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    Big bladders and noisy relief… I love hearing about particularly thick, loud, gushing streams that seem to go on forever. To me, there's nothing better than a desperate girl or guy who's output proves just how badly they needed to let it all out.
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    Being forced to squat over a bucket when locked out of the bathroom after hours at work, trying to push out the contents of my overfilled bladder before anyone saw me.

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  1. Here's a little tale of desperation I wrote up for a pal that I thought deserved to be shared with you all... I used to work on a pick-your-own fruits and veggies farm out on the West coast - not in the actual fields, but manning the little farm stand. When people came in, I would check their wrist bands and hand them plastic buckets (like this: https://products.blains.com/600/14/140431.jpg) to put their harvest in. My little building contained nothing by a cash register, piles of those buckets and a sink to wash the dirt off your hands. There was a main building where guests could buy s
  2. It does feel a bit silly looking back on it now! I wish I has been bolder about testing the waters (pun intended) about this fetish, but that’s far easier to say now with all the wisdom & bravery of almost 10 years 😅
  3. As promised, I have more tales to share! Here’s a favorite memory of mine… In the summer of 2014, I travelled out to the West Coast to take my mind off a bad break-up and generally enjoy the sunshine and a change of pace. I took the opportunity to explore Tinder for the first time, and had myself a wonderful time with a lot of lovely people. One of them I particularly took to - let's call him Drew. On our first date, I knew immediately that we had a great connection. He was smart, handsome, tattooed, articulate, multi-lingual, and we even had the same taste in weird books. The only reason
  4. Oh I get what you mean 😉 That boyfriend is now an ex and unfortunately I’ve confirmed with certainty that my current partner isn’t in any way into piss… Tragic! I did have a lot of fun with an old FWB, though, who would tell me what to drink and make me beg to use the toilet… We lived across the country at that point but I would send him videos of my inevitable struggle to tug my panties out of the way in time to let loose a long, frantic stream. Ah, memories :’)
  5. Thank you, so glad you enjoyed it! I have another story in the works about a very desperate first date...
  6. Hello! I’m a long time lurker and occasional poster on some other sites, but I just discovered this one and wanted to share my stories with you all here. I hope you enjoy this first post! As a note - the events below happened a few years ago, but I still remember them fondly! If I had to pick my favorite omo thing, it would definitely be this: intense female desperation that leads to "barely made it" scenarios and long, hard, gushing streams. Unfortunately, I seem to have an inability to create pees like those myself; even when desperate, my bladder has a habit of sending its co
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