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    I enjoy peeing outdoors as much as possible. I just recently involved my husband in my little wee journeys outside and he enjoys participating alongside me in the yard and loves to also watch me wee to see how far my distance reaches compared to his😅

    I am on a mission to learn to piss whilst standing and maintain a nice stream, shooting a distance.So, this means lots of practice outside! This is my 2021 goal! I do however, enjoy squatting as thats what I've been accustomed to,feels erotic (especially if I have no pants/panties on and I can do a wide, low squat) and it just feels natural!

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  1. Thank you.I'm attempting to learn to stand and pee. Has been not so successful. I'd love to pee on trees and walls eventually!
  2. I'm also a woman, I've enjoyed this since childhood. I've only shared with 2 other people my entire life, both men, whom I have been intimately involved with. I felt some kind of shame (and still kind of do over this fetish) and anyone finding out. I very recently joined this community and have been very open so far and it feels great! So yes, this is definitely a real fetish of mine and I enjoy it.
  3. Role reversal. I have seen this topic on here whilst browsing before. Well last night, after our piss outside we began the topic of men squatting to piss. We are both from the Middle East but live in America now. He told me he misses the squat style toilets and hasn't been able able to squat since coming here 9 years ago. I suggested that tonight we both do a squat in the back yard and he agreed. So do you men also like to squat? Do you think while squatting or standing you fully empty yourself?
  4. Hello all! My name is Zuzu and I am incredibly happy to have found this community! I really look forward to sharing my stories and pics of my wees with you all. I just recently began sharing with my husband my love for pissing outside and to my shock and delight he also enjoys the same and watching me 🤯😈 I have only shared this secret in 1 other relationship when I was 16.
  5. I'll keep adding new stories in here, if that's okay? Still very new here! Very early this morning about 2:15am my husband arrived home from his hour long drive. I keep needing to wee at this time the last couple days and it just works that he is just arriving so we can go piss together. I was the one who brought up going outside tonight. He actually started to walk to the toilet and sit down and I said to him 'hey babe, are you needing a piss because I'm going out in the yard now cause I really need to go.' He smiled sheepishly as he held his dick in desperation as he really needed to g
  6. I've done it before many years ago but just now I needed to wee before going off to sleep and my only choices were the potted plants inside. I chose to wee specifically on this plant as I'm hoping it might revive it? I squatted over in a high squat but only drips were coming out and I really felt I had a lot more to let out. I squatted down low enough I could feel the leaves touching my pussy softly while I let my stream go full speed making sure I pointed at the base of this dead little tree. Has anyone had luck peeing in dying houseplants to revive them? Or does anyone else enjoy peeing in t
  7. I won! He forfeited as his penis was too hard from watching me squat down. I was a bit surprised as I had held my wee 10 hours and was bursting but I produced a slow, quiet stream and long lasting wee on the cement only achieving a few hard squirts into the dirt. Husband says from where he was standing and watching, it still looked as if I squirted a decent distance. I'm going for another wee tonight. I already warned him that now he can expect me to take a nightly wee out in the backyard. Hoping that he will join me again or perhaps go find some other naughty places.
  8. I'm ready to burst as I'm waiting on my husband to arrive home from his shift. For the last 4 nights my husband and I have been sneaking outside to pee off patio together into the snow,grass and dirt (we live in apartments). He mentioned he wanted to pee in the snow, so I told him I also wished to try and now and he was shocked and thought I was joking. Every night since he asks if we will go pee outside together when he arrives home. This is a huge turn on for me as I love going pee outside but now I finally can share this as he seems to enjoy also peeing outside and watching me squat to see
  9. I was never really encouraged to pee outside by either parent. I was probably 8 when i learned that I rather squat in the grass instead of using a toilet so I always would sneak off in the yard multiple times a day to have a squat and pee. I'm sure that one of my parents saw pee puddles on the dirt or in the gravel, especially if I used the same area throughout the day. No parent said anything to me about it, so I guess it was fine.
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