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  1. Hello and welcome! Loved the pic by the way. Hope you have lots of fun here.
  2. islandpilot182


    @puddyls Add me to the list of your fans, absolutely love the fact that you share your wonderful photo's with us. I totally agree wtih Dr.P that you have an uncanny ability to do just the right thing at the right time, to show all of us how beautiful you are! You've touched on almost anything and everything and are fast becoming quite a dream! Thank you for what you do....
  3. Hello and welcome! Enjoy your time here and keep posting
  4. Get well soon, everybody here is pulling for you ! I even crossed fingers for you!
  5. Lucky for all of us you didnt make it 🙂 Absolutely enjoy your adventures
  6. :Puddyls ya made me laugh out loud! In this group toilets should come with instructions as nobody remembers how to use one otherwise!
  7. islandpilot182


    Just doesn't get better! Love the pic!
  8. As long as I get to peek, I love em both ! Ya cant go wrong with me
  9. Hi Genna, New guy here and just wanted to say hello! I'm fascinated reading about all the different experiences here and am having fun getting to know everyone!
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