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    Truck driver
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    I like realistic female peeing experiences.

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    Naughty pee, public pee, desperate pee, the way a woman stands when she pees, how much of a mess she makes, the sound of the pee and the used napkins
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    Probably an early morning pee in my mouth some years ago. So much pee she filled my mouth and was still desperate to go so she used my face and hair.

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  1. Starks2010

    Naughty Peeing In A Vehicle

    ? Wow! That was a sexy explanation, full of details. I love details. You could wet up my interior any day. I love when a woman farts when she's pissing. I like realism. Not a fan of the fingers spreading the lips. The vagina is a beautiful thing and I like to see the natural beauty of it. I had an ex who was a great pisser. We were doing it in the back of one of my vehicles that was still fairly new. Often she had to piss when we started doing it. I remember her saying if it were an old car she would piss all over. I was dealing with another girl who would pee wherever she needed and we were doing it in the backseat of my car and she said she had to pee and she thought about just peeing in the back seat. She ended up getting out and releasing a hard stream in her driveway.
  2. Starks2010

    Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    Great stories! I'd leave my car unlocked for you to get in and relieve yourself. You don't even have to worry about splashing your shoes. ?
  3. Have been curious about this. Ladies, if I offered you my vehicle for your relief, how would you do it? I have wanted my car pissed in my by a desperate lady. I had my ex piss on a folded towel on my back seat but she didn't piss a lot of volume or a hard stream. Just a decent trickle, that's how she peed. Had another ex who was desperate, who wouldn't do it feeling wrong so she hopped out on a street corner and used the curb line. Just curious how you ladies would do it if I offered you my backseat, whether it be the seat cushion or the floor. Would you leave used tissue?
  4. Starks2010

    Marking My Territory

    She knew of the fetish but no she didn't know about the territory markings.
  5. This happened back in late 2013. I was dating a childhood friend. I had a key to her place and sometimes I would beat her there. It was about a 45 minute drive from my place to hers. I usually had to take a leak when I got there. Me pissing places turns me on so on a few occasions I'd go in her walk in closet, make an opening in a rack of clothes, pull my dick out and relieve myself in a corner of the closet with a long hard stream (If it was a little piss I didn't bother). It felt so good to let that piss out then shake the last few drops, put my meat away and go on about my business. As I'd piss I wouldn't be hard but thick and heavy feeling, like on the way to getting hard. She knew of my fetish, she was a drinker and had plenty experiences with pissing in public which kept me turned on with her. She was pissing on her patio to the point it smelled like piss when she opened the patio door. I would clean her patio to keep her pissing out there for me.
  6. Starks2010

    Morning Pre-masturbation Piss

    I'll remember for next time. Wasn't sure how many interest there would be. I enjoy pulling out and wetting things. Pissed on two girls and in ones mouth.
  7. This morning I woke up with a hard on, then the pee videos I was watching on my phone didn't help any. I started stroking The Tool though I had to take that morning leak. Didn't want to get up but I know if I pissed the ejaculation would feel better. I got up, still watching the videos on my phone, opened the shower door, my long, hard, dick was already pulled out above the waistband of my boxers and I let out a long hard stream that hit the opposite wall of the shower. I shook the best I could being so rock and returned to bed to beat.
  8. Back in 1999 I had this girlfriend Athena who was down for anything. We were both 20 years old. She knew of my pee fetish and would piss anywhere. Unfortunately she only had a short weak trickle. Even the most urgent pisses. Anyway, all the pissing she did for me and on me she then wanted to try. She wanted to take it in her mouth. I had to piss something serious this one summer afternoon. She knelt down on her knees at the edge of the carpet in my bedroom doorway. I had to pee and I knew it'd be too much for her so I grab a 10 oz. plastic cup for the overflow. I unfasten my belt, unbutton my shorts, snatch the zipper down, pulled out my semi-hard dick which was getting hard because of what I was about to do, and as the stream began to shoot out into her mouth I was fully erect. Her mouth filled rapidly as you could hear the warm piss filling her oral cavity. When she was full I snatched my penis away to aim it in the cup which I filled half way to three quarters. I then shook my full erected to 10.5" penis to the best of my ability in her face, probably got some drops in her shiny, dark brown, curly hair. She spits in the bathroom sink which was to my right, her left and responded, "it was salty". I'm sure we had sex after that which we did three times a day.
  9. I can't say I ever paid any attention to the guys peeing section but anyway, I frequent a local junkyard and sometimes you have to pee out there. So I thought it'd be cool to find a nice large vehicle to piss in. I did have to piss as I was browsing the yard I came across this 1986 or 1989 Dodge Caravan. Those vans were so ugly. This van was a cream color with the wood panels. Was in good shape inside and out. It had beight cloth interior, carpet was nice, no spills, burns, nothing. The side sliding door was stuck so I entered through the passenger door. I crawled between the two front seats to the first row of seats. From a kneeling position, I unfastened my belt, unhooked my Dickies pants, pulled the zipper down, pull my penis up above my boxer waist band and began pissing on the carpet near the stuck sliding door. It felt good. I was turned on afterwards thinking I need to bring a girl here. I used that van another time afterwards, the other time I pissed coffee on the first bench seat. There was another larger van I pissed in about twice too. An 84' GMC conversion van. Interior was nice. I pissed on the back seat that folds to a bed and on a couch type pillow on the floor. I had brought my girlfriend there numberous times. I was getting a part off of an old Maxima while she sat in the backseat of the car. On the way out she sees the bathroom and said she's going to go pee. Meanwhile I'm thinking she could've peed in a car. She comes back out talking about it smells like piss and no paper so she'll just wait. We get to the car to leave, apparently she really had to go so she said she's about to piss here, by the car. She said she wished we had my Mazda which was four doors. We were in my Mustang instead. I told her she could've pissed in a car. She said she would've had no tissue. I reply I have a mouth for that.
  10. I would pull out and go wherever you'd want me to with no hassle. I know how it is, I try to get women to drop their panties and pee on my carpet and in my car but it's a hassle sometimes. I would unfasten my belt, unsnap, unzip, pull out my semi hard to hard penis out and shot a nice long stream with 2 or 3 finishing squirts, shake and put my equipment up. I wondered if there were women out there who enjoyed dudes peeing like dudes enjoy women pee. I'd love to meet one and would pee for her regularly. I'd love to know a local woman who could come over just for the purpose of relieving herself.
  11. Starks2010

    Piss Puddles Works of Art

    To me, women's piss puddles are works of art. Women's bodies alone are works of art. You can tell a lot from the puddle like how she stood, high squat, low squat, etc. What if we did a topic on here where the ladies would submit pictures of just their aftermath? Maybe with a little description of where it took place. We can do some dude puddles too, not to leave anyone out. Lets just make sure we warn everyone. Lol! I have submitted some female puddle pictures as I have experienced them.
  12. Starks2010

    Question for the ladies

    Thanks! I never thought of the alcohol consumption, being I am not a drinker. Good advice. ?
  13. Starks2010

    Question for the ladies

    I have a few females friends who are aware of my pee fetish. I am not including ex girlfriends who have participated before. My question, if we are friends and we talk often, everyday to a few times per week, would it be alkward if I told him I'd like for you/them to pee on me? It doesn't even have to be anything sexual after. I just wanted to get wet and feel used. Like you use me for relief and go on about your business. Is it alkward if you are a female friend who has told me you have peed some place and I ask you more details? I feel weird asking but I wanna know so I don't have to make up parts in my head. A friend of mine told me some places she's had to pee to include in a car. I wanted to know where in the car. In a cup or bottle or on the floor or seat. Just got too shy to ask. Also, are a lot of ladies into dudes peeing? I have my own stories but to me, dude peeing isn't sexy like women peeing.
  14. Starks2010

    Which is your favourite view of female peeing?

    I say the side. That top picture is the perfecr view.