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    Naughty pee, public pee, desperate pee, the way a woman stands when she pees, how much of a mess she makes, the sound of the pee and the used napkins
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    Probably an early morning pee in my mouth some years ago. So much pee she filled my mouth and was still desperate to go so she used my face and hair.

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  1. I’m planning some more outings. It’s work, but rewarding work. 😌
  2. Nice detailed picture. Could see the little bubbles in the pee, and the napkin captured is a very nice touch.
  3. I’d say use all of the carpeted rooms at least once. If you double up, use different spots. Take couch cushions off, use couch and put cushions back in place.
  4. Mine are getting pissed on by multiple ladies consecutively first thing in the morning or after they’ve been drinking. Another which I have heard stories about but haven’t witnessed it in person is women pissing in carpeted fitting rooms. Another is a women pissing on a yellow school bus and leaving a pee trail in multiple directions.
  5. That’s what I usually do. Go to bed early, sleep a few hours, then go out. The original Lot I would sleep like 8pm until 12:45-1am so I could arrive by 2am which was just before the waitresses would take their break, which was just before peak pissing time. With the parking garage I would arrive at 11pm which is when one of the lounges started letting people in. I was seeing people piss upon arrival. Then I would stay until just after 3am which is when the lounges let out. Looks like it’ll be back to arriving at 2am and I’ll stay until about 4:30am.
  6. I had to do a lot of moving around, unlike my original spot a few years back where I could stay put and see a lot of sightings. Still haven’t hit a sweet spot but have 2 spots I need to pay attention to. I discovered that there are sights after 3am which is usually the time I wrap up.
  7. This past weekend I ventured out for some piss sightings. I figured I’d return to the parking garage which provides parking for two lounges, and I have seen 3 ladies relieve themselves there next to their cars. I arrive about 11pm to find one of the lounges to be dark, vacant, parking lot closed off, building boarded up. No parking attendant in the booth for the parking garage next door which is usually staffed with a female attendant and a police officer. You grab a ticket from the machine and pay upon exit. The other lounge on the other side of the garage was open, but dead.
  8. Welcome! You are in good company. I look forward to reading about your experiences.
  9. Funny you ask because this same girl in the story measured me. 😂 She measures 10.5 inches hard. Started called me ten and a half after that. She was a lot of fun obviously.
  10. Sounds like you hit all the good, exciting spots. You can get a small section of thick carpet and piss on it constantly for a period of time. I said to a female friend of mine I was going to purchase a used, cloth chair with a thick, bottom cushion, clean it up real nice, deliver it to her so she can constantly piss on in for a period of time. Then I’d come pick it up.
  11. Good stuff!! I had an ex-girlfriend who used to do that. Last I spoke with her, years after we dated, she still pisses in pools 20 years later. Makes me want to reach out to her now. You got mornings piss too! That’s the best! Yellow and strong. I would’ve drank that. Forced myself to swallow it.
  12. Not necessarily the business isn’t up to code and such. Though the place I talked about did get shutdown by the city after the church across the street complained. The 5 other nightlife establishments are still operating. It’s like at sporting events, lines for the restrooms are long, especially the ladies room. It’s not that the stadium isn’t up to code, just the volume of people. All nightlife establishments that serve alcohol can’t all be not up to code, and they all have public pissers and the like. As far as clubs in a city, people travel to cities to party, if the club or such is popular
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