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    Scottish Male. Been into pee for as long as I can remember.

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    Carpet Pissing
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    Peeing in someone elses bedroom on the carpet in a shared house!

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  1. I was in a local pub today for a few drinks and something to eat, needed to use the facilities and discovered the entrance to the toilets has 2 doors, presumably for privacy. Both were solid doors and the floor between the 2 doors was carpeted! After a quick check noone was about and there were no cameras I unloaded onto that piece of carpet. It was black so hid it very well! Think ill be going back there in future!!
  2. A real shame to see @pop-a-squat leaving us. Your content has been fantastic and I hope you keep enjoying pee fun in the future!
  3. Thats annoying. Was hoping you could get a few in before having to clean up. Takes away a little bit of the fun 😐
  4. How often do you find you need to do that? Like can you go a week before doing it or after every one for instance?
  5. I have a question about your carpet pees and in particular what you do to clean / avoid smells. Youve posted some great pictures of you doing some pretty large pees and frequently mention others in your household doing similar on the carpets and in the car. What do you do to clean / dry / prevent smells? You mentioned you pee in your room most days so there must be something you do to cover it up or the smell would be unbearable? I only do a carpet pee, despite loving them, every few weeks and generally spend a long time cleaning / drying after. Any advice?
  6. It depends how public you want them to be and how long they should stay for. Eroprofile and Xtube are good for uploading videos but its very public and will be around for a while. Fetishcat has been using a site recently called firedrive for videos which only stores them for a limited amount of time. Hope this helps.
  7. Hi all, Just joined up here to see whats what after it was suggested on peesearch. Liking what I see just now. Keep up the good work!
  8. I found the site through peesearch.net
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