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  1. In elementary school I peed on the floor in the boys bathroom in one of the stalls. We were taken to the bathroom as a group. Someone told on me and I had to go clean it up. Fast forward to college, I had a few classes in this old building which had sections which appeared to be abandoned. I used to go down the stairs leading to the basement and round the corner and pee on the floor outside of the door to the basement that was closed and had an asbestos danger side posted. Stopped to pee there multiple times on the way out after class.
  2. Pee experience prior to me, meaning they have peed in public before and are open to doing so. Of course with me we took it a step or three further because though they have peed in public, they have never pissed on anyone, or in a car, or on carpet except for the young lady who relieved herself in store fitting rooms out of convenience.
  3. I was just thinking back on this topic and thought back on my ideal pee partners and how I appreciated them. I remember one evening I went to pick up my girlfriend at the time and to my surprise she had been holding her pee so she could pee somewhere for me. I went in her house just long enough for her to gather what she wanted to bring, we get in my car and still in front of her house she tells me she has to pee and to go down the street to the park. Down at the park we sit on a bench that faced the parkway. She put napkins on the bench, pulled her jeans down, sat where she placed
  4. Pretty much all of my girlfriends have had public piss stories and have pissed for me places. As long as they are willing to pee for me and have pee experience prior to me they are the perfect pee partner. I noticed that with the ladies I dated knowing of my pee fetish they are comfortable peeing public places out of convenience. I think of a time when my girlfriend at the time and I were watching a movie on the couch in my basement and she without warning, got up, hiked up her skirt, pulled her thong down, and relieved herself right in my lap, as I sat on the couch. She didn’t ha
  5. I peed off my ex girlfriends balcony once. It was a summer night and I had her bent over the arm of her couch which was near the balcony door which was open. I had to piss so I unplugged from her, went out on the balcony and pissed with an erection off the 3rd floor balcony. I finished, shook, and plugged back up to her.
  6. I crave golden showers often, from women though. I have had a lot or great ones, and I think back on them often.
  7. I agree with you on the unrealistic, unnatural poses, and the over dramatic pees. I’ve seen 3 minute pee videos of walking, and pee dancing, and drawing attention to them, for the piss to be the last 8 seconds of the video. Outgrown the fetish? I wish I could. I have wondered if I got women to piss on me, face, mouth, clothes, constantly would it break me out of it. I doubt it. Browsing the material that’s out there, it’s not too often I come across great material anymore. Sneakypee had the best!!! Thisvid has some decent stuff too sometimes. Now for me is foll
  8. I would like to purchase that vehicle. It has added value. ☺️ It wouldn’t be the first vehicle I purchased because of, “Added value”. 😇
  9. I allow women (7 😇) to use my backseat for relief. Then I clean it and have it fresh for the next. I rinse the carpet and seats in junkyard vehicles with decent interiors.
  10. Yes siiiiir! Had a female friend just the other day that I had taken to dinner say the word, “pee”. She said it twice at the restaurant. She first said she’s going to go see if she could PEE in that bathroom. She’s not fond of public bathrooms. My other lady friend and I waited at the table for her to return. A few minutes later she returned with tissue in her hand. I said to my other lady friend, “I guess she was able to go”. Upon her return she I asked if she was successful and she said she was, and she’s too old to be holding her PEE. She was drinking water with lemon and we were at
  11. Creatively and humorously. Tell her how beautiful she is and bet she pisses (sugary beverage of your choice) pineapple juice. In a perfect world she’d say something like why don’t you drink it and find out. Leave the toilet seat up all the time to where she complains. Maybe say something like why use that cold hard toilet anyway when you can use me? Or you can just come out and ask her. A closed mouth doesn’t get fed. Tell her it’s been a fantasy of yours to get rinsed by a gorgeous woman such as yourself. Good luck, keep us posted.
  12. LUCKY! I would’ve done my part for the environment and picked up all the used napkins and tissue if any, that I could. 😇
  13. My platonic friends of the opposite sex are my friends and my friends know of my fetish. Being friends I just come out and tell them. For example, my friend P, I said since we are friends, I want to tell you I have a pee fetish and all my friends know. She laughed and said she wasn’t going to pee on me but she did tell me how she’d pee in the garage at her parents house. My friend E, I told her while telling her something about my ex girlfriend. She said, “That’s not bad, being we have to do it anyway”. Wished I had asked what places she has used, but I didn’t. I hope she bring
  14. You just have to look for every opportunity to put it out there, and be clever about it. For example, in conversation ask a question like, what is something you always wanted to be, but never pursued it because you thought it was silly? Then you say something like you’ve always wanted to be used a ladies room toilet for an example or if you’re asked the question back, you always wanted to be a ladies room toilet. I met one of my pee friends on YouTube. She did product reviews. She posted a review of a female urination device (Pee funnel) with a warning at the beginning that it’s h
  15. I first peed with my high school girlfriend behind a high school by my car. I was on one side of the car, she was on the other. A janitor or someone (It was a Saturday) called out from a window of the school. I had just finished. She was still pissing. She had to cut it off and jumped back in my car and shot a squirt out on the seat before pulling up her panties and jeans. She finished in a bowling alley parking lot down the street. Peed with another girl in a walking tunnel that crossed underneath some railroad tracks. Peed with two girlfriends under there. Peed at the
  16. After reading this, I looked up local charging stations and read the reviews. Quite a few reviews mention the charging stations smelling like urine. One said, “bodily fluids”. There was even a picture of a puddle in the stall.
  17. Wow, I need to pay more attention to charging stations. 🤔
  18. I think after this one I’m all caught up. Unless a new story is shared with me by an ex-girlfriend. 🤞🏾 Occasionally this ex will reach out. In conversation she asked if I was still into, “The pee thing”. I told her that I was. I asked had she done any peeing. She said not for anyone, but she has. I asked where, she told me between cars on random streets in the city (New York City) and on the side of the Long Island expressway just before the 59th street bridge. I needed details but she could only details about two instances. She was leaving the club with her fri
  19. This ex girlfriend knew she messed up when she lost me so would share the best piss stories with me after the fact. It was after we were over when she shared these stories. She told a story about being away on vacation, Florida or California, she and some others were hanging out by the pool, she was in her two piece bathing suit. She had gotten the urge to piss, she excused herself from the group and began walking away. She was not going all the way inside the building to pee so when she was out of sight she saw a gazebo. She walks behind the gazebo, moves her bikini bottom to the side whic
  20. In parts 1 & 2 I shared pee stories that were told to me by former girlfriends that had occurred prior to use getting together. Then I remembered pee stories that were told to me while we were together that I was not present for, and pee stories told to me after we ended but were still in contact. This story occurred while we were together, she went to college in a different state from where we lived. College life, out with her girlfriends, had some drinks. It was 4 or 5 of them in the car. They stopped at a gas station to use the ladies room. The attendant did not allow use of t
  21. Girlfriend sounds like a keeper. The way I see it, if the owner is a guy then sweet lady pee in his place wouldn’t be disrespectful, but more of a blessing. To me that’s like leaving a lipstick mark on your cheek. Have her drink a lot of water and not use the same place twice.
  22. I don’t carry toilet paper, but I do carry napkins in the car in the event I get the opportunity to offer my vehicle for a mobile ladies room. With my ex girlfriend I would carry napkins in my pocket because I would take her for a drink, and knowing she’ll have to pee constantly (Her words) afterwards, I would take her somewhere where there are no bathrooms. 😇 I would conveniently have napkins in my pocket. ☺️ She used a parking garage floor, squatting behind the car, and we had to step off the belt line walking trail for her to handle her business. The parking garage she
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