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    I love playing video games and watching old TV shows. I'm also a football fan although my team vary from being completely terrible to absolutely amazing depending on what league we're in.
    Happy to chat about anything pee related and probably most things not - text only, I'm much to shy for voice or camera. :)

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    Desperation and wetting panties/jeans.
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    Holding it all day, feeling more and more full and desperate to go. I struggled up the city to buy some cheap jeans that I could let loose in. When it all came flooding out many hours later it felt amazing.

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  1. Welcome to the forums. Everyone is super friendly and I'm sure you'll be chatting and enjoying everything on offer in no time at all.
  2. I'd love to answer you in some exotic (at least to me) language but I'm from the UK and everybody knows that we don't speak anything but English hehehe. I could probably stretch to "I love you" in Dutch if I had to but I think that might just scare you away. 😆 Welcome to the forum, I hope you have fun and enjoy chatting and making friends here. Everyone is super friendly.
  3. Hiya Robbie, Welcome to the forum. Everyone is super friendly here and I'm sure you'll soon make friends and be having fun. I'm from the UK but have visited the Netherlands many times as I have relatives over there. Never learned the language unfortunately but I could probably ask if I could get down from table and tell you that I love you hehe. Have fun exploring the place. 😂
  4. I peed in the sink for the first time tonight and it was great fun. I'm female and my sink is quite high up. I'd never dare sit on it as I'd be frightened of the whole thing coming away from the wall. Thankfully, with the help of a stand to pee device I got to join all you other sink pissers, although I did have to stand on tiptoes and ended up with quite the puddle on the floor. I'll definitely do it again for a thrill but the toilet or bath are much easier to reach. I always pee in the shower whenever I have one, sometimes with the water on and sometimes before it starts. Good fun
  5. It's been great fun and I've enjoyed sharing it with everybody. I'd do it anyway but it's so much more enjoyable and hot to know that others are enjoying it too. For both our sakes I shall hope for a rainy Monday and I hope you get to have some fun whatever the weather. Enjoy your freedom whatever you decide to do.
  6. Thanks. It was really enjoyable. The urge kept coming and going and every time it came back it got harder and harder to hold back. Must admit I was close to losing it on the bathroom floor when I first walked in. I didn't shower, I just wiped myself with toilet paper, rinsed my underwear and socks so they wouldn't smell too badly and came back to post here before crashing into bed.... although I may not have slept straight away. 😉 Noticed I missed your hold. It sounded really hot, nice to wear damp underwear and know that you've wet it, especially when nobody around you has
  7. Sorry for the delay in updating but my bladder finally gave up just after I last posted. I made it half way down the stairs before the first massive spurt leaked into my already wet underwear and I had to stop and dance on the spot for a minute to stop even more from escaping. Made it to the bathroom and had to stand there holding myself tightly and dancing on the spot for about two minutes before I dared let go and remove my jeans. Once my jeans were off I decided to be extra naughty and put on a second pair of panties over my first one and stand over the toilet and just let go
  8. Made it to the end of my drink and nearly to the end of my endurance. Hand is firmly in my crotch now and legs tightly crossed. Standing up should be fun. Wish me luck as I try and make it downstairs without wetting myself. Debating whether to wet my underwear or not. Have a feeling my bladder might make that choice for me.
  9. Well the urge just hit again big time and I'm dancing in my chair doing that pee dance with my legs that we all know and love. Determined to finish the last quarter of my can although it's going to be fun getting down the stairs to the bathroom... especially when seeing the toilet always makes me want to pee bad. Have to keep stopping typing to grab myself, especially if I stop moving my legs.
  10. I'd have said peeing in the bushes, unless there were loads of people around that area seems the most natural and acceptable to me. Peeing in the entrance to the toilet but not actually in it somehow seems naughtier and more like vandalism to me than letting loose in the bushes. I think most ladies wouldn't mind so much if a man rushed in to pee if they had ample warning and knew there was a good reason... a bit like @M.Vixen posted. Most of us are going to be in a cubicle rather than on show like if I was to enter the gents unannounced. Hard to know if that is just my love of pee
  11. About half a can of fizzy coke added to my bladder. Surprisingly the urge has eased a little bit right now which probably means it will hit me ten times as hard any minute. My bladder feels so hard and full and my wet panties are lovely and warm against my desperate slit. I can't wait until it all comes flooding out.
  12. Pleased for you but don't mention running water, the urge is getting harder and harder to resist. 😅 This last drink might just be the tipping point. Just had an almost overwhelming urge to pee and I had to jam my hand into my soaking slit and hold on for dear life until the feeling passed. Moving my legs almost constantly now and I'm only a quarter a way through my can of drink. Standing up and walking round the room 5 minutes ago just to see if I could doesn't seem like such a great idea now. I managed it but I don't think I will again. Going to keep drinking tho
  13. I must admit a little squirt just leaked out. I had to stand up to get another drink. Thought I was OK but as I went to sit down I couldn't grab myself in time and I leaked just a bit. OK now and squirming in my chair as I drink my cola.
  14. Hold it with me. You'll have to let me know if you have any accidents and I will too.
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