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  1. Had I continued the list, I may well have done that! There are some places that such things are not advised! 😏
  2. I like any pissing. But maybe these are favourites: I like to see a closeup of a dick pissing, side on, or slightly facing viewer. I like seeing the man hold his dick while he pees, and gently caress it, like it’s a lover. I like seeing the stream of piss hitting a wall or fence or other object, and flowing down to make a puddle. I like seeing the stream aimed straight to the floor, making a puddle. I like seeing a man piss in places he shouldn’t, like on the carpet, furniture, clothes, pot plants, outdoors, in public. I like to see a man walking along, just pull out his dick, l
  3. interesting questions. 1. A sort of tingle in my groin, and internally, I guess where the bladder is. 2. The tingle gets strong, and within the groin area there’s an ache, and an almost burning sort of agony, in, on, and around the peehole. 3. Keeping still. Sitting down (but standing up again is risky!). Tightening and squeezing groin muscles. Pressing on the pee area with a hand.
  4. I have a sort of reverse sighting: when I was younger, I was at a football match, and far away from the ladies toilet when I needed a piss. There was an old brick men's toilet near me. Inside was just one long urinal: it was stainless steel, wall to wall, 4 foot high and all the way to a drain on the floor. I had used it before; I rarely saw men going into it. So I went to use it again. I checked that there was no-one in there, and went in. I took off my knickers, pulled up my skirt and squatted over the urinal drain. Just as I started to pee, a man came in. He saw me and paused with a brief l
  5. I agree; pull-ups are great! You can be working, or shopping, or at a cafe, and just enjoy a pee whenever, and no-one knows!
  6. Thankyou all so much for your lovely comments. Here is a bonus short video of peeing my pants on the bed. https://www.erome.com/a/DE1qeT4R
  7. Well, after my first pics were so well received, I was encouraged to take some more. Today I bought a waterproof sheet for my bed, and christened it. I stuffed up the video, but I did get some pictures off the video.
  8. Haha!🤣 That did make me chuckle.
  9. Hmmm. Well I did mostly office cleaning at printers, manufacturers, package delivery companies, places like that. Maybe more men than women at those places, so the men's toilets got more use. I guess that’s true about the aim. I hadn’t really thought of that. My brothers were terrible at it. I thought they peed on the seat deliberately! My Mum made them use the outside toilet because she was sick of finding the wet seat in our bathroom. oh well, maybe I won’t feel so bad if I try to pee standing up, and miss! 🤣
  10. I had a cleaning business for several years. Men’s toilets always stank so much worse than the ladies. They were putrid! They took a lot of cleaning. I thought men had terrible aim, but after reading posts in here, I realise that aim is deliberate! I don’t know that I’d want to use toilets like that. So I’d rather keep them separate and keep using the ladies. Tell you what, though, if I ever start pissing all over public bathrooms, I’ve already done my penance!!!
  11. Personally I think it’s in the control. I tend to be lazy and let it come out at its own pace. But if I’m in a hurry I can push it out in a short, fast and heavy spurt. Or I can hold it back and let it out real slow, which is very stimulating, and leads me to masturbation and intense orgasm.
  12. I think that would apply to some of my fantasies. In the past I have tried putting real people into my fantasies, and it just doesn’t work. I prefer my faceless, nameless fantasy people, and my own fantasy worlds. I think it’s because I have full control over everyone and everything in my fantasies. Adding reality puts it out of my control and adds things I don’t want, because real people have their own desires and dislikes which don’t necessarily align with mine, and I can’t really think of real people in any other way than themselves.

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