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    Naughty pee, public pee, desperate pee, the way a woman stands when she pees, how much of a mess she makes, the sound of the pee and the used napkins
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    Probably an early morning pee in my mouth some years ago. So much pee she filled my mouth and was still desperate to go so she used my face and hair.

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  1. I came back to re-read this. Your post are my favorite. The time you pissed in front of the door and it went under the door inside the building, and the time you used the fish tank, just to name a few. 🥰
  2. Yesterday evening I parked in a parking garage where my girlfriend at the time, relieved herself a few years back. I had posted the story on the site here with pictures. Entering the parking garage I instantly got turned on. As I drove up the levels looking for a parking stall I was trying to remember what level she pissed on. It was level three I think, and it was next to a door for the stairwell. I remember it like it was last week. I had taken her to eat and encouraged her to get an alcoholic drink and a lemonade, knowing when she drank alcohol she’d have to urinate fre
  3. I can’t remember whether or not I posted this. But back in about 2004. My girlfriend at that time, Lorelle (Middle name) knew of my piss fetish. I turned her onto it and she ended up enjoying doing it. This night, somehow her pissing somewhere came up. We agreed that she would relieve herself at the town we lived in’s railroad station. It was often desolate. I think we went out for the sole purpose of her urinating at the railroad station because she had put a dress on for easy access. We get to the railroad station, it’s dark out but it’s not all that late. We park the car an
  4. I offer my backseat to ladies for relief. A clean ladies Porta Potty. They get to relieve themselves on nice leather seats and I have napkins on the console between then two front seats or in the seat pocket in front of them. Later I clean it up and have it ready for use again.
  5. Not weird at all. You like what you like. No judgment here. I like your ideas. Especially the making you clean it up. I have those ideas too but not in the bathroom, too easy. I’ve had a few ladies drop their panties and relieve themselves in my car. The back seat a bunch of times, the front passenger seat once. She started pissing on the front, passenger seat then continued in my Yeti cup where it was kept warm. I was sipping on it. I enjoy cleaning lady piss out of my backseat, especially when it gets under the seat and pools where the rear seatbelts bolt to the floor. I’ve had my
  6. I visited one of the local salvage yards this past weekend. Before I left the house I had my morning glass of water, and a cup of coffee. I knew drinking the coffee, even one cup instead of the usual two I’d have to pee. Out on the yard, gathering parts I needed, I got the urge. I walked to the other side of the yard from where I was. There were Ford SUV’s and minivans there. I quickly found a Ford Freestar, 2005. Interior was immaculate, beige leather seats, clean beige carpet. The right side sliding door was open, if not missing, I don’t remember actually. I walked a couple of ro
  7. There is a parking garage in Atlanta, GA that sits between two clubs. I would sit in my car there and observe. It seems like almost every guy parked this vehicle and got out and relieved himself between the cars it between the car and the wall. Same when returning to the vehicle. Just pull out and go with no hesitation. I saw these two guys pull up, one entered the nearest stairwell, I assumed to go take a leak. I’m sure I was correct because he came out a minute later and joined his friend who pulled out and pissed right at the end of a parking row, in the open. Later on a young lady leaving
  8. I would’ve let you relieve yourself right on the backseat. Did he save the towel for a souvenir?
  9. From my experiences, night life areas (Clubs, lounges, bars) parking lots. Especially near large vehicles which provide good cover. Some preliminary work is helpful, get out early in the morning in those areas, look for napkins and tissue on the ground.
  10. It’s a fantasy of mine to get a disrespectful pee from a woman. But being it is known that I enjoy it, it’ll probably never happen. I used to pee in my ex girlfriend’s apartment. More of marking my territory, though I’m sure it would be considered disrespectful if she knew. I’ve relieved myself in fitting rooms when I was a lot younger. I got the idea because the fitting room already smelled pissed in. Same in hotel/motel rooms. The crappy motels are easy because they aren’t well kept anyway. The nicer hotels, once I get going I kind of hope I finish up soon. Peeing in nice hotels, i
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