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    Naughty pee, public pee, desperate pee, the way a woman stands when she pees, how much of a mess she makes, the sound of the pee and the used napkins
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    Probably an early morning pee in my mouth some years ago. So much pee she filled my mouth and was still desperate to go so she used my face and hair.

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  1. Not crazy at all. I fantasize about ladies urinating all over their boyfriends place out of revenge. I have had a few ladies relieve themselves on my carpet, in my car, and on my couch.
  2. I have heard stories from ex girlfriends being caught relieving themselves. One was taking a piss on an elevated train platform at 9am. She was trying to go to in the waiting room to piss in there on the floor but it was locked so she pissed right outside the room in the recessed doorway and the railroad workers were coming in her direction and she couldn’t stop. She had been holding it since 3pm the day prior. Another ex went in an alley to take a leak and a car came down the alley when she was mid stream. Then there are those stories when they are so desperate they don’t care who comes.
  3. I did keep the napkins. I have a shoe box full. I also have the towel I used to dry the seat. I might have to auction off the car now. 😂😂
  4. Anything is possible. You just have to put it out there. It all started with a YouTube video of her doing an instructional video using a female pee device and me commenting on it.
  5. I met a new lady pee friend who pissed in my backseat and any backseat for the first time yesterday. 36 years old, attractive, nice body. So I meet up with her after she came out of work, she had on black tights with black boy short panties, sneakers, a t-shirt, and a cap. It was a little after 7pm, she hadn’t pissed since 3pm and drank two bottles of water. She told me how she was doing the, “Pee-pee dance” while she was at work. Even demonstrated. She told me knowing I was outside made the urge even worst. Fast forwarding she gets in my backseat, comes up with a plan/position she was going to get into because she knows how her vagina sprays. She removes her sneakers, tights, and panties. With her knees on the seat with her feet pointing backwards, she immediately begins to urinate onto the leather seat and on my waterproof action cam. Image the sound of a stream of warm lady pee falling from a little over 1 foot onto a leather seat. The seat pooled with piss and there was pee splash on the surrounding areas. She stopped and dribbled a few times and would start strong again. At the beginning she was afraid she would have to pass gas. I told her not to be shy for I like realism. She got through without passing gas. She wiped with 5-7 fast food restaurant napkins and dropped them in the urine pool and they instantly got soggy. She put her bottoms back on, minus the boy shorts, we talked a little and she was on her way. Pictures below.
  6. It’s always exciting to me seeing a wet spot on the ground with tissue/napkins littered in or around the puddle. Seeing women shake is always sexy too. But that quick wipe they do, then drop the napkin is sexy. Pretty much all of my pee ladies are wipers. Most wouldn’t go until they had something to wipe with.
  7. I created this device, a makeshift funnel actually after watching this video online called Funnel of Piss. Great video, it’s a group of sexy ladies in these short, pleated shirts and they’re take turns urinating in a funnel that stuck in these two other girls mouths. My device is a 2 liter soda bottle with the bottom cut off so it serves as a funnel. I saw a lady friend of mine who loves using my mouth for a ladies room. I entered her place, she had on this sexy night gown with thin, silky panties. I started talking to her and she cut me off like enough of the talk, I gotta pee! She had been drinking pineapple infused water. I thought I was getting some straight up, strong, yellow morning urine. She couldn’t hold that one she said. She wanted me to remove the panties. While on my knees I did so then proceeded to lay out on her carpeted bedroom floor and placed the mouth if the bottle in my mouth. She straddles me with the short, silky gown, and no panties on. She squatted just a little because the 2 liter soda bottle that was sticking out of my mouth sat up high. Almost immediately she blasted a stream of piss from her vagina into the bottle. I used my tongue to regulate the flow of piss in my mouth. Regulating the pee caused the bottle to fill. She does urinate for an extended period of time but there is no way she could’ve filled the bottle. I’m guzzling piss, she’s pissing hard, I can see her stream hitting the side of the green, tinted, plastic bottles. She said she thinks she is finished. She blasts two more shots. She stands there a moment longer and drips. Said again she thinks she has to go some more but she doesn’t. I drink the piss down in multiple gulps. As she stands above me she can see her urine going down like a flushed toilet. It was like drinking warm tap water with a slight after taste. Round two she pissed in the funnel even longer. She’s pissing hard and fast, I’m swallowing as fast as I could and from my viewpoint it seemed like the bottle was filling to capacity. It just appeared that way. She’s urinating full stream and asked me if I wanted her to stop as she tried to slow up the steam. I mumbled no! When she tried to alter the stream or stop she would drip piss that would miss the funnel and land on my chest. I held my own but was getting overwhelmed. I also wanted to save some to take with me in my insulated coffee cup. I blocked off the remaining piss that was in the funnel with my tongue and attempted to quickly place the top on the funnel. Didn’t go well, most of the piss spilled into my face, up my nose, and onto the carpet. I saved a little though which I took to go. I left her apartment with a capped funnel of piss, walked across the parking lot with it, and poured it in my insulated coffee mug. When I got home there was steam under the lid of the mug from the warm piss and probably the air conditioner on in the car.
  8. One had kids and could cut off her stream normally. But when she had to go, she had to go. I’ve watched her use many parking lots. She would even start going, cut it off, then start again because it felt so good. The other didn’t have kids at the time and could cut it off normally. I remember one time she was pissing next to my car behind a high school, someone called out from the window, she cut it off, hopped back in the front seat of my car with her jeans still down, shot a squirt of pee on the seat before pulling up her panties and jeans. I proceeded to a bowling alley lot where she finished.
  9. Every room I walk in I get turned on as I pass a spot I know a lady relieved herself in. You can barely see a spot if you can see it at all but I know it’s there.
  10. I was just thinking about the times where ladies have told me their pee in public experiences and they say a key phrase that really turns me on. The phrase, “I couldn’t stop”. I had a story messaged to me once and she said she couldn’t stop and used an emoji. 😳 This one. In the story she was full stream between two cars parallel parked on a New York City street, and her friend was in the car saying hurry up people are coming but she couldn’t stop. She had a short skirt on and a thong. Skirt hiked up slightly and thong pulled to the side. She got finished just as the people passed. They had to know what she did because there was a wet spot and quite a few napkins. Another story another girl was urinating in a doorway to the train station waiting room that was locked (She planned to piss in there) and railroad workers were coming and she couldn’t stop, she was trying her best to but couldn’t so had no choice but to finish. They saw her from a distance and one even asked if she just peed and she ignored him and the train came and she got on. A reason I give ladies extremely good oral pleasure when they first wake up in the morning is because I hope to hit a spot that makes her lose it and yellow morning piss all in the bed. The ladies I mentioned could usually cut their stream off like a faucet so they had to be desperate to not be able to.
  11. I even left the wipe tissue and napkins on the floor for a few days before filing them away.

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