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  1. The same guy who sings in Tranquilla also sings in Non Si Nomina Bruno 😭😭 or the Italian version of We Don't Talk About Bruno!
  2. Spero davvero che tu apprezzi Questi grandi doni che hai È tutto ok, lo so, tranquilla Va bene anche se non ringrazierai Man I wish the Italian version of this was on Amazon music. But my favorite alternative band covered it and it is fire
  3. I have done neither, but I would prefer to be peed on. No qualms about peeing on someone but I feel like being on the receiving end would be more fun! I would like to pee on someones chest or lap πŸ˜‡ Anywhere from the neck down! Not really. In fact very yellow and smelly pee turns me off. Not a random person no. I don't trust just anyone with their bodily fluids lol. Someone I do know well though? Of course!
  4. Ciao e benvenuto (hello and welcome) daddy 😍
  5. Bonjour et bienvenue 😍
  6. Hello and welcome 😁 hope you enjoy it here!
  7. As a person who lives in her crocs, this made me laugh harder than it probably should have.
  8. Bacardi


    It's the best πŸ§‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
  9. I'm not sure whether I should laugh or cry.
  10. I would guess second row second example. Unless I spread my legs wide you can't really see my inner labia cause my outer labia is so fat 😁
  11. you guys know I love Disney and I love the Italian language. Un Poco Loco is one of my favorites and it only just recently occurred to me to look up the Italian version. le scarpe dove sono, a mi amore a mi amore. Rispondi: propria sulla testa! A mi amore a mi amore I love it a lot. And I once again wish I was an Italian.
  12. I just had a filling done that was teetering on a root canal. I abhor going to the dentist and once things got going I literally passed out underneath this guy (and not in a good way, tho he was a super hot Greek guy πŸ₯΄) as he was drilling into my tooth. But ever since then every time I've fallen asleep I've had nightmares about losing my teeth some how and they always leave me reeling 😫 I'd do anything to go back to having normal dreams if anyone can help.
  13. Lmfao. I was young at the time. Like 12.
  14. I can remember doing it in church once and in the car next to my mom. Both times I remember orgasming.
  15. When you figure it out let me know. This is one of my biggest fantasies but I've been too scared to even try lol. Closest I've come is peeing in a fitting room.
  16. Bed bugs aren't necessarily attracted to anything. The only way you get bedbugs is by bringing bedbugs into your home via eggs/bugs on your/another person's clothing or other belongings. They aren't like roaches or ants that scavenge for food, so as long as you try your best to stay away from bed bug infested areas you should be fine continuing to pee in your bed. I would be more worried about the damage it would do over time to the inner parts of the mattress and the floor than bed bugs, but it sounds like you got that covered. Source: I have an incurable phobia of bedbugs and other par
  17. I am not 100 percent sure lol. Think it's mostly applying pressure to my clit since my thighs are so big. It's apparently so common it has a name. Syntribation. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wellandgood.com/what-is-syntribation/amp/
  18. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZPRTwsGn4/ I dont know how I feel about this πŸ’€ Someone using a combination of apple juice and water explaining what the color of your pee is and then drinking it afterword. The number of saves tells me it's probably been passed around through members of our community before lmfaooo.
  19. @Maclir What has been your favorite place to pee so far? Also, what is th3 story behind your username?
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