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    Watching. Wetting. Anything.
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    While (Ex)husband was doing a thorough job of pussy licking, I said “stop! wait! You’ll make me pee!” And he just moaned and ploughed deeper until I did. First time I knew he was into it too.

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  1. Well, that made me hot and wet! Nice photos!
  2. Thankyou. That was awesome! I’ve been away from the page for a bit, and this was the perfect welcome back!
  3. Perhaps they have similar urinals at different footy ovals. This one was at Prospect Oval, in a suburb of Adelaide.
  4. Ahh, but look at those ribs showing! Personally, I think you look perfect.
  5. Yes, I did catch a few glances. I’m sure he did too.
  6. And that tight shirt is a little bit too sexy!
  7. Another awesome pee! What a lovely stream! I love seeing it come at me like that.
  8. I certainly am one who appreciates it! I enjoy the wetting, and really love seeing the penis reveal mid-stream! It makes me wet a little too!
  9. 1. An old car 2. A “friend's” carpet 3. A pillow 4. In my bedroom closet 5. In a glass
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