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    Love to smell pee, panties. Love wetting bed and clothes

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  1. Day 21 Peed the bed in my yoga pants and sit in it till I finished my coffee. Holding pee now so I can do it again today will post pic after I am done.
  2. Day 20 of peeing my yoga pants. Was running late and forgot to pee the bed so I peed while drinking my coffee. Will make up for it in the morning. My pants are really starting to smell, and I love it. I even had a little pee in my coffee and cereal. Added a pic I like
  3. Day 19 Sorry about the late post working dayshift the next two weeks. I did get to leave my morning pee in them before leaving for work. The pants have a strong pee smell like nothing I smelt before. Just got my bed dried out so planning on wetting the bed in the morning. Added another pic I like
  4. The cat will not sit on my lap when I have the yoga pants on but has not said anything about the smell LOL. Not sure about the bed yet will have to wait and see.
  5. Day 18 I decided to pee my yoga pants in bed today and what a turn on it was. The pants now have a very strong odor of pee and loving it. They have my apartment smelling of pee and even after I take them off my body reeks of urine. This may seem strange to some but having a blast.
  6. Day 17 I have enclosed a pic of me taking my morning pee and a pic I think is sexy.
  7. Day 16. Just let go with my morning pee and plan to keep them soaked most of the weekend. Just finish painting my nails and plan on making a trip to the adult bookstore this weekend. Wish I could post the smell online for all to enjoy.
  8. Day 15 of peeing my yoga pants. Halfway to my goal and the smell is awesome wish me luck
  9. My first pair was my mom. She had more of a pussy smell but loved it
  10. Day 14 of peeing my yoga pants. Holding my morning pee, I got dressed wearing my yoga pants (no panties) a bra that makes me look like I kind of have tits and a black v neck women's t-shirt and head for the golf course driving range. While there an older gentleman (maybe 65) started a conversion with me about what I was wearing. He asked many questions about all the things I liked to do and noticed I was getting hard. Let me tell you It is hard to concentrate on your golf swing with a hard on. the subject turned to water sports and he affirmed he always was interest but never found anyone that
  11. Day 13 of peeing my yoga pants. Had my morning pee in them and now off to hit some golf balls.
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