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  1. You know what would make me want to hold with my friends? "Oh wow so and so was just in there for a long time. Bet they just took a massive 💩. We need to wait for it to air out before we go again." If she is fun and quirky like I am then it'll make her laugh and I'm sure she would hold with you. I know I would 🤣 Good luck! I'll be rooting for you!
  2. Ciao e benvenuto 😁 (Hello and welcome for those who don't speak Italian)
  3. I had a crazy dream last night about my favorite doctor 🥹 it was like he was kissing my neck, then we started making out and he told me to get down on the floor. I asked him why and he said "cause I really want to have sex with you, just don't tell my wife." I answered with "Oh you want a quickie?" And he nodded. So we both dove to the floor! My legs were in the air behind him with my jeans hanging off of one leg and he was giving it to me there on the office floor. When he was done he came inside me to "hide the evidence." I woke up already having had an orgasm in my sleep. I could
  4. Legend has it it means "cocaine". But really it's just a song that I had stuck in my head this morning 😁
  5. I don't have my birthday listed but it's today as well. Happy birthday birthday twin 😁
  6. I peed juuuuuuuuuust a little bit in a hotel last year. We don't stay in hotels often so i had my chance and I took it. It's really hard to see, but I squatted and peed just a few streaks on the carpeted part of that wall. I had a few things working in my favor too: it was a cheap hotel room with a lot of problems and the carpet was dark. Got away with it too! Neither the hotel nor my family noticed!
  7. On two occasions I've peed from my sink and onto the floor. One was am accident and one was on purpose. Those were both very fun lol. But probably my most fun was when I peed in the target fitting room on a napkin. I don't think I'll be able to recreate that again so it takes first place!
  8. Florida man! Are you in love with the Coco 🧐
  9. I dont know. I've never heard another woman say that and, as I've stated before, I enjoy it lol.
  10. I wouldn't think anything would be wrong with that, nor would I consider my partner to be "broken." It's simply how they are, and who doesn't love a little extra hands on action haha. No reason to feel embarrassed, especially if it's from your medication. I'd prefer a partner who is able to take care of themselves mentally and be the best version of themselves hands down. If the outcome of that means more hand jobs and blow jobs, then that's a bonus haha.
  11. I was literally thinking this morning that maybe I'm a voyeur. Cause catching him like that was a huuuuuuge turn on! Darn. At least if he was you I'd know for a fact he was a member and had a piss kink just like me! You know I love every inch of you Florida man. Especially that fine Flordia ass 😏
  12. Yeah. I feel like I should have gone back to clarify but i was too annoyed by the fact that I accidentally posted it before it was finished lol. I don't think that he saw me either.
  13. Good evening friends! Got a story for ya! I've lived in my home (a second story condo) for 3 years now and have never caught sight of anyone peeing anywhere, which is kinda disappointing cause I used to live in a real high class city with a bunch of stuck up old people and would never tolerate anyone peeing anywhere but a toilet. I live in the very last building on the road and directly next to it is another apartment complex. Between the buildings is a small forest, but they aren't very dense because even during the spring I can see straight into the other buildings. Anyway, L
  14. 🤷🏽‍♀️
  15. If I had a maid to clean up after me absolutely lol. My house is all hardwood and tile and unfortunately I like peeing on carpets the most. But if no one would judge me and my house would take minimal damage I'd totally pee anywhere no questions asked.
  16. Idk what I would do without my daily Facebook laugh.
  17. I know you don't find this funny goose but I do cause I'm also a serial sleep talker and sleep walker lol. My husband tells me all about the crazy things I say in my sleep and I can assure you it probably wasn't about what you think! And even if it was like you said she forgot. My husband tells me he's had full blown conversations with me while I was sleeping and I neverrrr remember them!
  18. My niche is peeing on carpets! Enjoyable because: The sound 🥴 The freedom The mess lol Less enjoyable because: Clean up Smell The damage done over time. I dont even have carpet in my house 😭😭
  19. I was gonna ask what do you expect lol. When my friends get together in one place things get nasty in the best way 🍆
  20. I had a dream last night that Dr. Feely (remember him everyone?) took me and all of his assistants at his office to a meeting out of town in regards to his profession. There's a word for it. Like a convention, I think, but for doctors lol. We all got a hotel and as we were checking in the other people he brought paired off to share a room but then it came down to me and him. He asked me if I wanted my own room and I told him we could share to save him money, and he got us a hotel room with two rooms somehow. I guess in my dream he was still married and that's why, but we still ended up i
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