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    trans man
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    i am a transsexual / transgender man living in the uk, and i love pissing.

    (i only ask one thing- please don’t refer to me as a woman or refer to or about me in a feminine way. trust me, this bear body is nothing of the sort 🐻🏳️‍🌈)

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    the relief, spraying, marking my territory
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    peeing all over my partner, them drinking my piss and sucking me off 🥰😍

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  1. My boyfriend does know I’m into peeing, in fact we often have pissplay scenes between us, he’s pissed on me, I’ve pissed on him! However he’s not so into naughty peeing or anything like that, so I try and keep that as a treat for myself!
  2. Here’s the poor bed after I was finished with it, emptied my whole bladder all over it 😘
  3. I’m recently moving into a new flat with my partner, and we have had a really bad time with our ex-roommate who made me and him feel really unsafe. Now she’s moved out, we think is coming back to get some new stuff at a later date. But I’ve been home alone…which means I was able to have some fun one last time in this place 😈 The past couple of days I pissed on the carpet while walking around my bedroom, and then stood up and hosed into my cupboard/closet. I also used my rubbish bin as a morning toilet when I woke up, it felt amazing. The real fun was going into her empty room, flipping th
  4. Hello, Normally I am just an avid lurker on this site, I usually come here to jerk off but I thought I’d just say a few things I have done. I’m 20, a trans man, and am into all things piss (amidst many other things) My current partner knows about my fetish to a certain extent- watersports and omorashi. But they don’t know that I am insanely into naughty peeing and piss vandalism, as well as vouyerism and exhibitionism, pissing in public. I love the thrill of pissing somewhere you’re not meant to, especially on surfaces like carpet or furniture. I also love doing that as an act of desperat
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