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  1. Fine, fine, fine.... Since we are all sharing embarrassing stories, I guess it is my turn. A few years ago on Black Friday, we were shopping after lunch. We had just left one store and were headed to the next when the need to pee started. I just figured it would be fine until we got to the next store. Then we got stuck in traffic, for an hour. I was still doing okay, nothing to panic about, until we got in the shop and the bathrooms were locked for repair. Apparently there had been a bit too much use during the "morning rush" sales, and two of the toilets overflowed, and then the last one gave
  2. While doing a documentary on wine production in France, we were given access to a very exclusive high-end winery. We learned a lot of their secrets simply by observing the process involved. As a result, we were only allowed to talk about certain things to maintain the privacy of the vineyard. Since the allotted time has passed on the Non-Disclosure, I can now talk about what I observed. During the fall when the harvest was the heaviest, they would crush the grapes from morning to night constantly. This was still a classic procedure and done by the women with their feet. We watched them prepare
  3. I know it is not the right season yet, but I want to tell you about our family secret for fire roasted yams. We set the leaves, get everything going, the embers have to be just right. Now the key to that special flavor that everyone loves is simple, when the yams are almost ready, right after they split open, you are going to pee on them. The liquid will get absorbed into the center and enhance the taste with just the right amount of saltiness. It also helps to put out the fire!
  4. "Hey, you know the other week when I urinated in that French horn at the thrift shop?" "WHAT!?!" " I was there again the other day and it looked genuinely repentant, so I bought it. I'm learning to play now." "So everything worked out... alright???" "Well sorta, I still have to punish it now and again when the notes come out wrong." "I... You~ BUT? O... K........"
  5. I walked into the girl's restroom the other day. The reaction was pretty expected. "Sempai! Why are you here?" "Hey look over here! Watch me pee for you!" "Sempai, you want a blowjob?" "Not from you, he wants me to do it!" "As if!!" Then Kiko asked the right question, "Are you here to relieve yourself too? If you like I will be your urinal." ..... and she was, while the other girls watched with jealousy.
  6. "Caught me mum taking a gash on the carpet the other morn." "Yeah, how was it?" "She told me to slag off and give her some peace. Then she threw her knickers at me." "Remind me why you still live at home?" "Because a bloody flat cost more than I make!"
  7. "I swear, sometimes I think I am the only person that doesn't pee in the shower. What is wrong with people??" "Oh! I don't pee in the shower either." "Finally, a rational person." "Right? I just go on the floor before I get in." *facepalm* (ALT) "EXACTLY! What is so hard about going before-hand?!?"
  8. "So glad they wrapped up the meeting when they did. Any longer and I was going to climb up and pee on the conference table." "You probably should've, it would have made it a lot more tolerable to be there." (ALT) "What was stopping you? The other three girls already had, no one was going to say anything after that."
  9. "Mom where is my 'Piss Chug'? We're going to a movie and you know I can't sit for two hours without it." "It's in the dishwasher baby, but it's clean, so you can take it with you." "Thanks, Still trying to get used to the two gallon bladder I inherited from you. I mean, you are on the toilet right now and it has been a half hour right??"
  10. As a nun I pee in the church regularly. I probably need to stop blessing it for the baptismal and serving it with communion. Though, the girl's choir likes to use it before practice. So maybe it is alright.
  11. About a year ago at a local bar I convinced a very drunk women to let me pee in her mouth. I told it would sober her up and she was just far enough gone to believe me. She immediately realized her mistake once I started. Normally this would be a silly one off story, but I have done it four times since then to the same women. I am convinced she just has a latent fetish and only acknowledges it when wasted.
  12. I was walking through the guitars at the 2nd hand store the other day when I stopped to take a piss on a French Horn... I didn't particularly needed to pee, but I went because it was being smug and MOCKING me.
  13. When I got to work the other day I found my boss taking a long hissing piss in my office. Normally this would be something to report to HR, but that's the department where we work. So, I asked if it was alright for me to go use her office to piss. Turns out she was in mine because the District HR Manager was squatting on the desk in her office!
  14. How long will this pee puddle take to dry, it's been here like six months now. Yeah, it MIGHT have a chance to go away if one of us was not refreshing the supply every four hours.
  15. "Waitress?" "Yes, sir?" "My service here has been terrible. Bring me your manager." "I'm so sorry, they'll be right over." "Hello, you had an issue, how may I assist you?" "Look at my date, she has been shuffling in her seat for 20 minutes now, on full display. Not a SINGLE person has come to get her relieved." "I' very sorry sir, we are a little understaffed this shift. I would be happy to be your personal attendant for the rest of your stay. Ma'am, I will gladly drink your urine." "That's better, we come to this specific restaurant regularly because of how well we're treated
  16. My sister and I like to have a good pee fight when we can. I have a strong jet and she has a wide spray, so I can aim and she has to "carpet bomb" me. It's really a blast (pun intended), I think we just need to stop doing them at the self checkout queue at the store. The employees always get mad, I am PRETTY SURE it is just because they can't join us.
  17. "Babe? Are you awake yet?" {muffled grumbling from another room} "You know I can't leave for work without you pissing in the coffee pot." {moves from kitchen to bedroom} "Baby? Fine, I'll just piss on you until you get up." {proceeds to lift skirt and pee across her naked breast} "Maybe this'll wake you." {directs stream into her open mouth until she has no more} "Fine, but you owe me big when I get off tonight. My day's already off to a bad start." {slams door as she leaves}
  18. Going to the zoo... Going to the zoo... Peeing in the animal pens is what I'm going to do! Koala, Hippo, and Penguin Too... Every creature is yellow when I go through!
  19. I am glad these climate activates did not read the contacts they signed. I can still rest easy knowing they are helping reduce the amount of water used when flushing the toilet. I guarantee they did not get to the part saying they would drink our piss as a way to limit trips to the bathroom though. Oh look, here comes the woman in charge of the movement now. Perfect time for her to move into her new service position under my desk.
  20. "Excuse me, SIR! Why are you actively urinating in my dog cart?" "Because your DOG is currently pissing on my SHOE!"
  21. I usually leave these intentionally vague, so you can apply it to whatever you like. However since you asked, the ideahere was something like an amusement park or "paid admission" attraction. Could also be something like an event hall for social gatherings. Basically anything where the staff would be putting everything into the patrons 1st.
  22. Remember, Employees are only allowed to pee on the showroom floor BEFORE or AFTER store hours. The rest of the time you are responsible for assisting the customers with their own releases. What if we are asked to join by the patron? Radio the on shift supervisor and get permission first. Does that make sense?
  23. I'm a Strong Black Female. I exude sexuality with over-sized tits and my firm bubbly ass. I can clap with no hands, BACK and FRONT! So of course when I go, I like to make a Strong Black Spectacle. Loud Hiss, Yellow Piss, Long Arc, Spray Everywhere, Never Care. I was out for a walk the other day, skirt barely covering my butt, under-boob bouncing so much it was like a strobe-light flashing every step. I got stuck at the cross walk, but instead of waiting, I made a dash for the median when the road cleared. I positioned myself parallel to the traffic, rolled up the skirt, hitched up an
  24. I teach a rather interesting class on learning to manage distractions and maintain focus. As a result, I have been given certain accommodations while administering tests during the semester. During the first test of the class, two weeks after the start of sessions, I take roll call, pass out the exam, and get them started. The paper has nearly 100 individual questions in a variety of formats. They have until the end of class to complete as many problems as possible and are graded both on the correct answers as well as the number attempted. Once 15 minutes have elapsed, I start taking off my cl
  25. I was caught short the other day. While teaching my English as a Second Language Class, I literally couldn't hold it. I am not averse to peeing in the classroom, as I have done it before, but that wasn't when students were present. Thankfully I was able to position myself behind the podium and from there I intentionally knocked my papers on the floor. I used this as a cover to bend down and pull up my knee-length skirt up my thighs as I stood. I sat the papers down and rearranged them, which gave me just enough time to covertly move my panties to the side. I composed myself, raised my voice a
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