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Finding pee partners

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I know this an oft repeated topic here, but one not touched upon recently.  Also, who knows there may be new resources, so always good to always ask.  

The question is how to best find someone who is willing to participate, live, with the various pee fun and games we enjoy?  What sources out there, or strategies, can be used to find the willing?  

I have spent years doing this and have had some amazing results, but alas, too few and far between, only to revert to the frustrating search to find someone in a place that is local to where you are or could be.  

There are two routes, generally, one can take.  One is to pay for the experience and the other is to find a like minded person who finds equal satisfaction in the fun.

 As for paid experiences, this is difficult due to the largely illegal practice of prostitution and the extremely guarded, and somewhat dangerous environment this creates.  Never mind that strict pee play does not violate that which has been deemed illegal, it still gets caught up in that category, making searches difficult.  In fact, if anything, the subject of pee is often so taboo that it transcends paid sex, creating even more barriers to shopping.  

As for simply finding a willing participant, there are similar concerns for safety, which are understandable.  There is also an understandable need to prevent a friend search app from becoming a tool for illegal solicitation.  So, many of the sites we use, make it extremely difficult to find others in your area.  Fetlife, being one of the most promising tools, for instance, simply does not provide a simple, if not incredibly time consuming, way of searching for local friends of like minded interests.  

So, I know for one, I am tapped out of ideas.  I can share my many experiences, as I have in the past in this, but none of those paths is easy or, largely, productive.  


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I get what you are saying, it can be a difficult subject in general but I think the problem can be that a lot of people into peeing etc keep it to themselves from fear of putting someone off, this site is an exception of course but is also fairly safe too. I hope someone has an answer.

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I would say just the normal ways and apps of meeting people can work, but try and be open about liking pee. I just look for people to have fun with in general, not just people into pee, while being open that I do like pee. Even some of my friends who aren't into pee know that I am, and will talk about pee stuff with me sometimes.

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You just have to look for every opportunity to put it out there, and be clever about it.  For example, in conversation ask a question like, what is something you always wanted to be, but never pursued it because you thought it was silly?  Then you say something like you’ve always wanted to be used a ladies room toilet for an example or if you’re asked the question back, you always wanted to be a ladies room toilet.

I met one of my pee friends on YouTube.  She did product reviews.  She posted a review of a female urination device (Pee funnel) with a warning at the beginning that it’s her peeing.  I commented which got her attention, she was local.  We met for her to relieve herself in my car and 4.5 years later we’re still in touch, she still sends me random pee videos.  She’s using the toilet but it’s nice views and it is appreciated.  I’ll tip her to show my appreciation.  

A young lady I was talking to told me to tell her something about me that she doesn’t know.  I told her I had a pee fetish.  Turns out she liked to pee on people, she had peed on one friend of hers. She had lots of stories where she’s peed in public and shared the stories.  She never did pee on me, being I liked her even more knowing she was a public piss queen, shyness got the best of me.  If I ever see her again I’ll be direct with it. 

Another young lady I was talking to, I disclosed I had a pee fetish.  She disclosed to me that she pees in public often, to include clothing store fitting rooms.  She started sending me pee videos and puddle pictures to entice me.  I actually purchased a car from her.  I did it to help her out but in order for me to buy it she had to piss in it multiple times which added value and she got more money for.  

A young lady I met on social media posted about wishing she could make money doing nothing.  I commented about there being money in recycling.  She said we’re going to link up but it hasn’t happened yet.  I sent one reminder but that’ll be it. 

Just look for opportunities.  I look at opportunities as fishing.  Throw a line out there and see if it gets a bite.  I have a female friend that always complains about not having money. I told her I needed my seats conditioned in my car 😉😉, I’d pay.  She won’t do it. She’s one of those people that complain but won’t do anything to change the situation.  

I even have this idea for bottle rental service.  I’ll buy ladies drinks but I need the drinks back after it has filtered through them.  Win, win for all parties.  

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My personal opinion is that fetish sites are to look for men , not women. Most women might find fetish sites too extreme for them. But interest in pee I guess, might be wakened in many women.

So try to contact as many girls as possible ordinary way,  and when she starts feel comfortable in Your company, open up about Your desires. But in a mild way first, or You can scare her off 😉

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I posted this in another thread, but one that has worked for me is on the various dating sites when you first start talking to a woman & you're finding out each other's interests I will throw out "peing outside when the weather is nice. 

If the chat goes sideways you can always blame it on bad typing & say "i mean being outside", but more often then not, it has made for interesting conversation. If she replies "yea I pee outside too" run with it, but ease into the fun stuff. 


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