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  1. Hi all. So its been awhile since I’ve posted. Its been a rough year. I think the last post was in sept. Well in Oct i caught covid and spent 11 days in the hospital. Missed halloween. Then i was out of work for 3 months. When i came back to work they really treated me like shit. The crew and upper management. So I found a new job and told them to fuck off. So I’ve been at my new job for about 3 months now. Im just a temp right now, I should be offered a permanent position in August. I love my new job, no stress at all. Im an assembler for a very good company with alot of ben
  2. I can get into that job. I’m love popping bubble wrap I’ve been know to drive a few people crazy with it 😂. It’s a good stress reliever for me.
  3. I must be a bit naive too what they upside down pineapple stand for
  4. I just has it detailed not sure why he left the wipers up. Lol
  5. And we seen the original bandit car from the second movie in the country music all of fame. I got very excited when we see it since it was my first love of cars I have quite a few more but I don’t want to over post.
  6. This summer I went to Nashville on vacation. We spend a day in Memphis at Grace land. Omg the cars Elvis had.
  7. I’m not into the mechanical part of the car. So I don’t know things like what horse power it has or all that stuff. Since I first seen smokey and the bandit I’ve been into muscle cars. The look and the speed. This is my current car. I finally got my purple charger. My last one was garnet gray. A dark gray. I also owned a silver mustang. I like the charger over the mustang. Much more comfortable to drive. My dream car has always been a 1971 hemi Cuda. Purple of course.
  8. I have to agree I have witnessed plenty of videos of @speedy3471 in action. 😈😈
  9. Me too. All this working makes it hard to be naughty.
  10. Very nice. Would have enjoyed seeing the happy ending 😉
  11. Hi everyone. I’ve been trying to pop in ever couple days to catch up on things. Sorry I haven’t been post much lately. I thought I would just let you know what’s been going on with me. And see how everyone else is doing there is a lot of new people like to say hey and welcome. I was pretty active on here before covid hit. It’s been crazy this past year and half. There is always something new and fucked up with work. Here lately I’ve being short handed like every other place in the US. Not only have I been managing shifts but delivering too. Yesterday I opened as the manager ended up
  12. It definitely looks like it lms a big enough target to hit 💦
  13. I hope your feeling better. I had the same experience. I had 2 bladder surgeries and a hysterectomy. Before leaving the hospital I would have to void a certain amount of pee. So they Measure how much your peeing. I also tend to have a bad reaction to anesthesia and get very over heated when I wake up from surgery. So I tend to become a little bit uninhibited about the nurses seeing my half naked. I just want to get all my clothes and sheets off to cool down.
  14. It really does nothing for me for a man to wet himself then give him a blow job. But I would absolutely go down on a woman right after. I would prefer to watch and maybe have a lick while she is going.
  15. That is true. I figured out really quick which way to face some it would run on my shoes
  16. Thanks for sharing very lovely pics. ❤️
  17. @HammerheadPilot you had some very interesting ideas for a pee where ever you want house. Care to share again. my house right now has some pretty good places to pee as you have seen in my videos. The house is mostly tile and 2 rooms have hard wood laminate. Two bed rooms have carpet. Which I have not peed on. I would like to get rid of the carpet in our bedroom. And trust me when that time comes. I would be doing some naughty pissing on that carpet before it ripped out.
  18. Thanks everyone that has shared so far. So many nice pictures 😈😈
  19. I don’t think he was one of us. He turned out to be a jerk
  20. The last time I was nervous about my pee problem just happened to be the first time I was going to have sex with someone who wasn’t my husband. I had been with him for 16 years at the time. And my pee problems started after we were together. And he was use to them. When I was waiting to meet with him. I had to wait about 2 hour before he arrived. It seems like my bladder was going crazy and every time I went it was a little trickle. Of course everything was fine. But I guess I was just nervous
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