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  1. Yeah. I love stories about people peeing in fitting rooms. I've only done it once and it was a little bit on a napkin that I picked up and threw away cause, again, I don't think it's fair for other people to have to clean up after me like that.
  2. Welcome! I love your username cause peeing on the carpet just so happens to be my favorite thing as well πŸ₯°πŸ«ΆπŸΌ
  3. You can't fool me I know Koalas won't eat Eucalyptus leaves if they aren't on a branch!
  4. Welcome back Muffin man! I had no one to ask about the weather without you πŸ’”
  5. I think my choice would be a fitting room. I've only ever peed in one a little bit and I did so on a napkin, but judging by the number of horror stories I've read from retail employess if you pick the right store it's easy to get away with. A few years ago I watched a video of a girl who worked at goodwill who said every shift she was cleaning up after a person who "did their business" in the changing rooms. Definitely not fair to her so I wouldn't recommend it, but it's naughty to me and people apparently get away with it easy lol.
  6. Bonjour et bienvenue! (Hello and welcome for those that don't speak French!)
  7. I wish too for a number of reasons (mainly because it was nice having my husband home and having lots of family time) but I do wish I could have explored my naughty peeing Era more. I'm so much braver than I was then and I'm fighting my fears and insecurities to pee in a parking garage of all places now, and with stores closing early and the fact that I was an essential employee would have made it so easy to try.
  8. Interestingly enough the topic has never come up. I'd assume they pee in the pool and don't tell me just like I peed in the pool and didn't tell my mom as a a kid.
  9. Just this sentence right here feels like enough for me to have an orgasm lol. Thank you AI 🀣
  10. I've always wanted to try this 😍
  11. I am the same way but in general with everything I say. It's like when I open my mouth to talk my brain goes blank lol. Some call it undiagnosed ADD (I grew up in a community that didn't believe in mental illnesses), but I really don't know because I don't have any other issues with concentrating; just when I'm talking. That's why for serious issues I prefer to speak in writing. It's what works best for me and my family. If we're having a discussion about money it's very helpful if we can be doing at least some of the discussion through a messaging app so I can have something to reference.
  12. Dawg 😭😭😭😭 I'm dead.
  13. I love surveys! Tho my answers are usually pretty boring lol. 1)Where are you from (country, maybe what state)? America, Maryland 2)Whats your gender and age? Female, 29 3)What 5 words first come to your mind shen you think about peeing? Pee, carpet, squat, naughty, corner 4)What are all the places have you peed shich arenβ€˜t the toilett? Sinks, floor (tile, wood, carpet), bath mats, drains in locker room, a little bit in a fitting room, carpet and wall of a hotel room, and a few times in my own undies and pants. I think that just about covers it. 5)
  14. I am more worried about kicking my blanket off of me in the middle of the night and one of my kids walks by and sees my massive ass staring back at them than I am of having to run out of a burning building naked 😬
  15. Because how else can I get my practice in when no one else around me speaks Italian?? The best way to learn is through immersion, right Uomo D'Oca? (Gooseman 😁)
  16. I have none other than my regular pee spots, but none of them are convenient (toilet, sink, tub). But I really love that you pee on the carpet in the corner behind your bed 😍😍😍 what a massive turn on!
  17. I would prefer to pee in front of no one lol. But when it comes down to it if I'm going to pee in public I would prefer to have one person with me for help. I talk about it a lot, about how I would love to have a pee in a parking garage or something but I'm just too much of a chicken. I'm so scared of being caught! I'd feel so much more comfortable if I had a peefans friend with me. Maybe to hold my hand and keep me company, and more importantly to keep a look out so we can make a mad dash if needed lol.
  18. You must have made this post for me. Cause I love my men hairy πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄ the more bigfoot like the better lmao. In all seriousness I've always been attracted to hairy men. I have no preference as to where. Arms, legs, back, arm pits, butt, pubes, ANYWHERE 😩😩😩 Give me ALL the hairy men!
  19. I have no problem doing this to someone's car who gives me permission to do so, or asks me to 😁
  20. I check outside often even tho I feel like a pervert doing so 😁 no puddles and no handsome man :( but I'm still hopeful I'll see him again soon!
  21. I think it would have been hotter to just leave the office with his cum still inside me/inside my undies 😁 never got that far in my dream so I can't tell you what my dreamself did. Also, I think you mean get a drop on his carpet, labcoat, or shirt πŸ˜€no sheets cause we was on the floor πŸ₯°
  22. Fine I'll just pee while we're fucking. Miss me with those "HDMI" πŸ’€
  23. I've gone nine years without a partner who is into pee and I don't mind it. My all time favorite fantasy is naughty peeing, which is something I've been doing by myself since I was a child. It would be nice, yes, and I'd love a golden shower as well, but you guys know my history. I still feel the sting of being kink shamed by my toxic ex years later. My husband would never ever treat me as badly as the ex did but I still can't bring myself to tell him. So for now until I can marry a peefans man I'm going to continue peeing around my home when my husband is at work, have fun in the peefans
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