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    Watching my girlfriend pee on the carpet in a locker room

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  1. Very nice pussy wanna eat it up
  2. I love how your ass hangs down should hover over a couch and do it
  3. can anyone please help me find this video please ???????? someone must have it or know
  4. thank you so much for looking for me hope you can find it soon thanks so much 🙂

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    2. Limabeans10


      any luck my friend ? dont wanna bother you too much

    3. Miyagi


      Yes it emails you a link that you can download it from.

      I've never had any issues using it and I've sent full 2 hour movies well over a Gb.

      Unforntunately it appears that I no longer have it mate sorry, I did a purge of files off my hard drive to free up some space a few weeks back and that must have been one of the ones I deleted. But I still have a few of the full length clips left from WD Girls, My Drunken Star and 9 volumes of the piss archives compilation clips so if there's another one you're looking for and I have, I'll send it to you.

    4. Limabeans10


      thanks please do send them thanks so much man 

  5. yes please thank you so much let me know when you find that vid
  6. can someone please help me find this video looks like WD not sure someone please help me
  7. I can’t understand where that video is does no one know where this is ? That has to be WD right
  8. I have seen this photo for years and never knew where it was from looks like WD GIRLS not sure can someone please help me locate this video because this photo is a screen shot from a video
  9. Does anyone have any photos of girls hovering over the carpet peeing ? Or in the trash ?
  10. If any women is in the fort myers area and would like to pee all over my carpet PM me here would love to watch you pee on my carpet maybe even share a beer
  11. I would have paid you to pee on my carpet
  12. I’d love to see some of your car seat piss vids !!!! I read your story’s they are awesome can you send some to my email ???? [email protected]

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    2. Starks2010


      I hope to as soon as I can. Right now it’s looking like September. 

    3. Limabeans10


      Do you have any other car seat piss ones ? Or is that all you have in DB

    4. Starks2010


      All that I have is posted in DB. I may have some new ones in September. Fingers crossed. 

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