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    I'm a Christian. I work at Wendy's and am overall an easygoing fellow. Can overthink and procrastinate things though. Love when ladies use the bathroom.

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    When it's done by a woman on the toilet, sitting up prim and proper, accompanied with other sounds, if you catch my drift
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    Alas, so far this would just be a little omorashi experimenting in my youth. Tried it; not really my thing.

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  1. Wow, lucky you. At least you got to hear; all three of those sounds are a turn on for me as well. A few weeks ago, I was at Hobby Lobby in a bathroom stall and I could hear a girl peeing through the wall (they were thin too) and then heard a fart, and heard another girl laugh, "Was that a fart?" 😁 Tried to time my exit the same as them but I was off.
  2. Would you pee on the wicked witch of the west in order to melt her?
  3. Ohh, I was starting to think you meant #2. Lol
  4. Wait, why would u pretend to do something else?
  5. Mine would take place during the final great world war, when the general of the enemy army (I imagine him as evil as can be, makes it more satisfying, total Nazi) fleeing a battle in my hometown and fleeing to my home while I'm gone with intentions to hide, and molest my wife to boot. Well, she sees a chance to whack him upside the head, and while he's out, lock his head in a makeshift toilet with some porcelain cut out to fit around the rim of the neck tightly. I come home and she asks my approval as her husband for what she's about to do. After weighing our standings I give my wife my blessi
  6. I'd love to be claimed by a woman like you. And since u used that melting emoji, if I was the wicked witch (or I guess wicked wizard) I'd even let u pee on me to melt me away and destroy my wickedness. 😍🫠🫡😵
  7. You would definitely be mine. A nice *pfft* while you tinkle. Or is it usually more "pbbbrt"? Either way, 🥰💨
  8. So I'm a host at this restaurant, and yesterday I was up front chatting with the other hostess. We're pretty chill and friendly but she's got a bf. Anyway, she was showing me something on her phone and she had a dm pulled up. I happened to see the most recent message she'd sent saying something to the effect of "I heard a girl burp while she was peeing." I casually inquired and she explained that she was in the restroom the other day and indeed heard a girl in the neighboring stall burp as she peed. Eager for an in to this topic, I said I was expecting her to say the girl farted as she peed, a
  9. I remember her sharing a story (hope I'm getting this right) about being so strapped for time when she was younger and working in the theater, that she'd be behind the curtain in-between scenes peeing in a bucket.
  10. Could you show up in my restroom? Lol You're making me wanna use the urinal.
  11. Was binging some 2 Broke Girls clips on YT and saw this and knew I had to share. 😁
  12. I've had some strange dreams in my life, but I'd never had a recurring dream (far as I can recall) though I'd heard about them. Recently I've dreamt that I'm in some building and go to the restroom. Women's on the left, Men on the right. I go in the men's. But it's so vast inside. I see so many stalls going toward the back, and even benches and maybe some showers, kinda like a locker room. It's completely desolate. I walk the corridor to see how far it goes and find at the end it curves to the left and leads into the rear of the women's room, which is just as long and empty. So the bathro
  13. I commend you all on your ingenuity and passion, even in your youth. Knew what you liked. Describing how you heard them come in, sit down, and start tinkling away, with the occasional toot- 😅 what I wouldn't give to hear that through the door! I've never been afforded the opportunity to listen in with guests at my home. The closest I got was at the library oddly enough. The bathroom had a sign that said "Don't hold cell phone convos in here; not insulated", or something to that effect. And they weren't kidding. I was sitting at this table chipping at this jigsaw puzzle they sat out for pa
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