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    Naughty pee, public pee, desperate pee, the way a woman stands when she pees, how much of a mess she makes, the sound of the pee and the used napkins
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    Probably an early morning pee in my mouth some years ago. So much pee she filled my mouth and was still desperate to go so she used my face and hair.

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  1. None for me. I go in men’s rooms. There’s nothing that I want to see in there. 😂
  2. A few of my ex girlfriends and female friends. I’ve had ex girlfriends and female friends who could easily piss for a straight minutes. At high flow too. I mean if you were walking up on them pissing on the ground you would hear it. If you look back in my posted stories you can read them, in detail.
  3. Great story! So much detail! What would top this story off is a picture of your aftermath in that corner with the tissue.
  4. I took a salvage yard trip yesterday. The yard is 2 hours and change away. Along the route to get there are two rest areas off the interstate. I stop at the rest area closest to the yard which is no more than 30 minutes. I get on the yard and as usual I have to take a leak. I grab my parts and start looking at vehicles out there. I came across this decent looking Kia SUV(Pictured below). The inside was decent, no parts thrown all over. That was a perfect candidate for a urinal. I locked the rear driver side door and had closed the back hatch. I then put my wheelbarrow to block the
  5. Welcome! I look forward to hearing your stories.
  6. Does anyone remember an episode of the show Caught On Camera/Tape (I think that was the name) from the late 80’s/early 90’s where a disgruntled secretary was caught on tape urinating on her bosses chair? The boss had set up a hidden camera in his office after noticing a funny smell. The video caught his secretary going in the office after hours, hiking up her skirt and taking a piss in the chair on the cushion. Then she would flip the pillow over to the dry side. She had done it multiple times until the tape. Though the tape only showed the one incident. Of course she was c
  7. They need to make a movie out of this.
  8. Speaking of clubs, do ladies most often usually pee in the parking lot before the club, after the club, or during the club? With the line to get in to club and people, “Pre game (Drink before the club)”. You‘d think they would use the parking lot for convenience before they got the line. I know one of my ex girlfriends that has pissed in the parking garage before getting on the club line. Another ex has pissed on the club line. Then with the bathroom lines for the ladies room it would make sense to exit the club to piss by the car and come back inside. I have heard stories
  9. Nice! Once I start I can’t stop until I’m empty. When I used one of my ex girlfriends mouth I had to cup handy because I knew she couldn’t be able to take it all. When I filled her mouth I moved my stream to the cup.
  10. Was it a cargo van? Like a Uhaul, just bare in the back? And can you ship me that box? 😂
  11. Yup! Once or twice. First one squeezed too hard at first, then she didn’t have a good enough grip and it went all over, got piss on my left shirt sleeve. 😂
  12. I have a female friend whose pissed in store fitting rooms, both carpeted and uncarpeted, not to be naughty but out of convenience. She said when she takes her clothes off she automatically has to go. She goes a lot too, I’ve seen it. If her daughter was with her she’ll use a bottle in the fitting room instead of the floor. She explained that growing up, playing outside, if her and her sisters came inside to use the bathroom they would have to stay in a lot of times so they went outside and that stuck with them in their adult lives.
  13. I was reading something about club bathroom s and I learned that ladies pee on floors in clubs (Not in the bathroom) due to the lines. Makes sense, clubs are poorly light and with some of their outfits it’s convenient. The longest I’ve waited was a couple minutes for a urinal to free up.
  14. I have quite a few ideas. One would be a few ladies trapped in a house for 48 with unlimited drinks, lots of fresh fruits including watermelon. The bathrooms would be locked and the sinks would be covered, no trash cans. Hidden cameras to include night vision cameras all over the house. Plenty of carpeting and plush furniture. They ladies don’t know the owner of the house. They think it’s a house party and they don’t know they are trapped right away. Another is a couple and the dude mistreats the lady and leaves her at his place when he goes out and does whatever. He allows her to or
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