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    Soaking myself in a hot wet shower of my own piss. Spreading my wet pussy and spraying streams of piss absolutely everywhere. Desperation. Holding it in until I’m about to burst and finally losing control. I love a captive audience who tells me what they want to see. I’m a naughty girl who finds herself sneaking around at night, searching for secret places to pee and ways to share those hot wet soaking moments with you. I’d love to piss with you and to feel you get me wet until I can’t help but spread my pussy and direct my stream right at you. ;)
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    Peeing all over a hotel room with a guy who forced me to drink as much water as possible before we checked in. As I walked into the room, I couldn’t stop myself from letting a massive gush of pee soak through my jeans and splash onto the floor. I pulled my pants down as fast as possible and he told me to sit on the desk, lean back, and casually start to pee. I had to go so badly that I could hear the spraying of my own stream it was so fucking loud. I got off the desk and opened the curtains and pressed myself against the window and let my pee run down the glass, giving it a nice washing. He told me to keep drinking water so that I could keep pissing for him whenever he wanted. It was naughty and sexy and he took the hottest pictures.
    Too many hot experiences to even share.

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  1. This is a bold move and I’m into it. I’d love to hear more stories. I’ve only peed on a movie theater seat and I was with a friend in the very back. I had to pee and she dared me to pee on the seat, so I did. She did it too and then we just moved down a row… very low risk of being caught, actually. Next time I’m on a bus, though, I’ll be thinking of this! added a gif of me, making a nice puddle on a couch, as an apology for not having a bus seat pee story.
  2. @Chrissy89— you always seem to read my mind. Whenever I see a post that I strongly agree with or think, “Oooh that’s hot” or anything that makes me laugh, I check who posted it and I’m like, “Of course it’s Chrissy… like, WHO ELSE would it be?” ♥️♥️♥️ Always on the same page… @Bacardi I am so sorry about your predicament. 😞 but I was wondering the same; Would you feel comfortable using a container of some sort? When my water was off due to a broken pipe, I stocked up on those giant jugs of water from my local grocery store and I’d even pee in the bathtub or standing above my shower drain and
  3. You can’t go wrong with The Cure!! Just Like Heaven is one of my all-time favorites. Also, New Order seems to naturally follow from there. And maybe even a little VNV Nation if I’m feeling a little mysterious. But if I’m looking for something a little more peppy or maybe stronger on the instrumental side of things (I love a good drum fill), then maybe I’ll move into The Postal Service or Modest Mouse to transition into more modern stuff, eventually, if that’s what I’m wanting. But The Cure just puts me in a mood. And that mood involves me feeling compelled to listen to only 80s music all da
  4. I totally understand that desire but the only time I’ve really gotten the chance to do this was because I was preparing to move and so I’d purchased a new bed, new mattress, mattress topper, etc. and knew that the whole set-up I was currently laying on would only be around for a few more days… I was having trouble falling asleep and realized that I definitely drank too much water before getting in bed. I considered getting up and walking to the bathroom, but I thought to myself that I very easily could stay right where I was. After all, this would be one of only a few nights that I’d be i
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