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    Love watching women pee outdoors and inside too in person. I like to help too as part of the experience.
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    There has been quite a few, the very desperate ones are the best though…

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  1. I haven’t measured that often but average “need a pee” is between 200-300ml, most I’ve measured is about 500ml. When you are desperate what’s your normal flow like? Like a strong hiss but empty quickly or a slower trickle? Personally I’d love to have pee fun with someone that has a smaller bladder, it fills quicker and you have more pee’s and fun 😉
  2. Very nice, I tried a few new walks with the dog last week, around different parks and woodland walks, and definitely places with no toilets. You never know what you might come across but unfortunately it was fairly quiet. I’m hoping one day to come across someone having a naughty outdoor pee 😉
  3. My first story, hope you enjoy. Contains female peeing, desperation, leaks and slight wetting. L had woken up early in her camper van after arriving at the site late the night before. She hadn't been able to check in and was parked in the late arrivals spot rather than the main camping area, but more pressing on her mind, she was also bursting for a pee. Outside the birds were singing and the sky was clear as the sun was rising over the trees surrounding the site. L was wearing a satin vest top and very skimpy matching satin shorts. L quickly put on her dressing gown and headed ou
  4. I get what you are saying, it can be a difficult subject in general but I think the problem can be that a lot of people into peeing etc keep it to themselves from fear of putting someone off, this site is an exception of course but is also fairly safe too. I hope someone has an answer.
  5. I work with a lot of women, it’s kind of the nature of the job that it’s mostly done by women. Quite a few of them announce to me all the time when they need a pee, with phrases like “I really need a wee”, “I’m bursting”, “I’m going to wet myself if I don’t go now”. The worst part is this really turns me on and I have to quickly distract myself before it becomes noticeable. I’m not sure why they are telling me, like do you want me to help? (Which BTW would be very difficult in a this workplace). Or maybe they are into the same as everyone on here? I had another female colleague at a different
  6. I prefer hair in some form rather than completely shaved. Whether it be partial, trimmed full bush or all out natural 😉
  7. I don’t usually hold my cock when peeing, just get it out and let it dangle, no hands. I try not to hold it when desperate either 1) it’s too obvious and 2) if I hold it when I let go it’s full release with no control!
  8. Had a few missed opportunities, in particular with a girl when I was in my late teens. We used to go out in a group of friends, and one night walking back from the pub all together, the 2 girls ducked into an alley for a pee. All the lads waited for them but I secretly wanted to go and watch. On quite a few occasions I wanted to see this one girl pee but never had the bottle to tell her even though we had a lovely evening at a party. In the morning of that party I heard her peeing in the toilet for about a minute, really strong stream, I just never plucked up the courage to ever ask her to sha
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