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    Straight male
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    Working at a thrift store
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    Netherlands, limburg
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    Hi, i'm a 22yo male. I'm very obsessed with pee and love everything about it, smell, feel, taste, warmth etc. I have a wonderful girlfriend so i'm here just for kink talk.

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    The romance of tasting, feeling, smelling our pee together
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    Sadly not much experience. I've pissed on myself and that was nice. I also get horny if i hear my gf pee

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  1. I feel you. Those videos are hot af. If you find any more sites please keep me updated
  2. Hey im dutch! I don't know about peeable landmarks. I guess you can pee on anything here. You have my permission. Let us know where you marked you territory. Genuinely curious about your pee adventures here :)
  3. I've been to a nudist beach on excedent, but never stayed because i was not planning to go. Plus the times i went to a beach in general it was with family trips. But i'm scared if i would go and pee in naughty places i might get hard 😅. plus i don't want to bother people.
  4. I totally agree on the dehydration part. Would be horrific. Wouldn't want anyone to do that!!!
  5. My first ever topic here. So i wanted it to be a simple and quick one. It is lovely to know so many people are in to pee related stuff. And so many have so many different ways they enjoy it. So the age old question is: what colour do you prefer, transparant pee or yellow pee? And why? Or you don't care. Thats fine too😊 Personally i love yellow pee because it is stronger and has more to it. But if i drink it, i'll like transparant pee more. It could become a bit much for me 😅
  6. My partner knows about what i like. When i first told her she was just interested in what i liked about it and was very normal and understanding about it. I feel very fortunate because i was stressed the whole day i was planning to tell her. She isn't into pee, but she lets me watch her pee in the shower or toilet. Though ofcourse i would love to do more i am more than pleased with my situation.
  7. Thanks i've already seen alot of very wholesome people. Feels very welcoming ❤️
  8. Hi there, I'm a 22yo male from the south of the Netherlands. My shoe size is 45 and my favorite colour is green (sometimes yellow 😛). I have an amazing girlfriend who sadly isn't into pee, but thats fine. I love her very much. I love pee too 😊, with all my senses. The warmth, feel, smell etc. But i like the connection the most. The romance, the sharing between pee, the connection because i smell, feel and taste pee. Just love it!!! 💦 I'm here to find out more about this kink. I know what i like, but i like to know what you guys are into the most. Maybe i can surprise myself and
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