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  1. @Gotah, I don't know if you think this is too extreme, but I'm hoping that Maya will induce Alex to lick her clean, after she pees, just sitting or squatting on the toilet, in her house, or his. She could invite him to watch her pee, giving him a very close, detailed view, and explain to him, and show him how women's thighs, vulvas, and bums can get very wet, when they pee in different positions, (sitting, legs open or together, squatting, standing) or with different powers, depending on how urgent their needs are. Then she could tell him that it is not very pleasant to dry those delicate parts of her body with dry t.p., which can be quite harsh, and suggest that his gentle, loving tongue could be a pleasurable alternative, that she would appreciate very much. Since he is so young, I think he might be very receptive to her instructions on how best to lick her, to give her maximum pleasure, and also get her clean. Finally, he could lick her to a powerful orgasm, where she pees a little in his mouth, when she cums. Dr.P
  2. "Nicole" An Intimate Tale of a Beautiful Woman. Part 2. Reunion. Shared "Wet" Audio, and Romantic Confidences. By Dr.P. Summary: We meet by accident, in a local grocery store, in the late afternoon. I give her a ride home, and listen to her pee, while she talks with me, through her closed, but thin, bathroom door. I discover, on my visit to her bathroom, after her, that she deals with her apparent pee shyness and privacy concerns by directing her stream at the front, porcelain wall and rim of the toilet, to minimize her peeing sounds, which are easily audible, outside of that bathroom. We go out for coffee, which morphs into dinner, and talk extensively about our relationship, past, present, and future, and other subjects, including her long-term urinary issues. We have not seen or talked with one another for more than two years, when we meet, by accident, in a local grocery store, late on a weekday afternoon. We rush into each other's arms, hug very closely and warmly, and start talking, "Nicole! Long lost love of my life! So good to see you, at last! Where have you been, Babe? I've missed you terribly! And by the way, you look fantastic!" "I've been around, as usual, but our yoga class got canceled, soon after we both stopped going to it, and I haven't been to that church, in quite a while. You told me about your accident and injuries, and I wondered what happened to you!" "We have a lot of catching up to do. Let's go have coffee, some place where we can really talk. We can go to Starbuck's, here, or to Catalina Coffee, over in Redondo, which is very nice. I think you'll like it." "I would like that, very much, but I have to go home first, to put my groceries away. I have some frozen stuff, and I walked here, from home." She points out her athletic shoes, and her jeans, which are more form-fitting than usual, showing off her trim figure. "I'll be glad to give you a ride home, and then we can go to Catalina Coffee. It's casual, and we won't have to change clothes." "OK." I drive her home, and she invites me in, while she puts her frozen food in her freezer. After putting the food away, she says, "I need to use the restroom, before we leave. I'll only be a minute, OK?" "Go ahead. Get comfortable. You were always quick about that, after yoga. I'll wait." (Sly grin and wink, from me.) "I'm surprised that you remember that! You remember the strangest things, about me!" "I knew you'd be surprised!" Having a strong sexual interest in her, I have wondered and tried to fantasize about her peeing styles, ever since I have known her. But since our yoga class did not involve sitting on chairs, it was very hard to guess, from her preferred sitting postures, which I would normally use as a start, among other things. She walks into the bathroom, and closes the door, but continues talking with me, through it. I take that as an invitation to stay near the door, and continue the conversation, which I do, overjoyed at the opportunity to also hear her peeing sounds, through the thin door. "That building where we had yoga, had the cleanest public restrooms I've ever seen! I could actually sit down and go, instead of squatting, and then spending half of forever wiping my legs! That's why I got done so fast! - Oh, I'm sorry! Am I giving you too much information? This can't be interesting to you! And it might even be a turnoff! Sorry!" "Not at all!, It's VERY interesting to me! And it's a turn-ON, not a turn off! Please continue!" "OK. I'm surprised again, but I'm glad that you're so interested in me, even in the most intimate details, which I didn't expect!" "I most certainly am! Carry on!" "I could probably wait until we get to the coffee shop, but I'll be more comfortable, if I go, here. Those public restrooms aren't always the cleanest." "You're certainly right about that, but Catalina Coffee is pretty good, at least on the men's side." "Well, to be honest, my overactive bladder sometimes plays tricks on me, and I don't want to have an accident." "I saw you heading to the restroom a lot, before and after yoga, but I didn't know you actually had medical problems. I thought you just drank a lot of water, like many of the ladies do. But come to think of it, I didn't see you drinking from a water bottle, very much." "I only brought a water bottle when I was very dehydrated, or had a bladder infection, which only happened once, while I was in that class. I thought you knew about my problems, just like everyone else in our yoga class." "Well, since I'm a guy, those women probably wouldn't tell me your lady secrets. And I never saw you wearing "bladder leak" panties." "How would you know that? But you're right. I don't need to wear them, because I don't leak when I cough, sneeze, or laugh. But when I have to go, I need to get to the restroom NOW! I don't dare waste a second getting there. And once I get started, it's hard for me to stop, so it can be a real flood, which one of those thin pads can't handle. I think what I have is called "urge incontinence." And yes, you're right, women usually keep those secrets to themselves, so the other women probably wouldn't tell you about me, or my issues. "Hmm... That explains a few things. I can usually spot those kinds of panties on women, under their yoga pants, which are kind of clingy, and it didn't look like you were wearing them. You're a very pretty woman, and I am interested in you, so I admit, I looked at you very carefully." "I noticed that!" She replies, through the door, with a warm giggle. While she has been talking, I have heard the rustle of her jeans being pulled down, followed by a loud, melodious hiss, and tinkle, which stops abruptly, a few seconds after it starts. I hear the creaking of the seat, when she moves, before the hiss starts again, but it is much fainter than before, and there is no tinkle of her stream, in the water. I am guessing that she became aware of her loud sound, or the misdirection of her stream, wetting her legs, or the seat, and adjusted her position to correct the problem. I am also guessing that her piss is now spraying the porcelain directly, which is much quieter, but tends to splatter, a lot more. Either possibility is a big turn-on, for me. I don't know if the redirection of her stream to spray the porcelain is intentional, or accidental, but I wouldn't be too surprised if it was intentional, since she has mentioned her privacy, at least once, in our previous conversations. When her faint hiss finally stops, I hear the rattle of the t.p. roller, several times, quite a bit of wiping, and the flush. She opens the door and comes out of the bathroom. "Do you need to go, too?" she asks. "Yeah, I do, if it's OK with you." "Go right ahead. I may not have cleaned up after myself as well as I should have, in there. Sorry about that! Hope you don't mind. I really had to go more than I thought I did, and it kind of got away on me." "No problem for me," I say, with a warm smile, and a wink. "Wish I could have helped you with the cleanup." I enter the bathroom, close the door, since that seems to be her custom, and look carefully at the toilet. It appears to be very clean, not a drop of pee, or any stains on the top of the seat, so she apparently didn't have problems with her stream wetting the seat, so I don't know why she was apologizing about cleanliness. But then I lift the seat, as I usually do, and I am rewarded with lots of her fine, pee droplets, on the under side of the seat, at the front, and on the porcelain rim of the bowl, at the same location, all obviously freshly sprayed. I can still smell their fragrance, and her pheromones. I really love her smell, and the sight of her personal pee dribbles, on the porcelain, and the seat, give me intimate insights into her anatomy, and peeing style. So my guess was right, about her moving so that she could piss directly on the porcelain, to minimize her sound, for my ears. I am delighted and turned on by my discoveries, so much so that I have a hard time getting my own stream started. I finish peeing, and I actually do help, wiping the seat, and the front rim of the bowl, for her, wondering if she will notice, at some point. I flush, and come out of the bathroom, without mentioning my discoveries, and we drive over to the coffee shop. We get our coffee, and get seated. A waitress comes by, and tells us about some specials they have, that evening, and we decide to order food, as an early dinner. I comment, smiling warmly, "We've known each other for more than ten years, and we're finally having our first dinner date!" "That's true, but I hadn't thought of us in that way. We've known each other, for a very long time, and we've always been such good friends, so we can talk very freely and honestly, about anything and everything. I have always felt that I could tell you intimate, personal things, safely, even things that I can't tell other women, and I value that a lot," she replies. 'Well, I feel the same way about you, and our friendship, but there's nothing wrong with being friends and lovers, is there?" I answer, with a wink, and a smile. "That's true," she smiles, and winks back, "But seriously, I was well aware that you wanted to go out with me, and you were so cute when you bought that nice, expensive yoga bag, for me. I really loved it, and wanted to keep it. But I feel so comfortable talking with you, about the most intimate, personal things, even my urinary issues (smile and wink), and I was afraid that we would lose that relaxed closeness, if we started dating, and playing games, and we would eventually break up, which I didn't want to happen." "On the other hand, I was also afraid that my rejection of your gift could end our friendship, if you took it badly, and I hoped you would understand, so I had mixed feelings about that. But your very sincere letter convinced me that you really liked and admired me, and didn't want to lose me. And I didn't want to lose you, as a friend who has always been very good to me. So here we are, still good friends, after more than ten years, maybe twelve, now, if I remember correctly." "You're right about all of that. Thanks for telling me. I've wondered how you felt about all of those things, for a very long time, but I was afraid to ask you." We both reach across the table, simultaneously, join hands, very affectionately, and look into each other's eyes. "I would love to kiss you, right now," I say. "Me too," she replies, with a very warm smile, "We will. But let's wait until later." "OK." Dr.P.
  3. "Nicole" An Intimate Tale of a Beautiful Woman. Part 1. Introduction. Mutual Attraction, and a Long, Close Friendship. By Dr.P. Summary: "Nicole" has been a dear friend, in real life, for more than ten years. The true beginnings of our relationship are detailed in Part 1. There has always been a strong, mutual attraction between us. We are the best of friends, but we have not become lovers, up to this point. We lost track with one another, a couple of years ago, and the fictional part of this story, beginning in Part 2, is a fantasy of how our fortuitous reunion blossoms into a very romantic, very "wet" relationship. Although her name is fictitious, "Nicole" is a real person, who lives less than a half mile away from me. [Since I have been fortunate enough to find pictures, on line, of a woman who bears a striking resemblance to her, peeing in 3 clothing styles, and 3 different poses, (squatting, sitting, and standing) I include them in this post, to give the reader an impression of her physical beauty, which adds to the impact of the story. Wish I knew the identity of this pee model/actress, who looks so much like my "Nicole."] Here's the real part of the story: It is an unseasonably warm fall day, in Southern California, and I notice that "Nicole," a "new girl" in my late afternoon yoga class, is wearing her knee-length yoga pants, revealing that she has impressively beautiful legs, ankles, and feet, matching the rest of her. She has very beautiful, luxuriant, shoulder-length, blond hair, (with dark roots), a very pretty face, and one of the most perfectly proportioned woman's bodies, that I have ever seen, not flat chested, but not overly endowed, with a slim waist, and trim, but not skinny hips. There are eight or ten of us, mostly women, except for me, in the yoga class, held in a large room, with mirrored walls, and we are sitting quietly on the floor, awaiting instructions from the teacher, on the next exercise. "Nicole" is several rows in front of me, so it is easy for me to check her out, front, back, and side, using the mirrors, which I am doing, when she catches me looking at her legs! I am devastated, fearing a bad reaction from her! Her potential embarrassment, and/or anger, are the first thoughts that come to my mind. She locks eyes with me in the mirror at the front of the room, and I fear the worst. But she smiles, a warm, genuine smile, with her lips and her eyes! I return her warm smile, profoundly relieved at her apparently non-hostile reaction. We exchange glances several more times, during the class. I make it a point to approach her, after class, and make small talk, about the class, itself. I don't even ask her name, at that point, thinking that I will see her the next week, and not wanting to come on too strong, so soon after this encounter. After the class, I muse, alone, over our meeting. Quite romantic, actually: "Some enchanted evening, you will see a stranger, You will see a stranger, across a crowded room..." But she doesn't show at the class, for two more weeks, and I feel I may have lost her forever. I am devastated, again! I didn't even get her name, so I can't ask the teacher, a good female friend, about her. I have seen people wander in and out of these classes, all the time, for the past four years, when I have been a regular attendee, at one or another of them. Some become regulars, some come back once or twice, and some never come back, at all. Major bummer. But on the third week, she shows up at the class again, and she seems to remember me. We exchange glances, play eye games, and talk after class, very friendly, as if there has been no interruption in time. I find out that she owns her own business, and was out of town, on a business trip, for the past two weeks, which explains her absence. And her name is "Nicole." At that time, I was in my late sixties. I Google her under her business name, which she has shared, and find out that she is 7 or 8 years younger than I am, but she honestly looks much younger than that, late forties, early fifties, max. I also find her contact information, e-mail, phones, FAX, and street address, since she runs her business out of her home, which is nearby, to me. We seem drawn to each other. I was an independent technical consultant, a retired engineer, also working at home, at that time, and we hit it off, immediately. We begin to make a habit of talking after class, every week. She sometimes begs off, using the excuse that she has to go to the restroom, which she says is a common thing for her, "Everybody knows that "Nicole" is running to the restroom, again," she jokes, with me. I reply, "Go ahead, get comfortable. I'll wait for you." So she quits using that excuse. I am surprised that she is so open about her bodily functions to a man she doesn't yet know very well, since she seems to be a very private person, otherwise. I have to admit to myself that I am falling in love with her. In fact, she had me with that first smile, yet she seems to be holding me at arms length, not rejecting me, but not allowing me any closer, which is puzzling, to me. She never mentions a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, children, etc., and she wears no rings, so I assume that she is available, but I never ask, directly, fearing that such a question may disrupt a fairly delicate, tenuous relationship, which I don't want to lose. I notice that she arrives at the class, about ten to fifteen minutes late, habitually, every week, which has several practical consequences: There are usually few, or no good spaces left, with a clear view of the teacher, and the supply of equipment, such as mats, blocks, bolsters, and blankets, has been seriously depleted, by the time she arrives. I had learned this lesson myself, years previously, and began arriving 10 to 15 minutes early, for this class, which is often crowded, at this time of day. So I offer to set up and save a spot, of her choosing, for her, every week, since it only takes me about 5 minutes to do it, and I am always there early, anyway. She accepts, reluctantly, at first, but she quickly sees the advantages, on days when the class is crowded, because the teacher is popular, and especially on days when she needs to "run to the restroom," before joining the class. So I perform this minor service for her, every week, for several years. We become good friends, and almost always carry on a conversation lasting 10 to 20 minutes, after class, on many subjects. No more restroom excuses, and she does thank me for saving her setup, one day, when she needed to use the restroom before class, saying, "I sure was glad that you had my setup saved today! I really needed the restroom, when I arrived. No chance to hold it, so I was very relieved that I didn't have to look for equipment, and a spot to set up. Thanks!" "My pleasure!" When she needs to pee after class, which is fairly often, she goes to the Ladies' immediately afterward, while I am putting away the equipment that she and I have used, and we have our conversation as we walk to our cars, together. We talk a lot, over the years, and find that parts of our histories are very similar. We both grew up in the Midwestern US, have European immigrant ancestries, but were both born in the States. We have similar political opinions, and even attend the same church, on occasion. We e-mail each other, fairly often. I have a strong romantic and sexual interest in her, and want very much to ask her out, but I am afraid that doing so may ruin our delicately balanced relationship. So I buy her a gift, a very pretty, and relatively expensive, yoga bag, which she has admired, in the hands of a substitute yoga teacher, but she refuses to accept it, since we are not family, and not dating, in her words. I am very disappointed, but I write her a heartfelt letter, in which I apologize, and tell her that I admire and like her as a person, and hope we can remain good friends. The friendship survives, and the sexual or romantic tension seems greatly reduced, between us, now that those feelings are acknowledged, and out in the open. We become much closer friends, and we talk even more freely. We are aware that we are seen as a couple, by the other women in the yoga class, but neither of us cares what they think. All of those other women keep trying to find out what our relationship really is, suspecting that it is romantic, of course, so they ask me leading, and sometimes tricky questions. But I give them plausible, benign explanations, which tell them nothing. I ended up dropping out of the yoga class, after getting injured in an industrial accident, and a fall, several years ago. My injuries limit my flexibility, for yoga, but not my strength, or other abilities. So the only times I see "Nicole" now, are in the local grocery stores, and at church, on rare occasions. But we are always very glad to see one another, and talk enthusiastically, often for 15 or 20 minutes, whenever and wherever we happen to meet. Dr.P.
  4. @Gotah, Another great chapter, or part of the story. Maya's back story, explaining her fetish, and her frustration with not having a willing and cooperative partner, is very believable, and makes her actions toward Alex totally credible. Congratulations on that! And their adventures in this chapter are very exciting. Thanks for posting, and keep up the good work!
  5. @steve25805, I totally agree. She told me he was a cop. I'm guessing that he came from a very conservative social background. Unfortunately, there are guys like that, out there, and they ruin it for the rest of us. She and I talked about this, at great length, later in our relationship, when she was totally comfortable with me. She confided that she was petrified that I would react in the same way as he did, if she let me watch her pee, and she didn't want to lose me, for that reason. On the first night that she opened up to me, and allowed me to share the bathroom with her, she was so anxious that she was almost in tears, until she saw my emotional and physical reaction to watching her, which proved what I had told her about me was true.
  6. I have lived in the LA metro area, near the beach, for roughly 40 years. steve25805 is right, in the grand scheme of things, but LA has some unique problems. The main problem is the relative abundance of public facilities, which are available to everyone, over long hours, 7 days a week. This abundance of facilities is not universal, of course, creating local opportunities for sightings. Facilities are sometimes overwhelmed, by large crowds, and the beach facilities were closed, recently, to discourage people from going there, during the Covid virus thing. But public awareness of the location and type of facilities is widespread, at public events, etc. Cleanliness of the facilities in LA is also above average, for large cities, in the US, which encourages usage by women, in preference to the outdoors. Surveillance cameras, and laws prohibiting public urination, are quite common, in the present LA world, especially near the beaches, and other places which attract large crowds. These also tend to reduce opportunities for sightings.
  7. Are women less kinky than men? This is a very interesting question, as many of you have pointed out. I agree there is no right or wrong answer, but I'll add my personal experiences and ramblings, to the mix, whatever they are worth. First of all, social conditioning has always been, and remains a very strong influence, as pointed out by many of you. Women have often had to suppress their desires, or at least refrain from expressing them openly, in society, at large, and in their personal relationships with men. They have had to acquiesce to the wishes of men, kinky or not, to acquire or maintain their positions in society, and even their lives, in numerous cases. And this has shaped the desires they may or may not express, depending partly on the degree to which they feel they can trust the people or group to whom they are relating. Stated simply, the greater the trust, the more open the expression, in my opinion. I have had at least a few personal experiences which illustrated this to me, often to my surprise. I have posted details of many of them here, on Pee Fans. "Lisa" was one of the more interesting cases, in my experience. In addition to an upbringing which emphasized being a "nice" girl, never talking about sex or excretion, she was emotionally traumatized by an experience with a former lover, wherein he broke up with her, expressing extreme disgust, when she peed on his hand, accidentally, when she had an orgasm, while he was getting her off, manually. Although she was quite liberal and relaxed in other aspects of her sexuality, it took many months for me to be allowed to share a bathroom with her. The key was establishing enough trust between us, so that she finally believed that her peeing turned me on very strongly, rather than disgusting me, as she had been taught about men. During a relationship which lasted 3 to 5 years, she eventually became kinkier than I was. One of her crowning achievements was kneeling over my face and peeing in my mouth, in a parked car, initiated entirely by her. I loved that experience, and many others, of course. Another of my best experiences was with "Melissa" or "Michelle," a girl from the conservative "Deep South" of the US, raised to be "prim and proper." (I have used either name, when I wrote about her.) When I first dated her, she would close and lock the bathroom door, and run tap water to cover the sounds of her peeing, when we were in her apartment. It took me more than a year to get her to allow me to share the bathroom with her, and then she kept her legs pressed tightly together, so I couldn't see her stream. She later told me that was my fault, because I 'pushed too hard," to watch her pee. Our relationship lasted more than ten years, and we are still in touch, by phone, to this day. She developed a custom or habit of bringing me her wet toilet paper, and placing it in my hand, discretely, when we were out for dinner, and she used the Ladies' room, by herself, of course. She also sat on my lap and peed on me, on the toilet, and had us both pee together, between her legs, on the toilet. She also had a very erotic outdoor peeing style, a very high squat, which she demonstrated for me, and had me wipe her leg, while she did it. Finally, there is "Ellie," the exceptional woman, in this discussion, who may have been as kinky, or kinkier than I was, from the beginning. From our very first dates, she would always leave the bathroom door halfway open, or more, and would frequently engage me in conversations while she peed, in her unique, very erotic style, with a loud hiss, starting and stopping frequently. This went on for more than ten years, of dating, off and on. Since we worked together, I was the one in a very awkward position, having to worry about social conditioning and disapproval. I wanted to walk into the bathroom with her, and watch her pee, or at least ask if I could, but I feared her reaction, if I had misinterpreted her intentions, and she took it badly, so I never did. I could visualize the rumors of my "perverted" behavior, circulating throughout the company, and limiting or ending my career. Decades later, I described her behavior to women friends, and was told that she was either testing my interest in her peeing, or actually teasing me, hoping I would, in fact, join her in the bathroom. In some ways, this was a two-way street: If she was interested, and teasing me, she didn't dare express her interest to me, for fear that I would circulate rumors about her perverse or disgusting tastes, in a world which disapproved of those tastes, especially if expressed by women. Dr. P.
  8. "Leah" Part 7. "Wet" Lovers: A "Wet" Awakening; Hard Start, Spectacular Finish. By Dr.P Summary: I watch her pee once, and lick and wipe her, before bed, where we actually go to sleep. She awakens me in the wee hours, imitating her hiss in my ear, telling me she needs to "piss-s-s-s," and she wants me to go with her. She has trouble getting her stream started, at first, as she had explained to me, previously, but she eventually succeeds, spectacularly well, spraying her legs and the seat. I lick her to a powerful orgasm, and she gets me off, between her wet legs, before we go back to sleep. She makes us some soup and salad, for supper, and we drink iced tea. We settle on the couch again, and actually watch some TV. I have my hand under her skirt, feeling her legs, as I did, the previous evening. She snuggles up with me, puts her legs in my lap, and captures my naughty hand, between her upper thighs, and her bare pussy, since she has no panties on. They are still drying in the bathroom, after she sprayed them in her desperate, squatting pee, earlier in the day. We both enjoy this, for quite a while. We are very comfortable and affectionate. She asks if I'm thirsty, and brings us each a glass of ice water. We drink our water, and get sleepy, as we watch the news. Her legs are back in my lap, with my hand on her pussy, again. This time, I feel some warm wetness, on her lips. She gives me a wicked grin, deliberately dribbles a little more on my hand, and says, "I need the little girls room, and I want you to come with me." "Love it! I'm your man, for that room!" She stands up. Still seated, I run my hands up her bare legs, reaching under her short skirt, then smooth it down, again. She takes my hand, I stand up, and we walk to the bathroom together. She stands in front of the toilet, and I drop to my knees, in front of her. "I love watching you lift your skirt, before you go. It's very sexy!" I comment. "Well, this skirt is so short, that there's not much to lift, or watch!" She replies. She lifts her skirt slowly, and gathers it around her waist, smiling down at me. "Do you mean like this?" She asks, seductively. "Yes! I love it! Very sexy!" I reach down and caress her smooth legs, from her ankles to her bum. Suddenly, my hands and her legs get sprinkled, briefly, with a mist of warm droplets. "See, I really need to make pi-pi! Feel my legs! They're wet, already! " "So I see! Love it!" I say, as I kiss her bare slit and thighs, licking a few droplets from them. She sits down, spreading her legs several inches apart, and looks quite comfortable. I dive right in, as usual, putting my face between her knees. "You better move back a little, or your face is going to get sprayed with my pi-pi!" "OK." I move my face back, and upward a little, as she starts to pee, with her usual melodious hiss, "sshsshsss." I love watching it come out of her, and I move back in to kiss her thighs, and caress her calves, while she pees. As she relaxes, the power of her stream grows stronger, "SShSShSSS," and it begins to spray forward. A few drops sprinkle the top of the seat, and my face, in the front, and I feel a gentle spray of a few drops, on the backs of my hands, as I caress her calves. I look down and see some spray going under the seat, wetting her calves, and my hands, caressing her legs. I look up and say, "Ooh, that's a nice surprise! I didn't expect that! It's very sexy when you sprinkle the backs of your legs, and my hands. I love it!" as I continue to caress her calves, which are now a little bit wet. "That's another thing that has been happening to me, lately. It almost never happened before. It's awfully messy, and I hate it! Sometimes, it gets my panties or pantyhose wet, if I have them below my knees, when I go. One time, when my legs were bare, I saw dribbles on them, when I stood up, and I had to stop, find all of them, and wipe them all off, before I left the bathroom. I couldn't see them very well, and I was afraid I'd miss some. Lucky I caught them, or I would have been very embarrassed, if someone saw dribbles on my legs, when I came out of the bathroom! They would know that I had peed on my legs!" "That would be extremely sexy! I would have loved to see that! What a turn-on! Now I'll be looking at your legs, and checking them for dribbles, whenever you go." "I don't think it's sexy! It's another nuisance! And it can be REALLY embarrassing, especially if I don't notice it, and wipe myself! But I'll be glad to have your help, looking out for me, and you can wipe my legs for me, too, any time you see that they're wet!" "Just another good excuse for me to look at your legs, and touch them too!" "Good! I'm glad that you're so interested in me! My peeing is intimate and personal, to me, and I'm glad you love it so much!" When her stream slows, I bury my face in her thighs, near her knees, at first. Then I reach around her waist, hug her, and just rest my face on her thighs, drinking in the fragrance of her fresh pee, which continues to flow, between them. I enjoy a few of her misty dribbles, when they sprinkle my face. She pets the back of my head, very affectionately. When her peeing finally stops, she spreads her legs, to allow me to lick the dribbles from her inner thighs and slit. She hands me a wad of t.p., and stands up, so I can finish wiping her thighs, bum, and of course, her calves. I pull her skirt down for her, over her bare bum. We walk into the bedroom, and get ready for actual sleep, since we are both quite tired, after our day. She puts on a nightie, still with no panties, and I put on my sleeping shorts and t-shirt. I place my hand between her lovely, smooth, thighs. She opens them a little bit, then squeezes my hand tightly between them, as I nestle it against her pussy, and we both fall asleep. I am having a nice dream about her, listening to her hissing piss, as I watch it come out, when I begin to wake up, and realize that she is hissing through her teeth, in my ear, "sshsshsss!" Seeing that I am finally awake, she says, "I have to piss-s-s-s...! Do you want to get up and come with me, and watch me do it, or do you just want to stay here, and sleep? I have to go pretty bad, so you better make up your mind quick!" My hand is still between her legs, and she emphasizes her point by leaking a few drops of her warm piss on it. "I want to come with you! I don't want to miss this! I was just dreaming about you, pissing with a nice hiss! A real turn-on." She chuckles, opens her legs to release my hand, takes it in hers, walks quickly to the toilet, whips her nightie up, wraps it securely around her waist, and sits down, with her legs spread wider apart than usual. "I have to go really bad, and I don't want to get my legs too wet, so we have a lot to clean up, in the middle of the night!" she says, by way of explanation. I drop to my knees, and take up my usual position, in front of her, but not too close. "Watch out, so you don't get wet!" she warns, but her pee doesn't spray, when she tries to start, as it usually does. She squeezes her thighs closer together, and pushes, then opens her legs, to see if anything is coming out. A few dribbles leak out of her slit, and run down her bum, but nothing more. "Hmm... That's strange! I feel like I have to go, really bad! I think this may be one of those times that I told you about, where I have to push much harder, to make it come out, because of the scar tissue in my urethra. You better move back, and get some t.p. ready to wipe both of us! This could get messy! Are you ready?" "Ready as ever!" I grab a wad of t.p. from the roll, and get it ready. She spreads her lips, then lets them relax, pushes a little harder, squeezing her legs together, and manages a brief, weak burst of pee. It hisses briefly, and sprinkles, erratically, leaving dribbles on her pussy, her upper, inner thighs, and even on the fronts of her thighs, then stops. She pushes down again, with more force, squeezing her legs together briefly, then opening them wide. Sure enough, her pee suddenly bursts out of her slit, and sprays hard, in every direction, forward toward the front of the seat, and me, sideways, wetting her inner thighs, and upward, sprinkling the tops of her thighs, as she sits. Some spray shoots through the gap, under the seat, again, leaving some dribbles on her calves. All of it is quite spectacular, and goes on for a few seconds, with a loud hiss, "SSShShSSS!" until she clasps her thighs together and bends sharply forward, to direct the spray between and below her legs, confining it in the toilet. I listen to her hiss, "ssshshsss" and low-pitched tinkle, muffled by her compressed thighs, which are already very wet. "It's a lot easier to wipe my legs than the floor!" she explains. "Wow! That's the most spectacular, sexiest piss I've ever seen!" Kneeling on the floor, in front of her, I move toward her, kiss the tops of her knees, and try to put my face in her lap, but she is leaning forward too far, blocking my head, and she resists, saying, "Wait! It's going to spray in your face, and get you all wet, if you kiss my legs, now!" She presses her thighs even tighter together, to keep her powerful spray confined between them, as her muffled, but high pitched, melodious hiss,"sshshshsss," continues. Her spray goes forward, under the seat, wetting her calves, and forms a little puddle on the tops of her upper thighs, which I have seen once, before. She is right, my face would get wet, if I was kissing her thighs, with my face in her lap, at this point. The audible sound of her hiss finally becomes softer, indicating that her flow is slowing. At this point, she opens her thighs very slightly, trying to let the puddle between them drain, and sits up a little straighter on the seat, allowing my face to reach her upper thighs. I lean forward, and lap most of the puddle up, before it can drain. She opens her legs, allowing the remainder to flow into the toilet, and my face to get closer to her pussy. I lick the wetness from her legs. She pats the back of my head, to welcome me, and squeezes my face, affectionately, with her warm, wet thighs, as her pee continues to flow, between them. I continue to hear her muffled hiss, "shshshsh," which softens, as her bladder relaxes, and her flow returns to normal. She opens her thighs further, to let me watch it come out. The strength of her stream gradually dwindles to a few dribbles, and an occasional spurt, and finally stops, leaving her very wet, from her mons to her ankles. "Glad you liked it! But you have to admit that it's messy, though! And guess who gets to help me with the cleanup?" "Me, as I promised!" I answer, with a wicked grin, as I begin licking the pee drops from the fronts of her thighs. "Any other guy would be turned off by seeing me pee all over myself, like I did, twice, today, but you tell me it's the sexiest thing you've ever seen, and you want to lick me clean! I'm so glad to have you with me!" "It's a labor of love!" I reply. She spreads her legs wide, for me, giving me access to her inner thighs, slit, and bum, as she pulls my head toward her. I lick and wipe her thighs and bum, but leave her slit wet, for the moment. I find dribbles on her calves, already running down to her ankles, where I didn't expect them, but then I remember the spray which went through the gap under the seat, and got them wet. I wipe her calves and ankles with t.p. Finally, I catch the dribbles on the seat, and start to reach toward her pussy, with some t.p. She brings her thighs together to stop me, saying, "Let's save that for the bed. Get that big towel and bring it with you. I'll try to keep my legs together, so I don't drip too much on the floor. I wish your back was as strong as it used to be, before you got hurt, so you could carry me to the bedroom." "Me too!" I grab the big towel and spread it on the bed, and she walks, keeping her legs together, as much as possible, so the dribbles on her pussy don't run all the way down her legs, and reach the floor. She lies on the towel, on the bed, and spreads her legs. I dive between them, and notice that her inner thighs are quite wet, all the way to her knees, although I thought I had wiped them, when she was on the toilet. She grins, and tells me, "I knew that I had a little more pee in me, and I could feel it running down my legs, while I was walking. I couldn't stop it from leaking, but I didn't think it would get all the way to the floor, if I kept my legs together, while I walked, so you get it." "Thanks! Yumm!" I reply as I begin licking her from her knees toward her pussy, which looks wet. I even catch a couple of dribbles on her calves, before moving higher. I work my way up her thighs to her wet pussy, and begin tonguing her slit, I prolong my attentions, enjoying every minute, and every drop of her pee and juices that I can lick from her. She starts writhing, squeezing my face between her wet thighs, and humping my face, finishing with a shuddering orgasm, which seems to last a long time. "Oh, my god, that was fantastic!" "Yes, it was, for me, too!" "Let me get you off between my legs, like I did, yesterday! It's the least I can do, after that!" "I'd love that!" She stretches her legs out, spreads her lips, and sprinkles a little pee on them, to get them wet and slippery, then rolls to her side, puts my cock between her legs, pees on it briefly, just a few drops, and starts the scissoring motion of her thighs, which I remember from the previous day. I cum, almost immediately, squirting it between her thighs, and on her pussy. We wipe each other with some tissues and the towel, snuggle together, and fall asleep in each other's arms. Dr.P
  9. I grew up in the Midwestern US, in the previous century. Guys all peed outside, without hesitation, or problems. There were no real penalties, except possible embarrassment, if a girl or woman happened to see us. But the modern world has changed all of that, as beachmom has said. First of all, there is strong social disapproval, the "war on men," which she describes. Second, there are very serious potential legal problems, in many locations, as noted by Sweets, among others. Men can be jailed, and branded as sex offenders, for life, for taking a leak, in a public place. And third, with the ubiquity of surveillance cameras, in today's world, men can be caught on tape, and subjected to those same legal penalties. So the freedom to pee anywhere is just not worth the risk, anymore, in my view.
  10. @Sophie and @gldnwetgoose, I totally agree with Sophie on the length, but longer would have been good, too. The important aspects were the intimate insights, the total credibility, and the concurrent stories of using the toilet and the urinals. As Sophie says, the imagery adds to all of these effects, and the details of showing Jessica around the office, and introducing her, just make the story all the more real, as I see it.
  11. @gldnwetgoose, Great story, with penetrating insights into the usually very private world of women's peeing. Extremely credible and believable, especially when told from a female point of view, which could have been challenging. But you knocked it out of the park! Thanks for a very enjoyable read!
  12. "Leah" Part 6: "Wet" Lovers: Her Outdoor Ladies' Room; Squatting or Standing? by Dr.P Summary: She shows me how and where she can pee, either squatting or standing, outdoors, in her yard. I lick her to an intense orgasm, right there, outside, after she gives me a drink of her hot lemonade, directly in my mouth. She makes sandwiches and iced tea for us, for lunch, and we sit outside, since the weather is very nice. After lunch, she shows me around her yard, her favorite flowers, and a young avocado tree, which she has grown from a seed from her old tree, at her former home. We sit outside and talk, for a while, sitting across from one another. She looks very sexy, in her short skirt, crossing, opening, and re-crossing her legs, and she doesn't make any attempt to keep her lady parts covered, much to my delight. She shows me that she wasn't kidding about liking to have me look at her legs, and more. "I want to show you one more thing," she says, standing up, and giving me her hand. "It's over here, by the fence, at the corner of the house." She leads me over to a fairly secluded spot, bounded on three sides by the house wall, and the board fence, and shows me a drain grate, set in concrete, beneath a rain downspout from the roof. "There are no neighbors on this side, because I'm on the end of the block, and there's a high fence on the back of the property, which blocks the view, from the desert. So that's my outdoor Ladies' room," she says, pointing to the drain. "If I'm working in the yard, and I have to go, I don't have to take off my shoes, to avoid tracking dirt into the house. I can just squat right here, and go in the storm drain. Want to see me do it, right now?" "I'd love to!" She whips up her short skirt, and squats low, over the drain, very much like I remember her doing, when we worked on the large blueprints, on the office floor, many years ago. She starts to pee, with a nice hiss and moderate spray, lightly sprinkling her upper, inner thighs, but her main stream goes directly into the drain. She has obviously done this before. I sit on a large concrete block, facing her, for a better view. "See how easy it is for me, when I'm not wearing panties?" "Love it! A better view for me, too, with your short skirt, as you told me!" She stops peeing suddenly, stands up straight, spreads her legs, then moves back a little, until she is directly over the drain. "Since I don't have panties on, I can do it standing up, just like you! And you'll be able to see better, too!" Holding her skirt up, she starts to pee, and it runs down her right leg. So she stops, spreads her lips with her fingers, holds them open, and restarts. This time, it comes out straight, and more forward, so it almost hits me, as it splatters on the concrete, near the drain. She bends her knees slightly, and it goes directly into the drain. Her stream eventually weakens, and starts to run down her legs, again. She stops peeing, spreads her lips, then squeezes them together with her fingers, and shakes her bum, to get rid of the last dribbles, although a few still cling to her legs. When she finally finishes, she asks, "Which way did you think was sexier, when I squatted, or when I stood up?" "I loved it when you stood up!" Then, she notices the dribbles on her legs. "Ooh, I got wet, didn't I? And I forgot to bring some tissue." "Come right over here, for your wipe, pretty lady!" "But you didn't bring any tissue, either!" "Not to worry. I'll take good care of you. Just keep your skirt up, come stand close, in front of me, and spread those beautiful legs!" She does exactly as I have asked her. Still sitting on the concrete block, I reach behind her and hug her close to me, with my mouth at the exact height of her pussy, and begin licking her, starting with her inner thighs, and moving quickly to her pussy, which I lick and suck. "Oh, god, that feels good! You're very naughty, but you sure take good care of me! I have to go a little more, right now. I didn't get it all out, because it was running down my legs, as you could see, and I had to stop. I can squat now, to get the rest of it out, so it doesn't run down my legs, while you watch... Unless you're thirsty, and would like a drink?" She gives me a wink, and a wicked grin. "Oh, hell yes! I'm always thirsty for your hot lemonade! I'd love for you to do it in my mouth! Don't waste it on your legs, or in the drain!" I reply, as I tongue kiss her pussy, open my mouth, and hug her thighs tight to my face. She lets go a mouthful of her warm pee, directly in my mouth. I swallow it eagerly, and she gives me another, which I also swallow. Gaining confidence, she spreads her lips and pushes, shooting a hissing stream directly into my mouth, for a few seconds. I swallow it all, greedily, and look up at her, for more. "That's all I have, right now. Did you like it?" "Love it! Yumm!" "I can't believe I just watched myself pee in your mouth, and you not only loved it, but you swallowed it! You must really love me!" "I told you that I do! I've wanted to do that, ever since I met you!" I continue licking her thighs, and her slit, finding all of her little pee dribbles, and finally her clit, between her lips. She starts humping my face, and leans back against the board fence, for support, as a powerful orgasm shakes her whole body. She squirts her cum and a little more pee in my mouth, squeezing my face between her thighs. She drops her skirt, covering my head, as she recovers. I keep on kissing her thighs and pussy, under her skirt, and caressing the backs of her thighs, and her calves, from her ankles up. My active hands find a few remaining dribbles, which I stroke away, so they don't run down her legs. She finally lifts her skirt and pats my head, saying, "Thanks for getting those last few drops off of my legs, so they don't run down, and get my feet wet. Haven't you had enough of me and my pee, today?" "I never get enough of you, or my favorite drink," I reply. "Can you stay over another night, tonight? Now that our meeting is over, we can really relax, and be together." "I think so. That sounds great. I said I'd be gone for a couple of days. Are you sure you want me around, invading your privacy, for another night?" "I'd love to have you. My privacy gets very lonely, after a while." Dr.P
  13. @Gotah, The story keeps getting better, as it progresses from one part to another! Great! And still very believable and credible. It reads like a true experience. I love her invitation to have him lick her clean. Sounds like she has some previous experiences with this, while he is still a little too young and inexperienced to appreciate her offer. That is very believable, at his age. Hope he eventually accepts her gracious invitation. I certainly would!
  14. @Gotah, I love part 2! It's every bit as good as part 1, maybe even better. Keep up the good work! I'm wondering what Maya's thing really is, and looking forward to finding out more about her, and her potential interaction, and relationship with Alex, in the next parts of the story.
  15. @Gotah, Thanks for a very hot story, involving a complicated situation, which you have made very believable. It reads like a true experience. I can't wait to read more, in sequels!
  16. @Sophie, Very good point about the pee shyness thing. It seems that there are sharp differences among women about the sounds of their peeing. Some could not care less about other people, of either gender, hearing their sounds, while others are very secretive about them. I can understand their shyness about guys hearing them, but I am surprised that their shyness applies to other women, as well.
  17. Ladies: Situational adjustment of the pee stream: This is a fascinating subject, to me. I have heard about, and actually known two women who relied on background noises, such as running tap water, to cover the sounds of their peeing, when a guy (me) might be listening. But the idea of perching on the edge of the seat, to piss directly on the porcelain, to quiet their streams, is relatively new, to me. I would think that this practice could have at least one undesirable consequence, from the point of view of the lady doing it : Backscatter or back splatter, or spray, which would get her thighs, bum, or pussy wet, with a mix of her own pee, with whoever's pee was already on the porcelain. I would think that any woman who is very aware of the sound of her pee, would also be aware of how wet she might get, while doing it, and be repulsed by that thought. Dr.P
  18. "Leah" Part 5. "Wet" Lovers: The Next Day; Unexpected Desperation; Spectacular Squat and Spray. By Dr.P Summary: The next day, we shower and pee together, first thing in the morning, with her standing in the shower, letting her pee spray freely, and run down her legs, while I watch. She says she will wait to take her water pill until our visitors have left. A miscalculation leads to a surprise desperate situation, including her impromptu squat, which becomes quite erotic, spectacular, and delightfully messy. She squirts a little spurt of pee in my mouth, as I help her with the cleanup. We awaken, well rested the next morning, knowing that we have visitors arriving at 10 a.m. "We can shower together, if you want. That will save a lot of time," she suggests. "That sounds good," I respond, as I get the water running and warming. Since we slept together nude, we step into the large shower, with no delay. As soon as the warm water hits her, she starts to pee a powerful ragged stream, standing in one place, behind the drain, spreading her legs, and just letting it go, completely relaxed. It sprays forward, in a flat stream, from her slit, landing in the drain. She chuckles as she notices me, watching her intently, with my cock beginning to stiffen. She catches my eye, and spreads one leg out to the side, bends her knee, and points her toe downward, on the floor. Then she uses two fingers to aim her stream, and pee right down her leg. She looks at me, to verify that I am watching. She grins and chuckles. Then she brings her legs close together, stands still and straight, letting her piss flow freely down both of her legs, until her bladder is empty. "Don't you have to go, too?" she asks. "You better go now, so we can get done." "I know, but you look so-o sexy, just letting it go all over your legs!" "Glad you liked my little show! I know you like to see my legs get wet, even though I don't, so I thought I'd let it happen, since I'm in the shower, and it will all get washed off, anyway! Which did you like better? One leg to the side, or both legs together? "Both! One leg to the side, is naughtier, and more wanton, peeing on your leg, intentionally! But both legs together is sexier, just letting it run down your legs, getting them all wet! I would love to hug your legs, put my face in your wet thighs, and drink your hot lemonade from the source!" "I'll remember that, the next time we shower together! I'll be going again, later, after our visitors are gone, and you can watch me do it, every time I go, for the rest of the day, if you want. And I'll smell and taste nice and fresh, if you want to lick me, since I've had this shower. Think about that!" (Wink and smile.) I am fascinated, by her show and by her talk, but I know I have to pee, in order to get showered and ready, in time. I finally succeed, and my stream splatters her legs, briefly, before entering the drain. "You're so naughty! You peed on my legs, when I didn't have any pee left to spray on yours!" "My bad!" I reply. "You can pee on me, all you want, any time!" We help each other wash, get done fairly quickly, then dry off and get dressed. She shows me what she will be wearing, a short, wrap-around denim skirt, and white, short-sleeved blouse, over white panties and her sports bra, with bare legs, in flat shoes. "I love your outfit! You'll definitely get their attention, with those beautiful legs, in that skirt! Hope they pay some attention to the system, too." I give her a wink and a smile. "Are you jealous? They'll get to look at my legs for an hour or two, and I hope they like what they see as much as you do. But you get to look at them any time you want, all day, and watch me pee, any time I go, so I think you've got the better deal!" She smiles, kisses me on the cheek, captures my hand between her thighs, through the open flap of her skirt, presses it against her pussy, through her panties, and says, "This skirt will make it very easy for me to pee, today. I can get it up and out of the way, really fast! Watch me!" She demonstrates her skill, whipping her skirt up to her waist, showing me her panties, and starting her squat, in a second or two. We have a quick breakfast. She drinks tea, and I drink coffee. The visitors arrive, and we demonstrate the units. They seem pleased and enthusiastic. She has made a fresh pot of coffee, and offers it to them, along with some pastries. They accept, and we all talk and have coffee, for quite a while, finishing off the pot. We answer all of their questions, and they finally leave, after more than two hours, promising to get back with us, soon. She has been acting a little nervous, for the past fifteen minutes, and I wonder what is bothering her. As soon as we have waved goodbye to our visitors, from her front porch, she grabs my hand, presses it into her groin, over her skirt, and crosses her legs tightly on it, as she did, the previous day, when she had to pee, very urgently. She opens her legs, takes my hand and pulls me back into the house, heading directly to the bathroom, with a look of near panic, on her face. "Quick, come with me! I have to PISS-S-S-S...!!! Right now!!! I use your sexy word, in English, so you know I'm serious! At a fast walk, she drops my hand, and whips her skirt up, as she had demonstrated, when she is still a long way from the bathroom, and she has her panties down to mid thigh, while holding her skirt above her waist, when she walks in the bathroom door. She whirls around, intending to sit on the toilet, spreading her thighs to the limit allowed by her panties, and starts to bend her knees, but she only makes it to a very high squat, like the one she had shown me the day before, when her piss gushes out suddenly, spraying and hissing "SSShShSSS" in a fan-like pattern, instantly wetting her thighs, her panties, the seat, and the floor. She stops trying to sit down, since the seat is now wet, and she remains in her high squat, almost standing, as it continues spraying, until she finally gets it under some control, and can squat lower, with better aim, mostly into the toilet. If she could sit all the way down, she could confine her spray within the bowl, but she doesn't want to sit on the wet seat. I grab two wads of t.p., while she is still peeing, ready to begin the cleanup. When her stream has slowed to a trickle, going vertically into the bowl, she stands up straight, locks her knees, and straddles the toilet, with her thighs stretching her panties, and little rivulets of pee, still running down her legs, some of them reaching her ankles, already, and looks into my eyes, imploring my help. I come to her rescue immediately, starting by wiping the backs of her legs, with one wad of t.p., and using the other to wipe the seat, so she will eventually be able to sit down. I can't resist catching one of the rivulets, running down her legs, with my tongue, and I move my face in closer to her pussy, for a better view, while she is still standing. She suddenly squirts a single, weak stream of residual pee, from her slit, which lasts a few seconds, and lands mostly in her panties, but a short spurt sprinkles my face, until I cover her slit with my open mouth, and drink it in, greedily. "I'm sorry!" she says, "I didn't mean to pee in your face, while you're wiping me!" "No problem! No harm done! Thanks for the drink!" I pull her wet panties all the way down to her ankles, she steps out of them, and I give them a quick squeeze, in the sink, then leave them there. I wipe her bum, finish wiping the backs of her thighs, to her knees, and the seat, again. When I am done, I hug her legs to my face, briefly tongue-kiss her wet pussy, and say, "You can sit down now. The seat is dry, so you won't get wet, if you do." "Thanks." She keeps her legs open, still standing, while I wipe her inner thighs, and begin to wipe her lower legs, all the way to her ankles. Then she sits down on the toilet, and I kiss and lick the fronts of her thighs, and finish wiping her lower legs, and ankles, even the floor, a real labor of love. Sitting down on the seat, and relaxing after the drama, with her legs open, she pees a little more, a very weak, lazy stream, running down her left, inner thigh, and dribbling into the toilet. She smiles, winks, lifts her leg, and moves it outward, so I can lick her thigh, and her slit. "Well, how did you like that for a hissing spray? Thanks for taking such good care of me! Sorry, again, for peeing in your face! I didn't know I had any left!" "Loved it! Incredibly sexy! And thanks for the drink! I love taking care of you! It's a privilege, and a labor of love!" I reply. "What happened? I thought you said you wouldn't take your water pill, until after they left." "I think it was two things. I usually take my water pill when I take my other med's, first thing in the morning, and I just stayed on automatic pilot, today, since I had so much to do. I must have gone ahead and taken it, even though I didn't intend to, and said I wouldn't. And the two cups of coffee I drank were the finishing touches. I usually don't drink that much coffee, partly because it can have this effect on me, and I forgot about that." "Why didn't you just say you had to go to the little girls room, like you always do?" "Because I don't know these guys, at all, like I know you, and I didn't want to interrupt the meeting. It's embarrassing for a woman to tell guys who are complete strangers about her urgent, feminine needs, and ask for permission to go to the bathroom, which is a very intimate, private thing, not shared with everybody, at least not by me." "I understand, but I'm surprised that you would be that shy, if you had to go that bad." "I'm not that shy. You've heard me ask for a bathroom break, in meetings, before. But this time, it came on very suddenly, from just knowing I had to go, to being desperate, in a few minutes. Even if I excused myself, I was afraid I might lose control, on the way to the bathroom, and they might see me wet myself, as you did! When I realized how bad I had to go, I was terrified! I don't know how they would have reacted. They would probably have been disgusted and grossed out, and I would have been mortally embarrassed!" "But I could tell you were turned on by seeing me desperate, and watching me pee all over myself and the toilet. You sympathized with me, and you would help me. You proved that, by taking such good care of me, cleaning all of my pee off of me, the toilet, and even the floor! I feel very loved!" She reaches forward, still sitting on the toilet, hugs the back of my head, and pulls my face closer to her legs, which are now slightly open, with an inch or so of space between them. I reach around her body, and hug her, very affectionately, burying my face in her lovely thighs, kissing them tenderly, and licking a few remaining dribbles from them. She squeezes my face between those thighs, pets my head, and pulls it in closer to her pussy. I reach down, and continue my labor of love, wiping a few stray dribbles from her legs. She lifts her feet off the floor, and moves her legs, to give me access to her calves, which still have dribbles on them. "I think we've got you mostly dry," I say. "You're missing a spot, where I'm still wet," she informs me, with mock seriousness. "Oh, and where would that be?" I reply, looking up at her, with a wink and a grin. "It's between my legs, where it comes out!" (Wink and a sly grin.) "I'm saving that for licking!" In answer, she makes sure that her skirt is gathered well above her waist and the seat, then scoots her bum forward to the front of the seat, leans way back, spreads her legs, opens her lips with her fingers, and sprinkles a few dribbles on her inner thighs, and the seat. I dive right in and start licking her slit, which is now freshly wet, in addition to what she has told me. She wraps her legs around my face and head, and starts humping my mouth, soon shaking with a powerful orgasm, still sitting on the toilet. She pees a little more, in my mouth, when she cums. She shudders, and squeezes my face tightly between her wet thighs, when I continue to lick her clit, because it has become too sensitive to my tongue. So I pat her thighs, slit, and bum, with t.p., to finish drying her. After she recovers, she stands up, and starts to pull her short skirt down. I finish wiping more stray dribbles from her legs, now that I can find and reach them, while she is standing. She takes her panties from the sink, rinses them out with water, and hangs them on the towel bar, saying, "I won't need these anymore, today." "That's brave of you. I'm surprised. I thought you'd be getting another pair, out of the drawer." I finish smoothing her skirt down, over her bare bum and thighs. "Why? I don't need them, now that those guys are gone. You've seen everything I have to show you, so I don't feel shy, with you, at all. I like it when you look at me! And it will be much easier for me to pee, without them. And you'll get a better view, all day, if I'm not wearing panties, under my short skirt, whether I'm peeing or not! I think you'll enjoy that! Let's have some lunch, OK?" Dr.P
  19. "Leah" Part 4b. "Wet" Lovers and Wet Legs: Together. My Favorite Drink. by Dr.P Summary: In Part 4b, I share a few of my many intimate, personal questions with her, about how and why women's legs get wet, when they pee, in various styles, one of my favorite curiosities, dating from my childhood. She shares her personal experiences on that issue with me, and gives me her answers to some of my questions, by illustrating them, while peeing on the toilet, right then and there. I put my face between her legs, and get her to pee in my mouth. She shows me how her pee can form a little pool, between her upper thighs and mons, and I drink from it. I also prove that I can lick her to another mind-blowing orgasm, when she is lying on the bed, with her slit wet, after peeing. She gets me off between her wet thighs, after she has peed on my cock. Still sitting on the toilet, after doing it with her legs crossed, tightly, and spraying everywhere, she sits up straight, on the seat that I have wiped for her, with her thighs pressed close together, and her panties modestly at mid thigh. "How do you like me, sitting like this? Don't I look very modest, sweet, and innocent? I used to do it this way, when my husband was in the bathroom, showering, shaving, or whatever, and I had to go bad, and couldn't wait." "Yes, you do look very modest, but I'll bet your legs get wet, if you keep them so close together, when you pee! But you really look sexy and delicious!" "You're right about my legs getting wet! It had been so long since I had done it with my legs together, the first time I did it with him there, that I forgot that they would probably get wet. But I didn't want him to see it come out, since I was shy, newly married, and I didn't know if it would turn him off. I tried not to let him see much, when I wiped, either, so he wouldn't be disgusted by my wet slit and legs." "If you did it this way, while I could see you, I couldn't resist hugging and kissing your legs, and putting my face in your lap, while you were doing it! Then I'd want to watch or help you wipe, to see how wet your slit and legs got! So we'd end up doing something more exciting than you just having a simple pee!" At this point, I dive into her lap, burying my face in her thighs, with my nose between them, and my arms around her. Still sitting up straight, she squeezes her thighs tighter together, and starts to pee. I can hear her muffled "sssshshss," smell her fresh pee, coming out in spurts, between her compressed inner thighs, which are getting wet, along with my nose, from the confined spray. Her pee stops again, and she presses her legs together, sprays, "sssshshss," then stops, opens them slightly, for me to see the dribbles on her inner thighs, and asks, "So how do you like this? Is it sexy for you?" "Ohhh... my god, yes! That looks and sounds incredibly sexy, and smells so good! I love the way you keep squeezing your legs together and opening them, when you restart! That's very sexy! I've never seen a woman do that, before! And I love it that your legs get wet, when you keep them together, while you pee!" "Glad to hear you say that you like it when my legs get wet, and when I do it in spurts, which I sometimes have to do, to make it come out, like right now! I thought you liked it when my legs got wet, when I watched you, watching me pee. You'll get to wipe my legs, or lick them, if you want to, in a minute or two! I knew they'd get wet, when I did it this way, as well as with my legs crossed. That's why I had you take my dress off, so I could keep it dry." "With my husband, I eventually remembered that I could keep my legs a lot drier, if I leaned forward a little bit, like this, and made my stream go down into the toilet, instead of straight forward, between my legs. My mother had finally taught me that, when I got the seat wet, at home, when I was a kid. Watch this!" She leans forward slightly, and pees briefly, with her legs together. Her hiss is still sharp, but the lower pitch of her tinkle tells me that her stream is going directly into the bowl. She opens her legs a little, to show me her stream, coming out lower, between her legs, and not wetting them. "By the way, I have an intimate, personal question for you. Why do you like it so much, when my legs get wet? Why is that so sexy for you? It's just messy, and a nuisance for me, as I told you, before, so I try to avoid it. But if you help me with the cleanup, I don't mind. I'll let it happen, or even make it happen, if you want me to, when you're watching me!" "Yes, it's always been very sexy to me, when a woman's legs get wet, when she pees! The reason is in a story from my childhood, like yours about the boys watching you, in the outhouse. I'll tell you, if you want to hear it." "Of course I want to hear your story! That's why I asked you the question!" "When I was in elementary school, I was able to look up a girl's skirt, right after she came back from the little girls' room, and sat down at her desk, with her legs open, toward me. I had never been able to do that before, with such good timing. I saw little yellow pee dribbles on her inner thighs, up high, near her panties, which were white, with some yellow stains! That was very exciting to me, and I was extremely curious about how those dribbles got there, since I had never seen a girl my age pee, before." "I knew that girls sat down, when they peed, like I had seen my mother do, many times, but her legs never got wet, at least not in the front, where I could see any dribbles. I always saw her wipe from the back, never the front, so I don't think her legs got wet in the front, like this little girl's did. So what I had seen excited me, and made me curious, for many years after that, trying to figure out just how her legs got wet. And of course I wondered if other girls thighs got wet, when they peed, too. So when you said you had to go to the little girls' room, you reminded me of that, and you turned me on! I had always wondered if your legs got wet, when you did it, and fantasized about you, when you said you were going to the little girls' room, and now I've actually seen it happen! Very intimate! Big turn-on, for me! Thanks for letting me see!" "Glad to hear that I turn you on, with something so simple! That's a cute little story! Now I understand why you like my wet legs so much! Some similar things happened to me, and I noticed it, a few times, when I was as young as you and that girl were, and I was very anxious, thinking that someone might see the dribbles on my legs, as you did, on hers. I don't know if anyone ever did." "I wish I had known you then! I would have been glad to have you check out my legs, and help me wipe them, if they were wet!" "Ooh! That would have been so much fun, for me! But would you really have let me help?" "Why not, if I liked you, and felt comfortable with you?" "We would have been lovers, forever, right then and there!" "Forgive my curiosity, but how did your legs get wet, when you were a girl, peeing in a toilet at school? Now I'm more curious about you, than ever!" "It usually happened when I was in a hurry, and I didn't pull my panties down far enough, so they kept my legs too close together. Even at that age, it usually sprinkled a little bit, when I started to go, so my thighs could get a few dribbles on the insides, if I was sitting up straight, which I usually was, like my mother had taught me to do, at that time. And I only pulled my panties down to where you see them now, at about the middle of my thighs. As a young girl, in school, I was often in a hurry to get done, in the bathroom, and was careless about things like wiping my legs, since I didn't always notice that they were wet. I'll show you how I peed, then, right now, if you're curious. Would you like to see?" "Oh, my god yes! I'd love to watch you do it, like you did, then!" She opens her legs, only as far as her stretched panties will allow, leaving no more than an inch of space between her upper, inner thighs. She sits up straight, exposing the top of her slit, above her thighs, and says, "This is how I remember sitting, when I did it. Ready? Watch!" She starts to pee, with a little spurt, which sprinkles her inner thighs with some small droplets, as she had told me. Her spray soon changes to a single stream, wandering between her legs, wetting first one, and then the other, since they are so close together. It leaves dribbles on them. She stops peeing, slips her panties down, to below her knees, opens her legs, and shows me the pale yellow dribbles on her inner thighs, mostly up high, above the point where her panties were. Then she asks, "Well did that satisfy your curiosity about how that girl's legs and panties got wet?" "Yes! After all these years, I finally know how she might have done it! And what you showed me was very sexy! Thanks! But wouldn't she have wiped those dribbles off of her legs, when she saw them? Or wouldn't her panties have caught them, and wiped them from her legs, when she pulled them back up?" "Not necessarily. When I did it like that, in a hurry, with my panties too high on my legs, I just blotted my slit with some t.p., like this, and I didn't even look at my legs. I couldn't see them very well, anyway." She pulls her panties back up to mid thigh, reaches between her thighs and pats her pussy with a pad of t.p., without spreading her legs, which still have dribbles on them, and are constrained closely by her panties. So, as she says, she can't see her inner thighs, or the dribbles still clinging to them. "Sometimes I completely forgot to wipe my legs, since they didn't usually get very wet, when I was that age. And to answer your other question, since my legs are slender, my panties were usually loose enough around my legs, so they wouldn't wipe the dribbles off, when I pulled them back up." She demonstrates by standing up, and pulling her panties all the way back up, then spreading her legs to show me the remaining dribbles on her inner thighs, beginning to run down to her calves. She slips her panties back to below her knees, with the dribbles still on her legs, sits back down on the toilet, and says, "I found out that I could keep my legs drier if I spread them wider apart, stretching my panties, but that was limited. At that time, my mother hadn't yet told me that simply bending forward far enough to make it go down, into the toilet, would keep my legs, and the seat, drier." She starts peeing again, with her legs close, but not tight together, and her stream coming out high, as before, sprinkling her thighs. Then she bends forward slightly, and her stream goes down into the toilet, and stops wetting her thighs, as she had told me it would. "I was annoyed at how long it sometimes took me to wipe my legs completely dry, if they got wet, but I would have been very embarrassed if anyone saw pee dribbles on my legs, under my short skirts, or running down my legs, below them." "So I found a shortcut, a slightly messy, and a little bit naughty thing I could do, to get rid of those dribbles. Watch me!" She slips her panties to below her knees, rubs her thighs together, very briefly, with the dribbles on them, and then crosses her legs. Then she opens her legs, and I see that the dribbles have become broad streaks, which are still wet, but not very visible, on her skin, and are no longer running down her legs, like the drops had. "Oh my god! That's incredibly sexy!" I say, as I dive between her legs, and lick some of the wetter, shinier streaks on her thighs. She squeezes my face very affectionately, between her inner thighs, which are still wet, in spite of her efforts to remove the visible dribbles. "Glad you liked that! You've finally got me thinking that my wet legs are sexy, instead of messy, for the first time in my life! Does this satisfy your curiosity about me? I love showing and telling you all sorts of details about me, so you'll think about me, a lot." (Wink and a sly grin.) "Glad to hear that! I'd love to know a lot more about you, and see everything you want to show me! You're extremely sexy, and very interesting. I've missed out on a lot with you, over the years! Hope we can catch up!" In answer, she says, "I want to show you one more thing, right now. Take my panties all the way off, OK?" I pull her panties all the way down to her ankles, and slip them off, for her. She sits down on the toilet again, and squeezes her legs together. "Look at my legs, and watch closely, right here!" She presses her thighs closer together, and points to the center of the triangle formed by her inner thighs and her mons. She pulls up on the skin above her mons, and leans back, exposing the top of her slit, which spurts a little sprinkle of pee, wetting the fronts of her thighs, with a few dribbles. "Ooh, I want to kiss your thighs!" I do exactly that, licking the few dribbles away. "Keep watching! There's a lot more! I'll bet you've never seen anything like this!" She stops peeing and raises up slightly, off of the seat, putting her hands under her upper thighs, sitting on them, and squeezing her thighs very tight together, with her weight, and the strength of her hands. Then she starts peeing again, with a muffled "shshshsh," for a hiss. I don't see her stream anymore, but a little pool of her pee begins to form in the triangle between her upper thighs and her mons. I dive right into it, slurp it up, and swallow it, then look up at her, with a big smile, licking her thighs and my own lips, with pleasure. "You really are very naughty!" she observes, as she pats my head with a wet hand. "I'll tell you a secret, that actually felt good to me! It got my clit all wet and excited!" "Why don't you help me this time? Put your hands under my legs, where I had mine, and squeeze my legs together, just like I did. Then I'll pull up on my pussy, and you can do whatever you want, just watch me pee between my legs, or on my legs, and lick me, or open my legs and drink me. It's your choice. I'm under your control." "Love it! I'd love to do all of that!" I reply. I work my hands beneath her thighs, on the seat, feel her warm pee flowing between them, and wetting them. I squeeze them tighter together, slowing her downward flow to a stop. The little triangular pool of her pee forms again, quickly, between her upper thighs and her mons. I dive right into it again, slurp it up, and swallow it, then allow her thighs to open slightly, so her pee can drain into the toilet, leaving her inner thighs and slit very wet. I catch her clit with my tongue, then look up at her, with a big smile, licking it, with pleasure. "Ohh, that feels good! And you actually drank my pee! Would you like me to squirt a little more, in your mouth?" "I'd love it!" I answer, as I open her legs a little, with my hands, rest my chin on her thighs, and open my mouth wide. She leans back, exposing more of her slit, then spreads her lips with her fingers, and sprays her stream directly into my mouth, a good start. I get a nice taste, enough to swallow, but her stream weakens, because her bladder is nearly empty, and most of it runs down her inner thighs, into the toilet. "Did you get any?" she asks. "A nice little taste, but I'd love some more. I love your taste!" "There's a lot more where that came from. You'll get more, later. Promise! I'm surprised that you love it so much! You say you love me, but that's my PEE, after all!" A little trickle runs down her thigh, and I lick it off, with a big grin. Now that she is done, she opens her legs, quite willingly, to show me all of the dribbles on her thighs and bum, but especially on her slit. I kiss her wet thighs, and bury my face in them, briefly, before wiping them, so they won't drip on the floor. I briefly lick, but don't wipe her slit, leaving it wet and warm. She stands up, and I wipe some stray dribbles from her legs, again, so they won't run down to her ankles, or drip, and get the floor wet. I also wipe the seat and the floor, around the toilet. She takes my hand, and leads me to the bedroom. She throws a thick, heavy towel on the bed, lies down on it, and spreads her legs. I dive right into her very wet pussy, and start licking her. She relaxes, and wraps her thighs, still wet with a few dribbles, around my face, squeezing me very gently, and affectionately. She is so wet and relaxed that I can open her slit and find her clit, with my tongue, alone. Within a few minutes she is sighing, moaning with pleasure, and humping my face, as her orgasm builds. She is even wilder than earlier in the day, and it's lucky she is lying safely on the bed, now squeezing my face tight between her thighs, writhing, and moaning, as she cums, in an intense orgasm, which seems to last a very long time. "Oh-h-h my god! My god! That was fantastic! You really did do it again, with me lying down on the bed!" she says, as she recovers. "I try to keep my promises," I answer. "Glad you were safe, on the bed, this time. I was afraid you might fall, when you got so excited." "You're right. I never thought about that." We crawl in bed, and wrap our arms and legs around each other. "How about you?" she asks, "I'd like to get you off, if I can. I can't put you in me. I never told you that, because we weren't lovers, yet, but I haven't been able to do it that way, for quite a few years, because of my bladder infections, which sometimes make it hard for me to pee, as well as to have normal sex. The doctor says that sex helps to cause them. You wouldn't like it if I got one of those, because I can't really pee, when I have one. It just dribbles out, slowly, a little bit at a time, and it hurts, so it's not sexy, at all, and it takes me forever to make it all come out! And there's nothing for you to even see, when I do it, except for a few dribbles on my slit, and running down my bum. But there are other things I can do, right now, since I don't have one. Maybe I can rub you with my legs, and make you cum between them, if I can get them wet and slippery enough. I hope I have enough pee left." "Ooh, I'd love that!" She is lying on her back, still on the heavy towel, protecting the bed. She spreads her lips and squirts a little sprinkle of pee on her upper, inner thighs, just enough to get her thigh gap wet. She rolls on her side, facing me, takes my cock, squeezes it between her wet thighs, in her thigh gap, and pulls me as close to her, as possible. I grab her bum, and pull her even tighter against me. I soon feel a warm flood, on my cock, as she pees another spurt on it. Then she moves her thighs in a bicycle-like motion, rubbing my cock between them. It feels fantastic, and I squirt my cum between her legs, almost immediately. "Oh, my god, that was fantastic!" "Glad you liked it so much! It's really easy for me to do, as long as I have enough pee to make my legs slippery! So I can take good care of you!" We eventually relax and roll over, both very satisfied. We cooperate, wiping pee and cum from both of our bodies, and cleaning up, with the towel, and some tissues. Then we snuggle together, and fall asleep, in each other's arms. Dr. P
  20. "Leah" Part 4a. "Wet" Lovers and Wet Legs: Crossed. By Dr.P Summary: We have an intimate conversation in which she shares how she has learned to pee in some imaginative and unusual styles, like with her legs crossed, or pressed tightly together. In Part 4a, she shows me how she can pee with them crossed, in different ways. She puts my hand between her crossed legs, so I can feel her warm stream come out, since I can't see it, easily, while she is sitting on the toilet. In Part 4b, she shows me several ways that she can pee with her legs close together, but not crossed. After a supper of sandwiches, salad, and lots of iced tea, we decide to relax and watch TV, for a while, sitting side-by side, on the couch. I reach over, and caress her bare legs. She opens a couple of buttons on her dress, and spreads them a little, to give me greater access. We start kissing, and she turns sideways, opens several more buttons on her dress, swings her legs up, into my lap, takes my hand, and squeezes it between her upper thighs, then crosses them tightly, keeping my fingers in contact with her panties. We soon forget about the TV, as I pull her panties aside with a finger, feeling the growing warmth and wetness, in her slit. She purrs with pleasure, leaks a little spurt of pee on my hand, and says, "I have to go pretty bad, as you can feel. We drank a lot of iced tea, and I took my water pill, today, so I have a lot to show you. After I go, I think we would be more comfortable in bed." So we get up to go to the bathroom, first, on the way to the bedroom. She walks in, and stands in front of the toilet, as usual, then says, with a sly grin, "Help me take my dress all the way off, this time, OK? Since you're so interested in how women pee, I thought I'd show you some things I can do, and have done, but I don't want my dress to block your view, or get wet!" "Wow, that sounds exciting! I can't wait!" She starts unbuttoning her dress, from the top, while I drop to my knees, and start with the buttons she has left closed, in the middle. When her dress is completely open, I can't resist hugging and feeling her legs, from her calves to her bum, pulling her to me, and kissing and sniffing her slit, through her panties, which are damp and fragrant, with some leakage of her pee. I tongue kiss her upper thighs, below her panties, catching and licking a couple of stray dribbles, which have escaped her slit and panties, and are clinging to her legs. "Ooh, that feels nice," she says, as she grasps the back of my head, and presses my face into her thighs and panties, "but I have to go bad, so you better let me pee, first! I think I have quite a tankful, as you said when you arrived here, today! Feel my bladder!" She puts my hand on her lower belly, which feels impressively full, to my touch. I press my hand into her pussy, through her panties, to help her hold it. Then I help her remove her dress, and hang it on a hook, so she is standing in front of the toilet, wearing nothing but her panties and her small, athletic bra, covering her reconstructed breasts, which she is self-conscious about. She quickly whips her panties down, to just below her knees, sits on the toilet, and crosses her legs, automatically, as I have seen her do, many times, when she sits casually, fully clothed, on a chair or bench. I look at her quizzically. With a wink and a sly grin, she says, "I never told you this, but I can do it with my legs crossed! Do you want to see?" "I didn't think women could do it with their legs crossed, without getting themselves all wet. Are you sure you want to do that? I would love to watch you do it! And I'll help, with the cleanup!" (My turn to give her a wink and a grin.) "Yes! I've done it before, lots of times, and I think you'll like watching me! It's different than you might expect!" She squeezes her crossed thighs a little closer together, as she starts to pee, then loosens them, when her new, high-pitched, but muffled hiss, "sssshsh," begins, as her stream enters the toilet, while she sits on it, relaxed, like it is a chair. Her new hiss starts out sharp and high-pitched, "sss," when the pressure driving her stream is high, and then becomes lower and muffled, "shsh," as her pee flows between her legs, and tinkles in the toilet, with a lower pitch, and more power than usual. Her hiss stops, she squeezes her crossed thighs tighter together, pushes, and it starts, again. This intermittent pissing and pausing is a huge turn-on for me, and I can't resist commenting, "My god, that is SO-O-O SEXY, when it stops, and you squeeze your legs together to restart, like that! And your hiss is so different! It sounds like you're pushing hard, at first, to make it come out, making your "sss" sound, and then relaxing to "shsh", when it finally comes out, and the sound gets muffled by your legs." "You've got that right! That's exactly what I'm doing!" I bury my face in her crossed thighs, wrap my arms around her hips, hug her tight, and take in the fragrance and the intermittent hissing, of her pee, flowing between her legs. I raise my head from her lap, tilt it sideways, and try to look under her right thigh, which is crossed over her left, to try to see her stream come out. It sounds like it is going straight down, into the toilet. Seeing what I want to do, she tries to help me see more, by leaning slightly to her left, so I can look under her thigh. I see her single stream, going straight down into the toilet, through her thigh gap, leaving very few dribbles on her thighs. As she leans sideways, her stream splatters on the seat, sprinkling it, and her legs,, so she leans back in the other direction, to avoid making a mess. "I love your hiss, It's very musical and feminine, but sort of muffled, so I thought your legs might be getting wet. But I see that it's going through your thigh gap, straight down, into the toilet." She stops peeing and says, "I don't get as wet as you might think, doing it this way. I love your hug, it's very affectionate. But if you let me go, I'll let you see my legs for yourself. When I do it like this, it always goes down, in that little hollow between my legs, which you call my thigh gap, so my legs don't get very wet, anywhere else." She uncrosses and opens her legs, and shows me her inner thighs, slit, and bum, which have very few dribbles on them, mostly within her thigh gap, and on her lips. "See, I don't have that much to wipe, this way!" "So I see! I love the way you move your legs, when you start and stop! Very sexy!" She winks, grins, and adds, "Glad you like my hiss, and the way I move my legs, when I do it like this! I thought you would! That's why I wanted to show you!" "I have to push harder to make it come out, when I do it with my legs crossed, because of the damage my bladder infections did to my urine tube. That's why it sometimes sprays, too. How do you call that tube, in English? I just naturally squeeze my legs together, when I push. But sometimes I have to continue pushing and relaxing, so it comes out in spurts, like you just heard. If I don't, it stops, and I have to start all over." "Ooh! That's incredibly sexy! I love watching you, even if I can't see your stream, and I love having my face in your lap when you do that! It's very intimate! They call that tube your "urethra," in English." "It's hard for me to let you see my stream come out, without peeing all over the seat, and making a mess, as you just saw. But how would you like to feel it coming out? You can, if you don't mind getting your hand wet. Go ahead, put your hand between my legs, and I'll do it for you." "I would love to feel it coming out! That would be extremely sexy!" She relaxes and opens her crossed legs a little, takes my hand, and places it between her upper thighs, in contact with her slit, then closes her legs again, and smiles. Her hiss, "sssshsh," begins immediately, and I feel a warm jet of her pee, on my fingers, as she pisses, with force, on my hand. The strength of her stream dwindles, after a few seconds, and her thighs tighten on my hand, as another hiss starts, and her pee flows over my hand, again. She sighs, with pleasure. Her hissing, and the warm pee on my hand stop, as she opens her legs, and asks, "How did you like that? Was it sexy to actually feel my pee coming out of my slit?" "Oh, my god, yes! I loved it! Incredibly intimate and sexy! Your stream is very powerful, too, which I think is extremely sexy, a big turn-on, for me!" "Thanks! Glad you like that! I'm a strong woman, and I can pee hard, when I try!" "How did you like having my hand there, in your stream, while you were going?" "It felt terrific, and I loved it, more than you might expect! I'll tell you a little secret that I learned, when I do it this way. See how wet my clit is? That's why it feels so good, when I do it like this! It really turns me on, if I do it just right! If it comes out higher than usual, and wets my clit, I feel like I'm going to cum, while I'm peeing! So it's worth the extra effort, crossing my legs, and pushing hard, to make it come out. And this time, your hand made it spray my clit really good, and I almost came! That's why I stopped. I didn't want to cum so soon. I'm looking forward to cumming when we're in bed, later." "I learned how to do it with my legs crossed, like this, when I was in middle school, in Europe. The girls' toilets weren't in stalls, with doors in front of them. They just had little walls between them, and were totally open in the front, so girls walking in front of the toilets could see everything the girls on the toilets were doing. It was very embarrassing, for me." "I didn't dare squat, like I did in the outhouse, at my country grade school, although I saw that some other girls still did it that way. I was just too shy to let other girls see me go, especially squatting, because they could see everything, when I do that, as you know! But the toilets weren't nearly as dirty as the outhouses had been. So I tried sitting down, and keeping my legs together, like this (She pulls her panties up to mid thigh, and presses her legs together, but she doesn't pee.) But sometimes it came out straight forward, like it often does, for me, and it got my legs, and even my panties, wet!" (She brushes her hands over her thighs, to her panties, to show me.) "I tried covering my knees with my skirt, (she demonstrates with her hands), but one time my skirt got wet, when it sprayed, so I quit doing that. But I found out that if I crossed my legs, and leaned forward a little, like I just showed you, it didn't get my legs very wet, just a few drops on my bum, and my inner thighs, and I could wipe them away, easily and quickly. And nobody could see anything but my legs, while I was going, on the toilet! So that worked very well, for me." "Now watch what happens if I cross my legs much tighter, as if I was trying to stop myself from going. Look at my right leg, way up high, where it's crossed over my left leg, and see what happens, when I start to pee." She leans well back on the seat, with her upper thighs crossed tightly together, and I look where she tells me. I can't see her slit, or her thigh gap, which looks like it's closed, by her inner thighs. She pushes hard, and when her pee starts to come out, it spurts, in a hissing spray, forcing itself out between her closed thighs, wetting them thoroughly, and leaving lots of droplets on her cute little bum, as well as sprinkling the toilet seat. She stops her spray, waiting for my reaction. "Ooh, my god, that's sexy!" I say, "And you got very wet! I love it, and I want to lick you, so much!" "Glad to hear that! That's what happens if I cross my legs too tight, like I might do, if I was trying to hold it. Instead of holding it, I would get all wet, so I don't do it that way, whether I'm trying to hold it, or trying to pee! I learned that the hard way, when I had to go real bad, one day." "Glad you showed me! Thanks!" She uncrosses and opens her legs, so I can begin wiping her, and the seat, so she can sit on it, without getting her bum soaked in her own pee. "Now that I know how interested and curious you are about my peeing, I am remembering more things that I do, when I pee, for one reason or another. I never knew my peeing could turn a guy on, as much as it turns you on! I didn't know if you would like seeing my spray and hearing my hiss, when I squat or sit, with my legs open, when I have to go real bad, but I'm so glad that you do! And you think it's so-o-o sexy, instead of messy or gross!" "Seeing you spray, with your legs open, sitting, squatting, or standing, is very exciting, and I love watching you do it. But seeing, hearing, and even feeling you do it with your legs crossed, is incredibly intimate, and makes me feel closer to you! I love it that you're sharing everything you do, with me, and I love hearing why and how you started doing it! Its fascinating!" "Glad to hear that! Now I want to start showing you some of the other things I have sometimes done, like pressing my legs close together, when I go, that I don't think you've ever seen before. At least, you've never seen ME do it that way!" (Sly wink!) "Ooh! That sounds very sexy! Are you going to show me all of that, tonight?" "Yes! I already showed you how I can do it, with my legs crossed, one way, or another. Since I have such a full bladder, and plenty left, I want to show you how I do it with my legs pressed close together, but not crossed, and see if you think that's sexy." "And then I thought you'd wipe me enough so I don't drip on the floor, we'd put a towel on the bed, and you can lick me again, like you did, earlier today. I'll probably be pretty wet, and you'll have plenty to lick, so I'm sure you'll love that!" "I'm hot for it, and for you! Let's get started." Dr.P
  21. @Ryan_J, You are by no means the only one into it! I have been into this for many decades, and have done it, repeatedly, with several of my "wet" gf.s. My latest post on this subject was on Jan 8, 2020, under this subject, describing my activities with "Melissa." I also love to lick my lady friends "dry" after they pee. In my experience, most of my lady friends have been even more willing to let me help them wipe, than they were to let me watch them pee, in the first place. I think that wiping is almost as intimate as watching their pee come out, because I can see what parts of their bodies, (slit, bum, thighs), get wet, when I wipe or lick the dribbles off, so I can make a good guess as to how their pee comes out (single stream, spray, gush, etc.), even if I haven't seen it. "Melissa" was a prime example of this. When she first allowed me to go with her to the bathroom, when she peed, she always did it sitting with her thighs pressed so tight together that I couldn't see her stream between them, at all. But as soon as she finished peeing, she would spread her legs and allow me to see all of her dribbles, and wipe or lick them away, for her. Most others have allowed me to see their pee come out, and offered no objection to my wiping them. I have read about a few women who were apparently embarrassed about their wetness, after they peed, and would not let a guy see them naked, until they had wiped, even if they allowed him to be in the bathroom with them, when they peed. I have never run into this reaction, myself. Dr.P
  22. "Leah" Part 3. "Wet" Lovers: A Very Sexy, High Squat, for Public Facilities, Then and Now. by Dr.P. Summary: She shows me how she squats, high over the toilet, when she has to pee in public facilities. Her legs are spread wide, with her panties at her ankles, her hiss is loud, and her piss sprays more than I anticipated, as she has told me it would. I help her clean up with my tongue and some t.p., starting by catching her dwindling stream, as it runs down her leg, to her knee. I ask her for more details about the time when the boys watched her pee, in the outhouse, in Europe. She tells me everything she remembers, and even demonstrates how she did it, and cleaned up, while the boys were watching her. We walk back out to my truck, hand in hand, and retrieve the units I have built and brought with me, and bring them into her garage. We need to set them up on a bench, and check them out. She tells me that two guys are coming to look at the units, at 10 a.m., tomorrow morning, and she wants me to be there to talk with them, and to protect her, as a lone woman. I laugh and say, "What am I going to do to protect you? Beat them to death, with my cane?" She chuckles, along with me, and says, "I just feel more secure, having you around when some men I don't know are visiting." "Yeah, I understand." I reply. She suggests that we should partially disassemble one of the units, so we can show the guys how it is made, and fits together. I agree. "How about a drink, before we go to work?" she says, as we walk back into the air conditioned house. "Sounds great to me. What have you got?" "Water, beer, wine, Coke, whatever you want." "Beer sounds good, in this heat." "I'll have one with you. Just for your information, beer tends to make me go, so you may have something to look forward to, later, if you're interested in watching me, again." (Smile and wink.) "Oh, I'm interested, alright! I can hardly wait!" We finish our work, ready for our planned visitors, scheduled for the next day. "Are you hungry?" She asks. "Yeah, I could eat." "OK. I'll make something for us to eat. But I have to go to the little girls' room, first. That beer is going right through me, as I told you it would!" "I remember what you told me, but it's coming out sooner than I expected! As a nice little boy, I'll go with you to the little girls room, to watch you, and help you, so I can see where you get wet, and do a good job cleaning up." "OK, but that sounds kind of naughty, to me." she says, smiling, as she takes my hand, and walks me with her, to the bathroom. She seems much more relaxed and comfortable this time, than she was, on our earlier trip. She enters, turns around, toward me, in front of the toilet, and stands still, with her legs wide apart. She looks me in the eyes, playfully, and says, "You said you were going to help me. So show me what you're going to do." I drop to my knees, in front of her, unbutton a few more buttons on the front of her dress, so I can lift it up for her, getting it out of the way. As I lift her dress, I feel and caress her bare legs, from her ankles and calves, all the way up, above her panties, then gather it at her waist, where she holds it in place. Then I pull her panties down to her knees, hug her thighs close to my face, and kiss her slit, tenderly. I spread her lips very gently with my fingers, lick her slit once more, and let go. She stops me at this point, asking, "Would you like to see how I do it in public Ladies' rooms?" "I'd love to! I've been trying to imagine how you do that, ever since we met!" "I squat, and it usually sprays, so it can be messy, and you'll have to help me a lot, with the cleanup, not just wiping my legs, but definitely the seat, and maybe the floor, too." "No problem. I love helping you with cleanup. It's very intimate, and makes me feel closer to you. Should we put the seat up, so it doesn't get wet?" "Good idea, but then it won't be the same as when I actually do it, in a public toilet. I never touch the seats in a public Ladies' room. They're awfully dirty, and usually wet!" "OK. I would love to see how you actually do it, and if the seat gets wet, and how you get wet. I don't mind wiping the seat, and I love wiping you." "I think you'll like my hiss, when I squat. It's much louder and sharper than when I do it sitting down. I don't know why. Maybe you'll figure it out." She continues, "Hmm... I hiss when I pee, so I guess I "piss," in English. I wonder if that's how they came up with that word? It's almost the same, in German and French. They must have listened to a lot of women peeing, and used what they heard, when they invented the word. I don't like that word, and I never use it. It sounds dirty, to me." "I think it's very sexy when a woman says she has to "piss." It reminds me of the sound she might make, when she does it, and it seems like an intimate confidence, when she tells me she has to do it, and makes her own sound, in the word itself." "Hmm... I never thought of it that way. That does sound kind of intimate and sexy." I drop to my knees, in front of the toilet, and grab some t.p., in case she needs it quickly. She squats, quite high above the seat, with her thighs as far apart as possible, stretching her panties, at her knees, like an exercise band. She starts peeing, with a louder hiss, than when she does it sitting down,"SSSshshSSS." It sprays quite a bit, and sprinkles her thighs, the toilet seat, and a few drops even reach her calves. She stops peeing, and says, "Can you pull my panties all the way down to my ankles, for me, so they don't get wet? I forgot to tell you to do that, like I normally do, in public bathrooms. I must be nervous, doing this with you watching me!" She winks and smiles, playfully. "Yes! I'd love to! It's a labor of love, my lady!" I do as she requests. She spreads her legs wider, as she squats again, without restriction from her panties. I move in a little closer to the front of the toilet, with my face a few inches from her slit, for a closer view. "OK, you can go anytime you're ready," I say. "Your face is going to get wet if you stay where you are. You better move back, a little. I don't have to go as bad this time, as I did last time, but it still might spray, because I'm squatting, and it often does that. My legs are wide open, now, so you can see everything you want to see. You won't miss anything." "OK." I move back to my former position, she spreads her lips with her fingers, then lets them relax, and starts peeing again. It sprays, hisses, and sprinkles, still getting her legs and the seat wet, as she predicted. It finally slows to a trickle, and runs down her right leg, quickly, all the way to her knee, before I catch it with the t.p. in my hand, at the top of her calf. I wipe her knee and calf, and lick it off of her inner thigh, right up to her slit, where I continue licking her, as she stands up straight, and squeezes my face between her upper thighs, before releasing me. I finish wiping her legs, catching the previous dribbles which have now run from her calves to her ankles, and pull her panties back up, kissing her slit, and then caressing her bum, as I put them in place, before pulling her dress down, and re-buttoning it for her. Then I wipe the seat, and even raise it to catch a few dribbles underneath it. Don't know how they got there. "So did I help you?" I ask. "Oh yeah! You're great! You can come with me and help me, anytime." "Can I ask you a question that I have wondered about, ever since you told me the story about the boys watching you go in the outhouse, in Europe? "Sure. That was a very long time ago, but I'll tell you anything I can remember. It certainly took you long enough to ask me about it! I wish you had showed more interest, and asked me about it when I first told you. I would have been more than happy to answer you!" She smiles and winks. "Were you squatting or sitting, when the boys watched you?" "Oh, I was squatting, a lot like I showed you now, for sure! As you might imagine, those outhouses were filthy, especially with school kids using them. Our mothers taught us girls how to squat when we peed, from little on, and we always did it that way, in public bathrooms, especially outhouses." But it was a little different from what I just showed you. I didn't pull my panties all the way down to my ankles, like I had you do, for me, now. I pulled them about halfway down to my knees, lifted my skirt, and bent my knees just enough so I could pee downward and backward, into the hole in the outhouse seat. I had to do it quickly, and my aim wasn't all that good, so it could be messy. See, like this." She surprises me by lifting her dress again, actually pulling her panties down to mid thigh, and bending her knees a little, as she described. I notice that her legs aren't very far apart, and with her panties at mid thigh, her legs, panties, and the seat could get wet. "Wow! That must have been quite a thrill for the boys to see! I wish I could have been there! How old were you, at the time that happened?" "Oh, probably twelve or thirteen. I hadn't had my period yet, but I was wearing a bra. I don't think I had much hair down there, and I hadn't had any bladder infections, yet, so my pee came out in a single stream, without much hiss. It didn't spray very much, like it does now, so I could control it, and I usually didn't get very wet. So it was usually easy for me to wipe, after I went, just a quick pat with the tissue. She takes a piece of t.p., pats her pussy with it, then hands it to me. I notice that it is damp, catch her eyes, kiss it, and throw it in the toilet. She gives me a sly grin. "But that day, my legs, and the seat got wet, because I was startled, when I saw the boys watching me. I must have moved, suddenly, and it ran down my legs, sprinkled the seat, and even got a few drops on my panties. You can see how easy it would be for that to happen, when I do it like this. My legs are so close together, and my panties aren't down far enough, so I would have to aim, carefully, and stand still, while I go. If I actually tried to do it exactly like this, now, I would get all wet, even without being startled, because it sprays so much." She maintains this squat for a few more seconds, for me to see, and understand, then pulls her panties back up, and her dress down, pointing to her legs and the toilet seat, as she continues explaining, "I had to wipe a lot of dribbles off of my legs and the seat, while the boys watched, which was even more embarrassing. It must have been a good show, for those boys! Of course, I still don't have much hair down there, as you can see!" "And taste! That makes you even easier and more tasty to lick! Knowing all of what you told me makes your story even sexier!" "I'm so glad that you liked my little story so much, and it still turns you on, to this day! I never thought that a girl peeing was a sexy thing for a guy to see! At first, I thought the young boys were just curious about how we girls did it, because they had never seen it, before. Of course, what they did was naughty, and very embarrassing, to me. I thought of it, and worried about it, every time I had to use a public toilet or outhouse, for a long time after it happened." "But as I got older, and saw the reactions of guys, when I said I had to "go," or "pee," I began to understand that a woman peeing was a turn-on, for quite a few adult men. Even knowing that a girl had to "go" made them notice her, and make naughty comments. I rarely used the word "pee," and I never said "piss," as I told you. So I stopped saying I had to "go," or "pee," and started saying I was "going to the little girls' room," especially when I was in a group of several guys, like at work." "How did you feel about the guys' interest, once you got older? Was it a turn-off, or disgusting, or scary?" "No, not at all, after I got over that first experience, and thought about it, for a while. It was just interesting, and puzzling, to me. I go several times a day, and I had no idea what could be sexy about it. It's just a natural thing, that everybody does, man or woman, and sometimes it can get messy, especially for women. I always wanted to find out what men thought was sexy about it, but I never had anyone I could talk with, before I met you. That's why I told you my little story, and hoped you would ask me some questions, and tell me why you were interested." "Sorry I disappointed you by not asking! Usually, I say too much!" "Sometimes, you're surprisingly shy. We've known each other for more than 30 years, and I would think you would be very relaxed with me, and feel free to ask or tell me anything, by now, as I thought you had. I'm surprised you kept your interest and turn-on about my story, a secret from me, for so long! But I'm happy to know that you have been curious and turned on by such a simple thing about me, for all of these years!" She hugs me, kisses me on the cheek, and says, "You better wash your face! It smells like my pee!" "OK. A long time before I met you, I had one experience, where I asked too much, and a girl I thought I knew well, got mad at me. So I have been extremely careful, ever since. I didn't want to make you mad at me." "You didn't make me mad, by asking what you just asked me, now! You'll have to tell me about that other experience, sometime." "I will." We go into the kitchen, and she makes us sandwiches and a salad, for supper. She asks me what I want to drink, and I choose beer again. She grabs one for herself, too, looking at me, with a wink and a grin. Dr.P
  23. @gldenwetgoose It's definitely not just you being triggered! That clear plastic mounting support looks exactly like the flat spray of an urgent pee, by a desperate, and well hydrated woman! Thanks very much for posting and sharing with us! Her pose, and the placement of the "stream" are perfect, for a desperate pee, where she is trying to use her dress to cover the action. Of course, she is in all of our dreams and hearts. I don't know of any pictures of her peeing, real or fake, and this one begins to fill that gap.
  24. @Wahpow, I'm very happy that my experiences were so helpful to you. You're very welcome, and I wish you the best. Hope she gets over the Corona virus, with no trouble, or permanent damage. Prevailing social attitudes toward our fetish often distort our perceptions of reality, so we don't recognize opportunities which are right in front of our eyes. As you pointed out, we are so ashamed of our desires that we put all of our energy into concealing them, and fail to notice what the ladies are trying to communicate to us. That was the intent of my second anecdote, about the lady who always peed with the door half open, when we were together. I was so paralyzed by anxiety, that I never even tried to bring the matter up with her, in conversation. So I probably missed out on one of the greatest opportunities of a lifetime, finding out if she shared our fetish, and wanted to have some bathroom fun with me. I have written about that anecdote, in much greater detail, and have related it to women friends, asking their opinions about her. All have said that she was either testing me for interest in her peeing, or actually teasing me, hoping that I would make a move, and express my interest, by initiating some activity, or an intimate conversation, at the very least. Since we worked in the same place, she was subject to the same pressures and anxieties as I was, possibly even stronger, because she was a woman, not knowing how I might react to an invitation from her, to follow her into the bathroom, if she were to give it. So she left the door half open, leaving the decision up to me. These situations are often complicated and difficult, because we can't read the mind of the other person, and she can't read our minds. Your situation with this particular woman is very different, and much simpler, since you have some good indications of her attitudes, and she certainly is aware of yours. She is a rare gem, and a "keeper." You are very fortunate to know her. Take good care of her! 🙂 Hope all goes well for both of you. Looking forward to reading future posts from you, describing your activities with this lovely lady. Dr. P
  25. @Wahpow, I have been in situations somewhat similar to yours, more than once, over a lifetime of experience with this interest. I think that peelover38 and Wetforge have given you some excellent advice, with one minor exception: I would not recommend the use of the word "weird" suggested by Wetforge. In my experience, "weird" has a negative connotation to many women, and there is no "good sense" in which to use it. I would use "fetishes," and "preferences," as suggested by peelover 38, and I would add "fantasies," which was popular, a number of years ago. I have used it successfully, myself, with at least one long-term girlfriend. We called my watching her pee "my fantasy," throughout our decades-long relationship. On the other hand, I totally agree with Wetforge's analysis of this woman's interests and fetishes, and your situation with her. I also agree with peelover38 that you will need to take the initiative to get some activities started between you and her. Women tend to be uncomfortable with taking the initiative, no matter how much they may want to do it. I think you can rest assured that this woman has a full blown pee fetish, as indicated by her straightforward, open invitation to let you watch her pee. That is extremely rare, in my long experience. Women in Western society have been strongly conditioned to believe that they should be very secretive about their peeing, for a variety of reasons, like it is dirty, disgusting to others, especially men, as well as immodest, unladylike, ugly, and borderline sinful, to the religiously inclined. Attitudes are definitely changing toward the more liberal, at present, but admitting her interest is still a big gamble for most women. The fact that she invited you to watch her, and allowed you to watch her once, then let you listen to her, on the phone, says that her interest is very strong, and she trusts you. I think she also knows about your fetish. She probably wouldn't have given you the invitations that she did, if she hadn't figured you out. Women learn these things from the nuances of men's body language, facial expressions, and verbal reactions, to their comments, little stories, and questions, which may seem very innocent, at the time. Wetforge has suggested a good approach for you, telling her how much you enjoyed watching and listening to her, in the past, carefully observing her reactions, and responding to her, in kind. While honesty is important, I wouldn't overwhelm her by blurting out all of your fantasies to her, at once. I would make small requests and suggestions, incrementally, a little bit at a time, and listen carefully to her responses. She may be deeply into some aspects of this fetish, but not so much into others. For example, she seems to be very much into being watched and listened to, but she may or may not not be into being licked, when she is freshly wet, or doing it in your mouth. I'll end with two short anecdotes from my own past experience. Like you, I had always feigned disinterest, when peeing came up in conversations with women, to avoid being labeled a "perv." In one, I had just made love to a new gf, when she said she needed to pee, and started for the bathroom. Feeling braver than usual, I asked, "Can I come with?" She took it completely in stride, although we had never discussed peeing before, in any context. She answered, "Do you want me to sit or stand?" Completely surprised, since I didn't even know that women could pee standing, at that time, I stuttered my answer, "St-st-stand?" She took my hand, pulled me into the bathroom with her, stood up straight, straddling the toilet, and peed a straight stream directly into it. I knelt on the floor, in front of the toilet, and licked the last dribble from her pussy, when she finished. "That was nice!" she commented. In another long relationship, another gf made a habit of leaving the bathroom door about halfway open, whenever we were together, and she had to pee. So I could always hear everything. She had a very erotic style, with a very loud hiss, and lots of stops and starts. She would occasionally tallk with me through the half-open door, while she was peeing. I wanted very much to walk right into the bathroom and watch her pee, but didn't dare, since we worked together, and I didn't know what her reaction might be. If she took it badly, I was afraid she might expose me as a "perv." to our co-workers. I didn't dare ask her if I could come in, and watch her, or confide my interest to her, for the same reason. I did luck out once, when we went on a trip, staying in a motel room, together. We were about to leave for dinner, when she confided that she had to pee, before we left. She left the bathroom door halfway open, and I was able to look through the hinge gap and see her sitting on the toilet, skirt around her waist, legs open, hissing, stopping, and starting. I couldn't see her stream, though. Best of luck with your lady friend! You're in a very favorable situation, since you know her interests, already, and believe me, she knows yours! Dr.P

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