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    I am in agricultural school, a job that fascinates me. My passion is therefore his, then motorcycles, bikes, friends, and sex, piss. I love to piss anywhere I want. And I would like a girlfriend who does like me, in jeans without panties and who pisses all over the place.

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    I love anything that is nonchalant pee. As soon as I can at home I let it sink either on the floor, or through my jeans. I would also like to share it with a woman
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    Pissing in bed, on the floor, in my jeans

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  1. En tout cas cette phrase est bien écrite !
  2. "Clara, I need to go take a piss, where are they in the bathroom?" "Yeah, I forgot to tell you, we don't have a toilet at home, so we just piss on the floor." "Uh, I'm not sure I can do her ..." "If Alex, you can, there is nothing more normal, look" Clara undoes her jeans and brings them down to her knees, Alex notices Clara is not wearing panties under her jeans. Clara starts to pee in the most normal way, right next to her bed, on the carpet "Okay, my turn" said Alex He in turn undoes his jeans and takes out his penis, he then begins to urinate right there, on the carpet in Clara
  3. Yes it could be nice in the episode where they go home, where they pee all over the house or even in their clothes at times, if you ever want to fit in, as you want it's your story, but in any case, great! I love it as a story !
  4. great story bravo! it would be possible at least a small passage in a future chapter where she wears skin-tight jeans sabs panties? thank you 😊
  5. I love your story bravo! Do you think at one point you could make them wear skinny jeans with no panties? If there is a sequel
  6. I can't wait to see the rest
  7. Yes I would love to be brought up like her, at home I try to do it on the floor or in my jeans when I can
  8. Hi, my little technique is to pee in it as I want, then I go to the shower with it. And I wash them with soap. I let it dry in a hiding place and then its smells like nothing.
  9. Love your story, your friend has been peeing on the floor since she was little? And everywhere in his house?
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