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    I am in agricultural school, a job that fascinates me. My passion is therefore his, then motorcycles, bikes, friends, and sex, piss. I love to piss anywhere I want. And I would like a girlfriend who does like me, in jeans without panties and who pisses all over the place.

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    I love anything that is nonchalant pee. As soon as I can at home I let it sink either on the floor, or through my jeans. I would also like to share it with a woman
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    Pissing in bed, on the floor, in my jeans

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  1. Simple, with which bot can we make stories like that?
  2. Yes, if it were to accept the floor of my house would serve as a toilet
  3. It would be a pleasure to learn more about your way of life, it looks very interesting! How old are your daughters? how is a normal evening?
  4. The links no longer work, misterpool has been replaced
  5. "Hello sir, the boss is coming in 10 minutes for your interview, you can wait in the waiting room." "Thanks ! Sorry, where can I pee?" "Oh, of course, go see my colleague, all you have to do is pee between her legs." "Okay, thanks"
  6. Have you heard from your girlfriend? The carpet corner is still used as a toilet?
  7. Does anyone else know besides you? How many days has she not peed in the toilet?
  8. Any news about his new pee habit? I think it's great for your girlfriend!
  9. I really love this story! But it would be really great if some girls peed in their jeans from time to time!
  10. Very interesting as a story, tell us more about your pissing stories with your sister and your mother's reaction. And your baby sitter too why not
  11. Hello, I'm curious if any of you here were allowed by your parents or grandparents to pee in bed, on the floor, or in your pants when you were a kid, at home, or even outside? Do not hesitate to detail your answers 😉 PS : Sorry if my English is not correct, I am French, the most important thing is that I am understood.
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