymore. It's something that I want to try and there's just never been a good opportunity!
  11. Can you imagine if someone did catch me and then there's a post here about how someone caught a girl peeing next to her car in the parking garage? 💀 if that were to happen I'd at least want to get his number first lol. Thanks for the advice Tall Handsome, and everyone else. But bad news is I confirmed with a friend that they do have both the top and the bottom blocked off with large shipping containers and it looks like they are doing construction. That was over the weekend she was there. It didn't really matter tho cause I'm under the weather and won't be attending class this evening. I'
  12. I have shorter inner labia and pretty chunky outer labia. If i had a comparison chart I could show you lol. I haven't noticed much of a difference in how I pee. Depends more on how much pee I have and how wet I am. So for example if I cum and then try and pee right away I have a hard time for whatever reason, but my labia are so short I don't believe they're the problem. I dont feel the pee flowing past my lips either.
  13. I've just recently added Spanish to my duolingo adventures. I'm pretty sure besides Russian the next most common language spoken in my area is Spanish, and since I'd like to get a local job when I graduate I think it'll make me stand out. That and I just enjoy talking with people 😁 my youngest child has a classmate that speaks nothing but Spanish as well and he has been asking me to teach him so they can talk. Having learned italian first, I can say it's coming along great so far!
  14. The fact that one of them has shoes kills me lol.
  15. I cant wait for this to be me this fall Sophie lol. Only I won't have anyone to pee with 😩 I hope the test came out the way you wanted, if so congrats! Glad you got to have fun with it either way!
  16. @Kupar this made me smile cause autocorrect was doing so well in the chat the other day and now look what it did 💀
  17. Thanks fellas. Love you guys. Honestly a few years ago I wrote an Ethnography, or a study of a certain population (Kumar actually helped me with it!), and I've been dying ever since to write one on fetish forums and what they're really like. But, I can write one but publish it where right? Lol. Maybe the Journal of human sexuality. I don't know. I haven't gotten that far yet. But there's no way I'd ever publish it under my real name 😅
  18. Yeah we use condoms. At the moment we don't want anymore kids (but we are planning to have one more, number 4 and final lol) next year) and we have to use them because I am not nor have I ever been on birth control. I'm fortunate that my periods are manageable and birth control scares me a lot. With my breeding kink I like the idea of begging someone not to cum in me because I don't want to be pregnant, but they do it anyway lol. Sort of goes hand in hand with my noncon/cnc kink. But the benefit of having a breeding kink is the babies are fantasies that disappear when im done think
  19. I just woke up to a phone call from my program director at my university. Last month I had an essay I wrote in my journalism class published in my city's newspaper and my director told me they chose me to be on the front page of the department highlighting that as a "student success." Needless to say, I am in tears. I've come such a long way in my education and never thought I'd even be published before graduation, let alone featured on the school's website 😭 Why am I bragging about this on a fetish forum? I have no idea. You guys are like my family and I had to tell you!
  20. You know that wouldn't be a bad idea. We have one and it stays in my car because I do pick up and drop off and my husband is always fighting me for it 🤣 I did check Google a little closely but I'm sad to see as of "2024" it looks like the whole garage is shut down 😫 I don't know how long ago the pics were taken. I'll still stop by and see. If not I'll try and take this advice and pee somewhere else! Not many parking garages around me unfortunately lol.
  21. Next time I catch you in the chat I'll send a picture on IG. It has text about where I'll pee on it so I don't wanna just send it out of the blue lol. But other than that, what I'm hearing is to park normally, go shopping, then pee on my way out. I should have specified that I don't wanna wet tho because I'll be coming home to a full house and I don't want my family to question why my pants are wet lol. Plus it's always been my preference to move pants out of the way! I usually park closer to the stairwell but I'll still park in that upper left corner, place my target back in the bac
  22. Wow I'll never say no to a shopping trip to target lol. You guys really think going inside and buying something will be a good idea? Maybe once they see me paying they'll be less inclined to follow me on the camera. And @WantonLee I'd have a better excuse to wear a mask.
  23. Howdy friends. For months now I have been wanting to pee in a parking garage. The only one I frequent tho is my school's garage every week and I know for a fact that my professors and other school faculty park there and theres cameras that i cant see so I don't want to risk it. I'm graduating this coming December so I need to be on my best behavior 🤣🎓 But, in the next town over from me is a target with a massive parking garage. The upper level is always, *always* empty. 100 percent of the time I've gone up there I've always been the only person up there so I've always thought it woul
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