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    Naughty pee, public pee, desperate pee, the way a woman stands when she pees, how much of a mess she makes, the sound of the pee and the used napkins
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    Probably an early morning pee in my mouth some years ago. So much pee she filled my mouth and was still desperate to go so she used my face and hair.

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  1. As good as it felt to purge her liquid waste in her boyfriend’s apartment, Michai finally breaks it off with her boyfriend Maurice. She breaks it off over the phone. Maurice knows he didn’t give her the time and attention he should have. She wasn’t all that exciting to him, and it showed. Michai comes clean in the telephone conversation and says it was her that urinated in his place. This spikes Maurice’s interest. Turned on by what he hears, this sparks a new interest in Michai. Maurice asked if they could give their relationship another shot. Now you want to work at the relationship? Michai
  2. I know I have answered this before but I am so proud to say that I have had 7 ladies use my floors. 😌Almost had 8 but she went in the toilet and just left the door open. One would only piss on the hard floors.
  3. Good stuff! Right on brother! Enjoy it and keep us updated.
  4. I hate all the drawn out drama. I have seen videos where she walks for 6 minutes, and in the last 2 minutes pees which isn’t even a full minute of peeing. I also dislike all stopped while looking for a place to pee, and holding of the crotch making it obviously she has to pee, and out in public you want to be discreet and not broadcast you are desperate to pee. The loud obnoxious laughing and screaming when girlfriends record their friends peeing. Getting totally naked in public to piss. Unrealistic. Acrobatic pissing, up in a tree naked pissing. T
  5. I fantasize about a lady peeing on a school bus. In high school, girl I liked who lived two doors down almost always had to pee real bad on the school bus ride home. I remember this one day her saying she was about to get off of the bus. I would like to see a desperate lady pee on an empty school bus left unattended, perfect place to relieve herself. Makes me think back to the experiences I post about The Lot where the hookah bar waitresses and some patrons would come out to The Lot and piss near a church bus and van in a dark corner of The Lot. I wonder had the door on the church b
  6. I did set it up for a part two. We think alike I see. 😁
  7. A closed mouth doesn’t get fed. Don’t be ashamed of what you like. In my experiences meeting women online, I told one about my pee fetish when she told me to tell her something about me that she doesn’t know. I told her about the pee fetish and she thought it was funny because she likes to pee on people. She also has pissed in public on numerous occasions and shared the stories with me. If you can work up a conversation about peeing, work it in there. Ask her if she’s ever had to pee outside or on the ground. Take her out for drinks then take her someplace with no bathroom which will leav
  8. Carla tried to tell Michai that her boyfriend was no good, Michai finally saw it for herself. Carla is that friend who always has your back. Carla suggests that they do mean little things to make Michai feel better. Just breaking things off would be too easy Carla thought. The duo begins to brainstorm. Michai knows her boyfriend keeps a spare key on the fire extinguishers holder in the hallway. He doesn’t know she knows about the hiding spot. Michai goes and grabs that spare key, copies it and puts it back in place. Carla & Michai visit the boyfriend’s apartment whil
  9. An ex girlfriend of mine would constantly piss on the private patio of her apartment for me. Multiple times a day too! One day the smell caught up and she hated it so I took on the task of cleaning the patio periodically to keep the smell away and to keep her using it for the toilet. It was great!!! I loved the smell, especially knowing it was strictly her piss.
  10. Right! When you see them drop them that’s the best. I snatch those up as soon as the coast is clear.
  11. There’s nothing like walking through an area that smells of piss and then see littered napkins and tissue on the ground.
  12. Realistic pees, none of that get totally naked outside and climb a tree and pee from there. That’s not realistic. Car parks between cars or between the car and wall, the stairwells. Fitting room carpet. Train station platform or passenger waiting room. Naughty pees on someone’s carpet (House party, etc.). Inside vehicles pees are good.
  13. I always wash my hands when I pee in the bathroom, home and public restrooms. In public restrooms you have to touch the door to enter in some, others you have to touch the door to exit which is when I use tissue because so many people don’t wash or half wash their hands. For the women who don’t wash hands in public restroom, they have touched the stall door to close it and the latch to lock it. Maybe if they pee in public and there’s no stall door to close then the only thing they couch is the napkins they wipe with, then maybe they can get away with not washing hands.
  14. The old bedrooms sound exciting. I would use those often.
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