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    I like realistic female peeing experiences.

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    Naughty pee, public pee, desperate pee, the way a woman stands when she pees, how much of a mess she makes, the sound of the pee and the used napkins
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    Probably an early morning pee in my mouth some years ago. So much pee she filled my mouth and was still desperate to go so she used my face and hair.

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  1. Onlyfans is a waste of money, especially when it comes to pee content. From my experience. Findrow is another rip off.
  2. I have when I was younger. I’d pull my dick out and start peeing on the wall while getting erect. I remember smelling pee in there, then I wondered if ladies did it in the ladies fitting rooms. In 2009 I met my first young lady who admitted to doing it because it was convenient. If she was with her daughter she would use a bottle, if she was alone she’d squat and use the floor, both carpeted and uncarpeted. Then in early 2018 I had the 2nd lady admit to doing to once because it was in emergency and she wasn’t gonna make it. Pissed in a chair in the fitting room so nobody would hear.
  3. Exciting. My first time being pissed on was mild. My high school girlfriend, we would go to the local motel, she pissed on my leg in the shower. Not what I had in mind but I’d take what I could get. As for her, now we are grown and she pissed in my backseat a couple of years ago. I posted about it on here with pictures. My second time with the next gf was a little more exciting. This one didn’t piss as much as the last girlfriend, she would just trickle, even when she was desperate to go. She had a nice hair vagina though, dark brown hair, almost black. She would piss on my chest and she was the first who let me take it in the mouth. The next girlfriend would give me a good soaking. Her stream would hiss and splash. I have been pissed on by ladies more times than I can count over the years.
  4. Getting peed on by multiple women consecutively. Women pissing on my stuff because they are angry. Do something ugly like drink coffee or eat asparagus before she pees. Have a lady wake up first thing in the morning wearing t shirt and panties and doing her morning purge on my carpet. Get pissed on by drunk women. Deep down I want a lady who plays too much and drops something extra on me while peeing.
  5. I saw the most females pissing in a parking lot near a church bus and van in a night life district. The waitresses from a former hookah bar would run to the parking lot and piss before going back to work. The hookah bar was so small that lot would be a regular piss spot for waitresses and patrons.
  6. Great story! I love hearing of revenge pees
  7. You aren’t crazy at all brother. I drink pussy water from start to finish. From strong morning piss to after she’s drank a ton of water piss. I have had my face farted in also. I’ve drank morning piss from a hotel glass. I had a female friend of mine piss in my insulated tumbler and I’ve drank from it in front of her.
  8. You would love my pee souvenirs then. Plush stuffed animals that I put in a paint can and have ladies urinate on. Get it good and soaked, let it dry and there you go. I just posted about it yesterday. Made the first one yesterday. It is still drying. She drank a lot of water. The next one I will have morning peed on. Long and strong to get it good and pissy.
  9. So I had this idea of Pee Souvenirs which I mentioned in an earlier post. Basically a fluffy stuffed animal placed in a one gallon paint can, squatted over and lady peed on. I met up with a close female friend of mine. She loves pissing in my mouth and watching me swallow it. I laid on the floor, and stuck my IPDD (Improvised Piss Drinking Device, picture below) in my mouth, which is a 2 liter soda bottle with the bottom cut off and the cap off. She is not shy, she’s always full and ready to go. She usually begins urinating before she even positions good. She was wearing tights, pink or orange and white, with a long white t-shirt on. The tights came off and the gray, full coverage panties. I was straddled and immediately the piss came down, hard, long, constant, and fast. Although the stream was steadily flowing in my IPDD and funneling in my mouth, there was also a constant drip that was missing the IPDD and landing on my chin. So much urine was coming, it appeared from my position that the bottle was almost full. It was a 2 liter bottle and she pissed almost a liter it seemed. I never got to actually see how much she actually peed. Her stream is almost overwhelming so I had to meter it with my tongue in the mouth of the bottle. The torrent of piss finally came to an end, it trickled and dripped into the pool of piss. She stepped to the side and watched the level of pee go down like clogged sink as I swallowed in large gulps until there was no more. It was getting tough to swallow but I got it all down. It had no taste, or even an after taste. It was like warm tap water. She asked if I tasted the water. Jumping ahead she had to piss again after about 30 minutes. I put out the one gallon paint can with a black and white plush panda bear, she got on her knees with her shaved vagina with a small, thin hair patch and immediately blasted the panda with a hard stream of warm, clear piss. I was laying on my stomach and was eye level with the vagina. The stream was hissing like crazy and the opening of the can amplified it. I was getting pee sprinkles in my face and eyes. She got up off of it with pee dripping from her lips. Another 25-30 minutes later she pissed in the can on the bear, the same way as I got another face full of urine sprinkles. The can had some weight to it from two long pisses that lasted about 60 seconds each. The panda was completely soaked and smelled of popcorn air. 😂 I placed the lid on the can and shook it to make sure the panda was good and pissy. I will add the pictures below. Stayed tuned for my second pee souvenir, different girl. That one will be recorded.
  10. Good stuff! Did you collect any of the tissue you found? I went out and hung around a night life district last weekend. I did not see any pee action. A girl vomit but no pee action. I did see a damp area behind the corner of a gas station in the same area with a decent amount of tissue around the damp area and other tissue scattered randomly behind the gas station. I parked on the side of the station in a way that I can see anyone go back there. While I was pulling out I only saw a dude going on the other rear corner of the building.
  11. Love the detail! “Pulled my shorts and panties to one side of my vagina”. Good stuff.
  12. Excellent work! Keep it up! Love the pictures.
  13. The pee movie that stands out in my mind is Bird On a Wire where Goldie Hawn pees on the ground. Also in the movie Dazed and Confused there were women drinking in the woods, in my mind I thought that there has to be ladies peeing out there though they didn’t show or reference it.

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