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  1. "Ellie" Part 6. What Might Have Been: She Shows Me Her Sexiest Peeing Style. By Dr.P Summary: Having shared her harrowing experience attempting to squat, when she had to pee in the restaurant bathroom, on the previous night, she uses our toilet in the hotel to show me how it actually happened, and how she usually does it, very neatly, when she is well prepared. This time, I am there to help her with the cleanup, for both situations. When I return from the conference, in the late afternoon, she is waiting for me, as promised. She kisses me, takes my hand, and leads me into the bathroom, quickly, seeming more than a little nervous. She stands in front of the toilet, and starts lifting her skirt, in the front, showing me her black, lacy panties, and lovely upper thighs. "I've been holding it all afternoon, and I have to go really bad, almost like last night," she confides, crossing her legs at the ankles, and pressing her thighs together, with her hands between them, over her panties. "So how do you want me to do it? Did you decide? Do you really want me to show you how I squatted, at the restaurant, last night? After what we did, this morning, I think I'm ready for that, with you, now. And since all I have on under my skirt is these panties, there's no problem with my clothes getting wet." "I'd love that, if you're comfortable with it." "I am now. You're way more turned on, watching me pee, than I expected, and much more tolerant than I thought you were! I accidentally peed in your face, last night, and you loved it!" She stands over the seat, while I kneel in front of the toilet, but I give her more room, this time. "I squat fairly high, when I do it, like this. (She demonstrates.) It's a lot easier on my legs than squatting low, over the seat, like a lot of women do. But it can spray more, and it make a bigger mess, coming from so high up. So I sometimes put the seat up." (She doesn't.) "My problem last night was that it started coming out while I was still standing up, not even squatting, yet! I panicked, because I had to go so bad. It was running down my legs, and I couldn't make it stop! I wasn't prepared for that, or even ready to squat, before it started!" "I'd love to see how all that happened!" "I'll show you, right now! I'll take my panties down to my ankles, to get them out of the way, and keep them dry, because I have to go so bad, and it might spray, or run down my legs. I don't have to take them all the way off, like I did, last night, but you can see how I did it, anyway. You may have some cleanup to do, if it doesn't work any better, this time!" "That will be a labor of love! No problem." I take a length of t.p. from the roll, and get it ready. Standing over the toilet, she lifts her skirt in the front, still leaving the seat down. She is just starting to squat, when her stream starts, as a broad, flat flow, running down her left thigh, and I hear her melodious hiss, "ssshshsss!" as I watch it come out, and run down her leg, in a river. A much thinner stream runs down her right thigh. She tries desperately to stop them both, spreading her lips with two fingers, as she moves from standing, into a high squat, as she had intended. It changes to a ragged stream, running down her right thigh, with a thinner rivulet running down her left thigh, and dripping on the seat. Noticing that both of her legs are wet, she stops peeing, and says, "That didn't work so well! Pretty much like what happened last night! Guess you can start your labor of love, now!" "At your service!" I say, as I hug her legs to me, and lick her wet thighs and slit, briefly, then use the t.p. to catch more stray dribbles, on her legs and the seat. "I think I'll take my skirt off, and lift up the seat, so I can see and aim better. Thanks for wiping the seat, so my skirt and hands don't get wet, when they touch it." I help her remove her skirt, and she takes her position, straddling the toilet, with the seat up, standing taller, with her legs closer together, this time. She spreads her lips with two fingers, and starts again, with her usual melodious hiss, "ssshshsss!" Her stream splits into three, one running down each leg, and one in the center, going straight into the bowl, with a soft, intermittent tinkle. She stops again. I move in and begin to lick the dribbles from her upper thighs and lips, saying, "More labor of love, for me! Yumm!" She continues explaining, while I lick her wet thighs and slit. "Well, now you can see what happened to me last night, since I had to "go" so bad! It was very messy! I still have to "go," now, but not nearly as bad, so I'll try to show you how I usually do it, when I know I have to squat, and I'm ready to do it that way." "When I have time, and don't have to go so bad, I usually spread my lips and let them relax, before I start to "go," so they don't stick together, and make it spray, or run down my legs. (She demonstrates.) That quiets my hiss a little bit, too. Sorry about that! I know you like it so much! Last night I thought I would hold my lips open, so I'd have better control, but I hadn't done that, in a long time, and it didn't work. I usually just let it come out naturally, like this." "As you can see, it can still run down my legs, even when I do it this way. But it usually just leaves a few dribbles, and it's easy to wipe them." She stops peeing, again, and says, "I really want to show you how I like to do it, with my panties, halfway down my legs. I'm sure you'll like seeing that!" "I bet I'll love it!" I reply, "It sounds very sexy!" "I'll pull my panties back up to mid thigh, like I usually do, when I'm ready to squat and "go," to show you how they look, on my legs. You can tell me if you think that's sexy, when you see it!" (Wicked smile, and wink.) "I usually have to hold my skirt up, when I do it this way, but I already took it off. But you've seen me do it holding my skirt up, anyway." She pulls her lacy black panties back up to mid thigh, puts the seat down again, and adopts a classic high squat over it. She spreads her lips with her fingers, again, and then allows them to relax, while she adjusts her stance. "Why don't you get some t.p. ready, in case this gets messy? OK?" I pull a length of paper off of the roll, fold it neatly, into a pad, and hold it, ready to wipe her legs, or the seat, if needed. Her stream starts, with her melodious hiss, "ssshshsss!" and stops twice, as it often does, for her, but it stays well controlled, midway between her legs, leaving only a few dribbles on her innermost left thigh, in her gap. A few droplets run down her inner thigh, but do not reach her panties, stretched between her thighs, well above her knees. Her stream eventually slows to a few dribbles, which cling to her left thigh, and she stops, takes the pad of t.p. from me, and simply pats her lips and inner thighs with it, to dry her slit and her legs. "That's a lot more like it!" she says. "That's how I do it, normally, and that's all I usually have to do, to wipe." "Still very sexy!" "I guess it must be, in your eyes, anyway! How do you like my pretty black panties stretched between my legs? Aren't they sexy, especially when I'm peeing? I'm glad it was nice and neat, not so messy, this time, and you got to see how I usually do it, and how it comes out, most of the time. I was afraid you'd think I was terribly sloppy, when I pee, and it would turn you off!" "Not at all! I think you have a very sexy peeing style, both sitting and squatting, and an incredibly erotic hiss, no matter how messy it may get, at times, like you told me, last night, and showed me now. And I love your black, lacy panties! Extremely sexy, especially when they're stretched between your legs, with your stream coming out, between them! I keep wondering if it's going to go sideways, and run down one of your legs, like it just did, and get your panties wet!" "Ooh! You have a nasty mind! But you're wondering the same thing as I am, when I'm doing it! And you just saw it do that. But I'm glad you think it's all so sexy! Thanks! You're very sweet! My panties are a little damp, right now, so I think I'll take them off, and let them dry, so I can wear them, later tonight. Or maybe I'll just be naked, under my skirt, and surprise you, when you follow me into the bathroom, to watch me "go," or when you feel my legs, while we're sitting together, like you always do." (Wink and smile.) She stands up straighter, I hug her thighs, and pull her panties down to her ankles. She steps out of them, and I sniff them deeply, and hand them to her. I bury my face in her thighs, kissing them, and licking a few dribbles still clinging to them, which she missed, in her quick pat of her slit, with the t.p. pad. "I'll be thinking about everything that you just showed me, every time we're out somewhere, and you tell me you have to "go"! I hope you'll tell me more stories, and let me check you out for dribbles, especially when you squat to pee. I love helping you with the cleanup!" "I sure will! You're a big help!" Dr. P
  2. "Ellie" Part 5. What Might Have Been: The Next Morning. By Dr.P Summary: Our erotic activities and conversations resume on the following day, in Part 5. After our long and exciting first day, we sleep late, wake up in each other's arms, and pee together, in the bathroom, after some very satisfying pee sex, on the toilet, first thing in the morning. I wake up slowly, after a good night of sleep. I don't have to be at the conference until afternoon, so we have plenty of time. We are still intertwined, as we have been, all night. Her legs are wrapped around one of mine, with her naked slit against my thigh. I stroke her back, her bum, and the backs of her thighs, very affectionately. She purrs and begins to move. She kisses my neck and ear, and I hear her hissing through her teeth, into my ear, "hshshshsss!" and I feel some warmth and wetness from her slit, on my thigh. "Are you trying to tell me something?" I say, "I'll bet you have to "go," "Yes, I do, as I always do, first thing in the morning. How do you know that? We've never slept together, before." She replies, with a sly grin. "You're dribbling on my leg, and hissing in my ear! I love it! A perfect way to wake me up!" "Oh, sorry! Sometimes I dribble, when I'm sleeping. That's why I usually wear panties, in bed. And I'm hissing in your ear to invite you to come with me, so you can hear and see the real thing!" "I love your hissing and pissing! Very intimate, and sexy!" "Guess I better get up, and "go," before I pee all over you! I really have to "go" bad! Are you coming with me?" "Yes, of course! I can't wait to see how you do it, first thing in the morning! I'd love to have you pee on me, but you're right. We don't want to get the bed all wet!" She takes my hand, and we walk quickly to the bathroom together, totally nude. She sits on the toilet hastily, leans quite far back, which aims her vulva forward, and spreads her legs wide, leaving several inches of space between her thighs. "I don't know if this will spray as much as it did last night, but I have to "go" just as bad, so you better not get too close, or you'll get wet!" I am looking intently at her slit, about to rest my chin on the seat between her knees, when her ragged stream shoots out straight forward, suddenly, with a loud hiss, "SSShShSSS!" I back off, just in time to avoid getting her full spray in my face. Sprayed droplets collect quickly on her right thigh, and the front of the seat, while I watch. She stops peeing, abruptly, and says, "Lucky you got out of the way, just in time! You almost got your wish! See how wet it got my leg, and the seat?" "You know me too well, already! Nice start! Very exciting and sexy! I'll take care of the seat, and your leg, for you." "I think I can aim better, if I use my fingers!" She restarts, using two fingers to spread her lips, but it wets both of her inner thighs leaving dribbles on them, so she gives up on that, and tries using both hands to open her lips further, allowing a smaller, ragged stream to come out straight forward between them, and a fine side spray to wet her upper right thigh, with many dribbles. "My god, that's incredibly sexy!" I comment. "Glad you like it, but it's still getting one of my legs wet!" She answers, and stops peeing. Kneeling on the floor, in front of her, I lean forward, and bury my face in her lovely thighs, kissing and licking them after she has gotten them wet, and inhaling the enticing fragrance of her morning piss, which is a little stronger than the night before, but still full of her lovely pheromones. "Ooh, you're so affectionate!" she says. "Your pee smells even more sexy, in the morning! I can't get enough of it!" "I still have to go bad! You better get out of the way, so your face doesn't get wet!" She moves her legs closer together, and starts peeing again, without using her fingers to steer her stream. I notice a change in her hiss, becoming noticeably sharper and more intense, "SSSShSSS!" as her stream changes to a flat spray, part of which deviates sideways, wetting her left thigh, directly, along with my beard, near where I have been kissing her leg. The main part of her stream goes straight forward, centered between her legs. After allowing her spray to wet her thigh for a few seconds, she stops peeing, and opens her legs, to show me how wet they are. "Looks like it's wetting my other leg! Hope your face didn't get wet! " "Yep, it sure was wetting your other leg. You must have felt that! I got a few drops in my beard! Wish there had been more.That's incredibly sexy! What a turn-on! I'll take care of your legs!" I reply, as I dive in, and start licking the dribbles clinging to both of her inner thighs. She giggles, and says, "Yes, I felt it on my leg, and saw you watching it! I thought you liked that, so I let it happen, for a few seconds. Glad to hear that it turns you on, so much! To me, it's just messy, and another reason I have to wipe! Looks like it's going to wet one or both of my legs, no matter what I do! I hoped it would go down the middle, if I left it alone, this time, but that didn't work, so it's gotten both of my legs all wet!" "That's fine with me. You're giving me a lot to lick! Yumm!"} "You must have to "go" too! You drank just as much as I did, last night! Let's do it together, OK? That would be very intimate, and fun, don't you think? My legs are already all wet just from my own pee, so some of yours won't make any difference! And I have plenty more, where that came from!" "So do I! I'd love to try that! How do you want to do it? What do you want me to do?" "Just put your cock between my legs, and let fly! Don't worry about getting me wet! I'm already about as wet as I can be! I'll be getting you all wet, too! We can pee all over each other, and then we can shower together, and wash it off!" "Sounds like a great plan, to me!" Kneeling in front of her, I put my already stiff cock between her legs. She grips it gently between her knees, and starts to pee, with her ragged stream coming out high, and straight forward, and almost reaching my cock, with a few stray dribbles wetting her inner thighs. But nothing happens, for me. My cock gets stiffer, and I can't pee a drop, even though my bladder is full. She giggles, stops peeing, and says, "You're so excited that you can't "go," at all! I'm surprised that just watching me pee turns you on, so much, especially when my legs get wet! I didn't think you'd like that so much, because it's so messy, but I'm glad you do! It happens to me, a lot, but I won't be embarrassed anymore, when you're watching me! At least I know that my peeing really does turn you on!" "We'll have to do something to help you 'go' with me! How would you like to cum on my legs, first, so we can do it together?" "Love it! But that's going to be messy! Hope you won't mind having my cum all over your legs!" "No problem. We'll be washing it all away, in the shower, in a few minutes. Let me do a little something first. Watch me, if you want. But there won't be much to see, because I have to do it with my legs together, to get them nice and slippery. Then you can put your cock between my legs again, so I can make you cum! And I think you'll be able to pee with me, after that." I move back from the toilet, to give her some room. She presses her upper thighs close together, leans back until her slit shows, above them, then allows her pee to start coming out slowly between her closed lips, wetting and running down her legs. I can't resist burying my face in her slit, and licking her thighs, while she allows her pee to continue wetting them. "You better let me finish what I'm trying to do," she comments, as she gently pushes my head back from her slit. Keeping her legs pressed tightly together, with her hands, she closes her eyes, concentrates, and deliberately pees, between her thighs, which are touching, from her vulva, almost to her knees, with a muffled hiss, "sshshshss," for a few more seconds. I can't see her inner thighs, at this point, but I'm sure that they are getting wet, from the tone of her hiss, coming from between them. Then she opens her legs, slightly, letting me see how wet they are, very much as I had guessed. Instinctively, I dive forward and kiss her thighs, trying to bury my face in them again, commenting, "That's incredibly sexy!" "You couldn't see much, but I'm glad you liked it!" "I could hear it and smell it!" "And you'll feel it on your cock, if you don't lick it all off of my legs!" She places her hands on her thighs, up high, near her belly, pushing them together, scoots forward on the seat, helping to compress her upper thighs even more, while leaving some space between them, further forward, a little above her knees. I can see that her inner thighs are covered with fine droplets, from her knees, to mid thighs, where they are pressed together. She grabs a length of t.p., folds it neatly, and holds it ready, in her hand. "OK, put it between my legs again, just like you did, before! I know you don't like condoms, so you won't have to use one, this time, as long as you just cum on my legs! I'll keep my legs together, so your cum won't get on my slit. Go ahead, rub it on my legs, and cum all over me, whenever you want to! Isn't that a sexy invitation?" "Oh hell yes! And your wet legs are so-o-o tempting!" I start thrusting my cock between her wet, slippery lower thighs, in the open space, between them, just above her knees. She squeezes them tighter together, and begins to move them, rubbing my cock between them, as if she is riding a bicycle. It feels fantastic, and I soon squirt a huge load on her lovely thighs, still wet with her pee dribbles, with a groan of pleasure. "Wow! You gave my legs a bath, all the way up! Glad I kept them so close together. See, you even squirted a little of your cum on my tummy! But none of it got on my slit, so now we can pee together, after I wipe your cum off of my legs!" She wipes my cum off of her thighs and my rapidly softening cock, with the t.p. pad, then drops it in the toilet, between her legs, and grabs some more t.p. from the roll. "Now we can pee together!" she says. She holds my cock between her knees, and starts to pee, "ssshshsss!" wetting her legs again, and reaching my cock, this time. I push a little, and soon join her, wetting her inner thighs and slit, as her spray bathes my cock, in her warm, fragrant lotion. "See how nice and warm it feels!" she says. "Yep. I love it!" I reply. I manage to aim my stream at her slit. She reaches down, spreads her lips with her fingers, and says, "My god, that feels good! Try to pee on my clit!" She stops peeing, and spreads her lips wide open, so my stream bathes her clit. She soon moans and sighs, sounding like she is close to an orgasm. Then she suddenly clasps her thighs together, on my cock, which is still pissing, and cums. I stop pissing, but I still get her legs and slit wet with my piss. But it doesn't seem to bother her, at all. "Ohh! That's the most exciting thing I've ever felt! It was fantastic!" She says. She uses the t.p. pad she is holding to begin wiping, but quickly gives up, since she is very wet, and we're about to get in the shower together, anyway. When we finish showering, we help each other wipe, get dressed, and ready to go out for breakfast, at the restaurant next door to the hotel. While we're dressing, she puts on a pair of lacy black panties, under her T-shirt style dress, and asks me, "How do you like these panties? Do you think they're sexy?" "I love them! And they're very sexy!" We go out for a pleasant breakfast, and walk back to the room. I get ready to leave for an afternoon at the conference, with plenty of time left. We kiss, in front of the bathroom, before parting, and she confides, "I have to go again, and pretty bad, too! Too much coffee at breakfast." She hisses sharply, through her teeth, "HSSSS!" with a wicked grin, lifts the front of her dress, and presses her hands between her thighs, under her dress, to emphasize how badly she needs to pee. "Do you have time to come with me, and watch me "go," before you leave?" "Of course! I don't want to miss that! I always have time for you, and watching you pee!" She stands in front of the toilet, lifts her T-shirt style dress to her waist, in the front, whisks her black panties down to her ankles, sits down, leans back, spreads her legs wide, and unleashes a torrent of nearly clear piss, in a powerful, flat spray, hissing loudly, SSSShShSSS! "Wow! That's incredible! What a beautiful, powerful spray! Love it! You really had to "go!" I comment, almost speechless, as I watch her. The peripheral spray from her stream sprinkles both of her inner thighs, in her gap, and leaves significant dribbles on the seat. Her stream stops, eventually, as usual, but she pushes and restarts it, easily, using her fingers to spread her lips, and it takes the same form, the first two times. She manages to restart it one more time, with her lips relaxed and open, leaving dribbles on her thigh. It finally weakens, and eventually stops. "Glad to hear that this turns you on, so much! For me, it's just another reason it takes me so long to wipe, when you're not around to help!" Seeing her legs wide open, with pee dribbles on her thighs, I can't resist trying to dive between them, to "help" her clean up, with my tongue. She squeezes her thighs together, and resists my movement toward her slit, by placing her hand on top of her thighs, very firmly, trying to block my face from getting between her legs, and protesting, albeit, weakly, "You better not do that, now! Your face and beard will get wet, and you'll smell like my pee, at the conference!" "No problem! That's what wash cloths and towels are for!" She relents, relaxes, and opens her legs, to give me access to her inner thighs and slit. I continue to lick her, working my tongue into her slit, and finding her clit. She pushes her slit hard against my face, and sighs with pleasure. She cums very quickly, spurting some pee into my mouth, along with her juices, and squeezes my face tightly between her wet thighs. I wipe her thighs, slit, and my face, with t.p., then get up and wipe my face and beard with a damp wash cloth. She gets up from the toilet, hugs me, and kisses my neck, saying, "Don't you have to 'go'? You drank a lot of coffee, this morning, too. You'll be a lot more comfortable." "Yep, I sure did. You're right. I should "go" now, to be comfortable." "Can I hold it for you?" She asks, without waiting for my answer, as she unzips my fly, and pulls out my cock. She lifts the seat, and aims my cock into the bowl, with her pee in it, not yet flushed. Although I am beginning to stiffen, I start peeing, since I have a huge tank full, as she guessed. She aims my stream into the toilet, very accurately, and comments, "I love to feel it coming out, through your cock! It's very powerful!" "Glad you like it!" I reply. You're doing a good job of aiming my stream. I'll bet you've done this before! (I wink and grin.) "You've got that straight!" She replies. When I am done, she shakes the dribbles off the end of my cock, and gives it a long, loving stroke. Then she puts it back in my pants, zips me up, and flushes the toilet. "I'm sure I'll have to "go" again, when you get back, this afternoon, and I'll save it for you. So you can think about how you want to see me do it, while you're away." "Love it! Now I'll be distracted, all afternoon, remembering that incredibly sexy pee, that you just did, and trying to decide how I want to see you do it, when I get back!" Dr. P
  3. @Gotah, While I respect your decision to end this thread, I must say that I am very sorry to see it go. You have created some fascinating characters, in complicated and interesting situations. I can see many directions in which they might go, without being repetitious. I will miss them! Thanks for a truly enjoyable series of very well crafted stories, in which I always looked forward to the next episode. I hope for a sequel, at some point. Dr. P.
  4. I have already posted my first, earliest pee memories here, so I won't repeat them. But here is another, that I remembered very recently. This one is from my younger years, although by no means my first. It took place when I was in my last year of high school, probably 17 or 18 years old, and was working half-time in a furniture store, as a truck driver's helper and part time janitor. It was a family business, and one middle-aged, but attractive woman worked there, in sales. She was not part of the family. The store had a single-user bathroom for the use of the customers and employees. One day, there were no customers in the store, so I decided to clean the bathroom, which was part of my job. The door was closed, as it always was, and I didn't bother to knock, assuming that it was empty, and simply pushed the door open. I met resistance, so I pushed harder, opening it wider, and was greeted by a scene, very similar to this, a very attractive woman, sitting on the toilet, audibly tinkling in it, with her beautiful bare thighs pressed tightly together, her dress lifted all the way up, exposing her upper thighs, and her panties at or below her knees. I couldn't see her pubic hair, or her stream, but it was still a very erotic picture to my young mind, in that time, the late 1950's, because many women peed in that very modest style. Most of them didn't lift their dresses quite so high, but allowed them to cover their thighs, midway to their knees. I wondered why she lifted her dress so high, and I was amazed at how smooth, beautiful, and hairless her thighs were. I really wanted to touch them. I couldn't see her face, and she couldn't see me, at all, because the door was solid wood, completely opaque, and I hadn't opened it far enough for her to see any part of me, including my face. She pushed harder on the door, defending her privacy, and I backed off, allowing her to close it. She didn't say anything, and I didn't apologize, but simply moved away from the door, quickly and silently, went to the back of the store, and busied myself doing something else. I stayed away from the area of the bathroom, for the rest of that day. I wasn't sure if the woman I had seen was the attractive sales lady, or perhaps a customer, whom I had not seen enter the store, or even the old boss lady of the family. I was reasonably sure that it was not the latter, because the woman's thighs appeared to be much younger than hers would have been. If it had been her, the truck driver and I would have gotten a lecture from her about knocking before opening the bathroom door, and that never happened. I never saw a customer leave the store, that day. So I think I may have seen the attractive sales lady, pissing, although I couldn't see her stream, but heard her tinkle. She never mentioned the incident to me, or to anyone else in the store, to the best of my knowledge. So I still don't know who I saw, that day. But I had this beautiful scene indelibly imprinted on my mind, forever, and it did have some formative effects upon me, helping to guarantee a lifetime interest in women's peeing, on which I was already hooked. From that time on, I often fantasized about women peeing in that conservative style, on toilets, getting their thighs wet, and spreading their legs to wipe them. I dreamed of being with them in the bathroom, and watching, or helping them wipe. Dr. P
  5. This is a great thread, with a wide variety of girls, containers, and peeing styles. The one type of container I have not yet seen on it is a small, medical vial of the type used to collect urine samples from both males and females, for routine physical exams, drug tests, etc. Its small diameter and limited liquid capacity make it quite challenging for a female patient, in terms of aiming at a small target, and stopping her flow, before the container overflows. I have never seen pictures or videos of women filling these kinds of containers, on the 'net, and I have never been able to induce even my wettest, most permissive g.f.'s to allow me to watch them, or "help" them (e.g., by holding the container) while using such a container. So I would love to see some close up pictures of women using these types of containers, on this thread. Thanks, in advance! Dr.P
  6. "Ellie" What Might Have Been: Part 4. Our First Night Together. More of Her "Wet" Secrets Revealed. By Dr.P Summary: We go back to the room, and continue the alternative scenario of our relationship, as it might have been, if I had revealed my interest in her peeing to her, as I did, in the fictional Part 2. She invites me to watch her pee, up close and personal, sitting down, in her usual style, which I actually saw, partly obstructed by the bathroom door, in Part 1.She shows me how her pee stream changes character and direction, getting different parts of her wet, each time her pee stops and restarts, which is often, for her. I lick the dribbles from her thighs and slit, and wipe her with t.p., then lick her to an intense orgasm, on the bed. She confides to me that she thinks her peeing and wiping, while being watched and heard, is very intimate and sexy, and she would love to share it with me. Finally, she reveals what she says is her most private and intimate pee secret, before we fall asleep, together. We arrive back at our hotel, from dinner and dancing, and before we get out of the truck, she says, "I have to "go," pretty bad, right now! We drank a lot, tonight, and had coffee, too, so I have to hurry, or I'll wet myself! If you want to watch, just come with me to the bathroom! Don't be shy! I'm not ready for you to see me squat, yet, like I did in the restaurant, but you can watch me do it sitting down, like I did it, earlier, here, with the door halfway open. I'm much more comfortable with you, now!" (Wink and a wicked grin. We kiss, very briefly.) "I wouldn't miss that for the world!" I help her get out of the truck, very quickly, she takes my hand, and pulls me hurriedly into the room, and directly into the bathroom, with her. She lifts her skirt, well above her waist, keeping it especially high in the front, baring the fronts of her thighs, her mons, and lower belly, whips her panties down to her ankles, in a flash, sits down, and spreads her legs wider than I saw her spread them, earlier. She starts to pee a ragged, irregular stream, which hisses loudly, "SSShShSSS!" and sprinkles, but stays within the toilet, and does not wet her legs. She takes a length of t.p. from the roll, folds it neatly, and drapes it over her left thigh, while she pees, as she had done, earlier. She explains, "This is how I did it this afternoon, but I was probably a little neater, since I didn't have to "go" nearly as bad, as I do now!" "Yep, pretty much. You didn't spread your legs as far apart, as you have them, now. I couldn't see if your legs or the seat got wet, because I couldn't see your stream." "I don't think they did, when I started, but they might have, later. I don't remember. I usually do it this way, and it happens fairly often. You'll see." "I was trying to look pretty, in case you were watching, this afternoon! (Wink and smile.) I'm spreading my legs wider now, because I have to "go" so bad, and I'm sure it's going to spray even more than this! So I'm trying to keep my legs from getting wet. I also want to give you a good view, this time!" "You're giving me a great view, and your legs are incredibly beautiful, with your skirt up so high, in the front, like you had it earlier! Do you always pull your skirt up so high? You have such beautiful thighs, and I love to see them!" I drop to my knees, bend forward, and kiss each of her thighs, while she continues peeing. "Glad you like my legs so much! Thank you! But be careful kissing them while I'm peeing! You might get some in your face! I have to lift my skirt up high, or it might get wet, if my pee comes out higher, like it does, sometimes! You might see that, now!" I look between her legs, with my face slightly above, and between her knees, as close as I can get. To my surprise, after this powerful start, her stream weakens to a few dribbles, as her hiss had indicated, in the afternoon, and her narrative continues, "See, this is what happens, if I stop pushing. It just dribbles to a stop, but I still have to go, a lot, as you'll see. So I always have to restart, when that happens." "I don't mind you looking at me as close as you want to, but you better back off a little, or your face might get wet! Sometimes it spurts or sprays, higher and farther forward, when I restart, especially when I have to "go" as bad as I do, right now! And sometimes, it even wets the seat, or the floor, in the front, between my legs! Hope you'll help me with the cleanup, if that happens!" "Of course I'll help you with the cleanup! I don't care if my face gets wet! I just want to see how you do it, and how it comes out, when you restart." "OK. I'll let you see whatever you want, as long as I'm sitting down. But I warn you, you might get wet! She leans back a little more, relaxes, and asks, "Can you see everything you want to see, now?" "Yeah. I think so! Thanks!" "Here it comes!" Her nearly clear, dilute piss hisses even more loudly and sharply, "SSSShSSS!" coming out high, from her slit, in a powerful, flat spray, which sprinkles her right thigh, with a few droplets, and easily reaches the seat, and the floor, in front of her, as she had predicted. Her right thigh is soon wet, to her knee, and a half dozen warm dribbles cling to my mouth, face and beard. Startled, she tries to stop her flow, bends forward, presses her thighs together, and scoots backward on the seat, with a nervous giggle, getting her legs wetter, but preventing more spraying of the seat, and the floor. "See, I warned you!" she exclaims, in mock dismay, with a big smile. "I was afraid something like this would happen! That's why I told you to stay back! Are you OK? I didn't mean to pee in your face! It got your beard wet, too!" "Thanks! That was fantastic!" I reply, as I lick her pee dribbles from my lips, and mustache. "My god, you look sexy, sitting there, with your legs together!" I say, as I hug her, and bury my face in her compressed thighs, inhaling the fragrance of her warm pee, wafting up, between them, and tasting a few stray dribbles, on the fronts of her thighs. "I'm surprised you like how I look, with my legs together! You can't see anything!" "I'm imagining how wet your inner thighs must be, right now, and how I wish they were wrapped around my face!" "I'll let you see for yourself!" She says, as she slowly opens her legs, showing me that her inner thighs are totally wet, to her knees. I try to open her legs further, and lick them, but she says, "Not yet! I still have to pee a lot more! You can lick me all you want, when I get finished!" She wipes her inner thighs, and the seat, with her pad of t.p., ignoring the dribbles on her slit and bum, since she still has to pee, and they will get wet, again. She uses the same pad of t.p. to catch the dribbles on my face, which is wetter than I thought. I press her hand, with the damp t.p., to my nose, and inhale, sharply, with a huge smile, and a chuckle. I take the t.p. from her hand, and wipe up the floor, in front of the toilet, as I promised. She spreads her legs, and I drop the t.p. into the toilet, between them. "I love your wet legs, and I love the smell and taste of your pee! It's just our recycled drinks, and a little bit of your pheromones. It's almost clear water! " I hand her another length of t.p., from the roll. While still holding her pee, she folds it neatly, and holds it in her hand, instead of draping it over her thigh, as she did, previously. "You'll have to stay back more, this time, and I'll have to change my style, a little bit. Don't worry, you'll still be able to see it come out!" She makes some adjustments, bringing her legs slightly closer together, scooting her bum backward on the seat, and sitting up straighter, rather than leaning back, as far as she had been. "SSShShShSS!" This time, her stream, still ragged and flat, deviates from center toward her right thigh, but only leaves a few dribbles there, and on her left thigh. It stays well within the toilet, and doesn't wet the seat. Her hiss is also different, less sharp, and more melodious. But it eventually stops, so she has to restart, again. She asks, "Was that better?" "Yes! Thanks! Very sexy! I could see everything!" She stops and restarts, several more times, as she had done, in the afternoon, with her hiss becoming weaker, and finally stopping, the last time. Each time she restarts, it hisses and sprays, in different ways, and goes in different directions. The first time, it soaks her right thigh and sprinkles the front of the seat, with a fine spray, while her main stream goes down, into the toilet. "SSSShShSS!" The second time, it comes out in a very powerful, central flat stream, and a separate fine spray wets her left inner thigh, halfway to her knee. "SSSShSSS!" The third time, it comes out as a central flat stream, with a fine spray, from her lip, which wets her left thigh directly, and sprinkles it with fine droplets, while a secondary stream clings to her right leg, running down her inner thigh, in her thigh gap. "SSSShSSS!" The fourth time, it restarts as a still-powerful, flat stream, deviating strongly leftward, spraying the seat and splattering her left thigh, hissing loudly, leaving dribbles on her inner thigh, and a small puddle, on the seat. "SSSShSSS!" It finally weakens, the hissing mellows, and fades to a tinkle, as it gently sprinkles her inner thighs with a few dribbles, from her open lips. "sssshsh..." When she finishes, with a final spurt, she is quite wet. Her lips, inner thighs, and bum cheeks have dribbles on them, and even the tops and fronts of her upper thighs, and her mons, are wet, from her initial sprinkles. I lean forward, lick the dribbles from her upper thighs, kiss them, and bury my face between them. She stands up to give me better access, and squeezes my face between her wet thighs, looks down at me, affectionately, and says, with a smile, "See, I told you that I sometimes get quite wet, even when I do it sitting down! I can never tell how much it's going to spray, or where it will go, especially when I have to restart, so many times. I wanted to let you see all of that, if you were interested, but I wondered if you'd be turned on or off, when it gets so messy?" "I'm definitely interested and turned ON! It's incredibly sexy! I love the way it sprays, when it restarts! It's different, every time, and it's so exciting to watch! And it gets your legs wetter than I expected, and higher, in the front, too, which surprises me." "It does that pretty often. That's why, when I'm wearing a dress or skirt, I have to make sure that I lift it up high enough, in the front, so it doesn't get wet, as I told you, and you've seen for yourself, now," she says, indicating the dribbles on her thighs, mons, and lips. "If I'm naked, I don't have to worry about that!" "When I saw you doing it with your skirt up so high, this afternoon, I thought it was very sexy, but I wondered why you did it that way. And I was curious about why you had folded such a big pad of t.p., and draped it over your leg. I wanted to stay and watch you wipe, so I could see what parts of you got wet, with all of that hissing and spraying, but I didn't dare." "I wouldn't have minded if you watched me wipe, or even "helped" me! I was wondering if you were going to ask, or offer, and I was hoping you would!" "I wish I had known that, at the time!" I hug and kiss her wet thighs, while she is still standing in front of the toilet. Seeing me looking at the dribbles on her thighs, she asks, "Do you want to watch me wipe, like I usually do, now? Or do you want to "help" me?" she asks, as she blots her slit and mons, very briefly, with the pad of t.p., and hands it to me, before she sits down again, with her legs open, ready to be wiped. "I'd love to do both, in a minute," I answer, as I lean forward and resume licking the dribbles from her upper thighs, then get her to open her legs, so I can lick more dribbles from her inner thighs and slit, which is still wet, after her very quick, light blot. She opens her legs wider, thrusting her wet slit harder against my mouth, sighs and purrs, with pleasure, as I continue to lick her. "Are you sure you want to lick me, when I'm all wet with pee? You're actually drinking a lot of it!" "I love to lick you when you're all wet and warm. That's when you're the most sensitive, and you taste delicious!" "Glad you like it, so much! I'll tell you another secret, which might surprise you, if you haven't figured it out, by now. For most of my life, since I was in my teens, I have thought that peeing and wiping, while a guy watches me, is very intimate, sexy, and exciting. So I've been looking for a guy who would really like to have me share that intimacy, with him, for a very long time. I had no idea that you might be that guy!" "That's fantastic! I've been looking for a girl like you, all of my life!" "You talked like you were that guy, when I told you about my experience, in the bathroom, at the restaurant, tonight, but I didn't know if you really meant what you said, like "peeing is the sexiest thing a woman can do," for example. So I admit I've been testing you, and teasing you! And you passed!" "I wondered if you were checking out my interest, or teasing me, when you left the bathroom door halfway open, this afternoon!" (We hug, with her still sitting on the toilet.) "I was! We hadn't talked about it, at that point, and I wanted to know how you felt. Looks like you were telling me the truth, tonight. But you covered your interest so well, before that, even when I left the door halfway open, when I went, this afternoon! I thought you'd take that as an open invitation, which it was!" "But I found you on the other side of the room, looking at your map, when I came out of the bathroom! I thought you'd be near the bathroom door, trying to watch me pee or wipe, as best you could, since I left the door halfway open, and you must have been curious." "Or at the very least, I thought you might be listening, near the door, out of curiosity, since you've never heard or seen me pee, before! So, when you didn't do any of those things, I thought you weren't interested in my peeing, or it turned you off! So I was very disappointed! Could you tell?" "Not at all! Your peeing turned me on, so much, but I didn't know why you left the door halfway open! I was watching you, looking past the door, as best I could, and listening to your incredibly sexy hiss, and your stopping and starting, but I couldn't see your stream, from where I was. That was frustrating! I really wanted to watch you wipe, but I didn't want you to catch me, and be scared, or disgusted, or have you think I was a "creep" or "perv," for watching and listening to you, while you were just trying to "go," before the drive, which is what I thought you wanted." "So when your hiss changed to a tinkle, sounding like you'd be finished soon, I moved to the other side of the room as fast as I could, very reluctantly, and grabbed my map, as a diversion. I didn't know how long it would take you to wipe, and it took you longer than I thought, so I guessed that you were pretty wet. Trying to visualize what parts of you got wet, was a big turn-on, for me!" "I was very wet, by that time, just like I am, now, after stopping and starting, so many times! That's why I was checking my legs for dribbles, in the mirror, when I came out of the bathroom." "I noticed that, and I thought it was very sexy! I was tempted to offer to check and wipe your legs, for you, like you asked me to do, later, at the restaurant!" "That would have gotten my attention, and I would have liked it, because you would have been taking good care of me! I don't think that being interested in how women pee is "creepy" or "perverted," at all! It's just satisfying natural curiosity, which I expected from you, because you've never been this close to me before! I thought you'd like to see how I do these intimate, private things, since we're together, now, and I want to share them with you. I think it brings us closer together." "Thank goodness you feel that way! I agree with you! I think it brings us a lot closer, too! But why didn't you tell me how you felt about your peeing, and that you didn't care much about privacy, at least with me? That's a surprise! Most women are much more secretive about their peeing, than you are!" "Well, a woman has to be very careful what kind of intimate information she shares with a guy. We women are very aware that guys talk about us, in great detail, among themselves, and we don't want to get a reputation as "wild," or "risqué," or even "gross," if they're turned off by something we confide in them, or let them see. I didn't know how you felt about women's peeing, or about mine, so I didn't dare tell you." She stands up again, to give me greater access to her thighs, slit, and bum. She pulls my face in tight, against her thighs and slit, which is still wet, then squeezes my face between her thighs, again. "My god, that feels so good! So much better than dry t.p.! Why don't you finish wiping me, so we can go to bed, and be more comfortable? I don't want to drip on the floor, or get the bed wet." "OK. You're delicious, but I'll wipe you, so you don't drip on the floor, or get the bed wet." I finish wiping her carefully, making sure her bum is dry, so she won't drip, or get the bed wet, but l leave a few dribbles on her lips and inner thighs, for me to lick, in bed. I grab a towel, and place it on the bed, before we finish getting undressed, and lie down. I kiss and lick her slit, inside and out, and finally bring her to a very intense orgasm, with my tongue feathering her clit, as she lies on the towel. She squirts her juices, including some pee, into my mouth, when she cums. "Oh my god! That was incredible!" she says, squeezing my face between her newly wet thighs, as she recovers. "It was incredible for me, too! Glad you liked it as much as I did!" "Did you really like it? I think I squirted a little pee in your mouth, when I had my orgasm. Did you notice?" "Yes! And I loved it! I would love to have had more!" "My god! You have no idea how happy and relieved I am, to hear you say that! That's probably the most intimate of my little secrets! That often happens, when I cum, so I always try to make sure I "go" before I have sex, so I won't pee a lot, and turn the guy off, by spraying him, or wetting the bed! But you actually like it! I want to keep you around!" (Wink and wicked grin.) She snuggles with me, our nude bodies intertwine, and she rubs her bare, wet pussy on my leg. "You won't mind sleeping with a naked woman, will you? I'm not going to put my panties back on." "Not at all! They're the best kind!" Dr.P
  7. More About "Reina:" I mentioned my experience with "Reina" in response to the last question of gldnwetgoose, above, "You wouldn't want to see me wetting myself would you?" It turns out that I posted her full story In Pee Fans Real Pee Experiences, on August 10, 2019, under the title "Reina." But I think it is very relevant to this topic. The only difference is that "Reina" peed in the ocean, rather than the bushes. So I am quoting an excerpt from her full story, here: "Anyway, the gang from the bar decided one Spring that we should try to start a mixed, male and female volleyball team, and play, just for fun, at the beach that Summer. We began meeting at the beach to practice, in late Spring afternoons, during the work week. We all changed at work into our casual clothes, or swimsuits, with casuals on top, before driving to the beach, because the bathrooms at the beach were still closed for the off-season, and there was no other place to change clothes. We usually brought along plenty of beer, soft drinks, and chips, so that these practice sessions wouldn't get too serious. This particular day was warm, so Reina wore a 2-piece bathing suit underneath jeans and a blouse. Since she worked a different shift than I did, she did not ride to the beach with me. She hitched a ride with someone else and we met there. After we had been at the beach for an hour or so, playing volleyball, drinking, and laughing, the weather suddenly turned cool, as a fog bank rolled in. We decided to quit and go home. "Reina" put on her jeans for warmth, confided to me in a whisper that she had to pee, and asked me to find a place for her to go. I didn't bother to put on my pants over my swimsuit, just started searching in vain for an open bathroom, trying very hard to be the good, new boyfriend. None. All closed and locked. No outdoor places with any privacy either, on a deserted, wintry-looking beach and parking lot, except for our group and its vehicles. Her situation was becoming more desperate by the minute. She was dancing around, and openly pressing her crotch. When everyone began noticing, she announced it to the group, with mock seriousness, saying, "My God! What am I going to do? I have to pee so bad and everything is closed!" laughing nervously, all the time. One wise guy, the de facto group leader, who had previously dated, and slept with Reina, suggested she just squat down near one of the closed restroom buildings, and pee in the sand. He said, "We won't watch for too long!" Big laugh, from the whole group. Although she talked a good game, Reina was not quite ready to put on a peeing exhibition for the whole group, and refused, seriously. He, obviously enjoying her predicament, decided to make it even worse, saying, "Well, you better decide what you're going to do here, because I don't want you pissing all over my car, on the way back." It turned out that he had driven her to the beach, and was quite serious, too. She looked back at me, her eyes genuinely pleading, now. The rest of the group also figured she was my problem, since I was her boyfriend of the moment. They all looked at me. I wanted to just take her to my car, and find her a place to pee, out of sight of the others, where I might sneak a peek, of course. I didn't care if she peed in, on, or beside my car; I would have been delighted if she did any or all of those things, in my presence. But I was not sure she could even walk to my car in her present condition, without wetting herself completely. That would mean an embarrassing accident, in full view of everyone, for her. I really liked her a lot, and didn't want that to happen. She was very light, and I was lifting pretty well at the time, so I could have very easily carried her to my car. I seriously considered that. But then the whole group would have seen us, and possibly followed, embarrassing her even more. So I never even offered her that choice. My mind raced, desperately. I remembered a pee letter I had read one time, in "Penthouse Forum," or somewhere, from a woman in a similar predicament, who simply walked out into the surf, squatted, and wet her pants. She said she got instant relief, and no one noticed at all. I told Reina to do exactly that. I said loudly to her, so the group could hear, "Go on down to the water and squat down right in the surf. Go ahead and pee. No one will be able to see anything, and the ocean water will wash your pants, as you pee. Then just sit on your towel, on the way home." She thought about that for a minute, and realized that it was probably her best choice. She took off, running as fast as she could toward the shore, about 50 yards away, and down below a slight rise in the sand surface, so that she would not be visible to anyone in the volleyball area. I didn't know if she would wet herself on the way to the shore, but it wouldn't matter, since no one could see any detail through the fog, as she ran, and the ocean would wash it all away afterward. After my announcement, no one dared follow her, since I was her protector, of the moment. (Of course, I wanted to follow her and watch, but that was not an option, at this point.) She came jogging back up from the surf, a few minutes later. Her jeans were soaked from the waist band to the knees, but dry from the knees down. She was all smiles and much relieved. The group leader said, "My God, "Reina," is that all your piss? You really did have to go!" She said, "No, its about half ocean water, and its cold!" She shivered. Then she turned to me and said, "Thank you. That really worked. You saved me! How did you think of that?" Big smile, big hug for me, throwing her arms around my neck and wrapping her pee-wet legs tightly around one of my bare legs, pee-wet jeans and all. Long, passionate kiss, as I wrapped her in a blanket, and hugged her close to me, trying to warm her up, loving every second of our wet embrace. "Just lucky, I guess", I said loudly. Then, quietly, I whispered in her ear, "What, exactly, did you do?" She whispered back, "Well, I tried to squat, with my back to the surf, but lost my balance and ended up just sitting down on the sand and letting it all go. I had already leaked a little in my jeans, when I was running down there. Then, a little wave came and hit my butt. It was awful cold, but the pee was still warm on me, and the water washed my pants, just like you said it would." Another long, affectionate kiss, wrapping her body, as well as her wet legs around me, and squeezing my leg between hers. Then, wrapped in my blanket, and sitting on her towel, she got in the car and rode back with the group leader, his current girlfriend, and some others." My relationship with her continued, off and on, for a few more years, drinking at happy hour, and dating casually, but we never slept together, and I never got to watch her pee, although we talked about it more than once. But it was fun to have a female friend who seemed to share my interest in the sexuality of pee. And I felt that I could always talk freely with her, about the subject. Dr.P
  8. @gldnwetgoose, "Also we don't know whether this friend knows about your love of peeing. The fact he had a view, perhaps he doesn't want to seem creepy by commenting, but I'm always intrigued by the potential conversations that could arise. I love the fact that we can have an apparently innocent conversation that leads someone straight into our fetish." I am, and always have been, similarly intrigued by the potential conversations that could arise, either initiated by me, or by my response to comments by the female. The female comments you have suggested, are quite imaginative. The only one I have heard commonly is the third one, "It's so easy for you guys, I guess you can just whip it out and pee anywhere" My response to that one borders on the legalistic, so it isn't likely to be much fun. "Yes, very true, but I have to be careful, so I don't get arrested as a sex offender, in today's world, where cameras are everywhere." "You wouldn't believe how amazing that felt" That's a good one. I can show empathy, and also try to initiate further conversation, drawing her out, by saying something like, "Glad you're a lot more comfortable, now. You must have had to go, really bad..." Depending on how well I know the woman, I may add, "Hope everything came out OK..." hoping that she might volunteer some physical details, like what parts of her, or her clothing, got wet, etc. "Is it wrong that it feels so naughty but sort of fun to pee behind a bush" This one is very fertile, since it deals with her attitude, saying she thinks it's fun, as well as that of society, toward public peeing, and she is also asking my opinion on the subject, quite directly. It sounds like she may be interested in pee, and is asking if I share her interest. I don't have any clever or imaginative responses to that one. I would probably revert to the old, "When you've gotta go, you've gotta go! Nothing naughty about that," which tells her that I am good with her behavior, and don't disapprove, at all. Since she has indicated that she thinks it's fun, I might express mild surprise, and ask her why, hoping to steer the conversation in the direction of her personal views toward public urination, and those of society. "You wouldn't want to see me wetting myself would you?" This one is really loaded. It would totally depend on my relationship with her, and my intentions toward her. Again, it sounds like she may be interested in pee, and is asking me if I share her interest. I have never been asked this exact question, but one or two have come very close. If I answer appropriately, echoing socially acceptable norms, "Oh no! I wouldn't want you to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, by wetting yourself!" it covers me, socially, so she won't think I am a "creep" or "perv," but it does not communicate my interest to her. So her implied question is not answered, and the subject will probably not be pursued, in further conversation. On the other hand, if I indicate that I wouldn't mind seeing her wet herself, or that I might even enjoy it, she gets her answer about my interest in her peeing, if that is what she was looking for. But I instantly become a "creep," "perv," and several other repulsive names, if she wasn't asking the question, for that reason. There is a possible middle ground, but it's a very precarious one. I can give her the socially appropriate answer, and follow it with offers of help with her predicament, like helping her find a private place, or even helping her remove or rearrange her clothing, while she pees, if we are really close. I did some semblance of this with "Reina," once. She was a friend whom I dated casually, but never slept with. I think I have reported it here, several years ago. This would actually be best, in the long term, and could open the way to future conversations and reminiscences, on the subject of peeing, and possibly to a whole new relationship. "Who knows where a conversation like that could lead - there are so many of us who've found ourselves into this whole life after something we witnessed or overheard..." I agree. These conversations are almost always a nearly complete surprise to me, and I often bungle my responses! Now, I wonder what I can do to initiate erotic conversations, like these, if and when I find myself in similar situations, with women who need to pee behind a bush? I don't think "Hope everything comes out OK!" or "Did everything come out OK?" is going to fly. Dr.P
  9. Dr.P


    @Puddyls, Love the cross-legged wee, with your powerful stream shooting out between your lovely thighs! Incredibly sexy! xo
  10. "Ellie" Part 3. What Might Have Been: A Romantic Dinner with a "Wet" Interlude. By Dr. P Summary: After our very intimate conversation, during our drive to the restaurant, we have a nice, romantic dinner, as described briefly, in Part 2. She completes it with a trip to the Ladies' room, followed by an extremely erotic, detailed account of the challenges faced by a woman trying to take a very urgent pee in a facility which is less than pristine. She shares the most intimate details of her experience with me, when she returns to our table. This incident expands our conversation into new and more intimate areas, and becomes an integral part of our story, leading to additional activities, to be detailed in a later part of this story. We have a very lovely, romantic dinner, with cocktails before, and wine during the meal. We are sitting side-by-side, in a booth, and I caress her smooth, bare legs, discreetly, under cover of her short, wrap-around denim skirt, and the table cloth. As we finish our dessert and coffee, she crosses her legs, trapping my hand between them, and pulls it in tight against her panties. Then she looks into my eyes, and confides to me, "I have to "go." Just keep your hand where it is for a minute, or two, and help me hold it! I'll tell you when to take it away, so I can stand up, and make it to the Ladies' room, without wetting myself!" "OK. I'll do anything I can to help you! Hope everything comes out OK," I reply. "Wish I could come along!" "Well, you can come along and help me find the Ladies' room! I have to go really bad! Your hand between my legs might get wet, if I don't get there soon!" she says, with a wink and a grin. "Ooh! I'd love that!" I grin and wink back. "Well I wouldn't! It would be embarrassing for me!" After waiting a few minutes, I feel her thighs relax, and she releases my hand, while her panties remain dry. She stands up, and takes my hand in hers. I ask a passing waitress, and she directs us to the nearby facilities. "I have to "go" too," I tell "Ellie," as we separate, in front of the Ladies' room. "Wait for me, afterward, and walk back to the booth with me," she replies. "Sure. Glad to. Are you sure that won't be embarrassing to you?" "Of course not! Why would I care what these people think? We're a couple, and it's perfectly natural for us to walk to and from the restroom, together. After all, you're not coming in with me!" "That's too bad! Wish I was!" "That wish may come true, sometime, but not this time!" (Wink and sly smile.) I meet her in front of the Ladies' room, after what seems like a long wait, and ask, "Did everything come out OK?" with my usual wicked grin. "Not exactly," she replies, in a hushed, confidential tone, directed into my ear, as we walk back to our booth. "For such a nice restaurant, the Ladies' room is not very clean. The seat was all wet, and so was the floor, so I didn't dare sit down! I had to "hover," and it sprayed all over, as you can imagine, from the little secret I told you, about me. I don't know how many times I had to stop and restart, because I had to "go" so bad, and that made it worse, because it sprays and sprinkles, every time I do that." We reach the booth, I slide into it first, while she remains standing and continues her story, in a hushed voice, close to my ear: "It started leaking, and running down my legs, while I was still standing up! I felt it sprinkling my legs, at first, and couldn't get it to stop! I had to hold my skirt up with one hand, and take my panties off, with the other. Not easy! And it was taking a lot of time! I couldn't wait, when I had to 'go' so bad! I was trying to take my panties off, while I was holding my skirt out of the way, because a lot was starting to come out! And I couldn't even start to squat, before it gushed down both of my legs, and ran all the way down to my ankles!" "When it finally stopped, my legs had dribbles all over them, so it took me a long time to wipe, and I still don't know if I got it all. Lucky my skirt and panties didn't get wet! Do you see any dribbles on my legs? Look at them in the back, when I turn around, OK? Can you check me out with your hand, now, and after I sit down?" "That will be a labor of love!" I reply, with a grin, catching her eyes. "Hope you enjoy it, but you have to do a good job! Don't miss anything!" She smiles back. "Trust me!" I reply. She steps away from the booth, twirls once, showing me the backs of her legs, then looks into my eyes, for my observations. After looking carefully at her legs, from my low vantage point, I reassure her, "You look dry, to me, and more beautiful than ever." "Thanks for looking. You're very sweet." "The pleasure was all mine," I reply, truthfully. Then she moves closer to the booth, and stands beside me, legs separated just enough to allow my hand between them. I run my hand discreetly up the backs and insides of her legs, from her calves to her thighs, staying below her panties, for discretion, under her skirt, checking her for wetness, or dribbles, but finding nothing. Then she slides into the booth, sitting very close to me, takes my hand, and puts it between her thighs, again, tight against her panties, under cover of her skirt and the table cloth. "I hope I'm dry!" she whispers, as she opens her legs to allow me to feel her inner thighs and panties, very carefully. "Your legs are OK, but your panties are a little damp, toward the back. Not enough to soak through your skirt, and show, though." "Yeah, I knew I squirted a little in my panties, when I discovered that I had to squat, and took them all the way off, so I could do it, in a big hurry, without getting them wet! I really had to "go!" I often drop them down to my ankles, if the floor is clean, but I couldn't do that, here. I knew it would spray, because I had to go so bad! If I don't have to "go" so bad, I can just pull them down to mid thigh, and let them stretch, between my legs." "Sounds like a big hassle! Wish I could have been there to help you with your skirt and panties, and anything else you needed!" I'd love to see you squat, when you do it. It sounds very sexy!" "I don't know if you'd like to see me do it when I have to squat! It can be awfully messy, like it was, this time! You might think it's gross, and messy, and a turn-off!" "No way! Not at all! The messier the better, for me!" "This time it ran down my legs, all the way to my ankles, as I said! I don't know if you'd want to see that! It doesn't happen very often, but this time, it was really bad!" "I can squat when I pee, but I don't do very well, standing up straight, with my legs too close together! At the very least, I have to spread my legs, so they don't get wet! Lucky I got my panties all the way off, because it gushed and sprayed, and ran down my legs, before I even had a chance to spread them, which usually helps! Lucky I didn't have hose on, or they would have been soaked with pee!" "Wish I could have been there to help you, and see that! I'd wipe all of it off of your legs, from your ankles, all the way up! I know it was a bad experience for you, and I hope you'll excuse me for saying this, but it sounds very sexy, to me!" "I didn't think it was sexy at all, just awfully messy, gross, and embarrassing! I wouldn't have wanted you to see me, with pee running down my legs, and leaving dribbles on them, because it might really turn you off!" "Not at all! I think I'd it find it incredibly sexy! To me, peeing is the sexiest thing a woman can do, and there's nothing sexier than seeing pee running down her lovely legs, and leaving dribbles on them!" "I'd love to watch you squat to pee, sometime, when you can spread your legs! Hope you'll show me how you do it! After you've told me all of this, I'm very curious about you, and really turned on!" "Well, I'll have to think about that, and get to know you better, before I let you see me do it that way. You haven't even seen me do it sitting down, yet, in any detail! Sometimes my legs, or the seat, get wet, even when I'm sitting down, and I don't know if that might turn you off. That's part of the reason I left the door half open, when I went, earlier this evening. I wanted to see your reaction. And I still don't have an answer to that!" She locks eyes with me, with a questioning expression. "Sorry I didn't give you a straight answer to your question, right up front! Your little demonstration, if that's what it was, was one of the most erotic scenes I've ever seen, and an incredible turn-on, for me! No chance for me to be turned off, by what I've already seen and heard from you, from a distance! I only wish I could have seen more, up close, and personal! But as I told you, I was afraid to walk in on you, or even ask, because you might think I'm some kind of pervert!" "I loved your sexy hiss, and the way you started and stopped, several times, when I heard you "go"! Do you always do that? I think that's very sexy, because it must spray, or gush, when you restart. I would love to see how you do that, if you'll show me. I couldn't see your stream, from where I was, and that was disappointing." "Yes, my loud hiss and the stopping and starting are caused by the same problem, and I do both, all the time. I had a pretty serious bladder infection some years ago, and it left some scar tissue inside of me, so I have to push a little bit harder to get my pee to come out. It sometimes stops my stream in the middle of my peeing, if I don't keep pushing, so I have to restart." "And you're right that it often sprays and sprinkles sort of unpredictably, when I restart. How did you guess that? I know I didn't tell you. So it can be a little bit messy, especially at times when I have to go really bad. But that's what toilet paper is for, so I don't worry about it much. It's a lot better than having surgery to fix it, which the doctor recommends." "I guessed that it sprays when you restart, because that's how it sounded, this evening, when I was listening to you." "That was a good guess! You must be very interested in how women pee, or at least in how I do it! The doctor said it's all caused by the scar tissue or adhesions, from the infection, in my case. The surgery and recovery recommended to fix my problem sounds nasty, and I don't want it, so I just live with it. It isn't much of a problem, and I'm glad you like it, and think it's sexy! I've never heard that, before! My pee still comes out as strongly as ever, but a little messier, and my hiss is a little louder than it used to be." "Yes, I'm very interested in how women pee, and especially how you do it! Seeing what parts of you get wet would add to the intimacy of watching you pee, if you'll let me. Very erotic, and a huge turn-on! Your hiss, your spray, and your starting and stopping, are incredibly sexy, over the top, for me!" "Glad you see it that way! That's not at all what I expected from you, and I'm very relieved and happy that you're so turned on by my little pee secrets!" We reach out to each other, side-by-side, in the booth, and hug and kiss, very affectionately. I pay the bill, and we walk back to my truck, hand in hand. We kiss passionately, and share a full body hug, leaning against the truck. We stop at another place for a drink and some dancing, to further set a romantic mood, on the way back to the hotel. She doesn't use the Ladies' room again, although she seems a little anxious, as we get in the truck, to go back to our hotel. Dr. P
  11. @luv2watch, I had similar experiences, 30 or more years ago, but I noticed that times were changing, for the worse, unfortunately. Now, I appreciate the fact that I was working during a very liberated and fun time. I looked forward to working every day, because of the opportunities for fun, flirtations, and risque conversations, which would probably not be possible, today.
  12. @luv2watch, "The concept of watching old women pee is erotic because they grew up in a more repressed era when women were much more private and more easily embarrassed about peeing in front of men." I totally agree with you, on that. Having grown up in a more repressed era makes their preferred peeing styles very interesting, often more shy and modest. And their clothing may also influence their peeing styles, and make them even more erotic. (Classic nylon stockings, under skirts and dresses, etc.) "Although she is not on my " want to see pee list',, I sometimes wondered what would happen if we were talking in her apartment, and she excused herself to use the bathroom. What if i sincerely said " You know, I would like to come watch you go if you don't mind'. I think she might have allowed it." You may be right, but the risk to you is very high, as you point out, in your next paragraphs. If you ask directly, as you suggest, and the lady takes it badly, you can rest assured that the news of your "perverse" request will be known to all of the women in your apartment complex, at the speed of light, in addition to the other possible consequences that you point out. I am considerably older than you are, and I would suggest a more low key, indirect approach. You may be able to use sound as an ally. If you find yourself in a lady's apartment when she excuses herself to pee, try to situate yourself, very discreetly, so that you can hear her hiss and tinkle, then comment on it, very politely, and get her reaction, "Sounds like you really had to go bad. You must have been very uncomfortable!" If you're lucky, she may respond with some comment about her health, and how some health issue affects her peeing. You may be able to draw her out, and get her to elaborate. You have now broken the ice, and you may be able to ask her about her health issue, in future conversations. This can lead to more intimate conversations about how, when, and where she pees, and you may eventually be able to express your interest. But up to that point, you have not said or done anything to harass her. You've simply expressed an interest in her health, showing empathy. Believe it or not, there are some women out there, who are as interested in peeing as we are, but they are reluctant to admit their interests, because they fear the same consequences we do. So they may be much more inclined to reveal their interests in a low key, initially non-sexual conversation. Good luck! Dr. P
  13. @Adenn, You are very fortunate! Thanks for posting, and welcome!
  14. @UnabashedUser, "Oh just have to love a girl like that! Her backstory would have fired the imagination for a long time." Yes, it has fired my imagination, for many years. Unfortunately, I never asked her about her backstory, which seems strange to me, now. I have no idea why I didn't, since she answered all of my other intimate questions about her peeing, with no hesitation, or apparent embarrassment. Did I fear bad consequences, or was I just inhibited, or stupid? My experience with her was my first openly "wet," physically interactive experience with an adult woman, other than my wife. "My wife, Bonita, used to have pissing games with other girls when growing up poor in the back alleys of Juarez Mexico and consequently had a more practical and fun view of the sport. She also is an artist in how she manipulates the stream, force of flow, and how she adjusts the labia and posture for maximizing the timbre and volume level of the symphony of those hissing sounds we all know and love and crave." You are very fortunate to have such an enthusiastic artist, as your partner! "In your experience did any of your partners enjoy peeing on your penis (or elsewhere on your body) ? Bonita is the only partner I've had who proposes such a thing and enjoys it." Very good question! And the answer is YES! Two of them did. And very ironically "Melissa"/"Michelle," one of the most inhibited, initially, was one of them. (She was the one who locked the door and ran tap water to cover her peeing sounds, when we were first together.) I have posted true stories about her on Pee Fans, several years ago. This happened a couple of years later in our relationship, when we had long since crossed the "pee barrier." She went with me on a trip to "The Big Easy," and we stayed in the French Quarter, for several days. She was very relaxed, since we were completely alone, away from family and friends, who tended to inhibit her, even more. While we were there, she initiated two activities: One was for her to sit on my lap, facing me, legs straddling mine, on the toilet, and pee on my penis. This was usually followed by us having intercourse, right there on the toilet, afterward. I wanted to watch her pee stream wet my cock, but she refused, saying "Just enjoy how nice and warm it feels. You don't have to watch it every time." The second was for me to kneel in front of her, when she was sitting on the toilet, put my penis between her legs, and pee on her slit, while she peed on my penis. Just seeing her sitting on the toilet, with her legs open, was such a turn-on that I got hard, and couldn't pee. She laughed, and put my hand under warm water from the sink tap, which worked. She said that's what you do with little kids, to potty train them. She warned me, jokingly, not to complain if she wasn't as fresh as usual, when I licked her that night, since it was partly my fault, because I peed on her. Talk about backstories! I really wanted to find out how and where she got the ideas for both of those activities! She was so inhibited when I met her, that I can't believe that she thought of them, all by herself. I did ask her, but she evaded my questions, telling me to just enjoy the activities. I suspect that one or more of her close girlfriends suggested them to her, since they were a bit more sophisticated than she was. One of those girlfriends actually introduced us to one another. The second gf who initiated such an activity was "Lisa," who was also very slow to allow me to watch her pee, because of a psychologically devastating experience, with a previous lover, involving her pee. (I have posted my experiences with her on Pee Fans, several years ago.) Anyway, we often made love in her ancient Cadillac, in the parking lots of bars, after having drinks at happy hour, on weekday afternoons. She would usually sit on the running board of the Caddy, to pee, while I watched, before we got started. One day, as we entered the car, I got ready to open the front passenger side door for her to do that, as usual, but she told me she wanted to use the rear seat, for a change. So I opened one of the rear doors. She told me to get in first, and lie down on the seat, with my head toward one of the doors. She climbed in on top of me, took off her panties, and straddled my face with her thighs, with her pussy near my mouth, several inches above it, all covered by her loose-fitting skirt, like a tent. She couldn't see my face or my mouth, through her skirt, but chance passers by couldn't see what we were doing, either. When she started to pee, it ran down her right thigh, so I turned my head, put my mouth on her thigh, and drank in her nectar. She stopped peeing and asked, "Are you getting any?" "Yes, I'm getting most of it! It's delicious!" "But I can feel it running down my leg! I want to do it directly in your mouth!" "This is good, but that sounds even better! Go ahead." She lowered herself over me, and made some adjustments, until her lips were in contact with mine. I licked her pussy, to prove that she was in position. Then she started peeing again. At first her gush overwhelmed my ability to swallow. She noticed, and stopped her flow, then let it go again, stopping intermittently, to allow me to swallow. This continued until she had emptied her bladder completely, in my mouth and the collar of my knit summer polo shirt, which was thoroughly soaked. The cleanup took a half box of Kleenex, and a spare towel, but it was well worth it. I loved the smell of my polo shirt so much, that I delayed washing it for a couple of weeks!
  15. @UnabashedUser, Enjoyed reading your observations. They are mostly very similar to mine, which doesn't surprise me, at all. "Never had a viewing or other pee related sex with the 3 before intercourse although probably missed opportunities." That matches my experience, exactly. "Have found that once you're close enough to a woman that she enjoys your tongue on her pussy, urinary meatus, and anus then she's probably open to you at least watching her sit on the toilet, hopefully spread wide." Not necessarily, in my experience. I had one very opposite experience: "Michelle" (or Melissa, as I have called her, in recent writings) absolutely loved my "mustache rides," but it took me more than a year to get in the bathroom with her, when she peed. She was the type who closed and locked the door, and ran tap water to cover the sounds of her hiss and tinkle. And for a long time, she would always pee with her thighs pressed tightly together, so I couldn't see anything interesting, when I was in there with her. I had to be content with burying my face in her thighs, and kissing them, while she peed, then licking the dribbles from her thighs and slit, when she was done. But there was eventually a happy and satisfying development, in all of this, related to your next observation. "If she's antsy about letting you tongue her peehole or recoils when your tongue wanders over her asshole it's usually a no-go for any urine play. Unfortunately most women winding up in my bed fit this description." "Melissa" was a little antsy when I tongued her peehole, because she was afraid she would lose control, and pee in my face. I told her to go right ahead! I would love it! Bring it on! She loved it when I tongued her there, and it always gave her intense orgasms, which she enjoyed, but she never peed in my face, which was disappointing, to me. So she got in the habit of warning me, "You better watch out, if you keep your tongue in that spot, you might get awfully wet!" One night, when she gave me that warning, I replied, "Promises, promises!" and we both had a hearty laugh. "That being said, the remaining 3 one was already a fan and called me into the toilet to watch (surprise)." I had one, very similar experience. We had just had intercourse, for the very first time, and she said she had to pee. "Can I come with?" I asked. "Do you want me to sit or stand?" was her answer. "You can stand, when you do it?" I answered. "Sure. My mother taught me, from little on." She took me in the bathroom, and showed me proudly how she could stand straight up, with her knees locked, and pee directly into the bowl. When she finished, I licked the last drops of her pee from her hair, and she said, "That was nice!" I was very surprised at her nonchalant attitude toward peeing. To this day, I have no idea if she, or her husband, or other lovers, were fans of peeing. But she took it right in stride. "The other two when I proposed watching, gave me a giggle and said OK why not? They hadn't done it before but confessed it excited them which led to incredible sex after they finished." I've never had that reaction, exactly. When I confided my interest in female peeing to one gf, she said, "That's a little kinky, but not too bad." But she didn't volunteer to let me watch her. For context, that was in 1976. I don't know how it would be viewed, today.
  16. @gldenwetgoose, "A small number very much bare more than a passing resemblance to real life people I happen to know." I have a couple of USB drives, with similar content, of which a very small number resemble real people that I know. The most striking of these, in recent memory, is "Nicole," about whom I have not only fantasized, but have written, and continue to write and post, fictional stories, on Pee Fans. "Perhaps one step too far? Looking at a two dimensional photo of a girl mid flow and thinking about the real life person in that scenario? If so then judge me.... none of us are totally innocent though are we." I am another one who could be judged, on this basis, but I don't feel the slightest guilt about it. I have not identified any real person, in my writings, and the resemblance exists only in my imagination, although it is uncannily accurate, in this particular instance. So much so, that I would love to find information on the model who posed for these pictures, so I could find more pictures of her. I have recently taken this a step further, adding illustrations ("visual aids") to my fictional stories, which are often based on real people, so I consciously search for pictures which resemble those real people, mostly unsuccessfully. I don't feel guilty about this, either. It is all entirely fictional, and little different, in my view, from the fake celebrity pee pictures, posted on this site. But in this case, the real person who may be associated with the picture, is far less likely to be identifiable, than the celebrity .
  17. @puddyls, Extremely erotic and sensual! Thanks for posting!
  18. "Ellie" What Might Have Been: An Alternative Scenario By Dr.P Summary: This is a story with its beginning in a factual, bygone reality, described in Part 1, where I made a critical decision to conceal my interest in her peeing to a girlfriend, whom I ended up dating, and having a sexual relationship with, for ten or more years, off and on. In Part 2 of this fictitious version, I make the opposite decision, in the same situation, and the scenario unfolds in a very different direction, starting with a long and intimate fictitious conversation about her peeing, and her attitudes toward it, followed by our entry into a "wet" relationship, possibly in Part 3, which I have not yet written, where I watch her pee, in addition to listening to her, and we engage in other forms of pee sex, licking, etc. The situation of Part 1, and the fictitious conversation of Part 2, may be interesting to readers who have found themselves in similar frustrating situations, in reality, as I have. I wrote a different fictitious scenario, illustrating a somewhat different approach to the same situation, with the same lady, entitled "I Thought You'd Never Ask" on October 2, 2017. Part 1. The Reality. Here is the story, beginning with the real situation, at the time, in the early 1970's. "Ellie" was an attractive lady, with whom I worked, in the 1970's and '80's. She had stunningly beautiful legs, which she loved to show off, wearing the shortest of miniskirts throughout the entire decade of the 1970's, and beyond. (Like Ally McBeal on US TV in the late 1990's). She was a few years older than I, recently divorced, and reputed to be a "swinger," at the time. She was a "Good Ol' Girl", born and raised in Texas, and seemed a little more adventurous than other women, even in that time of the "Sexual Revolution", in the US. Just for fun, during that time, she clipped her company badge to the side of her panties, and simply lifted her miniskirt to show it to the male security guy, on entering the facility in the morning. She told me she didn't care who looked up her short skirts. She really meant that, and I was always delighted to sit across from her while we talked! Although "Ellie" was having an ongoing affair with another guy at work, we had many long and stimulating conversations. I was drawn to her, and openly pursued her for several years. We could talk, and we connected on many levels. Eventually, after I helped her manage and escape a particularly nasty political situation at work, we became very close friends and began dating occasionally, but not yet sleeping together. Finally, I convinced her to go along with me on a short business trip, to an adjacent state. We knew we would be sleeping together on the trip, and talked about it intimately and enthusiastically. She told me to bring along some "protection", since she was off the pill. (Her steady boyfriend had had a vasectomy, while I had not, at that point.) We traveled by car for most of a Sunday, talking animatedly all the way. After checking into the motel, we showered separately and dressed for dinner, all casually and uneventfully, since we had 3 days, and there was no hurry to "jump each other's bones," as the saying went, at the time. We were about to leave for dinner, standing together between the bathroom door and the room door, talking about the restaurant we had chosen, and how far it was from the motel. She asked me how much time it would take to get there. "About a half hour," I said. She turned to me, took my hands in hers, looked deeply into my eyes and said, "I have to "go" before we leave, OK?" Without waiting for my answer, she slipped into the bathroom, moving the door slightly, to a half-closed position, but still open about a foot, on the knob side, with a lesser gap, on the hinge side. She left it there, as if it didn't really matter to her, since she was just following a social protocol. "Go ahead, get comfortable, we've got plenty of time to make our reservation," I replied, trying to sound as casual and relaxed as possible. Her manner was a huge (and very welcome) surprise to me, maybe a pleasant shock would be more accurate, since we hadn't yet slept together, and she was about to pee with no real visual or sound barriers between us! I was accustomed to women nervously closing and locking bathroom doors, and even running tap water to cover their peeing sounds, in similar situations, no matter how "liberated" they pretended to be. (This was in the early to mid 1970's.) The way she looked into my eyes and held my hands when she informed me of her need to pee, made me wonder if she was giving me some sort of invitation. I also wondered why she hadn't peed in complete privacy, without telling me, at all, during the time she had spent showering, and dressing for dinner, behind closed doors. That was my experience with most women I had dated, up to that time. Seeing the half-open door, I was sorely tempted. I really wanted to watch her pee. But I knew that at this delicate point in the relationship, I didn't dare just walk in on her, or stand in the open doorway and watch her, where she could see me. To do so could be considered extremely rude, possibly frightening, creepy, or disgusting to her, thereby ruining what could be a great few days together. And I knew she would tell everyone at work what a sicko pervert I was, if she took it particularly badly. So I was torn between curiosity, lust, and fear. Curiosity and lust won, but I was extremely careful, knowing what I perceived to be the risks. I moved silently to a point near the bathroom door, where I could see through the narrow open space between the hinge and the jamb, yet not be seen easily from her position, on the toilet. I had a perfect right side and partial front view of her, sitting on the toilet, short skirt gathered very high, around her waist, out of the way, panties below her knees, with her beautiful, smooth bare thighs fully exposed and separated comfortably, about 3 or 4 inches apart at her knees, and open all the way up to her slit, (which I couldn't see), totally relaxed. She had a length of toilet paper, which she folded slowly and neatly, while she peed, and draped carefully over her left thigh, ready for use, and she was looking down, at her thighs, rather than at the door. I could not see her pussy or her stream at this angle, but I could hear everything extremely well. This would have to do. Although she sat in a very relaxed, nonchalant fashion, and her need hadn't seemed urgent when she told me she had to "go," her stream gushed and sprayed forcefully into the bowl, hissing loudly, stopping and re-starting three times, before slowing to a trickle and stopping, finally. Although I had heard gallons of female pee, growing up with a mother and three younger sisters, in a small house, with one bathroom, I had never heard anything like this. The gushing and hissing were a fantastic turn-on, and the stopping and starting were incredibly exciting, nearly driving me over the edge, as I imagined her spraying her inner thighs and bum, with a burst, each time she re-started! I also wanted to watch her wipe, since I was confident, in my fantasy, that this spectacular audio performance would have left her thighs and buttocks quite wet, or at the very least, sprinkled with a few drops, from the hissing sprays, and repeated starts and stops. I wanted to see where that wetness and those dribbles had landed, on her body, and watch how she wiped them away, if she tried to. But I quickly came to my senses and moved discretely away from my vantage point, realizing that if she looked up from her thighs, to the doorway, and caught me too close to the bathroom door, it would give the game away, and all could be lost. But I only moved a couple of feet away from the door, and feigned interest in my road map, while I waited for her to finish peeing and wiping, still able to hear everything going on, in the bathroom. She emerged from the bathroom after a few minutes, still smoothing her skirt, and checking her bare legs in the full length mirror, presumably for dribbles. Part 2. The Conversation. "Good that you decided to go here! It sounded like you had to go pretty bad, and you could have been very uncomfortable, on our way to the restaurant. You look beautiful! You've got a nice tan on your legs, too!" "Yeah, I had to go pretty bad, much more than I thought, and I'm glad I went! I'm much more comfortable, now, so we can get going, if you're ready. I was just checking my legs for stray dribbles. It sprayed a lot, as I'm sure you could hear, and I didn't want to leave, with wet legs!" "Yep. I heard. Your hiss is very feminine and sexy. And your legs look dry, to me." "You think my hiss is sexy? I'm a little surprised that a guy would think that! I would think that it would turn a guy off. And my spray can be messy, too!" "It depends on the guy! I think peeing is the sexiest thing a woman can do! I love to hear it and see it, but I don't often get the chance!" I pocket the room key, and we walk to my truck, together, holding hands, affectionately. I open the door for her, and she gets in. I compliment her, "I love that skirt! It really shows off your beautiful legs." "Thanks! Glad to hear that you like my legs, so much. I've noticed you looking at them." (Wink and smile.) After I get in, and start the engine, she continues, "Guess you got a better look, when you saw me in the bathroom, tonight." (Wink and wicked grin.) "Yep. Guilty as charged. I wondered why you left the door half-open, and if you wanted me with you. I was afraid I might embarrass you, if I asked. But I was totally surprised, and delighted, and I couldn't resist! I didn't know if you left the door open, on purpose, or just forgot to close it, all the way. So I didn't dare open it, and walk in on you. You're very open and relaxed. Most women close and lock the door, and even run tap water, to cover their tinkle and hiss!" "I'm not that uptight, when I'm with a guy that I know and trust, like you. If he's seen me naked, and we're sleeping together, why would it matter if he sees me sitting on the toilet, or hears me pee? It's just a natural thing, and I know some guys are curious about it, but some are not, and some actually claim to be turned off, but I don't believe that! "You could have asked, or just walked in. I wouldn't have minded. If I wanted privacy, I would have closed the door all the way. I was afraid to invite you in, outright, in case it might turn you off. Some guys are like that, and they could spread stories about me. I didn't know how you felt. I'm glad you were listening to me, and think my hiss is sexy. I thought you might. It has always sounded like that. It's a natural thing for me, which I'll explain, in a minute." "That's why I left the door only halfway open, for you, since I didn't know how you felt. You could just ignore it, if you weren't interested, or it turned you off. But you must be one of the guys who is interested and turned on, which makes me feel very comfortable, with you. As long as we've known each other, we've never talked about these things, so I had no idea." "You have a very sexy peeing style. I love the way you sit, so relaxed, with your skirt up so high, and your lovely legs open. And I really love your hiss! I think your hiss is very feminine, and extremely sexy! I love to listen to it!" "My pee always hisses loud like that, even when I don't have to go too bad. I had a lot of bladder infections, at one time, so I have scar tissue, which makes it hiss and spray. My gynecologist wants to do surgery on me, but I don't want it. To me, it's just a minor annoyance, one of my little secrets, for you to know about me, since we're together now." "I have to lift my skirt up high, in the front, as you saw, because it sometimes sprays high, in the front, and would get my skirt wet, if it was in the way. If I lift it up high enough, all I have to do is wipe my legs, instead of trying to get my skirt dry." "Ooh, I would love to see that!" "You mean you'd like to watch me do it? I'm not surprised at that! But I guess you already saw me do it, just now, if you wanted to. That's why I left the door open for you. I don't mind if you watched me, and I'm not surprised. I expected you to." "Yes, I watched you, but I didn't get to see everything I wanted to see. Does that scare you, or turn you off?" "No. Not at all, and you can watch me, anytime, if you want. We know each other well enough, and I'm not shy. What did you want to see, that you didn't get to see?" "I want to look between your legs and see how it actually comes out. And I'd like to see what parts of you get wet, and how you wipe, and help you, if you'll let me." "OK. I'll let you see and do all of that, later, when I have to go again." "You're a dream come true!" We stop at a traffic light, and I reach over, pull her closer, and kiss her, then reach down and caress her bare thighs, beneath her short skirt. We arrive at the restaurant, and have a very pleasant, much more intimate dinner, than either of us anticipated. After dinner, we walk out into the parking lot, I wrap my arms around her, hug her tight, and kiss her, then take her hand and lead her to my truck. When we get back to the room, she says, "I have to go, now. Do you want to come with me, this time?" "I'd love to, if you'll let me!' "Sure. Why not?" She takes my hand, and leads me into the bathroom. She lifts her skirt, slips her panties to below her knees, sits down, and opens her legs. "Is this how you saw me do it before?" "Yes." I drop to my knees, in front of her, and look between her legs, with my face between her knees. "You better back off a little, or your face will get wet. Sometimes it sprays, when I start." "I don't care. I just want to see how it comes out." "OK. But I warned you." Dr.P
  19. @gldenwetgoose, That's a very rational way to look at it. And you're leaving it open ended, just in case something should arise. I've found that remaining alert to unexpected possibilities is very important.
  20. @gldnwetgoose, Too bad you probably won't be able to discuss these childhood memories with her, especially in a public forum, like FB. It would be interesting if you could work it into a private phone conversation with her. I have one or two similar childhood memories, which I am certain I won't be able to pursue. On the other hand, I am still fortunate enough to be in private phone contact with a former gf, with whom I had a full-on, "wet" relationship, for more then ten years, and a semi-platonic woman friend, who once told me a very erotic pee story, from her own childhood, in Europe. My former gf is quite open with me about her peeing, and has told me about some recent wetting incidents, in detail. I plan to explore some mutual memories with her soon. I also plan to remind my semi-platonic friend about the story she told me, and ask her for details, when she seems to be in a receptive and sexy mood.
  21. Alfresco wrote: "When a lady I am with heads for the toilet, I imagine her sitting on the toilet or depending on the person maybe hovering over the toilet." @Alfresco, I do the same thing, but I take it a step further, in my imagination. I try to guess her peeing style, sitting, hovering, or even standing, legs open or together, from my previous observations of her body language and personality, in other situations.
  22. @UnabashedUser, "I think she was testing the water, pardon for the pun, to see if you were going to do something. I can imagine her fiddling with her labia to get the loudest and clearest hiss, letting a squirt out to test, waiting listening to hear if you got up, or went to the door, or said something, then more piss maybe a little diddling of the clit while pausing the stream again." I totally agree with you that she was testing the water, as you say, and I missed her cues, by not reacting as she expected. Your scenario is interesting, but very different from reality, at least for the first time, of many, over ten years, that she did this. Her seated peeing style was very relaxed and conventional, not matching the sound effects, at all. Here is the whole story: We were on a business trip to a conference in another state, our first, together. We had known each other for several years, at work, but had only been dating for a couple of months, and had not yet slept together. We drove to the conference, instead of flying, and arrived at our hotel in the late afternoon. We showered, separately, and got ready to go out to dinner. We were about to leave for dinner, standing together between the bathroom door and the room door, talking about the restaurant we had chosen, and how far it was from the motel. She asked me how much time it would take to get there. "About a half hour," I said. She turned to me, took my hands in hers, looked deeply into my eyes and said, "I have to "go" before we leave, OK?" Without waiting for my answer, she slipped into the bathroom, moving the door slightly, to a half-closed position, but still open about a foot, on the knob side, with a lesser gap, on the hinge side. She left it there, as if it didn't really matter to her ,since she was just following a social protocol. "Go ahead, get comfortable," I said, trying to sound as casual and relaxed as possible. Her manner was a huge (and very welcome) surprise to me, maybe a pleasant shock would be more accurate, since we hadn't even slept together, and she was about to pee with no real visual or sound barriers between us! I was accustomed to women nervously closing and locking bathroom doors, and even running tap water to cover their peeing sounds, in similar situations, no matter how "liberated" they pretended to be. (This was in the early to mid 1970's.) The way she looked into my eyes and held my hands when she informed me of her need to pee, made me wonder if she was giving me some sort of invitation. I also wondered why she hadn't peed in complete privacy, during the time she had spent showering and dressing for dinner, without telling me at all. That was my experience with most women I had dated, up to that time. Seeing the half-open door, I really wanted to watch her pee. But I knew that at this delicate point in the relationship, I didn't dare just walk in on her, or stand in the open doorway and watch her, where she could see me. To do so could be considered extremely rude, possibly frightening or disgusting to her, thereby ruining what could be a great few days together. And I knew she would tell everyone at work what a sicko pervert I was, if she took it particularly badly. So I was torn between curiosity, lust, and fear. Curiosity and lust won, but I was extremely careful, knowing what I perceived to be the risks. I moved silently to a point near the door, where I could see through the narrow open space between the hinge and the jamb. I had a perfect right side and partial front view of her sitting on the toilet, short skirt gathered up around her waist, out of the way, panties below her knees, with her beautiful, smooth bare thighs fully exposed and separated comfortably, about 3 or 4 inches apart at her knees, and open all the way up to her slit, (which I couldn't see), totally relaxed. She had a length of toilet paper, which she had folded slowly and neatly, while she peed, draped carefully over her left thigh, ready for use. I could not see her pussy or her stream at this angle, but could hear everything extremely well. This would have to do. Although she sat in a very relaxed, nonchalant fashion, and she hadn't seemed desperate when she told me she had to "go," her stream gushed and hissed forcefully into the bowl, stopping and re-starting three times, before slowing to a trickle and stopping, finally. Although I had heard gallons of female pee, growing up with a mother and three younger sisters, in a small house, with one bathroom, I had never heard anything like this. The gushing and hissing were a fantastic turn-on, and the stopping and starting were incredibly exciting, nearly driving me over the edge, as I imagined her spraying her inner thighs and bum, each time that she re-started! I wanted to watch her wipe, since I was confident that this spectacular audio performance could have left her thighs and buttocks quite wet, or at the very least sprinkled with a few drops, from the hissing sprays, and repeated starts and stops. I wanted to see where that wetness and those dribbles were on her body, and watch how she wiped them away, if she tried to. But I quickly came to my senses and moved discretely away from my vantage point, realizing that if she looked up and caught me too close to the door, it would give the game away, and all could be lost. So I moved quickly and quietly to the opposite end of the room, near the windows, where my location would not indicate any interest in her bathroom activities. She emerged from the bathroom after a few minutes, still smoothing her skirt, and checking her bare legs in the mirror, presumably for dribbles. She looked for me first in my former position near the bathroom door, but finally found me across the room, near the windows. She looked a little puzzled at my location, but didn't say anything. She probably thought I wasn't interested in her peeing, and may have wondered why? Was I truly disinterested? Even disgusted? Embarrassed by her openness and relaxed attitude toward natural bodily functions? Shy? Or truly interested, but hiding my interest, for reasons of social protocol, and fear of being branded a "pervert?" UnabashedUser wrote, further: "I probably in younger days would have said something like "Are you okay?" or "did you fall in again?" Or something obtuse just to see what would happen next, or even just blurting out "Can I come in?" to see what would happen." Similar scenarios happened with this lady, over the ten years that we continued our occasional dating. She always left the door open, and I was always able to listen to her, but never had the opportunity to watch her, again. In addition to simply asking if I could come in, I considered commenting something like, "Sounds like you really had to go bad. You should have told me. You could have gone at the restaurant (or bar), or we could have left for home earlier." That would have shown empathy and concern for her comfort, so there was little danger that she would brand me a pervert. But it would reveal that I was aware of her peeing, in some detail, and had listened to her, so I never even had the nerve to do that. "Excellent recollection of a very hot happening." Thanks. This one is etched in my memory, forever, although I never got to see her stream, or the dribbles inevitably left on her thighs and bum, afterward. I never mentioned my interest to her, because I enjoyed listening to her, and I was afraid she would start closing the door, so I wouldn't get to hear her, at all. I reasoned that making her aware of my interest, could embarrass her, or make her angry, if she took it badly. Dr.P
  23. @LoveTheTinkle, I totally agree with you about all of the negative possibilities possibly arising from acting on these fantasies. To me, the hard part is recognizing the "very clear sign," if and when it occurs. I have posted my experiences with "Ellie," a g.f. from decades ago, here on Pee Fans, who always peed with the bathroom door partially open, when we were together. She peed with a very loud hiss, typically stopping and re-starting several times in one sitting, which was incredibly erotic, to me, so I fantasized about her peeing, a lot. But we worked together, in the same company, so I never dared to walk in on her, feigning accident or drunkenness, or even comment on her peeing, over an off and on dating and sexual relationship, lasting around ten years. I have subsequently described her behavior to several women friends, over many years, asking their opinions on her motivation, intentions, etc. toward me, regarding her peeing. The predominant opinion has been that she was either testing my interest in her peeing, hoping for a reaction, so she could open up about her own interest, or that she was actively teasing me, hoping that I would make a move, or ask her permission to watch her pee, at the very least. So I probably missed out on a lot of fun, because of my hesitancy. So this is apparently a much more complicated decision than it appears to be. Given current mainstream views about privacy, it is even more risky. But I will never stop wondering about "what might have been" with Ellie and me, if I had been braver. Dr.P
  24. "Leah" Part 10 "Wet" Lovers: A Business Opportunity Brings Us Out of Quarantine. By Dr.P Summary: We meet in the parking lot of a small shopping center, which is mostly shut down, because of the pandemic, so no public bathroom facilities are available. She is desperate to pee, after her long drive, during which she drank water, but did not stop to pee, because no bathrooms were open. I watch her pee, in our vehicles, and help her with cleanups, since she sprays a lot, and gets herself and the vehicles even wetter than she anticipated. We end up getting each other off, in my truck, in the middle of the day. [Although fictional, this story is based on some real events on a recent visit, by her.] She calls me to tell me that we need to retrieve some tooling from storage, and take it to another location, where we may set it up again. She will drive down from her home in the desert, and meet me in the parking lot of a shopping center, near the freeway, well known to both of us, before going to the storage facility. I point out that the lot will probably be nearly empty, due to the lock-down resulting from the pandemic. She says that doesn't matter to her, as long as I will be there. I tell her that I am very glad to hear from her, and will be thrilled to see her again. I park my truck in a somewhat secluded location, near the fence of the parking lot. Her SUV soon appears, and she parks beside me, with her passenger side adjacent to my driver's side. She rolls down the passenger side window of her truck, and says, quite loudly, "I have to go really bad! I've been holding it for almost three hours, because I drank some water, in this heat, and there were no rest areas open, on the freeway!" I get out of my truck, walk over to hers, and look at her through the open window. I see that she is wearing a dress, which she has already pulled all the way up, exposing her bare thighs and mons, above her slit, but I don't see any panties. She puts her hands between her upper thighs and presses them tightly together, trying desperately to hold her pee in, to keep from wetting herself, and the seat. "Well there are no bathrooms open here, either! You can use the passenger side of my truck, near the fence! The door and fence will cover you from the side and front, and I'll block the view of anyone else, looking in your direction, from the back. And of course, I want to watch you do it on the pavement!" (Wicked grin.) "I don't have enough time to get over there! I'll piss all over myself, if I try to walk that far! Open my door, quick! I'll use my own passenger side, and you can watch me all you want, and help block the view, if you stay in front of me!" I open the door of her truck, forming a barrier, with my open door, so no one can see the area between our vehicles, at least from the front. She spreads her legs as she starts to climb across the central console of her vehicle, toward the passenger seat. As soon as she starts to move, I hear her loud hiss, "SSShShSSS!" as she begins to pee on the seat. She quickly spreads her lips with her fingers, trying to aim her stream at the floor of her truck, but she can't avoid spraying the seats, too. She continues to move toward the passenger seat of her truck, while continuing to pee, since she can't stop. She finally gets her stream under control, and stops, when she has reached the passenger seat, in her vehicle. Looking at her driver's seat, now empty, I see her white cotton panties, crumpled, but apparently dry, in the middle of it, so I know she must have been aware of her situation, and preparing for this, for quite a while, as she drove. Now sitting on the wet passenger seat of her truck, with her dress above her hips, facing outward, toward me, she says, "I still have to go a lot more! Should I just do it sitting here?" She demonstrates by spreading her lips with the fingers of one hand, spraying the air, and her left thigh, at first, to tease me, then relaxing, and letting it go downward, wetting the running board of her car, and the tarmac, but keeping her legs dry. "Well, your bum is all wet, from sitting on that seat! Why don't you come over to my truck, and sit sideways on the driver's side? It will give you a dry spot to put your bum, while you pee. I even have a towel for you to sit on! I'll get in front of you to watch and cover you, so no one else will see." "That sounds like a good plan! Thanks! You can watch me do it, and I'd like to have you cover me, while you watch me! I miss having you watch me, believe it or not!" She stops peeing, and holds her dress up, which is still dry, as she scurries across the few feet separating our vehicles. I lay the towel on my driver's seat and running board. She sits on it, on the running board, fairly low, while I take a position facing her, potentially blocking the view of anyone looking toward our vehicles from the side, and giving me the best possible view of her slit and stream. She catches my eyes, with a wicked grin, sitting on my towel, immediately spreads her lips with both hands, and begins spraying the tarmac and her left thigh with her hissing piss. (SSShShSSS) She continues this powerful spray for what seems like a long time, ten seconds, or more, before she changes position, now sitting up on the seat, spreading her lips with the fingers of one hand. Her stream begins to weaken, and finally stops, dribbling a few drops on the towel, under her bum. Sitting on the seat of my truck, she is at a perfect height for me to lick the pee dribbles from her slit and thighs, and I start to move forward, to do just that. She closes her legs to stop me, saying, "Are you sure you want to do that? Aren't you afraid you'll get something from me? I've heard that pee can have the virus in it!" "I've heard that, too. But the virus is everywhere, anyway. And we've both been isolating ourselves pretty thoroughly, for the past couple of months. We haven't had any symptoms, so we shouldn't be dangerous to each other. But you're right, licking you could still be very dangerous." "I've really missed having you lick me, but I don't want to lose you!" She opens her knees, which are still dry, squeezes my face between them, and pats my head, affectionately, then pushes my head away, and presses her legs together. "And I've really missed licking you, after watching you in those incredibly sexy videos you've been sending me!" She opens her lovely, very wet thighs a couple of inches apart, and takes my hand, pulling it forward, between them, allowing me to touch her wet slit, with my fingers. Knowing what we both want, she leans back across my driver's seat, resting on the central console, and spreads her legs, to give me access. I begin fingering her slit, soon finding her clit. She begins writhing and moaning with pleasure, and humping my hand. She suddenly squeezes my hand tightly between her thighs, as she cums, spraying a generous squirt of pee on my hand and arm, and wetting her thighs, which still have dribbles on them, from her prolonged previous peeing. She sighs with satisfaction, and relief, giving me a big smile. "That was wonderful! I really needed that!" "My god, your thighs are beautiful, and I love to see you spray them, like that! Incredibly sexy!" "Glad you like me, and my legs, and my pee, so much! I can see I've got you excited!" I still have some pee, believe it or not! Want to watch me spray my legs?" "I'd love to!" She leans back as far as she can, and spreads her lips, with her legs together, to my surprise, and sprays a brief but powerful spurt, on the fronts of her thighs, all the way to her knees, and even sprinkles her calves, generously. "How do you like that? I was going to do that on a video for you, but I couldn't do it easily at home, without making a mess. My legs are dripping wet, already, here, and it's just going on the ground, so it's more fun to show you, in person!" "Love it! Very sexy! I wish I could lick your beautiful legs!" "I'd love to have you do that, but you better not. Why don't you pull out your cock, put it between my legs, since they're all wet, anyway, so they should be nice and slippery. I'll see if I can take care of you, in another way, which will be safer, for both of us!" "Oh, I'd love that!" I say, as I unzip my shorts. I stand up, and first rub my cock on her wet calves, then put it between her smooth, wet thighs, just above her knees, while she continues to sit high on the driver's seat, of my truck. She squeezes her thighs together, gripping my cock, and begins moving them, as if she was riding a bicycle. It feels incredible, just as it did previously, when she took care of me, in this way. I soon spurt a huge load of my cum, all over her legs, with a groan of pure pleasure. My cum wets her thighs, to about halfway up, where she has them pressed tightly together, blocking it above that level, so it does not reach her slit. "Sounds like you really liked that! You sure gave my legs a bath, but my slit didn't get wet, so I'm still safe from the plague!" "Yes I did! Glad you kept your legs together! Your legs are very talented, as well as beautiful!" "Glad you like them so much! As long as I can pee on them and move them, I can get you off! And it's quite safe, for both of us." I grab the roll of t.p. that I carry in the truck, and begin wiping the pee and cum from her legs, and my cock, then finish wiping her with the towel she has been sitting on. I take the t.p. to her truck, and we work together, wiping her pee from the seats and the floor, then wiping everything down with hand sanitizer. She picks her panties up, off of the driver's seat, and puts them back on, since they are mostly dry. I move closer to her, and begin caressing the backs of her legs, trying to hug her closer. She resists, momentarily, saying, "I know you want to kiss my legs and my panties, because you always do that, after I pee, but you better wait until I wipe my legs with hand sanitizer, first! I don't want you to get a stray drop of my pee in your mouth, after we went to all of this trouble!" She grabs a tissue, and the spray bottle, which she carries in her truck, and sprays and wipes her thighs, which had been wet with her pee, from her panties to her knees. She even reaches down, and wipes her calves, which I had wiped some dribbles from. She holds her dress up, in the front, and invites me, "Now you can kiss me, all you want! You're very affectionate, and I like the way you love and kiss my legs!" While she has her dress up, I hug and kiss her dry thighs, and her slit, through her thick, cotton panties. She giggles, grabs my ears, pulls my face in tighter to her panties, and ruffles my hair. I enjoy the faint fragrance of her pee and its pheromones, which I can smell on her damp slit, through her dry panties, as I hug and kiss her legs, which smell like hand sanitizer. "I wear these thick cotton panties, in case I leak a little, when I'm driving, so the back of my dress doesn't get wet. I had to drink some water, this time, because it was so hot, so there was a real danger of that happening!" Fortunately, neither her dress nor her panties are wet, so we can go on to the storage facility, without waiting for them to dry. We start talking about what we will be able to do with the tooling, and when we will be able to see each other again, in person. "As you know, I tend to retain my water, in the daytime, especially when it's so hot. That's why I take my water pills in the daytime. But I've been getting up a lot, sometimes four or five times, at night, just to go, so you'd get to watch me more than usual. If we plan to stay together, overnight, you can come with me, whenever I have to go. And since you told me you have to get up to go at night, too, maybe we can do it together!" "It tends to hiss and spray a lot more, when I go at night, as I showed you once, and I know you'd love that! It's been doing that even more than usual, lately. Sometimes I have to keep my legs together, when I go, so I don't wet the seat and the floor. And my legs get awfully wet! I was going to send you some pictures or videos, of me spraying my legs or the seat, but I'm usually too sleepy to set up for that, in the middle of the night." "Oh, you bet I'd love to see all of that, and have us do it together, too! Let's get tested, so we can do everything we want to do, when we get together again, for a couple of days." Dr. P.
  25. @deliquescent, Our tastes are very similar. Hope you will post some of your collection here.

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